Exclusive: A BTS Sunscreen & Cosmetics Line Is Coming In September

BTS member J Hope
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BTS member J Hope
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BTS member J Hope

No, this isn’t a line of plastic surgery recovery creams.  But BTS’ branded line of sunscreens and cosmetics is about to get released.  Here are all the details.

As BTS’ popularity soars worldwide, a myriad of moneymaking products are suddenly in play.  Up next for BTS: a branded line of cosmetics, particularly a sunscreen line.

We first reported this smart cosmetics diversification back in June, part of a broader look at rampant plastic surgery addiction in Kpop.  But these products are mostly focused around beautification and protection, according to the details we’re learning.  Accordingly, BTS has joined forces with Korea-based VT Cosmetics to launch a branded lineup.

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First up: a  ‘BTS x VT Essence Sun Pact,’ which will include high-priced sunscreen products.

And here’s the best part: each BTS member will have their own dedicated products, starting with future solo superstar Rap Monster.

Rap Monster is obviously the biggest draw.  And he’s probably getting groomed for a huge solo career.  But while BTS remains white-hot, every member is drawing attention.  That makes a varied lineup involving all seven members a smart ‘collect them all’ approach.

Yes, these ARMYs will buy pretty much anything you put in front of them — at pretty much any price.

That’s a money machine that’s difficult to resist, with BTS previously scoring a home run with a similar line of hand lotions.  Smartly, a hand cream for each individual member was offered.

No word on exactly when the latest branded products will hit the market, but we’re hearing ‘early September’. Currently, there’s no pre-order possibility, though ARMYs are furiously pre-buying the group’s latest CD.  Just 24 hours after the pre-order went live, the CD — Love Yourself: “Her” — topped Amazon’s CD and Vinyl charts.

Separately, US-based pop groups are undoubtedly taking copious notes.  That could include an upcoming wave of American boy bands, encouraged by Kpop’s success.

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    • love yourself

      i laughed so hard reading this article … i guess someone needs to pay the bills so its the time to drag bts bc its only way it will get any attention hahah

      Paul seriously love yourself…

    • UdontNeedtoKnow

      Wow. What kind article is this? Seems like NOT written by a TRUE journalist. Its super one-sided.. its so fake.. oh my…

  1. paul you're getting desperate

    bighit can and will sue for defamation and your articles are all obviously biased against them. wouldn’t you rather shut up and stop scrabbling around for attention rather than risk being sued because it might get your pitiful excuse for journalism a few more clicks?

    and why are you so dead set on believing rapmon is going solo? he’s said before that he’d choose bts over going solo, with zero hesitation. you are, quite clearly and literally, making stuff up, and it’s pathetic and incredibly immature. you’re deliberately provoking and looking for reactions from teenage girls for what, some kind of sick pleasure? money and attention? you’re a grown man. act like it.


    “starting with future solo superstar Rap Monster” wait, did rap monster tell you this in person? No? HERE WE HAVE IT KIDS PAUL IS A WIZARD

  3. paul is salty

    Oh well wouldn’t you look at that , good ol Paul is back at it again kids

  4. Loly

    Ahah, what a salty article from the so called ‘leading authority for music industry professionals worldwide’. Well, I guess this is what happens when most of the articles that aren’t bashing this band struggle to even get a couple of comments. Having a bit of a hard time paying the bills here Paul?

  5. Anonymous

    can i ask you a question? do you have a hardon for RM?

  6. Paul asked Rm for his number and Rm turned him down

    Paul asked Rm for his number and Rm turned him down

  7. Paul asked Rm for his number and Rm turned him down

    Paul has a small penis and is bitter because Rm……well you know:)

  8. Olivia

    ah, this guy is annoying. im not an army, but i know enough to know that this guy cant do enough research for his own good and has to reduce to making up news to gain attention.

  9. Illia

    Hi, Paul!

    I don’t know if you read the comments or not, but I just want to talk. No hatred or yelling will be involved in the conversation. Why are you writing these things when you know that it’s going to make a bad name for you? I believe that everyone has their own reasons for their actions that they believe to be right, and I think it’s only right to hear everyone’s side of the story, including yours. Please respond.

  10. anonomous

    First of all, “No, this isn’t a line of plastic surgery recovery creams.” ?! What the HELL are you implying? Secondly, Rap Monster has clarified that he would very much rather be in Bangtan than go solo. Go fucking kill yourself, Paul.

  11. paul jackoneoff

    y’all…bts is so popular that all paul has to do is write shitty articles about them to earn his living…bts is too powerful…

  12. Paul is a salty old man

    Don’t feel bad pAUL! Just because you aren’t as amazing and talented and beautiful as BTS doesn’t mean you need to put them down to make you feel better!

    ur articles suck btw
    stop for the good of humanity

  13. A suggestion for ARMYs

    Apparently the author enjoys not only the overwhelming rage and hatred comes from BTS’s fans but most of all, the views acompanied. And apparently he is profiting from these views. I’m pretty impressed by his ability to turn hates into gold. I suggest fans steer away from the name Paul Resnikoff or even better this website instead of been used by a BTS hater just for views.

