Is BTS Addicted to Plastic Surgery? We Asked a Plastic Surgeon in Beverly Hills

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Is BTS overdosing on plastic surgery? We asked a plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills to analyze the faces of every single member of the Kpop group.

As Kpop continues to invade North America, some uncomfortable questions are starting to surface. Namely, how much plastic surgery is simply too much? And as Americans take a closer look at the members of BTS, they’re starting to as questions about the levels of plastic surgery involved.

In fact, compared to most American pop stars, the difference is massive. And it could create problems for American fans.

Part of the difference is cultural.  Plastic surgery is fairly commonplace in South Korea, just like it is in America. But somehow, Kpop stars’ faces seem completely out of control.

But how out of control?

For that, we asked an experienced plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills, California.  For those that are unfamiliar, Beverly Hills is one of several plastic surgery capitals of the world.  This particular surgeon has been working in the industry for more than ten years, and actually leading his own surgeries for more than six years.

This surgeon agreed to take a look, as long as we kept his identity private.  “I’m happy to offer the professional opinion,” he told us.  “Like the ornithologist can analyze the bird, I can analyze the human face.  But in no way do I want to be seen as ‘outing’ or ‘shaming’ anyone getting surgery. That goes against my beliefs and my profession.”

And with that, he’s the expert answer to the question: is BTS addicted to plastic surgery?

Part I. Overall Assessment.

“But there’s work that was probably performed…”

Summary: most members of BTS have had plastic surgery operations.  But they are not ‘addicted’ or demonstrating ‘problematic overuse’ of elective plastic surgery.

“That’s going too far, Paul [the author of this piece].  I guess everyone has a perspective but from a professional surgeon perspective, this is not overuse.  But there’s work that was probably performed.”

One thing the surgeon pointed out is that South Korea has a very high rate of plastic surgery.  Also, it’s far more accepted culturally than in the United States.  “You’re going to see a lot more advertising in Seoul for plastic surgery centers,” the Beverly Hills surgeon shared.  “Also, many of the greatest surgeons in the world operate there, more than places like Beverly Hills (though we are very good!)”

“A large relative percentage of the South Korean population has had some level of elective surgery.  I cannot say the exact percentage, but you could check with the ASPS [American Society of Plastic Surgeons].  Also operations like double eyelid [surgery] are very commonplace.  But less of course among Americans.  But culturally there is a difference here.”

Please note: from here on out, this is all quotes from the surgeon, not DMN.

Part II. Individual BTS members.

(a) Rap Monster

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“I would say on this one: there is most likely some surgery performed on the nose.  Mostly you will notice changes in both the width of the bridge and slope angle contour.

As for the rest of his face: let me just say that surgeon to [Rap Monster’s] surgeon, I am about to offer a great compliment.  Honestly I cannot tell on the rest of his face.  There could be some angular balancing coupled with very minor eyelid adjustments.  But that’s really just guessing from photos.  Also in one photo there is hair covering parts, to I cannot really make a judgment on other areas.

Rap Monster’s Failed Solo Attempt Proves He’s Nothing Without BTS

There’s another thing to consider here.  From my assessment there seems to be a big change in facial creams, careful application of makeup, and overall skin care.  One thing I tell patients is that even drinking water, and taking proper nutrients, people may think you had surgery!  Then, you factor in lifestyle changes like better sleep, lower stress, no smoking, moderate drinking and moderate sun, and you will see many improvements.

With [Rap Monster’s] face, there is probably a very good regimen contributing to overall appearance improvement.”

(b) J-Hope

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“There are almost certainly several procedures performed.  One thing to note here: this face for J-Hope (I don’t know his real name so we can use his stage name) is not a very typical Asian face.  I have studied extensively in places like Seoul, and spent a lot of time in Asia working with Asian surgeons and patients.  Very rarely will you see an Asian person appearing like this without considerable surgery.”

“The nose is the first thing you will notice here.  You will observe substantial adjustments in both the bridge, slope contour and overall size.”

“It also appears that he has had a heavy amount of tooth whitening.  But this isn’t really my area of expertise, other than to note all facial and body features for overall balance.  So that might just be a lot of dental cleanings and careful upkeep by this person.”

“Also I should bring your attention to the jawline.  This is a very shapely, cut angular look achieved with great success from a previously rounded beginning.  This area of procedure can sometimes involve some very serious maxillofacial cosmetic surgery. But honestly I cannot tell from just this photo, except to say there was work done here.”

“Other areas would include ears: it looks like there could have been a serious alteration on the lobes.  Notice a distinct change in post, which is a fairly routine alteration.  But again that is just from the picture you supplied, so I’d have to examine more.”

“Eyelids also look like they have had some significant surgical procedure, maybe multiple procedures.  But also, that is from the ‘after’ picture (the ‘before’ is a little blurry).  So on these two areas, I cannot say with certainty.”

(c) Suga

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“This guy actually had a pretty fantastic face to start out with.  I’m really only seeing possible work on the eyelids (maybe corner-cutting) for creating a more bulbous, widened appearance.  The ‘after’ you will notice has broader eye exposure, fairly standard work for Korean surgeons.  I actually like the direction that was taken here because this accentuates the very aesthetically pleasing nose and lips.

“Besides that the face displays a slight angular accentuation, maybe due to some moderate weight loss, diet change, that sort of thing.”

(d) Jin

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“I can’t say much about this one beside pigmentation.  He’s obviously a lot darker in the previous photo. But that’s hard for me to assess because lighting and a lot of factors change the appearance of pigmentation in photos.  Also keep in mind there’s a dramatic hair color change here which plays a role.

Somebody Keeps Uploading BTS’ ‘Bon Voyage’ to Pornhub

“Outside of that, I can’t say this person had a lot of surgery.  If any.  I’m just guessing that these guys are many times chosen for their looks, and this guy had the look they were after.

“There does seem to be something off-balance in ocular direction though, but that’s in the after photo.   He might have an eye issue that is causing his right eye to stray.”

(e) Jungkook

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“Maybe some adjustments on his nose, though it’s hard to say for sure.  One thing that creates variation is weight gain and maybe just growth changing his face naturally here.  Also the angle of the nose [in the photos], it’s too difficult for me to say. Well, all I can definitely say is that this is not major cosmetic surgery if there’s anything.”

(f) Jimin

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“Quite possibly nothing here.  If there’s anything on the nose it’s pretty minor.  Sometimes we see patients who have beautiful noses but quite literally want very minor work to create a little more angular ‘sizzle’.  But hard to say here especially given the angle of the photos.

“Eyes are really hard to tell, maybe, but there are non-surgical methods for getting that look.  Again I think maybe this guy is naturally blessed with that Western look this band seems to be going for.”

(g) V

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“I don’t think this guy has had any procedures.  Frankly I don’t think he needs it.”

921 Responses

  1. anon

    puberty+dieting+makeup tho

    those things can srsly change someone’s appearance not just plastic surgery

    I doubt they did plastic surgery, im sure its just puberty, dieting, and makeup.


        bangtan is naturally blessed with looks and they did not did any plastic surgery. for rm because he had a snoring problem his nose needs to be operated maybe that’s what your implying and as for the others they are just simply handsome and we can see that staring from their pre-debut photos until now!

        • ゆず

          The pictures that were being compared for RM were before he had his operation.

          • ?Army?

            RM had heart surgery guys. That’s like the only kind he’s had. And bitch theses guys are ALL LOL LOL NATRUAL. Unlike you. (Whoever wrote this article) Instead of judging people because you feel sorry for yourself. Try like learning the truth before you post. If you have nothing good to say don’t say it at all.

          • Emmie

            He had a nose surgery because of medical reasons, he couldn’t breath properly, also he never had heart surgery, idk where you got that from

          • Emmie

            He had a nose surgery because of medical reasons, he couldn’t breath properly

          • Joon Stan

            He had a nose surgery. Not for looks. It was because he couldn’t BREATH. He wouldn’t be able to rap without the nose surgery

          • BTS never had PLASTICSURGERY they are not FAKE

            why is this even here like BTS has NEVER done ANY SURGERY and frankly they don’t need it BTS is perfect the way they are and I honestly just because you have heard rumors about other people in the kpop industry had supposedly got plastic surgery does not mean that you can assume that BTS got it I mean it is quite rude to just assume that about them(Bangtan).
            Also to whoever wrote this I honestly feel sorry for you please don’t make this article if you now nothing about this topic the boys(BTS) are all natural so please dont go around saying stupid shit that is not true actually learn about it.
            This was very rude if you honestly don’t have anything nice to say frankly keep your mouth shut.

          • Anonymous

            What the fuck what operations he had nothing done

          • JHopeMoons

            1) You shouldn’t care about them for their looks but for their talents and personality 2) It’s called puberty 3) Watch what you post because it can backfire 4) Its rude to assume something that you don’t have much proof of. 5) Karma is an ARMY ?

          • ㅁ갸무무 뭉ㄷㄱ내ㅜ

            They never had surgery on their face. Because bighit wouldn’t allow it plus they were just starting out or even before they debuted before those pictures were taken so please. Stop imply they had plastic surgery, they’re naturally handsome people.

          • Rin

            lol that’s dumb. he had no operation that’s why you can’t see a difference

          • Ami

            Y’all dumbasses, RM admitted getting surgery for his nose, but that was because of his breathing or some shit like that

          • Kpop Junkie

            Ikr like Namjoon had surgery because he could barely breathe out of his nose.

        • smiles only

          thank you and if people have nothing fucking good to say about Bts SHUT UP

          • BTSxA.R.M.YsFOREVAH!!!!

            yeah shut the f up,u f*cking haters r just jealous of them,

          • No one cares

            Exactly! If you have nothing good to say don’t say it. FYI I’m sure of this, Hobi has had no surgery on his nose. So many people say he has because it’s fabulous, but it’s just genetics. He got it from his mother and sister.

          • elsa22

            No….bts member has no plastic surgery….proof is MAMAaward 2014 boy in luv performance they are looking so cute same as today they are look. .look their age at that time….can it allow to do plastic surgery….

          • neiyakook

            No….bts member has no plastic surgery….proof is MAMAaward 2014 boy in luv performance they are looking so cute same as today they are look. .look their age at that time….can it allow to do plastic surgery….

          • Became I'm got7

            You guys don’t have to be rude because bts would never like that it’s just his opinion and his perspective of it

          • Chicken Nugget cult

            I don’t think any of the members have had plastic surgery, remember that they were stage makeup.. And they get their hair color and cut changed every comeback or debut, the only surgery I really know of is RMs because he can’t breath right. so yeah….

          • Ye

            Oh my fucking god the person that wrote this is just making a statement and a observation who knows if the members of bts got surgery or not but I think that I’m going to listen to the plastic surgeon and agree with him saying they have had some minor surgeries it does not change who bts are and I bet a lot of idols have had work done and there’s nothing wrong with that.

          • I'm also an army so don't judge

            I don’t think it’s a bad thing to have plastic surgery… If they are happy then that’s great. It’s not really hating on them and if you are really triggered by these thing then why are you even searching it up?

          • Anonymous

            ok so the only surgery to ever happen is RM getting the nose surgery so he could…idk BREATHE. and idols and trainees diet a lot and are part in the spotlight so that could be something that changed their faces. and for yoongi, his face is and was a bit chubby but he started dieting a lot so he lost weight and was unhappy but now, thankfully, he has gained back they healthy weight and is happier. surgery isn’t the only thing that can change a persons face.

          • i lub taehyung and jimin

            First of all, I’m an ARMY y’all please don’t attack me for anything but in my opinion, I really don’t care if whatever this guy says is true or not. It doesn’t matter if any of the members got surgery, it doesn’t change anything about them. Also, seriously, y’all need to calm down because there’s always gonna be haters and please don’t attack them. It’s just an opinion that I’m personally scared of this fandom because if they see any threat or hate comment, they attack really viciously. I get that you’re defending our boys but, it’s kinda a waste of time. So basically, in summary, stop finding haters to attack because they’re always gonna be there and get DNA to 600 million views, and stream singularity on Taehyung’s bday. Lots of Love! Please don’t hate on me aha, I’m scared of y’all.

          • Anonymous

            The author actually made it clear that he was ASKED to do an EVALUTATION and there are NO negative thoughts implied and he has NOTHING against plastic surgery
            So yeah y’all immature ARMYs stop spewing shit to defend my boys cos they were never attacked in the first place
            And before you start saying hate to me let’s just say that I’m ARMY too and I can safely assume that I’m more mature than you are
            Srsly tho all you guys just posting before you read

          • Anonymous

            And yeah you guys this is a BEVERLY HILLS PLASTIC SURGEON haven’t you noticed
            So yeah you guys are basically spewing shit and defending your OWN ASSUMPTIONS that make you feel better about your boys(which defeats the whole purpose because that is just implying that you think plastic surgery is bad and you are defending the ‘fact’ that they didn’t get it to make you feel better about them) instead of considering the *ahem* OPINIONSS of an actual plastic surgeon who can take a pretty good GUESS at what plastic surgery MIGHT look like.
            So yeah the world doesn’t revolve around BTS(Again, I’m and ARMY)

          • Vimkooks sister

            Right bts are naturally cute.they are amazingly talented boys who I considered my “older” brothers. So you making this is like ,no is insulting my brothers my do not make these types of acrtices because ARMYs will get very please do ever right this???

          • Theja

            I support you army…..Bts is the best and this article is fake…..look it doesn’t even have a author…..I wish the author dies…..Army it a shame for the author to write this……Bts is naturally beautiful….#RespectBTS

        • ARMY

          I’m just mad about this I mean not trying to be rude to anyone but. All you Americans are just jealous and are trying to find any possible way to put bets down. They are just naturally beautiful so deal with them!

          • I love bangtan boys

            I am an American and i love BTS a lottttt and I agree that some are jealous and all but like saying that all Americans aren’t jealous isn’t roght. Trust me I believe BTS are handsome but like not all Americans try to put down people ??

          • Dreamer1117

            IKR, BTW They wear makeup and have gone through puberty so ummm yah, shut the f up

          • Anonymous

            Thank you for your comment :). We bts army forever.

          • ...

            Okay, I somewhat get where you’re coming from, but I think you should take a second to consider what you’re saying. Please do not group every person with the same nationality together…not every American has the same mindset that you’re labeling us with. I am an American and an Army and I absolutely adore the way the boys look. No one is jealous, we only appreciate. Thank you.

          • JAMS 7

            i personally dont agree with things people say i am american and i personally love bts with all my heart and would do anything to protect them from all the hate if possible but there are always gunna be haters and people who will look down on them … theres no way to stop them …. but at least we ( all who love them ) need to show them our support and love as much as possible to block out the hate and ease the pain a little bit and to let them know that no matter how much hate they get there will always be people who will love and support them through thick and thin… SALANGHAE BTS!!!!!!

          • Because I'm got7

            What woke you up and spit in your coffee because last time I remember Americans get plastic surgery also some Asian K-pop bands get it also

          • Anonymous

            Why are you acting like plastic surgery is a bad thing? If they did get any plastic surgery at all it must’ve been to raise their confidence or something because they already fit standards. But even if they had gotten surgery would that have changed your love for them. Coming from not an army.

          • Lisseth

            Even if they did get surgery which the only reason might have been to raise their confidence since they already fit standards, would that have changed your love for them? I don’t think plastic surgery is a bad thing at all. And this didn’t come from an army.(that was so unecessary ?)

          • A Nobody

            Woah buddy that’s not right to ya Americans because not everyone is jealous of them and people who are are not just Americans

          • ARMY

            Ok, ok I’m not American or anything but don’t blame the hate on Americans. There are plenty of Koreans and other races who have hated on BTS’s looks and other kpop groups. And sure some may be “jealous” that’s why they are called haters if they “hate.” But blaming everything on Americans isn’t very nice…

          • Anonymous

            i don’t think the surgeon was trying to hate on bts, he was simply stating that in his perspective, he believes the bts members have had previous surgeries. saying shit like that is out of the line and doesn’t even fit in with this blog. ?‍♀️ most of you army’s get soo triggered over minor things.

          • t

            many ppl underestimate the power of makeup, puberty, and self care. also, the part about jhope having plastic surgery, there r things u can use to create artifiicial double eyelds (theyre like stickers), which iis y he appears to have double eyelids in the 2nd pic, and also remember that hobi is the exact same guy who uses clipons, cuz hes scared of getting piercngs, let alone surgery

          • kookieslostbananamilk (literally)

            Ikr. Like, I myself am an Asian, these are Korean beauty things. Like, (I’m linking this to real life), some haters say that oh they had plastic surgery, and I’m like, oh no honey get ur facts straight. Namjoon just had surgery on his nose to freaking BREATHE. Rest, you change over time, like me too. I looked like an idiot when I was 10, but now, at 16 I look different. The secret ingredients are TIME, DIET, MAKE-UP & NATURE.

          • Namjoon's girl

            True maybe they did have platic surgery but,they weren’t the ones who said they want plastic surgery.

          • Once you jimmy you never jimout

            Bangtan is naturally beautiful. And whoever wrote this article doesn’t know anything about puberty. KIM NAMJOON=Naturally Beautiful KIM SEOKJIN= Naturally Beautiful MIN YOONGI=Naturally Beautiful
            JUNG HOSEOK=Naturally Beautiful PARK JIMIN=Naturally Beautiful KIM TAEHYUNG=Naturally Beautiful JEON JUNGKOOK=Naturally Beautiful~Thats all I have to say, remember you nice keep going. XOXO

          • An ARMY who loves BTS so f*cking much

            its actually ‘once you jimin ,you’ll never jimout’

          • everythingsslow

            I doubt it a lot if they had a plastic surgery. Bc, 1) In the beginning of their debut they are POOR poor so i think its just impossible for them to get a surgery? 2) Thats called growth and puberty, and make up sjsjsjsk 3) I don’t think joon is the type that willing to get a surgery? not only joon actually, the whole members too. bighit is not the cruel type of aggency. The members can say no if they don’t want to.

        • army

          I agree, also I don’t think Jhope would get plastic surgery he is too much of a coward, he didn’t even get his ears pierced.(I love him, so no hate). And the reason I mentioned Jhope is because of the speculation.

          • BTSdidnthaveanyplasticsurgeriesyallbrokebitches

            Idk why anyone would think this was ok. Like the plastic surgeon bitch is saying himself that he doesn’t even know their names. Shitty title, shitty people, and shitty bitch surgeon. Now I have to calm my titties but I can’t. Apologize to my fuckin boys!

          • Lisseth

            I’m not an army so I’m uninformed but it kind of seems like he got a nose job. It might be the angle or just my uninformed self so don’t get offended since surgery ISNT a bad thing so don’t take it the bad way.

          • Carmen

            At first I thought J-Hope’s nose was fake too because it’s so atypical for an Asian to have his nose. But then I saw pics of his sister and they have the same upturned nose! I think his dad has a similar tiny nose too. So unless they all got nose jobs…then I think it’s natural!

          • Maddie

            Yeah it is not like j hope to do this. Same for everyone it is just puberty. Also if they did get surgery I would not love them any different. I purple them ?

          • why do we even have to care?

            first of all.thanks for all the ARMYs support.please do not reply to these kind of things my dear armys..we know who is BTS.for us they are precious.i get angry when people say those kinds of things.but armys dont care about these.lets save our precious time.STAY GOLD because BTS and ARMY changed a whole world.lets hold one anothers hands and and lets scream
            KIM NAMJOON
            KIM SEOKJIN
            MIN YOONGI
            JUNG HOSEOK
            PARK JIMIN
            KIM TAEHYUNG
            JEON JUNGKOOK
            noone can break us by insulting we are a fandom of 7 bulletproof boys

          • Once you jimin you never jimout

            Bangtan is naturally beautiful. And whoever wrote this article doesn’t know anything about puberty. KIM NAMJOON=Naturally Beautiful KIM SEOKJIN= Naturally Beautiful MIN YOONGI=Naturally Beautiful
            JUNG HOSEOK=Naturally Beautiful PARK JIMIN=Naturally Beautiful KIM TAEHYUNG=Naturally Beautiful JEON JUNGKOOK=Naturally Beautiful~Thats all I have to say, remember you nice keep going. XOXO

          • Msnochu

            Hey this isn’t right…they just use this to spread fake news to other people so that they will hate BTS. This is the cause of puberty. -_-

        • Tory

          I swear people these days are haters and they think just about there self and not others BTS is natural and they would tell fans if they had plastic surgery


            Omg i love people like you thankyouuu??i cant see more than one or two comments that dont agree TT

        • bang tan :)

          yesss thank you these gorgeous dweebs are just naturaly amazingly handsome and for all of them “i dont know what im doing with my life so ima just hate on this” STUFF YOU!

        • Anonymous

          Lmao wtf? RM had problems with his breathing that’s why he had surgery. As for the others it’s called growing. People can change you know. Just because they look different from the picture like 7 years ago doesn’t mean they had plastic surgery. If you compare me to when I was younger, you wouldn’t even recognize me.

          • To make you realize

            nged small stuff tbh they’re beautiful and it doesn’t matter whether they did or not because their personalities are better than anything in my world ??????

            To make you realize
            February 4, 2019
            Ahm! Excuse me i just want you to know that RM don’t have plastic surgery in nose! Nasal surgery is different to plastic surgery in nose so here! what the nasal surgery goes!:

            The surgery is simple, only requiring the surgeon to make a small incision and remove any excess bone or cartilage to make breathing easier. In some cases, people combine getting a nose job with septoplasty (surgery for deviated septum) in order to improve the appearance of the nose.

          • To maje you realize

            nged small stuff tbh they’re beautiful and it doesn’t matter whether they did or not because their personalities are better than anything in my world ??????
            Ahm! Excuse me i just want you to know that RM don’t have plastic surgery in nose! Nasal surgery is different to plastic surgery in nose so here! what the nasal surgery goes!:

            The surgery is simple, only requiring the surgeon to make a small incision and remove any excess bone or cartilage to make breathing easier. In some cases, people combine getting a nose job with septoplasty (surgery for deviated septum) in order to improve the appearance of the nose.
            And this article posted in September of 2017! So how happen you can say that!

          • A suga kookie and some tae please

            Wait just wondering no hate but which side are you on or are you a different person

        • Alec

          Right, they used photos of them from when they where a lot younger, as you grow older, so does the rest of you.

        • Anonymous

          I AGREEEEE seriously, i literally don’t see a difference in anything on their faces, they all look the same. people try to look deep into things, but tbh the before photos are pretty old and growth and maturity is a huge factor in face changing…

        • Anonymous

          I knew Taehyung didn’t have plastic surgery. His face is perfect just the way he is.

        • ?‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️

          This dumbass Paul guy compared a picture of taehyung from when he was 7 or something?‍♀️ Who is that stupid? Of course tae is going to look different from when he was a kid, everyone does. Gosh what a dumb bitch

          • ?‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️

            And by the way they are naturally beautiful and they don’t require plastic surgery, unlike you paul who is ugly and definitely needs plastic surgery. Dumb bitch

          • Luc

            Bro. Chill the fuck out or get the fuck out. There is no need to talk about the writer like that, especially because Taehyung’s end result was that the plastic surgeon doesn’t think he had any surgery which invalidates about half of your thoughtless comment.

            Don’t attack people for doing their jobs (you might guess but Paul’s is writing articles) and don’t cuss them out.

          • Jungkook's Banana Milk

            Bro chill out… When you are younger, your facial features can really hint to how you look when you get older. “This dumbass Paul guy” obviously knows what he’s talkin about

        • Bts is lifeu

          How the f**k do you think they had plastic surgery. Like seriously!?!?!

          • ARMY

            How are you so blind to not see they did. I’m an army and I really don’t care if they got PS or not they are beautiful either way. But let’s not be blind and dumb saying that they didn’t have any work done. I’m sorry to tell you this but it looks like they did have procedures done. I mean look at Kookies nose it was much more angular and now is much more straight on the bridge. I LOVE the boys and LOVE them no matter what.

          • UwU

            These people don’t know that it it’s something called Puberty, and Makeup. Like yo, get your facts right, make the research, look at the age difference between the pictures. See if they have makeup or not. DONT JUST GO AND COMPARE PICTURES FROM TWO WHOLE DIFFERENT ANGLES AND SAY “yeah, this guy got surgery.” Like, the fuck?

        • Anonymous

          Bts has had surgery and there’s nothing wrong with that tbh, but we Armys have to accept that. At least they didn’t excessively do a lot. Tbh I’m glad they didn’t have so much and that they just changed small stuff tbh they’re beautiful and it doesn’t matter whether they did or not because their personalities are better than anything in my world ??????

        • To make you realize

          Ahm! Excuse me i just want you to know that RM don’t have plastic surgery in nose! Nasal surgery is different to plastic surgery in nose so here! what the nasal surgery goes!:

          The surgery is simple, only requiring the surgeon to make a small incision and remove any excess bone or cartilage to make breathing easier. In some cases, people combine getting a nose job with septoplasty (surgery for deviated septum) in order to improve the appearance of the nose.

        • Hln

          Obviously some of the changes we see here are just due to the fact that they were young and now are adults your face changes a bit as you a age. J hope I think for sure had plastic surgery but the messed up part is that it was not needed. He looks great before and he looks great now I just see it as moot

        • namtiddies

          people be forgetting that they could barely afford a bus ride home let alone cosmetics surgery


          Yeah!! There is a thing called puberty and maybe, hmm… I don’t know… GROWING UP! You all can’t just hate on BTS because they grew up. WTF is wrong with y’all. Making up these stupid fricking things just to hate. Disgusting. They were born that way! DEAL WITH IT! NOW, WHY DON’T YOU DELETE THIS THING BECAUSE IT’S USELESS!!! THIS IS ACTUALLY DISGUSTING !!!

          • =.=

            chill down, the surgeon was only telling their OPINIONS and telling what he THOUGHT they had, not stating. theres a difrence. i understand that you love the boys (i do too) and want to “protect” them, but dont go around and spread hate.

            and what if they actually had some of these surgeries? what you gonna do about it?

        • Anonymous

          namjoon has never had a plastic surgery on his nose. he had had a surgery, because of inflammation within his nose (if i remember correctly). if you compare their features such as noses and eyes from when they were young, you won’t see a difference (except for changes caused by growth) 🙂

        • Yoongi’s Hope

          Thank you I am an ARMY and I think that Bangtan just grew up and when people grow up their body and appearance can change so thank you for supporting BTS



        • Anonymous

          YES, you correct this news article’s bullshit.

