South Korean Kpop Group Red Velvet Performs for North Korean Dictator Kim Jong-Un

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Entertain him.

Kim Jong-un adjusted his schedule — just to hear Kpop group Red Velvet perform.  He was ‘deeply moved’.

Kpop superstars Red Velvet and other South Korean artists did something extremely unusual over the weekend.  They performed in Pyongyang.

As part of a growing movement to thaw the diplomatic relations between the South and the North, the group attempting a cross-border handshake.

North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un wasn’t supposed to be in the crowd.  But in a surprise move, The Dictator enjoyed the show.  Kim Jong-un was seen on the balcony clapping and enjoying the moves of the voluptuous members of Red Velvet.

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Red Velvet was probably the most recognized among the 160-member cultural delegation.  The Kpop group performed last summer’s hit, “Red Flavor,” and “Bad Boy,” among others.  Aside from the North Korean leader, there were about 1,500 members of the North Korea’s ruling class seated in the East Pyongyang Grand Theater.

Kim called the show a “present” to North Korea’s citizens. “I understand people were curious to see if I would come to see Red Velvet’s performance,” the nuke-wielding Jong-un stated.

And to cap it off, Kim Jong-un mingled and met with Red Velvet after the show.  He remarked that he was “deeply moved to see our people sincerely acclaiming the performance, deepening the understanding of the popular art of the south side.”

In this context, “our people” refers to a select group of hand-plucked elite.

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The North Korean leader has been in the limelight over the past few weeks.

The Dictator took an unexpected train ride to meet with Chinese President Xi Jinping in Beijing recently.  That marked his first overseas trip since taking power of North Korea in 2011.  Meanwhile, the South Korean concert prefaces a planned inter-Korean summit with South Korean president Moon Jae-in on April 27th.  Expectations are high that this summit will pave the way for a similar meeting with Trump.

Of course, it would be great if the regular folks in North Korea could also enjoy the Kpop fun.  But that’s probably a stretch.




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    I think you may need to research the definition of voluptuous.

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      voluptuous was a strange choice of wording, i picked up on that myself.