BTS’ Ellen Appearance Could Mean Big Money for Plastic Surgeons

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The US-based plastic surgery industry could benefit from BTS’ growth in America, according to a top Beverly Hills surgeon.

Walk the streets of Seoul, South Korea, and you’ll be assaulted with plastic surgery ads.  On billboards, on trains, and even plastered on busses.  And a large percentage of people you meet have had some work done.

Now, the US-based plastic surgery industry is hoping for a similar environment in America, especially among younger people.  “In America you have — very frequently — people thinking about cosmetic surgery for anti-aging or limited specific enhancements,” a top Beverly Hills surgeon told Digital Music News.

That includes nose jobs and breast augmentation, for example, but not broader facial overhauls.

“In markets like [South] Korea, it’s a broader cosmetic enhancement approach for all age groups.  I’m not going to say it’s less taboo or anything, but definitely a bigger part of the people’s overall lives.”

In other words: America does less surgery, South Korea does more.  And instead of boob jobs and combating aging, Koreans see surgery as a option for all ages.

Enter BTS, whose perfect faces could help popularize plastic surgery among younger Americans.

“So I’d be lying if I told you there’s not a discussion on this inside our industry,” the surgeon noted.  “Big growth in Kpop — like I’m reading in [Digital Music News] for example — might really help us get to the point where it’s not just, ‘oh I need nose alteration or breast augmentation,’ or ‘how can I amplify youthful curves as I age’.”

Cheating Accusations are Putting a Damper on BTS’ Success

That could change with BTS, whose ‘big break’ in America could be an upcoming appearance on the Ellen Degeneres Show.  According to details confirmed today, BTS are officially booked on Ellen on November 21st.  That’s a rarity for a Kpop group, especially during daytime slots.

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PSY teaches Britney Spears and Ellen the Horsey Dance, 2012

Several years ago, Ellen hosted Kpop godfather PSY.  The ‘Gangnam Style’ god used the opportunity to teach Britney Spears and Ellen the horsey dance.  BTS has received valuable mentoring from PSY, who has paved the way for their growth.

In addition to Ellen, BTS has also booked a high-profile appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!  That will be complemented by an American Music Awards appearance, with all three television events airing this month.

BTS has never admitted to having surgery, though at least one expert suspects the group of major alterations.

Is BTS Addicted to Plastic Surgery? We Asked a Plastic Surgeon in Beverly Hills

In fact, the same Beverly Hills surgeon has scrutinized the faces of every single BTS member.  According to the expert opinion, a number of BTS members have most likely had significant cosmetic surgery completed.

But the surgeon stopped short of calling the group ‘plastic surgery addicts’.

Meanwhile, American onlookers have sometimes expressed shock at the group’s stretched-out faces and Western eyelids.  The comments first started after the group won a high-profile Billboard Music Award.

Plastic Surgery Addicts BTS Introduce Protective Sunscreen Line

But that shock could transition into acceptance — that is, if the US-based plastic surgery industry has its wish.  And given the surging interest in Kpop among Americans, that could result in huge windfalls ahead.




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  1. Ecine

    Would you mind citing the name of this surgeon? The source just doesn’t seem reliable, especially when a lot of the members resemble their childhood photos.

    • Disgusted

      Your company continue to pursue this angle knowing when you are talking about bts. If you are consulting with experts then that’s the only angle you have. It detracts from the artists. Ultimately it’s about the music and these delightful, talented, hard working boys and your company is so fixated on this topic. It’s disrectful. You chose the wrong group to do this on. Even if every member had something done, who really gives a sh,,t. Not sure it’s this Enquirer bottom feeding writer, but your company name is gives the illusion you might be a creditable music writer. But not since your leading sentence is this. You are the lowest of the lowest.

    • ..

      Yes I agree if you are telling the truth you won’t be afraid to cite your sources…

  2. Um what

    Yes, please cite the sources you use please…who are the people you were interviewing, where’s the credibility?? And are double eyelids a western thing to have now? C’mon, you can’t seriously think all Asians are supposed to have small faces and tiny-ass eyes?

    -An Asian

    • Just sayin

      Right? That just show how really stereotypical he is,I’m asian and I have double eyelids,most people in my country has double eyelids,idk why he hate bangtan so much it’s so ridiculous despite the fact that he’s a grown up male make it more ridiculous

  3. Disgusted

    Btw Paul, you probably consider your smart, but you have all the signs of an insecure man. You need to attack and manipulate to make yourself powerful writing this smut. You are not worthy. RM Who is a true intellectual and a kind soul is way above you on the humanity and artistic scale. Laugh all you want but you know you are on the bottom.7

  4. AL

    I have lost faith in humanity after reading this bs.
    All over the world people are congratulating bts on achieving such success and this nitpicker right here is busy maligning and belittling them. Dude please get a life. If you’re supposed to write about bts, please concentrate on their music. Thank you very much.