        • Nikkita

          None of BTS members have had plastic surgeries ! Stop spreading false rumors about them! If you even bother to understand their message to the world through their art, you’d understand that they spread slf love and are again plastic surgery.shame on you.

          • =.=

            he wasnt spreading false rumors, he was telling his OPINIONS theres a difference.

        • bts is better than you

          seriously bro….. you should know the facts before posting

        • Katherine

          They are just blessed with beautiful faces and like one person said in the comments RM did have an operation for his nose so that he could BREATHE properly.

        • We support BTS

          Yes u r totally right these people are idiots u guys have found no job to do or what use your senses the whole world knows their looks are natural

        • Thepurplelove

          Thank you. Someone who realizes the truth! BTS never have gotten surgery other than Namjoon and that was for a bad breathing problem so it doesn’t count. Whoever wrote this article needs to check their sources.

        • HAPPY

          yes your right this surgeon cant make statements on naturally blessed people and j hope doesn’t look lie other Asians because he is hawwwt!!!!!!!!!!!! PERIOD

        • Tipsie

          YEAH! i kinda found this article offensive because they’re so naturally beautiful, plus how could someone just assume things like that? you can’t just say these things without actual evidence. i mean, the doctor guy didn’t even give his name! how are we supposed to know he’s legit?

          • =.=

            godammit he was telling his OPINIONS. and yes he might not have evidence because he only told by what he could see from the images.

        • Paulneedssomemilk

          It’s called puberty Paul something you’ve probably not experienced enough to know about

        • When you JimIN you can’t JimOUT

          This is stupid there just beautiful the way they are

        • Erina

          Reality is not always as you think, I don’t think they had nothing in terms of plastic surgery. It’s really common in kpop and it’s a fact, saying they had something on their face is not like exposing them at all. But for some reason, being able to lead the kpop industry with having few surgeries it’s quite impressive. Another proof that they are really talented.

        • ARMY STAN

          Who ever wrote this you dead wrong Namjoon has only had surgery for his heart and for his snoring problem also you used photos of when they where way younger people develop over time J-Hope has never had surgery ether. You need to get your facts straight before writing an article and yoongi/suga never got surgery on his eyes as you could see the photo before his eyes were puffy so and all the other photos was of them has little kids PEOPLE DEVELOP OVER TIME please remember that before ever trying to come for BTS cause I’m an ARMY and I will fight anyone falsely accusing them.

      • ??????

        This is BS!! The fact that he’s saying that without BTS RM is nothing is also false. In case this writer doesn’t know, every single member said that without the others, they’re nothing so stfu. Also, don’t talk about J-Hope (Jung Hoseok) as if you know about him. He’s had negative experiences and was sad because he doesn’t look good enough. Do some research and look up their names if you’re going to write a paper about them.


          ^^^ Exactly
          Do people not know there’s such thing as difference in makeup styles and losing/gaining weight?
          Not familiar in asian faces? That is the stupidest reason I have ever heard.

          • J-hope BABY!!!

            First of all it’s jung hoseok
            (J-hope) and if you can’t get the name right at least get their fact right. Pleas and thank you and forgive my rudeness #love my j-hope

          • BangTan Trash.

            I was really triggered when I read the part about Hoseok and Nanjoon. He said that for sure Hoseok did plastic surgery because no asian can look as good as that naturally. So does that mean his sister got the exact same surgery?! In case he didn’t know, Hoseok was born with that beautiful face. And so was his sister. And Namjoon, HOW CAN HE SAY THAT NAMJOON IS NOTHING WITHOUT BTS?! I honestly cannot deal with these kinds of people. So what if Nanjoon didn’t make it as a solo artist at first? it’s not like everyone succeeds straight away. I can’t say anything about Suga but it might just be because he lost some weight so his eyes looks bigger. I think the only one this surgent likes is V, and I can’t blame him but saying those stuff about the other members really makes me snap.

            And does he think just because we look a little different from when we were younger means that we’ve gone for plastic surgery?! If that’s true then that means that I’ve also went for plastic surgery because I don’t look 100% like my older photos.

          • Chiaki


          • Because I'm got7

            For one you trash people no one knows there real names because of the contract they signed and for two spell the stage name right please people it’s Namjoon. God have mercy on your soul’s

        • RHEA VINCENT


        • BTSS

          ikr like if your gonna do a paper at least search up “J-hopes real name” on google or something.

        • SIGH

          Still doesn’t change the truth, but you’re a crybaby ARMY, so I wouldn’t expect you to be objective or mature. I’m sure you know a lot more than an actual plastic surgeon, you’re not just stuck-up and pretentious. Lmaoo

          • Eden

            Jhopes sister looks exactly like him. So there’s at least 1 other korean who looks like jhope. Lol!

          • Vikki

            But the thing is you can’t tell if someone has had procedures on a single picture alone. And believe me I’ve looked into it, there are too many factors that can vary such as camera angles and lighting. BTS came from literally one of the smallest entertainment companies in South Korea, when BTS first debuted the seven members were all living in one room. Imagine 7 teenagers living in one tiny room! Do you think the company would have enough money to waste on plastic surgery? Adding to this this Paul guy is responsible for a lot of other hateful and offensive content against BTS in the past and it seems like he only wants to put them down. So please stop putting Army under this label of obsessed and childish teenagers when the statistics are that most of their fans are actually adults and really mature.

          • *ARMY*

            Even If They Are like that you shouldn’t call them names. Look Who’s immature now.

          • Bangtan Seoyendan

            First of all, you can’t put a label on a group of people just because there are a few bad apples in the group. Second of all, none of the members have had plastic surgery unless they come out and say they have had plastic surgery just as people can’t say they are gay unless they come out and say they are gay, until those people get direct proof it’s just assumptions, so there.

          • First search then talk

            You people should really research about plastic surgery and makeup. They just changed a bit for puberty or gaining weight….if u want to know about it then search properly “stupid head”people.

          • Anonymous

            Is that supposed to hurt our feelings? lol You don’t even know the truth, so just stop. I’m not gonna hate, but this person should have done better with this article. With actual proof not someone looking at a few of the members photos that are like 2-3 years apart.

          • Bts is all natural

            Oh for off it is obvious you do not know anything about army or bts. It is also called standing up and telling someone that they are wrong.

          • Army

            If you didn’t know most army’s are adults and not only teenagers also people do go through puberty and Namjoon only had heart surgery and surgery so he could breath better and how would big hit get the money for seven people to get plastic surgery If they barely had enough to keep them selves afloat bts all used to stay in one room so u should get you facts straight before every saying anything about them please don’t come for a group you know nothing about.

        • Anonymous

          yeah,u haters shut the f up cuz u dont know anythimg about bangtan

          • BelieveInYourGalaxy

            You could say that nicer ya know. You’re representing army and bts, so how about being careful about what you say on the internet. This man was clearly unsure and GUESSED based on low quality pictures. The fact that he thinks the guys had surgery is even compliment bc they’re naturally handsome. So please chill -.-

        • Anonymous

          ^^^Agreed! Agreed! Agreed! Thank you for that reply. The comments on RM and Hobi just made me so mad ?

        • MEE

          Hold up I think RM had surgery but so that he could breath properly right??

          • lovelylemon

            That was because he couldn’t breath properly when sleeping, it only affects the internal shape of the nose, not outside.

        • An ARMY who loves BTS so f*cking much

          can i hug you???? this is so trueeeeee
          i wanna cry

        • anon

          i think that this article may cause problems bc we all know they didn’t get surgery but if you bring in a professional to point out the tiniest differences between pictures that were taken almost like 7 yrs apart, and call it surgery, (although plastic surgery is not a bad thing in my opinion) some ppl will actually believe these accusations wholeheartedly and not really listen to bts without calling them plastic, fake, ugly (things like this actually do happen, believe it or not, some ppl dont like plastic surgery, leading to hate, please take that into consideration). One time i showed someone a picture of them, and they replied with, that’s all surgery anybody can look like that. Yall know the next second i was pulling out them receipts like im not playing lmao. Anyways pls take this into consideration ty

        • ARMY STAN


      • Anonymous

        I’m not going to attack you or anything but where did you happened to find this plastic surgent I hope he get his “License” provoked if he even has one let me say it right here you cant just go throwing words around you have no clue ask them look into their records genius if you have conman sense then you would know people change and mature over years so you can not get a photo from Jungkook or any of the members when they were young. Secondly major weight lost and weight gain MR. right now because taehyung and Jimin have gained weight their cheeks are a little chubbier and you cant see their jaw line that good like before so don’t even get me started with this bull crap get your facts straight BTS DID NOT HAVE PLASTIC SURGERY DONE !

        • Xanadulol

          I don’t blame you but if they had plastic surgery, there would be a really dramatic change in them overnight. It wasn’t like BAM, hotter. It was like BAM, they’re gettin hotter. Thank you.

        • Anonymous

          The only surgery they did was Suga’s ear injury and Namjoon’s nasal septum surgery. and they do that for the sake of health, cause they’re already handsome from birth 🙂 Am i right?

          • Anonymous

            Yes you are completely right as far as I know. I wasn’t a fan yet when Yoongi got his ear surgery but I am certain that Namjoon needed the nose surgery because he had trouble breathing

      • army2
        from what im getting he says no they didnt on all of them except hopie… if you look at hopies family you can tell he didnt he looks just like his momma.. with a little daddy thrown in… sister looks just like the rest of them. so if he did then it was a family thing and they all got it done by the same surgeon… lol… keep your dirty words away from hopies pure ear lobs… lol… basically this guy just tells us what we know… they’re all naturally beautifully them! the summary doesnt even follow what the artical says… but this made thier haters hecka sick… lol

        • Anonymous

          are u even serious? have u really seen hoseok’s parents? hoseok is a resemblance of her mother. as for his sister, its truly a mix and match but much she looks more than just their father.

          • Anonymous

            shut your mouth, so called “army2” if u really know them, you shouldve known all about this. do some proper research and what bcos im getting pissed off with your assumption about hoseok. you see, judging by these photos is really pathetic. knowing that they are biased and what. like, wtf

        • Anonymous

          the hell with u who’s on the right mind to do such thing as “family thing and done it by the same surgeon” girl, are u even alright? whats up with your mind? its not even a though of a normally sane person.

      • Dr

        Guys, you do know he didn’t go to a plastic surgery in Bevely Hills. I know for one plastic surgeons can’t not examine someone based on a photograph. This was on actual news, in China Angelababy sued a plastic surgery clinic for using her a photos as advertisement. To build her case, she allowed the media to film and take photos of her getti her face examined by a surgeon. Result, she did not undergo plastic surgery. She won her case. Loads of articles on this. Surgeons have said examination cannot be done by photographs, due to lighting, makeup and photoshop. If you guys believe Paul, then you need to read actually news.



        • Army

          Ikr but he doesn’t know anything it can be a compliment that they look so good that they seem like they got surgery

      • Joanna

        Maybe try to evaluate their photos without make up on? It will be more accurate. A surgeon needs to learn the difference of bare face and face with contour.

      • Noah

        Bullshit sorry but this is utter crap, it’s sad that some people can’t accept that some people have natural beauty.

      • BTSARMY

        How stupid can one person possibly be *cough**cough* paul? BTS hasn’t done plastic surgery!!!!! Puberty just hit them like a train. What kind of dumb plastic surgeon did this Paul guy ask anyways? Don’t ever write stupid things like this about BTS again because all ARMY will attack you dumbass racist??

      • Anonymous

        It’s the fucking Paul guy coming up with this bullshit articles I just read about one like this but it said that bts is addicted to plastic surgery bitch wtf ?!

      • Anonymous

        Liars go to hell and that’s where you are heading off to for lying against BTS.

      • monsta x is superior

        bts have plastic surgery and you know it JAJJAJAJAJAJAJAJJA GORDA PEQUENOS MIERDA. bts jungkook never got surgery though..hehe jk he did dumb noob copying changkyun k bye lol xd rofl

      • Soyoung

        J-Hope and his sister and his mother all have the same shape of noses.
        Just because they look good, it doesn’t mean they are surgically done. WTF INDEED.

      • mi-cha

        are you sure they got plastic sugery? people from my school say that they look the same but they don’t

      • Eve Elleri

        To me, it looks that Jimin had a surgery on his nose and his jaw (a bit), minor one in any case

      • asdfghjkl

        BTS didn’t get ANYTHING done. also this website is so fucking glitchy its not even funny.

        • Lmao

          Fr. That’s what I’m saying??. They have never had any surgeries and the fact that the guy thinks he knows what he’s talking about is hilarious.?

          • Blorg

            the fact that you’re doubting the opinions of a professional with decades of training in plastic surgery is the only thing that’s hilarious.

          • bet it made my haters hella sick

            Blorg, the fact that you’re only accepting “facts” (e.g. an “expert’s OPINION” and not an “expert fact”) that support your opinion is also pretty hilarious in MY opinion. You obviously don’t know squat about these idols, so move along LOL

          • SaltyLemon

            Guuuys! They are just so handsome, ethereal and perfect that even a professional who’s been doing this for like a decade thinks they had plastic surgery. *insert suga* “swag”

          • jungkookie

            Paul tried to use a plastic surgeon expert to back up his anti beliefs that BTS were plastic surgery ‘addicts’. T_T And he was wrong cuz even the EXPERT said that half of them probably had NOTHING done. not that any of them had anything done, but he is just an anti trying to ridicule them

          • be pissed or nah

            u know what’s hilarious? how u guys are having a legit argument about whether or not ur “oppas” had ps or not instead of doing something meaningful.

        • ANONYMUS

          Jhope never ever had an plastic surgery. That boy is too scared to do those stuff. He even got scared to a bug. So impossible.

          • I call BS

            This professional is using only a few pictures varying in quality. He should have also ooked at their baby pictures, and examined pictures of their bare faces. He also should have been given some background information on this group. I don’t know whether to laugh or vomit; this article is trash. (Jung Hoseok (JHope)? Going under the knife? Hilarious! He’s talking about a young man who won’t get any piercings –most South Korean idols have multiple on each ear — because his dad will get mad at him and he’s too scared.)

          • Poor hobie

            plus, he is scared to even get his own ears pierced that is why he is the only one that doesn’t wear/have earings

        • Bts

          V has admitted to have had a double eyelid surgery so I think that may have had some minor work done

          • ゆず

            You really think Taehyung went to get double eyelid surgery and only decided to do one eye? lmaoooo

          • Bruh

            He said he considered it because only one eye had a double eyelid and the other eye was a monolid. But he didn’t have plastic surgery in the end.

        • BABANGTAN

          they just turned out naturally beautiful. and there’s this thing called puberty, maturing, ofc some of their facial features will change.bruh it’s not always about surgeries

        • Anonymous

          i know. Some people hate them so much they make up lies

          • Someone

            you.. ugly now, ugly then ugly forever… I know life sucks but you don’t have to hate those guys who actually look good, compared to the likes of you.

          • Anon l

            you talk so much but it’s not like you’re better looking than them are you ?

          • sharin

            you can stop cuz they not sitting on the couch like you hating on ppl like they make good music their facial expression doesn’t mean anything. and plus you are ugly tf.


            Do some research before you talk dude . Acting like you know everything but you are just an ugly jealous hater . I kmow you are stupid but darling dont show it to the whole world to know brrr love yourself dude !

          • Paul Resnikoff

            Just to respond this one — I’m not claiming to be an expert in plastic surgery, though this is an expert opinion. Not sure it’s a healthy development for Kpop, but even worse, I think all this nip n’ tucking will hurt Kpop’s chances in America and other countries.

          • Anon

            This doctor was observing and guessing from the pictures he was given. And even then, he couldn’t find a difference from 4 out of 7 guys saying that their looks were due to maturing, dieting and styling. The doctor was even unsure of his own statements, as he was judging them off of pictures and not in real life. I know one thing, Suga looks exactly like his predebut picture with his makeup off. Looks like they put some eyelid tape or glu on him too in that pic. Because with a bare face, he looks exactly the same.

          • Xav

            Okay, ill respect your opinion if you respect my one being i think they were and still are gorgeous.

          • Don't be biased, get a bias.

            PFFT PAUL. I was hoping you weren’t actually THIS incompetent. For someone who writes so many [biased] articles about them, you must be living under your house if you think [their non-existent] plastic surgery has hurt their immense success…

          • lol people are dumb af

            you poor things. you’ll actually eat anything anyone feed you, simply because someone stresses that they are SUCH an “expert.”

          • More stupid people

            Too much plastic? Um where bish? Do u even know what plastic surgery is? Do u know that makeup + diet + camera angles + lighting is? I think u should get educated first before spitting out retarded comments. Get a life man good luck!

          • Zizi


          • WTH

            What the heck are you saying. They didn’t even have plastic surgery. You should do some background research first before judging. Don’t believe in such lies ? look at their childhood pictures. BRUH DO YOU EVEN KNOW PUBERTY

          • Y

            Oooo someone’s jealous am I right ARMYS? Its not called plastic surgery it’s called makeup say it with me MAKEUP OK MAKEUP!

          • pink_pabo snake


        • Anon l

          Are u fcking blind ? Lmfao no it’s not a hate comment it’s a serious question . Are you actually blind ?

          • Love my babies!!!

            2018 fan and idc if they had plastic surgery (100% they didn’t) but please stop with the false rumor and learn to love bts and their hard work they work blood sweat and tear to make us happy

        • zuba niisa

          omg really …………….half of these pictures are really old like come on v is like what 8? and jungkook was 14 in that photo for god sake !! I feel like this DMN has a problem with BTS like all I see in this are petty articles about plastic surgery and shit. totally unprofessional tbh , if u have anything against bts just say it to them directly !

          • Luana

            Guys, it’s not that he’s against BTS, calm down, he was just pointing out what he thinks they have done, besides, in Korea it’s pretty common to have plastic surgery and it’s only normal if they do it, it’s not a big deal if it’s not too much, which is the case

          • ゆず

            They literally said that neither Taehyung or Jungkook had plastic surgery.

        • Luana

          However, I highly disagree that BTS had any plastic surgery, but that’s just what I think, I’m not a professional

        • Ummm

          This article seems so biased to me though? Because they’re asian, it isn’t possible for them to naturally look as good as they are?? I know just as much about them as this surgeon. But did he really only use these few pictures of them? And not even baby pictures?? He would probably say I had surgery too…

          • Tsk. Tsk.

            Hahaha. It’s making me laugh really. They even say they are good surgeon but they have not noticed the make-ups. Maybe a heart surgery of RM that we will believe, an open heart surgery and there is only 30 % of surviving. Hayystt im not saying this because i am a fan. It is what i notice about the pic.

        • Anne

          Firstly, I would like to say that I respect that you’re entitled to your own opinion, and so am I.
          Now that that’s out of the way, this surgeon was unfortunately judging pictures of them with different makeup, lighting, whitewashing (which is something commonly done to k-pop idols photos), and possibly even photoshop. Along-side that, the majority of the members were teenagers when they debuted and therefore hadn’t gone through puberty. Even further than that, a lot of them have dieted and exercised in excess to lose wait and/or gain muscle. Another thing that needs to be pointed out is that Korean idols are very open and honest about plastic surgeries they’ve gotten, sometimes even bragging about it. BTS has done none of this. Two of the members have had surgery, but not for cosmetic reasons. He was correct about RM’s nose having had surgery, but that was because of a deviated septum. The other member to have had a surgery is Suga, but that was only for an ear injury that’s left a severe scar you can still see today, as well as also having an appendix surgery years ago (though thats not really related). As for J-Hope (Hoseok, since the editor didn’t know his name), the surgeon said that he’d only ever seen a face like that after surgery because it was an unusual face, but if you look at his sister as well as his mother, their faces are almost identical. Personally, his eyelids look double-lidded, but I’ve heard some MC’s mention “those who are lucky enough to be born with double eyelids.” I also wouldn’t expect it from him considering he refuses to get his ears pierced for fear of the needle, let alone a scalpel. As for Taehyung (V), he had mentioned getting his other eyelid fixed since he was born with one double-lidded, but ended up not getting the procedure. You really can’t compare pre-debut Jungkook with pictures of him after because he debuted at 15, and now he’s almost 21. As for Jin, the surgeon was right. He was scouted for his looks and has a lot of pride in his face. Jimin lost a lot of weight in the face after his debut. In fact fans like to call him Mochi (kind-of like a fluffy white pastry) because of how chubby he was in the past (please no-one attack me). I would also like to point out in today’s world of fake news that I don’t trust a surgeon who remains unnamed (though I understand why he did). The surgeon himself seemed unsure and even contradicted himself when mentioning about how you can achieve certain things which makeup towards the end of the article.

        • Army

          Omfg they didn’t have fricking surgery it’s the opinion of a random man who doesn’t even know bts

        • FUCK this article

          Wtf what tf is this article for? Bts is addicted to surgery? Wtf they didn’t even had a surgery except Namjoon, and he did it because he has respiratory problem. I’m confused why this page is still valid in internet. If you don’t fucking know anything about it, don’t fucking write about it. First change your topic,, write something TRUTH, I can’t with fake rumors all over internet ugghh. Only BTS is not Kpop, I know that plastic surgery is popular in south korea but it doesn’t mean that everyone does it and it’d be much better if you have written this article about the idols who had done plastic surgery instead of spreading fake news. And howcome locals believe something without even researching? Ignorant fake shits.

    • Dont spread false info about bts

      Stop spreading false info about bts and get some help. Makeup and puberty exists, you know. Jungkook was 15 when he first debuted and was underage so he practically couldnt have plastic surgery. Jimin and tae look exactly the same. Jin was always this beautiful, you can see from past photos and if you search up hobi and rapmons photos they look exactly the same. It doesnt take a plastic surgeon to know that they didnt get any surgery. Get a life you weasel.

      • Facts

        Guys, you do know he didn’t go to a plastic surgery in Bevely Hills. I know for one plastic surgeons can’t not examine someone based on a photograph. This was on actual news, in China Angelababy sued a plastic surgery clinic for using her a photos as advertisement. To build her case, she allowed the media to film and take photos of her getti her face examined by a surgeon. Result, she did not undergo plastic surgery. She won her case. Loads of articles on this. Surgeons have said examination cannot be done by photographs, due to lighting, makeup and photoshop. If you guys believe Paul, then you need to read actually news.

        • WTF is this article

          Argree….the fact that this “plastic surgeon” did not want people to know who he is indicates to me that his claim to being a legitimate surgeon is questionable. It is true that plastic surgery is popular in Korea because well, they are the best. People come from all over the WORLD to get procedures done. Just walk around in Gangnam and I hear a dozen different languages around the plastic surgery clinics with people in various stages of recovery. Those pictures that were taken to the “surgeon” are questionable. Your after picture were pics of them in performance makeup or some other photo where they are photoshopped and filtered. It’s like the writer is creating false rumors to disparage BTS.

        • Anon

          I thought it was weird that a respected plastic surgeon would be saying whether they got procedures done or not by looking at photos. It’s too precarious

          • Bts is perfect

            I’m done this is a fact bts are naturally born like that and hey are so pretty you wish you where them

      • Anonymous

        Yeah wtf, now that bts is famous this stupid news things are spreading rumors about them

      • Holly

        Ikr like bishes back the fuck up or you gonna get smacked the fuck up! GET UR FUCKIN FACTS RIGHT! I totally agree with yall!

        • Gero

          And why would they mention any DR’s name? Because even if they were correct, insecure fans like those all over this comment section would probably threaten him/her. Don’t be delusional.

          • Bts why cant i be perfect like You

            I’m slicing your mother fucking through

          • dumb but not dumber than you

            um? @ Gero are you dumb? i bet you insecure too, the only thing close to plastic surgery was a nose surgery, due to breathing issues. and one of them had it. the only thing fans are delulu about are dumbasses like paul.

    • BTS ARMY

      You are right. That’s the first thing I wanted to say to whoever has made this article.
      Puberty brings many physical changes in men.


      Wtf?? Its called puberty stupid! Dont try judging them through somebody who aint an Army because they dont know them! Dont just stay on one picture because thats bullshit you bastard shit! Delete this article or youre going to visit hell.



      • Y


    • BTS army

      I dont think they had plastic surgery maybe they were born handsome

    • ARMY

      As a BTS fan, I’d like to outright deny that bts had plastic surgery like other comments. But hear me out. 1) BTS is know in South Korea as the best looking boy band that HASNT had plastic surgery. So please do your research before talking to plastic surgeons in Beverly Hills. You guys thought BTS got popular off YOUTUBE, so it’s likely you didn’t look up the fact that they haven’t had plastic surgery. 2) Even IF they had plastic surgery like you say, the title of the article implies that all the members of BTS have had multiple surgeries, while you THINK that perhaps 4 members had ONE surgery. So ARMYs anger is justified

    • missmong09

      All I see in the article was “IT’S HARD TO SAY” ?, assuming our ‘wise’ friend Paul here really did interview a plastic surgeon. Don’t you know the power of MAKEUP, PUBERTY and CAMERA ANGLES, Paul? I smell jealousy because he’ll never be as successful and loved as BTS.

    • A.N.O.N

      just because SK does lots of surgery on their people doesn’t mean any of these BTS members would do it

      • LOLOLOL

        Thank yooou. This article is so biased. It is assumed that because they are Korean, they undoubtedly have undergone plastic surgery, because Korea is known for its plastic surgery. It’s assumed that, not one or two, but ALL 7 of them have undergone some sort of procedure. Unrealistic. And the poor surgeon was obviously given no background info about them. If he knew anything more than what he did when he was interviewed, he wouldn’t have come to this “expert” and “credible” conclusion.

    • Stttttuupid

      Seriously, the biggest difference between each picture is their skin color. The look a lot darker in reality then in pictures. But I wouldn’t call whitening the skin plastic surgery.

      • dumb but not dumber than paul

        the whiting is called editing, paul didnt even think about editing and false photoshopping eye–


      I agree with you. While i was reading this i got so pissed. HOW DARE THEY SAY THAT ABOUT MY J-HOPE OPPA???? BTS are perfectly fine. ALL SEVEN OF THEM ARE ABSOLUTELY FINE. Just as you said, its just puberty dieting and makeup.

    • Aira

      Also the thing about jhope is that he is too afraid to get his ears pierced, so I don’t think he is the type to get plastic surgery, just my opinion though.

    • Army

      Literally everyone can see they had plastic surgeries coming from an ARMY

      • B I S H W O T

        Okay, CHECK YOUR FACTS.

