Is BTS on the Brink of Burning Out?

Big Hit Entertainment shut down BTS Chuseok holiday rumors.  Yet, not every fan believes the group’s label.

During the Chuseok holiday, most Koreans travel en masse to their hometowns.  According to the Korean Tourism Organization (KTO), family members share food and stories, giving thanks to their ancestors.  They spend quality time with each other and also hang out with their friends.  The KTO likened the holiday to Thanksgiving Day.

Most people will enjoy some much-needed rest and relaxation.  Not BTS, according to a source purportedly from inside Big Hit Entertainment.

The source told Naver that BTS has back-to-back appearances on music shows during the Chuseok holiday.  The group also has two concerts in Japan.

Kpop culture news site Soompi translated the source’s statement.

BTS has tight schedules including comeback music show appearances, music video filming, and advertisement shoots, and they also have two concerts at Kyocera Dome in Osaka, Japan during the week that the Chuseok holiday ends.  As a result, the members do not have free time to spend with their families during the holiday.

The news immediately sent the group’s fans, known as ARMY, into a frenzy.  ARMYs took to social media to slam the label.

The criticism forced Big Hit Entertainment to comment on the report.

In a statement, the label said,

All members of BTS do not have schedules during this Chuseok holiday and they plan to take personal time for a break.

They also dismissed the rumors as completely unfounded.

“The rumors about no holiday break are false.  The statements saying they have no time to rest due to schedules are also baseless rumors.”

Big Hit Entertainment’s statement eased most fans’ worries.  However, some noticed that the group has been overworked.

While thankful for the clarification, one fan admitted,

I noticed Jungkook [lost too] much weight.

Another ARMY wrote,

We all noticed how thin they got…after Bon Voyage S2.

Not everyone believed Big Hit Entertainment, though.

Blasting the label, one fan wrote,

BigHits media play is so obvious, wanting to generate a family-like atmosphere.  One is company is already doing that and deluding all the fans.


Image by Bulletproof7BTS (CC by 4.0)


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  1. Daniel Sanchez

    Now, most BTS fans will immediately slam this article as anti-BTS fodder. Yet, I would invite ARMYs to read the news source, as it doesn’t make a single claim against the group. Rather, it only touches on what other sites have written.

    Of course, you’re more than welcome to your opinion.

    That’s all I will say about the matter. Thank you for reading.

    • raisingmyeyebrows

      stop USING THEM to gain views and diss them and their company along the way. stop JUDGING them and trying to spot flaws. bts and bighit are VERY CLOSE and they worked really hard to get to where they are and everyone loves them for that. so we appreciate the hard work and bighit arent fools either.
      your comment defending yourself doesnt change anything because even if you are not intentionally slamming bts, you are writing this with a bias and your opinon and judgment of bighit and bts is very clear here. please be more reliable, yes? 🙂

    • YouSaltyAnti

      Oh ffs they still will be taking a break, look how desperate you are for those clicks on your trashy article. Get a life.

    • Shayne Black

      Dude seriously? BigHit is gives more freedom to BTS than any other company. BTS are given so much choice and freedom in what they do, I don’t understand why people still think such things that BigHit is overworking BTS. That comment that BigHit creates an atmosphere of family is delusional, only one company does that and that YG. BigHit creates an atmosphere of openness in which you can express yourself in any which you want. Why would BigHit do anything that would make BTS dislike them? BTS is their biggest money maker and one of the biggest acts in kpop right now, BigHit wouldn’t do anything that would make BTS want to leave. All the work that BTS is doing right now is on their own violation, BigHit gets the bookings and then they discuss with BTS and then they make a final decision. Compared to what BTS was doing when they first debuted, the amount of work they doing now is pretty decent. They were working so much that I thought they would disband because of it. Right now, BTS is working to make sure this comeback is an absolute success and to make sure their next comeback is even more anticipated and impactful.

    • K-Shit.