    Ps. I’m Indian. I’m living in Asia. I’m Asian. And I HAVE DOUBLE EYELIDS! So please stop discriminating and being a mean racist and stop stereotyping humans based on whatever basis you choose! AND DO SOME RESEARCH BEFORE YOU WRITE THESE BS ARTICLES WITH NO CREDIBILITY WHATSOEVER!

    • Illama

      I came here purposely to see what else you are going to ramble. But I have to say,this article does not tick me off enough. You should have done better. Previous articles are better. I think, you dried your thoughts already, considering no new ideas coming. Whatever it is, take care. Sincerely.

  5. Not western but I have "Western eyelids"

    “American onlookers have sometimes expressed shock at the group’s stretched-out faces and Western eyelids.”

    lmao are you sure it’s not just you Paul? So typical of white people to impose their own views onto the world.

    “Western eyelids”
    Give me a break. Double eyelids aren’t exclusive to the west. If you’re looking for Oriental faces with double eyelids, Viet and Filipinos say hi.

    • Paul Resnikoff

      I mean, let’s be real. That’s one of the most common plastic surgeries in Asia. I’m not saying it’s healthy, but yes, it’s changing the eyelids to look more Westernized.

      • Whatever

        Dude..?? then you want to say that i had plastic surgery on my eyelids.. don’t be such a stupid dude.. you thing everyone can afford doing plastic surgery?

      • Grace

        It is one of the most common plastic surgeries in Asian, but I know on a personal level that in china, most of the southern region have double eyelids. I don’t know if it’s the same in korea, but you clearly said Asia and china is included there. I, and my entire “asian” family have double eyelids. If i were you, i would definitely reword that as “asians” refer to a large variety of people, Russians, and Indians included.

      • Skye

        ????? Yeah, that is one of the most common plastic surgery procedures in S. Korea, however none of the group members have double eyelids, except Tae who only has it on one eye. It’s naturally occurring.

        Jungkook’s eyes can sometimes appear double-lidded, but they’re not – he’s actually talked about this before and has expressed open interest in double-eyelid surgery.

        Similar looks, however, can be produced by simple makeup, accentuating features and also creating illusions on the face – the same way as even western artists do with contouring and highlighting.

        First of all, there’s nothing inherently wrong with plastic surgery. If someone wants to get it done for themselves, why shouldn’t they? That’s not to say that it should be made the standard but it shouldn’t be stigmatized either (so as far to the degree that it isn’t harmful). What’s the point of that?

        But BTS members are forthright about these sorts of things, and as one commenter noted above, they all still strongly resemble their childhood pictures – barring the natural changes that come with puberty, like features becoming more angular.

        What a biased reach.

      • Im bored too

        Let’s be fuckin actually real,the only thing you care is rating,cause quantity more important than quality,this website is a flop that’s why you wrote this such thing,keep on making bs article about bts,dude.Its actually a highlight of my day to see another side of an internet troll,this job is suck,right?and write those normal news is so fuckin boring,so it must be important to keep your self fun while doing shitty job by making troll article and see how bunch of teenagers lose their shit

      • Stop

        Please stop posting fake rumors and hateful articles about BTS. Their mindset is very different from the rest of Korea. That’s why they have so much international success. They wouldn’t resort to plastic surgery at all. If they had to do it, they would have done it and we would have noticed. Fans called Jhope ugly and told him to leave the band, they said Suga had a big nose, they said Jimin’s eyes were too small. They still say that. But they still have their same features and they openly accept their flaws and say they are not perfect.
        They are hardworking, loving boys who are finally getting some recognition. And you are a low-life, trying to trample all over it just because you don’t like them. Please stop this.

    • Viet

      Hi! Btw it’s not just Filipinos and Viets. You can be from any other Asian country and have double eyelids. It may not be as common but it is not impossible. And to call them ‘western eyelids’ is ridiculous. That’s very racist and discriminating. And again on the “plastic surgeon’s” credentials, please! T_T

  6. I'm coming for you

    This is the crappiest shit I’ve ever read. There’s no point commenting on someone as low as you. Peace out✌

  7. exoyeol

    WTH. What is the actual problem with this site???????
    do u guys hate bts???
    then do whatever , but not in this way . THRERES A THING CALLED “WRITER’S DIGNITY” i dont see in any of article about BTS

  8. Lmfao

    Lmao Paul. You wish you were BTS, don’t you? I’d like to see RapMon write a cypher dissing you, you’d need therapy after that. You’re really ridiculous. “The surgeon stopped short of calling them plastic-surgery addicts.” Well aren’t you disappointed.

