Taylor Swift Is Infuriating the Grammy Awards, Report Says

Despite Reputation’s massive success, Taylor Swift may have infuriated the wrong people.

Nearly two weeks after its release, you still can’t find Taylor Swift’s newest album on any streaming platform.  Though Reputation has sold over 1.28 million units, the move may actually set the music industry back, according to Spotify’s Global Head of Music, Troy Carter.

Yet, Spotify isn’t the only one upset over the release.  According to a new report, key figures in the music industry are also feeling miffed.

Another runaway success for Taylor Swift.  Yet, no one is celebrating.

According to the MTV, Taylor Swift’s success has rapidly approached “world domination” status.  Yet, despite having the most nominations at this year’s MTV EMAs, the singer failed to win an award.  Swift may also soon fail to win a Grammy.

Speaking with The Sun, members of the Grammys jury admitted that her latest album may “ruin her chances at the 2018 awards in January.”  Reputation may have also sunk her chances at last week’s MTV EMAs.

An industry insider confessed,

A lot of people on the voting committee are not liking Reputation at all.  Taylor wants to win as many awards as possible but has rubbed so many people up the wrong way in the last couple of years.

But, why?  In Reputation, Swift reportedly disrespected fellow artists Kanye West and Katy Perry, along with ex-boyfriend/producer Calvin Harris.

The industry insider continued.

A lot of the jury members have worked with Katy, Calvin and Kanye so when Taylor has tried to humiliate them, it has left a bad taste.  Ultimately she may pay for that when it comes to winning awards.”

Taylor Swift also released her back catalog on Spotify last June, the same day that Katy Perry dropped Witness. The move infuriated members of the Grammys jury.

Taylor has to understand that the industry is small, and moves like ­sabotaging Katy’s album hurt people behind the scenes who work hard to make an album happen.

Her refusal to make her album, Reputation, available on streaming may also add to the artist’s woes.

“How Taylor thinks the industry is going to give its full support to her after she’s tried to damage so many people is mad.”

Over the past ten years, Taylor Swift has won 10 Grammys.  Last year, she won three Grammys for 1989 and the music video for ‘Bad Blood.’

Due to its release date, Reputation won’t qualify until the 2019 Grammys.  However, the Grammy Awards may snub her entirely next year in an unspecified category.  We’re expecting 2018 nominations next week.


Featured image by Eva Rinaldi (CC by 2.0)

11 Responses

  1. Jamie Arnold

    The Sun is so out of the know. The only person who sabotaged Katy’s album was Katy for making a crappy album.

  2. Emily Nelson

    Taylor didn’t sabotage Katy’s album. Katy did that to herself! This article is simply just clickbait.

  3. Dixon DeVille

    Is this article serious? “…her latest album may “ruin her chances at the 2018 awards in January.” Her latest album isn’t eligible for awards The eligibility period for the Grammy Awards is October 1, 2016 to September 30, 2017.

    She released a standalone single with ZAYN and two singles in anticipation of reputation that would be eligible as songs, but she released her album after the eligibility period purposely to extend her single releases and have a long extended Grammy campaign for 2019. She did the same strategy with 1989.

  4. George Johnson

    The Grammys are hyper-progressive nut jobs and Taylor is a republican who likes George Bush, so this has been coming a long time.

  5. Miguel Terel Kabigting

    I think Taylor Swift can still win many Grammys this 2019! I don’t think the Recording Academy is mad at her!

  6. Mikhail

    Wow, what a hit job you are pulling on Taylor. Are you a Spotify shill?
    First she is a Nazi supporter…
    Now the industry hates her because they are miffed that she won’t release on Spotify and she released her music on the same day as another artist. Won’t be surprised if you start calling her album sales fake news at this point. I’ve read DMN for years but you are making me reconsider.

    Also first sentence might be missing a word like “stream.”

  7. restless94110

    This article is ridiculous. It’s basically saying that these awards are not for merit but for who is friends with who. You really want to be saying that? Because most of these awards shows are nonsense and no one cares at all. Just because Kanye seems to, who cares?
    And another thing: does DMN just write articles about black artists? All I see on this blog are this black artist and that black artist. A dis article on Taylor maybe. Why are you only covering the nonsense rap scene that few people care about anyway?

  8. Roland of Aragon

    I ‘d like to win an award, actually I have, I just know they’re meaningless, like the Grammy’s.

    This article makes me like Taylor Swift more.