        1) BTS is known as the best-looking boy band in South Korea WITHOUT PLASTIC SURGERY.
        4) Let’s please take into account that the ‘plastic surgeon they interviewed’ said it was ‘hard to say’ so many times in this.
        5) They never pointed out a name, or even the company the surgeon worked in.
        6) Can you really trust a literal website that isn’t an actual reliable source?
        7) Again… CHECK. YOUR. FACTS.

      • l e a v e

        Lolll how stupid do you think ARMYs are? It’s easy for you to hide behind your keyboard and pretend you’re an ARMY just to try to solidify your opinion, but it’s even easier for us to see what you’re doing ~ I pity you

    • Anonymous

      Seriously. U don’t have any right to insult our fandom. What do you even mean? That they are beautiful because of chemicals and all that stuff? MEAN!!!!!!!

    • waiting for the hixtape

      yeah. tbh, people who are saying bts had plastic surgery is stating racism. they’re also racist towards all asians who was naturally born with a high bridge nose, naturally beauty or an eyelid, and no monolids. I mean, i was born with no monolids, really high bridge nose and still, I’m asian. I’m not Korean, I don’t have any procedures, and I’m only 13. If they don’t know anything about BTS, then they shouldn’t be displaying a false description about the members just for attention. There’s no difference within them, it was all makeup and really harshed diets, or possibly puberty. I’m just really mad at these people who literally just came up to a “PROFESSIONAL” to get some brief information about bts. lmaooo, i recommend them to sctually go to the eye doctor for that, someone who knows how to tell no difference between them, and that’s rhe point of the whole thing. ppff

      • Sea

        okay i thought so too. i didn’t wanna call racism but i’m getting racist vibes…

        author assumes BTS has had surgery because they are Korean and from South Korea because apparently all South Koreans have had surgery. (sarcasm, but that’s what i’m getting from this bs)

        author assumes V was going for a more “Western” look (i think i know what he meant by Western though/ Western people tend to have a variety of facial features and races but okay/ so I’LL assume he was referring to the race where the term originates from)(no hate to white people though, i mean, i am white) because everyone must just want to look white and have typical caucasian facial features, right? (sarcasm, but that’s what i’m getting from this bs)

        again, didn’t wanna call racism because everyone will be like “omg not everything is raciststst” but i mean… this seems like it? just my opinion though…

      • Fuck this Article

        You know what sucks about this bullshit post? They’re racist! They’re racist towards Asians. They’re legit racist. I was born with a high-bridged-ish nose and if they were to see me in real life and compare my fucking primary school photos they would be like: “Oh! You’ve gone through plastic surgery!”
        Bitch, listen. Or read.
        1) They have never gone through ANY plastic surgery. If they did. IF. Then it was extremely minor.
        2) STFU BOI!! Do ur fucking Reaserch before you post this bullshit.
        3) A lot of the members have gone through really sad pasts and poor Jimin even developed a small eating disorder thing. Because he was insecure of his appearance.
        4)This title is also Bullshit. ‘Is BTS Addicted to Plastic Surgery’ my ass. Just title pissed me off. Next came the whole article. Oho~! You do NOT want to hear or see my reaction because my mum legit shut me in a room to calm the fuck down.

        Never post a shitty article based on looks and fucking racism!!

    • BangtanPhoenix

      its impossible that they had ps.
      Suga had to choose between paying plain noodles for lunch or transportation everyday, so how could he pay for eye cutting. He even admitted he didn’t get paid for a lot of his music.
      BigHit for sure had no money to pay for ps, they were so busy scraping money up for glam and their other idols that one of them ended up blackmailing an actor in hopes of money.

      • Anon

        Ikr?! And it’s really sketchy that this respected “surgeon” is judging them off of photos, and daring to make comments about the possible procedures they had. Suga doesn’t even look like the “after debut” picture half the time. His eyes are much smaller and doesn’t have double eyelids.

    • -Anon-

      Exactly, Puberty + Diet + Make-up.
      First off, their diets are pretty “extreme” so they lose a lot of weight.
      (Jimin, a good example.)
      The Kim Seokjin (Jin) Part is where I tell you 100% that it’s a no. (About pigmentation) There’s this thing that they probably don’t know about Korean celebrities, but everytime people take pictures of them, they have the tendency to edit it with filters so they look pale, because they follow the Korean Beauty standard. (I don’t personally approve this standard because I love their natural skin, but it’s a normal thing there)
      And as for Jung Hoseok (J-Hope)’s nose, I could say the same. His sister has the same exact nose, and I don’t think they’ve done the same that (Example) Michael Jackson and his sister did, I really doubt.
      As for make-up, it’s pretty obvious that when you use make-up your face changes at some level, they should see their “All natural” pictures instead of those.

      In conclusion. There’s nothing bad about people doing Plastic Surgery, it’s their own body and choice at the end of the day, BUT! I don’t think BTS has done Plastic Surgery, the thing they do is pure diet, again, because when you want to be an idol in SK, you have to follow their beauty standards or else you will be judged… sadly.

    • Cherries

      Their company was going bankrupt when they debuted and I don’t think they had the money for surgeries + they have strict diets and use make-up to hide “minor defects”.

    • stace

      Pftt…Yoongi cant even afford a meal for himself back then and yet you say he did a surgery? Jhope’s sister and mom literally look like him.Same nose and eyes.Lastly,Jungkook was only 13 when he entered Bighit and debuted at 15.As far as I know for guys ,they need to be at least 15 for plastic surgery since their limbs and bones arent fully formed.

    • Not Tae biased

      Before:Before/ Early stages of puberty, no makeup and EXTREMELY specific pictures

      After:’Makeup, Puberty finished, and again EXTREMELY specific pictures.

      Does anyone remember Poot, When a pic of Demi Levato messed up, its kinda like this, lighting, camera angles and facial expressions change faces very easily. Like in Tae’s comparison he had a straight face looking directly at the camera in both but for the rest it was so different.

    • Aira shaheen

      They didn’t had any surgery done come on they became famous because of their voices not faces n like how old they are now n n how long since they debuted n they were still in growing age its pretty natural to grow handsome under care n you are calling it surgery or work done what ever its just ****

    • sorry i just wanted to roast the Kardashians

      Okay but why is this article worded so rudely? “rEcOil iN ShOcK” But BTS didn’t actually have any plastic surgery so why are they recoiling in shock? In shock that they are actually just naturally both attractive and talented, in comparison to sayyy the Kardashians or over half of Western singers who rely on autotune and backup dancers to exploit talent for them? HA, then I am indeed, also recoiling in shock…

    • Yin Moongi

      ASDFGHJKL is that REALLY what he’s so salty about? I recommend a career change, Paul. This is just pitiful. You can do better! I know you can!

      You should probably get a name change too though. This fandom is merciless! ♡

    • Anonymous

      Such an unprofessional… 🙁 how can a professional tell someone got surgery or not with only two pictures????? Seriously??? Stp..

    • Army

      PUBERTY!!! They are comparing pics of them from when they were 3-16 to now when they are in their 20s like do y’all fuckers not know that your face changes as you grow. Just because their face is pretty doesn’t mean they have gotten plastic beauty. Y’all ugly ass bitches jealous huh

    • salty stan

      i don’t mean to sound mean either but they were way too poor to perform plastic surgery. they barely had enough money for food how tf were they going to pay off a surgery?

    • Army

      Most of these photos are differen’t on angles, if each member had a photo that was straight (like jins) its obvious that no surgical procedures were done to their face

    • Smh this article is stupid

      As a korean I can tell they didn’t have plastic surgery. Although I’m not a plastic surgeon I have really good eyes for noticing small changes on idols’ faces. I have followed kpop for more than a decade now and I can proudly state that bts is indeed one of the rare groups who didn’t undergo plastic surgery. I may be wrong but I’m JUST stating an opinion. They just went thru weight loss + makeup + lighting effects + camera angles. That’s probably why they look “different” but if u know bts well u will know there’s nothing of ps sort. I’m an artist and I pay attention to every single detail and I can’t see any plastic surgery shet. I dont mind if anyone did plastic surgery but being very honest, I see nothing done! Also this article should be taken down because the title is super misleading and wdym “addicted”??? That’s not how someone should state a freaking idol group who look legit the same before and after?? Wtf ADDICTED means having multiple surgeries not just one omfg *smfh* and yes ik a lot of Koreans undergo surgery but don’t fking assume everyone does surgery! Ik a lot of people who didn’t undergo surgery and actually these days a lot of idols dont really go under the knife because knetz been extra sensitive about surgery lately and makeup skills improved so there’s no need. Literally you can slim ur nose, cut ur jaw line, slim face all thru makeup! Even thru dieting too. Also for the nose part, nose has cartilage so it’s pretty damn flexible so if you squeeze your nose bridge for a long time (over several months) your nose can get slimmer. Ik this cuz my nose looks different after I’ve been doing that. So stop assuming things alright. How would u feel if people wrote articles about you being “addicted” to plastic surgery? Now isnt that damn negative huh? Take this bs down.

    • yoongibiased

      can puberty actually change the features of your face? i don’t know, i never heard such a thing. but dieting and makeup (and also those elastic strings that you stick on your eyelids to make it look bigger) is the cause of these little changes.

    • fuck off

      i mean although this unidentified “experienced” surgeon has some ideas of his/her own. i honestly don’t think theyve had procedures. but im just really fucking pissed at this clickbait ass title trying it make it seem that they have an ADdIcTioN. u even say so in the beginning that theyre not addicted and yet u still make it the title. bruh.

    • Do You Really Need Attention?

      Its called puberty, and sadly its normal for people in South Korea to white-wash kpop idols, which is it speaks for itself you whiten the skin. If you meet them in real life or search up ‘bts natural skin” it will show their natural skin.
      “Not the typical Asian face.” Wow. Not all Asians look alike. Honestly. There’s Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Filipino, Indonesian, etc. Every type of Asian has their own face. I’m Vietnamese and I can tell you for sure that I look different from a Korean. Even Koreans have their individual feature! J-Hope has one of those special faces and so do the rest of BTS.
      Once they enter the kpop idol life they have to learn how to do skin care daily so they can have the flawless skin. They also dye their hair obviously to different colors. In conclusion, BTS have grown up in different ways so they can have their one of a kind face.

    • Seungji Han



    • BTS_ARMY


      to blorg

    • gay

      omg yall dumb as shit, this is kpop we’re talking abt, almost every idol has had surgery, there’s got to be at least 2 members that have got stuff done. even if they looked fine before there are obvious changes, esp in hoseok. u cant say his skin turned plastic bc of puberty. the shape of his nose has changed a bit and his cheeks are rounder and it’s definitely not bc of his weight

      • K then

        You didn’t mention makeup or the possibilites of photo shop, camera angles and lighting. There are a lot of factors to take into account. To be honest no one has said this but even camera lenses can take a role in distorting face shapes to some degree. Buuuuuuuuut if everyone seriously wants to say that despite those factors (including their personal histories) that they’ve had plastic surgery say what you must to be honest because the reality of this is that most people here (if any) haven’t seen them in real life to be able to make a more accurate conclusion. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    • bada

      I agree i read in a fb page that jhope had natural beautiful jawline you can see that even they are beautiful than woman they still have imperfections but they dont do plastic surgeries to get rid of that imperfections because thats what makes them more beautiful.

    • Mochi

      The truth is they don’t do any surgery bcs they don’t have any money

    • Stop this BS

      They obviously don’t take into account how much weight loss and dieting you have to do to even start to become a trainee! They also have natural things to reshape your nose and stuff in Korea, because I have seen many people try them and they work really well!!!

    • Potater

      This article needs solid proof to convince me. The only thing to compare differences in Hoseok’s picture is the camera angles.

    • No thanks

      Thank you for common sense you know this plastic surgeon is shitty when he is assuming cosmotic surgery through pictures taken not only after puberty but of someone in their mid 20s with tons of makeup on a picture doctoring

    • anonymous

      Okay, first off. The title of the article is disgusting. How rude could you be asking if they’re “addicted to plastic surgery” like wtf. And secondly, have you ever heard of puberty, dieting, and makeup?????? I don’t look anything like my younger self, you gonna tell me that I’ve done plastic surgery??? They’ve even confirmed that they’ve had nothing done. Soooo can someone tell me why tf this article even exists???

    • Army

      Honestly puberty. Jhope can’t/won’t even get his ears pierced for goodness sakes

    • Omg

      I agree ,they are natural and I don’t think they do plastic surgery

    • shame

      honestly, I don’t think BTS even have had plastic surgery. if you look at comparisons you see that all the features they supposedly had plast surgery on are the same. they look a little tad bit different because they have aged. Anti’s are just mad because BTS looks better than regular American singers

    • Anonymous

      Hahaha. If you will test them if they had plastic surgery. Maybe you use a picture of them where they have no make-up. Haha really suga’s eye widen? Have you also noticed the make up in his eyes made his eyes larger?. Ohh please take a look again. Even the other members do not undergo plastic surgery.

    • Timm

      Hahaha. If you will test them if they had plastic surgery. Maybe you use a picture of them where they have no make-up. Haha really suga’s eye widen? Have you also noticed the make up in his eyes made his eyes larger?. Ohh please take a look again. Even the other members do not undergo plastic surgery.

    • Anonymous

      That old photo of Jhope was posted on their Twitter on June 25th 2013 a bit before a fan meeting I think, so it’s not a pre-debut photo. It’s after No more dream mv, There are other photos from the same era and even older and his face look different depending on the camera lens and angle. At that time he was really tiny. Jhope had braces in the past.

    • Yougotnojams

      So true, the pictures chosen were not good and the angles the pictures were different and I don’t think any of them has had any surgeries done especially Hosoek’s pictures they literally look the same and Tae yes he has an awesome face.

    • Anonymous

      It’s a bit annoying how they judge their faces purely based on them to ‘typical‘ Asians. I’m a Asian and I’m from the part (south) that have mono lids, yet my skin is pretty darkly pigmented and I have double eyelids. And through the ages my skin is getting lighter, and my eyelids are permanent. Unless someone drugged me and tossed me into the hospital for surgery without me knowing, I can confirm I have never had surgery.

    • Anonymous

      *fights off rage from article*

      I agree… Honestly BTS has never had plastic surgery and probably never will because they are perfect just the way they are.

    • Lil Meow Meow

      You can clearly see Hoseok had plastic surgery. Which Asian head is born like that??

    • Suga and Spice

      “Black dont crack” and “Asian don’t raisin” is a thing for a reason????. Its called genetics, and if that so called “expert” was actually a liscensed surgeon, one would think that he understood the different ethnicities and their aging differences.
      N*gg* doesn’t even know know their names (meaning they also didnt look up family info for genetic comparisons). The obvious lack of their research alone refutes the entire article’s “evidence” and claims ????

    • Anonymous

      YES! And the angles are totally different for some of these photos so there isn’t much to compare.

    • Do Some Research First

      BTS hasn’t done any plastic surgery whatsoever. They simply took a diet, and puberty hit them like a truck. Can you at least do your research before publishing an article to the public? Thanks.

    • Anonymous


    • u r jamless

      that’s what I was saying. Plus, that is not really allowed

    • 4EverARMY

      If u dont have clear evidence( not just a fucking opinion) then maybe you could post your dumbass of an article. clearly honey your jealous ass couldn’t resist so you had to talk shit! Anonymous plastic surgery? pfft like anyone would fall for that. Our boys are blessed with natural beauty and beautiful jawlines. sure they use makeup on stage but plastic surgery is way too big of a lie. why dont you post stuff about American pop start that clearly with evidence use plastic surgery and then you could write your stupid ass post. dont talk shit about our boys cuz they little have an ARMY behind them. so just live silently in ur moms basement from now on alright

      • Anonymous

        bitch do you know about puberty like tf that photo is from so long and you just and nobody had plastic surgery in bts so kindly stfu and sit down and learn about puberty bye

    • Lee Hyu Schmidth

      Jesus Christ, you guys don’t have to get so damn worked out about it. This is how most fans act nowadays when other people make a topic about them that isn’t even offensive but somehow seen in a negative view. One of the reasons why I stopped being a Kpop fan. Smh ??

    • Jesus Christ You All Need Education

      There is possibilities that they could have had a plastic surgery. I’m korean, so before you say anything stfu. Yes, in Korea, the number of people who go through plastic surgery is high. The surgeons there are highly skilled and are honest professionals, so if you’re from another country which has different sort of plastic surgery, stfu. Yes, natural beauty has a huge part in this, I’m not trying to deny their fabulousness, but there could be some minor changes, perhaps due to plastic surgery. Btw, I think a lot of people are misunderstanding, but plastic surgery in Korea isn’t something like in America where you can obviously see the difference, and its something really minor in a persona life. Also, the fact that they are K-pop stars also plays a big role in this. K-pop stars are pressured to get plastic surgery by their company to attract people with some looks. It may not have been something that they have wanted, but most likely what the company had wanted. Yes, yes, they are very handsome, very naturally beautiful, I’m aware, but can you stop being so narrow minded and think for a bit? What will you do if they admit to getting plastic surgery? Would you no longer be an ARMY or just deny it? Even if they did, you have to love them anyway because what changed? You can barely see it, they’re naturally beautiful anyway, so might as well just be like, well, if they did, I love them anyway. So would you please change the attitude and understand that we are the ones representing BTS. If we do things ike swearing at an article and being narrow minded it’s going to give BTS a bad name. So at least be aware of what you’re doing.

      • anonymous

        yUp i agree with you. i personally don’t think they got surgery, as their faces slowly developed and they were going through puberty, but that’s no reason for people to force their opinion on others.

    • ?Army?

      Yes, she or this person can’t just storm her and say to all these AR MS That BTS uses plastic surgery BECAUSE BEACH THEY’RE DONT. A MRS KNOW BETTER THEN HER, Our boys are all natrual.

    • BTSdidnthaveanyplasticsurgeriesyallbrokebitches

      Idk why anyone would think this was ok. Like the plastic surgeon bitch is saying himself that he doesn’t even know their names. Shitty title, shitty people, and shitty bitch surgeon. Now I have to calm my titties but I can’t. Apologize to my fuckin boys!

    • anonymous

      yup, i agree with ya. also, the company was pretty poor to begin with, so i don’t think they would’ve gotten boys surgery. even after the company started to get money, bangtan wouldn’t have gotten surgery because would’ve been to obvious. i think many americans(not bashing everyone, just the people with no common sense) forget that bts started debut at a young age and went through puberty. i used to have monolids as a child, and for some reason my eyes got a little less swollen and formed double lids. my mum’s nose bridge was pretty flat as a child, but it developed to a higher nosebridge, through puberty.

      we can’t forget they boys have been on a diet, and have a different lifestyle to before getting in the industry

    • Anonymous

      This is and namjoon got a surgery not a plastic surgery cause he has got a deplaced septum. And it starts make him suffer from breath failure

    • Oi

      You are corect about them not having plastic surgery, they all started dieting to make them look better ( wich they already did ) and thats why people acuse them of having plastic surgery.

    • Anonymous

      Jhope and RM had nose jobs, but that’s all. Nobody else had anything done.

    • Anonymous

      RM is the only one I know of that had surgery and it was to as he said “fix” his nose

    • Unqualified Surgeon on the RUN

      This site just sh*ts up and I bet they make up the whole surgeon thing for stupid people to believe or just to pissed off fans to get responses.

    • J

      What the hell?!? You can clearly see that they have had NO plastic surgery. If you have been a fan since their debut (like me) you can tell that thy have grown up beautifully, with NO PLASTIC SURGERY. They had a glow up and you just can’t take their beauty can you? Thank you.

    • jimin probably stole their jams

      Also they’re not just saying that bts had plastic surgery but even assuming that they are addicted like wtf

    • Anonymous

      Exactly!! I know RM and Jhope seemed to have changed the most out of all but that’s only because of time. With RM, in his debut days, his make up and style never suited his face well. And they didn’t take as much care of their skin as they do in more recent years. He as however had surgery to fix a deviated septum that was making it difficult for him to breathe. Not related to plastic surgery for enhancing appearances though. And either ways both pictures shown here were before that surgery anyways. With jhope, he literally doesn’t want to get his ears pierced even though it’s actually much more common than plastic surgery simply because he values his natural self. So getting plastic surgery is ridiculous. His features are pretty unique for what the surgeon seems to call “Asian faces” but he takes after his dad and his older sister looks exactly the same so it’s not like the whole family got plastic surgery. Lastly the members themselves have said that jhope has changed lookwise and I’m sure they won’t say that if he had gotten surgery done. You can’t really say much with pictures especially ones taken at angles like these were so it’s pretty hard to say this surgeon was accurate in his analysis.

    • Katie

      Namjoon had a deviated septum repaired surgically, which is an injury that can make it difficult to breathe and a valid reason to have surgery. And no, Taehyung doesn’t need surgery you pretentious ass, none of them do. And just because plastic surgery is more common in Korea doesn’t make it your business to comment on. Let them finish puberty first, at least.

    • Anonymous

      Only rm got a nose surgery its not because he wanted higher nose he did it because his wall of the nose was deformed and had hard time breathing.

    • Anonymous

      Yes! Thank You, finally we have some people who really know facts!

    • SlayMeBts

      Thank you! Whoever gave these photos to the surgeon has to think about how the makeup affects how they look.

    • Jimin's Smol Hands

      This is dumbbb. Like people go through puberty. And as you get older your jawline and stuff change. I mean they all look the same from before and after but the only thing that changed was hair, and they look more mature mkay?

    • Emily

      Thank you! Literally not all people who have had a slight change in their appearance have had plastic surgery as they say here.

    • Princess Karpeh

      Thank u by the way (person that supports bts), and rap monster only had nose surgery is because he wasn’t able to breath well and he almost died so this article is just stupid as fuck

    • Anonymous

      I agree. I lost a little weight and you can see it in my face. It’s slimmer and my jawline is sharper now. About Jungkook’s apparent nose job, why would a singer get a nose job? That could’ve ruined his gorgeous singing voice, so I doubt he got one.

    • DInG DoIng

      The thing about the photo that suga is in is a bit confusing. This plastic surgeons clams that he had surgery done on the eyes. But one of the pictures does have eyeliner for him so its quite ridiculous you would think that.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, BTS has for fact had no plastic surgery. Kim Namjoon had nose surgery for breathing problems, Min Yoongi had shoulder surgery for an injury, and Jimin got stitches for his eye because he fell and hit it on the toilet when he was younger. These boys are literally just good at maintaining themselves, and were also born good-looking. This article needs to research more before stating non-facts.

    • WTF

      im literally BAFFLED by this dumb ass article, lmaoooooo like you should’ve done at least a tiny bit of research before publishing and falsely accusing them for plastic surgery. At least look at some of their baby pictures and pictures of their parents. Its all puberty and genetics.

    • I CANT

      IM BAFFLEDDDDDDDDDDD OMG ” theres were probably some work done” BITCHHHHHH and bbb bitch, when they said jhope face is not an ordinary korean face?? BITCH U THINK THE WHOLE COUNTRY WOULD LOOK THE SAME???? ofc theres diffrences in genetics people from people.

    • This is really unfair

      You were correct on RM though he did have nose surgery but that was because he needed a reconstructed septum. Namjoon had a deviated septum and it was a struggle to breathe through his nose so he got it reconstructed. I think that’s it is very unfair that you guys provided low quality pictures for when they were much younger and compared them to high definition, bare faced photos because there will definitely he a huge difference in facial features from a 14 year old jungkook (who’s photo was from his debut days mind you he was 13-14 at the time) to a 21 year old jungkook because puberty very dramatically changes a boys face. Same with Jin you provided a photo from when he was in high school studying abroad in Australia. How could you compare a high schooler to a 26 year old? The other member who had surgery was Suga (yoongi) he had surgery for his ear because he severely injured it when he had fallen. Jhope I actually dont think he had surgery at all his teeth are very white you can whiten teeth with non surgical procedures and he had braces for a long time when he was in school which is why they are so straight. Jhope has also always had a very defined jawline and nose but makeup artist usually make it more defined with makeup. Although the only only way I can explain his double lids is that in korea that have double eyelid glue, eyelid tape, and there are also many makeup tricks on how to forge double eyelids. Jimin actually lost a LOT of weight he starved himself for 10 days and was later hospitalized for it. Jimin is known for a lot of diets and constant working out

    • That DOC is fake


    • Anonymous

      You are right! This person who made this bitch article is absolutely wants an attention! So pity!

    • ——-

      Yeah sure but whether or not they’ve undergone surgery, we will still love and support them so it shouldn’t ne much of a deal

    • Anonymous

      I highly doubt they have had plastic surgery. The only member that I’m am sure of is that Namjoon had surgery (2/5/18) on his nose because he had a deviated septum. The surgery was exclusively for medical purpose and was not for cosmetics.

    • Anonymous

      Yh it could be makeup but I doubt that its makeup because in carrer surgery is very common

    • BTS for life

      i just wasted my times on this potato.It doesn’t make sense i mean the theme is BTS don’t have any surgery and all Armys knows that.?????

    • Anonymous

      Nah they probably did looking closely you can tell specifically the noses on some of the members. However some seem like they have minor procedures if any specific tae and Jin

    • Val

      I think this article is very editorialized. The author said ,”Most members of BTS have had surgery.” The surgeon only noticed ‘sufficient surgeries’ on Hoseok, but even with his perspective, think about the freaking makeup, their age in their photos, and dieting.

    • the truth

      yall funny!~~~~

      some of yall bout to be real mad. but it must be said. some of yall is fat, and ugly, and unattractive.

    • Whitney Martins

      You guys are lies bts never in their life did plastic surgery your just mad that you are not as beautiful so that means every beautiful person in the world did plastic surgery make some sense out of what you are saying yes they were make up but the are naturally beautiful just because Asians are know for being cute and beautiful don’t mean that they all had plastic surgery. If bts had plastic surgery that means every other Kpop group did even girl come on some idols did but not all men come on they are naturally beautiful they said it themselves that they would never do plastic surgery

    • Why

      Can I just say that these people are saying that they’ve had surgery without any proof besides photos? And on top of that, all the photos are at least 5 years apart. Who doesn’t look a bit different after 5 years? Also, I don’t think these surgeons know what hair dye is. They also compared Jin, who is 26 now, to a photo of himself when he was like ten. If you saw a photo of me like 10 years ago and compared it to me now, I’d look like I had a lot of surgery, but I didn’t (& also don’t want to) cause I’m still too young to. Kook’s photo was of him when he was 15 and now he’s twenty-one. He was going through puberty ofc he looks a bit different. Plus all kpop stars go on diets, so please do your research before you state an opinion (or publish an article). Sry this is so long.