  14. SODONE

    wtf HAHA poor man is just bored and has nothing to do. but paul pls stop picking on BTS and other kpop artists/groups. it just makes u pathetic and gross. SRSLY.

  15. Paul Resnikoff

    Everyone, thanks for all the hate but, in reality, this is just what’s going on with your favorite group. This is an industry publication, not a fanboy page.

    We’ve looked at massive plastic surgery issues affecting Kpop. We’re interviewing a surgeon right now in Beverly Hills, CA, near our office. We’ll be publishing the results soon.

    My takeaway: I’m not sure BTS is sending the right message to younger people, because surgery is extremely expensive and can cause long-term damage. But it also says: my face isn’t good enough. Get me a new one. Well, that’s just my personal opinion about it.

    Thanks for reading. And thanks for commenting; if you don’t like the piece I understand and am happy you are pushing back. That’s what this forum is about: positive, negative, whatever.

    • Chas

      Paul Resnikoff…….Why do you hate BTS ? It seems you go out of your way to find anything negative. Why the hatred for these wonderful, kind, caring, talented guys ?

    • Anonymous

      i honestly think that your views are a bit conservative. plastic surgery can help someone feel confident about themselves, especially if they’ve spent a majority of their career in front of a camera. most of the time, the surgery is done well enough and doesn’t cause severe tissue/bone damage if the recipient took proper after-care measures. you’re somewhat right about what kind of message people receive celebrities who have had multiple procedures done on their bodies, however it can also give them a stronger image to look up to, and the first solution they arrive at will not likely be plastic surgery, necessarily. i don’t get what plastic surgery has to do with this article of BTS, or the hate comments you’re receiving; but i do know that you circulate these articles only for attention and profit. if you have to damage, defame, and leech off of others for your person success, then i suggest you quit whatever the hell you think you’re doing. it’s highly immature.

    • Paul asked Rm for his number and Rm turned him down

      what’s with this passive aggreessive nonsense——-everyone, thanks for the hate! how old are you, really? you should be old enough to know that when you give hate, you get it back tenfold. And wtf does a plastic surgeon in california have to do with a kpop idol group. your editorial is going off the rails the more you talk. who hurt you? you are an emotionally damaged possibly mentally damaged individual to spew such lies about 7 innocent young men who only want their music heard by lots of people.

      • Paul is Crusty

        Paul is mad cause they’re better looking than him..

    • Anonimo

      Are you taking this personal?
      I just want to know because you should know how to be professional. If you don’t like BTS just keep it to yourself.
      First of all, I apologize for any errors since am not fluent in English.
      We know that BTS are different from American Idols. We like them because they are. If you look at Kpop in general or Koreans in general BTS are not to different from them.
      Korea is the most advance not only on Surgery, but also in skin care.
      BTS has the money to get the best skin care they can possibly can.
      However, they don’t want to have plastic surgeries because that as you said will ruin their image. For example, a famous celebrity in korea was famous and well known for her natural beuty, but after they payed her for using her face for a surgery advertisement their own korean fans ruined her career.
      Please stop saying something that is not truth. BTS has never said anything about plastic surgery. In Korea plastic surgery is common and many artist have it and they openly say it because they don’t see it as a bad thing. However, since BTS haven’t got any surgeries please don’t be spreading rumors that will ruin others image. That is rude and is inmoral of you to be writing articles that can offend others.
      and if I thought this could offend fans I know a professional like you already knew how disrespectful this was.

      Thank you for your time.

    • Get a life

      “My takeaway: I’m not sure BTS is sending the right message to younger people, because surgery is extremely expensive and can cause long-term damage.”
      Dude the heck are you even talking about??? THEY DON’T HAVE PLASTIC SURGERY
      You are a grown man so freaking act like it and stop calling yourself a journalist because you are an embarrassment.
      BTS ARE sending the right message to younger generation (which you are no longer part of ) . They write and produce socially conscious songs about mental health, politics, loneliness, perseverance, female empowerment and so on.
      Ohh and i hope that BigHit wil take legal action for all the slander and defamation you are doing

  16. Bighit will sue Paul

    Paul why are you so obsessed with BTS you most likely have nothing else going on right now but cmon on act your age. You obviously know you can get sued for defamation.

