Demi Moore Accused of Sexually Assaulting a 15 Year-Old Boy

Demi Moore with Philip Tanzini, 1982
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Demi Moore now faces allegations of sexually assaulting a 15 year-old boy — with video footage to support the claims.

Is passionately french-kissing a 15 year-old boy — multiple times — okay?  Not according to a growing chorus of people outraged by a discomforting video.

The footage dates back to 1982, when Demi Moore was 19 years of age.  The event was a birthday party for Philip Tanzini, a co-star of Demi Moore on General Hospital at the time.

Tanzini was turning 15 at the party, meaning he was less than one day removed from the age of 14.  All of which makes this video involving a married Demi Moore disconcerting to many.

The footage itself was shot by ET.  It’s currently on YouTube, where it already has 6.5 million views (though we’re guessing it will soon be removed).

In total, there are three passionate kisses between Demi Moore and Philip Tanzini.  The first kiss starts at 1:22; the second at 1:49, and the third begins at 4:36.

Take a look.

Demi Moore appears to be totally drunk in the video, though of course that doesn’t constitute a legal excuse.

Tanzini does not appear under the influence, and frankly, looks like he’s clearly enjoying the multiple advances.

Moore was married at the time to Freddy Moore.   But in the video, Moore joked that she loved Tanzini.  Or, we think she was joking.  “I love him dearly. He’s one of my most favorite people,” Moore declared.

“He’s the only one I love.”

Philip has declined to comment on the exchange.  In the moment, he made light of Moore’s married status.  “We’re going to get married by the way,” the upbeat Tanzini joked (or at least we think he was joking).

“Don’t let her husband find out.”

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The video was actually uploaded onto YouTube in 2012.  But it’s getting fresh attention in the wake of numerous sexual abuse scandals.

The Moore incident may draw comparisons to Kevin Spacey.  Spacey was initially accused of sexually assaulting an underage actor while drunk.  Spacey did not deny the allegations, and other accusations include groping and inappropriate sexual advances followed.

Online, a growing number of people are accusing Moore of similar sexual assault and/or abuse.

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Some went further with their accusations, accusing the actress of pedophilia.  Those are extremely serious accusations, though Moore is clearly a legal adult passionately kissing an underage boy in the video.

There’s also a statute of limitations in play, given the date of the incident.

Tanzini is now over 50, and appears totally uninterested in the attention.  Tanzini seemed delighted in 1982, and totally quiet in 2017, unlike accusers of celebrities like Spacey or Louis C.K.

More as this develops.




36 Responses

    • AP

      Would you have said “luckiest girl on the planet” if it had been your just-turned-15 year old daughter getting frenched by a 19 year old Tom Cruise? Likely not. You would be calling for him to be castrated.

      • Matt

        Really? I’d probably raise an eyebrow at that age difference, but not much more. They’re both teenagers

      • JK

        AP, thank you for that response! No “she” would not have been one lucky girl if the roles were reversed.

      • Helen

        AP so agree with you demi moore is on Epsteins flight list

    • Mark

      I agree with Mike! Whoever posted this as being disturbing you are part of the problem. Need to get a life you 48 year old soccer Mom with a ruined marriage.

      • JK

        That was a very unkind thing for you to say. The problem isn’t people responding to disturbing footage or accusations it’s the people who are taking advantage of the young and naive children. Also, people like you who tear others down and attack people for also sharing their opinions. It sounds like you might be unhappy with your life for you to send such negative comments into the universe.

  1. William

    Though this is juicy fun stuff, the site is called Digital Music News. I’m interested in the music industry not the film/tv industry.

  2. Vail, CO

    This looks worse than the Kevin Spacey allegation from Anthony Rapp, but it’s also clearly documented ON FILM. So let me ask — will Demi Moore’s career get wiped out? I doubt it.

  3. Verne

    Digital (vhs) + music (footage) + news (olds) =
    Vintage Resnikoff!

  4. PiratesWinLOL

    yeah.. totally a victim… i am sure he is traumatized for life.

  5. david hymna

    what in gods name does this have to do with digital music news? weak.

