BTS Is Charging $22 for a CD That Their Fans Can’t Even Play

BTS 'Love Yourself: Her' Album Cover Artwork
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BTS has just given Amazon a huge pre-release exclusive on their upcoming album, Love Yourself: “Her”.  The only catch?  It’s a $22 CD that most fans will probably never play.

If you thought the CD was dead, you probably haven’t been to Japan or South Korea recently.  That’s where Jpop and Kpop bands are smartly selling physical CDs for high markups, in huge quantities.  That is, even though many of their fans don’t even have CD players.

That last part is especially true in North America, where CDs are rapidly going bye-bye.  Indeed, outside of holdout in-dash CD players and 2004 laptops, a large percentage of people rarely interact with CDs at all.

But that is just a detail for savvy Jpop and Kpop groups.  Their CD releases often feature multiple variations — collect them all! — and are stuffed with extras to hike up the price.  It’s a stroke of genius and a way to make millions off of rabid, younger fans.

Further perfecting the formula is BTS, who just awarded a juicy CD pre-release exclusive to Amazon in North America.

Starting this morning, rabid BTS fans are rushing to grab their $21.98 copy of BTS’ upcoming release, Love Yourself: “Her”.  Streaming giants like Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon Music itself will get the digital album on September 18th.

Right now, Amazon’s pre-order page is sparse on details.  But BTS’ camp told DMN that the CD will contain a few extras, including a bunch of stickers and a 20 page mini-book.  They also promised some ‘other surprises’.  All of which amounts to a nice, $22 collector’s item that will probably never get played in actual CD players.

Here’s the Amazon pre-order link.  We’re expecting a lot more details to get uploaded over the course of the day.  But you can definitely order this album now if you’re in North America (and maybe, outside of it).

Actually, we’re seeing this smart collector play in another area: vinyl records.  That’s a format that’s been surging in the US (and other countries) for more than a decade.  But early in that resurgence, a strange realization surfaced: a large percentage of buyers couldn’t even play the records!

Meanwhile, fan excitement ahead of the BTS release is surging.  The band has smartly released photos, videos and other teasers to fans, with #love_yourself routinely spiking as a trending hashtag.  Beyond that, a video teaser reel has quickly amassed 6 million views on YouTube.

Accordingly, it’s time for the group to seriously cash in.

Well played, BTS.  Well played.

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  1. unknown

    the title makes it sound like bts is doing something wrong.

      • Malefan

        Yes, it makes it easier for international fans. Wow BTS we love you!

      • SeokYoonMin

        I’m confused about the different versions thing. I know you’re supposed to get different fan cards but are there different songs on each version or are they all the same songs?

        • Emely

          No the songs are the same. The difference is the cover design and the pictures in the mini books which different for each version. Hope that helped 🙂

          • SeokYoonMin

            Yes it did! Thanks so much! Now i just gotta convince my mom to let me preorder lol

        • jd0pe5150

          this is a late answer I know, but the songs are the same in all versions. The only things different are the pictures in the photobooks and what photocard you can get. For example, on Love Yourself: Answer F version, the photos are those from the playground photoshoot. On the E version, it’s the photos from those bubble-like things they are inside. The songs and the CDs are all the same though. Hope I could help 🙂

        • Julissa

          By now you probably already know. Just if in case, each version has a different concept, and photo card concept too. And no, they all have the same exact songs.

    • Exo + Bts

      I was coming to come n blow of some steam when i read the article but i read the whole thing bts i love them n i buying it atlist its not 100$

      • SoStupid

        There are no EXO + BTS just as there are no two 1st places since both are competing bands. Just like idiots who call themselves as Army-L, which is a complete joke.

    • bts trash

      exactly oh gosh so misleading it’s like they’re throwing shade at bts wtf?

    • Liloy

      Digital music news always post false and bad stuff of BTS for attention.

    • Angry eyes

      The person who wrote this needs to apologize to ARMY for saying that we are stupid.

    • jimin's jams

      Clickbait is what this is called. Right now I’m listening to the new album through my laptop. I mean if that is the personal opinion of the person who wrote this article. But if we want to buy the album and support the artist and have a physical copy of it is our decision. Many other artists sell their CDs why can’t they. You may not (the person who wrote the article) be a fan and not understand all the reasons and may not even know what others things come to with owning an album.

  2. Dessy

    I’m not quite sure what the problem is here, especially considering the fact that even though CD players might not be that popular anymore, I’m pretty sure this ‘younger fanbase’ own a computer they can put the CD in? It’s 2017, we can find PCs everywhere, just saying.

  3. Nic

    This article is oozing with negativity!! Not sure if it’s jealousy or something else. People wouldn’t purchase an item they wouldn’t play or use.

    • Emely

      I agree. Most fans buy it for the pictures, poster and picture cards and then listen to the album on their phone.

      • TaetaeBubble

        I actually uploaded The track of the CD on my phone cuz since I bought it, tht s the logical thing to do ._.

  4. Marsha

    What is the problem Paul ? I do not see anything wrong with selling CDs. BTS is not forcing anyone to buy them. If you don’t like it don’t buy them. Are they the only ones selling CDs ? God you seem to have a problem with those boys. This is not the 1st time you have written about something which is nonsense.
    Also please write about something you know. What is younger fan base ? If you want to know the age group of BTS fans, please go to their concerts or see the fancams. Majority of their fans are early 20s.