    Gratz on succeeding in making a fool out of yourself, you balding paunchy man with your ass sat in your creaky swivel chair in your home office with peeling walls.

    Have a nice life.

    • Lee JiEun

      Eh, RM wouldn’t give this troll even a second of his time. This troll would be happy if RM would make a diss track about his sorry ass, he’s that desperate. No credibility at all.

  9. Melissa

    This is a flipping joke! BTS are one of the few bands that have NOT had any plastic surgery! You guys are so racist, yes good looking Asian men exist.
    I am absolutely upset, you westerners are raising to fame when you mention BTS or any Kpop band.
    ARMY, don’t even bother commenting on this because – it just adds to their fame! I have commented just to let it out, hope you read it and are satisfied.

    • Melissa

      Apologies, it should not be westerners but western negative media*

  10. Losalo

    It truly saddened me when I read this. I honestly don’t understand how you guys have the audacity to push down the hard work these gorgeous boys have done and instead focus on their ‘addiction to plastic surgery.’

    We should be congratulating them! Not accusing them! Never mind the fact that they haven’t even done plastic surgery! Please stop spreading false information, they don’t deserve this 🙁

  11. I'm Fine

    ” Digital Music News is the leading authority for music industry professionals worldwide.” Yeah Professional AS FUCK. I pity you cause BTS won’t even give a fuck to you. They just didn’t care and they are happy. In the last, you will be the only one who is suffering while writing this kinds of useles things.

  12. just confess already oml

    alright if you wanna fuck them so bad you can always just act like the rest of us and fangirl on instagram smh, your crush is showing too well my guy

    • Dess

      Sometimes I wonder if Paul is in a threeway relationship with RM’s supposedly solo career and BTS’s inexistent plastic surgeries.

      (Still a better love story then Twilight though.)

  13. Paul Resnikoff

    Good morning everyone. I thought I’d respond to all of your negative comments. I’m sorry if this offended anyone. But it’s just a piece about the US-based plastic surgery industry welcoming BTS, they believe it will help them. I’m not sure why all of the ARMYs are anti-plastic surgery, really it seems to me that it’s up to the individual to decide.

    • Done with this

      Please read this carefully Paul. You need to state who exactly is this “expert” that you keep quoting in your articles. As far as the readers know, if they don’t know who the hell it is, their “credible information” may as well just be your biased opinion.

      I honestly don’t care whether they’ve had plastic surgery or not, it’s not necessarily a bad thing. The thing I would care about is them lying to the public about them not having any, which, until proven, is not happening.

      Stop being stupid and write facts not opinions you idiot.

    • Viet

      We are not anti plastic surgery. We are anti to people who write false and mean things about BTS. (and by we I mean ARMY) 😉

    • Taboo

      You’re the one who wrote about it being taboo Paul, don’t shift that onto us. You’re the one making multiple reports on the same thing and being INCREDIBLY biased. It’s not only poor journalism but poor writing. You founded this website but you sure won’t keep it going with this bs

  14. TAO

    Shut the fuck up and get a life, you untalented, unprofessional, racist bastard. I would ask if you had better things to do with your time than be a petty asshole, but I sincerely doubt it.

    Just leave BTS and ARMY alone. Stop writing articles about them that are full of false information. I really hope BigHit Entertainment sues you.

    Just stop writing period. You are a disgrace to real journalist, to all writers.

  15. Bts fan

    You are obaessed with bts in negative way. Always insinuating that bts are having plastic surgeries. Look at artists in your own country and you know that plastic surgeries are rampat there.
    You mentions bts as a clicknbait, to make yourself relevant, just like cupcakke.
    Mic drop.

    • Paul Resnikoff

      I don’t think you are being fair. I will try to respond calmly to your accusations. But plastic surgery is rampant in Kpop, I cannot quite say what the situation is with each BTS member but to me their faces look stretched out and heavily operated on. That’s just my assessment, remember we all see potentially thousands of faces every day, I think we can basically see when one has enhancements or artificial changes. It’s in our DNA as humans to detect these things, so, just allow me my opinion (or maybe, by BS detector). I’m not judging here, just saying that maybe ARMYs should just embrace all the plastic surgery as something that makes up BTS’ identity.

