Mixcloud’s Most Popular Genre in Every US State

The Most Popular Genre in Every US State [2017 Mixcloud Edition]
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Classic Rock, EDM, Reggae, Hip Hop?  Here’s Mixcloud’s list of the most popular genre in every US state for 2017.

With the year coming to an end, major streaming music platforms have released listeners’ favorite artists for 2017.

Ed Sheeran became the most listened-to artist on Spotify.  He remains #1 with 47 million monthly listeners.  His album Divide had 3.1 billion streams worldwide.  ‘Shape of You’ has over 1.4 billion streams.

Luis Fonsi took the top spot as the most-watched music video on YouTube.  Uploaded in January, the video now has well over 4.4 billion views.

On Apple Music/iTunes, Drake’s ‘More Life’ and Ed Sheeran’s ‘Shape of You’ had “top song honors.”  In less than a month since its release, Taylor Swift’s Reputation took third place.  In addition, Lil Uzi Vert dominated SoundCloud playlists.

Earlier today, Mixcloud released their list of 2017’s top streaming habits of listeners in the United States and around the world.  Here’s what they found.

The rise of Afrobeats and the fall of Jazz

Around the world, led by artists including Wizkid, Davido, and Tiwa Savage, Afrobeats became the fastest-rising genre on Mixcloud this year.  The genre quickly racked up listening minutes in the UK, the United States, Kenya, Canada, and Germany.

Jazz was the 7th most-listened-to genre in 2015.  Yet, Mixcloud found that jazz music dropped to 12th place this year.  Around the world, fewer people enjoy listening to jazz than ever before.

Breaking a sweat in Australia, doing the tango in Greece, and jamming out in California.

Mixcloud also found that 50% of all minutes spent listening to working and training shows came from Australian listeners.  68% of all tango show listening came from Greece.

Back in the US, listeners in California preferred discovering reggae than any other music genre.  In addition, the digital audio streaming platform found that Massachusetts listeners most loved discovering new R&B music.

Speaking on the data, Mixcloud Co-founder and Director of Content said,

This data not only shows how much amazing and fascinating content lives on Mixcloud, with an increasing amount of it exclusive to Mixcloud, but also the diversity of it, from reggae and hip-hop to political Podcasts and work-out mixes.  The breadth of Mixcloud’s content, as well as the scope of its reach, will only continue to expand heading into 2018, with many more incredible exclusives on deck.  We couldn’t be more excited to kick-start the new year.”

You can check out the complete list of most searched for genres in the United States below.

1. Alabama: Club

2. Alaska: Trance

3. Arizona: Rock

4. Arkansas: Tribal House

5. California: Reggae

6. Colorado: Chillout

7. Connecticut: Drum & Bass

8. Delaware: Dance

9. Florida: Deep House

10. Georgia: House

11. Hawaii: Tropical House

12. Idaho: Hip Hop

13. Illinois: Bass

14. Indiana: Jazzy House

15. Iowa: Deep House

16. Kansas: Ambient

17. Kentucky: Melodic Rock

18. Louisiana: Ambient

19. Maine: EDM

20. Maryland: House

21. Massachusetts: R&B

22. Michigan: Alternative

23. Minnesota: Hip Hop

24. Mississippi: Rock

25. Missouri: EDM

26. Montana: Deep House

27. Nebraska: Hip Hop

28. Nevada: Trap

29. New Hampshire: Hip Hop

30. New Jersey:  Hip Hop

31. New Mexico: Tribal House

32. New York: Hip Hop

33. North Carolina: R&B

34. North Dakota: Deep House

35. Ohio: Trap

36. Oklahoma: Ambient

37. Oregon: Indie

38. Pennsylvania: Bass

39. Rhode Island: House

40. South Carolina: Industrial

41. South Dakota: EDM

42. Tennessee: Bass

43. Texas: Hip Hop

44. Utah: Psychedelic

45. Vermont: Classic Rock

46. Virginia: Hip Hop

47. Washington: Electronica

48. West Virginia: Rock

49. Wisconsin: Chillout

50. Wyoming: Electro Swing

Washington DC: Bass


Featured image by Robert Wetzlmavr (CC by 2.0)

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    How many users does Mixcloud have to define these trends? Isn’t the title of this article a little misleading?