    • Anonymous

      They just did this article for publicity. They knew they’d get alot of ARMY that hate this so it’s like clipckbait but not

    • Anonymous

      I agree I mean maybe some had eyelid surgery but other than that it’s their natural beauty :)))

    • Fite Me Bijj

      Holy mf. I agree with you the uploader is a total nuts!

      First of all, the “surgeon”. Damn gosh he dares judge them when he don’t know a single them about them or even the evolution of technology? Tf?! It’s so damned obvious already that they didn’t do any jobs and if you’re asking me how I said so,


      The “after” images are them with stage make-up on in cline to their concept. Suga for example, is wearing heavy eyeliner because during that era, Dark & Wild, the members are forced to wear eyeliner to look fierce. If you look at his other pictures especially the most recent ones without him wearing make-up, which you can go to find in V-live, then you’d be able to say it.

      There’s also this thing called contour which you apply on your nose to make it look sharper, upturned, or however you want it to look. It’s also applied in other parts of your faces. That aside, he has a natural upturned nose which he got by genes and if you don’t know what’s genetics, I don’t fking know how you can be a doctor. Just because he’s Asian, doesn’t mean he wouldn’t be able to have that kind of nose you narrow minder bj. Asia is effing diverse and just so you know, South, West, North, and Central Asia don’t have squinted eyes and flat nose. They naturally look like Europeans or vice versa. And be ause of colonization, southeast asians also have those characteristics. First time fucking knowing about this side of Asia? Well of course coz you only probably knew of Asia as China only til now, succa. His jawline is also natural so be careful coz it’ll kill you someday. Teeth? Well, he has white teeth but not as white as that. What I perfectly know is, though, is that it is edited.

      Next, edits. Most photographers who took these “aftermath” photos which gives us those results of their images, edits their pictures. They lighten it up, do something here and there like retouching their makeup and etc etc which is why they may also look lighter compared to before like what is commented about Jin.

      Btw Jimin? Passing off a western look? Well sorry to fking break your bubble but no one asked for it and no one was trying to look western. He just naturally looks striking so you don’t have to cover it with your bullshit and nonsensical remarks.

      Going back, I’ve seen photos of BTS that really went trhough the phase of edits. Hecc even their cb photos inderwent edits, too.

      Seriously, you used the most unfit images to comapare to them of the past. At least do it with them on their bare faces. Goodluck finding (though you’d see it on Google anyway).

      Puberty. Just look at Jungkook and see how he acquired much solid features. Fyi he starting out being an idol when he was only 15. Comparing that picture to the other one is looking at his 15 below old plus age and 2017 somewhere around 21?

    • ?Wolfie Girl?

      I agree, but some things do look like they were a BIT just a BIT altered…idk about J-Hope but he looks like he may have had one, but I still love ALL of em. ???Cutie pies

    • ?Wolfie Girl?

      I agree, but some things do look like they were a BIT just a BIT altered…idk about J-Hope but he looks like he may have had one, but I still love ALL of em. ???Cutie pies ♡

    • Anonymous

      Yup, also no offesnse to any ARMY cuase im one as well but, if you have time to write about an artile which has no evidence to support the claim, then this is all but an opionon and inference. The only way to know if they did is for them to say it themselves. Also if you havent realized, but makeup can seriously change your face a lot so don’t just assume oh all kpop idols get plastic surgery, when that in fact is a bias and speculation. It just happens korean is more well known for plastic surgery, while I dont see people writing articles about american artistsgetting botox or plastic surgery for fake boobs and butts. Tbh from my point of view so many american celebs have either fake boobs or butts and I dont really see articles saying American celebs are adicted to plastic surgery. In my opinion 1)there are people jealous of BTS gaining popularity in the U.S. 2)people keep wanting to put rumors and sterotypes on any popular group.

    • Anon

      I was thinking this the entire time, I was also kind mad, About RM he made it so long saying he had a bunch and for the rest of the members it was about 1 or 2 sentences.

    • koala

      they are in their early 20’s and just past puberty — naturally a lot have changed and developed. besides, the guys need to start taking care of the packaging as they are now recognized and being emulated by a lot…

    • None of your business

      Only one person of BTS truly has had any type of “plastic” surgery and that was RM. he had to have work done on his nose due to breathing issues. That’s the only person. You’re literally comparing young photos. They were 15-19 when they debuted don’t you think puberty came into play? Oh wait y’all just assume they had plastic surgery to make them look bad

    • Just Korean not a Kpop Fan

      I mean to be honest, a lot of people in South Korea do plastic surgery, and it’s not that big of a deal. Even if the members of BTS did have surgery, it’s very minor compared to other kpop artists. Besides, looking at their pre-debut photos, they look very handsome already- especially Jin, Jungkook, and V. But the other members as well, I don’t see any significant difference in their facial features.

    • put this post down because you are a fraud

      this is so fake… s m h why would you go through all the trouble to make a scandal and try to expose bts they are all natural so stop this and bring this post down.

    • Jackie

      Yeah. Obviously the person who went to the surgeon didn’t give them any details. For example, Hoseok’s family have the same nose. Obviously they didn’t all get surgery in like middle school. That’s a natural nose. Just because it’s not typical for an Asian doesn’t mean it’s unnatural. Like providing at least 10 pictures would also habe helped the accuracy…….

    • uwu

      bts isn’t addicted to plastic surgery, but the people who wrote this are ?

      • Im suing the author


    • How do you Sue the Author

      Like Jungkook most of them were in the spotlight and active before they even reached the legal age of plastic surgery in South Korea! I feel like this article is mainly because of the jealousy they have for these 7 Asian Kings.

    • Anonymous

      They never gotten surgery , puberty just hit them hard hard -_- leave them alone

    • anitalianarmy

      yes, only Joon had a nose plastic surgery for problems

    • lol

      “Again I think maybe this guy is naturally blessed with that Western look this band seems to be going for

    • Hm.

      BTS probably uses the styrofoam makeup thing to shape their noses. I agree with your opinion.

    • Troubled Trouble

      I am mum to an ARMY daughter and took an interest in BTS to be able to share an interest with her and be able to chat knowledgeably about something she truly loves. I can also say having watched them grow up in a small span of time through the videos, etc my daughter has shown me that you are completely right – the boys were VERY young when they signed up to BigHit, I think I recall reading that Jungkook was only 13, and so puberty, (to me at least) excessive dieting and rigorous exercise during those formative teen years will definitely make HUGE changes to how someone looks.

      For instance – Yoongi’s fingers being so long, despite only being a little taller than Jimin? From YEARS of playing piano, our bodies adapt to things very quickly. The make up the boys wear and the constant ‘whitewashing’ of their photos will also make it look like they’ve had surgery. However, the boys are very honest about things they’ve had done and it’s for medical reasons – Namjoon’s deviated septum is no joke (my husband had the surgery for the same reason).

      I really wish these ‘articles’ (and I use that term loosely) would stop trying to drag these boys down. They are trying to stop the excessive fixation with cosmetic surgery in East Asia, they are trying to show people that NATURALLY they are beautiful. They’ve helped my daughter deal with big issues in her life, they’ve even helped me hate myself less. So leave them alone PLEASE. Go bully Bieber and the others who are brats and divas who treat their fandoms with contempt. BTS are hardworking, humble and very talented. They admit their mistakes, they apologise – they DON’T lie. It’s why I am so proud my daughter is ARMY.

    • BTS' Hoe (sorry for my broken english)

      Hi, you’re kinda right Anon. RM does had surgery, first one for heart issues and 2nd one for breathing issues. J-hope is Blessed by Mother nature when you look at his baby picture, his nose is natural and about his jaw, this doctor says he studied asian feature in Seoul and i’m sorry but some Humans have a sharped jaw like that it’s not about the origins of the person i have a brother with the exact same jaw and he is like 12 so….. surgery ? he never had. About Suga it’s just make up….when he’s bare face he looks exactly the same, still a baby, never had surgery either. Jin nothing to say, natural beauty. Jungkook, puberty and make up. Jimin and Taehyung, NATURAL BEAUTY ! SO ! i want to delivers i kind message to the “expert” who write this article : When you want to compare pictures to prove surgery, compare picture with the persone posing the same angle and bare face. And take a third picture, a baby picture . You think that you’ve done something but no, this is kind of racist bc not every korean or pop artist had surgery done. Find a life 🙂 I need also to find a life because reacting to some bullshit is pathetic….but well when y’all want to prove something be smart and logic 🙂 btw i’m not sure about Jk nose but anyway i don’t fall for their look but for their music and their amazing D…Dance. You can’t fool us !!!!

    • ?‍♂️

      First of all, whoever is analysing their photos seems very uninformed of the necessary MEDICAL procedures members such as Kim Namjoon had to undertake (e.g. his nose surgery due to the structural blockage within the canal preventing him from breathing properly) which may have cause a minor change in his facial appearance. In order to make a valid judgement as to whether or not a particular person has recieved plastic surgery, there would have to be a physical (3d) analysis of the structures rather than an extremely vague comparison between two different 2D images of varying angles and lighting. I believe that this article is pointless. Rather than stigmatising the idea of possible surgeries, far better feedback and desired engagement would be recieved if the writers had actually considered analysing their musical works. Good day.


      1.)I know Hitman Bang said himself he wants to have idol with no work/ plastic surgery. Namjoon had to have work on his nose other then that its growing up.
      2.) Just because Hobi grew up and looks different doesn’t mean he had surgery.

    • bts is better than you

      seriously bro….. you should know the facts before posting

    • i need u SUGA

      that’s really true though,and plus it’s wrong to assume someone did plastic surgery or not and i want to do everything to protect and attack my idols from HATE. those people who ever spreads bad rumors are just JEALOUS and i just hate the fact that some americans are really judgemental of BTS! and i think the plastic surgeon is FAKE bcs why would he compare tae’s pic when he was 7! that’s just so DUMB!

    • Get your facts right for once

      I don’t think that they realize what puberty is and have they looked at the pre debut photos they all look the same but just grew into their looks. Also they diet and they have makeup on of course someone is going to look different without makeup and with. They have not had plastic surgery and don’t just say random things and try to sell this because if you wanted to know the truth you would not have been bias and already decide that all of them have had plastic surgery.

    • I'm Army, I'm Ok

      i know, they are lying, it’s make up and that they have grown up, and most of the pictures are from when they were younger.

    • Kavindya

      There is something called puberty… It has hit them so hardly.. Don’t spread false news about them. As you say they had done a plastic surgery. It’s doesn’t make sence

    • anonymous

      Just accept the truth. K-pop is full with plastic surgery and it doesn’t suprise me if they did.

      • Anonymous

        At least look at the proof. Do you rlly think a 13 ur. Old when they were with bighit would even be allowed to get plastic surgery. Yes rm did have surgery BUT IT WAS BECAUSE HE COULD BREATHE. And smiling makes your cheek go fuller. Just accept the fact that they are naturally pretty.

    • Jungshook By Idiocy

      Seriously do these people not know what puberty is?

    • Jungshook By Idiocy

      Plus J-Hope is SMILING in that picture do these idiots not understand that smiling makes your cheeks bigger

    • Anonymous

      LMAO this person doesn’t sound like a plastic surgeon I- he/she said that jin had a drastic hair colour change bruh?he OBVIOUSLY dyed his hair wth?

    • ilovetaehyung6 my instagram

      there is something called growing up and when you grow up things about your body change so so stop hating


      That’s right and they are amazing ppl you should rlly get to know them. They’re all crackheads and they’re awesome. They are just naturally good looking

    • Icantcomeupwithaname

      I just want to point out that BTS literally had no money when they started out, they where all very young as well so growing up plays a major part. The whole thing about BTS is loving and accepting yourself so I don’t think that they’d get surgery

    • Anonymous

      Namjoon had a medical surgery, how come you’re judging a pictures in 2013-14 with 2017-2018 , have you seen their pictures when they were young , with young I mean babies.
      Our boys are handsome

    • seyeoun

      istg a change in their eye brow and its “theyre addicted to plastic surgery”

    • Anonymous

      IKR. And considering bighit wasn’t a popular company to start out with so they can afford surgery. Jungkook was freaking 15 when he debuted and considering non of them were much older. They’ve all just jelouse of their nature beauty coming up with this shit.

    • Nk 12

      That’s true for example Jimin use to starve himself because he used to get teased at school and he wanted to become skinny.

    • BTS tear

      Exactly, even the plastic surgeon couldn’t say anything about any of them other that RM and J-Hope, and we already know that RM had is nose done for breathing problems I dont know how he got those things about hobi but those kind of surgeries take time and money all of which they did not have much of the money until the last few years and the only time they have had time off is the break they took before and then everything going on right now, other than that they have been filmed almost 24/7 their whole career. The jawline surgery is extremely risky and cause nerve damage and lose of feeling and movement if done wrong. There is no way big hit would risk his entire career for that surgery. And also it would have taken time to heal from but there was none of that until recently. All goes to prove my point none of them have had it, but even if they did I wouldn’t care cause I like them for what they have done for me as artists, not their looks. And even if they had they would not be addicted to is so writer get your head out of you a** and quite writing things that aren’t true.

    • Sil

      Well said. Men continue to grow and show changes even up to stop this nonsense about plastic surgery when its obvious none of you have any medical background

  2. Anonymous

    Digital music news, please write a more reliable news. Please write about their achievements in music instead of this f rumor

    • Getting Kind of Boring...

      Exactly from a musical perspective your articles are trash when it comes to the genre of Kpop. I mean if your website is called Digital Music News you should probably actually write about music and not dumb rumors created by immature haters…

    • Troubled Trouble

      I’d actually just ask them to right real news and not just made up bullshit. I’d expect to read this garbage in something like the National Enquirer right next to the article about how werewolves stole a baby……..

  3. Getting Kind of Boring...

    Boi what’s your deal with trying to prove that BTS have had plastic surgery?? I mean if they did I wouldn’t really care but knowing the amount of makeup they put on and judging from past pictures, it doesn’t take a plastic surgeon to see that they HAVENT. Just accept it you are delusional and obsessive over the idea of defaming BTS and it really isn’t doing you any good.

    • Xyz

      They are using the word BTS to have veiws on their content. Shame.Bts greater than them so lets ignore this stupid post

  4. Doytoy96

    Seriously?? You r the most childish writer I’ve ever come across! First u write an article that says they’re addicted to plastic surgery then when everyone starts dissing you on ur false articles, u bring out someone to prove ur point who clearly says that even if they have gotten work done, it’s not that much as to them being “addicted”. I mean what are u trying to freaking prove here?


    Lol this dude is still alive? Still trying so hard to come up with bullshit articles about BTS for sooo long? Omg just stop man. Please this is getting old. Just retire. Apparently you’re only able to make money and hold your job as long as you’re slandering BTS and you think that you can ruin their reputation? I feel sorry for your desperate ass. Damn man just go get help because you’re too obsessed writing nonstop false articles about BTS. I’ll pray for you.

  6. Sinbfan

    Pictures used were when they were still kids. What is ur goal here? Do us a favor and shut down this stupid website. Get lost and get a life asshole

    • C3PO

      I agree. There shouldn’t have been a comparison made seeing as the was aging and makeup involved.

    • Anon

      Just report the website, writer, and all of the false articles about BTS to Big Hit. They’ve already taken legal actions against those who made malicious comments about the boys if you recall what happened last year. K-pop artists/groups are legally protected against people like this asshole writer.

      • koala

        there is no need to freak out about this kind of article. i don’t know if they have even checked out their facts and what-not. the pictures used are very way back when the guys are barely teens and either trainees or pre-trainee days that i am sure they are still on those carefree days — no make-up, no fuss look.

        when they are about to face an audience or simply be seen in public, they have this “artist” look — well made up, sharp, a “killer”.

        make-up can bring out the best in anyone — just to prove it, check out the recently crowned Ms. Universe Catriona Gray’s make-up transformation.

  7. Anon

    I’m sorry but there are so many factors involved with changes in facial features. With j-hope, for example, that nose shape can be seen among his dad, sister..etc Did they have plastic surgery too?!?

  8. Vernon

    Wth is angle slope contour , do u think u can fool us by such bullshit? Nice try.

    U just exposed urself by using that term lmao, that u r fake

    • mic drop bungeee

      ikr, like they wear makeup? i guffawed when he said that. ???

      the fact that the author of this was just so CERTAIN that they “MUST’VE HAD PLASTIC SURGERY BECAUSE IF I CAN’T NATURALLY LOOK GOOD THEN NO ONE ELSE CAN” that they asked for a surgeon’s opinion and handed them like 2 and a half pics is actually killing me ???

  9. Jindo

    Thank you for seeing that they are so handsome that there looks cant be real cause know one was born that handsome and wow a plastic surgent from is also amazed by there beuty omg bts must be really handsome thankyou you made as see how handsome they are thankyou i would say thankyou paul but who knows you may be a girl or someone any who thankyou to the one who wrote this cause u n i both r confused were that beuty came from.

    • Jindo

      N i am so amazed that you still write about bts i must say i got to give it to you cause every time u write this stuff i keep feeling sorry but moving on plastic surgery real fake who cares i will love them forever n always they forever bts n i am forever an army n armys will get wonded but they are also there till the end of the war so yeah till bts is bts n i am still alive i will love there plastic surgry or natrual face
      hobi’s face light up my world with that smile
      Jimin’s makes my day perfect with every update on twitter
      Jk’s makes me feel something werid which i love with everything he does
      Rapmon makes me smile with every reaction
      V give’s me purpose with his postive face
      Suga’s makes me soft 24/7 with his cute rap
      Jin’s attack’s my? with everyblow of kiss
      ?????? bts❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤bts I love you with the fake or real face ?????

    • Mary

      lol he was just able to prove the contrary of what he accused them of last article, but he does have balls for posting this article even though it was a total failure.

  10. Mina

    all i can see is he got double eyelid surgery. that’s literally it. other than that, he grew up, dyed his hair and is wearing makeup in the picture on the right… why are people always so quick so assume things?

    • Little princess

      That is a makeup actually, there is a “thing” can make you have a double eyelid, if you see them in Bon Voyage, they aren’t wearing a makeup, you can see their single eyelid in their eyes. Sorry for my bad english

      • Miaaaa

        I agree with Little Princess, the BTS members have single eyelids….Yea makeup can really change how a person looks

    • Anon

      Are you talking about Suga? Because I think it was a tape or glue for a temporary double eyelid. If you see his current bare face, he doesn’t have a double eyelid, and his eyes are also pretty small. Overall, he looks exactly like his predebut pic.

  11. Postive thinking

    N i am so amazed that you still write about bts i must say i got to give it to you cause every time u write this stuff i keep feeling sorry but moving on plastic surgery real fake who cares i will love them forever n always they forever bts n i am forever an army n armys will get wonded but they are also there till the end of the war so yeah till bts is bts n i am still alive i will love there plastic surgry or natrual face
    hobi’s face light up my world with that smile
    Jimin’s makes my day perfect with every update on twitter
    Jk’s makes me feel something werid which i love with everything he does
    Rapmon makes me smile with every reaction
    V give’s me purpose with his postive face
    Suga’s makes me soft 24/7 with his cute rap
    Jin’s attack’s my? with everyblow of kiss
    ?????? bts❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤bts I love you with the fake or real face ?????

  12. Mikiiii

    Actually Paul… I pity you. I know you’re just making these shit articles so that people will click on them and the number count of views on these dumbass articles will raise. You’re only doing this to make a living, but honestly, go find something else to write about. Like actually do something productive in your life instead of wasting time writing these dumbass articles. Go fucking follow your dreams or whatever, and if writing these shit articles is your dream, then that’s a fucking stupid as hell dream. Just stop writing these articles, please, because honestly it’s annoying. Just stop. Please just stop. Do something else with your life instead of just wasting it away on these shit articles. One day you’re gonna look back on this and be like “I could’ve been doing something better” and regret your fucking life choices on your fucking deathbed. Paul, just stop. Please, for the sake of you and for everyone else, just stop writing these bullshit articles about BTS.

    Also… it’s kinda sad that a grown man like you (assuming that you’re a grown man) is doing all of this work just to prove some dumbass point that no one is going to believe. Like I said, go do something better with your life. Please.

      • Anonymous

        amen to that, who even are you ? who are you to assume things ? we’ve known these boys longer than you and I’m pretty sure none of thems gotten plastic surgery, please do us all a favour and get a life you worthless piece of shit
        don’t you have anything better to do than pick on boys that are more successful than your sorry ass
        see ya in hell paul


      This shitty paul bitch is so fuckin wrong. Probably just jealous he’s an ugly asshole freak and wants to make up crap about the cutest guys ever. ITS CALLED PUBERTY BITCHES!!!!!!

  13. Lexi

    My best suggestion to the writer of this article is to take this bullshit of a story down before it spreads and anymore people get wind of it and you end up getting sued for slander. This is not the group that you want mess with, that’s a warning.

    One, you’re comparing photos of kids before puberty to now, where they’ve now grown up, and so have their faces.
    Two, you don’t know the culture of kpop idols when it comes to the usage of makeup and camera angles.

    Instead educating people of BTS, and their amazing feat and achievements, you’re writing out the ass gossip. This website is called “digital music news” yet where’s the music news?? Once again, do yourself a favor and take this crap down.

  14. Nina

    Paul should rather just quit his job. His articles are always creating such useless stories. Tired of this..

  15. Jade

    Can we all trend this and report to bighit please….lets make bighit aware of it..

  16. paul needs help

    ugh paul back at it being a fool and making up rumors about bts,, get a life please

  17. Chas

    There is absolutely NO evidence , just speculation and heinous innuendo by a wanna be “journalist” . Boys grow into men and most don’t look anything like themselves through puberty. Your hatred and envy of these innocent artists is so blatant and I’m so glad NO ONE gives credence to the garbage both in your “work” and in your personality.

  18. Francine De Leon Kim

    Wth? I think the doctor here not know what puberty means? I guess this article just need some attentions! PAUL? Get a life

  19. tallhobbitxx


    • Moshi Yooni

      Hahahahhaa lighting makeup puberty diets…..and also using pre debut photos??? lloooll

  20. tallhobbitxx


  21. Cherrius

    On the brighter side of things, this just affirms how perfect our boys are – so much that people are out there trying to find out how they achieve such beauty.

  22. Paul just STAHB IT

    At least the plastic surgeon knows that offending ARMYs is not a good thing to do

  23. cypher part 4

    really dude comparing there predebut pictures with current one? Bet when you look at your adolescent pictures might think ” oh! did i get plastic surgery while i was drunk?! Did i get addicted to it!” attention seeking scumbag!

  24. Miss Right

    Wtf?!? What are you trying to prove here. Stop making this shit. Find something you can write on not our boys. I feel sorry for you bro.

  25. Moshi Yooni

    Mhm Yuup. Youre so stupid HONEEY? Listen please change your profeshion because not only is hobi scraed of sharp things but for you to think that he would go under a knife. Low moove. Also plese dont try to spread rumors. Just saying theres a thing called PUBERTY and DIETS. And makeup in general. Thank you for being stupid and for trying to get some bad stories about bts. Youre stupid because you know theyre perfect without surgery❤

  26. how dare you

    okay this is seriously too much Paul… heard about puberty ?
    did you ever think about puberty before you wrote this bullshit article…..truthfully how can you bear writing all this? don’t you feel bad ? don’t you feel anything? are you really
    that heartless?

  27. Btsforlifu

    Our boys look great naturally. It’s so hard for people to accept this. They work hard put their heart n soul into everything. They try their best to make army’s proud. Army loves them just the way they are…. stop spreading baseless rumors.

  28. ALEKX

    Uhm this website is about Digital Music. What’s surgery got to do with Digital Music?
    And about the news THIS IS COMPLETE BULLSHIT…


    Paul Resnifuckoff (or whatever his fucking name is) is back at it again, shaking my head…This shit is fake. ? At least TRY to make your bs believable. We can see through your transparent lies. These guys embrace their flaws, they don’t need surgery. What’s the whole point of our new comeback? Hmm?

  30. Xyz

    They having been dancing since ages..alot of physical exercise that puberty .theyve literally grown up with us….they exerciseall day and eat healthy .they are happy and healthythey will definitely look good if not very prettly..why would someone compare photographs that are years apart..i mean they were kids back then..even the wordings are anonymous. This article is click bait.

  31. Anonymous

    Please, keep in mind that all of them were teenagers in the ‘before’ pictures, meaning their facial features changed with age. They diet for their albums and music videos, which is why they look different. Also, they put make up on for performances, public appearances and such. Keep in mind that when they debuted back in 2013, they and their company suffered financially, and with all of their money spent on music videos, I doubt they had any left for surgery. Most Kpop idols have had surgery, yes, but BTS isn’t one of them. A poor article, sorry.

    • Ashkookie

      I AM SO FUCKING PISSED RN WHOEVER WROTE THIS ARTICLE…BOY ARE YOU WRONG….ever heard of puberty makeup and hard work losing weight and diets… yeah….im sorry but honey……the only time these boys have ever had surgery on the face was jimin when he was 8 on his left eight due to injury u asshole …please get ur facts together and dont use the boys for attention please

      • bts is bad

        have you heard that people don’t change that much and

  32. Goddammit,you infires me

    Stop this nonsence paul,your goddamn website is full of bullshit.
    do you not know what puberty,makeup,and diets is?
    like why the actual fucking fuck are you writing shit about bts?
    cant you just accept they are REAL beauty?
    only cause some idols in korea have plastic surgery doesnt mean EVERY FUCKING IDOL has goddamn surgery,GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT
    but why the fuck are you using old young photos of them? they have grown
    of course they’ll change,God please give this poor man a brain.

  33. dont make me puke from your bs

    tbh who cares if they had plastic surgery or not, like bruh grow up and learn to know the existence of puberty or make up for once, this website is obviously fake and dumb to provide people about updates in kpop generally

    you think youre bringing a fandom down but i think youre messing with the wrong fandom


    I think you should go back to elementary school to learn about puberty and dieting. I understand, you only want attention

  35. asdfhjkl

    If I have to use a brain ir would be yours. Because it’s never been used.

  36. Anonymous

    First of all, this is really dumb and the fact that you went to a plastic surgeon is dumber.
    Secondly, next time book an appointment with an neurologist or something and get a check up.

  37. Anonymous

    This is so stupid man do u not get it make up and puberty boii common sense man

  38. shadhanasution

    Paul please fck off, there’s this thing in Korea called dieting, makeup, and puberty. Your a fcking retard to just freaking ASSUME they DID that. I’m getting annoyed by you BIASED ASS WRITER.