    Get a life. It’s too much now. I think the fans should now start writing to digital music news about the attacks the Paul seems to make every time BTS does something


      I agree with u 100% . This a paul guy needs to lay off Bts fuck with someone else. Paul if u are reading this….. stop throwing shade at Bts just cause u jelly.

  5. Blockedyouontwitter

    Younger fan base? Do your research on the band fanbase demographic. I say this every time. Paul R is a troll and Digital Music News is an internet tabloid.

    • TaetaeBubble

      A younger fanbase tht can afford a 22$ albums everytime & get their pre orders to 1.5M sales… Ughhh army collect your sugar daddys! you’re too spoiled! ??

  6. Isha

    Paul idiot Resnikoff – here’s what we have to say ” Love yourself “. Take a vacation andget some rest, you need it.
    If we feel it’s highly priced, we won’t buy it. You don’t have to tell us that’s it’s highly priced. It’s for fans to decide.

  7. Paul Resnikoff

    Just to put a brief pause on my personal dragging: there’s actually nothing wrong with selling a collectible. It’s actually a big part of the vinyl resurgence.

    And c’mon: you probably aren’t gonna play that CD! Just be honest.

    • Holly

      haha.. Paul this is not the first time you have posted negative article for them. I am trying to understand what is much younger fanbase.

    • Humanmind

      i really don’t get this,,wat do u actually get by posting this negativity..Maybe your narrow mind is just thinking that if u use bts name on ur negative article u can become popular
      u seriously think bts is playing mind game….well stop there broo,,just hold on
      we shud be actually telling u that..”Well played Paul,,well played”
      and also this article just increases the hate towards u and nothing else
      so if u want to get beaten up after u cm 2 the public pls well continue
      U cudn’t stop bts from getting world wide fan base anyways and also thx to u that u actually let many pple know abt bts

    • Humanmind

      and wat is ur problem if we lay the cd or not biased gentleman mind ur own business

    • Richard Blume

      What don’t you go and provoke men your own age Instead of provoking tennagers and young fans? You sure are a disturbing men

    • Malefan

      I do play the cd in my Honda Civic since it’s comparable. Wink,wink

    • Paul @Bts phobia

      even if we don’t whats your problem. A lot fans buy it as collectible or memorabilia.
      We fans requested for it to be on American stores and on Amazon. So please leave it to the fans to decide whats highly priced.

    • Julia

      I’m 25 which makes me older than all of the members of BTS, and I buy all of their albums. Who cares if people play the cd? People will buy the music regardless because they like good music. The physical cd is bought for the photobook and collectability anyway. That’s literally the point! I always buy my favourite groups cds, always have. I currently have a preorder on The Killers new album, for probably a higher price than the BTS album and it comes with nothing but the ability to access a ticket ‘pre-sale’ that proved absolutely worthless when all tickets were boughts by ticket scouts before I could even get on the site. Kpop and Jpop cds come with a reason to buy them unlike their American counterparts whose digital music is often downloaded for free illegally. Kpop has found a way to secure an income and the fact that BTS’ album is available on Amazon in North America is amazing as fans normally spend extortionate amounts of money on ridiculous US shipping prices! I on the other hand still have to pay shipping fees as I live in the UK, which doesn’t exist as more than a fashion accessory to most Kpop companies. Paying $22 for a Kpop cd with no shipping is extremely cheap.
      You want to learn to write a decent article not this crap. I have no idea how you have a job when you can’t even write a decent article on something as simple as an album being made available on amazon. If this site continues to publish your bile then it clearly can’t find the staff. Besides what is a site called ‘digital music news’ doing posting articles about physical albums? Clearly grasping for views and attention that you must be failing to achieve with proper articles, and unfortunately you seem to have found them through your biased opinions. You’d think you’d want to write an article that people actually agree with as that’s half the point, the other half you also seem to miss so I don’t know why you bother at all.

      • Julia

        Oh and I forgot. Most people also have a laptop, pc, dvd player,blu ray player, xbox one (or older games console) or some other way to play cds. It’s not like they’re releasing a cassette tape.

      • Paul you got no jams

        Awesome Julia ?… well said. Paul has always been negative about BTS. Not sure what his problem.

      • Paul Resnikoff

        Julia, I actually think this is exactly the point I was making in the article. I was praising BTS for innovating around a collectible. That fact that you don’t play the CD and just put it on a shelf as a collectible completely proves my point.

        Also on your point about people have consoles: yes, people do have gaming platforms, in-dash CD players, etc., even older CD consoles. My point is that many younger people (and older people) don’t have these things. Especially if they’re not gaming, have a new car (all Bluetooth), etc.

        Thanks for responding, Paul.

        • sleen

          You were trying to praise BTS with this article???

          If that’s the case, you might want to take some high school writing classes to understand how diction affects connotation because honestly, you suck at this.

          If that’s not actually the case, stop lying in response to others’ comments as an attempt to defend yourself.

        • Day

          You do realize Amazon is an online store, yes? Unless this audience you speak of decides to order from their phone or tablet, I’m pretty confident that if they can access the store, they also have the PC they are buying the CD with to listen to this album. No need for a gaming console or a car.

        • Leah

          Paul please highlight the sentence where you were praising BTS about being innovative. I somehow missed it. I only see scarcasm. Going by whatever crap you wrote by BTS it was not surprising.

