The Best Selling Artists of All Time — Updated for 2022

Country, rap, and even 90s pop artists appear in the RIAA’s list of best selling artists of all time.

Welcome to our best selling artists of all time list! The list has recently been updated to reflect 2021 sales figures, which have introduced some interesting changes. Notably, Eminem has moved up several positions on the list, surpassing Guns N’ Roses, and the previously unranked (within the top 50) Taylor Swift has found a spot of her own, above the likes of Bon Jovi, Queen, and Chicago.

The Eagles moved the most units of the top 10 artists, selling approximately 19 million additional albums between 2017 and 2021 – and proceeding to the number-four position as a result.

Breaking down the RIAA’s list of Gold and Platinum artists, you’ll find a few surprises.

For example, only a few hip-hop artists appear on the best-selling artists of all time list.  Eminem is right behind Guns N’ Roses. 2Pac manages to hold his own, narrowly beating out Bob Dylan and Def Leppard.

Proving the power of manufactured pop, the Backstreet Boys make a strong showing, beating out Phil Collins and Dave Matthews Band.

Underscoring the popularity of country music, several country artists appear on the list.  Garth Brooks takes second place, while Reba McEntire, Shania Twain, George Strait, and Fleetwood Mac rank high with total albums sold in the double-digits.

You can check out the top 50 best-selling artists, starting with #50, along with how many albums they’ve sold, below.

50. Dave Matthews Band – 34.5 million units

Matthew Straumuller (CC by 2.0)


49. Britney Spears – 34.5 million units

Sunrise on Seven (CC by 2.0)


48. Bon Jovi – 34.5 million units

Penn State (CC by 2.0)


47. Def Leppard – 35.5 million units

Weatherman90 (CC by 3.0)


46. Bob Dylan – 36 million units

Public Domain


45. 2Pac – 36.5 million units

Dawk Suice (CC by 2.0)


44. Backstreet Boys – 37 million units

El Hormiguero (CC by 2.0)


43. Tim McGraw – 37.5 million units

Kevind810 (CC by 3.0)


42. Rod Stewart – 38 million units

sergio_leenen (CC by 2.0)


41. Foreigner – 38 million units

Virginia State Parks staff (CCby 2.0)


40. Simon & Garfunkel – 38.5 million units

Nationaal Archief (CC by 3.0)


39. Chicago – 38.5 million units

YouTube screengrab


38. Eric Clapton – 40 million units

Majvdl (CC by 3.0)


37. Reba McEntire – 41 million units

gerrybuckel (CC by 2.0)


36. Queen – 43 million units

Carl Lender (CC by 3.0)


35. Santana – 43.5 million units

Xavier Badosa (CC by 2.0)


34. Alan Jackson – 43.5 million units

Joel Bielawa (CC by 2.0)


33. Guns N’ Roses – 44.5 million units

Ed Vill (CC by 2.0)


32. Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band – 44.5 million units

Public Domain


31. Taylor Swift – 46 million units

Vivendi and UMG post $1.1 billion in music streaming

Image by Jana Beamer (CC by 2.0)


30. Eminem – 46.5 million units


29. Alabama – 46.5 million units

Saginaw-hitchhiker (CC by 4.0)


28. Kenny Rogers – 47.5 million units

Eva Rinaldi (CC by 2.0)


27. Shania Twain – 48 million units

Katherine Brock (CC by 2.0)


26. Kenny G – 48 million units

Delta News Hub (CC by 2.0)


25. Journey – 48 million units

Matt Becker (CC by 3.0)


24. Neil Diamond – 49.5 million units

neil whitehouse piper (CC by 2.0)


23. Celine Dion – 51 million units

Aniruhd Koul (CC by 2.0)


22. U2 – 52 million units

Remy (CC by 4.0)


21. Fleetwood Mac – 54.5 million units


20. Van Halen – 56.5 million units

Vevo (screengrab)


19. Whitney Houston – 60 million units

Asterio Tecson (CC by 2.0)


18. Metallica – 63 million units

Kreepin Deth (CC by 3.0)


17. Madonna – 64.5 million units

chrisweger (CC by 2.0)


16. Bruce Springsteen – 65.5 million units

Laura (CC by 2.0)


15. The Rolling Stones – 66.5 million units

Uli Schmidt (CC by 2.0)


14. Aerosmith – 66.5 million units

Public Domain


13. Mariah Carey – 68.5 million units

Mariah Carey Twitter

Public Domain


12. Barbra Streisand – 68.5 million units

Jonathan Tommy (CC by 2.0)


