Spotify Stands by Louis C.K. as Comedian Admits Everything

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Spotify is not pulling Louis C.K.’s material, despite major pullouts from other streaming platforms and media companies.

Louis C.K.’s catalog is still available on Spotify, even after the comedian admits to a range of sexual abuse allegations.  On Friday afternoon (November 10th), the comedian’s catalog remained available on the streaming music platform, while Netflix, HBO, and FX announced high-profile pulldowns and cut ties.

Also jumping ship is The Orchard, the distributor of C.K.’s almost-released film, I Love You, Daddy.   The Orchard is a longtime digital music distributor, and a serious industry player since the 90s.  Unfortunately, the scandal disrupts a big release for the company.

On Friday morning, Louis C.K. admitted to numerous allegations of sexual impropriety.  Specifically, a New York Times article revealed that the comedian masturbated in front of numerous female colleagues, over a period of years.  Additionally, C.K. masturbated in other situations, including phone calls.

“These stories are true,” the comedian flatly offered in a statement.

The actions appear technically consensual, and therefore not criminal.  That may be guiding Spotify’s decision not to intervene.

There was no physical contact in these situations, and Louis C.K. noted that he always asked permission before showing his genitalia.  But C.K. also noted that his position of power made the actions inappropriate.

 “At the time, I said to myself that what I did was O.K. because I never showed a woman my dick without asking first, which is also true. But what I learned later in life, too late, is that when you have power over another person, asking them to look at your dick isn’t a question. It’s a predicament for them.

“The power I had over these women is that they admired me,” he continued. “And I wielded that power irresponsibly.”

The Times piece disrupted a major rollout for Louis.  His movie premiere was abruptly canceled, and so was an appearance on ‘The Late Show with Stephen Colbert’.  Netflix canceled production on a stand-up special, while HBO nixed C.K. from a comedic benefit, “Night of Too Many Stars”.

Netflix offered a quick rebuke of the comedian’s behavior.   “The allegations made by several women in The New York Times about Louis C.K.’s behavior are disturbing,” the company stated.  “Louis’s unprofessional and inappropriate behavior with female colleagues has led us to decide not to produce a second stand-up special, as had been planned.”

But Netflix isn’t removing earlier content from the comedian.  Others, including FX, have refrained from removing earlier Louis content.

As for Spotify, all of the content appears intact.  And it’s unclear whether the streaming music platform wants to deal with the sticky morality issue.



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  1. Anonymous

    He admitted to being a perv and you don’t even have the balls to admit you pushed a false narrative of Kim K robbery for weeks…lol

  2. MatejaPraznik

    I see no reason why Spotify should remove his content, as long as the content itself isn’t problematic. Also, nobody is forcing people to listen to his works.

  3. Jim

    “sexual abuse allegations.”

    I heard no allegations of sexual abuse.

    Louis CK is a kinky pervert. He likes to do unorthodox sex stuff, he politely asks the ladies if they’d like to participate. Some do, some don’t, it’s not sexual abuse, it’s trying to get laid (sort of – sort of a SJW acceptable no touching sex).

    When it comes to the bosses like Harvey Weinstein who are hiring Mossad agents to spy on or intimidate Weinstein’s victims, we’re talking about evil.

    When it comes to Louis CK, you’re talking about a kinky pervert. Rape and trying get laid and stopping when the girl says no are not the same thing, they’re almost opposites, except in the world that the SJWs occupy, where real life somehow avoided telling these people that yes, guys often want to have sex, and that the ladies need to be wary, and cautious, if they don’t want to have sex.

    In real life, when the Real Estate rockstarrish dude is in bed with 3 fans, that, in the real world, is definitely a sex situation. It doesn’t have to be, but on planet earth, the prospect of sex should not be something that would come as a surprise.

    It seems like the SJWs of today have completely internalized the idea that the world works the way they want it to, not the way it actually does. And the way it actually does is guys try to get sex from women who aren’t really sure that they want to have sex. At some point there, on planet earth, there are elements of persuasion involved. And I’m guessing the SJWs would call that rape.