        • I don’t like Paul

          C’mon Paul it’s 2019 mate we all have something that we can play CDs on even for younger fans

      • NewHatersNeeded

        You’re so right! He does it for clickbait we’re probably the only people who dare to visit this shell of a website…looks pretty bleak here to me listening PAULLLL (resounding echo)

      • marisol

        I want to buy the album but im confussed! Do u buy L. letter and collect them to spell L.O.V.E and it tells the story of each one or

    • um

      Hey, if there’s nothing wrong with buying the album and the included things as collectibles, why’d you even write the article lmao?

    • Don't you dare

      Just be honest? Oh, I’ll be honest with you. I own a laptop and a desktop that have cd players. I rent dvds and cds from a rental shop to put into my player. I buy stuff from taylor swift, austin mahone and many more other artists who produce cds with whom you clearly have no problem with. I really don’t care what excuse you’re trying to use to dodge army; you will be publicly shamed and we will make sure you eat your words. Watch BTS break preorder records they themselves set, you salty journalist who’s just trying to build your career off BTS’s back.

    • ShawolWithNoJams

      What was the point of even writing this article? I’ve been into kpop since 2008, and this isn’t anything new. So basically you just wrote a useless article, in an attempt to shine BTS in a negative light? You can get CD players for less than $10, and most computers still have them. This isn’t some elaborate plan to trick fans into anything; every kpop fan knows what they’re buying when they order an album.

    • bibi

      *looks at car and pc* yup. totally cant use it. its not like there’s a place for me to insert cds in a car and pc. 11/10 accurate

    • TaetaeBubble

      Dafuq is wrong with you ??? pressed enough? “be honest????” its dont you play music on your pc whn ur internet is out for example? dont you play CD’s on your car? are you really dumb or u just wanna save your face? ._.

    • get a life paul please

      Who are you to know that just because you don’t have the tech to play cds doesn’t mean everyone else dosnt

    • A person who takes english classes

      Honestly Dude, many many people play the CD’s. I do all the time. I know that just because I do doesn’t mean everyone does, but many people do. You make it sound as if people are paying ridiculous amounts for CDs but it is really not like that at all. I think it is a pretty good deal. There is a cost that goes into an album already and they need to make sure the people get paid, when you have a album that is sold digitally the artists and the rest of the contributers tend to make less money because the online store charges them to sell it. When the album is physical there are even more costs, the people who make the CDs, the bonus content, and make the materials all deserve a living wage. So the price shouldn’t be lowered.
      People have access to things that can play CDs- Cars have CD players, older alarm clocks, literal CD players, devices that you attach to computers for viewing/listening to CDs, games console type things, and the list goes on.
      “there is nothing wrong with selling a collectable” Okay all artists have CDs. Doesn’t matter how famous they are or where they come from. It is more popular to buy it in certain cultures but that doesn’t mean other artist who are able don’t make them. CD’s while they are collected by some are not yet “collectables”. They are commonly used, not as much as the past but still are used. In this statement you are making it sound like it is an odd thing to do, but the reality is that its just BTS gets more visibility because they include extras/special content in their physical album.
      You write in a way that is highly offensive and you need to check yourself. People will continue to insult you and critique you because you write what seems to be purposefully unintelligent content. You write click bait that is incredibly rude. I don’t think writing this content is alright at all. I do think that insulting people is rude, however you are writing a lot of bad stuff, mean stuff, and false content that is clearly coming from a rude place. I love BTS and you are being rude towards them, so I will defend them and so will others. I will try to be as constructive as possible in this comment because I don’t think it is right to use hate speech. It does make me feel emotions and that will influence my tone because I am human and their music has done a lot for me.
      In the beginning you were being “dragged” because you wrote offensive content and neither you or them were right to be talking like that. However there was also constructive criticism aiming to inform your uninformed being. You were new and deserved to be educated and forgiven. All people deserve a second chance. You were uniformed. You are still being “dragged” because despite critique and being given the information that would educate you properly you ignore it. You choose to act ignorant. You ignore fact. You don’t seem to do thorough background research. You have shown yourself to be someone who will attack and not correct yourself. You avoid admitting you are at fault even when you learn more. A simple apology can mean a lot.
      This and other comments you have made are incredibly defensive and unapologetic. No you do not have to like BTS but this an other articles are not factually correct content. So you will be “dragged” because you choose to spread negativity that spreads because attitudes are contagious. I hope my constructive criticism opened your mind. I know that this may come off as harsh, but honestly what do you expect? I am not trying to attack you but you are speaking in hateful ways that seem to attack.
      I hope you can change in the future. I put time and effort into this because this not only applies to you and BTS, but many authors and people will write like this and if it can change you or someone like you the world may become slightly more positive. Accepting others and not attacking other cultures in order to avoid admitting that we are all human and make mistakes. Pride is dangerous, hubris is a fatal flaw.

      • hai its an aRmY

        wow, you can make a literal essay of this lol

    • Jsb

      I play the cds all the time… have you realised that a fanbase who is early twenty is used to listen to cds and for me personally: it is something special to have a cd instead of hearing it on my phone. Further more, the price is absolutely correct. Where I live a normal CD is around the same price or a little lower. But fuck man I get a whole photo book, and more stuff. It is totally worth it.

  8. Leo

    No we do play.. your wrong..and we are upset about you saying or writing about something you don’t know much about. What younger fan base ? What according to you is much younger fanbase?
    I understand you might not like them or their music but that does not mean you should always post negative article about them.

  9. Elsa

    I think BTS should stop breathing, it would make Paul happy. He seems to have a lot of problem with them. Fans are smart enough to decide what’s highly priced and m not a much younger fan. I am 35.