11. George Strait – 69 million units

Bede735c (CC by 3.0)


10. Pink Floyd – 75 million units

Dave Bushe (CC by 2.0)


9. AC/DC – 75 million units

Weatherman90 (CC by 3.0)


8. Elton John – 79 million units

Richard Mushet (CC by 2.0)


7. Billy Joel – 84.5 million units

slgckgc (CC by 2.0)


6. Michael Jackson – 85 million units

celebrityabc (CC by 2.0)


5. Led Zeppelin – 111.5 million units

Public Domain


4. Eagles – 120 million units


3. Elvis Presley – 146.5 million units

Public Domain


2. Garth Brooks – 157 million units

fatherspoon (CC by 2.0)


1. The Beatles – 183 million units

Who Are the Best-Selling Artists of All Time?


Featured image by Rodrigo Amorim (CC by 2.0)

233 Responses

  1. Hayley

    How exactly does the Backstreet Boys totals prove the power of nostalgia when these sales were from their peak?

    • Anonymous

      I’m not crazy nor am I racist nor am I a huge michael jackson fan. Saying this let me be clear this list in draped in bigotry and lies. If you go to YouTube right now michael jackson has over 3000 Billion views collectively over a span of his music. No one comes remotely close. Those views translate to ticket sales and album sales respectively. Stop your bullshiting and list that black man as the best selling artist of all time.

      • Anonymous

        This is based on album sales statistics and yes you’re crazy

        • Uncle Gweilo

          Doesn’t include any non-English acts lie Julio Iglesias.

          • Nikko

            no one comes close to the real #1 selling artist of all time which was Julio Iglsias… yes Enrique Iglesias dad, with over 300 million worldwide sales.

          • Anonymous


          • Carmen

            I know for sure the Beatles are number one I don’t know where you got your facts at, whoever said that he was number one with 300 million

          • Roger

            Another comment got it right. First, these are only sales for America. Second, the RIAA charges a fee to (officially) audit and report on sales (or did), meaning the record company would have to shell out to pay for being able to claim a CD, tape, record, etc. was “certified” Gold or Platinum for promotional purposes or to appease an artist. But there is lots of content on “sales” online for worldwide sales, etc. No, streams do NOT equal sales but they have made up a stupid formula nevertheless. Ridiculous to claim an artist is being targeted based on racism, etc. Jackson’s record company (Sony) would not have given a shit if the Beatles were beaten. It’s about money, dude. The companies were all greedy and would sell their mother if they thought it would have driven more sales. And the list does include non-English acts. They just don’t make the list. Why? Check demographics and see the % of english speaking people in America vs. any other language in the 1970’s or 1980’s. Honestly.

          • Karen

            Sure is! I just watched an older youtube video stating Tina Turner had over 200million in record sales!

          • Dominic Wilkinson

            Very incorrect because Eminem has sold 220 million albums??

        • David moule

          The album sales shown here are for the usa only in which pink floyd have sold 75 million but 250 millin world wide and there ain’t very many on this list that can beat that

        • Anonymous

          These are physical album sales. They don’t count streaming you dumb shit

      • Anonymous

        Paul McCartney’s work with the Beatles, then all of the records that he made afterwards, all combined, beats anyone else hands down. He was responsible for most of the Beatles songs. Michael Jackson only recorded 137 songs. The Beatles recorded well over 200. Paul McCartney recorded tons more songs after the Beatles. Michael Jackson doesn’t come close.

        • dustin

          it doesnt beat the beegees. they actually are the best selling band of all time. they wrote 300 songs. and had as many hits as anyone if you add in the songs they wrote for other artists too.

        • Brandon

          What? Michael sold tons of songs with the jackson 5. Michael is up there dude.

        • Anonymous

          It doesn’t matter how many songs you do. You could do 300 songs and only 5 become a hit. Non hit songs don’t make you money! Michael Jackson wasn’t guessing with his work and that’s why for an album of just 9 songs he’d do 100 songs. Quality over quantity. Being shrewd as a businessman is also very important. Michael was the most successful in the business while alive and even in death, he’s still miles ahead of Paul McCartney. And you can’t compare that man’s fame to anyone else.

      • Anonymous

        Agreed,everybody who has been around from that era,knows love him or hate him michael jackson was FAR AND AWAY the biggest selling artist from that decade,hell i would have to say he is the biggest selling solo artist of ALL TIME,nevermind just the 80’S,RIDICULOUS #’s on this half ass list!!

