Eminem Releasing a ‘Major Anti-Trump Album’ Next Month, Sources Say

Eminem's anti-Trump freestyle
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Eminem’s freestyle assassination against Donald Trump last night was just the beginning.  Now, it looks like Eminem is planning a major anti-Trump album release.

Eminem could become the face of rap’s anti-Trump fury.  And last night’s enraged freestyle was just a prelude.

During BET’s Hip Hop Awards on Tuesday night, the rapper dropped an emotionally-charged freestyle, with Trump brutally excoriated.  By the end, the rapper quickly disavowed any fans who also supported Trump, telling them in no certain words: ‘fuck you’.

It was a ‘line in the sand’ from an extremely angry Eminem.  And a bold move against handlers who advise musicians to steer clear of politics.

Almost immediately, the freestyle stirred support from a long list of athletes, rappers, and other public figures.  The video of the freestyle has already garnered 8 million views, and is YouTube’s top-trending video.

The powerful poetry also attracted nods from a legion of high-profile athletes, starting with Colin Kaepernick himself. “I appreciate you @Eminem,” Kaepernick quickly tweeted.

The rapper mentions ‘Colin’ by name in the freestyle.

Others piled in.  LeBron James also supported the freestyle denouncement, alongside rappers like Diddy and J. Cole.

That support soon stretched beyond music and sports.  Accolades soon poured in from Ellen and Keith Olberman, both longtime anti-Trump voices.  “After 27 years of doubts about rap I am now an @Eminem fan,” Olberman tweeted.  “Best political writing of the year, period.”

The powerful freestyle is just a taste of an upcoming album release.

According to details tipped to DMN this morning, Eminem is preparing a major anti-Trump release.  “You might even hear that freestyle as track 1,” one source relayed.

This part wasn’t confirmed.  But hey, it would be a hell of an opener.

I’m Donald Trump. And I Endorse Slim Shady for President of the United States.

Another noted that “not every [album] track is about Trump,” but “he’s definitely letting his feelings be known” with the album.  At this stage, we’re unclear when Eminem is dropping his new album, though expect something “sometime in November,” but “not sooner than that”.

Separately, Hits Daily Double is reporting a November 17th album delivery.

One source stressed that Eminem’s politics aren’t new.

The rapper has clearly denounced Trump in the past, quite publicly.  That includes “Campaign Speech,” a sharply anti-Trump track released last year.  Earlier this year, Eminem guest rapped on a Big Sean track called ‘No Favors,’ calling Trump a ‘bitch’ while also slamming conservative commentator Ann Coulter.

Coulter blasted back, slamming the rapper as an ‘idiot’. “I think it’s unfortunate that the left, from Berkeley to Eminem with his rap songs, has normalized violence against women, as Eminem has done,” Coulter stated.

That’s the sort of division that other artists have shied away from.  Perhaps most notably, Taylor Swift has channeled her rage towards Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, basically drivel in the current climate.  But that’s a calculated move designed to maintain a giant tent of fans, while keeping politics out of it.

Eminem has long thrown away that possibility.

Here’s the complete Eminem freestyle.

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  1. mhmm

    The liberal left are on the run. Their anger is their fear and desperation; a bankrupt ideology. Time will show them implode upon themselves.

  2. sure

    Marshal is an artist entertainer but absolutely no intellectual. Study him closely and you will find contradictions, hypocrisy and an adolescent level of emotional intelligence–not really the one to tell millions of people how to think.

    Trump is the one in the right, by all of the childish hysterical counterproductive rage directed at him.

    OK kiddies your homework is to research Critical Theory and Cultural Marxism.

      • Goethe

        President Obozo allowed a genocide on his watch and YOU are crying about Trump? Where was your mouthy protest then? Get your priorities straight sonny. The left-wing media has bought and sold your mind.

  3. Stephen Douglas

    Thank you for the great article! There’s only one thing wrong with it.

    Change the title to: “How To Kill Your Career In 2 Easy Steps.”

    Em will never recover from this stunt.

    I’m into music, don’t need your politics, it ain’t musical.

    That’s the same thing going on with the NFL: I’m watching sports not into your lecture.

    Em’s career is dead. His relevance is nil

  4. fancy pants

    I think he’s a nasty pastie.. thinks he’s it and a bit but I find him very un-appealing..
    Get the impression he’s just hopping on to the bandwagon..

    (some) Americans can be so aggressive and are obsessed with swearing and causing friction both within the U.S. and outside the country..

    I’m glad I don’t live in the U.S. of A.

  5. Tonald Drump

    Time will tell for the both of them but I think Trump is in more trouble than Eminem.