Instagram Just Added Spotify and GoPro Content — Cooler Stories Anticipated

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Instagram is now allowing apps to post content directly into Instagram stories – starting with Spotify.

Spotify is all about creating a giant funnel of users — then migrating a percentage of them into high-value, paying subscribers.  Well, this single change may seriously expand the funnel’s flow.

In an unprecedented move, Instagram now allows third parties to tap into the social network’s 800 million-plus user base.  It’s also opening augmented-reality camera effects to partners.  The good news was announced during Facebook’s F8 developers’ conference in San Jose, CA.

Here’s the kicker for music: Spotify is included as an initial partner.  This means that you can share a sticker of songs, playlists or albums to an Instagram Story.  It’s all going to be part of the integrated action.

You can also use GoPro to share recent action shots from the GoPro camera app.  And all of this is going live in a few days.  Next in line would be Facebook’s integration along with other third-party partners.

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So, how can Instagram users start using this new feature?

Before enjoying these new features, you have to make sure you have the most updated versions of both apps (most newly-added features and improvements require downloading and installing the latest version).  Then, just tap the “share” button in the Spotify or GoPro app.  The content is then pulled directly into the Instagram Story.

Sounds potentially game-changing, especially since Spotify has been largely on the sidelines while apps like and Spotlite took off.  That may soon start to change, with Spotify suddenly sonifying the action on Instagram.

Once the content is ingested, you can edit and add to the Story, or send it to a friend via direct messaging.  The best thing about the new feature is that you don’t have to connect your account to other apps to share to Stories.

Instagram is also allowing other parties create AR effects for their followers.  This includes face filters and world effects through Facebook’s Camera Effects Platform.

Instagram’s initial AR partners include Condé Nast’s Vogue, the NBA, and BuzzFeed.  Because those three definitely go together.  Celebrities and influencers partners include Kylie Jenner, Jiffpom (an Instagram-famous Pomeranian pooch), Ariana Grande, Baby Ariel, and Liza Koshy.  Watch out for AR-infused effects from this early cast soon.