      • Natali from Israek

        Exactly what i wanred to say:
        THIS IS SUCH A LIE!!!

      • Roberto

        Hilarious trying to equate someone watching a YouTube video with buying an LP. Michael Jackson isn’t even close to the Beatles in talent or sales. Get over it.

        • Lorraine

          Lmao. You hella wrong buddy. His music was genius, he’s literally sold the world’s best selling album of all time. He’s definitely up there with the Beatles.

          • Jimmy C

            Absolutely correct!
            Not in record sales he’s not.

          • Mike g

            Presley’s best most successful years came before accurate records were kept . Easily the greatest recording artist ever .

      • ashleigh

        Of course they won’t put mj on here as the highest, it’s all to try take him down. Whhich they have failed miserably at as his songs are rocketing again.

        • Gregory

          You might be right but the beatles made history and made albums in record time for its day.

          • Brandn

            Por guy you “MJ Sucks”…..Michael is the best selling dead artist of 2019. check your fact little boy

          • Pranav

            F*@king idiot!!! You a moron that listens to pop bullsh!t is nothing but a vermilion to this world, and you of all people is not worthy to tell Michael down ’cause he is trillon Times better that bieber who’s #1 on you sh!tty a$$ playlist, he a frickin legend and will always be one, only one who will be forgotten is your filthy @$$

          • Lily

            Yr brain cells must be fucked up if you think MJ will be forgotten. Do you know Taj Jackson? He made a website where people TODAY are donating 50, 100, 1000 pounds for the justice of MJ, and u think just like that hes gonna be forgotten, a guy who’s inspired people like, Beyoncé, Chris brown, Britney spears and I could go on some more But MJ forgotten?? LOL, do yr research abt the guy before u chat shit.

      • Anonymous

        You should be ashamed of yourself to even use the words ‘blackman” MJ was great if not the greatest why would you call him anything but that. that’s what’s wrong with people today,it’s not about race, it’s about the talent of the person given to him by THE HAND OF GOD. because inside we are all childern of the same GOD. and by the way i am a 45 year old white man. i love metal music but i’ll never forget the first time i heard MJ at the age of 9. i didn’t care what color he was, man i wasn’t even thinking about that,i only thing i knew i had never heard anything as good as i was hearing at the time. I pray GOD will remove the veil from your eyes so you too can and will pray for others that are as blind as you.

        • Abi

          “That’s what wrong with people today, it’s not about race”
          “By the way I am a 45 year old white man”

        • Enigma

          How long was he black !
          They R all monsters of music man !
          This one statistic !
          Enjoy Urselves and all great music !

      • Sir Paul McCartney

        shut it buster, if that nonce had more sales than the beatles he would be number one on the flipping list duh #loser

      • Sydney E. Smith

        75 year old white guy here. Don’t know how true your facts are, but I’d put Michael up front. I love his music. I thought Hall and Oats would of been in the top 10, there not even on the list.

        • MJ Sucks

          Fun Fact, America isn’t the whole world, The Beatles’ work reaches a wider spectrum of music listeners, from peaceful melodies like ‘Here Comes the Sun’ to energetic songs like ‘Revolution’. MJ sucks TBH, he’s too overrated.

          • Irules

            U need to do yr research before u chat shit cuz u have no idea what MJ’s song has brought to people all over around the world.

      • Anonymous

        My understanding is that they have a formula for how everything counts. If you look on Spotify, Justin Bieber, Ed Sheeran, The Chainsmokers, and Drake blow pretty much all other artists out of the water, but none of them made this list. You can’t count 1 stream on Spotify or YouTube as the equivalent of 1 album sale, that’s absurd. Many streaming services are free, they are one song, you don’t own it, and don’t even have to listen to the whole song for it to count as a “view”. While buying an album, you actually own the album and it has a dozen songs on it. I am pulling these numbers out of my ass, but I read somewhere that something like 500 streams = 1 album purchase. Stop trying to make everything about race. I’m sure they had a formula they used to calculate this that didn’t take race into account. It’s possible this is based purely on album sales and doesn’t even include streams. Also, MJ is #7 on the list. They just listed “that black man” as one of the top 10 greatest artists of all time and you are calling the list bigoted. GTFOH

        • Anonymous

          Not greatest. Best selling. I’m pretty sure the Beatles still win on Spotify, because it is free music from the most influential band in history. ‘Nuff said. Streams don’t count because there are some fans who watch the song a billion times to rack up streams, and streaming is free, so anyone can do it.