  10. Susan

    Even if BTS is trying to cash in on the hype, what’s wrong ? Are they the only ones to do that ? Digital music find someone who is better and knows about bands or artist they write about.

  11. Asian Adolescent

    You really need to do your research before mouthing off to your (seemingly, kinda obvious) hatred towards corporate marketing and the asian entertainment trends. That is unless you want this to spread to BTS’ 7M+ fans and get a bunch of negative feedback, be my guest!
    I’m thinking that this is just click-bait, and not really about “a CD that their fans can’t even play”, which was misleading.
    We are at an age where CD is still a thing. Really, save the “Dead” comments for Floppy disks, because those are the epitome of dead disks.
    Also it is very rude and unprofessional of a journalist to describe someone as “rabid”, maybe grab a dictionary/thesaurus and use the synonym section to find the right wording, like an overzealous fan. This does not only make your article seem highly intellectual (also less wordy), but also helps your audience be exposed to a wider range of vocabulary.
    And again I must emphasize the need for research because the age demographic you are describing (“far-younger”) can’t possibly afford a $22 CD!

    So please note the things you need to be a proper, refined and respectable journalist are: 1) Research & 2) A Dictionary/Thesaurus.

    Sincerely from an Asian Adolescent

    • Esther

      what’s good Paul? Upset that you can’t sell $22 CD. Much younger fan base don’t buy multiple $250 concert tickets for Newark, Anahiem and Chicago. Gee research sweetheart before you write.

  12. Music lover

    BTS selling $22 is wrong? Huh. What happened Paul? Woke up from the wrong side of the bed.
    Your article is oozing with negative vibe.

  13. you're a middle aged white man writing about korean boy bands for attention. retire, paul

    you word every bts headline as if they’re doing something wrong then write an article defending exo’s kai’s dreadlocks………….biased much?

    • Richard Blume

      Yeah maybe SM is paying him to write neg articles abt BTS, if he defended Exho for cultural appropriation n stuff,is just so obvious, this is a hate company it makes his living on throwing dirt to many Artist and creating controversy,other Artist,because otherwise no one will read their articles, As a father,I find it disturbing how this old men, is provoking very young fans.And the company who is behind this men.

  14. shadhanasution

    if ARMY can’t pay for them and no one actually buys BTS’ CD’s then tell me why the preorder is ALREADY number 1 on Amazon. Please get your facts right.

  15. Vernon

    U do know that every artist sells CD albums

    Even EXO

    And if u are seriously talking about music, within 30min of album release 100+ pirated versions of the songs are released, then what’s the use…

    It’s not just CD, it’s a collection for us, and they have amazing photo book and collectives cards that come with it,

    Also, younger fanbase??? BTS fanbase is widespread over a range of 12-50 y old, and the funny thing is , demographics say, 10-20y fans number is equal or lesser than 20-30 y old fans, check their Osen articles for e.g.

    Thank u,

  16. Daniel

    Every artist sells albums that include CD, well played for dragging out a popular kpop group for more attention on your crap article.

  17. amy

    There goes Paul again with those articles. Here Paul have some attention.

  18. Nirupama a soft stan

    This is suppose to be your job and not some personal blog that you can put up your personal views oozing with negativity simply because you dislike them, there is nothing wrong with selling CDs and ofcourse there is a reason for the supply of these CDs and thats cause there is demand for them and if one buys them they will surely listen to it, its not just a CD its unboxing happiness. Let the negativity aside and simply just write news, if you cannot present a positive aspect don’t even try to put up the negative ones. #Loveyourself

  19. Ally

    Love yourself Paul.
    We fans understand that Bighit is addressing our concern about shipping cost. It was costing around $55-$57 in the Korean websites. Now it would cost under $ 25. We fans are the ones who asked target to stock the CDs up.
    If u were unbiased you would have mentioned the fact the getting it on Amazon is driving the price for international fans.
    Ah I see you don’t know what ur writing.

    Digital music get someone else.

  20. So Yang

    This leach just breathes to provoke BTS fans,he does it all the time,have you hear of Antis, this is the biggest one taking advantage of this platform n mention BTS every minute to get views n keep himself relevant,Cause is the only way that he survives here,I’m so sick of you, I’m hoping someone has the sense n wipes you off this platform

  21. Sheetal

    Hell as a 28 Indian fan I paid way more than $22. Getting it on Amazon is great. Thank you Bighit.
    Age has been mentioned since our so called writer of this stupid Article does not know the fanbase of the band he is writing about.

  22. Ric

    This is not the first article I have read about BTS by Paul that’s has negative vibes. No mention about the fact that fans were requesting for it to be on Amazon. I think Paul you also had a problem with them launching hand cream because you said they were copying Bigbang. Buuuuuuur….
    go get urself checked. I think when it comes BTS it becomes very personal for you.

  23. Alan

    Paul did you audition for Bighit and got rejected. Were you suppose to be the 8th member of BTS. Why is it so personal when it comes to BTS ?

  24. Lol

    I didnt know who he was before hand and yes the tittle of this article did catch my attention while trying to buy “her” love yourself album. But wow this guy seriously is a bit negative i mean like some points he said are true (some people might not play the cd in fear of ruining it) might play the digital copy they buy )) but to call people *rabid* and 22 dollars is not bad thats like buying a meal at mcdonalds

  25. Merilyn

    I don’t know what’s the issue. Bighit is only addressing the concerns of international fans. Ordering it from Korean websites is way higher.
    By the way this is a 30yr old fan. Wondering what much younger fanbase is. ?

