Russell Simmons Faces a $10 Million Lawsuit for Forcible Rape & Sexually Threatening a Minor

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Russell Simmons is battling more than a dozen rape and a sexual assault charges.

Hip-hop, fashion, and entertainment mogul Russell Simmons has been accused of rape and sexual assault once again.  At last count, more 15 women have accused him of sexual misconduct, rape, or issuing sexual threats.  All accusations that allegedly occurred in business meetings, at splashy parties, at Simmons’ apartment, and even a women’s restroom.

The accusations span more than three decades, with reports spilling from The New York Times, The Hollywood Reporter, and The Los Angeles Times, among others.

It should be noted that Simmons has strongly denied all of these charges.  Simmons defenders include longtime friend and business associate Lyor Cohen, who recently vouched for the mogul at SXSW.

On the flip side, accusers like Jennifer Jarosik, Jenny Lumet, Tina Baker, Sherri Hines, and Drew Dixon remain adamant that Simmons is a sexual predator.

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Accordingly, the former Def Jam mogul stepped down from his businesses last year.  That includes Def Jam Records, his yoga lifestyle brand, and multiple media properties.  Simmons’ name was also removed from an HBO series, ‘All Def Comedy,’ which he created to launch and promote emerging comedians.

But wait: he’s not denying all of it.  Last year, Simmons admitted to “inappropriate conduct” in some instances, while apologizing for “the instances of thoughtlessness in my relationships with women.”  But that’s not enough to assuage his accusers, many of whom say they’ve suffered for decades..

Now, Simmons is facing a lawsuit to the tune of $10 million.

Interestingly, most high-ranking accused of sexual misconduct have been dethroned outside of the courts.  That has drawn protests from those that feel accusations should be subject to proper judicial process.  Well, perhaps they just got their wish.

The $10 million suit was filed by a Jane Doe plaintiff at the Los Angeles County Superior Court.  The suit accuses Simmons of luring the unnamed woman to his hotel room, where he raped her.

But the accusation goes further.  While threatening the women into non-consensual sex, he also threatened to sexually assault the woman’s son.  That son was a minor at the time of the alleged incident.

In a statement, Simmons vehemently denied all the allegations made against him.

Speaking on the accusations, Simmons said,

“They have shocked me to my core as I have never been abusive or violent in any way in my relations with women.  I have submitted myself to multiple lie detector tests. I denied forced sex and sexual harassment allegations brought against me in each test; I also answered no to the question, ‘Have you ever physically forced any woman to have sexual intercourse?’ I passed all of the lie detector tests.”

Now, it’s onto the evidence, and proper trial.  Here’s the lawsuit.