Chris Brown Beats Up Women. But He Also Just Donated $100,000 to Help Hurricane Harvey Victims

Chris Brown
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Chris Brown
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photo: Eva Rinaldi (CC 2.0)

He’s not the best in relationships.  But Chris Brown did just donate a massive amount to assist Hurricane Harvey victims.

Chris Brown is a guy who cuts a complicated persona.  Case in point: Brown has just donated $100,000 to assist victims of the recent flooding in Houston.

Brown offered the 100-stack after prodding from Kevin Hart.  Earlier this week, Hart urged fellow celebrities to commit at least $25,000 to the relief efforts.  Brown quickly quadrupled that ask.

Actually, Brown is one of the first musicians to donate to the cause.  Though many others have offered their condolences and prayers.

Here’s what Brown stated on a video announcing the donation.

“I accept your challenge. We need to come together.  This is for everybody out there in Texas, for the relief and everything. I accept the challenge and I implore and encourage everybody else, who can change and make a change for this, to please donate and help out. Love you all.”

Separately, TI, DJ Khaled, and Nicki Minaj have each pledged $25,000 in relief.  All of those artists directly pledged at the behest of Hart.

Beyond the music world, a bunch of other celebrities are also answering the call.  That includes Kim Kardashian, who wrote a check for a cool $500,000.  All of which continues to recast a festering beef between Kardashian and Taylor Swift, who has yet to make a contribution.  Perhaps it’s time for this ugly rivalry to take a humanitarian turn.

But why all the donations?

It sounds like a strange question.  But America is a wealthy country with millions in tax dollars to deal with a catastrophe like this.  So why not pressure the US Government to properly deal with the situation (and do their job)?

Maybe the answer to that one is obvious.  Already, issues are arising with illegal immigrants in Houston, with many afraid to seek relief.  But African-Americans are also feeling extremely isolated by the current administration and climate, part of a broader level of distance and distrust.  Couple that with a growing initiative among celebrities and the wealthy towards philanthropy, and the picture starts to become clearer.

In that light, Chris Brown expressed distrust towards the Red Cross as part of his pledge.  “And I’m skeptical about the Red Cross, so my donation will do to the people!” Brown commented.

Here’s Brown’s Instagram announcement.

(Update (Thursday Aug 31): The Instagram video just got pulled. We’re not sure why…)

21 Responses

  1. FWYT

    Why you gotta say he beats up women? Like that’s not what recently happen. You seem to care what he does since you saw his video and tweet. Yea he donated to help those in need from the cause of hurricane Harvey. You gotta let that shit go of he beating women. Like tf is wrong with you, bring that up and where it happen once to one woman long ago. He’s moved on and so is that woman. Move on motherfucker. You’re not doing good by that. Of course you want people reading your shit but guess what that’s unlikely. Maybe couple ppl, but that’s about it. Just worthless writing on this. Breezy will continue to do good and will always care for others.

    • Davies M

      Good day
      We the United State Help forum sincerely apologize to everyone affected by the unwanted hurricane, we are here to assist every individual to get all they lost back contact us today for help

    • 123

      Why you say he beats up women. That is completely false. He did beat his ex Rihanna but that was a long time ago and happened once. Don’t try to twist the truth to get this read

  2. michael

    seriously you’re wack as fuck for this. “chris brown beats up women”. no, Chris has beaten A womAn and he did his time, his community service, paid his dues, and all parties need to move on from that. He is a BRIGHT light in a world full of darkness. He’s also a human being. While your article attempts to parallel his complications, what you’re really doing is making yourself look like a dick. We all know about what happened in 2009. You’re just beating a dead horse. He’s trying to perpetuate positivity, constantly, in a world where only the darkness comes to a head in the media. Let this man be the creative genius that he is, and the philanthropist that he’s generously proving to be, as well. Shit, he’s even given YOU purpose, even though you chose to use your voice to spread negativity and give him a backhanded compliment. You’re the epitome of bias and your credibility is now always smeared.

  3. Anonymous

    Your headline was uncalled for and in very poor taste. This about a donation to help these poor people in Texas. Shame on you.

  4. EQ

    Paul – thanks for not letting people forget that CHRIS BROWN IS A TOTAL DIRTBAG. Guys – anyone defending Chris Brown’s disgusting behavior because “it happened a while ago” is on the wrong side of this argument. Oh, and by the way, he may not have beaten any women lately, but he’s had a ton of incidents that show how dangerous and unstable he is. I have no idea why people continue to defend this guy. His career should have ended long ago but the greed of everyone invested in him – and the stupidity of his fans – has only encouraged him and probably convinced him that he hasn’t done anything wrong. F*** that guy and f*** anyone who continues to support his undeserved success.

    • Tee

      I can sense that you’re very angry. Chris has showed much growth. His career will not end because he’s one of the most talented people out right now, and has been for the past 10 years of consistent hits. Take your anger elsewhere. JUST LIKE I BELIEVE HE CHANGED, I BELIEVE YOU CAN TOO! FORGIVENESS IS EVERYTHING.

  5. Tee

    Chris has showed plenty of growth in these past few years. I know for a fact that he is a changed man. YOUR PAST DOES NOT DEFINE YOU. His donation was amazing. Haters, don’t say anything if you don’t have anything nice to say??? like wtf.

  6. Gemma

    These two things are totally separate issues. Donating to hurricane victims doesn’t absolve him of any responsibility of beating up women and shouldn’t be used in a story like this. It is moronic to conflate these two issues.

  7. Jake

    This writer needs to get a life. Honestly. I love reading comments on this trashy website. I would love to know the author’s background in the industry.

  8. bollocks49

    Hey, it could be worse, Paul. He could be a “white” guy who once hit a woman. No point coming here any more if you’re interested in music.

  9. hennybug

    u full of bs man u just cant forget about the past he doin great like chris said in his video wen he got some finally good going theres always somebody to fuck it up or make it seem bad

  10. Young d

    You Re just disgusting, you did not have have say that about Chris.

  11. Safira

    You wanna put “Chris Brown Beats Up Women” on your fucking headline, but in the article you wanna say “He’s not the best in relationships”. You scary ass pussy ass bitch lmfaoooo. Why didn’t you just make that your title?? You’re so thirsty for viewers it’s sad. Go get a hobby.