      • Ashamed by You

        You job as a reporter is not to give out your opinion, but instead to state facts. If you have the power of making people read your words, use that power for good. Maybe you should learn to live well yourself before trying to criticize or speak about others’ lives, yes?

      • Viet

        Perhaps it is not that you are recognizing enhancements, but you are not used to seeing Asian faces. T_T

  16. ARMY????

    You should stop saying nonsense ? plastic surgery is not a toy anymore everybody are aware of that ? Actually there are some idoles who admitted plastic surgery but BTS literally didn’t and you can verify with their pictures on their pre debut or when they were kids that nothing changed? Haters WATCH US RISE #Army fighting?????

    • Paul Resnikoff

      I hate to say this, but I think that ARMYs could be ruining BTS’ chances of success in the US. I say this noting that fans are important, but this can get out of control. Keep in mind I am just an observer here in the States. Just look at your racist and bullying reactions to CupcakKe, it’s really disgusting what has been going on in that situation. From the American perspective, it seems so nakedly racist and inappropriate. The other issue seems to be this endless screaming about plastic surgery, really I don’t think people care that much but it starts to look like the denials surrounding Michael Jackson. No one really can take those claims seriously.

      Again thanks for hearing my side out.

      • Lol hypocrite

        Your reply made me laugh. Plastic surgery to get more western eyes, honey YOU are the racist one here. Making countless articles to defame BTS, without any proof of the allegations you’ve made may I add, YOU are the one bullying them. This endless screaming about plastic surgery, it’s YOU who brought it up. If people don’t care that much, stop writing fake news about it. And yes, it is fake unless you PROVE it, understand babe? And your American perspective can go to hell. AMERICA is calling BTS there. Since you follow them so well, you already know about the places they’re going to so good for me I don’t have to list them. Good day to you.

      • Elisa

        ??? How are ARMY’s ruining BTS’s chances of success in the US?? I mean if you took a step back and thought for a while, then maybe you would see that it’s fake news with NO BACK UP EVIDENCE AT ALL that is in fact ruining their chances.

        Ok, lets just say that maybe your statement is correct. If it was ARMY’s fault, then why are BTS so popular in Korea, but no here in the Western world? Here’s the real reason why: it’s narrow-minded people like you who think they are superior because, supposedly, you are ‘all natural’. And if you took just a little time to realise that BTS’s visuals aren’t all there is too them, then maybe you wouldn’t be in such a sticky situation. They worked hard to get to where they were. Because of this disgusting article, you are in the same situation as them. It’s simple karma. You give a terrible attempt at trying to bring them down, and now ARMYs are swamping your website.

        Look, I understand that you probably took a long time establishing this company and website and blah blah, but maybe you should stop posting things that defame bands or singers. If this had been a smaller, lesser known k-pop group, nobody would’ve batted an eye, but you simply failed to realise how many ARMY’s would dislike your opinion. I am incredibly disappointed in your company. If you are going to write something like this, make sure to back it up with EVIDENCE, not just some rumour flying around.

        And if any ARMY’s are reading this right now, please, we all support BTS, but they wouldn’t be happy if we were all ganging up on one person because of a few stupid mistakes he made. Before you write any offensive comments, take a deep breath and try to think calmly. ARMYs have a reputation of being easily offended and petty, but let’s try to be a little nicer and prove these people wrong.

  17. Jen Teague

    It’s make up. Take a look at their bare faces and give your assessment again. Also, like the others have suggested, there are pics of them from babies to grade school to now. Take a look, and you’ll notice the same eyes. Especially Jimin, who has notoriously smol eyes w/o his eye makeup.

  18. M

    50 or so stupid and disgusting people sending death threat (something nobody should EVER do) now equals an entire fanbase of 10M people being racists and bullies? Give me a break. What they did was wrong, us regular sane people don’t agree with it (as the several ARMYs showing her support proved, but hey, let’s just ignore this fact i guess) doesn’t mean I am a disgusting racist because I share musical taste with strangers on the internet. We are not responsible for a stranger’s action, but I would ask them to fucking apologize if I see them because if its not from them, it means nothing.

    And “as if this is going convince anyone”? You realise that though you are not the exactly the only one who asked the question, I can admit it, this website is pretty much one of the only thing(and the first and second, to be expected after THREE articles on the subject) that will come up when researching ‘BTS plastic surgery’? You, a digital music website. I don’t mind if they did get some work done, or if they didn’t, but I like facts and reputable unbiased and NAMED sources specialized in the field.

