Katy Perry Won’t Face Sexual Assault Charges for Forcibly Kissing an American Idol Contestant

Katy Perry, co-host on American Idol
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Katy Perry kissed a contestant — and it turns out he didn’t like it.

If Katy Perry suddenly gives you a kiss, wouldn’t you love it?  Most guys would probably say yes — and kiss back.  19-year-old contestant Benjamin Glaze, however, is completely different.

On the season premiere of American Idol, judge Katy Perry first solicited a kiss on the cheek from Glaze.  Then, in what appeared to be playful banter, Perry grabbed a kiss on the lips.

And what’s wrong with that?  Glaze says he’s actually never been kissed in his life, and didn’t like the surprise.  He was waiting to kiss the person he ultimately fell in love with.

Glaze, a cashier from Enid, Oklahoma, told the New York Times  in an article titled, “An Unwanted Kiss on ‘American Idol’”.  “I was a tad bit uncomfortable… I wanted to save it for my first relationship. I wanted it to be special.”

The contestant clearly outlined a non-consensual kiss.  But in this climate of sexual predation and assault charges, Glaze was careful to state that no charges would be pressed.  He doesn’t consider it sexual harassment.

“Would I have done it if she said, ‘Would you kiss me?’ No, I would have said no,” Glaze continued.  “I know a lot of guys would be like, ‘Heck yeah!’ But for me, I was raised in a conservative family and I was uncomfortable immediately.”

In the end, Glaze reiterating that he appreciated the screen time.  It’s a start to a potential career — who knows.  “He said he does not feel he was sexually harassed and is grateful to Ms. Perry for tweeting about him,” the Times reported.

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The kiss actually happened during the filming of the audition for American Idol last October.

In turn, ABC only aired the interlude recently.  The setup to the kiss seemed largely choreographed.  When Glaze entered the audition room, judge Luke Bryan referring to Perry’s 2008 hit “I Kissed a Girl,” asking Glaze, “Have you kissed a girl and liked it?” Glaze said he hadn’t.

“I have never been in a relationship and I can’t kiss a girl without being in a relationship,” Glaze stated.  Perry then gestures him to approach her.  That’s when the ‘one on the cheek’ turned in a full-blown kiss.

At press time, no comments from the reps of American Idol or Perry.

Here’s the clip.




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    • Terry

      If it was a guy like randy Jackson or another man that was hosting then all hell would break loose. Women always get away with saying it’s OK if they do it. Feminist shit and equal equality is just an excuse for them.

        • Killer

          First off, using the word “f*g”.
          Second off, unwanted sexual acts are unacceptable for any gender. Anyone who says otherwise clearly supports the idea of sexism.
          Third, whether or not Katy Perry is attractive is entirely an opinion. If you think everyone needs to find Katy Perry attractive whilst being a straight male, you are a complete idiot.
          Fourth, defining someone to be attractive just by looks. What a shallow person you are. You’re also a fool for thinking everyone is shallow as you.
          Fifth, if a girl didn’t want to get harassed by an attractive men, you would not say she is a lesbian.
          Sixth, I bet you’re a loser who does nothing but jerk off to katy perry pictures cuz you’re such a sad low-life. 🙂

        • hfuiehwiauf

          fuck boy…
          Guess what? There’s actually a third reason, being that he does not think Katy is good looking to begin with. There’s this thing called personal preferences, so not everyone would like the same look.
          And you know what? Katy Perry’s eyes are too small and her face is too long. Her ears makes her head looks like a white potato with little stubs sticking out the sides, and her hair, wtf? Looks like someone just grabbed a bunch of yellow fur and dumped it on a bald head.
          Besides looking good does not give anyone the right to perform sexual acts without consent. You need a new personality because the one you has absolutely sucks ass.

      • GermanMartin

        Agreed! This is not the first time this no talent hack has harassed people. Even a woman come out recently stating perry was groping and acting like that with everyone at a party. She thinks molesting people is the same as “shock value”. Madonna has already done that without molesting people during a time when it was actually choreographed. How is this bimbo in a relationship, better yet, how is she a judge? Aren’t you supposed to be talented to “judge” talent? She has nothing but changing her hair color. Too bad, lil Kim did that with wigs. She is a natural blonde (nothing exotic nothing interesting). Orlando bloom has sunk low and is as much of a joke as she is. Russel brand and her were a match ( both famous for no reason). Most American contestants are more talented then she is. All you have to do is ask her to sing live. Her generation of auto tuned morons, both mentally, and talent wise. What is worse is the fact that even with auto tuning they still sound like shit!!!

  1. PiratesWinLOL

    This guy is so freakkin gay. Seriously, what is his problem? He needs to get his testosterone levels checked.

    • doesntmatter

      So you’re saying that any woman who doesn’t want to be kissed by a guy is a lesbian, and she needs to get her estrogen levels checked? Or are you admitting them you’re a sexist who doesn’t believe in gender equality?

      • PiratesWinLOL

        i am a gender realist, who accept the fact that men and women are not the same. there are clear biological reasons, why switching the genders makes the whole situation very different.

        • Arsenio

          To PiratesWinLOL: you are either a troll or the most disgusting human being I have ever encountered. Even though men have higher sexual drive, that doesn’t mean a woman has the right to kiss a man without his consent – what kind of reasoning is that, anyway?… There are LOTS of reasons why a man (and yes, a single man, not a married one or one who is in a relationship) wouldn’t want to kiss a woman. Maybe he’s not a filthy pig like yourself who wants to grab any opportunity to have physical or sexual contact with a woman. There is more to life than sex, and being a man means much more than blindly following your sexual impulses. People like you (trolls or not, doesn’t really matter) reinforce all kind of bad stereotypes about men. Once again, I’m disgusted of you. And this is coming from a man.

        • Gender Realist

          You are not a “gender realist”. You’re a feminist apologist who doesn’t believe women should be held accountable for their actions. Feminists love idiots like you because you help contribute to the “equal but different” hypocrisy they try to push.

  2. #mentoo#metooo

    That was sexual assault, not just harassment. Sad to say because if Katy Perry kissed me I’d like it. However, if she isn’t charged it takes away a lot of credibility in the law and the entire feminist movement.

  3. fake news

    katy perry you suck !!! this is not good what you did.

  4. Mark J Diez

    By any standard applied to women, this was sexual assault. He didn’t give consent, in fact he explicitly retained consent and she knew it. If a male judge did this to a teenage female contestant there would be outrage, it would be used as an example of what the #MeToo and feminist movements have been drawing attention too. Total hypocrisy.

  5. Anonymous

    All designed to create media controversy for a tired concept that was already shut down previously, American Idol. Plus Katy Perry demonstrates once again she is not a good person.

    • Devadvo

      I’m sure Perry, like millions of women have always done, uses her sexuality to take advantage of men. That is whats happening here. She assaulted this person an is now using her sexuality to avoid any legal comeback.

  6. Steve B

    Sexual Abuser. If it was the other way round. The me too movement would be contacting all the advertisers and demanding they pull their advertising from AGT. As a result, the male judge would be fired. The complete bolix of the me too campaign. Men get assaulted all the time and its seen a s a joke. Thats the reason so many men dont bother reporting abuse. THEY will be laughed at or even arrested. The women just needs to say he did it.

  7. Anonymous

    NO way I would want a kiss by her, bleh…no idea where that mouth has been and what that caked on makeup might be hiding.

  8. Unpopular opinion

    She is absolutely 100% in the wrong. He also could have not even gone up her and told her no from the start.