      • Johny rogers

        You mean one of the worst pedophiles of all time?

      • Anonymous

        those views DO NOT translate do tickets sales, not even close. do you have shit on your brain?

      • Jespe

        Stream/clic is not the same as real record purchase. Combined worldwide album/singel Wales Michael probably sold 10% against Elvis. Heck. Julio Iglesias has sold More rekords than Jackson worldwide.

        • Anonymous

          MJ is the most recognizable person in human history. 😐 He legit got a Guinness World Record for that.

      • Marcus

        From Michael Jackson’s own mount. He sold more than 200,000,000 Units with just the Thriller Album. He said this around the early 2000’s, He sold out again after 2009, so I think we know Michael surpassed these other artist with just one Album, let alone his catalogue.

        • Charles

          no artist sold anywhere near 200,000,000 albums over their entire discography. But he did however make millions and millions of dollars owning the copyrights to The Beatles music

      • Charles

        youtube views have absolutely nothing do with album sales or ticket sales. That is the dumbest thing I have ever heard. So “Baby Shark” should beat out Garth Brooks?
        I listen to mostly heavy metal music, and they can have tens of thousands, up to millions of youtube views, and they are lucky if they sell 25K albums.

        Although I will say this, this list is over simplified. Linda Ronstadt has sold about 100 million albums and isn’t even on the list.

      • Anonymous

        3000 billion? Like 3,000,000,000,000? YouTube views and record sales are the same thing?

      • Infamouselguapo

        Album sales and video views are not the same thing.

      • Anonymous

        3000 Billion? You’re telling me he has 3 trillion views? You’re telling me MJ is a billionaire of YT? HA. Get your facts straight. Also, this list isn’t lies, it’s literally real data. So you’re wrong.

        • Lily

          Anonymous If yr talking abt MJ music got billion views, it did, of course it wouldn’t be seen on you tube of that much amount, since YouTube wasn’t made until 2005, and he was born in what 1958? So since his videos weren’t uploaded yet on YouTube, it would be replayed countless, if they add the views before YouTube was made and now, it would pretty much be a billion, maybe not trillion.

      • Ford tuff

        Yes you ARE racist. All black peopleare racist. They just don’t like to admit it. “…how dare them crackers ain’t put da black man in front!”

      • Carmen

        forgive me if this sounds mean, I don’t mean to be mean at all, but I am a huge michael jackson fan, and I know that Michael is number 7, it’s not just this website, as much as I love him this is correct. Maybe the YouTube video had a mix up.

      • JP

        There are so many other artists with multiple times record / album sales over Michael Jackson, but that doesn’t lessen his impart on pop music. And this list is outdated.

      • Jimmy C

        1= The Beatles, 1,600,000,000
        2= Elvis Presley, 1,200,000,000
        3= Michael Jackson, 700,000,000.

      • Nolapolacola

        Bro shut up . It’s about records sold . Stop trying to bring race into everything

      • Charles

        Actually music copied and pirated doesn’t relate to album sales. And everytime you listen to a song on YouTube or Spotify its a view…. It’s doesnt relate to album sales wich is what this is about. Shame you hide your name… Anon

      • Ceetjo

        Yeah, The biggest selling artist is Michael Jackson.

      • Nick

        These are just US Sales I believe bc Thriller alone worldwide has 66 million in sales. His first 5 solo albums since OFF The Wall are the most sold albums of all time.

    • Anonymous

      What happened to The Bee Gees. They were disco.

      • #1beegeesfangirl:)

        Oh my GOD you are totally deluded! The Bee Gee’s TOTALLY SUCK! First of all, they didn’t even do disco you complete and utter moron! Secondly, why would they even be on this list? They made no money at all because the lead singer Yorak Hunt took all the money as well as all the children back to his one bedroom flat! It wasn’t only money he loved, knob head!

        • dustin

          the beegees are infact the best selling band of all time. with more than 170 million units sold. btw, theyre worth more than 300 million. saturday night fever is the best selling album of all time, but because its listed as a soundtrack, its not in the list with thriller or eagles. its ridiculous.

        • Okada

          The Bee Gees didn’t do disco? Then what do you call the music on the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack, Polka? Lol!

    • The One

      I think it said Manufactured pop not nostalgia pop. Backstreet didn’t come together on their own, they were purpose made to be a heartthrob boy band.

    • Antonio

      this is a lie….Mj made history
      mj is popular in entire planet earth, the beatles were famous only in western world and for white people

      • VitiligoDick

        Yet the Beatles still managed to sell more albums than MJ the pedophile child molester. His dr did the entire planet earth a favor by killing his wannabe white ass.