  39. shadhanasution

    Paul please fck off, there’s this thing in Korea called dieting, makeup, and puberty. Your a fcking retard to just freaking ASSUME they DID that. I’m getting annoyed by your BIASED ASS

  40. Sabrina


  41. KATinAHAT

    This man is at it again! It’s really getting pathetic now. It is rather obvious that they have grown, matured and wait for it…. THEY USE FREAKING make up! Make up even does wonders for me as a bloody woman! So please find a different subject matter to write on other than BTS as it seems you really have an issue with the group. Grow up please.

  42. You should visit a doctor first:)

    When you first wrote the article about bts I thought you can’t ever get dumber but now you going to far
    I hope our famdom destroy ur fckin website.
    It’s so sad to see someone is so addicted in fame that he even write article wich are false and the whole world know that.
    Its unnecessary to say that you should take this shit of bc you don’t see your mistakes since you’re the biggest one 🙂
    Wish you luck^^


      Paul needs to pay his bills writing negatively about BTS because his other articles have non-existent views

  43. noona

    Paul, there’s a thing called respect and humble.
    if you wanna be respected, learn to respect other people first.
    Bts are always developed themselves not only in
    their music and really their music is great & at the same time they still humble & gave a lots of love to their fans.thats why people love who they are.
    Paul, you also can contribute to your article by doing something great. There’s more you can achive if you write good things about other people. I hope you change your perspective towards the boys in the future. Because this boys have nothing in this world to againts you.

    • Feeling sorry for Paul's mistake

      I agree with your comment so damn much, thank you

  44. Paul Your Just Embarrassing Yourself

    Fiy J-hope Didnt Have Plastic Surgery You Can Search For The Picture Of His Family

    Rapmonster Did Not Have Plastic Surgery Its Just The Angle

    And Suga Did Not Have Plastic Surgery Its Just His Hair! You Can Look At His Baby Pics

    And Jin Did Not Have Plasti Surgery Its Just The Color Of His Skin That Changed

    And Jungkook’s Nose Is Original You Can look At His Brother And His Dad

    And Jimin And Taehyung Are Natural, You Can Totally See It


  45. #StopPaul

    How much do you guys want a bet that there is no plastic surgeon , Paul just made it up.

  46. SaltyHobiStan

    So pretty much what they are saying is the one they think has the most work done is Hobi…so the one afraid of needles and like all else. Yeah ok dude XD also wtf does getting teeth whitener mater to even be pointed out. It’s teeth lol

  47. Shilpa

    Actually I don’t see much difference except jungkook’s nose. What changes them is makeup and hairstyle. I don’t think plastic sugery is done here….idk


    You know what paul, sorry bae
    Heres a little tribute to you

    1.we are bulletproof pt2
    Everywhere i go everything i do
    I will show you as much as i sharpened my sword
    To all the ppl who looked down on me shout it out
    Throw a stone at me if you have done as much as i did
    We go hard we have no fear

    2.cypher pt 1
    If you are jealous plz go the hospital, two weeks for heal
    Everyone who is hoping for my defeat is holding onto their necks
    3. Cypher pt4
    I like hate comments more than no comments
    I dont know you but you know my name
    Ya playa haters you should love yourself
    The media and adults say we have no willpower condemning us like stocks
    Why are they killing us before we can even try
    5.cypher pt3
    So many haters
    But no problem i kill
    They try to chip away my career try to bury me
    But i dont care you cant control my shit
    I am someone who overcame disbelief
    6.cypher pt 3
    You dont need flying mode in your iphone
    Cause you are not flying anywhere
    7.bts cypher pt 2
    Your short and thin career will lead you nowhere
    I hope you survive, keep rotting away thats your label……. and so on


    Heres a little tribute to you

    1.we are bulletproof pt2
    Everywhere i go everything i do
    I will show you as much as i sharpened my sword
    To all the ppl who looked down on me shout it out
    Throw a stone at me if you have done as much as i did
    We go hard we have no fear

    2.cypher pt 1
    If you are jealous plz go the hospital, two weeks for heal
    Everyone who is hoping for my defeat is holding onto their necks
    3. Cypher pt4
    I like hate comments more than no comments
    I dont know you but you know my name
    Ya playa haters you should love yourself
    The media and adults say we have no willpower condemning us like stocks
    Why are they killing us before we can even try
    5.cypher pt3
    So many haters
    But no problem i kill
    They try to chip away my career try to bury me
    But i dont care you cant control my shit
    I am someone who overcame disbelief
    6.cypher pt 3
    You dont need flying mode in your iphone
    Cause you are not flying anywhere
    7.bts cypher pt 2
    Your short and thin career will lead you nowhere
    I hope you survive, keep rotting away thats your label……. and so on


    Heres a little tribute to you

    1.we are bulletproof pt2
    Everywhere i go everything i do
    I will show you as much as i sharpened my sword
    To all the ppl who looked down on me shout it out
    Throw a stone at me if you have done as much as i did
    We go hard we have no fear

    2.cypher pt 1
    If you are jealous plz go the hospital, two weeks for heal
    Everyone who is hoping for my defeat is holding onto their necks
    3. Cypher pt4
    I like hate comments more than no comments
    I dont know you but you know my name
    Ya playa haters you should love yourself
    The media and adults say we have no willpower condemning us like stocks
    Why are they killing us before we can even try
    5.cypher pt3
    So many haters
    But no problem i kill
    They try to chip away my career try to bury me
    But i dont care you cant control my shit
    I am overcame disbelief
    6.cypher pt 3
    You dont need flying mode in your iphone
    Cause you are not flying anywhere
    7.bts cypher pt 2
    Your short and thin career will lead you nowhere
    I hope you survive, keep rotting away thats your label……. and so on


      I know you consider BTS as a bunch of asian dumbfucks but unlike your beloved american boybands BTS acually sings about real issues .A lot of songs in their album are about political condition of korea, bullying, mental health, depression, educational system and its problems,insecurities etc unlike 1D, nsync and backstreet and most of the american popstars lol..

      • 5

        True^ This is why I have so much respect for BTS, they’re socially aware. I also love how BTS even made + posted sooooo manyyyyyyyyyy of their video logs/video diaries/bangtan bombs for their fans

  51. Wrong fandom tonne messed with.

    This guy should be reported. This website should be reported. And bighit should take legal actions against them for spreading fake malicious rumours. Period.
    This attention seeking idiotic and amateur stunt of your’s is Gona cost u a lot.
    Wrong fandom paul, wrong fandom.


    Hey, writer, do you want a ladder? You know what? I think you need one to cLIMB THE FUCK OUT OF OTHER PEOPLE’S DAMN BUSINESS, YOU RUDE ASS MOTHERFUCKER

  53. Your Hell basher

    You know, your not helpful for us armys, were very sorry, we more much knew them, and wtf, all of the members have their natural faces, then your saying that they were from surgery? Dont base their faces from their phots without makeup or before their pre-debut or whatever. I think this article isnt helpful, did you know that this is an insult to us? Tss..

  54. Your Hell basher

    Excuse me, em a writer also, not just a writer, because im full of true facts and trashes not like you

  55. Fuck off

    This is really fucking sad. Hope you do us all a favor and stop fucking writing these garbage articles. Idiot

  56. Amazing

    Wow that means I’ve had plastic surgery without even knowing it- my nose changed over time, so that must be the reason yes of course

  57. kambing

    the writer had nothing but salt toward bts, all he ever wrote is about bitching bts. we should sue him


    Guys remember that koreaboo article about bts antis working with a reporter ….
    Well look who we have here

  59. Anonymous

    Hoseok wasn’t even considered beautiful enough to be part of BTS so I don’t know why he would go and have these procedures if they don’t fit Korean beauty standards.

    • XD

      Hoseok is beautiful in my eyes :,( but yea I’ve seen rude comments about him being ugly

  60. Anon

    Hoseok wasn’t even considered beautiful enough to be part of BTS so I don’t know why he would go and have these procedures if they don’t fit Korean beauty standards.

  61. BTS ARMY

    Go find a better job dude.
    You won’t flourish in this field. Actually you won’t find any work anywhere.

  62. this is so cringey wth

    why are you using them for attention? if your life is sad vent out your anger through other things not cutting or something atleast try screaming or breaking things dont need to aim at bts for your sad life issues…

  63. Bwi

    really ? people ?? ? spreading and writing false rumors about my faves can’t make a millions . (bashers maybe ) ? .

  64. Dafaq is this Article ?

    Really sad about this article ? , and honestly you guys are just seeking for attention . ? , accusing BTS for having plastic surgery ? dafaq , how can you proved it folks? ? Maybe you’re just insecure , cause bangtan is too precious and perfect .


    Hey writer u should stop this nonsense. Lol so ur trying ur best to get people’s attention, are u happy now? Srsly u need to stop this and immediately go to a doctor. I think u have a mental illness! GET LOST!

  66. anon

    It is possible that the surgeon was a real surgeon, but, mygod, Paul is trying too hard. Probably because BTS has a better face than you. Jhope hasn’t done any plastic surgery so does the rest of the members. You’re finding for attention, and you got it, alot, but it comes with hatred, so before I sue this whole “company”, stop trying and stop posting about BTS, i don’t care if its positive or negative, just stop.

    • Lee JiEun

      I doubt that there’s even a legit plastic surgeon here, I mean, who’s on their right mind to give their ‘expert’ opinions with some old photos? ‘Professionals’ wouldn’t do some unprofessional things like that. Second, it’s clear that he’s trying to make a point here by stating that the surgeon has recoil in shock. I mean, if you read the whole article, 90% of his words would end up with, ‘I’m not so sure about it’ or ‘I can’t really tell’, and then he would recoil in shock as if he was sure that every one of the boys have really undergone multiple surgeries? It’s actually obvious that Paul was trying too hard but came up too short and pitiful with this article.

  67. Person

    I really hope this is a joke and your not being serious about them having plastic surgery because hobi is too scared to even get his ears pierced how do you thing he’s gonna go under the knife

  68. PDMint

    Exclusive: Is Paul Resnikoff Addicted to BTS and Written some False Articles in the said Artist?

    A writer of Digital Music News, Paul Resnikoff wrote an article about BTS being Addicted to Plastic Surgery. As BTS introduces the KPop to the west side and hit the Billboard charts and won an award at BBMAs, Paul Resnikoff grab the opportunity to write some false articles of the said artist to be famous.

    Now BTS fans also called as ARMYS are doing their best to report this article and hoping that BigHit Entertainment will notice it and take a legal action to the said article.

  69. I'm reporting you to BigHit

    Dude, what’s wrong with you? And that surgeon? You know nothing about BTS, yet you go ahead and comment about surgery?
    1) RapMon has had ZERO surgeries. The angle of his face in the old photo is the reason why the mose looks smaller
    2) J-Hope has had ZERO surgeries. That photo is clearly predebut J-Hope, back when HE STARVED ALONG WITH THE HYUNG LINE IN ORDER TO FEED THE MAKNAES.
    3) Suga has had ZERO surgeries. That photo is from back when he was chubby, but he’s lost all that now.
    4) Jin has had ZERO surgeries. That photo doesn’t have proper lighting.
    5) Jungkook has had ZERO surgeries. Puberty hit that guy like a truck, that’s really it.
    6) Jimin has had ZERO surgeries. Again, the puberty truck.
    I’m not going against plastic surgery, in fact I think that people who aren’t confident about their face should go for it- But these boys are already beautiful. So please stop. It doesn’t take a genius to realize that you Paul, are anti-BTS, and that you’re only writing about them for attention. Now I’m seriously reporting you to BigHit

  70. stop trying to spread false information about bts

    Okay I’ll just put this up there for anyone who was falsely dragged in by the stupid sensationalist title of the article. BTS came from Bighit, a small entertainment company that started off from almost nothing. they didn’t have a lot of money, and all remaining money they had were immediately invested in their music, mv sets, food etc. They couldn’t even afford proper housing so all 7 of them lived together in one room. Do you honestly think that a company that was too broke to even afford proper rooms for them, would have enough money for plastic surgery for the members? Also, most of the boys have mono-lids, which is a trait that isn’t part of Korean beauty standards (most Koreans prefer double eyelids and often get surgery to achieve them). If they really had plastic surgery (which there is nothing wrong with that btw, stop phrasing it like it’s a bad thing), you would’ve thought they would’ve opted to get double eyelids? Also, all of them debuted when they were really young (Jin, the oldest, was only 21 when they debuted, the youngest, Jungkook, was only 16 when he debuted), and they were ALL undergoing puberty. PUBERTY!!!CHANGES!!!THE!!!PHYSICAL!!STRUCTURE!!!OF!!PEOPLE!!ESPECIALLY!!!MALES!!! As the surgeon has already admitted, he thinks that they either haven’t had any surgery or have had very minor surgeries. As aforementioned, the company was broke (they only started making proper money in 2015 – heck they even had a skit in their album exclaiming how they didn’t earn enough money to get taxed by the government) so what makes you think that they would even bother with minor surgeries when they had so little money and would’ve used all of their money for their basic necessities? Additionally, the boys have lost a lot of weight (because of puberty, dieting etc.) and hairstyles can really change how a person looks.

    But all in all, so what if they’ve gone under the knife? There is absolutely nothing wrong with getting plastic surgery. Even if the boys have had it, (which is honestly very unlikely) that doesn’t change their personalities and music that we’ve come to love so much. In fact, if they do end up revealing that they have had plastic surgery- if that makes them happy, I’ll be happy for them. Because them being happy makes me happy, and real fans will not suddenly hate the boys just because they may have changed their physical appearance. (Honestly, if you only like them for such superficial reasons…) The way that you phrased the contents of the articles is very potentially misleading for new fans and the article phrased the culture of getting plastic surgery as being bad (it may be the culture difference or an attempt to garner more page views, but please learn to respect a person’s method of achieving their standard of beauty)

    This is not the first time you’ve uploaded sensationalist articles about the boys like this. Please stop such pathetic behavior and attempts to gather more views and comments (the fact that you would stoop so low and ride on someone’s success by attempting to attract viewers through potentially defaming titles is honestly really revolting). Please stick to your company’s name and upload articles about their music (your website is literally called digitalmusicnews, start posting news related to digital music for goodness sake).

    • Adding on

      Hobi (J-Hope) is already scared by getting his ears pierced, so honestly what makes you think he’ll willing go under the knife for a long duration of time??

  71. Seriously? :)

    God just looking at all the articles that you wrote…do you even have a life? Is your life so miserable that you use your time just to spread hate on bts? Practically almost all other plastic surgery websites have proven that bts hasn’t gotten any plastic surgery. It’s just weight loss and puberty.

    Get your facts checked before spreading fake news guided by your own disillusions. These are real people that you are spreading RUMORS about, and you are hurting their lives. This is absurd journalism and I can’t believe that digital music news allows articles like this to be published on their page. You should be ashamed of yourself.

  72. William

    Paul, this article is so stupid. Yet I read the whole thing & was entertained and amused. 🙂

    Damn you! 😛

  73. Abigail

    Guys we need to stop giving this person the time of day I am prettt sure the onky people who read about bts on this site are armys because most of the others don’t kmow them.

  74. Love BTS

    do you need attention ??
    aaaa are you looking for attention from army?
    sorry we do not have time to pay attention to people like you

  75. True BTS ARMY


    1) Rap Monster is just naturally good looking -.-
    2) J-Hope is too scared to even get his ears pierced so why would he get plastic surgery??
    3) Of course Jin’s hair color is different, it’s a K-pop thing!! And his difference in skintone is probably just a tan, it gets very hot in South Korea in the Summer.
    4) Suga’s makeup could be the reason why his eyes stand out. It could also be because of puberty or dieting since his face still has some facial fat in the left photo.
    5) Jungkook is technically still quite young; he only turned 20 (international age) a few days ago (his birthday is September 1st)!!
    6) Jimin is clearly wearing makeup in the right photo, so he probably has some contouring on his nose and he clearly has eye makeup -.-
    7) Obviously V wouldn’t get any surgery, his parents would scold him otherwise. He’s not even allowed to get tattoos for goodness sake!!

    • Olivia

      Jin’s whitening skin is actually the result of photo editing and whitewashing.

  76. Venus

    Does that surgeon ever had of diet,maturity and makeup??Clearly he hasn’t I guess being a med student myself I find that doc astonishing?

  77. One Fucking Mad Army

    Tf is wrong with you? Even if you’re a plastic surgeon you have to look at the persons background as well as their looks. None of them have had plastic surgery

  78. get yo facts straight sis

    honey it’s called puberty

    + you’re telling me that jhope, who’s afraid to get his ears pierced, went under the knife

  79. are you done

    you’re so mad that a group of talented young asian men are getting popular that you went out and interviewed a god damn plastic surgeon to try and frame them as doing something wrong. “recoil in shock”? really? who the hell is doing that besides your overgrown man-child self? you claim to write about the music industry while all you do is write scathing ‘articles’ about a kpop boy band you’re obviously biased strongly against, so much so that you’re interviewing people from separate fields in an attempt to get them on your side.

    i applaud this surgeon for behaving professionally, however, and not succumbing to your ridiculous, immature, poisonous attitude.

  80. MEL

    Wtf is going on here?? Dont know anything abt them but u guys just keep guessing n assuminggg. U guys are so desperate to trend the news here by using BTS name..

  81. Anonymous

    “is not a very typical Asian face” Are you serious??? Wtf is your problem, not all Asians look the same. And bts did NOT have plastic surgery, before you go spreading fake news or rumours about bts, do some research! Disgusting.

    • SODONE

      exactly, all asians are different. for example in western countries, the ‘blacks’ (im sorry) have a darker skin tone than ‘whites'(sorry). just like most indians have darker skin tones than the chinese. not all asians have small eyes. not all asians come in the same skin tone, not all asians speak the same language. so paul, why dont u go to school or travel arnd the world to see what it is ACTUALLY like, instead of assuming stupid sh*t

    • fakelove

      I know! “It’s not a very typical Asian face” When will people realise that Asians DON’T all look the same!

  82. minsugaforlyfe

    EXCUSE ME. Thank you for the suggestion, for MINDING SOMEONE ELSE BUSINESS WHICH CLEARLY NOT YOURS, you’re not even know their real name YET DARE TO WRITE ANYTHING THEM ABOUT WHICH SURPRISINGLY NOT MUSIC RELATED LIKE ANY OF YOUR OTHER TRASH ARTICLE (Re: loud crash related with neo-nazi), and EXCUSE YOUUUU, if you there just to insult any musician or ANY ARTIST WHICH CLEARLY JUST FOREIGNER TO YOUR EAR WITHOUT TRULY UNDERSTAND THEM, THEN DON’T EVEN BOTHER TO WRITE ANYTHING EXCEPT IT BASED ON REAL TIME INTERVIEW. I even wonder why the hell that you dare to call your website digital music news meanwhile the article, content quite fucked up and far from music. And not to mention that half assed effort to put as number 1 entry in google search with that so called key word “BTS”.


  83. SODONE

    first, their company made them go on diets for weight loss and probably muscle gain, which is strongly shown on the members. second, the members arent shy so they often show their bare face on twitter. third, makeup does all the work. for example, contouring that makes some part of your face look thinner, eye shadow, false lashes and eyeliners that could make your eyes look bigger. fourth, life as a trainee in kpop industry is rly stressing. with the lack of sleep you will get swollen eyes and long hours of dance practice will contribute to weight loss too. now stfu, get a life stop wih this bs on bts and other kpop grps

  84. ..

    I dont mind if people have plastic surgery but this is such bs lol, even a surgeon cant tell if someone has had surgery based on just two photos of a person, most of which are unedited photos where they arent wearing makeup compared to photoshopped pics with makeup(with different lighting and angles too). What makes it most obvious they havent had surgery is just the fact that bighit wouldnt even be able to afford to get them plastic surgery(they couldnt afford extras or car rentals in their mvs, the members barely had funds for basic essentials,ect), till around the middle of their career when they actually had money, at which point they wouldnt even be able to because theyre constantly in the public eye and the initial facial trauma of plastic surgery would be too noticeable

    • ..

      also its funny how Paul has so many articles accusing them of being “plastic surgery addicts” with extreme work done, and was clearly trying to prove it with this, but the surgeon only actually thinks 2 out of five members have had work done

    • Sorry bae

      oh i would really like to see how your peaceful and intellectual fandom wud react if he had written the same about your faves.Just because your faves are manufactured bunch of plastic slaves under an entertainment corporation with no creative control the same does not apply for everyone….anyway plz keep paying paul not sure if its going to get you anywhere….


    Diet, makeup, and puberty.
    Don’t you these stuffs? Are you dumb? Don’t you know that BigHit Entertainment can file a case against you for spreading false rumors? Don’t use BTS for you to be famous.

  86. boo

    “Very rarely will you see an Asian person appearing like this without considerable surgery”

    Really, white guy? Take a look at my whole family.

    • paul work on ur self esteem

      Why the fuck do these Whites think kpop members are trying to look “western” aka white? there are literally a billion something east asians, but somehow this plastic surgeon (if he even exists) and retard paul still thinks all of them must have small eyes, big, flat noses and can’t possibly be attractive without plastic surgery

  87. Shannon Daly


  88. Oli- A concerned fan

    Bts is known as a group who didn’t get plastic surgery.
    It is impossible to determine from photos-
    – Camera angles change everything- see blood sweat tears where v looks a bit different then normal
    -Puberty. These photos come from different stages in their lives. Around 5 of the 7 members were in their teenage years when they had their debut. One of them only just turned 21. Based off this research(see link below) on Korean students 14 and up was the average age of puberty which usually takes close to two years to complete.
    -Routines. They change their routines, yes they take great care of their skin but depending on what they have coming up in their lives they do different levels of physical activity and eat differently. You could be doing physical activity but what
    you eat is just as important and it is harder to maintain a healthy diet. Plus hydration, unless you have a medical reason most people don’t monitor how much they hydrate. Plus it is harder to set a standard for how much you need to hydrate daily as your life is slightly different day to day. Your activities and health change effecting how much water you need. All of this effects your shape and the health of your skin.
    -Make up. If you have enough you can look like a different person. I am not saying anything about bts’ make up use in that sentence because while they put on makeup they don’t overdose. You can do just about anything with a little makeup. Sometimes you won’t even notice and sometimes it can appear as if a whole facial feature went missing if the artist has enough skill. See the link below for an example of a makeup artist.
    -Filters, lighting, color. A little filter does a lot. A light can change a whole picture if you shine it correctly. All of the before pictures were shot with lower quality cameras(or the quality got lost in processing). Color affects photos, the contrast changes with different colors. The lighting changed. In anime eyes although the lighting is drawn it shows the affect of adding shine/white and lighter dots. I have a link to an example here-
    -Photos can be altered on Photoshop.

    If you want information on this you better ask the idols not someone who you show a couple pictures to. I am a bts fan and will be for a long time. I speak for many when I say I would really appreciate you stop talking about them. You say a lot of false information, whether intentionally or not, please verify more before writing about them. I have read several of you articles and it looks as if you only look at rumors. If you want to write something genuinely good/informational about them do your research. Talk to the fans, talk to their company, try to communicate with the idols. Follow official news. On the topic of offical vs non offical, you posted about bts splitting for solo careers(mainly rap monster’s solo career). You stated something along the line of-he has practically no chance and he needs bangtan more than they need him.. That is an impressive statement and it says you haven’t done any research. He is the leader of BTS, meaning he helps manage their schedule and talk with the other members of the company. He arranges many events and is often responsible for them. He addresses the public for them when their is an issue. He is their translator for english if needed, however other members are trying to learn and I am proud of them. He was the first member of current bangtan to join, he was in the original line up and was one who kept going when the initial group decided they were not ready to debut and that members were going to change. The reason some of the members (mainly Jungkook) joined was because they saw videos of his skill. He is a skilled producer, he writes lyrics(often inspired by books, emotions, the state of the world, and the feelings of young people), and we know he is a skilled rapper. I don’t follow rap much, but it is harder to rap your way to the top. Main radio stations play a large amount of pop, the song Change may have been in English but many are afraid to switch genres and listen to music in languages they don’t understand, especially if the know very little with the culture. He was offered a solo career to see how he would react and he rejected it quickly.
    He and the others have their own projects and have collaborated with other artists. I think it is a part of what helps the band’s dynamic because it means they get new and different opportunities to grow and change. It makes them stronger artist, it allows them to bring new ideas and skills to their work. It allows for diversity in their schedule.
    I notice a negative trend with your articles and I will tell you you will get just as many if not more reads if you post reliable and factual information. You wrote an article recently about Her and how “fans can’t even play” the album. Well for starters that’s wrong. While not as many people have CD players in their houses, however several cars still have them. In fact I still have three perfectly functioning alarm CD players from when I was younger. You made the statement that a large amount of people in the US rarely interact with CDs anymore and that CDs are dying out. While it may be true that significantly less people interact with CDs there is still a percentage which is enough, as the population is quite large. If you walk through grocery stores or pharmacies(like cvs and walgreens) you often see CDs and DVDs on sale.
    Now I didn’t read your all your articles on BTS I still see and have read many of them. I understand that it is desirable to write about them because they are a big group and are guaranteed to get readers. The next time you decide to write about them I, the Fandom, and BTS(they have stated they look at what has been posted on the internet about them, not that they read your articles I am speaking in a general sense) would appreciate you don’t post uniformed information about them. It helps the public understand them better and brings them more fans. With more fans comes more people looking at articles about them. Not only will it be beneficial to them, it will benefit you in the long run.
    Now I hope you have learned a little and will take into mind what I have written.
    An ARMY

  89. lol

    I commented a while back when I was under the impression that BigHit can’t file a lawsuit against Digital Music News and Paul whatever for defamatory and libellous articles, but turns out — they can! BigHit has just recently won a lawsuit against a blackmailing CEO, and is currently going after another journalist in Korea who has been writing articles in the same fashion as Paul. So I suggest we start emailing BigHit and let them know about Digital Music News, though I’m sure they are already aware. Please, if you’re angry enough to comment on this, send an email to BigHit instead. Also, RECEIPTS. Start screenshotting the articles as well ? we got this ?

    • Kim

      How’s that law suit working out? It’s been several months since yo posted. Why hasn’t anything been filed? I thought you said “we got this”…and yet the article that upset you is still live, and you’ve done nothing about the defamation and libel that you sounded so sure of back in September. Could it be that you don’t know what you’re talking about, and that it’s perfectly legal to call a plastic band… plastic?

