BTS Has ‘Zero Chance’ of Winning a Grammy In 2018, Insiders Say

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Despite bubbling Grammy buzz, BTS are extremely unlikely to win in 2018.  And there’s a decent chance the group will be excluded forever.

BTS’ stateside success has been astonishing.  Not since PSY has Kpop made so many inroads.  But don’t expect the Grammys to care — in 2018, or beyond.

In fact, there’s a reasonable chance the group will never be handed the coveted award.

The reason?  According to a Grammy insider speaking with Digital Music News, this has everything to do with the way Recording Academy members treat younger pop groups.

That is, brutally.

Just ask Justin Bieber, who routinely got shut out of the Grammys for most of his career.  It wasn’t until 2014 that the singer actually won an award.  And that was considered a favor from NARAS, the group that oversees the Grammy Awards.

“They think it’s bubble gum.”

Even more brutal?  One Direction, one of the most successful boy bands in history.  Yet somehow, despite millions of fans and endless chart-topping accolades, the group was never awarded a Grammy.

59 Artists Who Have Never Won a Grammy Award

“The [Recording Academy doesn’t] like teen pop, especially boy bands,” one industry source relayed.  “It’s not even music to them, they think it’s bubble gum.”

Dig a little deeper into history, and the prospects don’t look very good for BTS.  In fact, boy bands are rarely given awards.  The Backstreet Boys have been nominated 7 times, but never given a Grammy.  *NSync, arguably the most successful boy band of all time, has never received an award despite receiving 8 nominations.

Collectively, both groups have sold tens of millions of albums. With zero collective Grammys.

It’s not an accident.  But Grammy snubs aside, expect BTS to keep winning accolades from less coveted showcases like the American Music Awards and Billboard Music Awards.  The reason is that those are based on actual fan popularity and chart positioning, not the opinions of an esteemed group of music experts.  “They’ll clean those up as long as they can stay together,” the source noted.

Rap Monster’s Failed Solo Attempt Proves He’s Nothing Without BTS

“That’s the just way the Grammy Committee operates,” another insider at the organization told DMN.  “After all, who knows if BTS is even around in a few years?  The Grammys only want to hand awards to artists people remember decades from now, like Adele.”

Update: The Grammy Awards has just released their list of nominees.  BTS failed to receive a single nomination. You can read more here.




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    • Just stop

      compared to a lot of the stars that received grammys, bts received almost no plastic surgery at all. Why are you so rude? In Korea, plastic surgery is looked upon differently than it is in America. Stop being so ethnocentric and think about other people’s cultures



      • Anonymous

        Who told you that don’t you know about junkooks double eyelid surgery

        • Swati

          Hey Jungkook anti rabied army, stop harassing Jungkook. If you ever saw his photos from school to age 15 of debut, you can see he never had any plastic surgery. BTS & BIGHIT are unskilled & untalented but not Jeon Jungkook.

          • Lee

            Shut up solo stan. Now, of course, I know Kook didn’t get any plastic surgery but how dare you say that BTS & Bighit are untalented. Where would BTS be right now without Bighit? As we know BTS is doing very well right now and how would they be this successful without each other? They all work so incredibly hard so you can shut the fuck up about anyone being untalented. Yes, I agree that Jeon Jungkook is talented but also Kim Namjoon, Kim Seokjin, Min Yoongi, Park Jimin & Kim Taehyung aka. BTS.

          • whore

            to: swati
            shut your whore solo stan mouth, the only reason bts even started is because of namjoon.

          • lmao rude ass

            bts and bighit are unskilled & untalented but not jeon jungkook. oop i smell a ot1
            fake army tings

      • JAmnum

        Who told you that don’t you know about junkooks double eyelid surgery

    • Micha Stone

      Wow, since none of the members have had plastic surgery this comment is just wow. Before you comment you should learn first before making any judgement about people you don’t know.

      • S

        I thought suga got plastic surgery on his ear after his injury…or was it just regular surgery?

        • taechv

          namjoon had surgery on his nose but he had an actual breathing problem

          • Anonymous

            That’s a lie. You know RM is from a rich backgroun & related to BangPD despite having below average skills and that’s why he gets favored all the time compared to skilled ones especially Jungkook& Suga. His whole idol character is fake designed by Big hit after stepping on the heads of other members hardwork & potential, by stealing characters & credits of other members as the 1st member. They just lied so that rm can get his nose sharper by plastic surgery. Jungkook doesn’t gets any rest despite having real sinus & breathing problems when he fainted twice on stage, had back injury while hanging in the air during bst live, foot injuries, shoulder injury when someone fell on him inside the stage moving machinery, last year concert foot stiches when bighit lied that he had sprain when he had stiches & bandages near the ankle but luckily more on foot or he could never dance. Rather they sold the sexualized camera angle shoot of his fainting in burn the stage1.

        • Anonymous

          He actually injured his ear and had to get a surgery in time for performances.

        • bh21k

          Did you try it?
          I bet 100% you need it, if you don’t then maybe you must be dreaming cause everyone sees you as a nightmare

      • Mattyice

        Heck yeah ur right it’s just they hating because they (American singers or Americans) haven’t won that award and bts won the biggest award here congrats to them

        • A mad A.R.M.Y who hates haters

          First of all that’s not even true, so for real stop hating on BTS you just mad. Just deal with it BTS is worldwide achieving things and your not so yeah. SO STOP HATING!!!

          • Why you sad?

            I think you guyz got mixed up with exo. Bc BTS is the future if u haven’t realized. Theyr E the most amazing thing that happened to me.


            B.T.S ARE TRASH! and K-pop FANS ARE WORST THAN TRASH! hahahahaha .. I pity fantards like you

          • ARMYs hate ANTIs

            @GRAMMYISFORENGLISHLANGUAGEONLY! First of all, you have bad grammar. Second of all, would you be mad if I said your favorite musical artist is bad at creating music. Third of all, trash in kpop terms mean you like a band, someone, or something a lot so we can call each other trash like that. Ex.: Kpop trash or multi fandom trash etc. Fourth of all, and I quote “B.T.S ARE TRASH!” I think BTS are great personally, not just because of their looks but because of their skills and how they are. Fifth of all, they never had plastic surgery they have only had regular surgery RM had surgery because he couldn’t breathe. Sixth of all, if you mess with BTS you mess with ARMY.


            @GRAMMYISFORENGLISHLANGUAGEAWARDONLY! I swear almost every anti is like you

    • rara

      Haters gon’ hate
      Players gon’ play
      Live a life, man, yeah
      Good luck

    • Meghan

      Proof please. Otherwise go collect your Ugly Impotent Balding Zit-prone Award.

      • Brittney Balow ARMY4life

        ima kill yall ass holes bts is the best thing that has every happened to me no joke they have changed my life for the best im not lying i was so messed up then i found them and they helped me. i have learned from them that i have meany faults, and i have meany more fears, but im going to embrace myself as hard as i can, and im starting to love myself, gradually, little by little.

    • LeonardoRKS

      Dude, these guys have not gotten a single plastic surgery in their life. Or are you just saying that cause they take care of their skin and you could never believe someone with such perfect skin exists? like what, just because you don’t put the effort in taking care of your skin doesn’t mean other people don’t.

    • Anonymous

      What the heck bitch asian boys are better than your mother so dont disrepect someone tha at least has achieve something more than you

      • Tiya

        Being an Indian, I wanna say to the WHOLE WOOORLD THAT STOP HATING BTS!!!! they are gonna roast u!! Ha!

    • Rude

      You are the most horrible person ever. How could you say that? It’s been confirmed that they have never had plastic surgery. I feel bad that you have to be so hateful

    • Anonymous

      They didn’t even get plastic surgery if they did barely any. Stop being an anti

    • Dilan

      Well bitch, let me brighten your ignorant brain. They have naver done plastic surgery before. Just check deir pre debut photos. It’ll make your mouth shut.

    • fuck

      u should get 1 for being an ass. racist motherfucker. a lot of American celebs have surgery. don’t hear anyone saying shit

      • Army For Life

        So true!! OMG!! Why don’t you stop hating them just because they are beautiful and you are not. Instead of saying that they got plastic surgery, which they have not, you should go get some because we all know that you just wish that you could look as hot as them, which you never will.

          • Unknown

            Was it not said that bts will disband ,because each and everyone of them will have to serve their country in the military.this very reason will make bts chances of winning a Grammy to be very scarce. ?

    • Beacause the Grammys only recognize real artists. These guys/girls may win a Teen's Choice Award or something more dumbed-down like that;)

      These have to be the most touch sensitive fans to ever exist. Smh. Too funny.

      • Destiny

        Their Teen Choice Award was based on a poll on Twitter. It’s not even for real talent.

        • emma

          yeah. no real talent at all. just years of hard work individually to be recognised by an entertainment company, then followed by years of training only to debut with one of the smallest companies in korea. then practicing 12 hours a day for the release of their new tours, albums and singles to make sure that they make the most of their opportunity and work as hard as they possibly can.
          four years later and they’ve won the most prestigious asian music award (a daesang) and a billboard music award, but they still get off the stage and say that they didn’t do enough, that they should have been better.
          google a music video, click a random point. watch five seconds. not your cup of tea? all good. but saying that those boys have no talent? not okay.

        • Roda

          I understand what you are saying.. but if I agree with you, then we’d both be wrong..

          • Anonymous

            Sorry Roda, but you need to go back to 3rd grade. It seems you haven quite learned the concept of music. Expression, and that is what these boys have and they show it with passion. You are on thick headed broad if you think that ARMY will let you mess with Bangtan.
            And also you got that whole phrase wrong.
            It’s : “I’d agree with you, but then we’d bothe be wrong”
            Not how you phrased it. If you’re going to pull what little swag you got out of your Arse then at least say it right. Dumb ass.

