Illegal BTS Videos Are Getting Uploaded to Pornhub

Illegal BTS video uploaded to Pornhub [Oct 22 2017]
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BTS ARMYs may be the group’s worst enemy.  Now, the super-successful Kpop group is battling a strange piracy problem — on Pornhub.

Why are BTS videos constantly getting uploaded onto Pornhub?

The notorious porn site is the last place you’d expect to find Kpop videos.  Yet despite efforts to remove offending videos, it now appears that ARMYs are trading performance clips on the adult channel.

Somebody Keeps Uploading BTS’ ‘Bon Voyage’ to Pornhub

The issue first started back in July, when ARMY superfans uploaded BTS’ ‘Bon Voyage’ series onto the adult site.  That offered a way for fans to view the paid-only series for free, though BTS quickly ripped down the content.

‘Bon Voyage’ is a multi-season series that profiles BTS while on vacation.  The premium series was designed to draw more income from rabid fans, which quickly invited piracy workarounds.

ARMYs are notoriously uptight about their favorite group.  But it’s hard not to chuckle a bit at this development — and even super-serious ARMYs loosened up a bit.  “Hilariously enough, a fan found a way to upload the videos — on none other than PornHub,” first reported.

“News that the first season was on the site spread fast throughout the fandom, and fans found the videos titled hilariously to match with other content on the adult website.”

That ‘other content’ is ‘behind-the-scenes,’ which happens to be a popular adult category.  And, also just happens to have the initials ‘BTS’.

Now, it appears that this same shadowy group of ARMYs is uploading dozens of BTS performance videos.

It’s unclear if these clips have been pulled down from YouTube or other platforms.

Actually, other Kpop groups have also been affected by this trend.  The includes superstars like EXO and TWICE, among others.  But the ‘Bangtan Boys’ seem to be most popular among gay porn ARMYs.

Of course, all of BTS’ videos are completely SFW, though you can probably figure out the rest.  Moving on…

But wait: is Pornhub behind this?

Separately, ARMYs have pointed to some strange tweets from Pornhub’s official Twitter account.  That includes a simple ‘Love Yourself: Her’ tweet immediately after the group’s recent album release.  So maybe some Pornhub employees have infiltrated the ARMY ranks.

Instead of a music industry piracy trend, this is probably just a funny distraction.

It’s unlikely that the music industry needs to worry about an emerging piracy trend, however.  For starters, Pornhub’s takedown policies seem pretty on-point.  And case-in-point: all of the ‘Bon Voyage’ episodes look completely removed.

And frankly, Pornhub seems to be making enough money on their extremely NSFW business model.  The rest is just an annoying distraction.

Actually, Pornhub has actually been angling to develop a music program.  That includes a collaboration with Mykki Blanco, among other endeavors.



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    “BTS ARMYs may be the group’s worst enemy” lol not really more like online defaming articles *cough cough*

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    Real A.R.M.Y. need to defend against these fake A.R.M.Y.!


    Headline: “Illegal BTS Videos Are Getting Uploaded….”

    If you actually studied properly:
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    Line from your article: “BTS ARMYs may be the group’s worst enemy”

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    I don’t even know what this “news” has to offer other than contents which has defamation slander and shady sentences that puts shame to proper news sites

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    I’m sure their vids are in the Gay section… Just saying… Great story Paul!

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    next time you hate on bts just remember that according to twitter, rap monster’s hand gets more attention than you irrelevant ass in less than a second. smh

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