      • Anonymous

        They were and still are massively popular behind iron curtain “Russia” etc.

    • Anonymous

      this top is bullshit… queen has sold almost 300 mil and beatles 600 mil, dunno what this top is actually for

    • Anonymous

      Rush has sold over 40 million units and they’re not on this list. Bogus.

    • Michael

      Def Leppard has 100 million in album Sales…

      Iron Maiden has sold over 100 million albums…

      Judas Priest has sold over 50 million albums world wide…

    • Gino

      Everyone knows that Slim Whitman is the biggest selling recording artist. Didn’t you guys see those television commercials from the 80s?

    • Paul Resnikoff

      Eminem, Britney Spears, Backstreet Boys… plus a lot of other artists selling heavily past 2000. Also, Adele is close to making this list as well.

        • Anonymous

          No he was second, but you know what they say. First the worst, second the best, third the one with the hairy chest. That’s why they called Elvis Presley a fucking gorilla, knob head! *self high five*

  2. bmbacchus

    These are US sales only, correct? Def not total world sales.

    • Anonymous

      Oh I’m so sorry for my innocent mistake. It will not happen again beloved sir. Please, if you have any concern about my future makings, please contact me. My number is 07519 860477 x


    Wow amazing that there isn’t a single Chinese, Japanese, Korean, or European band/singer in the top 50

    • Bob

      Huh? The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Elton John, Pink Floyd, The Rolling Stones, U2, Eric Clapton, Def Leppard, Queen and Phil Collins might disagree with you.

      • Help I need somebody help

        I agree with Bob. How can you, Stephen, be so idiotic to not know that many of the singers/bands on this list are European. You should probably subtract yourself from this world as you are a waste of space and oxygen that could be used by more intelligent people who are actually cultured. As to the argument that there are no Chinese, Korea, or Japanese singers on this list it may be explained by the fact that although they may be good singers and are successful at home they are not as well known in other countries. The only band that could claim “world-wide” fame could be BTS as they do really well in North America as well as in Europe. You are an uncultured swine and I hope that you will learn from your childish blunder.

        • Killer Queen

          Listen here Darling, help I need somebody help, if you believe that you have the privilege to tell someone to subtract themselves from this world because they don’t know certain information then that makes you look like you’re the one who is the waste of space in this world. All though I agree with your argument of how Stephen is completely wrong, I believe there’s other ways to inform them instead of being quite rude to Stephen.

        • BuzzLightyear

          “Uncultured swine” Toy story quote. You have impeccable taste.

      • dustin

        and the beegees would disagree with all of it since they are actually the best selling band of all time and arent anywhere on the list. which is a fucking travesty. saturday night fever is the best selling album of all time, but because its listed as a soundtrack people pretend it isnt a beegees album. this list is garbage.

        • Anonymous

          Best selling band of all time is the Beatles. It’s sad you don’t know this.

    • Joe Mama

      5 of the top 10 are British, which is European. I think you need to learn your geography.

    • Anon

      It’s their wax-figures from Madamme Tussauds in London.

    • Lulu

      It is weird! I think it’s their wax figures from Madam Tussod’s in London. George is too waxy!

      • Tom

        You had some nice hits Lulu. You should have made the list!

  4. Daily Urbano

    Great artist list. Thanks for sharing. From Michael Jackson to Bruce Springsteen to Whitney Houston, most successful artists contains the expected legendary names and a few surprise appearances.

  5. Interested In Music

    Ok this is the 21st century. No way can you make a Legitimate “best selling artists of ALL time” list without including world wide sales. no way. how arrogant is that…the rest of the world that almost all of these artist tour ..doesnt matter? yeah right. folks if you want a LEGITIMATE list … check out:
    lets be real.

    • Woody Harrelson

      Kinda worthless link cause ya gotta pay for the info. Moderators please remove worthless link.

    • Jae

      Dude you can’t even access the statistics so how do you expect us to read them?


      You are correct. The rest of the world can go fuck itself. Keep hating.

    • dustin

      its the madame tussauds wax museum exhibit in hollywood. im not sure why they picked that photo.

  6. Gippa

    How is that YOU Americans never specify that’s the lists you’re making concern ONLY your Country? Every other country in the world would have titled this article “Who Are the Best-Selling Artists of All Time in XXX Country?”.
    If you mean WORLDWIDE, this is the top 10:

    The Beatles
    Michael Jackson
    Elvis Presley
    Elton John
    Led Zeppelin
    Pink Floyd
    Mariah Carey
    Celine Dion
    Whitney Houston
    The Rolling Stones

      • Anonymous

        I agree with that but i think “Elvis” is above “Michael Jackson”.

