The Indie Music Publishing Summit Is Definitely a Thing — Here’s Who’s Attending

AIMP’s Indie Music Publishing Summit is now a bonafide series.

It looks like the Association of Indie Music Publishers (AIMP) is rapidly filling seats at its recently-hatched Indie Music Publishing Summit.  The shindig, now in its second year, is slated for June 12th  in New York — with huge buy-in across the broader publishing sector.

We’ve attended a number of AIMP events over the years, mostly in LA.  These are pretty down-to-business, detail-oriented events, with some serious deep-dives into areas like mechanicals, metadata, and payment processing.  Nothing too flashy, but properly condensed to maximize your time.

Last year’s event, hosted at the Princeton Club in NYC, proved a successful kick-off and a much needed confab.  Accordingly, this Summit has now become a bonafide series.

This year, the action will be happening at the 3 West Club, also a pretty fancy locale (check out the library on the 4th floor if you have a chance — sorry, no pipe smoking allowed).  AIMP is planning to occupy a few floors for panels, networking, and receptions.  So if you want an indie-pub deep-dive, the Summit will keep you occupied the entire day.

New York is one of AIMP’s biggest hubs (LA and Nashville being the others).

(And quick pro tip: 3 West does have an upscale dress code, at least by West Coast standards.  They may even insist that guys wear a jacket, with ladies required to dress at least business casual.  New Yorkers and Europeans are accustomed to this, but if you’re jetting in from LA, go easy on the ripped jeans, flip flops, tank tops, etc.  Though hey — maybe you can get away with a jacket n’ Jordans…)

AIMP is also rustling a lot of big-name sponsors and allies, all of whom have serious interest in forging a positive bridge with indie publishers and songwriters.

ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, Songtrust, SoundExchange, Tresóna Music, Viacom, and YouTube are just some of the supporting companies on deck.  The Copyright Alliance, Music Business Association, NSAI, Production Music Association, and Women in Music are also lending promotional support.

Entry is $429, which also gets you a year-long AIMP membership (clever).

This morning, AIMP blasted over its confirmed speaker list.  Undoubtedly a few names will be added between now and mid-June, so check back at for more details.

AIMP Leadership Kickoff Address

  • Alisa Coleman – AIMP NY Executive Director (ABKCO Music)
  • Michael Eames – AIMP President, Los Angeles (PEN Music Group)
  • John Ozier– AIMP Nashville Executive Director (ole)

CISAC Cross Industry Projects Update

  • Teri Nelson Carpenter, President & CEO of Reel Muzik Werks, LLC and Vice President of AIMP

Digital Tools of the Trade

  • John Raso, SVP of Client Services at HFA

International State of the Industry

  • Teresa Alfonso, CEO of Teddysound, President of the Spanish Association of Music Publishers, and Executive Board at IMPF (Spain)
  • Ger Hatton, EU Specialist and IMPF Secretary General (Europe)
  • Jennifer Mitchell, CEO of Red Brick Songs and member of the CMPA Board of Directors (Canada)
  • Mary Megan Peer, Deputy CEO and President of Asia Pacific & Strategic Markets at peermusic (Asia)
  • Chris Butler, Group Head of Publishing & Rights at The Music Sales Group and President of ICMP Board of Directors (UK) (moderator)

Music Supervision Abroad

  • Nicky Bignell, BBC
  • Catherine Grimes, BBC

New Revenue Models for Songwriters and Music Publishers

  • Chantal Epp, Clicknclear
  • Mark Greenburg, Tresona
  • Deborah Evans, Tracklib

U.S. Music Supervisors panel

  • Ricki Askin, Vice
  • Megan Currier, Search Party

U.S. State of the Industry

  • Michelle Lewis, Songwriter & Co-Founder of SONA
  • Mary Jo Mennella, CEO of MAM and Pulse
  • Alison Smith, EVP of Broadcast Music Inc.
  • Kelli Turner, EVP, Operations, Corporate Development and CFO, SESAC
  • Amelia Wang Binder, Vice President, Industry & Government Affairs, NMPA
  • Teri Nelson Carpenter, President & CEO of Reel Muzik Werks, LLC and Vice President of AIMP (moderator)


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