  26. Martha

    Yo bro, what’s the issue ? The price of the CD ? Even if fans don’t play the CD, why is it a problem ? Anywaz if fans feel it’s highly priced, they will address it to Bighit. Bighit is really approachable, they listen.

  27. Mina

    wow… I actually bought two versions of the CD and I already know I’m going to like it. I’ve been a fan for a few years now and they’ve never disappointed me..

  28. Bethan

    Okay this is ridiculous. The title makes it sound like the band are scamming people out of their money, for heaven’s sake. I’m more of an Exo fan myself but this article is needlessly misleading and frankly, rude.

  29. Mary

    Digital music please replace Paul. He seems to have BTS phobia. He has been negative about BTS in all his BTS articles.

  30. Dave

    Every artist sells CD’s…and these so called younger “rabid fans” have the right to buy whatever they like.

  31. Nick

    How DARE they?! They have the audacity to SELL A CD??? Disgraceful. Quick, parents take away your children’s allowance, they must’ve be allowed to buy such filth!

  32. JIMIN

    is there something we can do to stop Paul and his goddamn negative articles (I know you’re reading this Paul) stop thinking we’re some immature fans

  33. Kpop lover

    $22 priced CD with some extra….. SO ?? Fans will never play the CD ….. SO ??
    What younger fan base ?? Check fancams on YouTube to know their fanbase. These boys bring in fans from different cultural background to one place with their music. And they do it while singing it in Korean not English.

  34. Kenny

    Paul why do you have a problem when fans don’t. Why no mention about the fact that it’s the fans who were requesting Bighit to get it on Amazon.

  35. Angel

    Hey Paul, where do you stay ? I can help you find a good Doctor to get rid of your BTS issues.

  36. Anonymous

    Where’s the part of the article that segues into RM’s failed attempt at a solo career??? This is a fake article *not* written by Paul Resnikoff.

  37. Kpop is life

    Saying that it’s highly priced at $22 is your opinion and I respect that but what I don’t get is keeping some of the facts out of the article. Bighit / BTS is only addressing fans request. The price is lower for them now. Also shipping and handling is free for prime customer.
    More kpop artist should do that.
    Frankly Paul you seem to be very negative when it comes to BTS.

  38. Paul you got no jams

    Why is title of the article do misleading? You make it sound like there is a scam going on.

  39. NoonaARMY

    Thank you Paul!!! I’m 37 and so are many of the noona/hyung ARMY and we appreciate you calling us so young! 😀

  40. Paul has BTS issues

    Paul is your girlfriend / daughter / wife / son a major BTS stan and you cannot tolerate it coz they give more time and attention to BTS. God all your articles about BTS leads to only criticizing them. They cant launch Hand creams, they cant do concerts, they cant release CDs on Amazon for $22 etc etc etc.
    Breath brother Breath. Its very unheathly to be so negative.

  41. BTS irks Paul

    Yo Paul go play with something else. Don’t write about something you know nothing about.

  42. Invisistill

    Oh no, where will I play my CD!? I only have a PS4, Xbox 360, Original Xbox, Wii, Bluray player, computer, laptop, car stereo, and boombox with disc drives… I’m doomed! We’ve been had!!!
    Instead of calling people a moron or stupid, I’m just going to call them Paul from now on… Salty Paul the waste of groceries.

  43. Raina

    Paul which world are you living in ? People can’t play CDs ? And most of the fans buy the CDs as collectables. When ur clearly not gonna buy it coz ur not a fan, why are you cribing ? No one is forcing you to buy it.

  44. ARMY

    Honestly no one should be listening to this ANTI. First he criticized ARMYs for being too cheap to get BTS a times square billboard and then made fun of them for spending millions to get a billboard. Honestly basically 50% of what he writes about is just criticizing BTS like seriously br0 fuk off. And anyways ya I bet an album would cost 22 bucks if you had to ship them from korea and have a 100 pg photo book, stickers, posters, and cards along with the cd.

  45. Fatima

    Paul you seriously have some BTS issues. You criticise them for everything. I don’t know if your jealous or what. What seems to be the problem?
    It’s the international fans who requested them to be on American Stores and they listen. I personally would want then to do that for European and Middle Eastern fans also.

  46. Paul Resnikoff is a joke

    When you would not even listen or buy it, why are discussing the price ? Get a life you idiot.

  47. Music is great

    huh BTS is releasing CD or cassette tape ? Why is a $22 CD a problem ? Funny how people who would anywaz not buy it are the ones that complains. Fans can decide how they want to spend their money. Who are you to decide its expensive ? Keep your idiotic views to yourself.

  48. Jamie

    Oh leave Paul alone you crybabies! You should be grateful that he even gives these NO talent fem boys any kind of press. You guys have to be the most touch sensitive fanbase is ever assembled, SMH. I would not know who any of these groups are unless I read this page, just saying. Your idols are not as big as you think, maybe in Korea but that’s about it. They do nothing original. They try to rip off 80s/90s hip-hop R&B but lack any kind of authenticity.

    • Joshlyn

      Jamie nobody is saying they are really big or anything. Paul has a history of criticizing them for everything and that’s what we are pointing out.

      By the way if they are not famous or people do not know about them they wont be doing sold out tours in North America, South America, Europe,Australia and Asia. Just because you don’t know them does not mean they are not famous.They wont be breaking into all the billboard charts.