        • Antonio

          no at all….MJ is biggest thing ever….beatles and elvis were popular only in western world ,MJ is popular in the entire globe
          Don’t be racist

          • Anonymous

            You are a complete idiot. Saying Elvis sold more music than MJ is not racist. Also, the Beatles are the best selling musicians worldwide, with an estimated total sales of 500-600 million, and confirmed sales of around 300 million.

          • Lily

            I totally agree with u MJ is popular than any artist in the entire globe, and people going on abt how the Beatles or Elvis sold 500-600 million is bullshit compared to thriller. Majority people think thriller just sold over a hundred million, it actually sold 104 BILLION. Give me another artist who has reached above. Even if MJ’s not first in selling the most album, he will be popular than any other artist, that’s not a statement but a fucking fact.

      • Aplombe

        Also this list (that’s the Wikipedia one) is highly innacurate (it has data from different sources randomly unifying apple and oranges, like the Rihanna sales for example, and leaving out banans and strawberries). I really don’t know why no one is correcting it.

        This is the only website that has a list that seems to be accurate, and they had found a fair way to add digital sales and streams to the phisycal sales:

        1. The Beatles – 405,737,000 (as of Mar 2017)
        2. Michael Jackson – 323,741,000 (as of Sep 2017)
        3. Elvis Presley – 314,044,000 (as of Sep 2018)
        4. Madonna – 241,134,000 (as of Aug 2017)
        5. Queen – 238,637,000 (as of Oct 2017) now Queen had surpassed Madonna so they are now 4th and Madonna should be 5th, but it has not been updated yet.
        6. The Rolling Stones – 237,135,000 (as of Dec 2016)
        7. Pink Floyd – 229,426,000 (as of Jun 2017)
        8. Led Zeppelin – 200,459,000 (as of Aug 2016)
        9. Elton John – 196,130,000 (as of Feb 2018)
        10. U2 – 194,519,000 (as of Aug 2016)

        Btw, that website is full of interesting analysis for everyone that love to look at those kind of stuff. It’s a bit complicated to navigate (and they should refresh it a bit) but I highly recomend it, I’ve spent a lot of times there.

    • Bongo Louie and the Cha-Cha Kings

      It says in the first sentence that its a list courtesy of RIAA…

      • Aplombe

        Like everyone knows what RIAA stands for, and that RIAA couldn’t have drawn up a worldwide list…
        C’mon, the mistake of consider themselves like the entire world without thinking to specify that it’s only reltive to them is a mistake that only Americans usually do. 🙂
        And I’m saying that not hating on you, but really guys, look around you, you’re a relatively small (even if very influential) part of the world.

    • Anonymous

      Ikr!!im not a fan of michael jackson but WTF were those totals taken from,his after death sales??ANYONE who was around to witness his career at least from thriller on,knows damn well that these #’s AREN’T even remotely close,not only was he the biggest draw of the 80’s but i would argue at least for solo artists that he is the biggest selling artist of ALL TIME!!not only with him but a bunch os really skewed #’s on this list,have ABSOLUTELY no clue where they got these #’s from!!?????

      • Anonymous

        It says it’s from the RIAA. Also, these statistics are for sales in the US. The Beatles are #1 in the US and worldwide.

    • Rp

      Idk bout rihanna that high up there,agreed with top 3 tho!!

    • Help I need somebody help

      Like I said to Stephen you should subtract yourself from this world. This is due to the fact that 14 out of 15 of the artists/bands you named are actually on this list. Maybe you should pay more attention to this list before posting such a comment.

    • Lynn

      You do realize that some of these bands/singers arent all from American, right?

    • jeppe1134

      finally someone who understand how selfcentered americans can be

    • Roadanus

      Your list world wide is missing the Gibb Brothers, and Manilow.

    • dustin

      BeeGees are actually number 1 with 170 million units sold. youre missing the biggest selling band of all time.