        • Army

          Bts has lots of talent more than (in my opinion ) alot of american singers each individual member has their own takent they’ve worked upto 18 hours a day just to perfect their music and america is just mad that their skin dont glow like bts and as a fanboy yes i am a boy who likes bts their music is the best sooo yeah plus the only reason grammy wont give bts and award is bc they know bts is toooooooooooooo good for them
          And all of their music videos have individual meaning and are waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better than any other american korean boy band or individual singer(in my opinion )

        • NAHAHAHA

          lol yeah and they got those fans and popularity from working hard! so guess what…? THEY WORKED HARD WITH T A L E N T TO GET THE FANS

        • Destiny

          I did. That’s how I know. They weren’t nominated for talent

          • Fuck u

            And we know that you won’t get a save me from your bigbiebers or how you call them, because ARMY’S are gonna roast your ass good.

          • waitWHAT

            I’m kinda confused right now. BTS isn’t your average artist. They manage to SELF-PRODUCE music of different genres and also create a concept most people aren’t familiar with (a storyline). They are filled with talent, each of the rap line has their own album which promotes self-love and are absolute bops.

            They dance hardcore choreos whilst live singing.
            I mean they aren’t perfect of course but they damn well have talent.

      • .

        Could u please shut your mouth up? They are incredible. U keep saying trash things about them. Wtf is wrong with u ?

      • army who knows her stuff

        ugh. people like you make me sick.

      • taechv

        this ain’t it. if bts is not your cup of tea? that’s completely fine. what’s not okay is completely degrading and disregarding all the dedication they’ve put into their work without even knowing them. istg y’all literally hate bts because it’s a basically a trend. y’all don’t even know of the diversity, lyrisism, versatility and production their music witholds. armys are so touchy because they’ve BEEN through some shit and after years of hard work and them finally getting all the recognition they deserve while still remaining humble as fuck. it’s fucking irritating and discouraging to see prejudical ppl like you judging them without even knowing them and the shit they do.

      • Haters gonna hate

        Shut your mouth and keep your comments to yourself they are amazing if you can’t accept that then go away why are you here

      • Just think about it

        If you expect the Kardashian’s for being fake , why can’t you expect real human beings that actually inspire me to make my own music

      • *insert mic drop*

        Sorry because I support artists and people who don’t look down on people or hate on other people. Haters gonna hate. Players gonna play. Live a life man

    • Jealous of BTS? Then go to the hell..

      Ya playa haters you should love yourself brrr!!

    • Haters should listen to BTS's song Mic Drop

      Mic mic bungee
      Bright lights, going forward
      You thought I was gonna fail but I’m fine, sorry
      Sorry, Billboard
      Sorry, worldwide
      Sorry mom, your son’s too hot
      I’m being a good son in place of you
      No cons in our concerts
      I do it, I do it, you’re a bad ratatouille
      If you’re jealous, sue me
      Sue it

      Did you see my bag
      Did you see my bag
      My bag’s filled with trophies
      How you think bout that
      How you think bout that
      Haters are already giving up

      My success is already so golden
      I’m so firin’ firin’ like a torchbearer
      You’re rushing to run away
      How you dare
      How you dare
      How you dare

      So many trophies in my hands
      Too heavy, my hands aren’t enough
      Mic drop
      Mic drop
      Careful of your feet
      Careful of what you say

      • Layla Melendez

        BTS is a very great inspirational group i love the group and their personalities there music is great and this article is just backlashing them we don’t know if theyll ever win a Grammy but but I know for sure they do deserve it there musi from 2013 to now has been great there not only successful but great people to so this article is very incorrect and should be taken down Love you BTS and stay healthy 사랑해 BTS ❤️?

    • I Love BTS Forever..



      if you don’t like BTS,…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..STFU then.

    • calypso

      you call years of imtensive training, hard work,sacrificing food family and friends just to get in the korean music imdustry: playing with bubble gum???? this makes me so mad..

      • biased article..

        agreed!!!! most idols spend an average of 5~ years training before they debut and it is often described as hell. Some idols even train 10+ years before debut..but because theyre in a kpop band, of course theyll consider it as chewing gum.. thats upsetting.

        • Luna

          I know. Its really outrageous. Most of bts’s songs are about important things such as mental health. How is it chewing gum.

          This is a prime example of the ignorant American patriarchy.

          • Anonymous

            BTS is so amazing like everyone that I have showed BTS to have literally loved them and have become army like i feel so shameful to be even a quarter American like I’m only American cause i was born here but straight up I’m about to hide the fact that I speak English and just move out ( funny how I’m reading this and I’m listening to mic drop LMFAO) Also “music experts” then bts is winning like c’mon if you dont give bts the award its because you jelly lmfaoooo

    • Your comment is dumb.

      How tho? They’ve never had plastic surgery. Just because they take care of their skin and treat it well doesn’t mean they have plastic surgery.
      Even if they did ever get plastic surgery, it still doesn’t matter. Other Western and Korean idols always get plastic surgery so why would it be bad if any bts member has gotten any?

    • S

      I guest someone doesn’t know the 10 step Korean skincare routine. Not saying BTS does all 10 steps, but it’s a completely natural skin routine that most Koreans use day & night to achieve a flawless complexion. Sorry, but “plastic surgery” and “BTS” shouldn’t even be in the same sentence together lol. If they got plastic surgery, it would be easy to tell. Next time don’t mistaken glow-ups, puberty, and timely skincare routines for plastic surgery on these beautiful young men.

    • F U SYMRA

      and you should go and get your brain checked!
      talking without thinking… do some research first

    • Lll

      They didn’t have plastic surgeries. You can easily get pictures of them as babies, teens or whatsoever n they look exact same

    • Leroy

      SYMRA- YOU should get some type of shitty award for being blatantly ignorant.

    • U stupid

      Just because youre intimidated that korean men can achieve such visuals naturally compared to your ugly ass doesnt mean they had plastic surgery. This is very insulting you ignorant fool.

    • Shannnn

      Plastic surgery?
      Pleeeze, they don’t need any,
      But you need a surgery on your heart.
      I bet it’s rotten as hell. Gross!

    • 1111

      I understood that you are being rude just bc you don’t have good appearance and will never be like them forever. Just like typical loser.

    • Anonymous

      I think you should get a brain surgery. Why? Well to be honest because if you would see their childhood pictures you would think otherwise. But since you care about bashing people so much how about you show yourself to the millions of people, they are natural, but since your too blind to realize that,then what can we do. Open your eyes sweetie.

    • AP

      Its true many korean artists do surgery but if you check their childhood photos or predebut video you can see that they have not done any surgery, ,i dont want to start fight or its bot that i am an hardcore army just wanted to clear that they did not do any kind of surgery

    • BabyRisa


    • weloveyouhoseok

      They look way better than your faves, so why would they bother to waste money just to make themselves look like your faves? pfft

    • ashtyn

      that’s rude. they are amazing and inspiring. Big Hit doesn’t make their groups get plastic surgery since they’re a small company.

    • ww

      they didnt have plastic surgery they are naturally like that unlike you.

    • Layla

      I pretty sure BTS never had plastic surgery even if they did that’s none of you’re business Stop writing hate comments and keep negative stuff like that to yourself

    • ARMY


    • BTSoutsold

      Lemme guess you’re a fat frustrated dude or women with bad skin, low self esteem and a shitty life who can’t comprehend that there are people who actually work out for hours on the daily, take care of their health, skin and hair and are still manly although they don’t look like Post Malone, they are manly cause they manage to dominate music industry on a global scale at the young age of mid 20 with their self written and self-produced songs, while casually go to university get their degrees and live happily with their untouched, god given visuals.
      Bye loser, get a live instead of trolling on the internet.

    • qarli2207

      Whats with all of this ignorance and lack of information goshhh!!! So anoying pple like this even exist srsly

    • em

      BTS never had surgery sweety, learn your facts before looking like a fool ?. You deserve the biggest hater award?

    • Ayah

      EXCUSE me look at yourself before saying stuff like that to others do you want someone tell you that i don’t think so.

    • YouBullshit

      I bet you have gotten more cosmetic surgery than they have in general.

    • Hmm.

      That’s practically a compliment, since they’ve never done PS before.

    • Sharika

      I still can’t believe that people kie you exist in 2018. I mean plastic surgery is a normal thing in South Korea. It would have been better if you were more open to different cultures. Besides, BTS has almost no plastic surgeries at all. Please clear your facts before giving your opinion.

    • HAJIMA

      And you should get the I’m such a Jerk award. BTS NEVER got plastic surgery and they never will. And are you saying that they got plastic surgery bc they look like Gods? Well they look like Gods without plastic surgery so thank you very much. They are perfect just the way they are!

    • Please

      This is honestly an immature comment and considering that it isn’t even true I think you should go educate yourself on these inspiring guys instead of bad mouthing them like nobodies business. There is a reason they have such a huge army supporting them and they’re nominated for a Grammy.

    • An Aggravated ARMY

      I hope everyone realizes that the judges that choose the winners don’t actually give a shit about actual foreign singers, that’s why (I think) no foreign singers have won anything. Also the judges are old guys which means that they (as stated in the article) don’t give a shit about boy bands either. It’s like how the Academy Award For Best Animation treats Japan; Japan never wins unless Disney or Pixar haven’t put out anything good that year. So in summary don’t worry if BTS wins the Grammies or not because the Grammies only give a shit about the singers the judges listen to.

    • An army

      Well at least they’re out here getting awards while you are over here hating achieving nothing??

    • army

      and you should get your crooked facts straight before attacking people who probably have a brighter future than you.

    • you... are stupid

      but they’ve literally never gotten plastic surgery lmao

    • Lmfao

      Its not like your beloved American artists have never had plastic surgery before HAHAHAHA

      Don’t you dare accuse BTS of receiving plastic surgery.

    • Boo Boo the Fools

      Yeah, the ignorance is strong with this and the article. Sad person and author of this article.

