Does Your Child Listen to ‘Loud, Heavy Rock Music’? He Might Be a Neo-Nazi

According to Calgary Police, if you listen to heavy rock music, you or your child could become a neo-Nazi.

Following the devastating events in Charlottesville, the music industry and tech companies have joined forces to work against hate.  Companies like Spotify have taken down white supremacist and neo-Nazi content from their platforms.  In addition, government officials have worked to raise awareness about the dangers of hate groups.

Yet, one organization has taken things just a bit too far.

Titled Signs of a Child Being Part of a Hate Group, the Calgary Police Service issued a list of signs that worried parents should look for in their children.  Reading through the list, you’ll find common warning signs like violent behavior and stereotyping certain ethnic or religious groups.  The police force also urged parents to remain vigilant for behavior such as children wearing or displaying Nazi propaganda.

But did you know that playing loud heavy rock music also counts as a warning sign?  Maybe it’s time to put away your favorite AC/DC and Black Sabbath albums.

Maybe we’re all in a hate group.

In the leaflet, you’ll find some common child and teenage behaviors that Canadian officials list as “early warning signs.”  This includes a “sudden lack of interest in school” and “adopting new groups of friends.”

As a child and a teenager, I hardly cared about school.  I also made new friends pretty easily thanks to my sarcastic personality.  The last time I checked, however, I didn’t belong to a neo-Nazi group.  In addition, having Latin roots wouldn’t have allowed me to easily form part of a group that chants Heil Hilter, anyway.

The Calgary Police force also said that “secretive behavior” may show that your child could belong to a hate group.  So, if your child hides the fact that they forgot to do their homework, they belong to a hate group.  If a married adult (like myself) hides that they forgot to purchase the groceries, they’re most likely a neo-Nazi.

In addition, if your child suddenly changes his or her appearance, name-calls someone, or behaves disobediently, watch out.  They most likely belong to a hate group.  I now wonder if both of my daughters fall into this category.

Also, do you or your child listen to Metallica, Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, or Black Sabbath?  Playing “heavy rock music with violent lyrics” is listed as one of the clearest signs of belonging to a hate group.

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Image by Calgary Police Service

“My kid loves heavy rock music but he’s not in a hate group.”

The Calgary Police Service quickly came under fire after publishing the list online.

Robert Riggs, a hardcore rock fan, believes that the Calgary Police Service has promoted an outdated stereotype.  Speaking with the Toronto Metro, Riggs said that his son loves heavy metal.  Yet, that hasn’t defined his personality.

My son, he listens to heavy metal, and he’s one of the nicest kids ever, but I tend to see him lumped into a group he doesn’t belong in.

Riggs doesn’t believe that young people who listen to rock or heavy metal will eventually belong to a hate group.

It’s kind of gone the way of video games cause violence and things like that.  It’s not monkey see, monkey do.  Kids see their parents go to work all time, and they don’t suddenly get up and find a job at seven-years-old.

A Calgary Police spokesperson pushed back against Riggs’ accusation.  Corwin Odland said that research showed that listening to heavy rock music “is a common trend” among hate groups.

We’re not saying all people who listen to rock music are part of hate groups, but there tends to be a correlation – people who are involved with hate groups tend to be involved in that kind of music.”

Odland added that people shouldn’t take the point by itself.  Rather, they should contextualize it with other items on the list.

Since the story’s publication, the Calgary Police Service has taken the word “rock” out. “Playing loud, heavy music with violent lyrics” still prominently remains, however.

You can check the Calgary Police Service’s website here.  You can also find the original, unedited image featuring ‘loud, heavy rock music’ below.

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Image by Calgary Police Service


Image by Robert Thivierge (CC by 2.0)


93 Responses

  1. Anonymous

    Also, beware if your kids buy albums with Nazi era fonts on them, or if they listen to blond singers with Nazi style braids. 🙁

    OK, seriously — I haven’t read your article, and I’m not going to, but I obviously assume you’ve come to your senses and your headline is meant ironically.

    But if not, you need help.

    • Doug

      So DMN needs help for reporting what the Calgary police department released?

      • Anonymous

        I stopped reading DMN articles when the blog turned into a hate site.

        This is about Paul’s defamatory headline.