    • Aplombe

      Actually the Wikipedia page is wrong. They are combining people with phisical sles and people with digital sales (like Rihanna so high is untrue and wrong) with data coming from different sources.
      This is a website entirely dedicated to sales and streaming analysis, they have the more accurate data around (and they also found a way to unite all the types of sales and streaming). This is the list of the best selling artist of all time:

      TOP 10:
      1. The Beatles – 405,737,000 (as of Mar 2017)
      2. Michael Jackson – 323,741,000 (as of Sep 2017)
      3. Elvis Presley – 314,044,000 (as of Sep 2018)
      4. Madonna – 241,134,000 (as of Aug 2017)
      5. Queen – 238,637,000 (as of Oct 2017) now Queen have surpassed Madonna and are now in 4th position, it’s not been updated yet.
      6. The Rolling Stones – 237,135,000 (as of Dec 2016)
      7. Pink Floyd – 229,426,000 (as of Jun 2017)
      8. Led Zeppelin – 200,459,000 (as of Aug 2016)
      9. Elton John – 196,130,000 (as of Feb 2018)
      10. U2 – 194,519,000 (as of Aug 2016)

      As everyone can see, it’s both different from this RIAA list and from the Wikipedia page.

    • LimeyCunt

      You’re jealous. Stop watching OUR films and listening to OUR music.

    • Me

      Guess Kiss, with 90,000,000 records sold doesn’t count????

      • Tig

        No, the Beatles did not sell more; they’ve sold a lot less. Elvis Presley is the biggest selling artist of all time. This list is false.

  7. Anonymous

    What about ABBA? They sold more than 375 million units!

  8. Anonymous

    michael jackson 1) didnt come close to the Beatles in sales (Michael would tell you that himself. Even IF he did, hes more of an entertainer (and a great one at that) but comparing him to many others on a creative writer, he could still learn a lot from the beatles and others

    • dustin

      BeeGees are actually number 1 with 170 million units sold. so, i dont know how the fuck they left out the BeeGees.

    • Help I need somebody help

      Same. You are an actual intellectual thank you.

  9. Doug

    Why is Nickelback not on the list? How “everyone” hates them, yet sold over 50 millions albums?

  10. ashleigh

    Michael Jackson is number 1 and you know it. false lists as usual.

  11. Lynn

    where the hell is Frank Sinatra, he has like what? 150 million records sold worldwide?

  12. ⛧☠ ₣ℌᏒ∀Ꭶℏ∃ʁ ☠⛧

    What the eff? You jaggoffs forget about iron maiden? Ill just go out on a limb here and figure that you left them off the list because they are number one. So this is the top 50 after iron maiden.

  13. Corey K

    What about ABBA. They sold well over 350 million.

    • Corey K

      Even if not totally true surely they should be in the top 10.

    • dustin

      thats not true. 350 million is not even close to accurate.

  14. Roadanus

    The Bee Gees sell over 120 million albums but aren’t in the top 5. If you put in what they wrote for other people it’s 180 million. So basically this list is a joke, meant to show the bigotry of the author. Maybe he should stick to lists of flowers or children’s cereal.

    • dustin

      THANK YOU!!! exactly! the BEEGEES are HANDS DOWN NO QUESTION the best selling band of all time. saturday night fever is the BEST SELLING album of all time, but because its listed as a soundtrack, which is a fucking shame, they dont get the credit for the greatest feat in music history. saturday night fever is a beegees album. they should never have lent their music to this film. its hurt them more than its helped. theyre almost all gone, and aside from the induction into the rock n roll hall of fame, theyve been inusltingly forgotten about even though their music is still played religiously in dance clubs and radio.

  15. Doris Day

    Just looked at the list again. Where the F! is Manilow? Over 80 million albums sold but he’s not on the list? Total container of excrement this listbis

  16. Michele

    The Monkees sold 75 million units.

    Just sayin’.

  17. MonkeesFan

    The Monkees sold over 75 million albums. Why aren’t they on this list?

  18. Benny & Björn

    You forgot ABBA. If you’re just speaking about US sales, say so.

  19. Anton

    Aretha Franklin had 75 million and Dionne Warwick had 100 million, so how does not not fit on the list with min. 35 million sales? RIAA is full of sh$%!

  20. Neldog63

    You guys have to read more closely. This list is of Gold and Platinum RIAA sales. Some of the artists you are expecting to see here aren’t here for that reason.

  21. dustin

    this is really messed up guys… the beegees are neck and neck with michael jackson and you dont even have them listed at all? EPIC FAIL! theyve sold 170million units. the staying alive soundtrack has sold a little bit more or less, within 5mil units, than michael jacksons thriller, and its NEVER LISTED in the top selling albums. probably because it was a soundtrack, which is messed up, because its a beegees album. THE BEEGEES ARE ATUALLY THE BEST SELLING BAND OF ALL TIME, and staying alive IS ACTUALLY THE BEST SELLING ALBUM OF ALL TIME. with about 65 million albums sold. the same as thriller…. SO STOP MESSING AROUND AN GET IT TOGETHER! its a fucking travesty. and this entire list is MOOT because theres not a single fucking mention of the Gibb brothers. ffs!