    • Anonymous

      Haters gon hate
      and players gon play.
      mothefuckers keep mothafuckin all day
      “rm@btsamazingleaderbest leader
      u should really reconsider the stuff u type u gon get armys from all over the world fighting ya .bts is very talented honeslty i personally dont agree with this article .yes ppl like justin bieber and one direction got rejected to the grammys but excuse look at bts now they made to the uniceff luanching a campain to protect my and our generation .ion see many artist recieving an outstanding honor.those boys came a long way struggling against money ppl dissaproving of them racism and so much more but just like yoongi said aka suga from bts thanks to haters like u they made to the billboardss they the succesful bright young and beautiful that are today .plz stop the hateful comments u live longaer when your happy but ig u dont want to live for long thats u should listen to bts love yourself:answer album.i hope u stay healthy lol.i understand u prolly live of what u write but wow there is no honor no respect towards you or what u write we have enough ppl already who are doing no good plz reconsider who and what u wanna be even if they dont make it to the grammys i well still love and support them .they are truly amazing wonderful beautiful beings whose colors are shown and drawn out for the world so vividly.i personally dont have a favorite memeber.but one person who inspires me alot in ma life my choices and my songwritting is rm .ily rapmon thank you for leading bts and being who u are.i dream of one day meeting and hopefully in the future collab together i am 14 yrs old and i wanna sing songwrite and act its my dream.plz dont say hes nothing without bts they are all important pieces in a puzzle each with a wonderful talent lovely wierd personalitiels i cant get enough of them so i hope all u who hate on them really find happines in your life and stay healthy and for army i cant wait to see all u much love and lets keep supporting and loving our 7 kings.

    • Anonymous

      BTS members didn’t do any plastic surgery look at their baby pictures before you judge them

    • fwegjfw

      you should get the stupid ass bitch award. search their freaking pre-debut pictures idiot. they didn’t get any plastic surgery or any of that shit.

    • Ignorant sluts

      Some of these comments are so dumb, it’s not plastic surgery if its correcting a part of the body to do its function (joon got nasal surgery cause he had trouble breathing, yoongi got ear surgery due to an injury). If you look at their before and after pictures, they’ve not changed aside from losing facial fat.

      It’s not plastic surgery, it’s skin routine.

    • Anonymous

      and you should get a jerk award ! , you dont know anything about them and how far theyve come just back off !

    • Nola

      Wow, you got some guts huh? Trash talking BTS in a public website? I am a very picky person, and even then I chose BTS because they are pure, talented and influential people. Did you know that there are so many people who came out of depression only by listening to BTS? And trust me, as a hard core army, I have to say that, hun, BTS have zero plastic surgery and if you think that they do, you are either a very mean person or you just choose not to believe in reality and is in your own fantasy world that you just start imagining dumb things.

    • Anonymous

      What can we do if people like you can’t accept their real beauty

    • aaa

      What can we do if people like you can’t accept their real beauty

    • I’m surrounded by 6-year-olds

      You guys seriously can’t take a joke, can you? This is a JOKE, for crying out loud! For those who are offended very easily, it’s best not to argue back.

    • I’m surrounded by 6-year-olds

      GUYS, why are you so judgemental about people having plastic surgery? Sure BTS MIGHT have not plastic surgery, but that doesn’t mean you can hate on others that had surgery

    • Anonymous

      Do your research first before you accuse BTS getting plastic surgery for your information BTS has never had plastic surgery.

    • Anonymous

      omg so funny haha. No need to be rude or salty or disrespectful. Love yourself, Love Myself <3

    • Anonymous

      yeah u too, stupid SYMRA. People like you loves to hate a person. So many people doing Plastic Surgery…Even “PORNSTAR or CELEBS do Plastic surgery!!!. Just look your Pornstar SYMRA, from a cute Breast to A bIGGER breast…wahhh cinchaaa

    • Did you see the news. I heard BTS got many awards and got nominated to GRAMMYS :]

      My friend do you hear that ? Karma is coming. It’s time run before it catches.

    • Nicole

      Wow that’s so funny and you should keep your ignorance to yourself

    • Anonymous

      Stop being mean to BTS as well as other kpop groups. They work very hard and deserve a chance just like the rest of them. Dont be surprised if BTS wins a grammy. They are amazing and can do anything that they put their minds to.

      • Anonymous

        Also, dont be jealous and say they got plastic surgery just because they are more handsome than you.

    • Anonymous

      Hahaha they just were just nominated in 2018. Maybe you should have waited the year because you just embarrass yourself

    • Umm

      “The Grammys only want to hand awards to artists people remember decades from now” I certainly know that I, and millions of others, will remember BTS decades from now

    • Anonymous

      Who said they had plastic surgery? Are you hating on them because they are beautiful? And if you are going to say that they wear make up or look like girls, guess what everyone has stage make up if they are an artist


      I think you should get The Most Act Like Bitch Award, The Most Stupid People Award and The Most Fucker Award.

    • Taetae


    • Bubble

      You know being a hater doesn’t really help if you think they have gotten surgeries then check their child hood pictures and see stop that its not nice

    • Lol die

      You should get plastic surgery too! I reccommend 🙂 maybe a change of face will make you more likable oh wait- nvm that doesn’t work on your shit personality.

    • Yall Got PLAYED

      So for all of the losers that lost out on stanning BTS…. WELL SUCKS TO BE YOU! I mean if you’re gonna use BTS for clout at least say something positive instead of digging your own grave by writing unpopular opinions about them. When they end up in history books for being leaders of our generations, Imma laugh at yall. I don’t see your faves winning cultural merit awards, being the cover page of Times mag. or speaking at UN conference. That kind of influence shows how much their music and performances pertain to the public. That’s the type of group that the Grammys want. Sure they don’t like bubble gum music, which is why BTS is gonna stick around to get that Grammy. Because BTS makes music that matters. And HELL to yall if you think BTS is some bubble gum group, because then FOR SURE you hardly been looking close enough.

    • don,t

      bitch please people like you are just jealous because you look like a horse

    • A.R.M.Y I LOVE YOU!!

      Honestly we ARMY will protect our boys they are such hard worker and they all deserve to be treated equally and haters will keep hating and that will only give BTS more motivation because they are awesome and will always be legends.

    • Anonymous

      I would like to see you too. If you think you’re that pretty to say that, then you must have gotten plastic surgery at the point your parents won’t want you any more.

    • Nana

      Actually none of the members have had surgery. We have seen their childhood pics and them grow up in front of our eyes since Jungkook (the youngest) was only 15 when they debuted. They look exactly the same, just better hair and style and ofcourse skincare etc. But features are the same.

    • lucki

      they have not gotten surgery its called puberty sweetie look it up

    • serenity

      excuse me but bts memebers never had any kind of Plastic Surgery so don’t say nonsense

  1. swerdtfyghjkl

    This is so funny… BTS never thought of winning the Grammy’s. I watched the video of the music critics saying that BTS does have a chance. Are you hearing impaired? Anyways, they are Korean. That means that they don’t have to go and try aim for American awards. Sure, the Grammy’s are an award that is incredibly prestigious, but this doesn’t mean BTS has to care. As far as I’m concerned, they haven’t issued any comments towards them being mentioned in that video. Stop trying so hard, Paul. Use your time wisely. After all, BTS has more fans than you can ever imagine. You are practically begging for hate.

    • They DON'T CARE LOL

      EXACTLY. That’s why this entire article is dumb AF because I’m pretty sure they aren’t in AMERICA. Like just because it wasn’t for their music doesn’t mean shit, they still won. A Korean boy group, beat JB LOL. Like seriously, they already have a bunch of wins in SK but y’all are just mad because they actually won an American Award. So honestly, it’s not like it wouldn’t be great to win a Grammy… but it’s still an American Award… I’m pretty sure they have more shit to worry about. This also goes for many other big groups right now in SK. They don’t care, it’d be nice but they DON’T CARE. Stay mad and uneducated kids.


    Is this website just for recieving hate?
    every page seems so offending

    • Lola

      It’s literally some idiot just writting about how jealous they are. They are just stupid trolls everything they “write” is meant to anger ARMY. Let’s leave this pathetic excuse of a human being alone…where they deserve to be.

  3. LeonardoRKS

    Oh My God, just wowww. I am American and still amazed at how self centered these certain individual can be. Why in the world would it matter if a Korean-notice the word KOREAN-boy band did not win an american award? Like seriously, whoever wrote this article needs to get over themselves. You are not living in the only country in the world with music awards, okay? Lol, i just can’t with this.

  4. TAO

    Can you just shut the fuck up and stop being a goddamn disgrace to journalism and the entire human race.
    Leave BTS alone. Stop being so fucking petty and jealous over 7 humans who have more grace, talent and fucking humbleness than you have ever had or will ever have. Stop being a racist piece of shit and stop writing lies and slander because if you continue, ARMY will make sure that BigHit Entertainment knows exactly what you have said and they will take legal action and sue your ass.

    • BTS is Perfect :)

      TAO is right. BTS doesn’t deserve hate, as they have worked so hard throughout their careers. They don’t need to worry about American awards- if they do, that’s not a priority. ARMY will continue to attack the website if you keep posting hateful things about BTS. Just a suggestion- since BTS has MILLIONS of fans ALL OVER THE WORLD, I reccommend you keep most posts about BTS actually POSITIVE if you don’t want a whole ARMY coming after this website.

      Jungkook, V, Suga, Jimin, J-Hope, Rap Monster, and Jin are so amazing. A stupid Grammy doesn’t make them BTS. Their music, ARMY, and most importantly, themselves, make BTS better than the rest.

  5. sin

    being nominated is great achievement…just give time to Grammy they will acknowledge BTS …these boys are not just bubbly boy group…

  6. Leera

    Haters gonna hate, Players gonna play, Live a life man
    good luck..
    bts is gonna win. With all the hard work they put in to make music for us ARMYs they deserve the award..even if the “Grammy’s” doesnt think they r good enough we r gonna keep supporting them because humility and hard work is what counts not excess fame.