  90. love yourself

    change your dealer … obviously stuff you’re gettin rn isn’t very good for you … like we get it you don’t like them and want to drag them for literally everything… but i didn’t knew you were so desperate … the fact you reach for topic like alleged plastic surgery just proves that you don’t really have anything on them to really drag them haha

  91. dude

    now i know u want bts’ dicc, to give them the succ and all, we all do, you’re just letting it out through a series of bullshit articles that you even forced your dicc succing underlings to help contribute to. get some dicc, but don’t think you’re worthy of bts’ lmao.

  92. ;(

    Feel bad commenting cause it means a page view and that’s about all Paul has left in the game. Kinda sad how many people joke about him at A2iM meetings and panels. Poor guy. This is his life now.

  93. Anonymous

    I cant wait to see BigHit take you to court and sue your lying asses.




    Honey, its called puberty.
    Which i understand that you dont know because of that low intellegence you have from making this post.

  96. doyouknowanyyeonghaseyo

    DO YOU KNOW MAKE UP ? DO YOU KNOW WEIGHT LOSS? NO? Big Hit is too broke for pay them to have plastic surgery . okay? shut up.

  97. shut up

    Dont make a news just for sensation , you didnt even know what they doing.

  98. Paul has negative jams

    This guy is so dumb for seriously wondering if BTS are plastic surgery monsters…they’re music artists, judge them by their songs. (which are really good in my opinion)

  99. Anonymous

    What do u mean? That they are beautiful because of chemicals and all that stuff? MEAN!!!!!!! U can’t insult our fandom like that!

  100. g

    Jesus, even the plastic surgeon can realize that BTS is NOT addicted to plastic surgery. I agree with most of what he/she said, but the one complaint i have is the whole lot of nose surgery. Personally, I think a lot of it can look different as recent photos are photoshopped for skin, and makeup can go very far (contour wise).

  101. Maryann

    That was funny. I doubt you visited any plastic surgeon, because this article is another version of other kpop articles about BTS plastic surgeries.

    I think you had a plastic surgery. ON HIPS FATTENING.

  102. Dani

    What if they had plastic surgery? Would you love them less for that? You guys are in denial, I get It but there’s nothing wrong with plastic surgery. Almost every single idol has had some kind of procedure, including the antis’ faves. Hobi is my ultimate bias and I couldn’t care less if he’s had surgeries or not. But… you wanted BTS to be big in America, now they are being used for attention, likes and so on. Everything has its price.

    • Vany

      But the truth is, they never did. Plus, everything about Hobi is just pure bs. Even a fool can’t be fooled. If Hoseok already is afraid of getting piercings, think about him getting surgeries. He’ll literally shit himself and then faint.

  103. not an army

    I can’t see any big change in any one of them, really. I mean, if we compare with hollywood people, there’s nothing at all. People like lindsay lohan, or even gisele bundchen, that only a blind wouldn’t notice their surgeries

  104. I love BTS♥

    BTS does not have aesthetic surgery. They are beautiful from Mother Nature 🙂 They are beautiful Beauty Natures. They did not make aesthetic surgery. Because they are natural.

  105. NYC Army

    I could tell from the beginning of the article it was going to be so lame. There are so many factors, such as what kind of picture they use, age & puberty. He’s not as pro as he seems because he keeps saying “I can’t tell” Obviously you can’t tell, the angles aren’t good, the pictures have either bad quality or over edited. You would need a legit face shot as a before & after. I’m not a “pissed fan”, I’m just stating facts. One thing is true if they DID go under the knife it really is minor. If you write something about plastic surgery, USE GOOD PICTURES & at least know the person’s real name and not just stage name. Your credibility sucks and you might’ve as well not have written it at all.

  106. ding dong ur opinion is wrong

    Hi Paul,

    I know upset fans tend to have a hard time articulating their arguments in a well thought out and organised manner. I would like to do so.

    First of all, BTS is famous in Korea for being a group with no plastic surgery. In a place where it is so common, trust me, they can tell. Using a Beverly Hills surgeon who says he has studied “Asian faces” is incomparable to an actual plastic surgeon in Korea saying that he believes they have had no procedures done.

    For the comparison, you have used pictures in which they are wearing full stage make up. This means contouring and eyeshadow, both which can change features appearances slightly. Eyeshadow in particular is often used to create the appearance of larger eyes or double eyelids. If you wanted to have an unbiased comparison, you should have used pictures from their Bon Voyage series, where they never wear make up, and it is clear to see that their eyes, in particular Suga’s, are monolided. Also, the fact that they would actually show their bare face, something that not many idols do in Korea, shows confidence that they are not going to get “caught out” for plastic surgery because their is nothing to catch.

    The surgeon touches on the fact that J-Hope’s nose is atypical. Their are multiple photos of his sister and father in which they have the exact same nose. It is clearly genetic.

    Last but not least, the title “Is BTS addicted to plastic surgery is outright clickbait.

    Please check yourself before you wreck yourself.

  107. jimin is my bias wrecker i love yoongi

    its called puberty, moron

    and it hit jimin like a truck

  108. Anonymous

    yeah god stop being so stupid not all stars have to do plastic surgery its called ¨natural beauty¨

  109. anonymous

    hey! I just noticed you posted this not long after it was announced that bts would perform at the american music news. My question is, and i know you like to avoid this one, but what exactly is your problem with bts? Why are you so bitter and why do you repost negative articles whenever they achieve something great? You sure do love trying to run their name into the ground, its sad really, you’re a middle aged man, supposedly a journalist, but you have this massive hate boner for a group of 7 young korean men who have done absolutely nothing to you, and it just comes across as sad and pathetic, and rather than ruining bts’ career with this defamation, its ruined the legitimacy of your website.

  110. emmajfc

    I always come back to this article for the lols. I don’t know why I find the whole thing amusing, I just do.

  111. ARMY

    You don’t know anything about BTS and not everyone gets plastic surgery, it’s puberty dumbass!

  112. your crush is showing

    we get it, you’re obsessed with them, do I blame you? Nah. Should you maybe get your feelings out with some heartfelt love letter to them instead of obsessing over them like you breathe air every second of the day? Definitely.

  113. Anahi

    LOL. I couldn’t stop chuckling on reading this report. They may have had surgery, but I do not see major differences in the photos. I just assumed that their faces changed due to puberty or weight loss/gain. Keep in mind that they were boys when they debuted and they are growing up before our eyes, so there are bound to be some facial changes. Haha, what he said about Taehyung tho

  114. Rana

    This website should rename itself to FAKE DIGITAL MUSIC NEWS. FYI- If you search photos of J-Hope’s family, you will see both his parents have prominent high bridge noses. Especially his father does not look like a very atypical Asian face. Some people are just born with it and if not, who cares when he can dance like that along with his unique charisma and personality. I know people who are not celebrities and have had more work done than what is suggested here. Rap Mon honestly looks the same as before and his IQ is what makes him appealing. BTS is popular because their inner beauty shines through their music, lyrics, dancing, humor, realness, sweetness and being humble. & def Jimin is just blessed with that expressive face as the surgeon confirmed.

  115. ok

    OMG BTS is to good looking even doctors think they have had plastic surgery procedures

  116. A Human?

    I hate the news soooo much… people need to stop gossiping every five secs and look at who they are and realize they have better things to do….
    We should love one another and love ourselves… not bring ACTUAL people down or start dumb crap about them… please, stop trying to act like you guys know things when you hardly know the members names, let alone what they have/haven’t done….. thank you… i’m done…

  117. I feel like 100% the one who write this article is an anti-fan of BTS! Literally, how could someone go ask a real doctor in plastic surgery about someone but don’t know that person name? U don’t know Jhope real name? Me too, I don’t know u have a brain or not:)



  119. Emily

    Jungkook’s face looks a little bit shorter and nose a little bit smaller, but i don’t think he had a plastic surgery, that’s just puberty, because my face changes just after two years. I am 15 right now and it’s a little bit shorter than when i was 12 or 13 yrs. And with the nose, same, it’s a little bit smaller… So he had no surgery. That’s my thoughts about him. And actually i don’t care about that they had a plastic surgery or not, i love them just the way they are…

  120. Im human ._,

    Wtf i laughed a little when i saw what they said on taehyung’s face??? no doubt that he’s really handsome af

  121. Min Yoongi

    Even if they had any surgeries its nobody’s business, and it’s not being a bad role model because they are not screaming “Change your face so people will love you or accept you” with their ‘adjusted’ face if they even have one they tell their fans to love themselves and their beautiful so never change. Honestly, in my opinion, he wasn’t being fair when he put a photo of Tae as a kid or at least 13 and under when he used photos of the other guys during or around the time of their debut I love Tae so don’t think I’m hating.

  122. A

    Your oppars got some minor plastic surgery get the fuck over ittt

    • B

      your daddies and mommies got major plastic surgery. get the fuck over itttt

  123. btsadultfan

    This article (if we can even call it that), just goes to show even more BTS’s natural beauty. JHope is too fabulously for this world!!! His exterior perfection isn’t even an ounce of his inner beauty, ground shaking talent, sparkling magnetic spirit that lights the world on fire and inspires depressed fans to have a purpose to strive better each day. Why not have an “expert” weigh in on that? Jimin, Jin, Jungkookie, V were just born to shine and perfect as the expert tells it like it is. RM & Suga have the most swag ever and are just hot because of their shining confidence and smart minds leading BTS to through the galaxy and beyond. Peace and love yourself, don’t spread hate and fake news to get clicks, plz. #adultfan

  124. Noona

    I love how the surgeon has an instant crush on V lol. He isnt called CG V for no small reason 😛

  125. Take this down

    Sorry but this was a shit article. What makes me laugh is that it’s only because of the angles each pic was and them losing baby fat. Jhope did not get surgery on his nose what the fuck. His sister Jung da won has the same fucking nose structure. Same bridge same nostrils. Genetics man. The jungkook one PLEASE. The one on the right (the now) has a weird angle to it. That doesn’t look like him LMAOO and he was sixteen in the pic on the right. How you gonna compare a 16 yr old to 20 years old ??? He hasn’t even hit puberty then. Crying. All of them lost baby fat lol you can tell cuz even recently during the summer jungkook had super chubby cheeks jimin too but they lost it real quick for the comeback into jaw sharp sculpted statues. I hope you get sued by bighit loll for defamation.


      same lmao I searched up more pics of Jungkook and Ho-seok with better angle, better lighting, etc. and it didn’t look like they had plastic surgery

  126. wtf...

    Honestly, this is just a bunch of bs, BitHit cant afford for them to have done plastic surgery and they look different because of intense dieting, exercising and they also work for more than 12 hours a day like of course they’d/they’ve lost weight. if you were an army you should know that they work hard. puberty must have also hit them all hard and plus now they wear makeup. I’m actually disgusted an army actually asked a plastic surgeon about this. I suggest should be taken down…


    BTS’S FACES WERE OBVIOUSLY NATURAL! (okay, maybe not 100% natural, but they’re probably at the very least 98% natural) Now, a lot of people are gonna say that I’m biased or whatever, stuff like that. BUT I’M NOT! I put aside my personal opinions about BTS and considered it and it’s NOT true!!! Whatever that “doctor” says is false! You can’t judge a person’s face by a photo! Their before debuted pictures probably had worse lighting, worse make-up on (no offense, just that they probably didn’t have as much practice as they do now), etc.



  129. Its like 3:30am Why am I reading this?

    I just spent like half an hour reading these comments. Nice job ARMY giving out facts to protect our boys. I especially love how you guys brought up the fact that Hobi is too scared to even get piercings, I think the idea of him getting plastic surgery would make him pass out from fear XD. Aaaaaah, this was just overall incredibly hilarious to read.

    • I'm done with paul.

      Bro Same tho omfg it’s like 3:30 AM here too and I’m reading this useless article but it’s so retarded I can’t help but laugh ??I guess Paul is just super bored SMFH

  130. lilac

    wtf they haven’t had any procedures done they have ONLY gone through puberty and wear makeup and have diets which make their skin look perfect they are human and aren’t perfect though they do get pimples etc and don’t hate on them they haven’t done anything against you..

  131. Bangtan is Life

    BTS NEVER HAD PLASTIC SURGERY. Except RM. But he only had surgery because it was told that he had difficulty in breathing and some other reasons therefore he had to do slight changes. That’s it.

  132. Anon Kpopper

    I think a lot of BTS army is getting carried away, like yeah it does look like some of them got slight bits of plastic surgery, mainly on the nose and jawlines but it’s very subtle. I’m no expert but puberty can’t change what’s already there e.g a nose shape a smaller chin sharpening a jaw line to a huge extent and even without make up they look perfect which is actually impossible. So don’t get so vicious, it’s a fandom where people enjoy the music not just the face so relax a little.

  133. happytomato

    get off their dicks let them live they grow and change like humans they shouldnt be judged even if they did get some procedures done, which i bet they did

  134. nopee

    wheni first saw jhope i thought he had a nose job too. but his nose looks unnatural from birth. i mean if he did one, it must have been when he was 14 or idk. if he did one its just a little one.

  135. Taehyun

    This is so annoying. How would u say someone did plastic when u were not with them.Any way plastic or real I ❤️ BTS .thanks V oppa for being the best bias wrecker ?

  136. an army that knows the boys well enough to know this is a load of bollocks

    The fact is that Hoseok is so scared of needles he won’t even get his ears pierced, yet, despite that, we’re still meant to believe he’d somehow be willing to have nose/bone alteration/eyelids cut? Rofl I call bs

  137. Christina

    From the beginning and title this author made it seem that bts are addicted to plastic surgery and that the before pictures were horrendous- it puts such a bad image into peoples minds! But the surgeon literally couldnt pin point one large surgery any boy had. You got your clicks, but at the loss of your pride as a writer.

  138. Justanarmy

    So what if they actually had plastic surgery? It’s their right. As long as they’re not “addicted”, as long as it’s not harmful for them, as long as it doesn’t change who they are and their creativity, why not? Maybe (maybe) some of them had gotten under the knife, but who cares anyway? I’d still love my boyz ?

  139. haters= pieces of shit who are the most flawed....

    Im so fucking done with all you fucking hater’s bullshit like what the actual fuck are you shits doing with your lives. This angers me so much. You no shit about them to begin with. The damn person who wrote this article doesn’t even know j-hope’s real name. so when you come at them like they are plastic surgery addicts you are actually sick. Comparing them to western culture of plastic surgery addiction Is actually sick like get a life. first of all they are NOT going for a western look. If you think their features look different bitch it’s called makeup. I’m aware I’m not being very mature talking in such a manner and basically not spending my time on anything worth it; however, the fact that you brought me to tears while reading this is horrible. these boys work really hard to get where they are YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT THEM. THEY STRUGGLED WITH DIETING AND STARVATION TO LOOK GOOD FOR US AND ALL PEOPLE THINK OF SAYING IS THAT THEY ARE PS ADDICTS. just cause the American culture is fucked the fuck up doesn’t mean that everybody is messed up like you. these people aren’t “daddies” “oppas” “angels” they are FUCKING HUMAN AND BETTER THAN YOUR FUCKING EXISTENCE BITCH. if you are gonna fuck with their appearances with out even knowing them and their fucking personalities then get the fuck out of here and look at your disgusting flawed self in the mirror. (wow I’m really immature but sorry not sorry bitch)

  140. Lol

    Hahahaha it’s funny because America media wants them so badly to have had plastic surgery. They really need to learn from their mistakes and see that BTS is really just a naturally beautiful group of men.

  141. 31n95

    We should totally report this page,spreading untrue rumours.Tf.
    Read more facts about them b4 u say anything bad about them.
    If we coincidentally meet one day,I swear I will slap u up down left right!!!

  142. Bullshit

    This is nonsensical.Please don’t tell me someone expertising in plastic surgeries don’t know what is contouring and make up.You showed him before and after pictures WITH Bts having make ups on and asked him to differentiate whether they had done something to their features?Bullshit.
    Btw,fyi there’s also something called white washing,puberty and weight loss.
    A whole damn lot of factors can change someone’s appearance other then plastic surgery okay?

  143. Sia

    Makeup plays a big role in their appearance too they often contour their noses but I don’t know much about the plastic surgery being true or not .

  144. lmaoo

    do yall have a problem with bts, DMN? the articles about them are hilariously pathetic. “Addicted to Plastic Surgery” and “RM is nothing without BTS” Because he didnt have a whole Mixtape in 2015 that was very popular, right? If it was released around Jhopes mixtape, it would of been on Itunes charts and shit…

  145. ...

    ive been a fan since the beginning so i would know and those pictures are all before puberty and there were no sudden changes in their faces thee whole time not all Asians look the same its just age weight dieting exercise puberty

  146. Anon

    I respect your professional opinion bir he’s the truth…

    Like any ARMY would say, that’s what dieting+puberty+make up does to BTS.

    Rapmon had a surgery to correct his nasal septum deviation and j-hope’s jawline was shaped like that even before they went worldwide famous. They are considerably fair in the photos coz a lot of fans like to whitewash their pictures.. It’s not a bad thing fam, it’s just minor photo enhancements.

    Why ARMYs appears to be over defensive over this matter?

    Well this boys went through a lot of dieting back on their trainee days eating only chicken breast for weeks or even months just to shed of some weight and achieve that “idol-look”. Jimin and jungkook barely eats. Not our boys.. not BTS OK?

  147. You Guys Are ROOOoooOOoooOooOooD


  148. Ahjumma ARMY

    They have lose weight. They dieted like hell. They even mentioned in one of their broadcast that they will never do starvation diet again. Not to mention, they were all teens when they all started, they could have shedded their baby fats. Most of the before pictures used are when they are younger. They use make up to correct their imperfections,they have a team to handle that.

  149. Ahjumma ARMY

    and where is the credibility of that person who is giving assessemnt when he/she can not be named on the article? This article will be forwarded to BigHit.

  150. sandra

    i agree ^^^^ , maybe its just make up, and we dont really know if that doctor or surgeon or whatever he is–is a proffesional. we dont know his name, an we cant just trust your word.

  151. Bonnie

    “maybe this guy is naturally blessed with that Western look this band seems to be going for” what exactly is western look? I am chinese with double eyelid so I am not eastern looking?

  152. VisMine

    OMG, all these fan girls defending BTS. But please be realistic… u know how young kpop stars starts their training at their company? U think trainees just get discarded by their company if they turn out to be ugly later? No, they get plastic surgery. Koreans say over 90% of the Kpop Stars had surgery. Even as a commoner I can tell that J-Hopes nose doesnt look natural. BTW I like BTS. Jung kook and V are my favourite.

    • aarrmmyy

      I also think that no one’s done anything to their faces except for jhope’s nose, it looks really unnatural in some angles. *Disclaimer*I’m saying this as an Army and I love BTS.

  153. That's ludicrous... ¬¬

    There is something called makeup and editing…
    In the first photos they were not wearing makeup and were teenagers.
    Of course there’ll be a big difference!

  154. love myself

    ARMY i think we should stop getting angry over bullshit because we all know they didnt getting surgeries and to be honest it doesnt really matter even if they did.I still love them and i am pretty sure you all do as well.People always say,”Don’t judge others”,”Its what on the inside That matters not appearances”. so it really shouldnt matter how their faces look we love BTS for their music n dance n lyrics not just their faces and honestly is it really hard to accept that my boys are just naturally perfect looking

  155. .

    Seriously guys, calm down with the hate comments. Everybody has a bad side so BTS can’t be all perfect like all these comments say. Also I don’t really think they had plastic surgery. Those differences can be aquired using makeup. ARMY, just take a deep breath and calm the frick down

    • .

      It’s also because BigHit did not have a lot of money before BTS so it they did have plastic surgery it’s very little. And who cares that they did have plastic surgery? They are still the same people, so stop acting like a drama queen armys and just deal with it

      • .

        On another note ARMYs, stop over reacting like 3 year olds. If someone doesn’t agree with your opinion, you can just say “sorry I don’t agree because of this” instead of “SHUT THE FUCK UP” and “FUCK OFF YOU BITCH”. That’s just really rude

  156. You and your website are a pile of poop

    Hello poophead Paul. I hope you’re spending your day realizing how miserable your life is if this is what you spend it doing.
    First off, I want to start by saying
    What. The. Actual. Crud.
    Like actually what. What the crud is wrong with you. I thought I had seen the dumbest of the dumb but kudos to you, you’ve proved me wrong. You’ve taken the cake. Like literally, I actually did not know that people could be t.h.i.s. s.t.u.p.i.d.
    Where do I even begin? Let’s talk about the elephant in the room.
    Oh, I do apologize. I wasn’t aware that Koreans didn’t go through the natural human process of growing and going through puberty and that they have to have plastic surgery to look even remotely attractive. Thank you for informing me. I can also now see that cameras, lighting, angles, and makeup have no effect whatsoever on a person’s appearance. Thank you for educating me.
    Next, let’s talk about Namjoon. Mmmmmmm boy, when I read the “surgeon” claiming that he had ps on his nose, I about screamed and threw my phone out the window. Oh, I’m sorry. You’re so right. He shouldn’t have had an operation on the INSIDE of his nose to take care of a severe breathing problem that could actually cause him to suffocate if he didn’t wear a CPAP machine while he slept. Yeah, he was totally just trying to look better.
    Now let’s move on to Jung Hoseok. Oh wait, that’s right. You’re too lazy to even look up his real name so you only know him by his stage name. Well suck it up bro cause I’m calling him by his actual name. If you don’t you who I’m talking about, you can drag your lazy fingers over to your keyboard to look it up. I just want to say once again, What. The. Actual. Freaking. Crud. WHY ON EARTH WOULD YOU SAY HE DOESN’T LOOK LIKE AN ASIAN. Are you God? Are you the one who decided what all of their varying faces should look like? Last time I checked, you weren’t, so SHUT THE FREAK UP. Oh, wait a second. I just realized that I have made a grave mistake. I didn’t realize that in addition to being exempt from puberty, Asians all look the exact same and are incapable of having varying facial structures. You know what that’s called? RACISM. Poopface Paul, both you and your little poopface “plastic surgeon” friend are both racist. You are both implying all Asians, especially Koreans, have plastic surgery, and that without it, they can’t be beautiful. And if you claim that that’s not what you meant, I don’t know what else you expected me to get from it. We did not just choose BTS for their looks, as you so ignorantly stated when you were talking about Jin. We chose these boys because of who they are as people and the wonderful music they create. I have never met a person who isn’t naturally beautiful, because unlike you, I take the time to see who people are on the inside. Even if BTS had had plastic surgery, I would still love them as much as I do now. Why? Because I love who they are on the inside. I feel bad for you poopface Paul. You’ve decided to waste your life being a petty barrel of bitter salt.
    I hope you know that I am reporting you, your article, and your whole excuse for a website to BigHit. You wanna go Poopface Paul? Let’s go. You just locked horns with the wrong fandom.

  157. :|

    “He might have an eye issue that is causing his right eye to stray”
    For those who don’t know, Jin actually said that he was blinking a lot and stuff like that because he is wearing contact lensesmost of the time which irritates his eyes.

  158. Cypher Pt 5

    i find this hilarious to be entirely honest. its virtually impossible to tell what they’ve had done through these photos, regardless of how many years of training one has had. the lighting, makeup, and angles all play a huge role and even the professional was doubting his opinions. regardless though, this article is entirely useless. even if they had plastic surgery, why should it matter to anyone else? as long as theyre happy with the way they look and they dont push plastic surgery on everyone else (which they dont), it really shouldnt be an issue. no matter how many expert opinions you get, the bottom line is that none of it is fact, its solely speculation. with that, kindly get laid and stop obsessing over what these boys do with their faces and bodies.

  159. not tryna be difficult

    i think the title in kind of obnoxious but otherwise i like the article. Yes at times i felt kind of sad for our boys but,, they make their own decisions and they can do whatever they want.

  160. RJ


  161. Constructive feedback ARMY ASF

    Excuse me, but what the fuck.

  162. Anonymous

    “compared to most american pop stars, the difference is massive” well the simple answer here is that they aren’t american pop stars. korean pop stars dress and have different standards. saying they do too much plastic surgery? they don’t do any. and literally all of the plastic surgeons said there was most likely none done. jin’s first pic was from high school. he literally just grew up. all of them just grew up. they aged a bit and lost/gained weight. like there are barely any differences. stfu

  163. ?

    maybe you shouldn’t present opinions as facts, and haven’t you ever thought about puberty? lol i think nobody looks like when they were kids when they’re grownups. it’s ridiculous to claim that they’ve had procedures when it could’ve been natural? don’t get what you gain from it.

  164. seriously

    they obviously didn’t get plastic surgery. the only reasons they would look different is puberty and their style. even if a professional plastic surgeon thinks that they did, thats just his/hers own personal opinion. it doesn’t mean that they actually got plastic surgery cause they dont know anything about it except that it looks like they got plastic surgery. so what? even if they did get plastic surgery, true bts fans would still love them no matter what. sorry if this is not what this article is about and like what i said, this is just an opinion. i just wouldn’t get why people think they got plastic surgery. just because they look perfect or anything doesn’t mean they did. some people get it because they want it or because they dont think they are pretty or handsome enough. even if they look very different from when they are younger, some people change a lot and dont even look the some when they are older.

  165. Bitch dafuq

    Look western people, BTS has never had plastic surgery they are naturally beautiful, didn’t you know that makeup and fucking puberty can also change someone’s appearance? Not only makeup all you westerners try to hard to make BTS look bad and honestly I don’t think anybody is buying it because you can clearly see there is No difference before and after.

  166. Anonymous

    Does the fact that Rm has gotten surgery in February for a breathing problem or does it bug you that you pictures pictures right in the area that they debuted. Jesus christ go actually do research on them. They have lost weight and have grown. Rm 19, Jin 20, Suga 20, Jhope 19, Jimin 18, V 18, Jungkook 15. The ages they all debuted at. AGAIN they have aged and lost weight and have become older!


    Most of what I want to say is already written but please get your facts straight and do some research because it’s clearly obvious that you’ve used their pictures from school, and then compared it to them when grown up. Ever heard of something called puberty? Yeah, that happened, NOT plastic surgery. They are all naturally beautiful, and there are no changes evident. This was such a pointless thing to do, AND ontop of that, write the title as “BTS addicted to plastic surgery”? I can’t believe low-lifes like you exist. First of all, get your facts, do your research, and STOP using these fake, misleading titles. People like you don’t deserve to write blogs with FALSE accusations on idols and celebrities.

  168. jimin's left eye

    are you really that obsessed and bored that you just suddenly bring the topic of bts for attention?

  169. Curious

    This was published in 2017, has anyone reported this to Bighit yet?

  170. Lilmeowmeow

    1) I think the caption of this article is over the top.

