14 Years Later, iTunes Lands on the Microsoft Store

Microsoft Store's 'Get it from Microsoft' slogan.
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Microsoft Store's 'Get it from Microsoft' slogan.
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Microsoft Store’s ‘Get it from Microsoft’ slogan.

iTunes on the Microsoft Store? Hell freezes over once again.

If you’re in the iOS world, this is utterly unimportant.  But once upon a time, a Windows version of the iTunes Store was a really big deal.

Now, that relationship is getting even closer.  “Now, you can download iTunes from Microsoft Store and easily play your favorite music, movies, and more — right from your Windows 10 PC,” Microsoft alerted us.

They even gave Apple a giant plug.  Yes, things have changed dramatically from the old days when Steve Jobs and Bill Gates waged WWIII on a daily basis.  “iTunes is also home to Apple Music, where you can listen ad-free to over 45 million songs and download your favorites to enjoy without using WiFi,” the release continued.  “iTunes is free to download, and you can try Apple Music free for three months. There’s no commitment, and you can cancel anytime.”

Yeah, that was coming from Microsoft.

Actually, Windows users have always been able to directly download an Windows-compatible iTunes version from Apple.  But that won’t work anymore with the latest Windows 10 S upgrade, unless it’s procured from the Microsoft Store.

Installing iTunes from the Microsoft Store

It’s actually pretty easy to install iTunes from the Microsoft Store.  You have to remember that it will only run on Windows 10 machines with either x86 or x64 architectures. You also need to have at least 500 MB of disk space to be able to install its new version.

According to Microsoft, “This product needs to be installed on your internal hard drive,” in case you were hoping to install it on an external disk.

Also, don’t forget that installing the new version will replace the existing version on your system.  It is highly recommended that you back up your Windows machine before installing the update — just in case.