My Future Songwriting Career Just Got Deleted by an AI Music Startup

The Robot Composers are Coming: 'AI Music' Just Raised $4 Million
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With Amper Music’s $4 million funding round, expect AI music creation to get a whole lot easier.

Several months ago, Digital Music News touched upon an interesting story.  Underscoring the advancements in AI technology, YuMi, a humanoid robot, conducted an orchestra in front of 800 people.  Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli sang alongside the robot conductor.

Now, there’s a big development in AI composing technology.

Earlier today, Amper Music announced that it has raised an additional $4 million in financing.  The platform bills itself as the world’s first artificial intelligence music composer, performer, and producer.

Amper allows users to create and customize original music “without needing any prior music experience.”  Hong Kong-based venture capital firm Horizon Ventures led the financing round.  Two Sigma Ventures, Advancit Capital, Foundry Group, and Kiwi Venture Partners also participated.

This brings the company’s total investment to $9 million.  Hollywood film composers Drew Silverstein, Sam Estes, and Michael Hobe founded Amper Music.

So, how does it work?

Through Amper AI, the company’s signature open-source web platform, users can instantly craft and create original music.  It has two interfaces: Simple or Pro.  The first option lets you choose from pre-set music style options.  You can then set a duration.

The Pro option lets content creators dabble to their heart’s content.  You can choose the number of instruments, their tones, time signature, and key, among many other options.  It also enables media creators to collaborate with the web application and AI.  This, in turn, allows them to simplify their workflow and avoid the time, budgetary, and licensing frustration of stock music.

Showing the ease of accessibility Amper AI provides, popular YouTuber Taryn Southern composed ‘Break Free.’  According to The Verge, using the open-source AI platform, she chose the genre, the instruments, and beats per minute.  The result?  A song that sounds like a Top 40 radio moody ballad.

Amper Music will use the latest funding to expand the platform’s international presence.  Company executives also plan to double its employee base in the US to meet growing customer desire for scalable music creation.

Celebrating the rapid adoption and everyday use of its AI music platform, CEO Drew Silverstein said,

Amper’s rapid growth is a testament to how the massive growth of media requires a technological solution for music creation.  Amper’s value stems not only from the means to collaborate and create music through AI, but also from its ability to help power media at a global scale.

Speaking on Amper’s upcoming global expansion, Phil Chen, an advisor at Horizon Ventures, said,

“Music is inherently a cross-cultural and geographically boundless experience.  That factor, coupled with the rising intrigue of mixing music and machines, well positions Amper for global expansion.”


Featured image by Joshua Casper (YouTube screengrab)

3 Responses

  1. Anonymous

    So this will be every shitty’s “artist’s” excuse now? lol

  2. Anonymous

    So this will be every shittys “artist’s” excuse now? lol

  3. Joe Vangieri

    I tip my hat to the work that Amper is doing. The work they are doing is fantastic. It’s not a matter of if its simply a matter of when what CGI did for movies companies like Amper and The Music Builder will do for music.

    We have been working on AI music composition for the past ten years here at our AI platform has been granted 7 patents and our music analysis engine has been developed based on music theory.

    Our technology is both ML and AI with a basis in evolutionary algorithms developed on music theory, from Medieval composition to modern generas.