      No need to explain to these delusional-obsessed fans Daniel. Unless your article is completely sucking these guys balls their fans won’t like it. They are the stereotypical touch-sensitive millenials who know NOTHING about real legacy artist or music for that matter. I’ve worked in the music industry in Los Angeles for over 20 years and I can say since the digital age of music has taken over this site is very informative. So for those dip shit K pop bands who want articles praising these no talent groups go read US Weekly or something more “colorful and nice” so you cry babies will shut the fuck up. Smh.


        No se notan tus 20 años en la industria musical, no me gustan los grupos de pop, hay diversidad para todos los gustos y no por ello tienes que deducir que es de tal o cual forma, solo escucha, si no te gusta pasa de corrido, o eres algún tipo de músico que necesita atención?

      • lol

        very mature. ha.ha.ha. u triggered? talk about “touch-sensitive millennials” (by the way u spelled it wrong), r u a grandpa then? unemployed? or a little kindergartner?

        • Mkay

          You dare to tell someone they spelled something wrong? I can point out numerous mistakes you have in your words.

      • Please stop \|  ̄ヘ ̄|/

        Hello~! I get Daniel’s explanation, but the title is a clickbait. Also, you work in the US, and clearly there is a HUGE DIFFERENCE IN CULTURE even though it’s in the music field. BigHit would not let anything bad happen to their kids.
        “Dip shit kpop bands” and “no talent”? Really? Kpop artists that get this big don’t get promoted or can’t debut at all without what you call “AUDITIONS” and “TRAINING” and if they’re not up to your standards, don’t go calling these artists “no talent” just because they’re not your taste. Where’s your 20 years of work? Do you not see/know about the different genre, skills, concepts, and the TARGET AUDIENCE of artists?

      • A different perspective

        Hey, I have to say that your comment is, to put it in modern terms, extra. I want to ask why you think they have no talent. They learn complex dances for their songs, they produce and write the majority, many have their own songs that they have done individually, and they obviously sing and rap. Now I get that their sound may not be what you like, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have talent.
        Just because you don’t like a food doesn’t mean its bad. The chocolate and vanilla ice cream conflict is an example of this. Some people like chocolate some people like vanilla and some prefer strawberry or something else entirely. That doesn’t mean they are bad or that the people who like them are bad people. Some people may go overboard saying they are for or against a flavor, but does that really matter? Can’t you just accept that someone likes a different flavor? It is the same with music taste. I mean I know older people (60+) who like their music. I know young kids who like their music as well as the classics as well as kpop.
        This article is by far one of the most tame articles Paul has done on them. He has been not so nice in his articles about them. To put it into perspective if someone had a lot of friends and was bullied by someone, the friends would be defensive. Then the bully goes and says something that they are unsure of the intention, but what they know of this bully is not so nice so out of concern they defend them. Admittedly this situation is more dramatic, but it follows the same principles. Yes fans can be over dramatic, but proportionately to older times when fans couldn’t connect over the internet it is the same. Instead of X to Y the proportion is X+Z to Y+Z. You can’t say that people of the past were not defensive over what they liked.
        You may not know this but South Korea has had a massive influence on many popular western stars and vice versa. How is the world going to make better music if new ideas are completely shut out, some over lap needs to happen so we don’t have the same songs over and over again.
        I doubt I did much, but I hope a gave you a passive look into another perspective on how the world works, because whether you like it or not Kpop is here to stay, and while it may not become the most popular thing of all, it is integrating its way into more cultures. Isn’t that the way most cultures were formed? Taking stuff from others and remixing it? One of the most successful stories from the past, the Romans, remixed the Greeks. They in turn took stuff from others. If we can’t learn to blend the past and the present the human species will wither and go extinct.

    • just an opinion

      if you are going to make an article like this, don’t go using clickbait titles 8

    • u need some milk

      how convenient an article like this comes out. similar to the other one digital music news posted last time. u do realize this is the only “news” site that’s making articles like this.,

      to people in general, this is not a news site, it’s purely a troll site hungry for views.