    Seeing things you don’t want to see when you’re free to leave does not fit the definition of sexual abuse no matter how much SJWs want it to be.

    Let’s not confuse the truly evil conduct of Harvey Weinstein with the harmless kink of Louie CK. I’m not really down on the idea of Burn Hollywood Burn, but let’s try to be honest about Louie CK. He’s got his favorite sex things he likes to do, but they’re not Top 40 sex things, they’re more like indie sex things, and there are a lot of subgenres in indie as well as in sex. “not doom, drone-doom”

    Normal folks who aren’t 23 who’ve experenced some changes in culture were asked to accept the trans thing. To many, a very sizeable amount, still, all that seems crazy. A man who thinks he’s a woman is not treated as someone who is just wrong, and given a pill to have his belief match the scientific reality, no, he’s encourage to cut his penis off and call himself a woman. That’s all permanent and it means that he’d never reproduce, which violates a central tenet of socio-biology. Many many people these days, still, think that’s all nuts.

    Now, I bet you could find people who think both a) cutting dick off is fine and b) trying to get laid, or asking a lady to watch masturbate, is just absolute awful “sexual abuse”.

    I’m guessing that this group of people who want to criminalize trying to get laid but cheer why guys cut their dicks off is probably in that trans / lesbian group.

    And someone thought that the lesbian view on men should be adopted by most women. That doesn’t work very well.

    Will prostitution be legal soon?

    • NO

      Your argument was sounding a bit rational before you brought up the whole trans thing. What does this have to do with anything? Your point is immediately invalidated by those statements. Disgusting that you would break down what is a serious predicament for those people to “cutting your dick off.” Seriously. Why are you even comparing that with sexual abuse? Transitioning is something you are doing to YOURSELF, abuse is something you are doing to OTHERS. Just stop.

  4. Paul Resnikoff

    This situation does present some tricky details. For starters C.K. asked permission and received it, and the comedian admits that this was the rationale he used to make it acceptable to himself. The only problem is there’s a power dynamic here that would make a woman agree to something for reasons related to career, etc., that still makes it damaging to the other person. I guess Spotify has to determine if they want to remove content from a person they find unethical, or if they feel it’s their job to do this.

  5. Anonymous

    This sounds like the old “do we separate the art from the artist” debate. There’s a lot of music on Spotify by people who’ve done fucked up things. Gary Glitter. Phil Spector. Chris Brown. All that stuff is still up on Spotify. On Netflix, you can still watch House of Cards. I bet you can find something Roman Polanski directed on there somewhere. Should we take it all down?

  6. Blobbo

    Honestly, women can go F*ck themselves. They are amoral predators, more than half of them, almost all of them I would say. When do we get to call them out on their rotten behaviors? I suppose just because they don’t involve exhibitionism, it’s AOK to be cheats, manipulators, and in the case of many politicians, outright murderers and drug dealers. This country has it the wall of double standards.

    I hope Amy Shumer and Chelsea WTF is her worhtless name are called out on their open celebration of their sexual predation across the planet including on servants in foreign countries. Give me a fin break already!

  7. Reality

    This is a pretty dirty trick here, Paul.

    “while Netflix, HBO, and FX announced high-profile pulldowns and cut ties.”

    Spofity doesn’t produce any Louis CK content, they merely make it available for consumption. None of the other services you cite have removed any CK content available for consumption; they’ve put a stop on producing further content.

    You’re very clearly attempting to make it seem like Spotify is taking a stand in defense of Louis CK and his actions, but lend no support to his argument.

    • Anonymous

      I agree. If Spotify had issued some sort of statement showing support to Louis CK, that would be one thing. But they shouldn’t be expected to remove his older albums, anymore than they should be expected to remove all the other artists who have done fucked up things. Spotify does have some shady business practices, and they should be called out on the actual shady things they do. But this doesn’t seem like one of them. This seems to be making a story out of nothing for clicks.

  8. Reality

    Yes – every Miramax/Weinstein produced or distributed film needs to be burned and never seen again!