Introducing ‘Yeezy Sound,’ Kanye West’s New Streaming Music Service

Kanye West is apparently developing a brand-new, Yeezy-branded streaming music service.

Yes, there are rumors that West is actually working on a major Tidal competitor.

Why Tidal?

Several months ago, Kanye West has a major falling out with the service and its owner, Jay-Z.  The spat centered around a major exclusive on the streaming platform for The Life of Pablo.  West claims that the album exclusive helped Tidal grab 1.5 million users, while demanding $3 million in payouts.

Shortly thereafter, the exclusivity arrangement was canceled and a streaming beef was born.  Now, it appears that Kanye West might be cooking up his own competitor.

Indeed, there’s nothing like a heated dispute to motivate a competitor.

Enter ‘Yeezy Sound’…

According to a trademark application obtained by The Blast, West is working on a streaming media concept.  The ‘Yeezy Sound’ trademark involves “streaming of music, audio, images, video and other multimedia content over the internet,” per the application.

The filing also includes online chatrooms, electronic bulletin boards, texting services, email, instant messaging services, and video streaming.  All of which sounds like an appropriately broad filing.

Whether this is another ‘Donda’ business idea from West is hard to tell.  But a hip-hop focused streaming service isn’t a bad idea given the genre’s surge on platforms like Spotify.

Actually, that’s exactly the concept being pursued by Jay-Z, though Tidal remains a marginal player.  Whether that’s the result of poor execution is hard to tell, though West may have some new approaches.  Meanwhile, Spotify is bull-charging ahead with concepts like Rap Caviar — and stretching way ahead of competitors like Tidal and SoundCloud.

Is it too late to enter this game?


Please note: the screenshot above is parody and created on a crappy version of Photoshop.  Please don’t sue us, thank you.