Cheating Accusations are Putting a Damper on BTS’ Success

BTS in red.
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A spate of dirty accusations is putting BTS on the defensive.  And proving that fame’s a bitch.

Did they do it?

The ‘it’ in this case is an accusation made against BTS’ label, Big Hit Entertainment.  In a dirty situation, a former label contractor accused Big Hit of ‘illegal marketing practices’.  Not only that, this unidentified person tried to blackmail the label for nearly $300,000.

BTS’ Label Accused of ‘Illegal Marketing’ In Dirty Blackmailing Episode

A Korean judge sentenced this indivisual to prison for blackmail and attempted extortion.  But the accusation stirred a reporter to slam the group over possible cheating.  Specifically, Xsports News reporter Jeon Won postulated that the group used fraudulent practices to win a Billboard Music Award.

Maybe they’re cheating their way to the top, Won alleged.  Here’s what she wrote in a now-deleted post.

With the accusations of illegal marketing practices, BTS’ eligibility for the ‘Top Social Artist’ award comes to suspicion. The winner of the award is determined by the hashtag votes and BTS has received more than 300 million. However, some netizens are now questioning the legitimacy. If the marketing took place with the use of part-time employees (to increase votes), then it’ll be fair to return the trophy.”

BTS ARMYs went nuclear following the accusation.  This notoriously over-sensitive group demanded justice, and even outright censorship of this critical opinion.  Ultimately, they got their way: the protest topped trending keywords on Twitter, forcing Xports to delete the article.

One reason for the ferocious response is that ARMYs really won this award — not BTS.

Rap Monster’s Failed Solo Attempt Proves He’s Nothing Without BTS

Indeed, some ARMYs complained of cramped hands and hours of social media voting, all of which produced the 300 million-plus votes.  But Won questioned whether that number was simply too high to be true — while subtly tying it to possible ‘illegal marketing’ tactics executed by Big Hit.

These are just allegations.  And in reality, Won’s ‘accusation’ is more of a suggestion.  It’s not really a direct accusation, though Xports decided to fold.

Is BTS Addicted to Plastic Surgery? We Asked a Plastic Surgeon in Beverly Hills

Of course, BTS is undoubtedly innocent — at least until proven guilty.  But perhaps these accusations offer a little lesson on what worldwide fame really has to offer, especially outside of Korea.

You still want to be famous, kid?

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  1. Jazz

    hey Paul…did you just ride on the wagon because you know they are popular and you want people to read your article? Have you been reading the news? can you be more relevant and updated? No one accused BTS of illegal activity, its bighit agency and their artist that has been blackmailed and not specifically BTS..where did you get your degree that you can’t understand statement that the one who blackmailed Bighit is already in jail meaning????? all the accusations are false he was also charge for fraud if you know that word. You just copied sports news and paste it in your article. And that reporter up until now is in hiding. You’ve been writing negative write ups of BTS for a long time but YOU CANNOT PUT A GOOD MAN DOWN. Put that into your empty brain…

    • #BTSarmyforever

      They are the best band i love them and if you think they are bad people then you are thick in the head! No one should ever trust this stupid website, all they talk about is crap.

    • Dont spread false info about bts

      Lmao this nobody paul-what-was-his-name-again thinks that people actually believe him. Go get a life you sicko.

    • Doit

      Have to think why this is even a case. Something must have happened for the employee to turncoat on Bighit secrets. Admittedly company’s action don’t really put faith in their credibility. Vote buying is an old trick though. No company is clean. I will be more worried about chainsmokers collab when they just racially abused Chinese people. Abusing asians before making money off of them is painfully funny. BTS should just quit working with them. Kpop has always worked with respected and better talented western artists. This is just a letdown.

    • ;-;

      Hey Paul spreading false rumors is not gonna make you more popular it’s just gonna come back and hit you in the butt you should try something else writing is not your thing.

  2. Lizzy

    Honestly, this site only speaks negatively about BTS and takes every opportunity to bash them and question their credibility. I am starting to question the credibility of this site due to the amount of bias and false information in their articles.

    • Piggy

      Report them. Did you just want some attention? Why so many ppl used bts to become more popular? You dont even meet BTS, you even who is BTS yet you speak trash about them. Pls let BTS be.