    • Blashyrkh

      What a sad looser you are. Metal heads have no time for that shit. Fucking looser.

    • cock

      How about reading the article before commenting on it you inbred moron.

    • KnobbinAbout

      why bother commenting if you’re not even reading the article you knob.
      it’s literally useless

      • Anonymous

        Um no, you just don’t make headlines like this:

        Is your neighbor a Jew? He might be a pedophile

        DMN is a well known pro-censorship & click-bait site. Who ever wrote that headline — Paul, I assume — owns it.

    • Jacob

      And that’s why your post is fucking stupid. This article was being critical of the Calgary police for stating that listening to heavy rock a warning sign of a neo nazi.

  2. Richie

    Hey DMN,
    Your hate site has been reported to Southern Poverty Law Center.

    I ask All DMN readers to do the same:

    Visit splcenter(dot)org and click #ReportHate.

    That takes you to a user-friendly interface where you can report hate incidents anonymously.

    Heavy rock musicians are not Neo-Nazis, nor are their fans. Implying this is defamatory.

      • WarPigs

        Yes the Calighari Police Department is NeoNaziz- They evidently sterotype a certain Group of Music fans

    • Grulog

      Jesus Christ dude, it’s people like you who don’t read before jumping to defense that allow this sort of shit to happen

    • Nemo

      Read the fn article. The headline is sarcastic in nature. Or are you too %*#^|{} to figure it out.

  3. PiratesWinLOL

    the control-left is getting more and more insane every day.

    it is like when the religious right attacked the same kind of music back in the days.

    also, it seem that being right wing is the new counter culture and the way of being rebellious for generation z.

    • Or else?

      Usually the right wingers like what ever police do, but seems you have not read the article, or at least not understood it.

      And your “counter culture” hates people based on the colour of their skin. That is pretty retarded.

  4. Graaf Orlok

    This reminds me of Bob Larson’s writings, you know, ‘signs that you child may worship Satan’.

  5. Imagine

    Imagine these headlines, Paul — would any of them be offensive in your opinion?




    In case you’re changing the headline, here is the original:


    • Grulog

      If you’re offended, you’re on the same side as the author. He’s calling out the Calgary police force, not inciting hate stereotypes.

  6. Music supremacist

    The worst sin a White can commit is to recognize and be proud of Whites as a biological group whose members should do all that is necessary to guarantee the survival of said biological group.

    • Anonymous

      OK, I’d take DMN’s hate speech over yours any day.

      But you and DMN really need to find another and more private way to deal with anger.

      • Paul Resnikoff

        Yeah, if you’d told me when I started DMN I’d eventually have neo-Nazi trolls, well. Then again, a lot of things have been surprising me lately.

        • Anonymous

          Perhaps I didn’t make myself clear.

          You’re not any different from him: You both revive terrible, failed ideas from the mid 20th century — Nazism (him) and extreme censorship (you).

          If you don’t want neo-Nazi trolls, why troll them?

          Or perhaps you didn’t think they’d notice when your anti free-speech campaign targeted so many heavy rock artists that you probably hit an actual piece of neo-Nazi sh!t among them by accidence?

    • Jeff the racist

      I love my biological group! White Europeans are the bomb digitty.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, go ahead and print that somewhere in a headline to a story nobody reads.

      I’m sure Paul won’t be offended.

  7. Chris

    I’ve listened to “heavy rock music” all of my life. (over 40 years of listening) and I in no way identify with ANY hate group. I have friends of many races, religions, and most of all, personalities! I really enjoy being friends with anyone. If course, I’m not really “friends” with mean-spirited people, criminals (that have no remorse or care about who they hurt) regardless of their race. But I believe that life is much to short to spend even a moment being a negative, hate-filled person. Enjoy your life! Enjoy the wonder of others! And, also, enjoy your rock and roll, whether it’s heavy metal or whatever your tastes lean toward! (BTW, I also enjoy a lot of other types of music, not only heavy metal).

  8. Parent of the Year

    Found some Rock and/or Roll music from my sons room so I promptly whooped his ass and made him eat the records. There will be no violent authoritarians in this household.