    • M

      Already editing your own comment so you sound less ignorant?

      What a great CEO.

      • once

        I mean, considering how cheap and poor this dirt rag is, he probably shit out this article in his potty. He probably made up that bullshit about the plastic surgeon thing as well, cause honestly, ‘having a reputable source’ will encourage more views.

  19. Abbi

    He’s the founder?? And he wrote an article like this? Lol shows how much of a joke his site is. Worse than the average tabloid garbage. Getting some clicks though, huh? Your welcome. You low life.


    Please, for the love of the cake that hit Joon’s face in Spring Day, vote on Mama.

  21. Madison Wilson

    This article was absolutely disgusting, I’m truly ashamed to share the same nationality as you. You give Americans a bad name when you write racist, ignorant, and disturbing articles such as this. In all honestly it just seems as if you’re just using BTS’ name to get more readers, which is a poor desperate excuse for your lack of a factual or interesting story to publish. BTS has not had plastic surgery. Any real fan can provide with tons of evidence and photos to support that statement. Just because some of the members have double eyelids (not Western eyelids, correct yourself) does not mean they obtained them through surgery, some people are just born like that, it doesn’t matter if you come from Asia or any other country. And in the light of BTS’ current campaign to love and support oneself, you and your “expert” (I have yet to believe they even exist) are only interfering with people being able to accept and love themselves as they are. If you’re going to promote plastic surgery do it with someone else’s name because you obviously don’t know shit about BTS

  22. WTF is this article

    FIRST of all, they debuted when most of them were teens and they still look the same. Many have lost some weight but it’s also called growing up. I certainly didn’t look the same at 17 and in my early 20s. Also, they wear makeup when in public and performances. Are you just writing opinion pieces or is their even an ounce of research? “Stretched out faces”!? Uh it’s called youth? The youngest is 20 and the eldest 25….so yeah they have tight skin. Do you even know any Asians/Koreans? In general they look younger than their age.

  23. Please go die in a hole, writer

    Oh god. Has the person who had written this ever even been to South Korea before? I personally am Korean, although my situation isn’t identical to other peoples’, but personally, walking around Korea, plastic surgery ads are quite uncommon, and many people frown on cosmetic surgery and those who have gotten it done.

    And the author writes as though every Korean has gone through a cosmetic procedure. The level of idiocy actually is pathetic. If EVERY KOREAN supported cosmetic surgery, then why are there hate comments strung on every single K-Pop celebrities SNS?

    I was actually born and raised in Australia, and growing up there was pretty much hell, because as soon as people found out that I was Korean, they would constantly taunt me about it, calling me ‘plastic’ and ‘fake’. It was because of fake propaganda like THIS ARTICLE that causes hundreds of people to suffer incredible racism that we really shouldn’t deserve.

    It actually disgusts me that I have to share a planets with you racist and ignorant scum.

    Please do us all a favour and shut down this piece of shit website that milks out whatever money they can get with fake news to try and get a few measly reads and encourage hate on South Koreans.

  24. Im not an army but wtf

    Paul’s logic be like:

    ohmy god. they. look. different. then. when. they. were. kids.

    and theyre korean???

    AND theyre ridiculously handsome??

    oF cOuRsE!1!!1!!1!! iT mUsT bE pLaStiC sUrGeRy tHeRe mUst bE nO oThEr wAy a KoReAN gUy cAn bE hOt uNLiKe mY fAv iDoL kiM kArDaSiAn bEcaUse oBviOuSly a wHiTe pErson gEtTiNg pLaStIc sUrGeRy iS COMPLETELYFUCKIGN NORMAL bUt iF a kPOp sTaR gEts pLaStIc sUrgEry tHen i’LL cOmPLeTLy bLoW mY sHiT!!1!!!!!!1!!11!!1

  25. LMAO

    You know what’s funny, we see their bare faces and OMG they look the same with their high school pictures, and why are the similarities so uncanny compared to their baby pictures? Oh right, they aren’t addicted to surgery. The only time they were open about it was when RM had a problem. He had to fix his nose because he had a deviated septum; a condition that affects the nose, where the bone and cartilage that divide the nose is crooked which might cause breathing problems. Lmao and J-hope never got surgery to look better.


    im not asian but i have monolids does that mean i had plastic surgery? nope! please tell us the name of this ‘expert’ and his details if you can’t then how can we be sure that he exists. Paul you and people like you are why kpop idolscommit suicide