Hulu Refused to Air a ’30 Rock’ Episode Because It Mentioned Chris Brown

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Chris Brown says his woman-beating days are over.  Hulu doesn’t give a s—t.

Want to know how badly Hulu hates Chris Brown?  Here’s how much: the online TV platform flatly refused to air a ’30 Rock’ episode because it made a brief mention of the singer.

Here’s how this went down.  The entire ’30 Rock’ catalog recently transitioned to Hulu from Netflix, with all seasons included.  But the spoiler was an episode in season three.  And it was all because of a 30-second interlude involving the singer.

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The ‘situation’ happened in season 3, episode 13.  That show was titled, “Goodbye, My Friend,” and features a dialog between Liz Lemon (Tiny Fey) and Becca (Phoebe Strole).  Becca is pregnant and putting her child up for adoption.  But the process is taxing, says Becca, because many of the people she’s interviewing with “don’t even know who Chris Brown is.”

Tina Fey pipes in and sings a snippet from a Chris Brown song, “With You”.

That episode aired just months after Brown brutally punched Rihanna before the Grammy Awards.  Seems like that would have been the time to erase the episode, but justice is being served six years later.

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According to details from The Hollywood Reporter, the entire scene was redone to erase Chris Brown entirely.

Instead of Brown, ‘Ne-Yo’ is substituted.  And the song that Tina Fey sings is now difficult to identify.


But Hulu’s producers weren’t happy with that fix alone.  So they erased any mention of Chris Brown’s name from the show description and credits.  And if Brown was getting a royalty check from any of this before, he’s not anymore.

We’d show you a clip of the original.  But it’s been wiped away.  Though of course, nothing is truly ‘deleted’ these days.

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Separately, the singer made a cameo in ‘Blackish,’ on Disney/ABC.

That was a hugely surprising move coming from Disney.  But maybe that episode doesn’t survive in syndication, either.

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And what about Brown’s $100,000 donation to Hurricane Harvey relief?  At this point, it’s unclear if Brown actually donated the money.  But for many, the effort was too little, too late.



3 Responses

  1. jay

    …What a weird thing to do. The episode aired 8 years ago not 6. Obviously we don’t support beating women, but this seems a little ridiculous; almost like hulu is simply virtue signaling in order to create news in this outrage culture. I mean, hasn’t Chris Brown been in several huge songs and things since then? I’m pretty sure it didnt actually ruin his career so isnt doing this move kind of pointless? Was this topical bit in 30 rock the lifeforce behind the continuation of his career?

    Like i said, this is clearly just a virtue signal. “Oh wow guys we care SO much about women look at this trivial thing we did to ‘fight back’ wow aren’t we so progressive wow we are on the right side of history wow give us money”


  2. restless94110

    You make a good point, but it’s worse than that.

    Why is it now suddenly ok to remove an artist from public view forever, because of some accusation or some faux pas that he did years ago?

    What’s next? Removing OJ from all of those comedies he made with the Naked Gun guy?

    This is an extremely disturbing trend, made worse by the writer of this article claiming that “justice” was finally done. Injustice was finally done.

    This kind of practice is barbaric. And DMN should be speaking out against it, not supporting it.

    But the complete erasure of PWRBTM because a female said that they did something to her, and the arrest of that Polish group and the “industry” reaction show that this 30 Rock episode is not isolated. It is a trend and it really has to be met, fought, and defeated.