In LA? Strike a Licensing Deal at Songtradr’s Synch Showcase

Songtradr Los Angeles Showcase
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Synch licensing is lonely.  So Songtradr is throwing an offline synch licensing party.

When it comes to synch licensing, most of the action is either online or behind-the-scenes.  If you’re an artist, you rarely meet the people licensing your music.  Either a synch agent is doing the handshake, or you’re licensing tracks online.

Now, Songtradr is hoping to layer some face-to-face networking into the mix.  And, facilitate some great licensing partnerships.

On Thursday night (November 16th), the company is throwing a showcase and inviting a bunch of advertisers, studios, programmers, and artists.  Plus a bunch of other people.  In the process, Songtradr is hoping to tighten its relationship with the licensing community, which is densely concentrated in LA.

We’ve been partnering with Songtradr for most of this year to help grow this space.  Actually, a big part of that process is actually reducing the middleman, and facilitating direct licensing agreements.  After all, who needs a synch agent brokering the deal when you can do the handshakes yourself?

How to Fire Your Sync Agent & Make Some Serious Licensing Money

Accordingly, Songtradr is rapidly becoming a de-facto synch licensing platform.

Artists get more, licensors pay less, and the world becomes a better place.

Performing at the event will be some licensing-friendly artists: Alke, Edwin, Austin Manuel, Vanriss, Anna Carmela (of Thrift), Raye Zaragoza, Kole, and Sunny War.

On the licensing side, there’s a pretty rock star cast of players coming out.  We’re not supposed to blow up their respective spots, so… just go!

No RSVP needed.  Just show up.

Cinema Bar
3967 Sepulveda Blvd., Culver City, CA
Thursday, November 16th

See ya there!




11 Responses

  1. Vail, CO

    Definitely thinking this part of the business is under-valued maybe by 10X or more.

  2. Realist

    It will go the way of all the other ‘synch’ platforms, unless I can license The Beatles for cheaper than going to Sony/ATV. Can I? No. Then your model is screwed I am afraid.

  3. JacksonL

    The truth is you only need the “agent” for the biggest stuff like Hollywood blockbuster soundtracks

  4. Blobbo

    Care to explain how Songtradr works? Just looking at it, it likes one of the same old script-selling websites where you PAY for ‘opportunities’ to sell your work. Submitting your work costs ‘credits’ and you start with x amount of free credits, otherwise you have to upgrade to the PRO level, where you pay $7.99 a month for unlimited credits, or does one have to pay again for more credits beyond a minimum?

    Please tell us how this isn’t a business you are shilling for.

    • Paul Resnikoff

      Well, if you’re seriously submitting music to a lot of prospects, yeah, you have to pay.

  5. Mark

    Songtradr has given me a ton of licensing opportunities I wouldn’t have gotten otherwise! Nothing but love!!
    – Mark, Nashville

  6. MargaretMuzic

    I have actually made money on this platform and I haven’t spent a dime!!

  7. asdf

    Cool advertisement. How much is Songtradr paying DMN?

    “Songtradr is rapidly becoming a de-facto synch licensing platform.”

    Really? How, exactly?

  8. D

    As a full time composer, I really appreciate how songtradr keeps you informed of all the steps of submission. It’s great to know if your song gets picked for a short list, final list, gets licensed, or where exactly it got dropped off, unlike every other licensing company which you never hear from for years until a song pops up on a cue sheet. Hope they keep getting more opportunities to grow!

  9. In the know

    SongTradr has already taken the lead in Sync licensing in the marketplace, there really is nothing to debate about it….