  6. John Mason

    The gender bias here is obvious. Yet another example of female privilege.

  7. Roland of Aragon

    Look, I know digital music news is doing this to get more views. Good for them!
    That’s how it works, kind of.

    All I can you say is, “You can sexually assault me anytime Demi. Grrooowwwllll!!!” =)

  8. Matt

    Your maths is atrocious.

    A fifteenth birthday would make him 365 (or possibly 366) days over the age of 14.

  9. Reality

    Those were “passionate french kisses”!? Sensationalize much Paul?

  10. gush

    It’s not pedophila, that’s absurd.
    It’s sexual assault though, he’s not enjoying it and he’s clearly trying his hardest not to be rude about it but still trying his hardest to avoid it until he see’s there’s no escape.
    He’s though, old enough to know he can withdraw consent, if his parents failed to teach him then it’s his parents problems.

    • unknown

      But, if a man did the same to a 15 year old girl, he’d be accused of being a
      pedophile and arrested. But, because a woman does it to a boy, most people are fine with it.

      • Ty

        “But, if a man did the same to a 15 year old girl, he’d be accused of being a
        pedophile and arrested.”

        Not back in 1982, at least not in California. And especially not between a 15 year old and a 19 year old.

        Case in point, in California during the late 1980s my mother used to bowl with her co-worker whose then 14 year old daughter was having sex with a 25 year old man on an opposing bowling team and the girls parents couldn’t even get the DA to press charges against the 25 year old man. They tried and tried and eventually the police grew tired of the whole thing and told her parents to put their daughter on birth control and stop bothering them. The girls dad was going to confront the guy outside of the bowling alley with the intention of opening up a can of whoop a$$ on the dude but the guys buddies on his bowling team stood up for him and escorted the guy to safety.

        In California, the laws against adults having sexual relations with minors over 14 years of age only got stricter during the 1990s when the state government reached the conclusion that a lot of teen girls were becoming pregnant by older men and that a number of these men were not taking responsibility for the support of their children born out of wedlock.

        California at the time was under the fiscally conservative administration of then Governor Pete Wilson, and Wilson as a fiscal conservative was of course up in arms at the prospect of the state having to pay out welfare to support unwed mothers and their babies. So, in response, Wilson and other fiscal conservatives successfully pushed for a tightening of the laws against statutory sexual relations and in response to these changes state prosecutors begin regularly prosecuting adults that had sexual relations with minors over 14 years of age under felony provisions as a matter of routine. Also, in the intervening years, social attitudes have been shaped by these legal changes and what would have hardly raised more than an eyebrow in 1982 is today met with widespread derision and calls for ostracism or worse.

        As for Demi Moore, and this 1982 video. I really think that maybe people need to lighten up a bit. After all, it’s just a few kisses. Besides, at 19 Ms. Moore was then still pretty much a kid herself. Also, it all took place openly and appears to have been all done in a lighthearted manner. It’s not like she was a sexually experienced 26 year old attempting to lure a minor into her bedroom in order to seduce him or anything. So lighten up people.

        Also, I believe that a lot of men out there are just pretending to be excessively offended by this video because of the fact that they are finally being held accountable for the widespread practice of male bullying and the sexual harassment of women that is a direct result of male bullying. And for such men their supposed offense is little more than a cynical attempt to deflect criticism from the very real problem of male bullying and the intimidation of women and children by nonsensically calling out trivialities such as this video as if there is any genuine comparison between a lighthearted kiss between two teenagers and the routine sexual harassment against females on the part of a sizable contingent of the male population.

  11. Melissa

    Did I see the same video as everyone else? That kid is NOT being abused. He even initiated a kiss at one point, fed her from his fork… Give me a break, this stuff has gotten way out of hand.

  12. Bill

    You got that right way the He// out of hand !!!

    • koor barakam

      That is why we should rape and murder at least one or two of these filthy whores (either sex) before we go

  13. Woke

    The fact remains Hollywood is crawling with pedos they think they are above the law just because of their status. I will never understand peoples thinking this is not ok