Make Us a Viral Video, and We’ll Give You a Free Car

If only every company would follow Opel’s example and let you pay with YouTube views.

European-based advertising agency J. Walter Thompson Amsterdam (JWT) has an interesting idea.

Imagine if, instead of having to fork over your hard-earned cash to buy expensive music equipment, you can just create a video and upload it to YouTube?  Then, based on the video’s total views, the company would give it to you for free.

That’s the idea behind Opel’s Online Edition vehicles.

The automaker has invited consumers in the Netherlands to test drive their new vehicles.  Hoping to “encourage creativity among the automaker’s target market,” after borrowing one of three available Online Edition models, users can create videos featuring the vehicles and upload them to YouTube.

If the videos go viral, Opel will then give you the car for free.

For the Karl Rocks Online Edition, which normally costs €14,747 ($17,088), you’ll need your test drive video to reach 589,900 views.  To walk away with the Corsa Online Edition, normally €18,490 ($21,426), you’ll need 739,600 views.

For the Astra Online Edition €23,070 ($26,735), your video will need 922,800 views.

YouTube dubbed the move “a world’s first.”  Based on the campaign’s success in the Netherlands, JWT told AdWeek that Opel will soon “roll [the promotion] out across Europe.”

JWT didn’t provide any metrics to show how successful the campaign has been.  However, the ad agency said that Dutchman Yuri Schuurkes purchased a brand-new Opel Astra with just YouTube views.  In his test drive video, Schuurkes dressed up as Spider-Man.  The nearly 7-minute video, dubbed SPIDER-MAN Attacks Opel Dealer!, has over 5.3 million views.  Based on the total views, Schuurkes could’ve easily purchased multiple Astras, Corsas, and Karl Rocks.

Several key questions remain, however.  Assuming Opel test drive videos are monetized, who keeps the money?  How many vehicles can a person receive?  How about per family?

You can check out how the program works along with the viral YouTube video below.

Featured image by SpideyPlanet (YouTube screengrab)

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