  9. allan scott

    and i assume they think rap noise is just fine with all the drug talk, violence towards police and whites, sexual assault and demeaning women, illiteracy and butchering of the english language and encouraging racial hatred and superiority….just to name a few. yeah, this is fine but heavy metal…NO!!

  10. Literally Hitler

    It’s true we are all national socialists working to rebuild the third Reich and reinstate the nsdap through the power of Extreme Black Metal. Normies and lefties beware, this music isn’t for you.

    Sieg heil!!

  11. Mislu

    Christian conservative fearmongers called, they want their moral crusade against rock music back! ?????

  12. Marie1972Tammy

    Ok this has to be the stupidest thing I ever heard…people become neo nazi haters because their taught that by adults generally family or someone close to them…rock music has nothing to do with it…give me a break this has got to be the most ignorant thing I have heard lately…as a Canadian I grew up with loud rock music and im more pro love then most people are so please throw this analogy right out the window your making Canadians look ignorant by posting this…and your fueling more hate with this…I have already seen a post on twitter calling Canadians haters for this ridiculous article…

  13. Anonymous

    How fucking ignorant do you have to be to assume someone is a violent, racist asshole because of the music they listen to?

  14. Anonymous

    How fucking ignorant do you have to be to assume someone is a violent, racist asshole because of the music they listen to?

  15. HeroOfTraps

    This honestly is the same exact fucking complaining that happened during the 80s and 90s. Replace religion with feminism, replace atheism and blasphemy with hate groups, and this is the article in a nutshell.

    • Péter Molnár

      We have a winner.
      And we also have a psychopath who should be fired asap, namely the mentally set back retard who wrote this crap.
      After a certain amount of missing IQ points your existence becomes a blight on society. THAT is where you are right now, dear author.

  16. anon

    ohhh my fuckin god and satan, what the fuck is this? the holy inquisition?, you know people who are fighting against neonazism calls themselves progressive and liberal people, but this kind of article makes me think the writer probably is a old cleric who thinks that Metallica is a satanic group, you are a music page, you must defend the freedom of composition, defend the free spech, don’t attack it with such an ignorant, stupid and retarded stereotype.

  17. George

    One sign your kids worship satan. Desire too join the Calgary Police Force.

  18. Anon

    Ok, whoever wrote this trash is a fucking idiot. Let’s start off that I listen to black Sabbath and heavier stuff and have done all my life, as many of my friends also have. Are you fucking indicating we’re neo Nazis? I mean I didn’t know, I thought telling those EDL members to fuck off when they went through the local town would be against that kind of thought but who fucking knew.

    TLDR: This article is trash and the writer should burn alive.

    • an actual nazi

      why are all these commenters so fucking stupid? please read even one line of the article, just pick one at random and take a moment to feel suitably embarrassed.

      • Anonymous

        You work for Digital Music News, right?

        I doubt anybody else would want to read an article with a hate-speech headline like that.

  19. E.

    Darn rock music turning those youngins into Satan worshipers I mean neo Nazis, no I mean gangster’s. Tired old trope of people blaming music and not shitty parenting, a lack of philosophical and political education and an over reaction to anything not bubblegum pop bullshit. only those on mass dose anti depressants and anti anxiety meds and those just intelligent enough to breath could make this argument with a straight face given the historical precedent of morons not taking responsibility for the lazy collective consciousness of a bloated, Bourgois and toxic hyper self indulgence.

  20. Fornicate

    This article is dumb and your site is dumb. You should feel bad…

  21. Chris

    28 year old father, white guy (blone hair amd blue eyes), and metal head here. And excuse the fuck out of you? How do you think some kids take an interest in HISTORY? How do you think they learned what happened in Germany during WWII? Know how I did it? Listening to fucking Iron Maiden. Fuck these idiots in particular. Support the thin blue line and all that, but these guys are as dumb as a box of country fans. Let your kids listen to rock. My kid is 2 months old and already loves Avenged Sevenfold and Slipknot. IS MY 2 MONTH OLD SON A FUCKING NEO-NAZI?! No. He isnt. Just like most of the rest of us metalheads. Some neo-nazis are metalheads, and some metalheads are neo nazis. It’s kinda like a Venn Diagram. You know those weird charts that look like Mickey Mouse? The groups are neither mutually inclusive, nor are they mutually exclusive. Believe me, we hate those guys just as much as everyone else.