      • Jungshook

        That’s another thing that’s happening! Like they don’t even know who BTS is and they think it’s ok to act like that. I bet they don’t know how many ARMY there is either but honestly if we have to defend our Angel boys Bangtan, we will and they will find out that ARMY is everywhere(so don’t make us mad) ^-^

      • seul.bee

        everyone can say anything and can write anything, but yeah just proof your shit, or you just trying to make ARMY laughing hard at this ? lol seriously be smart

    • Jungshook

      Honestly so true and it’s unfair it’s bs just trying to stir up drama that our Bangtan doesn’t have time for! They worked soooo fricken hard to be where they are right now. I won’t let anyone take that away from them. Ya know? lol I’m to tired for this.

    • *Eye Roll*

      Lol, no one trusts this website. The only times I see this guy write an article about BTS is when there’s some major drama going around. Salty hater.

    • EirelavAebGnoix

      Same! The amount of bias and bash i see on this site is really making me doubt their credibility. I find the “You still wanna be famous, kid?”, especially dampening. I completly agree with you.

    • Anonymous

      In my opinion BTS is the best band ever and would never do such a thing. All you do is speak negative things about them how about you wake up! They are not bad people

      • #BTSarmyforever

        Bts is the best and wouldn’t ever do such a thing they are way better than that! If you think that they are guilty U R THICK HEADED.

    • dmn is mean

      i cant believe this site calls themselves “news”. how about tabloids, or attention seekers? Every single thing here is an editorial, I have never seen any compliments here. just stop. i just hope everyone know s that this stuff is fake

  3. Anonymous

    Totally one of the most absurd fake news articles I’ve read on internet. Better know the facts. The writer is putting his biased opinions and nasty comments which are very unnecessary in a news article.

  4. YouSaltyAnti

    ‘You really want to be famous, kid?’
    They don’t do it for fame you idiot. it’s obvious you dislike BTS, jealous maybe?
    ‘Rap Monster’s Failed Solo Attempt Proves He’s Nothing Without BTS’ you do know Rapmonster is the reason why BTS was formed and it wasn’t a ‘failed solo attempt’ i’m jamming to his solo music all the time, same goes for them millions of views by Armys.
    It was false accusation you imbeciles, you’re the type to believe everything on the internet. Just go back a few months when you didn’t write articles about BTS,
    Please take my advice you’d be doing everyone a favor.

    • lovebtsforever

      i still remember when rapmon was pranked, and he didn’t hesitate to pick BTS over being solo.

      • Jungshook

        Proud ARMY we love rap mon everyone even if he’s not ur bias(mines Tae) he’s still important!!! BTS is very well loved so Paul fo

    • selvy

      my heart so hurt for all happen to bighit and bts recently, all the bad news is make me angry as fffff

    • Jungshook

      Do You Do you Do you!!!!!! And yeah they need to back off Namjoon. Joonie is honestly…. they are all honestly so successful, smart and talented the person that wrote this is obviously just jealous af and can’t figure out that ARMY is so powerful when we want to be. Your advice to the so called “author” who doesn’t even deserve the title well your advice is much appreciated and we all agree they need to take up on the advice shit I can’t math well enough to solve the problem it’s asking me to solve to post this jk jk ( Just so everyone’s clear ARMY is also strong both in a group and individually so) there……. anyone wanna mental math 6*46 for me? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  5. Paul Resnikoff

    Hey everyone: breaking development — I just got word that BTS’ LOVE YOURSELF ‘HER’ reaches over 1.05 million pre-sale copies in the US alone on Amazon. Pretty amazing.

    • Chas

      WRONG AGAIN RESNIKOFF …. THAT 1.05 million preorder figure is for South Korean sales only … get your shit right . Amazon sales have not yet even been tallied although it has remained Number 1 on Amazons CD and Vinyll charts for a week now. See Soompi and AllKop Articles on BTS LOVE YOURSELF HER album presales .
      Fuckin idiot

    • *Eye Roll*

      KOREA not the U.S. See? Why write articles when you can’t even get one piece of information right? But I guess you finally said something nice…

    • shadhanasution

      its so disgusting how 2 faced you are, your complimenting them but at the same time, writing negative articles about them, your life MUST be SO sad.

    • What?