  7. A Big LOL

    Lol Paul again not even worth reading the article. Just came here to see the comments.

    • Here for ARMY's savagery

      Me too I always look forward to seeing Paul write an obviously negative article about BTS, so I don’t bother reading his stupid article. I do enjoy ARMYs being savage in the comment section. Seriously we have to let Bighit know about this!!

  8. Go to hell Paul

    It would be really funny if bts got the award. I have no intention and hope for that price because i think it is too high for bts yet. But what if they got? We never understimate the Armys or other judges. If that’s happens, Paul can just hang himself to die.

    • Mysti

      If they even get nominated America is going to rip them apart. Armys are the most dumbest kids ever. Grow up

      • army

        even if u r one (it seems u r based on ur word choices and grammar), u should keep in mind that many ARMYs aren’t kids.

        • Mysti

          Y’all are and there’s nothing wrong with my grammar. There’s a lot wrong with yours though.

      • army

        stop it mysti. a lot of the army are not kids. you are really mean because bts have achieved things that no many have.
        I haven’t seen you on a stage winning top social award, or being able to dance and sing like them.

      • Fake news

        “America is going to rip them apart” … America loves BTS. They’re untouchable, and not just because of their fiercely loyal fanbase. But because they’re honest, talented, and incredibly hardworking. Journalists in Korea always talk about how they get asked to write scandalous stories about them and they can only laugh because they know the moral character of those boys and that no one would ever buy such rumors about them. The same amount of time you took to write this ignorance could have been used to look them up and see for yourself why they inspire love and loyalty. The author of this ‘article’ has clearly never bothered to look through their critically acclaimed discography. One of the first songs I encountered by them was “tomorrow,” and the performance/lyrics touched my soul. They’ve massively improved since then and experiment with various genres of music, dance, and symbolism. So no, they’re not a bubble gum pop group… informed opinion > uninformed opinion

      • army2

        First of all BTS has ALREADY been to America for the BBMAS and they’re attendance has only increased they’re popularity but has also gained the attention of thirsty haters like you. Second off BTS did not only attend the BBMAS the also took back the “Top Social Artist” award home with them not once but twice so don’t try to come for BTS or ARMY because we’ll come right back.

      • Fact Pill

        Calm down, you xenophobic ass munch and dont speak for America because you ain’t it. BTS may be hated by the likes of you 0.0000000000000% lowly critics but the vast majority loves what they are doing so shove that fact pill down your throat and accept it.

  9. jeeeeee

    Milli Vanilli says hi. Alanis Morissette says hi.

    LOL @ this noob. It’s “Cute” that you think Grammys are about quality and people are remembers 20 years from now.

    Make up more quotes, lol @ “grammy insider”

  10. Here

    I guess that’s why the Grammy’s took the time out to write a whole article to draw everyone’s attention to a boygroup. Yup they wanted to give their expertise on a popgroup they don’t acknowledge as anything but bubblegum ??? They literally didn’t have to write anything about BTS at all and everyone would have been fine. The Grammy’s themselves shared their opinion on what they think about BTS.

  11. AISH

    It is just sad how people don’t even seem to care or bother to check up on their facts before blindly spouting bullshit about random people just because they’re talented, famous and so good at what they do.
    This what I said 3 years ago when I didn’t know them. This is what I’m saying today as a person who truly appreciates their work and have immense respect for them as people.

    And you’re right…
    Haters gonna hate, Players gonna play. Live a life man. Good Luck.

  12. Krista Hannesen

    I am wondering where you got the idea that *NSYNC is the most successful boyband ever? The Backstreet Boys is the most successful boyband of all time, if you’re judging by record sales – selling over 130 million records. (Source:

    If you are going by money made, the most successful boyband is One Direction, who made $130 million in 2015 alone. (Source:

    If you are going by the Billboard chart, Boyz II Men had the longest charting song of any boyband with “One Sweet Day” feat. Mariah Carey which was #1 for 16 weeks. (Source:

    • Paul Resnikoff

      Thanks for pointing that out, I didn’t realize the sales disparity between BB and NSync. NSync did smash first week sales records, and created JT, so that’s a counter argument.

      Also, it’s really hard to compare the success of One Direction. Crisis, who’s the boy band G.O.A.T.!?

      • Alana R

        Really not surprised that your article was lacking facts since we’ve seen this before. For someone writing about the music industry, you think you might actually know what you’re talking about or at least bother to look up the facts. Really wished there was some depth here, but its ok. We’ll educate you.

        However, I do agree with your overall premise that it might be near impossible for them to win a Grammy. They’re a non-western boy group. Luckily, they have knack for doing what’s considered to be near impossible. The possible argument I could see that could be made is that they have been known to take on social issues in their music. Although, I don’t necessarily believe that’s best represented in their latest release. And I don’t know if their success on the recent charts is enough to be awarded a Grammy. But then again, we all know the Grammys are oddly biased and like to award relatively talentless individuals such as Meghan Trainor (no offense Meghan, you’re just not revolutionary.) They also seem to award half based on popularity and half on artistry. Bipolar and inconsistent if you ask me, but maybe BTS will appeal to them in one of their moments of insanity (which they seem to have quite a few of, in my opinion.)

      • Deeeep

        Backstreet Boys are acroynmed BSB. BB is Big Bang.

        Paul do you even know who these people are?

        Your “counter argument” is asinine. If the success of a group is its legacy creations then by your own shallow logic BSB is still the champ because Backstreet Boys “created” N’Sync. Your compatriot Perlman literally created N’sync in his dealings with BSB as they tried to move beyond his influence. N’Sync was literally the 2nd part of BSB Perlman literally moved the management, road manager and staff from BSB to BSB Part 2.

        But your logic is failure to begin with. N’Sync didn’t “create” Justin Timberlake. Justin, his achievements and fame were created by DESTROYING N’Sync. He literally imploded disbanded the group in order to have a solo career.

        Even in this, saying your faulty logic about N’Sync “creating” JT. Nah even using that noob criteria it would be Jackson 5 with MJ

      • ARMY



        STAY HeAlThY to witness their success

      • army2

        How are you just going to address one part of this terrible article but not address that this whole thing was a mistake, just stop putting down people who are trying to make a difference in people’s lives.

    • Paul Resnikoff has a hard-on for BTS ??

      don’t even waste your time these people and their little blog don’t deal in facts, they just make shit up and sight supposed unidentified sources, those sources are probably the voices he hears in his head, there’s definitely some sort of mental disorder involved cuz I’ve never seen a grown man with such a hard-on for a boy band, 99.9 percent of the stories he writes about BTS lies.

  13. Arian

    obviously paul’s life is so boring. He dont have friends or even family Im sure. No brain no heart no fact in his article, just a trash lmfao.

    • Anonymous

      Don’t worry “Paul” we’ll be sure to let you know when BTS takes yet another win and you receive a highly expected L.

  14. BLAH

    wELL I dont think they are up to Grammy anyways and what if they actually win that would be a big slap on ur face bro

  15. Amaya

    All these butthurt fans smh. Kpop will never breakthrough in the U.S and by next year BTS will be forgotten. It’s a phase. Y’all need to get a life. BTS won’t even be a group in 2 years. Armys are dumb

    • leave

      hold up did you just okay first of all you’re stupid what do you mean bts is just a phase dude you know how long bts has been around 4 years 4 fucking years! they just got recognized 1 year ago not even a year don’t say bts is a trend while they have been struggling even in korea t5o be noticed you i swear people like you who hate for no reason make me happy the world is going to end one day you imbecile i swear what a waste of air you are.

      • Amaya

        First off nothing you said made sense. They debuted in 2013. They just now made a name for themselves but they still aren’t recognized. They also have to go to the military and once 1 member leave, the group will fall apart. 5 member bgs don’t last if you haven’t noticed. Secondly, kpop is a phase. Popularity fades and they’ll be a memory because they haven’t made history. Rookie groups are more known then them. That’s a fact. There’s nothing special about them that makes them stand out so their career won’t do well. I’m not about to fight with a child who thinks music is the most important thing in the world right now. You’re wasting my time. Get a life and go back to school. Dumb bitches I swear

        • Infires

          First of all, it’s not a fact. Neither is it a fact that BTS is the most popular K-Pop group at the moment, but if you lined up all the factors, such as music video views, social media followers, votes for the Billboard Music Awards and the fact that their concerts sold out in a matter of seconds in countries half way across the world, this is obvious. K-Pop may be a phase of sorts, but in my life I have never heard of a phase that lasted 10 years+.
          What the hell do you mean they haven’t been recognized? Do you mean at the Grammys? Cause I hope you don’t mean on the Billboard Hot 100, at the Billboard Music Awards, on the Billboard 200 Album chart, on this website lol, on the Vogue website, on the Forbes list of most influential people on the internet, by Charlie Puth, The Chainsmokers, Major Lazer, Troye Sivan etc., in the Guiness Book of World Records 2018, and in an article by The Grammy Foundation. Goodness, it looks like they HAVE been recognized internationally after all!
          Lastly, somethings that makes them stand out from a lot of artists in Asia and all over the world. They are all extremely talented dancers and performers. They have all participated in the writing and production of at least one song, and the rappers are are all producers and writers of many of their songs. They have a very close, brotherly bond, as they have all shared each others failures and successes and grown together for over 5 years, since before the debut. They all make a huge effort to learn foreign languages so they can communicate in interviews and with international fans. Many of their songs question society at its worst, and the lyrics to all of their songs are thoughtful, thought-provoking, very raw and a refreshing break from some of the Americanized, thoughtless crap that is considered mainstream these days. They’re not afraid to talk about taboo topics in Korea, like mental health, the struggles of growing up and moving on, fighting back against society and empowering youth to make their own decisions and not conform to what older people want them to do.
          Honestly, I’m sorry I couldn’t find a way to make this shorter, but there was no other way to put into words exactly what I wanted to get across. If this, like the other comment, doesn’t make sense to you, then i suggest you learn to read english.