    • Ash

      Jamie, go and read the most listened to artist in America by New York times. They are in that list. By the way Koreans do contribute to American music charts. Its whats streamed in US.

      I agree that they are not the most famous artist but yes they are blowing up. They feature in American news tabloids ( entertainment segments ) only because they have an audience.

    • Jamie needs a life

      First of all, have you done any research lately? The fact that you haven’t heard about BTS just shows how ignorant you are about the outside world. BTS is a growing band, and there’s something called EXPANDING BUSINESS ASIDES FROM THEIR COUNTRY OF ORIGIN. Have you even seen the articles on these boys? They won the fucking best social artist in the Billboard Awards. They beat JUSTIN BEIBER, SELENA GOMEZ, AND Ariana Grande for the spot.

      We get that jealous people like you are going to try and start some nasty shit about these boys, but what did they ever do to you?

      You have to be one of the most touch sensitive people to be even checking out an article on a band you think “are not as big as you think, maybe in korea but that’s about it” just to defend some shit reporter.

      get a life you lowlife bitch.

  49. Music Love

    Rabid ???????? Seriously Paul. Get a tuition for writing articles. Also do some research before writing something.

  50. Paul IS a Bastard BUT

    You guys are wasting your time! You know this guy built a mobile phone company in BELIZE then sold it to the gov’t of BELARUS!? Yeah look it up, he’s listening to the BTS CD + getting a BJ from the hottest Korean model right now in his helicopter!

  51. Lindsay

    This is something all kpop groups do, same with posting pictures and teasers before their comeback. But I really don’t see what the problem is in them selling physical albums along with digital albums. I happen to have a number of physical kpop albums and I do play them regularly. Also, unlike with vinyl, most fans are capable of listening to a CD, either in their car or from their computer. But unlike with the old western CDs, kpop albums come with a photobook, photocards, posters and a variety of other goodies. Really you get a lot more for your money than you ever could with an American album purchase.

  52. radi

    i haven’t read your other articles about beyond the scene but based on this one and the fact that everyone else saying you always trash them, i have to say that you are a disgusting person and clearly haven’t received your degree in journalism. a journalist should not be biased in their articles nor should they spread negative energy (or use the word “rabid” but that’s another story).

  53. Paul Is an asshole

    if you really love BTS this articles is the shit. Paul Motherfuck*er is back again, saying he would be very happy that he made you get angry bc of BTS

  54. Anonymous

    I wish that your mental problem get resolved and you get peace of mind and like you trying to create hatred for others may your karma treats you same. May you get what you giving others.
    You need to see doctor…..

  55. Anonymous TG

    It’s funny. I actually considered the lack of a cd player as a factor at first. But, my car still has a cd player so….it will still be played. Especially on those long road trips when I need to save my phone battery.

    AKA–still a good buy (lol) cause spotify doesn’t carry the bonus tracks.

  56. Verona

    I really want to hit you hard on the face right now!
    Are bts forcing us into buying their albums?? Nope.
    You are just a lowlife that will always try to drag our idols down…. but don’t worry baby, you’ll never succeed anyway.

    I’ll play the CD on my pc or my laptop… any problem you pabo??

    • BTW it's kinda offensive to ARMYs dude ;-;

      I know right? Like is supposed to be a informative news report or an opinionated report?

  57. Oh look Paul is back at it again!!

    Oh yeah Paul… Not to be rude, but why do you hate BTS that much? It’s not even pissing me off, it’s just funny how a grown man can be this childish

  58. A.R.M.Y guy

    You sound like a 5 yr old who’s whining about a broken crayon..

    “How can I use this crayon if it’s broken?”

    Get some job dude. your hatred is getting you nowhere.

  59. Seagull

    They don’t come with cds only. they give us various other stuff too, like posters or stickers.BTS are really amazing bro. Don’t say such rubbish out of hatred about any person. It’s not a good thing to do. Listen to their songs.. you may change your views after that.

  60. Pak cik insafla


  61. Anonymous

    I think there’s an important takeaway from this, which didn’t really come through in the article. These limited editions are an excellent way to revive physical product sales, and labels need to experiment more with these types of releases. Instead of just providing a CD, provide additional physical and digital content with that CD. Maybe it doesn’t even have to be a CD. Didn’t Arcade Fire have a fidget spinner flash drive album? That was awesome. I remember a while back, a Beatles collection was released on a flash drive that looked like an apple.
    Computers may not always have CD players these days, but they do always have USB ports. Get creative with what the physical flash drive looks like, and what digital content you put on it. Fill it up with FLAC files and AAC files, behind the scenes stuff, etc. They will make money.

  62. Paul is a dumbass

    Jesus christ, you seriously need to lay off of BTS. It’s astonishing to see that you’ve posted and attempted to bring up old beef and drama (from other articles) just to gain views and attack BTS. And now this article? The title makes it sound like BTS is trying to rip off of ARMYs money. The CD comes with so much more than just ” including a bunch of stickers and a 20 page mini-book. They also promised some ‘other surprises’.”

    It actually comes with 1 CD (Random) + 100p Photobook + 20p Minibook + Photocard (Random 1 out of 29 / 28 Photocard + 1 Special photocard) + Special Sticker+ 1Folded Poster+Free Gift : Extra Photocards Set (KPOP MARKET Store Gift)

    “That is, even though many of their fans don’t even have CD players.

