Spotify Faces Stepped-Up Legal Pressure from Stevie Nicks, Neil Young, The Doors, Bruce Willis…

Spotify team meeting.
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Spotify is now facing legal pressure from some of the biggest musicians and songwriters in the world.

Earlier this week, Spotify was served with multiple lawsuits demanding hundreds of millions in unpaid royalties.  But the list of prominent musicians and songwriters is far deeper than we imagined.

According to filings shared with Digital Music News, Spotify is now facing demands from high-profile stars like Stevie Nicks, Neil Young, Donald Fagen (of Steely Dan), Michael McDonald, and even members of Journey.  All of those artists are part of a collective pushback by Wixen Music Publishing, and listed in a 1,400 page ‘Exhibit A’ reviewed by Digital Music News this morning.

Others in the Exhibit include members of the Eagles, Cheap Trick, Jimmie Vaughan, and the estate of Stevie Ray Vaughan.

Even the Doors were listed in the Exhibit, specifically through the ‘Doors Music Company LLC’.

Dig a little deeper, and none other than Bruce Willis was also on the list.  And he’s not the only actor: Anthony Hopkins has also been sidelining as a classical songwriter, apparently.

Earlier, we reported participation from Tom Petty, Rage Against the Machine, The Black Keys, Kenny Rogers, and the heirs of Sonny Bono.  Well, those names are in this Exhibit too.  But guess we were just scratching the surface in our first article.

Hundreds of Musicians & Songwriters Just Filed Legal Paperwork Against Spotify

Wixen, a publishing giant, has recently moved to reject a proposed $43 million settlement agreement with Spotify.

That settlement would absolve Spotify for failing to pay for ‘mechanical’ reproductive licenses, though it now appears unlikely to stand.

Separately, Spotify’s legal tussle with 9 different publishers also continued this week.

As part of its mounting mess surrounding the mechanical, Spotify’s counter-offensive is growing ugly.  Just last month, the company’s lawyers engineered a complete reversal on the matter by arguing that the license did not apply to streaming services.  That could stand in court, though it runs completely contrary to earlier declarations by the company.

Here’s the complete Exhibit A, as well as a complete list of 500+ protesting musicians, songwriters, and sub-publishers.



7 Responses

  1. Dean Hajas
    SIGN THE PETITION and make positive direction change.
    I’m a musician, publisher and writer of 30 years, with number one singles.

    While I applaud the unification of artists in what they think is the right way about getting paid from SPOTIFY….

    They are fighting a loosing battle when it comes to Mechanical Licensing.

    What the artists should be doing is unifying to add “Transmission, and Broadcast” back to the term STREAMING, that was removed in 2003 in Canada. I’m not certain of when it was altered in America, but the addition of these two words would activate the mechanisms already in place with the Performing Right’s Organizations. Right now the new record companies are Bell, Rogers, Cogeco in Canada…they make all the billions in data streaming charges.

    • Davida

      I will post this on Facebook and see what others have to say about it. I am not a musician so I don’t understand the particulars.

    • Please Stop Eh?

      The definition of “streaming” wasn’t ever changed in the U.S.

      Please stop saying that you think it was, and that you “don’t know when it happened.”

  2. Davida

    The list of names is not complete and the article says that Steve Perry is involved but I don’t see his name. Please clarify.

    • Paul Resnikoff

      Davida, I’m not sure why the list got truncated. I’ll fix this. Actually, I realized the ‘Stephen Perry’ in this document is actually another illustrious musician, author of ‘Zoot Suit Riot’ among other great songs. But I realized he’s easily confused with ‘Steve Perry’ of Journey fame. So just to clarify I removed that name from the top title.

      Thanks again for picking this up.

      • Davida

        But all the other members of journey are in the suit. Even though he is confused with the one you mentioned could Stephen Ray Perry (his full name) of Journey also be included or there is no way to be sure? And thanks for the response!