        • army2

          Are you haters this lonely spending your time just trying to put people down. If you need something to do speak to a counselor about your issues at least they’re paid to listen to your bull.

    • Anonymous

      You keep that trash talk to yourself looking at your personality your a very sad person indeed hating on BTS who have helped so many people I suggest you go and get a life

    • Anonymous

      well you get ur 87 year old but off google and keep your opinions to yourself you sad sad person

  16. OppaVMin

    Plastic surgery? Haha God!!…I think you are blind or may be didn’t see pictures of them before their debut..
    U have triggered Army already..

  17. Concerned

    Paul…is everything going alright at home? Did your wife stop putting out?

    You’re an older white man obsessed with 7 young Asian men. Do you not..find yourself a little weird? Are you on a list somewhere? How many times has the FBI made a visit to your home?

    • Infires

      brilliant, honestly. your point makes a lot of sense, unlike paul’s.

  18. Bts Noona

    There’s very thin line between hate and love. Paul be careful, one day you might become their biggest fan. I’ll wait the day you singing praises about them. The amount of work you do (research about them) must have been tremendous. To go through article and read about the grammy talks must take a lot of your time. Not to mention to read about their history. These 7 wonderful boys deserved some respect. They sleep 2-4 hours only daily because they have to practice. We need love in this world no hatred.

    • Whomst

      Okay um fuck right off- we never assumed they were gonna get nominated. The group didn’t either. We have enough achievements to rub in people’s faces but we don’t have to, since people who can’t accept the fact they (bts) has done more than most, will always be half of what BTS will be. They’re much more broadminded than the fuckers on this site will ever be.

  19. Caitlin.

    Teen pop that talks about depression and suicide and how the economy is failing. You can call the Grammys a prestigious award show when they start looking at the lyrics of the groups they’re denying. It’s quite clear none of the members have had plastic surgery as well, seeing this is revolting and I hope you realize this. If you would pay attention to the differences between One Direction, Justin Bieber and BTS you would be able to tell how different they are. BTS has worked so hard to get where they are and they weren’t handing the fame like the two you chose to compare them with. This article is pathetic. I understand they might not get a Grammy this year. I understand that but I’m so disappointed at what you’re labeling them as.

    • Ahmad

      Completely agree with you.. I feel it’s an insult to BTS’ music to mention alongside one direction or bieber..

  20. Marie

    STOP it anti-kpop just SHUT UP YOUR BIG BAD MOUTH ! WHAT GRAMMY ? ? winning #Billboard is enough & #BTS & us ARMYs are already happy and blessed ? We all know that GRAMMY is only for AMERICANS (English) ‘butthurt’? who? us? hahahahah… Never. maybe the ‘Believers’ ? they still thought that ARMY cheated during the voting in #BILLBOARD ? errr… BILLBOARD is not stupid to let anyone fool them. And cheating is not our thing. Anyway haters I know you once watch BTS MV’s & we appreciate it ?? You know I just realize we are all just a ‘fan’ here depending/supporting our own ‘idol’ the sad part ? those ‘idols’ THEY DON’T KNOW YOU! THEY DON’T KNOW OUR EXISTENCE, THEY ONLY KNOW THAT THEY HAVE A ‘fans’ out there. ? Just chill guys. Stop cursing. we’re all human here so act like one ?

  21. Sugakookie

    This sounds like an anti Article. Army don’t stress over it we will know the nominations nov 28 and if they are in it we just have to unite and vote prove these anti’s wrong so don’t stress too bad army.

  22. Ignorance is a commendable form of stupidity

    For your information,
    One of the BTS members have already won a grammy.
    His name is V.
    He’s a mathematical genius.
    Now, any fan would recognise the video to which I am referring.
    It’s one that sums up the extent of BTS’s knowledge, or really their interest, in this award.
    I honestly don’t know why you (Mr. Resnikoff), are being so bitter and hateful; But I’m inclined to put it down to the fact that enough people rise to this bait to make you feel ‘noticed’ and ‘influential’ and ‘special’.
    And I would like to point out, as casually as possible, that you are not special.
    There are a multitude of ‘cynics’ and ‘critics’ and ‘journalists’ out there. Much like you, they regurgitate what little knowledge they have about Kpop, put into text and onto paper, and spring it on unassuming passerbys.
    You are nothing more than one of the masses.
    And I would also like to point out how, once I leave this page, I will forget about the vast majority of this article. Your writing is neither good, special, nor memorable, and will have no impact what-so-ever in the long run.
    The vast majority of us are here only because we have nothing better to do with our lives.
    Much like yourself.
    I’m not sure how much useless rubbish you have left in that brain of yours, but I advise you use it wisely – seeing as how there was so very little there to begin with, you may run out someday soon.

    • joannedonatella

      very unhealthy amount of insults towards someone who’s just doing their job and reporting on information they’ve received

    • joannedonatella

      please actually learn what defamation is

  23. chim chim

    BTS have already proved with BBMA.. y need of these fucking Grammy’s?????

  24. ARMY????

    They didn’t do any plastic surgeons or whatever! If you look at them pictures on their pre-debut if you know them well as you talk then you won’t say those words.

  25. ARMY????

    대박??? you sure you’re not crazy? Stop talking bullshit, it’s annoying. Ah right BTS is a legend. Hater WATCH US RISE ??????#Army fighting

  26. Sincere Criticism

    Numerous Journalism mistakes present in the article or would I say a ‘hate inciting post’. This work does not deserve to be called a part of Journalism. No proper citations etc. Get your facts and sources right before writing such insolent material online.

  27. John

    Your supporting statements are weak and contradictory. You mentioned Justin Bieber but yet he still won a grammy. The fact that awards are determined based on how academy members treat young pop stars adds little creditability to the award. I don’t need to be a song writer or musician to recognize good music when I hear it. We’re constantly reminded of how good they are from their dedicated fans and their sold out concerts. If you don’t vote for music from an objective lens and recognize the style, imagery and choreography the award itself is meaningless.

  28. WAKE UP

    That’s the thing, BTS is not your regular ‘pop boyband’, & immediately dismissing them just bc of those words is a bit silly. Majority of their lyrics talks things that matters, things that people can relate, they speak their mind thru lyrics

  29. John

    Your supporting statements are weak and contradictory. You mentioned Justin Bieber but yet he still won a grammy. The fact that awards are determined based on how academy members treat young pop stars adds little credibility to the award. I don’t need to be a song writer or musician to recognize good music when I hear it. We’re constantly reminded of how good they are from their dedicated fans and their sold out concerts. If you don’t vote for music from an objective lens and recognize the style, imagery and choreography the award itself is meaningless.

  30. Kin

    Everything is agreeable because I honestly don’t expect BTS to get a Grammy. It’s just not the same zone. By that, I mean, yeah, they won’t get a Grammy but that does not necessarily make them inferior to those that do. Call it a term as thoughtlessly conjured as “bubble gum” but I agree with the idea that being an idol or boyband means having other aspects that may overshadow and bypass the music. Still, that last statement by whoever just reeks pure condescension. It’s petty and they even mentioned one specific, household name celebrity as if an array of artists that fit what they mentioned wouldn’t pop up in people’s minds or maybe it was them assuming that would increase the gravity of their statement. It’s like it was spoken just for the sake of making a holier-than-thou statement. It was petty and inaccurate because there are a lot of other aspects to positively remember people’s music by. So one’s music may not be as technically or authentically amazing as others to deserve an award but that artist can still be memorable for their music. It’s such a simple fact that, if ignored, can really speak of how thoughtless a statement can be.

  31. Kin

    Everything is agreeable because I honestly don’t expect BTS to get a Grammy. It’s just not the same zone. By that, I mean, yeah, they won’t get a Grammy but that does not necessarily make them inferior to those that do. Call it a term as thoughtlessly come up with as “bubble gum” but I agree with the idea that being an idol or boybamd means having other aspects that may overshadow and bypass the music. Still, that last statement by whoever just reeks pure condescension. It’s petty and they even mentioned one specific, household name celebrity as if an array of artists that fit what they mentioned wouldn’t pop up people’s minds or maybe it was them assuming that would increase the gravity of their statement. It’s like it was spoken just for the sake of making a holier-than-thou statement. It was petty and inaccurate because there are a lot of other aspects to positively remember people’s music by. So one’s music may not be as technically or authentically amazing as others to deserve an award but that artist can still be memorable for that music. It’s such a simple fact that, if ignored, can really speak of how thoughtless a statement can be.

  32. Megu

    “The Grammys only want to hand awards to artists people remember decades from now, like Adele.”

    *Looks at the artist whom never received a Grammy.*
    -Bob Marley
    -The Doors
    -The Who
    -The Grateful Dead
    -Journey (WHAT THE FUCK!?)

    Grammys…..are you dumb?

    • Ahmad

      I sincerely doubt the credibility of Grammy if it behaves as the article have said. It can’t look past stereotypes, certain images and even race; Because talent wise BTS is not behind any of the nominations, their lyrics and concepts are not your average boy band;

  33. A.j

    Honestly, I think bra deserves to win a Grammy. They work 12 hours a day really hard just for the fans {ARMYS} and their music is better than americas in my opinion. Isn’t that what an artist is supposed to do? Make great music? They’re so good hat its in the chart so.

  34. n

    uh lmao anyways bts remain unbothered they don’t give a damn abt y’all and some corrupt award show

  35. ARMY

    I don’t know how much you are getting paid but now in 2018 you must wake up you swine.