    2)BTS are not addicted to plastic surgery. Just acknowledge perfection when you see it and stop trying to analyse low quality pictures of a couple of awesome Asian dudes who are just trying to make good music. Come to think of it,So what if they have plastic surgery. It ain’t your face or your money,Is it?

    BTW, I Stan bts. Could you tell?

  171. X

    This is so fucking stupid why the hell is this bullshit loaded site bullshitting about talented people like the members of BTS???!! I bet whoever wrote this a sack of shit living in their moms basement that has nothing better to do then to slag of people more talented

  172. A pissed off army

    Whoever wrote this is clearly full of shit like not only do they not even know RM’s real name but they don’t understand that makeup and puberty can change a persons appearance!!!

  173. Fuckthehelloff

    Why is this site bullshitting about K-pop so much? ?????

  174. LaLaLa I’m drowning out ur crap


  175. Angel

    This article is just so misleading. So many things are wrong with it. We all literally have no idea what happened behind this article, we don’t even know if they even meet a plastic surgeon for real or not. The chances are really high for this article to be wrong and it’s most likely to be other factors that contribute to bts members’ beauty like diet change, weight loss, luxury and comfort in life (do not forget the fact that money and love changes people), there intense skin care routine, make up, traditional korean techniques and therapies for beauty, lower levels of sadness and stress and higher levels of satisfaction and happiness, less exposure of sun and rough environment, exercises and mainly puberty. I’m not denying this article completely but the chances of it being real are really low and things like this can damage our bts’ image.
    + they’re not thirsty for western validation, they just want the world to acknowledge their message and it’s their dedication to their work and their uniqueness which is getting them this western light.

  176. Cheryl

    The only member who has surgery is RM that was on his nose only. He use to snore very loudly and heavy. After he had surgery he was able to breathe normal. None of the other boys had anything done to them. It is called make up. Make up can change a person skin. I prefer you not to say anything at all rather then assume crap.

  177. Anonymous

    Plastic SurgeonHHHHH You made me laugh !!
    Jungkook is so freaking handsome (literally the most beautiful man alive).It’s because of his father.. who’s seriously just as handsome as Jungkook! It seems like the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, dang.It’s not just his dad, too. His mother is just as beautiful and could easily pass for his sister or even a classmate in some of their photos together!

  178. Pissed off

    Namjoons pictures were completely different angles so of course the nose looks different, most do! And suga looked like maybe he had idk like MAKEUP on or something. And honestly I don’t know how the “surgeon” is saying Hoseok had plastic surgery. Like I saw no differences except idk like PUBERTY maybe. None that were surgical. And there isn’t just one set facial structure for koreans, or any Asians actually, so saying he couldn’t look like that natural is crap. If you doubt it just look at his mom and sister, like shit he looks like a male version of his sister. And I don’t understand the ears? Like they look the same, just a different angle because they aren’t professional before and after photos and there are large age gaps between the photos so of course things changed. People change as they mature. And Jin didn’t get pigment whatever (blanking on what it’s called) he just started wearing sunscreen and was more careful not to tan, like most other Kpop stars, unless they want to or they are naturally darker, like Kai(EXO). I used to be pretty dark too, then I started college and working and I didn’t have time to go play outside so I stopped getting tan, and bam I’m lighter no plastic surgery or whatever required. Honestly this entire article is garbage. The writer didn’t bother to look up names, and I doubt there was an actual surgeon, I bet the writer was just pulling this all out his ass. And all the little random things in blue are shit too. Like maybe don’t be an ass next time and do your research properly and diligently.

  179. Leslie

    Aucuns des membres de BTS n’a subit la moindre petite intervention de chirurgie plastique hors-mi RM pour raisons médicales et très légères! On ne peux sérieusement pas comparer des photos qui ont au minimum 5 ans d’écarts! Vous allez pas me faire avaler qu’en 5 ans minimum, vos gueules ont pas ne serait-ce que légèrement changés!!! Perso si je devais me comparer moi à il y a 5 ans, on verrais pas énormément de différence, mais si je compare avec ma soeur, dans ce cas elle elle s’est fait refaire tout le visage! Elle a plus du tout la même tête, tellement que lorsqu’ont a croisé par hasard notre grand-père qu’elle avait pas vu depuis justement 5 ans, il a cru que c’était une de mes amis alors que pas du tout…. C’est pour dire, ça a aucun interêt de comparer de vieilles photos à des récentes.
    Et si ça suffit pas à certains, une raison bien simple prouvant qu’ils n’ont JAMAIS eu recourt à la chirurgie: BigHit l’interdit pour leurs artistes tout simplement. Allez pas chercher plus loin.

    Donc conclusion: Leur visage est magnifique naturellement et sans aucun artifices. Ils prennent juste soins d’eux avec des produits de beauté ou du maquillage point barre!!!!!!!!

  180. Jess

    Bitch please if they actually picked decent pics instead of those where things were even blurry or the face was captured from a weird angle just for the purpose of the article, then the surgeon might have see that except for RM’s nose, which was btw to make him breath better cuz it’s hard to rap with a breathing problem, everything it’s all natural and the prepubescent bts are obviously different especially when it comes to jawlines. The most shocking one I read was j-hope’s analyses, if they had picked the right pic the surgeon could have see he looks completely the same

  181. Erin

    While I don’t personally believe that BTS has had plastic surgery, I don’t understand why everyone suddenly gets defensive about people getting it? Plastic surgery is normal in the k-pop industry and why should we shame a person who wants to change how they look? It’s honestly not that big of deal. Jesus, stop acting like everyone is a hater if they mention plastic surgery. It shouldn’t be used as an insult.

  182. ---

    Biatch, get your facts straight. They didn’t do ANY of your baseless ‘procedures’ for that stupid ‘plastic surgery’. Naturally, they’re all blessed with such ethereal beauty, what can you do about it? So sit down and shut the f*ck up.

  183. When will good journalists come back from the war?

    This is bad journalism. How can anyone, even a professional, make an accurate analysis when only provided with two images?

  184. Anonymous

    if you wanna write a story at least do you’re fucking research. “i only know his stage name” WELL THEN LOOK IT UP IM SURE ITS THE FIRST THING THATLL POP UP BC GUESS WHOSE MORE POPULAR THAN YOU? stop using their fame to gain attention u fucking attention whore. you know what else is stupid? basing a before and after that only has one picture each and can provide things that are out of context like bruh you obviously have not thought this through. why am i writing this. can we just sue them now that bighit is accepting cases? rly some ppl needa fucking learn how to think before they can start writing oh my god

  185. Anonymous

    its only natural that they’re jealous. if i saw a group of angels so beautiful i wouldn’t believe it was all natural wither but you know BTS? yeh they’re practically angels with naturally beautiful faces, so beautiful that people cant believe it and start to accuse them of having plastic surgery. #whathasthiswordcometo #peopledontthinkbeautycanbenaturalanymore #notallperfectionisfake #theyreperfectintheirownways stream idol for clear skin, good health, and good grades 😉

  186. Poptae

    To be honest, I actually thought that Hoseok’s nose is fake because it looked like a nose of a Barbie doll but then I saw his pre-puberty pictures and dang, he really was blessed to have that naturally sculpted beautiful nose haha.

    Also, I love the part that they have nothing to say to Taehyung. His face is just a natural and rare piece of art.

  187. Probably just noticed something very obvious

    Am I the only one that noticed that all these BTS articles are written by the same person..

  188. why

    This dude really dug up their childhood pictures and compared it to them now. Even if they did have surgery, it’s not really worth making an article on. It’s most likely puberty, changes in diet, exercise, skin care, makeup, and a whole bunch of other things. Not to mention the pictures were taken with cameras of vast quality difference.

  189. Anonymous

    RM did have surgery though. But it was for a deviated septum so that he could BREATHE AND STAY ALIVE. But overall it doesn’t matter if they had surgery or not, looks might be very important for most Kpop artists but BTS already have their own unique looks and their music is amazing.

  190. BTS have never gotten surgery

    Look, they have NEVER had any plastic surgery. BTS themselves have even said, there is no plastic surgery! Even look at the pictures, they look the same to me. Especially all this crap about J-Hope’s nose, that’s just his nose. It’s always been that way. And if they had gotten plastic surgery, it wouldn’t matter. However, none of them have gotten anything done.

  191. BTS Defender

    None of the members have ever had plastic surgery. Each member is all natural. Though you may think they’ve had plastic surgery it may be because some of them have been through some health operations. Suga has had many health problems, RM had a nose problem, Jungkook has a nasal problem which isn’t serious. They are all natural, they’ve been number 1 for the most handsome non plastic surgery boy group.

  192. Anonymous

    don’t frigin mess with army if you are really bored go ess with exo or something not army you don’t even know what your dealing with over here although your very right about v non of the members got any plastic surgery it’s ALL natural let me repeat ALL OF IT BOTTOM TO TOP HUN also wtf the title ? why the heck would bts be addicted to plastic surgery if they never had any ?!?!?!?


      They were all not even done with puberty *facepalms*

    • ARMY

      Hey buddy umm some ARMY are multi fandom so yeah… but to this author don’t fuck with any big fandoms or your going to get fucking ran over…how bout you actually look up some real ass facts and maybe take a note to 2


    BTS have not gotten plastic surgery they were really young when they debut so it is no surprise they look different ??‍♀️

  194. SJW

    Many embarrassing and really immature responses here from fans (giving away their young age) who fly off the handle if any criticism is aimed at their favs.

    Actually if you lot bothered to read this guy’s opinions instead of going into attack mode he’s been highly complimentary about BTS on the whole. There are things he isn’t sure of and he states that. He admits it is difficult to tell from photos.

    So I dunno why you are getting mad, most of BTS he thinks have had little to nothing done. The only thing I will respectfully disagree with him on is regarding J-Hope.

    J-Hope might not have a ‘typical Asian face’ but you only have to look at J-Hope’s own father to see where he got his long nose and face shape from. His face was the same at school. I am not saying minor nips and tucks haven’t been performed (idk) but I don’t think anything extensive because his father’s face is exactly the same. You can tell straight away he is his son. The sister has inherited the same long nose and sharp features.

    Also Korean people are a mishmash of Asian racial groups so to say there is a ‘typical Asian face’ is probably being a bit presumptive tbh.

  195. Anonymous

    Uuuhhhh ok it’s called puberty!!! And makeup!! I know you hear this a lot, but NONE of the members have gotten plastic surgery, only Namjoon [RM] had surgery for medical reasons. Stop spreading rumors and do your research beforehand, thank you!

  196. OH MY GOD

    Don’t y’all know Purity?? Those photos we’re before they debuted. They were like 14-18!! And you must know that American artist had plastic surgery too! Not just Koreans or Japanese.

  197. KILL ME PLS

    Those pictures were before they debuted. They were like 14-18!

  198. Anonymous

    Trying to look at the positives, he said the other 5 probably didn’t have surgery. That’s pretty good going. I would be suspicious if he trashed the whole lot of them.

  199. Kat

    Ok I can see two places where you obviously didn’t do much digging to find other possiblities and that’s for RM and Jin. Yes RM had nose surgery but it WAS NOT cosmetic, he had a deviated septum and it was interfering with his breathing and sleep. Jin has not had any pigmentation changes, that right photo is just whitewashed.

  200. Anonymous

    There is also this thing called puberty but whatever floats your boat man

  201. a genius

    Nice story but we all know the truth already 🙂 BTS is all natural

  202. aarrmmyy

    Jimin going for that western look? WTF? Jimin’s like the cutest looking Korean mochi ever. Stop your white-washing bullsh*t!


    Listen i don’t give a crap if you call them girls but naming this article “Is BTS Addicted to plastic Surgery ” is a bit too much. I don’t know if you know anything about Kpop Idols so i will let this one go but knowing BigHit they would probably never let them get plastic surgery and BTS have to much self respect to fix their face oh and another thing THEY ARE BEAUTIFUL!

  204. None of your bussiness

    pArDOn? Ummmmm I feel like the bs alarm is BLARING!!!!!! BTS literally NEVER had cosmetic surgery. No lip filters like Kylie, no butt injections like ALL of the Kardashian’s, nothing! But the only surgery’s they had was for Suga who injured himself on his ear. And Namjoon had heart surgery that had not much of a chance of living. Honestly just fucking delete the article this this one of the most dumbest ways to come after them. While your there making you’re articles saying: BTS iS looSing mOney aBout tIme, BTS aDdIcTiVe tO pLAstic sUrGurY?!?! There making money and appears on TV and actually making an impact on the world your just sad in your trailer


    Just see pictures when they were little, specially for Jhope that has the most hard critics in surgery. Literally his nose is exactly the same as in the baby pictures.

  206. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


  207. Anonymous

    Well these fcking army thing is just bullshit,u guys just don’t accept reality and just believed whats told like puppy to a dog worst, a pig.well i been to korean myself and the peeps on street are like celebrity. Just get ur life together….pity these army who defended their idol for nothing..wining spot in ema was a music industry biggest mistake

  208. Ani

    JHope “before photo” was taken after No More Dream, not even a pre-debut photo.

  209. FioBluStarz

    Thank you so much for taking your time to ask a plastic surgeon his/her opinion but the one sole mistake you made was “Using after debut pictures with makeup such as contouring, whitening, etc” .
    I have actual proof that BTS never had plastic surgery with PREDEBUT pictures as well as AFTER DEBUT pictures BOTH WITHOUT MAKEUP

    SOURCE OF AFTER DEBUT PICS: Their TV show “Bangtan Boys American Hustle Life”
    SOURCE OF PRE DEBUT PICS: All their graduation pictures except for “Jungkook” his picture is his “middle school Taekwondo Certificate”


    Have a nice day.

  210. ARMYohARMY

    Proof I posted that BTS NEVER HAD PLASTIC SURGERY :

    You used “after debut pics” instead of pre debut pics” for a few members and also used pictures of “BTS wearing makeup” to compare with “no makeup” pictures. Hence that led your plastic surgeon to believe they had surgery. Please use pictures without makeup as makeup alters the appearance of nose, chin, jawline, cheeks, eyes, etc.

  211. Anonymous

    Who ever made this does not know and the pictures they took were takking a pic from when they were older and wearing makeup and younger and no makeup well obv its a diffrence if their wearing makeup or not and their puberty stages affected them. and for jhopes if u take to pictures not smiling then one smiling its obv gonna look diffrent cause hes smiling. and rm had surgery on his heart NOT PLASTIC. yes they were alot of makeup because well their forced to by the ibighit and all kpop groups wear makeup. No american surgeon is gonna tell either that they got plastic surgeory or not they didnt even meet bts and bts would have said something im sure!

  212. I pity you and your mindset

    What was your point in writing this article? I’m going to be blunt. It’s stupid. To get someone of a different profession to prove something so petty, it so pathetic and desperate that I feel bad for you. This article was enough for you though, judging by how you ended up posting it. It was entertaining to see someone actually try this hard. Thanks, I guess

  213. Anonymous

    FUN FUCKING FACT: most Kpop companies PROHIBIT plastic surgery for their idols. Part of the reason these singers are selected to be in a Kpop group in the first place is bc they r already good-looking and don’t need plastic surgery. Koreans get plastic surgery to look like THEM (the Kpop idols).

  214. ThePersonWhoWroteThisArticleIsJobless

    FUN FUCKING FACT: most Kpop companies PROHIBIT plastic surgery for their idols. Part of the reason these singers are selected to be in a Kpop group in the first place is bc they r already good-looking and don’t need plastic surgery. Koreans get plastic surgery to look like THEM (the Kpop idols).

  215. Anonymous

    It doesnt matter if they had plastic surgery or not, we shouldnt be childish and accept Bangtan the way they are, surgery or not.

  216. !!!

    Yall are dumb af, they didn’t have any plastic surgery, you tellin’ ARMYs that Jhope having a nose job when himself is scared of sharp stuff. RM had his nose surgery since he can’t breathe. Things that make them look different are because of puberty, stage makeup and dieting. Our face doesn’t stays the same like we were 1 year old. Duh! Before you tell us they have plastic surgery, check deeper about them, don’t just said they have based on their looks only. Don’t EVER judge a person by their outside looks! You are digging yourself a grave smh

  217. Sabrina

    Not trying to undermine the doctor’s ability as a professional, but he kept talking about how he can’t tell with just one photo, so obviously some of the assessments may be off considering he was only supplied with one photo to make the judgements off of

  218. ARMY Since Debut

    I see that people are so pissed over this, but the surgeon is not even completely sure about the plastic surgery. He’s saying what he thinks may have occurred. For most of them, he said there may have been little/no plastic surgery. How about everyone calm down and just read the article and leave? We don’t know BTS’ business, so we don’t talk about it. Please, do not get so dramatic over an article. We shouldn’t be like this.

  219. hobihakuna

    This article is pure bullshit. Jung Hoseok (Jhope) a man who is terrified of needles having more than one procedure. This is so annoying, have you never gone through puberty, I don’t look the same as I did when I was 13. Faced change as you grow up, NONE of the members have had cosmetic surgery so far, Namjoon (RM/ RapMonster) has only had nose surgery due to a collapsed septum, if it had gotten any worse he could’ve died. But people always look for an excuse to release shit about anyone popular and successful. I’ve seen articles like this about EXO and Blackpink, they all tell lies. You can’t expect anyone to believe this shit. I’m pretty sure Namjoon isn’t addicted to having a collapsed septum

  220. Hormones Raging

    Who do you believe?
    An experienced plastic surgeon or a bunch of teenagers with their raging hormones?

  221. Ahjumma-ssi

    GN[eqrojgorpgjginrihpgripbr;giflnvfl;gnrw’pjwpjfpchriditnsifcihdidhcidnvienpefipe”feo;ieinvioeltj ji jipkvioletj violtetpo jn violet f’rknpon4t4

    vtiu94y tjpijpf,jo

  222. Anonymous

    What the…… this ic completely not tru afterall BTS members didn’t take a surgery it’s just their puberty ofcourse that pictures of them are several years ago and all people changed even their appearance a bit please big hit didn’t say that BTS had plastic surgery they didn’t even say. BTS members looks is natural for short puberty hits them really hard goshhhhh even you ask big hit for that tch….. and how they will get a plastic surgery BEFORE when they hasn’t enough money for just a plastic surgery tch…… eventhough now they didn’t take a plastic surgery ofcourse South Korea is famous for facial mask or anything to care for their skin tch…….

  223. LMAO

    RM had surgery to fix his nose because he had breathing problems: a deviated septum it only took me less than 5 minutes to search up. Frankly, yes J-hope’s face is unique, but it doesn’t fit Korean standard, if he was to get surgery he would’ve fixed that no? But look at Hoseok’s(the name you do not even know) childhood pictures, same smile, not as sharp nose(but search for high school photos). LASTLY, COMPARE BEFORE TO A BARE FACE BANGTAN PLEASE. makeup does wonders no?

  224. BTS4LIFE

    This is getting me angry, because I highly doubt any of them did plastic surgery. The pictures of before Namjoon is because he had surgery on his nose because of his breathing. The rest of them is puberty, dieting, make up, and the fact that they are blessed. So please stop jumping to conclusions if you don’t know anything about BTS. Also the pictures have make up not them, NEWS FLASH, MAKE UP CHANGES A FACE A LOT. So don’t say anything like this about our boys again. We are not called A.R.M.Y for no reason.

  225. Anonymous

    First off, they’re being (disrespectively) whitewashed!!!!!! Second, RM only got plastic surgery on his nose because he had breathing problems. Third, Jin is lighter because of the makeup.
    Suga also says (often) that he doesn’t like commenting about looks and usually + purposely wears trashy outfits.
    Please consider this and edit it because this is wrong and please do your research before doing something like this!!! I’m not much of an army but this is not okay!!!!!


    I don’t think bts has had ANY plastic surgery at ALL. It’s lrobably just stage make-up and weight change that might make them look different. Personally, I think BTS is all natural and perfect the way they are. At least they got Taehyung’s profile right.

    • Anny

      Namjoon got nose surgery because he had problems breathing but I don’t think anyone actually did it for their looks . I purple them

      • You bitch

        Excuse you! It’s obvious that RM had never been in plastic surgery even a bit! Maybe! You read something like that! Pity you you already believed I don’t believe it i just only believe it if RM really say it in real!!

  227. Swaeg

    He’s jealousssss af. He couldn’t even be bothered to google JHope’s real name! This just sounds like he’s using celebs to promote plastic surgery because it’s frowned upon. Sucks to be this guy though, now he has to deal with the largest fandom in the world.

  228. Goldiemaknae

    Compare their predebut pics to now – it’s obvious most of them have had some form of cosmetic surgery, ranging from subtle to dramatic. Makeup and puberty have played a big part of course but as this surgeon has observed, a few of them have had their noses nipped in and eyes opened up a little. But the main work has been in the form of noninvasive injectibles. Being Korean and having had similar work done on myself, I can spot the results easily in others. For example, the only aspects of Jimin that look like his predebut self are his eyes and lips. Every other part of his face looks totally different. Weight loss has played a dramatic part but notice how full and taut his cheeks are – most people who have lost that much weight have hollow, bony cheeks. Weight loss can be very aging, yet his skin is smoother, bouncier and more taut than predebut. Every surface of his face is smooth and taut. He’s probably had Botox between his brows which also has a lifting effect on the face. Notice he can’t frown. He can raise his eyebrows and show emotion with his eyes, but he can’t knit the brow muscles downwards into a frown, not even when he’s broken down crying onstage. I think his sharp V-line has been achieved with botox in his masseter muscles which slims and contours the jawline.

    On top of this, he’s probably had IPL or a similar kind of skin resurfacing to make his skin perfect. His crooked tooth has been fixed. The results are stunning. He looks immaculate and angelic.

    Using injectibles also means he wouldn’t have had downtime for more than a couple of days. Full blown plastic surgery eg jaw shaving would have put him out for months and BTS have been maintaining a public profile too consistently for that. He definitely had a nosejob at some point though – I personally think this happened before his debut.

    More power to all of them. They all look fantastic and are clearly in the hands of some talented doctors.

  229. vega

    hey, i didn’t know if you knew or not… but there’s something called aging. i bet if you look at a picture of yourself from fifth grade, you will look almost completely different from ok what you look like now… same with almost everyone. every single person goes through something called puberty that changes your body. again, just letting you know because you obviously didn’t know before.

  230. Concerned ARMY

    I just want to ask, isn’t jawline surgery not easy? I mean some Korean actress revealed that having jawline surgery takes 3-5 months to heal, not to mention that there were times that they are not allowed to chew food, and BTS have been appearing through social media and TV for almost every week we haven’t seen any member gone for 3-5 months straight to “recover from any surgery”. so yeah. This issue because of Producer Khan has been roaming for so long.

  231. An army


  232. Goldiemaknae

    I would be far more surprised if none of them have any cosmetic intervention. They’ve likely also had whitening treatments also eg glutathione shots because their skin is significantly lighted head to toe. Like I said, the work hasn’t been subtle but it’s been very effective. They look great either way. I agree that suggesting they’re “addicted” to plastic surgery is sensationalist and immature though. Just as immature as those who are so delulu that they think their idol has to be the pure and untouched in every way to be lovable. Get a grip.

  233. Purple

    “I don’t think this guy has had any procedures. Frankly I don’t think he needs it.”

    xD Tae was born perfect <3

  234. thisisfakewtf

    its so dumb how this guy is assuming what kind of surgerys they had and all that, you cant just assume things and then go posting it everywhere because its false information. AND THEY ARE NOT ADDICTED SCUSE ME?????
    hunny stfu they are naturally beautiful and if you can accept that its your problem not ours.

  235. LOL

    Hey, what’s this? You’d stop being fans if it turns out your idols did have plastic surgery?
    That’s not being very good fans, is it…
    Anyway, surgery in S. Korea is quite common, specially double eyelid.
    That doesn’t mean they aren’t naturally handsome!
    I wouldn’t be surprised if they had minor modifications.

    By the way, many record industries there actually push them to undergo those operations! You can search for it quite easily.

    Kind regards,

    someone amused at the whole “army” of butthurt fans..

    • Delete this article for fuck's sake

      Please for the fucks sake, we are not army because we love their faces, Bighit didn’t had enough money to buy them quality food and plastic surgery my ass. Just admit you are ignorant, that so called plastic surgeon is a fake ass shit like the writer. They didn’t do any surgery and I’m amused by the fact people trying to force themselves in delusions

  236. Anonymous

    Honestly … how can people judge if someone has had plastic surgery or not by comparing photos with and without make up. Like make up can make a VERY BIG difference in a person’s face sometimes

  237. Anon

    Y’all need to chill. Plastic surgery is common in South Korea, as they stated. I read somewhere that some of the better off families give their children a double eyelid surgery as a birthday gift. It wouldn’t surprise me if BTS members had any work done at all. However, to say that hope had that much work done is a bit unbelievable to me. I do agree on the assessment of V & Jin though. Those two are definitely au naturale.

    • You bitch

      Excuse any of them never have plastic surgery even a bit! Cuz i really observe it since then that there’s nothing plastic surgery happen I BTS members even you can say it’s natural to them to got a plastic surgery!!

  238. 카야

    Guys remember before BTS became super popular bighit entertainment was poor af they would not be able to afford much for fetus bts let alone a surgery…

    • Anonymous

      He didn’t. I think it’s just the makeup because it can make your nose look different.

  239. The author of this article is Bullshit!

    You know what! The author of the bitch article, wants an attention! Really this article is Bullshit I’m sorry I’m getting wild is just that it’s so obvious that this article is fake it’s says that it’s based in there observation huh!! Idiots! Who the hell analyze it! Huh! It’s just picture and have can have any Ang but even by that it’s so clear that there’s nothing surgery happen in BTS members you when i read this fake article i just laughed! Obviously it’s so fake like the person who make this!!!


    Can you guys shut up already ?…..BTS are beautiful no matter what!!! Does it matter if BTS has had plastic surgery or not…who cares. If your loyalty would change if this was the case….your an ass, SIMPLE. Let’s just purple them no matter what…ok?

  241. nugu daemune jeihob daemune

    BAHAHA, well if you don’t even know Hobi’s real name then how on earth do you know whether he’s had surgery or not?

  242. I don't give a shit

    Seriously? whoever that so called “surgeon” that hides his/her identity surely a liar. Come on, if you’re really a surgeon then don’t hide your Name motherfucker.You piece of shit if I just know you I’ll drag you to hell.