  22. L.Train

    You may need to go to the doctor, as you may have pulled a muscle doing all that reaching.

  23. JulieBear

    Wow .. they let any dipsh_t write these day’s. So my son’s who i know damn well far from nazi or anything on that level.. and listen to metal.If something happends to them at school because some off the hinged leftie teen had saw this. Ill make sure to know whom im goin gunna legally come for if there is any way i can. You cant just write whatever YOU THINK is what things are. Im far from seein you as a qualified person to even take out the trash.

  24. Cayo Julio

    This is my last time reading this site. You’ve became a leftist propaganda shit hole. It’s because of people like you that Adolf Hitler makes sense to young generations.

  25. Schlomo Shekelstein

    I think there is a resurgence of Heavy Metal resentment because at this point in time Heavy Metal has not yet learned how to be multicultural. And I think we are going to be part of the throes of that transformation, which must take place. Heavy Metal is not going to be the monolithic music it once was in the last century. Jews are going to be at the centre of that. It’s a huge transformation for Heavy Metal to make. They are now going into a multicultural mode and Jews will be resented because of our leading role. But without that leading role and without that transformation, Heavy Metal will not survive.

    • Schwedge

      That’s gonna be the dumbest fucking thing I’ve ever heard. Have a nettles more multicultural than any other music out there. Pull your head from your ass.

    • Péter Molnár

      So you need to be a specific race/culture to be able to listen to music?
      Apparently in certain cultures you have no ears, so music is not “multicultural” enough for you.

      What the actual f are you talking about m8?

  26. T

    Attributing rudeness and lack of interest in school to being in a “hate group” is ridiculous. There were only 2 or 3 points on that list that are actual signs.

    Trying to morally police kids behavior like the right did a couple decades ago will only cause your side to lose more support. Gen Z is majority conservative becauase of your actions. Keep it up libtards.

  27. Whocares

    Why is it a “He” thing? I thought there were like 400 genders now, so that would mean in the social justice wiener world this is a very offensive article. Though with the over generalizations in this article it is offensive in general.

  28. Anonymous

    I’m white and proud. Hate me all you want but I will never hate your for your opinion.

  29. Aussie Calgarian

    The majority of this list is “Signs your child is becoming a Teenager”, minus a few about hating and scapegoating of ethnic groups. Which frankly are the ONLY signs someone would be a neo-nazi.

    – Lack of interest in school? Bitch, please. Most kids will try anything they can to skip school. They also might be skipping class due to mental health, depression is common among teens.

    – Adopting new friends and staying out late? It’s called midnight parties and having a social life.

    – Violence or secretive behaviour? Some parents are fucking retarded and won’t let their kids have completely benign hobbies, so the kids have to hide them behind closed doors. Most kids, like regular people also don’t like it when people barge in on them and invade their private space. Of course you’re going to be fucking yelled at.

    – Playing loud heavy music with violent lyrics. Because Rap and pop have never had questionable content.

    – Stereotyping, scape goating, name calling. Kids are trying to belong to the ‘in’ groups and will say some downright horrible shit to their peers in the name of popularity. You should be talking to your kid about this before it ever becomes a problem.

    – Racist and bigoted comments are indicative of either jokes in poor taste or someone who’s rather uneducated and unexposed to other cultures. These sorts of comments in and of themselves aren’t just cause to consider someone a neo-nazi. Remember, we’re talking about a very, very, specific niche hate group of extremists.

    – Scape-goating, stereotyping, wearing of nazi paraphernalia and a “marked repugnance” towards groups considered “not human” are the only legitimate things on the list that actually fit the bill for being a fucking neo-nazi. Not something your average teen would ever get in to.

    – Changing their appearance
    You’ve got to be fucking kidding me right? This is THE thing teenagers are known for above all else. Being a teen is about finding your identity and the only way to do so is to experiment.

    Jesus christ are the police retarded?

  30. Anonymous

    If you listen to rap you may be a drug dealing thug… yeah this article sounds just as stupid

  31. Ken

    Well I guess I am part of a hate group and didn’t know it until now. I need to figure out which group it is…..this world has gotten ridiculous all thanks to the media. What next are they gonna label as being associated with hate? We need to open our eyes and realize that most social problems and issues are because of the media over sensationalizing things to get ratings.

