Chris Brown Fails Miserably at Gaming the Billboard Charts

You tell millions of fans they have three days to game the charts.  Then, you get upset when Billboard upholds the three day rule.  So, why is Chris Brown so upset?

Several days ago, in an attempt to game the Billboard 200, Chris Brown posted a message on Instagram detailing how to listen to his new 45-track album.  This included telling his fans to stream the album on auto-play to rack up plays.

If successful, Heartbreak on a Full Moon would’ve changed the music industry entirely.  Artists and major labels would’ve quickly released longer albums to top the Billboard 200.

If the move failed, people would quickly forget about Chris Brown’s feeble attempt to game sales charts.

Unfortunately for Brown, it appears that the latter has happened.

A potential game changer.

Here on Digital Music News, we’ve covered the Billboard 200’s inherent weaknesses.  Despite reassurances by Nielsen Music and HPCMusic, bots can still game the system, for example.

President and CTO of The Veloz Group Jordan Mendler explained how sales charts could be manipulated almost effortlessly.

It would be fairly easy to manipulate the system simply by emulating the behavior of a real user.  One could study the behavior of a real person streaming music and develop software to mimic that behavior.  For example, one might emulate an Android device by using an automation platform to search for music, play it, praise it and otherwise just move it around in the playlist.

Chris Brown didn’t employ bots (as far as we know).  To land at the top spot on the Billboard 200, he enlisted the help of his 40.5 million followers on Instagram.

Brown instructed fans to purchase several copies of Heartbreak on a Full Moon.  He also told fans to create free Spotify and Apple Music accounts to stream the album and rack up album plays.  In addition, he asked fans to spam their own followers with links to the album.

Although admitting that fans would game the system, an unapologetic Chris Brown wrote that the move was necessary.

“We aren’t playing nice here, we are here to get Chris Brown the recognition and success he deserves.”

Had the method worked, Heartbreak on a Full Moon would’ve exposed the Billboard 200’s fatal flaws to the world.

It didn’t.

Failing spectacularly.

Yesterday, Chris Brown took to Instagram to share news about Heartbreak on a Full Moon.

Because the album dropped on Tuesday, October 31st, he’ll only receive credit for three days of sales in its debut week.

The r&b singer, apparently disheartened and furious, wrote,

So I’m hearing that I will only be credited for 3 days of sales for my first week. DON’T UNDERSTAND how that is… Just like the 9 platinum plaques RIAA just dropped out of the sky this year (not including the 3 that I just received for HOAFM singles)… F—K IT, I’m thankful for the support.

Yet, the troubled singer openly contradicted his previous statement.

Several days ago, after providing detailed instructions on how to purchase/stream his album, Brown wrote the following:

We only have 3 days tracking after release for its debut on the Billboard 200, so no messing around.

So, what exactly is he angry about?  Maybe because of current sales projections.

According to Billboard, Heartbreak on a Full Moon may land at the No. 4 spot next week.  Despite his massive social following, the album may only move 45,000 units.  Kelly Clarkson’s Meaning of Life will take the top spot.

That may explain the singer’s Heartbreak.  Oh, and the terrible reviews as well.


Featured image by adrian mustredo (CC by 2.0)

23 Responses

  1. Goodgirl

    One more thing even though it lands at no.4 it still crack the top 5 given he’s only credited for 3 days sale instead of a full week much less if he had being credited 1 week he would be at no.1…you guys wanna see him fail so badly ain’t gonna happen

    • Jim

      I have no idea why they’re calling what Chris Brown did anything like “cheating” or “gaming the system”.

      Acts are constantly telling their fans what they want them to do. Perhaps they don’t go into explicit detail, but yes, acts are constantly saying “buy my record”.

      I like what Chris Brown tried to do here. Tried to make buying Chris Brown records into a cause of sorts. Us vs them or something. Chris Brown has already had top albums, so getting him a #1 record isn’t some type of special achievement.

      And Chris Brown didn’t do a great job with his plan.

      What might’ve been the best thing to do is release singles well in advance, and those singles, months of plays, all get counted on the day of release of the album. That’s why there are so many pre release singles, all the plays of all the singles for months get dropped on the album at the same time.

    • Larry Sanderson

      He absolutely would not be at number one with a full weeks sales, when Kenny Chesney sold over 220K the same week. Get a clue FFS

  2. Galaskiewicz

    Chris Brown needs to stop doing drugs and try harder! He tried to game Billboard, but left out the critical detail! You need a full week to do that. His 45 song album is a joke. He’s just riding off of fumes… sad. Drugs, BAD.

  3. MsMissy134

    Your article makes no sense. Chris Brown shared a FAN’S Instagram post about buying multiple copies and streaming it constantly. Brown didn’t write that. Also, how has he failed “spectacularly” when the numbers haven’t even been released? And on every streaming service I have checked out, his album and/or songs have been in the top 5 or 10 of the “TOP Charts”?? Yet again someone writing something to bash Chris Brown so they can get hits and attention. #getyourfactsstraight

  4. ryan

    this article is such rubbish and CLEARLY written by a hater not an objective person, first of all he isnt a rapper he is a singer. Secondly he reposted a fan IG post he didnt write it. Who ever wrote this article needs to be fire this is by far the most bias article i have ever read on a music site.One more article like this and im done with this site

    • Paul Resnikoff

      I don’t understand. Because he reposted a fan IG clearly stating that there were only 3 days to pull this stunt off — that means he somehow didn’t know this? I’m really starting to believe that Chris Brown has a serious drug problem, this isn’t the work of anyone sober.

    • Harvey Contador

      and they pretend to be journalists, blogger or whatever !!! and some are even paid to churn out such crap

  5. Prima J Hayato

    the author of this article is a f*cking C.B haters

    please shit up C.B is winning and all you fakenews are stopping him


  6. natasha

    Damn he should have just directly reposted the fan page picture or not posted it at all..what an idiot…to not know albums drop on fridays mainly due to the start of the tracking week…he mustve been drugged up and he looked like a complete fool…geez..this is coming from a fan too.. album was good tho just too many sex songs and too long though

  7. Tripple Shit Boy

    Bitches ! Where MY ‘ Terror Family ‘ At ?
    We Got Targets & Certified , Fatwa , Issuance
    Over and Out. . .:::

  8. F.... You

    Yeah right !!!! What a bitter and pathetic MF !!!! Lack of s.. Maybe !?!?! Use your hand damn !!!! For the record In 4 days more That 400 millions streams !!!! The album is ? and TB doesn t give a Damn f… About a talentless looser Who does Nothing in his miserable Life but talking s… !!! Bye ….

  9. Arix_Brxxzy

    Lmao! Today it’s his real 1st week and his album is certified GOLD: 500 000 sales.. so.. he’s a GOAT

    • Larry Sanderson

      Fake news. Fake streams. He only sold 25K pre sales and 68K when streams added. The crackhead is lying