  243. Lulu

    I really do not understand why are you picking on these guys and “nip-tucking” at their appearance? There is no evidence whatsoever of them having any surgery, for instance J-Hope has always had his nose.
    Is rather asinine to compare pictures when this young men were teenagers and children. They have matured, filled-out their baby fat and changed. They apply make-up and follow sometime rather strict diets.
    So kindly f***-off and stop.

  244. Annon


  245. Jaxie

    yeah how about NO. This is all dieting and makeup. look up “contouring” makeup techniques. People need to chill. Every single one of them looks like they did when younger just more mature.

  246. A Flaming Army Member

    This has genuinely annoyed me. They haven’t had plastic surgery! They wear makeup! Suga’s eyes look bigger because he was wearing make up in the second photo. All the one’s where they’ve “had plastic surgery on their noses” I see no difference other than the fact that they’re expressions are different, the lighting is different, or the angle is different. Also they used photos from either before they hit puberty or during puberty so of course their faces are going to change.

    • Anonymous

      Bruhout of everything, your nose and ears never stop growing and if they dont know that… what a kak doctor

  247. Anonymous

    Why does anyone even care whether they had plastic surgery or not? They are great singers, great dancers, write great songs, work really hard and and everything they do and say are so beautiful to behold. Does having plastic surgery (if they ever did) change any of that?

    • Delete this article for fuck's sake

      They didn’t even did surgery! Except for Namjoon because he had respiratory problems. Done, completely done with the fake ass shits reporters writers or clout seekers whatever.

  248. Yuna hates you

    please tell me which plastic surgeon you talked to so I’d never recommend them to anyone because holy shite, who wants to go to a doctor who doesn’t know the difference between plastic surgery and puberty, make up and weight loss. lamooooo please

  249. Anonymous

    The plastic surgeon really needs to rethink their job, none of them have had plastic surgery, Namjoon did get an operation to fix his nose, but he needed it.

  250. Yea I'm Army, so what?

    Bruh you can tell this article is fake. Has no kind of evidence that BTS had plastic surgery, no kind of credentials even though he claims he got a “professional to look at pictured?? Like no, that’s not how you check for plastic configurment. I bet this guy looked at a bunch of picture and naively pointed “HEY HIS EYES ARE DIFFERENT. PLASTIC SURGERY!” Don’t trust baseless articles without firm evidence.

  251. Yea I'm Army

    Bruh you can tell this article is fake. Has no kind of evidence that BTS had plastic surgery, no kind of credentials even though he claims he got a “professional to look at pictured?? Like no, that’s not how you check for plastic configurment. I bet this guy looked at a bunch of picture and naively pointed “HEY HIS EYES ARE DIFFERENT. PLASTIC SURGERY!” Don’t trust baseless articles without firm evidence.

  252. Amanda

    Saying that Hoseok has had multiple surgeries… bitch stfu God himself has personally blessed these boys with naturally good looks

  253. yoongi illegirl

    bitch none of bts members had plastic surgery.. god bless them with good-looking .. the one post this maybe ugly asf so he want to slander them for their handsome original face … u ass

  254. Anonymous

    Let’s respect everyone’s point of view.

    Just because some ARMYs are getting triggered by this doesn’t make them immature. They are not defending for something that isn’t right.

    Minor surgeries isn’t of a big deal. But I don’t think anyone will like it when they are accused of going under such surgeries. This is plainly an assumption, but still they article is written in such a way that directs the readers in thinking that all of this information is ‘verified’.
    The article is just concentrating on the probability of BTS getting a surgery. This is very childish to be published online.

    And I’ve heard that Namjoon (RM) had a surgery because of some breathing problems. I am not sure if this was confirmed by him in VLive or something, but it is pretty spreaded everywhere. If this was a rumour, he would have heard of it and would have corrected us.

    Kindly don’t focus on a particular subject if you just want to criticise it without knowing anything about it. 🙂

  255. Artist here to defend BTS

    I can’t understand why the hell people make assumptions about plastic surgery on BTS when clearly the pictures they use are useless. I’m an artist, that means I look at there features when drawing. Clearly the “author” has chosen some bad pictures to compare. How can you compare a frontal face picture with a 3rd quarter view picture with bad lighting and say they have plastic surgery. Thier features are still the same from predebute, debute and now. If that surgeon used these pictures to evaluate, then that surgeon needs give up his opinion. Let me tell you why. Does he understand that these men where chosen because of their looks. Meaning they had the potential to have their looks taken care of with beauty supply, make up, sunscreen, lotion etc. Doese he know that the world of beauty has advanced. An ARMY like me who has seen everything of then from debute till now then you understand that they were young and now have grown, slimmed and their features are defined.
    Jhopes nose is still the same, make up defines but he has slimmed since debut so his nose and jaw are slimmed as well. Jhopes mom and sister have the same nose. Rm is the same, but slim and stage makeup. He got surgery for health issue reason. V got puberty and now a man with defined features and stage make up. Jimin the same with stage make up and he got slimmer. Jungkook had puberty, grew up as a fine man with more defined features and stage make up. Jin Is a grown man with stage make up. No difference at all. Suga slimmed and has stage make up.
    They were taken care of for 7 years, so why wouldn’t third faces be clean and beautiful.
    Jungkook clearly mentioned in an interview that they had a choice to do surgery and no member did. They wanted to be themselves. For the people who are saying that Army’s are over reacting. Think about this. How would a person feel with false accusations. Why do I say this? Because during the time of around 2016, rumors of jhope having plastic surgery on his nose hit everywhere. He was so upset that they had released a new album and all people were talking about was a rumor. So ya we will defend them. Wether your an army or not. Watch your mouth. Think of them as human beings. They have and had imperfections and they know how it feels to be put down. To bring false info to and no evidence is nothing. So this article is nothing

    A.R.M.Y’s you understand, so we’ll protect while antis or non antis hate or deny.?

  256. !!!!

    Comparing those pictures from 2013 from present is well…worthless. They were still in their teens and early early 20s. And those are angled pictures. Taking pictures from an angle + lighting (+ an hair and makeup) changes how a person looks.

    The only member who had surgery was RM (Kim Namjoon), ONLY on the nose. He couldn’t breath very well.

    Now, mostly is just makeup, and taking care of themselves (skincare, hair, teeth, weight). If the eyes changes, it’s mostly makeup or eyelid tape.

    If the face changes, it’s modtly skincare or weight loss from the face.

    Also, don’t forget the angle the pictures are taken.

    Instead of arguing, and saying dumb stuff, look up your stuff and check with an older army who has known BTS more than 3 years.

    • !!!! OP

      And writer, you’re not very smart. At all. This whole article is BS.

  257. Shruti

    There’s only one word that came in my mind after reading this f**king article………………. BULLSHIT!!!!!!!

    Don’t you guys have any other work to do rather than posting something without searching on it properly….

    1) RM had an operation coz he couldn’t breath properly
    2) The make up shows the effect too
    3) I guess we call it the change after puberty
    4) Not everything can be done by only going through a plastic surgery
    5) THEY ARE NATURALLY HANDSOME…… they don’t need the stupid surgery…

  258. VeryCreativeUsername

    The plastic surgeon is just stating OBSERVATIONS not FACTS

    • this is what you call thinking you're better than everyone else

      Actually, he sounds very confident in his “observations”. It clearly states that he will not be doubted by anything. Another I can tell is that the author of this article and the plastic surgeon BOTH have no idea of BTS or the kpop industry. If you’re going to write about this kind of stuff, please DOUBLE, TRIPLE, QUADRUPLE check your facts, because believe or not- kpop idols go through disorder, depression, and even KILL themselves, because of the hate and rumors.

  259. Chophousekpop

    Actually RM did have heart surgery as an infant, it is well established and an operation for a deviated septum. All on the record.

  260. Bull to the shiz

    This is natural beauty; y’all could never. RM had an operation on his nose because he couldn’t breathe. No breathing, no rapping. No plastic surgery. Considering all these boys started in their teens, you have to take in the fact that they hit puberty, they exercised (reasons for a sharper jaw) and they have makeup. They never had nose jobs, it’s called contour/bronzing. Who is this plastic surgeon? I don’t recall an actual person being named.

  261. Korean Person Just Passing By

    I’m just going to say– I’m not an ARMY or a kpop fan. But from what my point of view, I only see people who are trying to make these boys look bad. The photos of their pre-debut are clearly before they went through puberty, and even them, a majority of them are still good-looking. Also, even if the members of BTS did go through plastic surgery, from what I can tell, it’s very minor, compared to other kpop artists. And in South Korea, plastic surgery is common and not a big problem, and many kpop artists go through it.

    • So annoying

      Right? This guy is so stupid he had to mention ‘hair color change’. Lol that isn’t plastic curtesy, that’s dyeing your hair. This site is so stupid. Below it was a link to an article titled ‘RM’s failed solo attempt proves he’s nothing’

  262. Excuse Me?

    From what I can tell, this is all bullshit. These boys have obviously NOT gone through puberty– and do you know how much kpop artists, predebut AND after debut, go through? They are forced to exercise and diet by heavy amounts because of hate they receive. Speaking of hate, they get stressed by antis, rumors (frankly, like you), and eating disorders, depression- even suicide is caused because of hate. Perhaps this article wasn’t meant for those purposes, but kpop artists go through so many things, and you need to realize that

  263. ehm what did i just read?

    Sry to say this but, idk if u knew this or what, but people take offense on this. kpop idols suffer and have depression cuz of stuff like this. and i doubt, even with the most largest of plastic surgery, u could look HALF as good as the members of bts, so sorry to say this but, stfu

  264. Stupid sites spreading BTS hate

    “Also keep in mind there’s a dramatic hair color change here which plays a role.“
    Well, dyeing your hair isn’t the same as plastic surgery, stupid! Jeez. This site is filled with BTS hate. This guy has the IQ of a 7 year old every idol, even in America, dye their hair!???

    • BTSdoesnoplasticsurgery

      Exactly!!! Dying hair doesn’t do ANYTHING to the face!! I totally agree.

  265. smd

    wtf shut the fuck up you bitch. you just jealous.

  266. Angie

    For Hoseok, about his face and jaw, he and his sister look the same, so unless they went together to the same surgeon

  267. Jibril

    RM is like Jay-z, without a talent..
    Like Lee min-ho, but little faggot..

  268. BTSdoesnoplasticsurgery

    That’s their natural beauty, you’re just jealous.

  269. Anonymus

    It’s like whoever is judging them has never heard of puberty, makeup or…contour stick for that matter!!

    Tomorrow this person will say “the nun” had plastic surgery to look the way she did……

  270. someone who knows what they're actually taking about

    The only surgery done in bts is a nose procedure on namjoon due to breathing problems.The source you asked was not very accurate and more research should’ve been done.You can obviously see the changes in photos overtime.

  271. Anonymous

    the only known surgery among them is namjoon’s and that was for medical reasons since he can’t breathe and for yoongi when he had his appendix taken cared of…also, when they were scouted, they were pretty much in their teens which by science’s logic, a lot of transitions are happening (puberty) some are early, some are late..puberty in SoKor hits differently actually compared to other countries, well puberty in Asian countries hits differently…at that time, their company was near bankcruptcy and even after they got famous, their schedules are literal murder..i really doubt they had the time to go under the knife and like heal for a month after the procedures…as a make up artist, this is basic whitewashing, perfect coverage, flawless foundation, strategic contouring, intense skin care routine and diet, and of course, genes..have you seen their parents..? lol

  272. Ellie

    They rlly think bts had plastic surgeries lmao ever heard of makeup ever heard of puberty? This ‘proffesonial’ surgeon or whatever needs to quit his job smh ?

  273. Anonymous

    You don’t have to be a plastic surgeon to know that j-hope’s nose is obviously done

  274. LIES!!! Owo

    BTS never did plastic surgery, it’s all makeup. America is known for women with caked on makeup and fake everything. BTS however never did surgery, in fact they all lost wight. Jimin starved himself and suffered for us to think he was ‘pretty’, J-Hope is a naturally beautiful person. RM matured and found a style that made him look good. V is hansom no matter what, and didn’t need as much makeup. Jin is handsome with and without makeup. Suga is skinny and handsome, he didn’t change even with the makeup. He has a personality that fit’s him perfectly. And freankly i’m angry that people would be this starved of popularity to do this. What if BTS saw this, and felt bad. You need to think of them sometimes, not just your own fame. ARMY needs to step up and defend our idols, even if they do something wrong. People make mistakes, and we need to reminded of that. The question is not ‘are they addicted’ it’s ‘how many people will I attract with my lies?’
    I as an ARMY that was there since 2013, stop trying to make them bad when all they want is to make us happy. It’s unjust, even in Korea they deserve better. Americans need to respect them too for their hard earned popularity. So author, mabie you should try and find something nice to say.
    ‘If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.’

  275. zzik

    Wow. This is like THE most xenophobic, Euro-centric article I have ever read. I mean, I can smell the western arrogance from kilometers away.

    Who wrote this? I’m gonna guess a white guy between 30s-50s.

  276. Speaking from experience..

    Also, coming from someone who has spent more than $20,000USD at 5+ plastic surgery clinics in South Korea, I have an eye for spotting who has had what done and trust me, none of them have been under the knife.

  277. ㅈㄴ웃김

    생각할수록 어이가없네ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
    내가 2000만원 넘개 성형에 투자한거라서 알지만 얘내들은 확실이 안한거임 (보톡스, v-라인 주사는 했을쑤도있지만 이건 성형이 아니니까)
    아니 하다하다 못해 남준이가 코한거라고!?ㅋㅋㅋ무슨 개풀뜯어먹는소리
    낮누에겐 미안한 말이지만 저게 한거면 그 의사 고소먹어야함 누가 저렇게 고쳐놔 아놔ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
    eng: long story short, no doctor will ever do a rhinoplasty to make it look like rm’s nose. He would get sued. sorry namjoon i love you but his nose is like the “before” picture u see in plastic surgery clinics.

  278. 그들은 못생긴 거짓말을하지 않는다.

    그들은 못생긴 ( ‘˂˃’)하지만 성형 수술을한다고 생각하지 않는다. (말 코를 가진 사람을 제외하고) 성형 수술은 너를 더 못생긴 것이되게 만드는 것이다. ㅋㅋㅋ

  279. @2seokOrNah

    Hello ~
    I just have a favor to ask and it could arguably prove quite difficult. I ask that you no longer write articles about BTS, especially false or misleading articles such as this one here.
    You understand the wording here was chosen to make it sound like plastic surgery took place when it in fact did not. You know what you did here and it’s a shame, truly.
    I doubt this message will make it’s way to you and your heart to remind you of certain decencies, but I hope it does make its way regardless.

  280. ?????

    another bruh moment,, how about makeup and whitewashing lol

  281. paul sniffs crack

    paul if u dont know jhopes real name {jung hoseok} than you can shut the fuck up

  282. Stfu

    You can’t even tell them apart and don’t even notice notice weight loss has changed their overall appearance and other make up + filters too. Wtf is this nonesense? Take that down before we report it to Bighit and before they will sue you!

  283. Jessica

    The picture they used for J-Hope’s before is so bad. There are plenty of pictures from him when he was young, so why choose this one? He used old photos himself in the VCR for Mama and photos of him as a child and in high school have been circulated for years. He has even taken a lot of pictures with his sister, who is also pretty famous in her own right. They look exactly alike and she has the same nose. I know it seems unusual to have such a nose without surgery, and he has received a lot of grief for it over the years, but he didn’t have surgery. Look up the photos yourself of young J-Hope and of his sister – they’re the same. As far as I can tell, none of them have had plastic surgery. If they have, it was very minor. RM said once that he had surgery to fix his deviated septum, but that was because he snored really badly. Come on guys, they’ve been in the spotlight since they were teenagers. Rookie King was filmed in 2013 when most of them weren’t even in their 20s yet.

  284. Thisisracist

    Do you have any photos that ARENT before puberty?

  285. I think this is funny

    Wait…. I’M SO DEAD. This is actually hilarious. Jimin has that “western look”??? As an Asian person myself, I think Jimin I literally one of the most asian-looking members (even though they all obviously look Asian because they are Korean lmao). No hate to this surgeon, but just an fyi we aren’t all chinks that can be blindfolded with a piece of floss ahaha. And I lowkey feel bad for the members whose faces are literally being professionally examined. Like let them live without exposing their not so good pictures from their past.

  286. Alextherealalien

    I honestly highly doubt that Hoseok (J-hope) would have gotten much if any, plastic surgery for multiple reasons. Bighit (the company that formed the group) was a company that had very little money up until 2018, I doubt they would spend masses on plastic surgery when sometimes they couldn’t afford proper equipment to produce music or a car to get the members around safely. Also, Hoseok himself comes from a less well off background so his family couldn’t have paid for it. Furthermore, in the past mentioned he doesn’t want to get any piercings in case his parents don’t approve of them, I doubt he would get extensive surgery. We have also seen photos of Hoseok’s sister who has a very similar nose to him, this makes me doubt he has any extensive surgery on his nose if he has had any work done. Also, the “before” photo is from he was 16-18 on an estimate, based on other members and other male idols who debuted at a young age, they tend to keep growing for longer than in the west. This could be why Hoseok’s jaw could look far sharper and more defined than in the “before” picture. These things about him personally in combination with things that go for all of the members, stage lighting, make-up and dieting, make me highly doubt Hoseok has had any major work.

  287. Don't use fake BTS news for views

    I’m late to the party, but things like puberty and weight loss could have a big impact one ones appearance, they were at an age where they are still growing. A majority of these pictures are 2 to 3 years apart. Has anyone else noticed how the members who have had “plastic surgery” are the ones who are hated by antis and single biased people for not having “the typical idol beauty” or “not important to the group”?

  288. Dis site been smoking pot... go post some real news for once.

    This is a bunch of bs, they’ve got nothing to go off of except a few photos and an “professional” who claims to be able to read faces or whatever. Besides, they don’t even know their actual names other than the stage names so that was a big red light for me. Just ’cause Hobi’s face is a little different from the typical Korean build doesn’t mean he has had plastic surgerey, you do have to remember not everyone is the same.

  289. How about getting some reliable info first?

    Where’s your proof? Your only source is a couple of crappy photos and an (obviously) unprofessional plastic surgeon who should (frankly) quit his job if this is the conclusion he came to. This website is garbage.

  290. Destiny Chambers

    O.K. Firstly, all of the boys are perfect with or without surgery. Second, even if they DID have plastic surgery, you have no right to try to call them out. Third, DAMN RIGHT 김태형 doesn’t need plastic surgery. none of them do.

  291. Are you blind senor??!!

    Ok so first of all. Do you know what hard work and diets are?!! Cuz like i’m not even agreeing with anything you are saying. Saying that J-hope got plastic surgery, WHAT?! Are you-, are you good? Are you out of your mind?! Sir i hope you know that Jimin did a lot of hard work and dieting to get himself looking like that, and i’m Sure that was painful. Also you’re comparing pictures from like back then to now, Do you know what make-up is? Cuz apparently you don’t. You are literally comparing when they probably don’t wear make-up to when they wear make-up, How does that make any sense, cuz OBVIOUSLY they won’t look the same, and maybe their make-up artist did some things with their features on their FACE! What did BTS do to deserve all this hate saying that they used plastic surgery?!(maybe they’re just jealous) and mister obviously you’re a BTS hater cuz you don’t have the good looks like them. Who even let you write this??! And those plastic surgeon that you questioned, those “HIGH CLASS” plastic surgeon, if they really think that BTS did some work on their faces, then they might as well take Medical class again!

  292. bruhhhhhhh

    This is the stupidest and most idiotic thing I’ve ever read. *FACE PALM* -_-

  293. Dana

    Hello all ARMY fans. I wanted to write you about something very serious I have discovered. First of all, I am from Beverly Hills and my uncle is a plastic surgeon there so he knows all of the surgeons in that area. Last night he was over at our house drinking with my parents and I overheard him saying that BTS members have all had a ton of plastic surgery over and over again, making secret trips to surgeons in Seoul and Beverly Hills, and now they are going to be his client because they want to start working on other parts of their bodies. I asked my uncle if this was true and he said it was but that he didn’t mean for me to over hear that and asked me to never tell anyone because it’s confidential and he shouldn’t have said anything. But he also left his phone and I read a few of the emails so I know that it’s true because RM’s agent is already contacting him. I’ll tell you more later but I am trying to take screenshots of the phone because my uncle is coming by later today to get his phone back. I’m sorry to tell all you ARMYs this I just wanted to share the truth I’m sorry.

  294. Jin Baby??

    The thing that really pisses me off uere is that the “doctor” said that they only accepted Jin because of his looks…. Bitch have you heard this man sing? He can probably sing more beautifully than you ever could so don’t spread lies because your probably making a lot if people angry right now. ?

  295. namjoon|yoongi|hoseok

    the person who posted this just wanted clout lolz

  296. ur a stupid bitch

    the bitch who posted this for clout: damnnnnnn son imma call dr phil cause imma bought commit a murder

  297. Liang

    Lol. You army’s are delusional. Almost every idol has plastic surgery, BTS isn’t special. It’s not a big deal that they had plastic surgery.

    • xiaomi

      There are Hundreds of idols that did not have plastic surgery. So don’t talk such a dumb shit.

      • Liang

        Don’t be delusional, almost all groups have at least one person who have gone through plastic surgery.

  298. Nam-iddies

    This artist gave no reliable evidence,was clearly opinionated since the beginning and flat out unconvincing. Besides breathing probs with rm nobody else got surgery. Real armys would know this too bc we’ve basically watched them grow..

  299. Skye

    For J-Hope, it’s notable that no other picture, other than the last one, is front-facing. It’d be really hard to do an accurate comparison of the face like that, as faces look different from different angles. I don’t think he’s had any nose job or ear lobe surgery. As for his jaw, there’s a simple explanation for that, and it has nothing to do with plastic surgery – it’s called ‘orthodontia’, or braces. We all know Hoseok had braces before debut. I would bet good money that the ‘before’ picture was taken while they were on. Look at how his mouth looks there. And then, of course, the braces were removed. They change the look of the face. Actually, Hoseok’s jaw has always been as it is.

  300. Alyssa

    Acually rm did have plastic/medical surgery cause he had problems with his nostrils to his lungs and he had to have something done and it happend to change his nose shape a little
    And even if the other guys had plastic surgery it wasn’t alot and they usally admit it when they get it done

  301. A.R.M.Y

    There is seriously something wrong with you bts looks perfect and did not do any surgery. If you don’t know anything about them just shut up and stop posting rumours about them you jealousy dumbass.

  302. Anonymous

    So on J-Hope’s it says there were adjustments on his nose… BITCH WHERE ? Its the same nose in different pics, just at different angles -_-


    You’re jealous of their natural beauty because you must be so ugly, I feel so sorry for you, bitch

  304. Annoyed. Been bullied for being asian.

    Wow, the tone of the “expert” is very condescending and offensive. He obviously has not travelled the world enough to know/learn beauty standards from different cultures and regions. Why do westerners assume we want to look western? No, we don’t. It makes it sound like this mf thinks all asians walk around with flat faces and if any different, it must be surgery! The fact that he thinks jhope is not “built like a normal Asian” is a very dumb because everyone is born different. Makes it sound like he thinks all Asians look the same.

  305. MizuA

    Whoever did this article, I am glad!!
    It is kinda well known, that RM had his nose done bcos of health issues, and for Hobi it is really obvious that he had his nose done, and maybe more. Let me tell those who feel bad about it and argueing, that 1.) They are the same precious people even with theese, 2.) in case of Hobi, I truly believe that the MALICIUS “FANS” made this f*in happen! At the times of predebut and debut, but still now, do you know how many ppl called him ugly? Telling him he is not even close to Tae and Jimin? If you were opposed to theese malicious comments every f*ing day, hearing things like “I don’t want to look at you, call Jimin instead” and so, wouldn’t you like to change your face if you are able to? Actually, I would really like to see his face without any of the procedures he had, because I think he would be perfect like that too! I am angry that those ppl kept teling him bulls*t! But as things are like this now, I don’t want to express my anger (I succeed most of the time hehe) but I want to keep on cheering for Hobi more and more and more, so he’ll never think he is ugly again! Bcause his soul are the most beautiful, his character, his voice, his dance, his all is so precious! And also I am glad, soooo glad that the other members did not do any, I was pretty sure Jimin, Jin, JK, and Tae did not do any, and it is good to hear that Suga also did not do, or maybe only his eyes 🙂 Thanks for this article, I really appreciate it!

  306. Amy

    What am i supposed to throw at the person who wrote this article???!!!
    i mean can you please get a life bro??!! They are all natural..can’t you see?? are you blind??!! yes little changes have appeared in their jawline and that’s prolly bcz of puberty that they have lost their babie fat from their cheeks and they are global stars so they diet, workout and take best care of themselves.
    So please stop writing nonsense..!!!!

  307. S.T.A.N K.P.O.P


  308. Unknown

    They didn’t have any plastic surgery, specially J-Hope, he is scared of piercing his ears, and you think he got plastic surgery? Bruh, seriously, they are all naturally handsome. As for my boy Joon, he had surgery in his nose because of a condition he had that didn’t let hi breathe properly.

    Every Single time you post about BTS you either post fake news, or bash and hate on them.

  309. gilet jaune hé

    Wow yall are ridiculous and showing again that you’re the worst fandom. Why are you all denying the fact that some of them maybe had a plastic surgery? This is very common in Korea and a major part of the celebrities underwent several works. I was an army before and when I look at them now, it’s an evidence that Hoseok at least had several things done! I’m a kpop fan and I have never denied like crazy that Rowoon, Jaejoong or idk who didn’t have a plastic surgery, even though they are my biases, because there are reasons to make me doubt they have the same face as before. Why do you keep thinking BTS is the perfect group who has a natural beauty? (though to my opinion most of them aren’t beautiful…) And why would a group be better if the members didn’t have any surgery? They are a KPOP group, they aren’t very different from any other group and there is no reasons that you insult the one who wrote this article just because you are deifying some rich korean singer. I’ve always thought that out of the ARMYS, a big part are people who follow what’s trending and don’t even try to get to know more various things. Yall are following the most westernized group, and most of the time you don’t even know groups like Shinhwa or Sechskies but still claim that BTS is the best group, your favorite out of the whole of kpop, and that you’re a kpop fan (haha). If you are a kpop fan, then it shouldn’t offense you that BTS probably had surgery. Btw is surgery bad? How come that as a “kpop fan”, you are this narrow-minded?

  310. ARMY

    None of the BTS members has undergone surgery except RM (Nose surgery for deviated septum). It’s all-natural beauty!

  311. hahaha

    i dunno why it is so funny to read annoyed comments from a bunch of kids