  32. Péter Molnár

    Brb checking the date…
    Oh… silly me i thought we are back to the 80s where listening to rock music meant you are a satanist.
    If its not obvious enough, the person who wrote this article should be fired and sent to a mental institute where psychopaths like these belong to.

  33. Anonymous

    Some of the comments on here are truly amazing.

    In my day, during the 80’s, people used to lament that folk “didn’t read books anymore”. Now, I can see from some of the laughable replies here, that folk don’t even read articles the click on the internet. Instead, they simply see a headline and go straight to the comments section to make fools of themselves.

    Some of the nonsensical ire directed at the article, when said article is, actually, in line with the commenters own opinions re: loud music/hate groups is, literally astonishing.

    In addition, didn’t we already go through this type of faux witch hunt in the 80’s, with the religious right/PMRC etc?

    When did I step into the twilight zone?

  34. Al

    I he listens to loud rap music which graphically depicts killing cops, and mistreating women, he might be an antifa liberal

  35. Jones

    This is just reefer madness 2.0. It sounds like yet another jewish organization or group claiming a false dialectic. Show the research that makes this hideous claim please.

  36. Radioactive Space Hitler

    Hitler is apparently more dangerous now than when he controlled the Wehrmacht, either that or some people have gone a little crazy on the libtardism.

  37. Tired of censorship

    You probably all know by now that Digital Music News has become a hate site that’s responsible for removing several perfectly legitimate artists from Spotify.

    But perhaps you didn’t know that Twitter has started a similar war against free speech.

    Here’s a tweet that got the user @themoodforluv suspended this week because of what Twitter calls “targeted abuse” — and, as you can see, her ‘crimes’ are every bit as ridiculous as those by the bands that Paul Resnikoff got banned from Spotify:

    “no offence but is taylor swift ever gonna grow out of her “i wrote your name in my burn book” phase she’s a grown ass woman”

    Twitter ads that “Your account will not be restored.”

    The artist accounts that Paul got banned from Spotify probably won’t be restored either.

    I can’t believe the amount of Nazi-style censorship we’re facing on DMN and Twitter right now. 🙁

    Read the full story on BuzzFeed.

  38. Johnny ringo

    Yeah, and all white people are racists too. Fucking idiots.

  39. Joe

    You guys are literally half dumb APPARENTLY I HEIL HITLER?!?! YOU ARE SO STUPID

  40. Realist

    Yeah… because being part of a “hate group” is so bad. As long as they don’t actively harm the community, I believe anyone should have the right to express their views as much as they want. If anyone gets offended, I believe the offended person also has a right to act against the offender. But anyway… music is music, and I disagree it has anything with anyone’s intentions, even if it’s Nazi music.

  41. paul

    You need help. There wasn’t heavy metal in ww2, music is music.

  42. Sass86oh

    It’s 2018, I think any parent with a pulse should be able to figure out whether or not their child is a neo-nazi without having to invest to much time investigating the matter. If your kid listens hard rock songs in which words like “the white man” or “Hitler” or any combination of racial slurs that are clearly being directed towards every ethnic group oustide the white race, then it should be pretty clear that your kid might be a neo-nazi…. If your kid listens to Rage Against The Machine and enjoys it, then you’re in the clear and you kid doing just fine. If your kid has a swastagga tattoo or has never hung out with a black or Spanish kid from your neighborhood and seems to only ever have bad things to say about an alarming amonut of other people whom all seem to fit a certain profile (mainly they’re not white) then I think it’s a safe bet that you might be raising a neo-nazi. But if your kid listens to Slipknot and has a ton of friends that are from all different ethnic backgrounds then you shouldn’t worry. There’s an overwhelming number of young males who happen to just really love rock music. I don’t think we need the police department telling us what we need to be watching out for because all they do is just fear monger.

  43. Johnny

    whoever wrote this is stuck in the past. take a sociology class or some shit sheesh

  44. Juan Bird

    FAKE NEWS! Another lame attempt by The Powers That Be to suppress and kill metal music!