Björk Accepts Visa, Mastercard, and 4 Different Cyptocurrencies

Cover image for Björk's new album, Utopia
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You can still Björk’s latest album with conventional currency.  But that’s so totally boring.

So here’s how Björk’s latest album, Utopia, works.

For starters, you can purchase the album using a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin.  Or, Litecoin, DASH, or AudioCoin.  Traditional currencies like dollars, euros, pounds, or krone can also be used to purchase Utopia.  But Björk is hoping you’ll go totally crypto.

In fact, she’s giving fans who buy her upcoming album 100 free AudioCoins in return.  Just to introduce them to the new cryptocurrency, and promote a blockchain- and crypto-centric music industry.

So what’s AudioCoin?

It’s a fairly niche cryptocurrency that’s based on Bitcoin.  But this currency is geared towards the music industry, which of course carries its own complexities.

In terms of exchange, 100 AudioCoins equal about 25 American cents.  Of course, that value could increase over time (especially if other cryptocurrencies offer a guide).

Oh, you can also gain more AudioCoin by promoting and sharing Utopia.

Björk’s promotion is based on the belief that cryptocurrencies and blockchain have the power to change the music business.

That explains the handout of AudioCoin, whose ambition is accelerate that transformation.

Björk’s album, on One Little Indian Records, will be available on November 24th.  But you can already pre-purchase the album on One Little Indian’s site.

The crypto support is being powered by Blockpool.

The move is the latest celebrity endorsement of a cryptocurrency.  That’s tricky business for celebs, especially given shifting SEC regulations on the matter.  But the net result is that awareness of cryptocurrencies is continuing to explode.

In music, we’re even seeing rappers jumping headfirst into the arena.  Nas is actually a major investor in Coinbase, for example.  And 50 Cent has actively involved in cryptocurrencies.  In fact, 50 has previously accepted Bitcoin for his albums, noting that ‘money is money’.

Now, Björk is adopting a similar attitude, and broadly increasing Bitcoin and cryptocurrency acceptance in the process.





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