Drake’s New Restaurant, Pick 6ix, Offers the Finest In Overpriced, Mediocre Food

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Too expensive, bad service.  Welcome to Drake’s brand-new restaurant, Pick 6ix.

Like many successful rappers, Drake is all about building well-diversified empires.  But Drake’s latest foray into fine dining is getting panned.  The restaurant, Pick 6ix, opened in downtown Toronto in February, has proven a tough sell — even to high-priced foodies.

After a brutal 30+ reviews from early takers, Pick 6ix has a lowly 2.5 rating on Yelp.  Top complaints seem to focus on price (too high) and atmosphere (too overblown).  Staff was rated rude and snobby, and the entire place preoccupied with being VIP.

“Going in I had low expectations given all of the horrid reviews by fellow Yelp members,” wrote Katie C.  “It’s safe to say that those low expectations were met. I would honestly say that this restaurant is deserving of a rating closer to 1.5 stars.”

Katie’s lengthy review described overpriced dishes and drinks, plus a dispute with the staff over a birthday cake (Pick 6ix insisted on charging a $6-a-plate fee to bring out a pre-bought cake, then locked it in their fridge when the guests refused.)

The salty review concludes: “Horrible service + overpriced and mediocre food = definitely would not recommend. The Drake hype is really just that… all hype and no substance. Unless they improve their menu and fire their snobby staff, I will not be back.”

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Others seemed to like the place, but still dropped 3-star ratings.  “The sushi was good but honestly quite overpriced,” wrote Jasmine K., who gave Pick 6ix 3 stars.  “Overall, I would love to come and try dinner here since lunch has way less options but not sure if my wallet would appreciate it.”

“Horrible service + overpriced and mediocre food = definitely would not recommend.”

A number of top local critics were also unimpressed with Pick 6ix’s “loud, flamboyant and expensive” atmosphere.  The general vibe was that if you weren’t a super VIP, “you get the feeling that you don’t matter,” said Jason Chow of Globe and Mail.

The restaurant is a “fusion of a club/lounge vibe with a families and couples-friendly restaurant and sports bar,” at least as described by chef and restaurateur Antonio Park, who is one of Drake’s partners.

The question is whether an absentee rapper/owner can truly create great restaurant.  Indeed, Drake is stretched in a lot of directions, and in danger of being a mediocre-at-everything entertainer-entrepreneur.

Just recently, Drake inked a deal with Apple Music to host a bi-weekly radio show and release songs exclusively on the streaming service.  He’s also the Toronto Raptors “Global Ambassador.”  Beyond that, the rapper has multiple endorsement deals with various brands, among other revenue-generators.

Oh and a restaurant too.