    • consider this

      I was hoping to email one of you writers, but it doesn’t seem to work, so i’ll talk to you here. first of all, don’t write another article about bts. Your click bait may seem harmless to you, but a glance at the title will leave an impression on a human. all in all, it is spreading false, deceitful information. I hope to believe you people truly enjoy creating news, and you justify it. Although, you may not be aware that it can possibly hurt the reputation of these artist; reputation and image are very important to the korean culture in general. I feel that you are only taking information and opinions from other sources and compiling them to create a manipulated article that purposely harms our artist. You guys don’t seem educated about korea, kpop, or bts, so I ask that you refrain from writing about topics that you don’t have any knowledge about. If you guys are decent human beings, I hope you think about the possible effect you will bring on the people you write about. I don’t think you know, no, you don’t know how hard BTS have worked to get here. A little holiday won’t bring them down.

    • 'scuse me

      News flash:

      You’ve managed to incite anger in an incredibly supportive fandom and yet your site somehow still isn’t becoming any more relevant.

      Just so you know.

      I love how that works.

      • 'scuse me pt. 2

        Oh yeah, and not one person in the comments agrees with you, in case you care.

        (So far, anyway).

        • 'scuse me pt. 3


          You should probably get another hobby, these articles are cranking out pretty fast.

          Have you considered stanning BTS?

    • just someone

      You should write proper titles, not clickbait that is completely unrelated to the article. They teach you that in high school English class…


    can u just STOP?! stop using bts to make ur site relevant.
    eventhough this is actually better than the past articles you’ve written abt them LEAVE THEM ALONE.

  3. Anonymous

    nope, sanchez. i won’t slam you or anything, but the information here is incorrect: there was some controversy surrounding BTS’ chuseok holiday, but later BigHit released an official statement saying that BTS would, in fact, get a break during chuseok. also, their break has nothing to do with them burning out. in fact, thier promotions are going well! its none of business to write a fake news article 🙂

  4. Anonymous

    can’t this site write something positive about kpop for once smh

  5. Kpop 101

    Everything this phony news site has said about bts so far has been proven false e.g. “bts changing their name to btx.” It seems that despite your constant slander of bts the group has only managed to gain more popularity. Moving on, Bighit has shown that it is, in comparison to most other kpop agencies, fair and lenient towards its artists. bts are known for overworking themselves not because of pressure from the company but by their own decisions as a group to work hard.

  6. Clickbaits

    Will you please stop causing issues in regards to BTS and Bighit relationship. Bighit treasure BTS the most. It’s just a baseless rumours and yet you are creating blogs like this just for the sake clicks and stuff. Stop ruining BTS and Bighit Image.

  7. u need some milk

    i think if digital music news continues to create false reports on bts or other kpop groups, that will potentially hurt their image. us kpop fans should take action.

  8. Get a life smh

    Clickbaits are stupid. No matter how much you trash them they’ll still prosper.
    Go listen to Mic Drop and cry in pity.
    Bye bye

  9. Chas

    SERIOUSLY WHAT THE F IS WRONG WITH YOU IDIOTS AT DIGITAL MUSIC “NEWS?” I search BTS ….. 99.999 % of the articles that come up are sunshine and happiness about BTS and then I read this ridiculous headline . I didn’t bother reading the article because anything that comes from you retards is garbage . I wish there was a way to keep your shit show from appearing on my searches . OMFG I want to flip the GD table !

  10. Chas

    I wish BigHit would slap an injunction on you for this libelous crap that you barf up . Cease and desist clueless website and your “writers.”

  11. Maryann

    I would appreciate your article if you were SOMEONE. But you are a journalist, so your sources MUST be proved. This article (like some oghers) are based on some internet comments and assumptions.
    You even have no idea about k-pop industry and other agencies. That makes your articke and website worse than yellow press. Just sad that you are not interested in positive feedback from potential readers.

  12. Advice (You really need it)

    Well, this is the only “good article” from this source about BTS, but it still is false facts. *Sighs* honestly, when will you learn? BigHit Ent. has given them break time during important holidays, and everyone knows you shouldn’t believe anything unless BigHit themselves makes a statement. Yes, the boys may have lost weight, but they can get it back. It’s not a permanent thing. It does NOT mean they are treated poorly by their company. Their company is actually one of the more easygoing ones. So, that said, please do wait for statements from BigHit Entertainment before posting false articles that mess up someone’s image. This isn’t high school.