  17. paul has an iq of 3*0

    wah wah wah wah wah sunscreen is plastic surgery!!! wah wah wah big issue in korea!!! wah wah wah bts endorses plastic surgery because sunscreen!!!! wah wah thx for the hate i love it asdhjadhsjshd!!!

    lmfaoooo i’m surprised you didn’t pull something with all this reaching. y’all deserve every bit of negativity considering how much you’ve been antagonizing bts fans and writing blatantly false and disrespectful articles about bts. dont change tunes now and turn this into concern about bts’ message to “young people.” vomit.

    to my dear armys: dont even bother defending or mentioning bts in the comments anymore since that’s what salty old paul wants. unfortunately, this is not korea so bighit can’t sue for cyber defamation. instead, i would suggest focusing our discussion on his micro penis and how he probably jacks it desperately to pictures of our dear leader RM every night :^) comeback is on sep 18th! go bts :^)

  18. Yikes

    Yo who the hell is this guy, why does he constantly jack off to bts being the prime faces of plastic surgery?? Like even if they did have plastic surgery, why should that effect him in anyway? Korea is nation that gets rich off of these procedures. What Koreans and anyone else do to their faces clearly has nothing to do with him. His hard on for rap monster is so prominent I’m dying.
    I love BTS and I don’t plan on getting plastic surgery, and even if I decide to, its on my own terms and not how bts presents themselves. So please fuck off, you’re a horrible old fuck with clearly no aspiration in life other than to hate on boys who are living the dream. Any defense you create won’t help you, you should know better as an old guy, or some fucker who writes on some website I’ve never even heard of until now.

  19. oh paul

    Are you really this bored? Come on now your not even the tiniest bit convincing at this point :/ I hope one day soon you’ll find something better to do with your time…

  20. Anonymous

    “No, this isn’t a line of plastic surgery recovery creams.”
    “starting with future solo superstar Rap Monster.”
    1. Rap Monster is not going solo. Just because he did a few collaborations DOES NOT MEAN ANYTHING. So many artists have done collaborations before, from G-Dragon to Chanyeol from EXO. This does NOT mean they will leave the group in any way.
    2. They didn’t get plastic surgery, and even if they did, is there anything wrong with it? It’s their decision, and if it makes them feel better about themselves, THEN LET IT HAPPEN. Why are you so obsessed with others lives?

  21. hows it feel to go to uni for 4+ years and be writing this salty bullshit?

    You do realize that any plastic surgery BTS has is contractually obligated? They didn’t choose it themselves, BigHit made them do it. Your beef is with them and South Korean beauty standards, not with the BTS members themselves. How are they advocating plastic surgery when they literally never discuss or address it in public?

  22. boop

    lmao paul is lowkey army and tryna get RMs attention so he can suck his dicc

    • Paul is secretly a Namjoon fangirl and stans Namtiddies

      I don’t think I’ve seen a dumber article than this. Great Job Paul. You get the Dumbass of the century award

  23. I

    Somebody should alert BigHit about your articles- They are absolutely ridiculous and defamatory. BTS is about LOVING YOURSELF- They’re NOT coming out with cosmetic products.
    And why the hell are you so insistent on RapMon going solo? Are you an anti? Because if so, make it clear. Anybody who knows even a LITTLE bit about Bangtan will know that RapMon would give up everything to stay with his members. Moreover, if he leaves, the entire group will fall apart. So stop wishing ill will on the boys. In fact, NEVER WRITE ABOUT BTS AGAIN. Nobody needs your salt.

  24. BitchHatesPaulXD

    Yo Paul. If you write this arcticle for fame just erase it. You’re too famous now with your FALSE article. *slow clap*. Congratulations. I hope Big Hit will see this.. I’m patiently waiting for your judgement. 😉

  25. Autumn

    How does BTS promote plastic surgery? You chose them because they get you views, not based on any promotion of plastic surgery. How does sunscreen equate with “Hey kids! Go get plastic surgery!”? BB Cream was created for post procedure recovery and care, but it’s a good product, that’s why it’s become universal. Did US plastic surgery increase with the increase of BB Creams? And I don’t appreciate your use of a purposefully low quality photo of J-Hope for this blog post as if that would prove your point. Good for you for not claiming any specific procedures, though, you must have taken “how not to get sued while writing bullshit 101.” J-Hope is beautiful inside and out.

    I think we need to add EXCLUSIVE to urban dictionary now…Exclusive-adjective-used by hustling bloggers to promote their bullshit posts.

    Keep hustling, though, we all need to eat.

    But if you’re going to hustle don’t get all self righteous about why you’re doing it. And don’t pick a group who promotes self acceptance, with a fanbase that consistently checks itself to make sure we aren’t tearing one another down. Maybe get your head our of your So-Cal ass though, before being critical of plastic surgery. The epicenter of the self absorption self image crippling industry might not be the best place to get your info.

  26. Thanks Paul

    Oh! u know very well about Armys’ love for BTS. Thank u 🙂 🙂

  27. I love BTS♥

    Do not take my boys 🙂 Leave them alone 🙂 Always get them to them 🙂 You will always be envious of my guys this is 🙂 BTS are the hardest 🙂 and only critics so 🙂

  28. j

    presenting… irredeemable ignorance, mental cowardice and xenophobia at its finest