      Don’t pretend. You said, This notoriously over-sensitive group demanded justice, and even outright censorship of this critical opinion.” Can’t take that back now. You are so hypocritical.

    • u need some milk

      Do you write these articles for attention? money? fun? I hope journalism isn’t your career because all the people who are going to hire you know that you create baseless articles. Not only that, but your reputation has been scorched. You’re no longer credible (if you ever were). I hope “paul resnikoff” isn’t your real name, you two-faced fiend.
      Do yourself a favor and take down this article and prevent yourself from writing controversy-pron articles about BTS (don’t write about them at all). BTS has a lot of diverse fans.
      My point is you, paul, either likes getting into dangerous/controversial situations (it’s fun for you), you like making people upset or you and this website “digital music news” is a fraud, untrustworthy, troll site; therefore, all your articles and the ones made by your friends should be taken with less then a grain of salt (I guess all these points suggest that you create deceitful work anyways).

      If you are none of the things above and you just like creating informative articles (you need help on that), like I said, do yourself a favor and take this article down; because it is giving inaccurate, misleading information about BTS (which can hurt them) and it’s upsetting and startling for many people. Also, I can’t control what some of the “notoriously over-sensitive” army’s could do.
      Thanks 😉

    • R.I.P Paul Resnikoff

      Ratnicough, You Will Die Alone And Miserable And You Will Die A Horrible Death.
      You Will Float Like The Rest Of Them Haters.

    • Dont spread false info about bts

      ONLY IN KOREA. get your facts right. I advise you to do some research before you post your “articles” why do you even do this? You aint getting any fame outta it, just hate, and honestly, thats what you deserve. Dont mess with bts or army, youll regret it. I hope you get fired and never get a job again and i promise you, bts’s comeback is gonna be so lit you wont be able to talk. Go get a life you nobody.

    • Jungshook

      Go AWAYYYYYYY FORFEIT YOUR LIFE AS AN NEWS AUTHOR STAHB IT u r wrong btw are u getting nervous ARMYll come after u? Lol

    • Whatever floats your coat you useless goat

      Pretty amazing you have the audacity to act happy
      Anything for personal gain, I guess

  6. lovebtsforever

    the reason army is extra “sensitive” is because big hit is unable to take legal action on news articles since it is a small agency and by law in Korea bighit isn’t able to take down false news articles. This maybe a reason why paul (the person who wrote this article), has written this. to make it seem like bts’s fame is at threat, perhaps he isn’t thrilled that asians (not westerners) have made themselves in the western media. so, he’s a racists, of course he’s “Innocent until proven guilty” right? making or suggesting a claim an be dangerous paul. BTS’s fame isn’t threatened by this, they are just beginning and they will continue to flourish and grow. if big hit did do something illegal, that’s on big hit and not our boys; therefore army will continue to support BTS.

  7. Anonymous

    it was a biased article presented as fact, written by a reporter notorious for getting paid to write just that – biased articles, usually against bts, and conveniently right before a comeback. basically, it was the korean version of you. do you think korean fans will be all too pleased if they started reading translations of your articles?

  8. celpo

    they are seriously too damn scare of BTS succesfull comeback babe. salty people will alwyas be everywhere


    Dude the daniel dude is following pauls footsteps
    way to suck up to ur boss



  11. Paul's number one fan!

    Well, well, if it isn’t my favorite reporter, Paul

  12. Anonymous

    What happened to your lame segues into RM’s failed solo career???

  13. Zoe

    A suggestion is an subtle accusation. I guess you understand this best given all the negative articles on your website regarding BTS. At least other websites like allkpop and netizenbuzz are more smart with their hate towards certain groups, like their past hate for Super Junior, they used to create fanwars, while yours is obvious and blatant, you lost credibility faster than any other news website. And the only people who came to your articles are BTS fan who already know the bullshit on this website, so different from the general attention other websites get.

  14. noona

    Paul enough is enough.
    BTS will always be successful even without you bashing them.
    You know you wastin ur precious time. Not them who peeparing for a smashing comeback.
    you like it or not, BTS on your face.

  15. Alaa

    Cheating Accusations are Putting a Damper on BTS’ Success (That’s your title, but you wrote nothing about it in the article, so it’s just click bait and not true)

    Xports didn’t fold, they knew they were falsely accusing BTS, the number of fans who defended BTS against them proved them wrong, BTS is the in Worlds book of recorded for having the most active fans on twitter. Their views on youtube, the physical and digital sales are all on top, it’s all cohesive and you can’t get all of that from employees, it’s hardcore fans, literary an Army.

