Avicii’s Cause of Death Either Substance-Related or Suicide, Authorities Reveal (Updated)

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Authorities in Oman have ruled out any foul play or criminal activity in Avicii’s death.

Update, Apr 26 (Thursday) 9:15 am: It now appears that Tim Bergling, aka Avicii, has committed suicide.  

Investigators have quickly ruled out criminal activity in the recent death of Avicii, according to statements issued over the weekend.  Citing ‘no criminal suspicion’ after conducting what appears to be two separate autopsies, coroners in Muscat, Oman strongly narrowed down the possibilities in a public statement.

The brief report points to a drug- or alcohol-related death, with suicide also a possibility.  But the superstar DJ wasn’t murdered and his death had no criminal component involving a third-party.  Importantly, at this stage, authorities have declined to specify the exact cause of death, likely in deference to the family’s wishes.

Avicii, aka Tim Bergling, who passed away at 28, suffered severe bouts with alcohol abuse starting in his late-teens and early twenties.  At age 21, the DJ was diagnosed with acute pancreatitis, caused largely by excessive alcohol intake.

Typically, acute pancreatitis affects chronic alcoholics by their 30s and 40s.  A diagnosis at 21 suggests extreme amounts of alcohol abuse by the DJ.  Subsequently, Avicii was forced to remove both his gall bladder and appendix, and cited health issues in his decision to retire from active touring in 2016.

Doctors always urge patients to quit drinking after situations like acute pancreatitis.  It’s unclear if Bergling heeded those warnings, or indulged in other substances.   Unfortunately, even normal levels of alcohol consumption can trigger a serious health problem after a diagnosis like acute pancreatitis.  Other drugs would also carry elevated risks.

Another possibility is that Avicii was indeed lowering or eliminating alcohol and other drugs, but that his body was simply damaged beyond repair.

Speculation is also surrounding the possibility of a suicide, though there’s no direct evidence that this occurred.

In his 2016 farewell to fans, Avicii’s tone was certainly morose, though the DJ was also continuing to release music.  But fans started to get a glimpse that the other side of EDM success.

Much of that ‘other side’ came out in a documentary about the artist released six months ago.  The films shows the extreme pressure that accompanied Avicii’s success, as well as endless health compromises and other sacrifices.  The documentary, titled “Avicii: True Stories,” includes episodes in which Avicii is outright dreading his next performances.

“Young people can learn from this movie,” documentary director Levan Tsikurishvili told Variety. “That life can look exciting and glamorous on Instagram and social media, but you don’t really have any idea what’s going on behind that.”

Tsikurishvili was also a friend to the superstar.

Separately, Bergling’s family has reportedly touched down in Oman.  Earlier, Avicii’s publicist confirmed the death, but declined to offer any further details.


More as this develops.


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  1. what

    music sounds like a curse… you don’t read about other fields having that much suicides. Wait, it isn’t confirmed, but if it will be.. someone explain why there are so many suicides in the music industry and certainly more than in other fields (basically whatever job that isn’t music).

    • Bob

      You are way off base.

      The CDC’s occupational suicide list:

      1. Farmworkers, fishermen, lumberjacks, others in forestry or agriculture (85 suicides per 100,000)
      2. Carpenters, miners, electricians, construction trades (53)
      3. Mechanics and those who do installation, maintenance, repair (48)
      4. Factory and production workers (35)
      5. Architects, engineers (32)
      6. Police, firefighters, corrections workers, others in protective services (31)
      7. Artists, designers, entertainers, athletes, media (24)
      8. Computer programmers, mathematicians, statisticians (23)
      9. Transportation workers (22)
      10. Corporate executives and managers, advertising and public relations (20)
      11. Lawyers and workers in legal system (19)
      12. Doctors, dentists and other health care professionals (19)
      13. Scientists and lab technicians (17)
      14. Accountants, others in business, financial operations (16)
      15. Nursing, medical assistants, health care support (15)
      16. Clergy, social workers, other social service workers (14)
      17. Real estate agents, telemarketers, sales (13)
      18. Building and ground, cleaning, maintenance (13)
      19. Cooks, food service workers (13)
      20. Child care workers, barbers, animal trainers, personal care and service (8)

      • Phil

        He isn’t exactly way off, I’m pretty shure he didn’t count in the regular stage actors and smaller fashion designers but rather the successfull ones like Tim Bergling/Avicii, Chester Bennington (Linkin Park) or Chris Cornell (Soundgarden, Audioslave) which all committed suicide lately (at least the last two did evidently).
        And for this catergory a think the answer is pretty obvious: lots of pressure, as you want to please your fans; other than exceptions like Logan Paul or other idios in media most musicians don’t get where they are for being idiots and craving for money only but more for being passionated and dedicated to what they do.
        Also (that goes for some of them, certainly not all) making/producing music presumes some kind of melancholic predisposition in character which, combined with all the success and expectations, can lead to depression and the feeling of excessive demand.

        That’s my thoughts on that, at least

  2. huh?

    Can you cite your source on this and link to the police report? I haven’t been able to find a single article that states authorities reveal that this was either substance or suicide related (other than this one).

      • huh?

        makes sense, i’ve seen him interpret results of other people’s deaths with no factual information.

        • Petr

          Maybe like Prince? I think they report heroine overdose here when Billboard says “cardiac rest”, guess depends on which version you wanna hear

      • Petr


        CNN, Guardian, Variety, Billboard, all of them reporting about this.

        But maybe the magic unicorn arrives and carries AVICII into the clouds to help the angels learn to DJ.

        • huh?

          I haven’t seen any articles that make the statement this headline does. Only ones ruling out criminal suspicion.

  3. Vail, CO

    C’mon guys, I think Oman Police have basically said it. It’s sad and tragic.

  4. @

    this is a tragic moment for all of his fans. But he will always be with us through his music and our memories.

  5. Pali~Bonfire

    RIP Avicci,man Your music is just super awesome!