    Gaon Chart Music Awards:
    You Never Walk Alone Album of the Year – 1st Quarter
    Love Yourself: Her Album of the Year – 3rd Quarter

    Golden Disc Awards:
    Love Yourself: Her Disk Bonsang
    Love Yourself: Her Disk Daesang
    “Spring Day” Digital Bonsang

    Korean Music Awards (BASED PURELY ON THEIR WORK):
    BTS Musician of the Year

    Seoul Music Awards:
    BTS Bonsang Award
    BTS Daesang Award

    iF Design Award:
    BTS Brand Identity Award

    iHeartRadio Music Awards:
    BTS Best Fan Army
    BTS Best Boy Band

    Global V LIVE Awards:
    BTS Global Artist Top 10

    Peeper x Billboard Korea Awards:
    January Top K-pop Artist Award (group)

    Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA):
    2018 Feb 3 “MIC Drop (Steve Aoki Remix)” Gold
    2018 Feb 9 “DNA” Gold
    Recording Industry Association of Japan (RIAJ)
    2018 Jan 15 “MIC Drop/DNA/Crystal Snow” Double Platinum

    YES, all of these are won in 2018, and it hasn’t started yet bitch! Don’t forget the countless awards won in 2017, this year everything will triple but not your success my dear reporter. I could curse you and wish you the worst, but the only curse BTS has taught me is Love Yourself Paul, Face Yourself.
    Stop being a lowlife and live a righteous one. You are not late.
    Love yourself, Love myself Peace.

  36. joannedonatella

    i think it goes without saying that the biggest awards fad boybands will ever win are fan voted things
    ratmys are just delusional if they think they ever had a chance to win a grammy lmao

    • joannedonatella

      also the amount of sour grapes going on in this comment section is just too much… yikes

      • ARMY

        i’m sorry what?! don’t you read the comment above you? do you think all these awards gained within 2 months are just work of every fan of bts?! bitch you better get your facts right, their hard work is paying off. meanwhile isn’t the success of every artist based on their fan base, if no one likes them then why would they win an award, are you really this retarded!? i am honestly speechless to know dickheads like you are within us, you dimwitted swine, go do something valuable for your life scumbag

  37. Angel

    If BTS’s music is changing people’s lives what in the world makes anyone think they won’t be remembered years from now. This group has been together more than 10 + years!!!! I’ve known artists who win 8 or 10 grammys and they’re still not remembered and not around!!!! Anything is possible!!! Change is always good.

  38. Hobi's spriteu

    For a fact, BTS are naturally good-looking and good people.

    But here. Let me point out that even if someone got plastic surgery, regardless of how many times, shouldn’t you be minding your own business instead of bashing people? Come on, everybody deserves respect.

  39. So what?

    Okay, even if BTS never gets a grammy, no one can ever deny how much impact they made on a million lives. That is, what you call, true success.

  40. A Reasonable Person

    You must have a lot of time in your hands to waste it on bashing such a talented group. You do know that you can never bring them down, don’t you?

  41. Jh

    Wow,bts Stans are seriously unstable, immature and weak. This is why no one takes you all seriously in the West,and why you’re the most hated fandom in the kpop community….Because you all behave like a bunch self righteous Keyboard warriors on the internet.

    • Jh

      Bts will never win a Grammy or get a nomination and you stans fucking know it ?? Their Music isn’t even that good, it’s average at best.But you guys hype it like it’s the best thing since sliced bread just because they “work hard”. You guys seriously need a wake up call ??. And I genuinely don’t care whether or not you agree with me on this..So pls keep your edgy and pretentious comments to yourselves ?.

    • army2

      Yet you thirsty haters are the ones starting online wars for us”keyboard warriors” to even need to defend people we love and respect so if you got a problem with them then you simply need to leave any material that references them if it triggers you that much

  42. You will watch them get a Grammy

    Wait and watch ! They will snatch all your wigs .
    And just for your information BTS won’t be even BTS if there was No KIM NAMJOON (RM).

  43. MJ

    So this site was paid to talk S*#t, yet all there doing is degrading themselves for this ridiculous comments. People like this make it hard for the world to achieve world peace. I’ll just leave wicked people in Gods hands. SMH

  44. Random ARMY named Charlie

    Oh God… that was… harsh… but… true…

    * sigh *

    You heard it ARMY this is what’s going on behind the stage (get it? ahahaha), half the job of being a legend it’s the legends’ themselves, the other half is ours… let’s keep working our asses of untill the academy gets what BTS really means (other than boyband and teen pop).

    P.S. [For ARMY]: keep those energies from fighting hater to recruiting more armys and working towards the sky guys, twitter’s a good tool, so let’s go, just ignore them already, we need only the love of each other (army) let’s go!

  45. IS U GOOD SIR?!??!

    If bts doesn’t win its because 1) the americans are jealous or 2) they had dogs pic the awards out of a hat because like any “music expert” would know bts is the hot thing rn and will be for awhile so what is you doing my sir??!!!?! also “Rap Monster didn’t even make it with a single career so it means he’s nothing without bts” honey is you dumb like i mean come on have you even heard his mixtape it is straight up FIREEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!! ARMY’s lets just put a link to all the cyphers because if these people listened they would understand also I’m proud to be part of such a strong fandom!!! ARMY FIGHTINGGGGGGGGGGGG!!! I love bts and armysssss and bts loves armyyyyy

  46. JC

    SMH! It doesn’t matter whether they win a Grammy or not, these boys are happy to get to where they are now. Please give them the credits that they deserves and STOP hating! At least they made it this far and not writing bullshit articles online. So proud that they got invited to the Grammy Museum:)

  47. This Ain't It

    Paul, you are one sad ass author. What grown man spends time like this, only the cowards. You SHOULD be a lot more opened minded especially on a platform like this. Gtfo.


      But we can’t blame him. He’s just doing his job.


    Being army and a directioner is so fucking difficult. I’m a ride or die Directioner and I just became Army in June and already know so so much about them but I’m kinda happy and then kinda sad by this article. I’m happy that BTS didn’t win a grammy before One Direction because obviously One Direction held the title as one of the biggest boyband in history yet they still didn’t win a grammy after everything they done. But I’m sad because BTS work so hard producing,writing, dancing and all the other stuff they do and I want Yoongi’s dream to come true. I do find this article kinda harsh. But what I want to stop is people to stop comparing BTS to One Direction like gosh they are both unique in their own ways and I just think that Directioners and Army should just join forces and support our boys because we want what’s best for them. I just want to get rid of the biggest boyband title to stop this fued between both fandoms or just place both of them as the biggest boybands in the world. GIVE BTS THE CREDIT THEY DESERVE AND RESPECT ONE DIRECTION WHILE ON BREAK. So stop the fued. No hate is directed towards bts or one direction because I love them.

  49. Sung Young

    I just wanted to say that they’re not that boy band who just talks about love and some random things. They talk about serious issues that has to be spoken about. They are not JUST OTHER BOYGROUP. They helped people more than anyone else. But before they came here, they were mocked, that was hard to become what they are now. Even now, when they are worldwide, they didn’t change. They still want to help people through their music, lyrics. They have the most chances to get Grammy than said artists. Groups like that stay long. What they did, is not comparable to other artists. They can seem really dorky and sometimes stupid. But they are they, they didn’t change just to become successful. They stayed the way they are. Yes, their lyrics may be hard to understand, but if you listen carefully you will hear what they are telling. Just be wiser. They changed so many lives, to better ones, they helped people get through depression, they saved millions of lives just because of lyrics and their voices. And those people really listened to them. They thought us how to love ourselves. They are not just pretty faces and voices, they are more than that. Groups like BTS is long lasting. And dare to say that they have no chances? Really? You are so selfish! Their music is not a bubble gum, or something you can put in trash. Their music is not meaningless. You really dare to say that they have no chances. I’m angry and absolutely not satisfied what you said. That worked hard to get there, so they will go till the end, they will fight, they will make their dreams come true. I’m not saying that they will win it this year, it can happen next year or a little more far. But it will happen, maybe just one time, but it will happen.


      I feel like your saying One Direction just writes about love and random things so I’m just gonna tell you straight up that they don’t. One Direction writes about love yah but they don’t write about random things they write inspirational songs. You have to pay attention to the lyrics, they are not just a boyband they are as much of a family as BTS is towards each other. Neither group produces meaningless music. But I totally agree with you about BTS going to win a grammy soon. This article is completly trash.

  50. common sense!

    LOL the hypocrisy in this comments from most of these army is laughable… l’ve read most of the comments and to be honest as an Army l’m not happy with the
    behaviour most of you so called army’s are presenting .. stop swearing first of all and use PROPER GRAMMAR! sugar once asked us to stop with the swearing) i
    understand that most of you may not like what the arthur was saying but no need to be all up in your damn feelings this is why KPOP isn’t taken seriously why?! cause most of the fandom are just crazy teen girls/boys all in their feelings especially if they hear or read something about their idol that they may not agree with .. as for the arguments that most of you have stated yes BTS work’s hard and are humble even with all their success, but lets not lie and say that they haven’t been calming and stating in most of their American interviews THAT THEY WANT TO WIN A GRAMMY so stop saying that they don’t need it because thats a lie! secondly the whole argument that they work 18 hours a day is just crap like theres no artist alive who’s doesn’t work their but off to be where they are in the music industry so just cause they work harder that doesn’t mean anything in anyones book and thats not even something to argue about cause every artist thats won a GRAMMY is not only talented but works for it so please stop being extra its embarrassing! thirdly since most of you claim to know facts look at all the boybands in the music industry and you will see that they never last perfect example OneDirection they were once in the same position as BTS are now and what happened they all went separate ways because in most Music Awards its about individuality and what YOUR music as an individual artist is portraying to the world not boybands and fair enough that America isn’t the only country with music awards but their awards are most recognised in the world and thats just facts! and lastly as fans we need to recognise when its time to support your idols and when to just accept what others opinion are just cause someone has a different view to yours doesn’t mean you have a right to swear and call them names like grow up first of all and KPOP isn’t a widely popular music for most people cause it will always be viewed as for little girls with no music taste, you can’t blame them if all we do is argue and just blame others for the way they view things, if your not happy with what someone says your allowed to state your feelings but do so with common sense and a little integrity and know that you are REPRESENTING your IDOL’s and Fandoms as well don’t just say anything that comes out of your mouth and mind… the whole message for BTS is to love yourself and others you don’t see them swearing and going off at every hater they see or hear from so stop and actually think about what message your putting out to the world!