    • Anonymous

      The Beatles are the greatest selling band of all time. Don’t be ignorant, this is a known fact.

    • ItsRules

      If u search up the most sold album of all time its ‘Thriller’ but the mistake in that is it never sold 780 million, to be exact it sold 104 billion, all over the world.

  22. maxsi

    Not even accurate.. missing a lot of artists …maybe they just picked their favorites

  23. James

    If you google it the red hot chilli peppers have 80 million units sold… so this isnt ok

  24. UltimateSurvivor

    Bee Gee’s sold over 180 million records… not even on this list… who else are you leaving off…?

  25. StopPlz

    These are albums sold. Not total sales which would include singles and records

  26. David Crowder

    Hi, As per the BBC Proms in the Park concert series last summer, The Four Seasons (Featuring Frankie Valli) have sold more than 175 million records. That makes them a close second to the Beattles for best selling recording artists of all time, but they are not even mentioned on your top 50 bands list. Please fix this! With more than 40 major hits, Four Seasons are still rocking and Frankie is now over 75 years old!

  27. David Crowder

    Here is another link proving the record shattering album sales of the Fours Seasons: How many records have The Beach Boys and The Four Seasons sold
    In the field of rock and roll, The Beach Boys have sold more records than any other group from the USA, except for the Four Seasons, who have sold over 175 million records. Internationally, The …

    • Anonymous

      The Beatles are #1 worldwide. You’re looking like a clown ngl.

  28. James

    This list needs to Updated Now that raps here hahaha. Drake’s sold 142million units and still going strong.
    Jay-Z over 100 million

    most of the top selling artists in history are rap now.

    • Anonymous

      That is the dumbest thing I’ve read today. Thanks for making my day. Drake is 19th worldwide, and Jay-Z is 34th.

  29. Jenny Mccarthy

    Great post thanks for sharing !

    To really sell art, artists need to be well positioned online and make a show at least one time a year. This is what can do it for you.

  30. Sean the Leprechaun

    No Johnny McEvoy on the list! Simply has to be Fake News and made up!

  31. Rob

    Google Guinness Book biggest selling solo artist and see what name pops up. Hint, he’s known as the King of Rock

  32. Roger Carhult

    No ABBA? Dumb list. Wikipedia lists them as having sold 63 million certified copies, and 150 million claimed. But estimates are up to 400 million. Either way, 63 million certified is enough to make it on this list.

  33. Ether

    Also where is Dolly Parton, Enya, Janet Jackson and Celine Dion, who should are all be in the top 10. Which other women were missed off?

    • Ayesha

      Right??? Like where tf is Beyoncé??? Where tf is nicki ??? I refuse to believe this !!

  34. Lily

    Personally when it comes to Michael Jackson, there are different numbers for how many record thriller. If you search ‘what is the biggest selling album of all time in the world’ it would state thriller, and then claim it sold 47 million copies. If you search ‘What is the number 1 selling album ever?’ it would claim thriller additionally it sold ’66 million copies’ I think that’s where people get the biggest mistake. I did a whole marathon of research, and in conclusion, it sold approximate 104 billion, said exactly from MJ himself. Btw, i said a billion and not a million. MJ is a very successful artist in the sense that ‘Ghosts’ was about to beat a higher record than ‘Thriller’ if it wasn’t for the allegation stated. Thriller is iconic, but ‘Ghosts’ is iconic and an inspiration. Of course ‘Ghost’ would probably not win an Grammy because well, when it comes to I guess Americans as a whole, they saw a black man took 8 Grammy’s in one night soo…Even if it didn’t win a Grammy, it would definitely beat ‘Thriller’ and even ‘Bad’ People say MJ is overrated, he’s overrated for him as a person but not his music.

  35. Michael

    Estimates of Queen’s record sales range from 170 million to 300 million records,

  36. Sam

    This list is bogus!! Prince sold more than all of them and should be Number 1!

  37. Ayesha

    Where tf is Beyoncé ????? Where tf is nicki ???? Talmbout Beatles #1 but not once have I heard of them this is FAKE NEWS !!!!! Queen nicki was ROBBED!!!!!

  38. Some Guy

    Shakira sold 80 million records… Why is she not on this list?