A Drug Expert Explains What Really Killed Lil Peep

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Lil Peep’s death was the result of a single bad decision — and could have been easily prevented.

Lil Peep’s sudden death shocked millions, and was largely unexpected.  Peep (aka Gustav Ars) was a well-known Xanax abuser and recreational drug user, though an overdose was still shocking.

Now, a week after Peep’s death, there are still more questions than answers.  In the moments after Lil Peep’s body was carted off, Ars’ brother claimed the death was completely accidental.  Ars simply wasn’t a strung-out drug addict, and didn’t want to kill himself.  It was more an act than a reality.

So if that’s the case, what really happened?

Medics trying to revive Lil Peep reported a massive dose of Xanax.  But it’s hard to OD from Xanax.  Accordingly, a follow-up report suggested a lethal cocktail that included cocaine, mushrooms, and even concentrated THC.

+ Lil Peep ‘Suicide Cocktail’: 6 Xanax, Cocaine, Ecstacy, Mushrooms + Concentrated Cannabis

Those substances combined could create the lethal jolt.  Then again, Ars reportedly only popped 6 Xanax, not 60.

According to one drug expert, the issue wasn’t alprazolam (better known by its marketed name, ‘Xanax’).  It was what spiked those pills.  “Lil Peep took a substance that he thought was alprazolam, but it was actually contaminated with fentanyl,” Adam Lenz explained on his channel, ‘PsychedSubstance‘.  “Fentanyl is a substance that is very deadly in low doses, and it’s being found contaminating drugs like cocaine and even MDMA to alprazolam.” 

“It’s just littered all over the drug scene right now.”

The term fentanyl is coming up more frequently these days.

The super-powerful opioid killed Prince, and its extreme effects are positively horrifying (not to mention dangerously pleasurable).  One MD described the effects of fentanyl as a combination of eating the best burger, having the best sex of your life, and reaching deep inner peace — all at the same time.

Ah, America.  We are so f*%ked right now.

But back to contaminated alprazolam, Lenz suggests an extremely simple solution: testing.  Indeed, he offers a three-minute testing process that lets anyone see if drugs are contaminated.

If Lil Peep had simply tested his sketchy Xanax, he probably would have lived.  In fact, given how quickly his body shut down, fentanyl contamination is likely.

“So, had Lil Peep done this — this very cheap simple test — before he took his alprazolam, he probably would have lived another day.”

Now You Can Get Your Drugs Tested Before Tripping Out to Them at Festivals

A testing kit goes for about $25.  “You must test your drugs if you want to consume drugs safely.  Or, in my opinion, if you want to consume them period.”

“Let’s use this unfortunate event as an example to everyone out there who takes drugs like Xanax.  This is what not to do moving forward.  We can be safer as a community with less people dying.”

Meanwhile, autopsy results are expected within 6-8 weeks.

That will reveal Peep’s exact cause of death.  Though in advance, it looks like some seriously nasty drugs wreaked havoc on Ars’ system.



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  1. Ed

    “a follow-up report suggested a lethal cocktail that included cocaine, mushrooms, and even concentrated THC.” Yet it was fentanyl that killed him. What the fuck kind of shitty reporting is this?

    • frank zigz

      you cant even spell his last name right wtf is this

    • Anti that guy.^

      I doubt that cocktail was what got him it was def the xanax and fent leave it to the pros chump.

  2. Andrew

    Fentanyl is a deadly narcotic to play around with, so to down a couple(6) of xanies before taking accidentally the (fentanyl) would of lead the bodies central immune system namely the heart to just shut down because both of these drugs slow the bodies breathing and at such a high dose (more than he is/was use too) would of caused the bodies heart to stop, causing death.