    That last part is especially true in North America, where CDs are rapidly going bye-bye. Indeed, outside of holdout in-dash CD players and 2004 laptops, a large percentage of people rarely interact with CDs at all.”

    Does this have research to back it up? You offer no evidence for your claims, proving them null. Again, you also forget how often people spend time in their cars. BTS is rarely on the radio, can you blame us for buying CDs, especially for younger ARMYs that may not have a phone?

    So what if they’re sellling CDs that most people in America don’t use anymore? There are so many cultural differences between Korea and the US and frankly, you’re just showing how incredibly narrow minded you are about this with this article.

    “HER” is currently the most pre-ordered album on Amazon. We get that you don’t like that but honestly, that’s just your own problem.

    So stop taking it out with these shit articles because, okay, we get that you just want the drama. but like, haters can hop the fuck off alright mate?

  63. Anita

    Oh my god, I clicked on this article thinking BTS has got into controversy with the new release. Why is the title so misleading ?
    Your writing about Kpop not American pop. Kpop has a physical album culture. CDs are collectables and that’s the whole point.
    You don’t have to love them or like them but somehow the way you wrote this article is really misleading. It’s as they are robbing people and in America they are the only ones selling CDs.

  64. Sara

    Is it only a CD or does it come with other stuff too?????plz tell me as this is the one I ordered

    • Liz

      The CD comes with a 100 page concept photobook, 20 page mini book, limited edition poster and photo card, and BTS stickers 🙂 would buy any day

  65. Illia

    Paul Resnikoff is not an asshole. no one is. what hes doing, he believes is right. hes not an asshole in his own eyes, which means that theres a reason hes doing this. rather than hating on him, we should instead try and find out the reason behind all of this.

  66. Noelle

    Is he gonna spread the shade to every other artist that releases physical cd’s??!?

  67. Noelle

    And yes, I agree the title is misleading. The way it was phrased was as if the cd’s would be coded for another region and would not be able to play in US devices. I, personally, look forward to all the goodies that’ll come in my physical copy (can’t get all that stuff with the digital- btw he didn’t even mention all that comes with it) and I will definitely be playing that cd in my, apparently ancient, 4 year old car. The article came off condescending. I get it that America has been moving toward digital music for a while now and newer cars and laptops are ditching the cd drive, but MANY people across the nation still use cds! That point of view could have been portrayed without the obvious bias against BTS and/or cds.

  68. army…. thats a good price (its cheaper than buying it on other websites that charge for shipping). plus it comes with more than just a cd. u should ask why do people sell dvd’s for 20 dollars when everyone just watches stuff online then ?

  69. A

    Laptops can play cds . Good way of going round the bush for spreading negativity. But this bullcrap doesnt affect us.

  70. No

    as if BTS is the only group who does this I don’t know if someone payed you or what better shut your ass

  71. .I.






  72. preorder love yourself

    dude, do you really think that us “””millennials””” are too stupid to use a computer with a cd slot?

  73. A

    Do you understand the tone of your article? I hope you do research before writing. It helps.

  74. Liz

    Lmfao Paul Resnikoff you’re like the Rita Skeeter of our age. So salty about BTS charging $22 for an album haha. “BTS’ camp told DMN that the CD will contain a few extras, including /a bunch of stickers and a 20 page mini-book./” As if a reporter like you wouldn’t know the details of the album: Album CD, 100 page Concept photobook, 20 page mini-book, BTS stickers, limited edition BTS photo card and a Limited Edition BTS poster. Would buy any day, and would play that CD every fucking day

  75. Damn it Paul

    Damn it Paul, my 2017 Honda Accord has a CD player!! Please stop bashing BTS, your sarcasm is disgusting.

  76. Death of Journalism

    This is the first and the last click you’ll get from me, Paul.
    A sad skill you have there if you have to shit post in order to attract audiences.

  77. UrSoDumb

    Why do Army keep falling for this troll is beyond me. Every time this writer publishes a condescending article about BTS to troll their fanbase for attention, genius Army falls right for it. Obviously the 100P Photobook + 20p The Note of ‘The Most Beautiful Moment In Life’ + 1 Photocard (Random 1 out of 28 Photocard + 1 Special photocard in limited quantity) + Special Stickers with collective album cover is not good enough reason for selling it for $22.

  78. Janay

    “Rabid younger fans” they have fans in all ages. Most of them are actually 20 or 30. But there range goes from 10 to even 50 yeas old. But the older people not young fans are investing their money on this. You make it sound like our fan base only has little 12 year old girls. Cringe.

  79. unknown

    Change the title. Get a real job and stop making idiotic statements about BTS that aren’t true. If fans couldn’t afford the album the tell me why over 1M+ copies were sold JUST FROM PREORDERS. Go get a real job and stop living off others’ success

  80. Did you see my bag?

    Paul did you see my bag full of all the HER albums I just bought. I can’t believe this passes as good journalism. You do realize there are other means to play a CD. Whether your a old or young army I’m sure we’re not all stupid enough to not know what a CD player or Walkman is. We buy the album because not only do they contain a CD but also pictures and free stuff with posters and stickers and photo cards. The album sale also helps BTS to grow more and reach more international fans. Yeah I may be paying $30+ for an album but at the end of the day if I’m going to pay BTS’ pay check by buying albums I might as well get something good like merchandise and good music out of it.

