This Is the Greatest Artist Website I’ve Ever Seen In My Life

Giraffage Website
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This screenshot barely does this 90s-vintage website from Giraffage justice.

Do artists still need a website?  That’s a question for the (modern) ages, though this website is definitely helping this artist.  In fact, I’d argue it’s just as much a part of this artist’s creative expression as the music itself.

And for those that can appreciate some 2005-era MySpace tour dates, here’s Giraffage’s listing.

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And that’s pretty much the extent of this site!

Basically, I discovered this website by accident after hearing Giraffage on a Spotify playlist over the weekend.  That’s… wait for it: artist discovery!  It happened for me (and it can happen for you, too).

Giraffage is the artist name for EDM producer Charlie Yin.

You might know his track ‘Feels,’ or — what am I talking about, Giraffage has nearly 400,000 followers on Spotify.  So I’m probably really late to this party.  But for the uninitiated like myself, Yin has also collaborated with names like Porter Robinson, and has roots in chiptune music (sort of like deadmau5).

Back to his site: for those that appreciate storied destinations like the official Space Jam movie website, Giraffage has appropriately crushed it.  And as I mentioned, these screenshots only offer a fleeting simulacrum of the real experience.

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Actually, it turns out there are a few choice 1990s sites that are somehow still alive.  Guess someone either never stopped paying the hosting bill, or purposely kept these relics alive.

Here’s one from Lost World.

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And the Dole/Kemp ’96 presidential campaign.

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Just, perfect.


3 Responses

  1. Verify Your Humanity

    Yeah, artists need websites. A major artist with a huge career needs a website that reflects who they are. You don’t get that from simplistic webpages like this, or social media accounts that the artist doesn’t own, where all the content is fleeting. That fake retro page was designed for someone like you to fall over it, not for any other purpose.

  2. Musicblip Analog Samples and Loops

    Amazing! Hahaha! That 90’s feel is quite refreshing, actually! Thanks for sharing this with us! I am definitely checking out on Giraffage!