    I feel bad for you because later if you grow up, you will realize how silly and pointless you were for trying to click bait and annoy people who just want to enjoy the music of their favorite artists. I guess your moral compass is pointing south.

  16. Jungshook

    ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ This is bs I’m reporting it. fu Paul for posting bs and I hope they make you apologize to BTS. AND ARMY. Ps I hope you get fired

  17. Jungshook

    K now that I’ve acted all cool how the f do I report this XDㅋㅋㅋㅋ and also anyone know what 42 * 6 is? Lol

  18. shadhanasution

    Paul whatever ur name is, you ARE IN NO WAY DIFFERENT THAN Jeon Won /Xsports. And you already know about Jeon Won getting ARMYs infire then why are you still doing this? you really WANT the same to happen to you? you should back out of this situation before you get sucked in too. Just saying. WE( ARMY) ARE WARNING YOU TO BACK OFF.

  19. You're Exposed, Paul

    I know why no one is his “company” stops him found writing bad articles. It’s because he is the founder of Digital Music News.

    • Jungshook


  20. Hobi Biased

    honestly people only use bts to be more popular. they love the negative responses and attention it causes so they just use bts. sorry that bts is so successful and u cant cope with that. why dont u move on with your life instead of hating on these boys that have worked so hard to get where they are. u dont know shit about bts, you have no idea what they went through.

  21. KATinAHAT

    Do the world a favour. Retire. Now. It’s become way too pathetic trashing a group that works bloody hard at their craft-something you could get your cue from.

    Update: blackmailing was reported to police by BTS. The law found the jerk whose company was in the dumps- guilty and …SURPRISE! Dude is now behind bars.

    Old news… let’s move on!

    Fellow ARMY – can’t wait for the comeback. Hope we have Cypher 5 on its way to shut them fools! Hey hater you should love yourself!

  22. Ty

    I cannot even believe that this article is still up!! Journalism should require well researched facts and statistics which this article clearly does not do. This fact less article should be taken down immediately!

    • Yesanonymous

      The thing is Paul believes this is journalism ?. It’s simply trashy sensationalism swimming in an ocean of his own jealousy.

      On another note I’m not too sure if Paul Is actually A Paul or a petty female anti masked as a man who finds some sense of meaning by pulling others down. The question is… why BTS specifically? ??? ‘Tis perplexing indeed.

  23. Livi

    Paul, honestly. What’s wrong with you? First you’re talking slander on BTS, now you’re bashing kids’ dreams to make it big. Why are you doing this to us? It’s evil. And what do you mean ARMY won the award and not BTS? First of all, it’s literally BTS who won the award, and we’re their fans. I don’t really get what you mean. Second of all, it was a fan-voted category, so of course we won it for them because we love them. All I’m getting from this is that you’re mixing up your facts and you’re a complete hypocrite. Guess who’s receiving negative attention because of their “fame”? You. But unlike BTS, you have no one supporting you, and I can’t imagine anyone would. It was actually my non-BTS friends who informed me of you because they thought what you’re doing is utterly horrendous and disgusting.

  24. #BTSarmyforever

    Fame isn’t the bitch Paul it is you who is the bitch. 🙂

  25. Anonymous

    To whom who write this article, you want to die? Please prepare yourself there, i might kill you. This is not a drill. I repeat, this is not a drill

      • do you even know how literary devices work

        jesus it’s an exaggeration chill your ass

  26. Paul is very loser

    Haha, everything he writes about BTS has a negative tone and when it comes to other celebrities doing shit he doesn’t sound mean at all…

  27. paul needs a life

    Paul back at it again with the fake news…Honestly, once BTS comeback comes out I’m expecting more hate from this guy

  28. Alle

    Do not take my boys anymore. Do not stop criticizing so much on the BTS, you have to discriminate them so much. Will this envy come on, is not it?

  29. bts is more relevent than this bitch

    guys don’t read ANY of his articles

    he’s doing this on purpose

    more views; more money

    just ignore the asshole

    ur not supposed to feed wild animals anyway.