  51. Anonymous

    i don’t understand how those asian became popular with copy past songs,there are nothing special that others groups,there became so desperd for awards and fame(save the world from korean invasion)

  52. Becky

    my eyes and ears hurt me when i see or listen about these k pop garbage
    omg these koreans are everewere get out of my internet

  53. tomm

    these desperate asians don’t belong to stay sholder to sholder with greatest stars like adele,ariana grande,demi lovato and more,there are nothing just a desperate asians for world fame,i don’t hate them they take those awards with hackers voting points because their fans are too desperate for this asians to win

    • Ahmad

      Well I am not an Asian, and isn’t every American star hungry for fame too? How can u justify ariana’s MVs.. she is mostly just seeking attention? How do you define the majority american content being about sex, love, drugs or girls?

      BTS has done none of that.. if you could actually pay them attention and read the translations to their songs, see their concepts, without holding a prejudice, you would understand why they are famous.

  54. sellena

    BTS doesn’t deserve the spotlight on american shous,their music is for kids


      It’s for everyone. So obviously their going to keep it kid friendly.

  55. Becky

    what’s the point to make them fames,only they work hard that others .
    wake up call,this k pop garbage have done too much damage in asia their live in k pop shadow,now want to do that in the rest of world, i do not alwed to happen that.just why is so important these asians to win

  56. sellena

    bts never be the same place with largest stars,because there are nobody and nothing

  57. Becky

    omg…….the world is sick from this garbage called bts,i can’t belive those desperate asians agan take award that no belong to him
    mtv please remove those asians once for all from nominations in american awards
    after there are come in american award only bts wins that is not fair this time that award is for ariana she is the try artist not those desperate not talentet asians moron
    please mtv in future don’t give nominations on asians
    there not belong here and red carpet and awards

  58. tomm

    yeah this is sad what happening now,slow but sure those asians will corruptet the world with that horrible music,i don’t like there cancerd fan are so much obsesed those asian to wins in shows and make them bigger and bigger and others put them in their shadow
    realy sad………
    i just i don’t understand when those asians get big popularity,yesterday nobody have listen something about that group,today they have 300 millions fans….more that demi,taylor,ariana?….
    from where come that number????????fans hackers??
    sad people,this is sad
    when those asians become so important to take awards
    just stop give them nomination there not belong here
    mtv plese in 2019 remove those asians from the awards

  59. sellena

    lol…mtv need to open new categories for those asians.
    the plastic syrgery of the year
    the biggest clown of the year
    the biggest desperation of the year
    the biggest copy-past of the year
    i think bts will take those awards
    bts is one big joke group

  60. Becky

    korean without plastic surgery and ton of makeup is not korean
    those korean are joke,promoting fake beauty in world

    • Anonymous

      They have never had plastic surgery…. never mind you’re just a bitch that has a rock for a brain… oh wait, a rock is to smart fo you. Must be something duller?

  61. tomm

    hey Becky i find something interesting on net about those asians
    listening to k pop music turns you
    into a fuc# gay
    lol…. 1000000% try
    bts is one big gay group
    there take awards for biggest gays in the world and looks that make them happy

  62. Becky

    10000000000000000000000000000000%try but..people why pay for tickets for k pop koncerts are idiots

  63. Becky

    i’m so happy i can see in pease show without to see asian ugly face
    and that show is grammy

    • Anonymous

      Ummm….. I’m sorry I didn’t know it was Opposite Day?

  64. sellena

    why care about their youtube vievs and breaking records,there are still nothing
    only gays with makeup.
    grammy takes only try artist liki ADELE,ARIANA GRANDE,BRUNO MARS,TAYLOR SWIFT,KENDRICK LAMAR,BEYONCE,LADY GAGA,there are the try artist

    bts is nothing just group of desperate asians

    • Anonymous

      You do know all of those artist you listed wear make up too right?

  65. tomm

    korea please just stay away from music shous and grammys

    wtf??!!!is wrong with you people when this asians became important to take grammy,there are nobody and nothing

    bts please back in korea and stay there

  66. sellena

    so many talented singers never get grammy,what do you think bts will.
    sorry no chances for bts or any other group
    they will never be in same level like;adele,rihanna,lady gaga,beyonce and more
    there are new group (bich stay on line)

  67. Anonymous



    • Love,

      lol your spelling tho, I can tell ur an uneducated person who decided to waste their time commenting. spend your time somewhere else anti. BTS can’t hear you up in the charts slayyyyying

    • Sana

      And how has Cardi B helped society or left any positive impact whatsoever?

    • Anonymous

      You’re so stupid I was going to throw up just thinking of responding to you. But I decide to waste my time on your dumb ass. Cardi B? Like seriously? As a music addict I has only heard one of her songs. It was not even close to being Grammy worthy, nor can I even remember the name of it.

  68. Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      Don’t insult these talented boys. I can garentee that they have worked 10 times harder than you have your entire life. Screw you and your little pea brain.


    I think the perception of BTS and the Kpop Genre gets in the way of getting to know truly amazing music. A lot of KPOP is scene as company manufactured music (really upbeat and poppy with little substance) but this is why BTS stands out, even from western artists. They are so involved in the creative process of their music; writing, composing and producing the majority of the songs. Ever since their debut they have addressed social and political issues in their lyrics (Eg. The harsh education system, the gap between rich and poor, the pressures placed on our generation, mental illness, struggling with identity – but ultimately spreading the message of self acceptance and love.) ((-Not just ‘bubblegum’ pop) This is an incredibly rare occurrence in Korea and even in the Western Society. Their music has honestly had such a positive impact on so many people’s lives but people don’t really understand that because they let cultural differences, language barriers and prejudices/assumptions cloud their judgements. They are so hardworking and talented, having had to work their way up to the top (from starting from a tiny company), they have so much passion for their music and love for their fans. People who hate on BTS without even knowing who they are and what they represent, are honestly just incredibly ignorant. It’s fine if you don’t want to explore further into their music but it gives no one a right to hate on them without good reason. (I can’t think of any reasons to do so) If you want to learn more about them, I recommend checking out ‘XCeleste’ Youtube Channel; “BTS//Why are they so popular?”
    On the topic of Grammys: I do sort of agree with this article. Not because I think they’re undeserving (They deserve everything in the world) but because of the perception of kpop and the lack of knowledge people have about them.

    • Ahmad

      But Grammy being one of the biggest music awards in America, shouldn’t they be free from this prejudice?

  70. 아미 ARMY ( who understands the haters but...)

    I know where the hate is coming from. Everyone has different opinions. But BTS deserves everything they have received. BTS started with nothing. They didn’t have a huge budget, famous label, famous producer, famous members, none. So they worked their way up purely by themselves with the only thing they did have at the beginning. T A L E N T. Now, the boys have good budget, a VERY famous label and all members are famous, so I understand when some people say they only got awards cause of fans, not talent. But BTS had to EARN those fans. They worked to get those millions of fans. And they earned them with their hard work and talent. SO no matter what you say, BTS is forever going to have an award in my heart. 영원하자 방탄!

    • Ahmad

      Only the people that are ignorant enough to not really understand their music would say they are getting awards only because of their fans. American society is so racist.

  71. tomm


    • Ahmad

      Please don’t ignore them just because they are famous, read translations to their songs, watch their concepts, then you will understand why they have such for hard fans. If not the best thing but their lyrics would definitely help you one way or the other.

    • Carmen Mint

      1. They don’t need a ticket back to Korea cos they already live there…
      2. If they ever came to foreign countries, then they were mostly requested (and sometimes even begged) to do so….
      3. I don’t think they all are gay and even if they somehow turn out to be “gay” then it still won’t matter, they’ll be hot and successful no matter what…..’Cos the 21st century(if you left your mentality back in 1942)
      4. I’m sure you achieved something important in your life at least once. And you probably worked hard for it too. And probably got a sense of satisfaction after achieving it. In the same way, they worked hard for what they did since Korea was never developed enough to showcase themselves in foreign countries. If they really wish to show-off then let’s not be immature and let those cuties do what they want.
      5. If only your rant didn’t have so many spelling mistakes, then we all could have a “healthy” argument with you, but I think you don’t really care…..
      6. If I might seem rude then I’m sorry but please don’t misjudge and hurt people and us fans without having a proper reason or argument backing you.
      7. I hope we don’t treat BTS as “just a kpop band” but rather “some famous and pretty talented humans”.
      Thanks if you read it.

    • Anonymous

      Bitch, calm the fuck down. We are not saying that you have to like BTS, we are saying that they are human, and are amazing people. I think you are the one that needs to get your hearing and vision checked.
      Also, you have absolutely remove all doubt of your stupidity by making these hateful comments towards people you don’t even know.
      Somebody PLEASE find this tomm a remote island with out internet!

  72. Anonymous

    bts and k pop is the worst think happen in the world
    bts make me to start to hate one of my favorite show
    korean don’t belong in grammys,but what to do when the world became very sick from new virus called k pop,the pharmacy indystry need to make new ati kpop therapy,this koreans are everywhere,someone people are tired from them on begining was interesting but no anymore
    i have listen some of their songs and to me sound too much similar and videos too
    i’m not antis,but i don’t like them
    bts,got7,super junior,exo this all groups look same to me ,their music,videos,dancing,hair style, their faces,
    bts is nothing special to me,just ordinary buy group like others

    • Nola

      Wow, you got some guts huh? Trash talking BTS in a public website? I am a very picky person, and even then I chose BTS because they are pure, talented and influential people. Did you know that there are so many people who came out of depression only by listening to BTS? And trust me, as a hard core army, I have to say that, hun, BTS have zero plastic surgery and if you think that they do, you are either a very mean person or you just choose not to believe in reality and is in your own fantasy world that you just start imagining dumb things.