    Sincerely, BTS bag full of trophies

  81. CJ

    It’ll get played in my iMac when I am converting it to lossless digital audio. You can’t get lossless quality from digital downloads unfortunately. The only convenient way to get superior audio quality is from CDs so you can still listen to it on your cellphone.
    Since expandable micro SD cards are gradually increasing their capacity, there is no reason for online stores to only off sub-par audio quality.

  82. Victoria Z.

    I know this article is old but I can’t help to contribute. I’m 27 and I bought BTS’ new album “Love Yourself” at a local K-Pop store. I don’t have the luxury of having bluetooth capability with my older car so CDs are a perfect solution for me. I have to say, Paul I’m not sure if this article is supposed be an editorial or news piece but either way please be more clear about what your intentions are in your writing. How do you know so much about BTS’ fans that you’re convinced they don’t own CD players? That’s quite a statement there. I hope after publishing this that you’ve realized how passionate the ARMY is. I’m not sure how reputable DMN is for a “news” website but you’ve just put online journalism to another low. Good riddance.

  83. Ana

    I disagree with this. You can easily transfer music from the CD to iTunes. And you get a nice photo book, poster, and photocard (which are collectible, and lots of people sell them.) The album costs $10 on iTunes, so its only $12 more. You get the music and the merchandise. Personally, I’m perfectly happy with buying the physical album!

  84. salt-eu

    He never complained when Taylor swift and various other artists sold CDs and even Vinyls but decided that every single artist except BTS can produce CDs?? Riiiiiight..

    I think I kinda get Paul’s strategy now. So what he does is he writes an article, but makes sure it’s sorta neutral, with an offensive undertone, so only people who are avid K-Pop fans can pick it up. And then he complains about how whiney and ignorant ARMYs are??

    I mean, no offence Paul but you kinda dug your own grave by writing this. Who in their right mind would bother to write a supportive comment?? Or even appreciate this article? Yeah, that’s right, it’s ARMY’s that made you somewhat famous, and then you literally call us stupid?? Honestly what did you even expect. If it wasn’t for the salty armys then nobody would even bother to read this piece of crap.

  85. ew

    honey i think you dont understand how Bangtan works. Just stop trying, all you’re getting is negative attention 🙂

  86. ARMY

    wonder who is preordering all these albums for love yourself: tear on amazon since it is charting first 😮
    you are wondering as well, no?

  87. BantangARMYUSA

    No issues With purchasing or PLAYing the Cd…

  88. TahjBennett

    The person who wrote this article has obviously never seen a BTS album package.

    I love having cds in the car… cellphones can’t always be depended on. For 1: phones die, cd players do not and 2: phone service isn’t always reliable, especially on long drives. That’s where a cd saves the day because, let’s be real, who likes to search for radio stations on road trips??
    Plus: They put a lot of heart into their music and their album packages for their fans. I was honestly surprised the price was so low the 1st time I bought one. They put a lot into it… Yeah i get the profit appeal of having multiple versions but ARMYs love it and them, so who’s complaining? It’s not as if they’re limiting the albums to only physical copies… you can stream it if you want too.

  89. Anonymous

    Cut him some slack, why’s everyone so mean about it, he poor guy has to make a living, this is his JOB! That being said Paul’s still an asshole

  90. Lina

    I don’t see the point here, as I’m pretty sure that all professional musicians sell their music (partially) through the medium of CDs. And why would you come to the conclusion that someone who buys a CD cannot do so with the intention of … hm … listening to the CD, perhaps? I took this picture especially for you, dear Paul.

  91. Lina

    I don’t see the point here, as I’m pretty sure that all professional musicians sell their music (partially) through the medium of CDs. And why would you come to the conclusion that someone who buys a CD cannot do so with the intention of … hm … listening to the CD, perhaps?

  92. Anonymous

    Do you ever get tired of being a spiteful person? Why don’t you write something positive about someone else for a change since you hate BTS sooooo much. Or does the response fuel your desire to write more hateful content?

  93. Lily

    Oi oi that’s not true, I have a stereo in my kitchen and I listen to my albums when I have breakfast and stuff

  94. Anonymous

    I’m 17 years old and I have both a record player and CD player. It’s the fans’ choice what they choose to do with their money. Please don’t make it sound like we are irresponsibly throwing away our money without any second thought. The age-old narrative that we are all crazed fans who will do anything and spend any amount of money on BTS needs to stop; we are responsible humans who just enjoy contributing to the success of BTS and like to have physical merchandise to appreciate.

  95. Honey FM.

    What I don’t like about this is the way you made it sound. We’re not just buying something just because BTS made it. You get your money’s worth, whether you have a CD player or not. It’s a collectable item that people can trade with. Inside you get the CD, Photo Album, Poster, Clear Picket, a Photo Card, and with the new Map Of The Soul: Persona albums you get a signed Postcard and Film Strip on TOP of everything else. If us ARMY’s want to spend our money on it, we will, because we love supporting our boys. The title is deceiving and thats why you were and STILL are getting negative comments. Do your research before you try and come for a groups success.

  96. 23 year old army

    Oh, come ON. Last time I went to the music shop all I saw was CDs and vinyl. VINYL. The ones you use for record players. No one says anything about that now huh. And if all the fans are “rabid younger fans” then explain how 90k people could afford to buy 250$ seats for a concert in Los Angeles and sell them out 80 minutes later. And please, ever heard of laptops? desktops? cars? You may be surprised to know but you can play CDs on there! *gasp* who would’ve known!

  97. Literallymadethisjusttocomment

    “rabid BTS fans” smh we aren’t THAT bad