China’s NetEase Cloud Music To Launch BTS’ Entire Repertoire Of Songs

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NetEase Cloud Music just made a serious Kpop content acquisition.

We’ve been watching a jaw-dropping transformation in the Chinese digital music market over the past few years.  We’ve even met — incredulously — with ambitious executives who vowed to transform China’s notorious pirate market into something legitimate.

But in just a few years, they’ve made some remarkable progress, especially as streaming has started to take hold.  Even vinyl is thing in China!

And the latest deal this week symbolizes that in-progress transformation.  China’s leading music platform, NetEase Cloud Music, has just entered into a partnership agreement with South Korea-based Big Hit Entertainment.  The result is that the Chinese platform will launch BTS’ repertoire of songs on the platform.

If you are a Kpop fan, you know that BTS is one of the most popular boybands in the world today.  Big Hit Entertainment is largely responsible for making this group the sensational success that it is, with militaristic choreography, member selection, and even plastic surgery choices administered from the top.

The boyband, composed of seven members, debuted in 2013. Since then, they have received several major awards and monstrous sales accolades.  They’ve even poked into the United States, with a sprinkling of sellout shows in major cities last year.

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NetEase Cloud Music, which was founded in 2013, has become one of the most popular music platforms in China with more than 400 million users.

A bulk of the audience is Chinese, but Kpop is immensely popular.

Accordingly, NetEase is signing as many lucrative Kpop deals as possible.  In March, the platform successfully licensed the music copyrights of South Korea-based S.M. Entertainment.  That’s part of a larger effort to amass a respectable library of Kpop releases.

Outside of Kpop, NetEase has also inked cooperation agreements with a number of music and entertainment firms.  That includes Shanghai Henian Information Technology, avex, Kobalt Music, Miman Culture Media, EE-Media, Forward Music, Sony Music Entertainment and B2 Music.  NetEase Cloud Music has also partnered with KKBOX,  Taiwan’s largest digital music platform, to create the world’s largest Chinese-language music promotion platform.

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But back to NetEase’s Big Hit Entertainment agreement…

The agreement with Big Hit Entertainment will effectively unleash a wildly-popular BTS catalog onto an insanely-large audience.  Special tracks include ‘MIC Drop (Steve Aoki Remix feat. Designer)’, ‘DNA’, ‘Spring Day’, ‘Not Today’, ‘Blood Sweat & Tears’, ‘Fire’, ‘Dope’ and ‘I Need U’.

Beyond BTS, NetEase Cloud Music will cooperate with Big Hit Entertainment on artist and music promotion.



13 Responses

  1. Intellectual

    BTS have never done plastic surgery. This is the result of poor journalism and research. Please base your articles on factual statements, and not biased news fed to you by your friends. Digital Music News have made such rash statements in the past, and I’m not surprised that ignorant white people stereotype kpop stars just to get a kick. Crackers are destructional and believe anything without any proof backing it up. Thank you for coming to my TedTalk.

    • 성형 수술

      Please. Only guy in that group who hasn’t had surgery is V.

      DMN is just about business. And everyone in the business knows BTS has tons of plastic surgery because it makes them sell more to people like you.

      안녕 !

      • A

        Sorry but there’s no proof any of them have had surgery. If you look at before and after pictures they look the same only now they wear makeup. You can’t state something as fact based on stereotypes and speculation when there’s no concrete proof. That’s defamation

  2. Bangttan

    No one in BTS has had plastic surgery, only takes two proper eyes to see that.

  3. white guy

    Chinese netease is trash. so are Chinese who pirate/steal as part of their culture

    nice site, CCP government mouthpiece

  4. Anonymous

    no one in bts has had plastic surgery please get your facts right before u babble nonsense

    • BReal

      The article sounded intelligent the mention of plastic surgery turned it into comedy!

  5. Alice

    Western journos need to learn how to separate their bias against the kpop industry based on stereotypes from their reporting. The plastic surgery comment was completely unnecessary to the article and just shows the writer’s inability to be neutral and unbiased about an industry. It’d be different if any BTS member was confirmed to have had surgery but seeing as that’s not the case and there’s no reason evidence saying so, it’s a shame the author let themselves and this publication down by stating it as fact.

  6. Jayjay

    Plastic surgery? Can you reference your statement?

  7. I'm bored

    They HAD NOT HAD ANY PLASTIC SURGERY please get you’r facts right.

  8. Anonymous

    oh my.. so i was thinking finally someone isn’t biased and talking without evidence and things but then plastic surgery? madam where you the one who did the surgery cause there’s no shit of evidence that they have done anything plastic to their face stop this nonsense. are you jealous that they can slay you even though they are a different gender? plastic surgery is not a sin and nothing is wrong with it but assuming shit is, your mentality and perspective must change, it’s so sad to see you and your colleagues ignorant like this. if you at least followed only one of their (BTS) advices i bet you guys would become better people, every word they say is pure intentions gained from hard work and life obstacles, i just wish you enjoyed your life as decent human beings this is a comment for all the past articles (that must be deleted), as they have taught us there’s still time to better ourselves.
    good luck, peace

  9. Tsk Tsk

    Wow. You call this news. This sounds like the Sun Paper, or National Inquirer. Stop spreading lies or dont even mention BTS.

    If this is consider news, back up your stories with reliable sources, instead of made up.

    Otherwise, I read that Bighit hired some very expensive attorney in the USA to go after fake news like this to defamed BTS.

    I hope and will pray hard that they sue this site.