    • Marcia

      Isn’t every artist just trying to become sucessful why say nonsense like kpop is the worst thing in the world when there is poverty and crimes to worry about. People like you is why the world is not advancing, not a hater but someone who believes that BTS a group promoting self love is the worst thing in the world, what kind of great things are you achieving and saying that they all look the same is too much ignorance for me. Don’t people go around trying to look a certain way because it’s the fashion where they live just like how many people have the same hairstyles and clothing brands and as far as I know every one is unique unless your a twin even then you’ll still have something unique and saying they look the same is the most racist Asian phrase I keep hearing . You shouldn’t go around being this disrespectful to anyone ,I understand that everyone has their personal preference but you aren’t anyone to be saying where others belong and what they do and don’t deserve. Where you saw nothing interesting others saw inspiration and motivation. Let others be and just do your own thing. Wishing kpop out of existence is as good as wishing death upon all those who are and aspire to be idols, next time please think twice about the things that are truly important instead of worrying about what others like.

    • Anonymous

      K-pop is not a virus. And you did not stop liking your favorite Korean show because of BTS, you stoped liking it because you’re letting racism get to you. You shouldn’t dislike someone or something because of their language, fashion, or anything of that such. And last time I checked, a language barrier and darker skin cannot cause viruses? You’re the dumbest bitch I have met if you think that Koreans are polluting our minds.

      But I respect your opinion on not liking BTS or K-pop. Not everyone has the same taste in music. But I, an ARMY, would appreciate it if you wouldn’t have called K-pop or Koreans a virus. That was uh called for. I apologize for ranting.

  73. becky

    when this bts come in billboard and everwere the music lost sence

  74. milla

    lol i just read many comments about k pop in grammys ,hate or not they alredy have taken grammy just not yet official,i’m not fan and i don’t hate them,
    i just don’t wasting words about them i just change the channel and ignore

  75. becky

    lol,wow, bts became group of psihiater therapist now healing people depression with their pathetic songs,i didn’t know that bts fans are very depressed people searching support in garbage

    • Sara

      i mean who wouldn’t be depressed knowing that your very existence on Earth is to hate on hard working people who inspire people. I would too knowing that people like u r the reason the world is getting corrupted day by day. Sad

  76. BS

    Tf BTS is more than just your average boy band.
    This writer to this article is very misinformed.

    • Ahmad

      ? agree, it seems they haven’t even understood their music, how could they compare them to one direction?

  77. Carmen Mint

    I think what he says isn’t half of what it is. And it shouldn’t be such a huge matter because writers and reporters have a tendency to exaggerate facts and figures. It’s not entirely his fault, but also most of the commenters including me. If I had a blog and I had to write about BTS(eg: How I love them) I would probably exaggerate to get attention since, at the end of the day, I need to earn a living…..
    Thus, to stop this what we all need to do is just read and remember. Then casually leave positive messages on their fansites and original twitter account to let them know that there are more lovers than haters (who don’t really matter) instead of leaving more than 200 comments on how “He is wrong” and “He sucks”.
    This is completely my suggestion though, feel free to continue what you’re doing if you think otherwise……….

  78. Loyd Bales

    You could definitely see your skills within the work you write.
    The world hopes for more passionate writers like you who are
    not afraid to mention how they believe. Always follow your heart.

  79. All the haters be hiddung from embarrassment

    It’s funny to see all this comments and haters saying “BTS will never be nominated nor go to the Grammy and yet HERE WE ARE” where in only 4 days BTS will be the first kpop group to appear in the army. “Haters gonna play, get a life man, good luck”

    • Suzan

      sis ikr…haters keep saying BTS wont get this, BTS wont get that…bish who’s rising to the top day by day, year by year…BTS…my friend said BTS MOTS album will flop this year because last year was their peak. Guess what MOTS beat their previous records and even more.


    I think you should get The Most Act Like Bitch Award, The Most Stupid People Award and The Most Fucker Award.

  81. Tanie ?

    well, that’s why it’s a turn on thinking that bts will be special… No matter what… Bts already spoke their desire so army will do everything just to not let them down…

  82. Tanie ?

    I only came here because I’m searching how bts can be nominated for next year…we should think and plan ahead for a good results…

  83. Anony

    Just so everyone knows, including the publisher of this article….
    BTS actually DOES have at least 1 nomination! So please, update yourself before writing this heinous article downgrading a worldwide phenomenon that will keep going longer than any of you would like. Because BTS is here to stay!

  84. Yotototot

    Let us be realistic here is it possible for us to remember btw songs in the next 5-7 years

  85. Yotototot

    Let us be realistic here is it possible for us to remember bts songs in the next 5-7 years

  86. tomm

    i’m so happy they lost the grammy hahahahhahah
    bts is the biggest losers

    • Anonymous

      Why do you even try dude. Is it really worth it…. just shut up before you prove that you’re dumber that you’re writing.
      Plus who the hell are you to talk. Calling them losers. You know who they are and yet nobody knows you.

  87. I hate solo stans and Haters kehe

    Hahahhaha I’ve never laughed so hard before ??? Are you actually like this?? BTS was just at the Grammys last night so jokes on you ?‍♀️?‍♀️ and also don’t say “well they still didn’t win” because we still got a long way to go. So you can just shut up 🙂

  88. tomm

    honestly gay fans bts on grammys look like circus with their colorful hairs and if the k pop was good will be poplar before many years and i don’t see nothing special in this circus group is same like others just the fans are blind and deft
    they just copy eachothers and grammys show them where they belong in bottom in dumsters with all k pop shi$

    • Anonymous

      Ummm… excuse me bitch… ARMY for one are not Gay. What the fuck does their colorful hair have to do with anything? So you’re saying that American guys can dye their hair pink and green but if BTS dare does so they’re a circus group? Also I think you’re blind and DEAF, because you clearly don’t see how talented these boys are, nor hear the amazing quality of their music.
      Also if you don’t even know who the Fuck BTS is then don’t go saying that they copy others. Hobi, my hope and Angel, comes up with his own dance moves, Jimin was an contemporary arts student for dance, Suga has been writing his own music since before the age 13, RM also writes his own lyrics, Jungkook is a wonderful singer and dancer, Jin has been working his butt off since he was scouted out by BigHit, and V has vocals, dance moves, and visuals that you’ll never even come close to comparing too.
      These boys have worked from nothing to being amazing supportive humans, and they deserve more credit. I doubt you even know their lyrics, or the meaning behind them.
      tomm…. thank you very much for your unneeded input.
      Also didn’t your parents ever teach you “if you don’t have anything nice to say then don’t say it at all”..
      You would be doing yourself a favor if you just deleted your comment. Also it would be nice if you actually took the time to get to listen to their music.
      “Never judge a book by its cover”.
      You clearly don’t know the depth of this phrase. Perhaps you should dig a little deeper into this. You might actually come a little closer to RM’s IQ, though I bet you have a long way to go since you cannot even spell Deaf right, and also is K-pop with a dash, not space. And Dumpsters not Dumsters.
      ***Honestly, gay fans ** of ** BTS at Grammy’s look like *** a*** circus with their colorful *** hair**** , (comma) *** and if the K-pop was good **** it would be more****** POPULAR**** FOR many years **** . (Period) **** I *** don’t see **** ANYTHING *** special
      (Double negative. The way you worded it I don’t see nothing means I see something… dumb ass)
      In this circus group **** .(period) *** Fans are just blind and DEAF**** . (Period) *** They just copy *** ***others *** .(period) *** Grammy’s show that they belong in *** dumpsters*** with all other K-pop shit*** .(period)
      So lastly how can being nominated for a Grammy make them belong in trash? Dumb ass. And also K-pop is not shit just because it’s not sung in your language. Also nobody care what the hell you see, because you’re probably one of those horny fucktards that only care about slutty chicks. So good bye. I hope you have a nice day in your pile of garbage while BTS is laughing and playing in a pile of snickers bars. Good luck with your life pal. I hope you make something of yourself.

    • Suzan

      It is because of you and your corrupted ass pea sized brain why the world is getting corrupted and worse day by day. Sad. First off nothing wrong with being gay so what kinda insult is that. Nice to know that some of us are gay, straight, part of the LGBT community etc…Um yeah u r right with the circus group. Their dance and choreo is pretty intense and i can see why u may think that way. Um yeah u got the last part wrong. We did start from the ‘bottom in dumpster’s’ but we keep rising and rising every single day so uh yeah and um u know how to spell right? Anyways haters gonna hate, players gonna play, live a life man, good luck?

  89. Cristina

    Reading in 2019.

    I’m sad to read this article . But I’m still hoping that BTS still gets the chance for a major nomination in Grammy someday.

  90. Neutral

    I still don’t know why are bts and I don’t want I just ignore them I’m just tired from watching them everywhere.

  91. L

    stop bashing or hating BTS because from the beginning they didn’t do anything bad to all of you, they’re just want to share their own perception of music, and to enlighten us that we should love our self by using the music they encouraged people to be their self and not to follow what others want. and in my observation, some artist songs talking about love, heartbreaks, and making love.

    if you guys don’t want to see them or watch them, then skip and try to find a channel that they don’t show BTS! BTS also don’t need your Views.

    stop being salty! stop also being an a$* and being a b*tch. love yourself, love myself, PEACE!

  92. Tomm

    Can you people stop making them something big they are not they are just too much overrated they music sound same there have much better groups that bts shit and kpop don’t deserved this attention all this is a business some have big profit from them that’s all

  93. frits.r

    lmao, “like Adele”, still can’t believe they gave album of the year to her instead of Beyonce, no hate on Adele she’s great, but Im pretty sure Lemonade was 1000x more of a cultural phenomenon that will be remembered far longer for the impact it had both on the industry, popular culture, critically and the history of music.