YouTube Music Launches Brand-New Charts In 44 Different Countries

YouTube wants to showcase and celebrate the hottest artists, songs and music videos from around the world.  Here’s how they’re going to do it.

Today, YouTube is introducing a new and improved music charts experience for 44 global destinations!  These destinations include: US, Japan, Germany, Brazil and the U.K., all of which can be found here.

The YouTube charts will now include a new Trending chart, as well as new and improved charts for Top Songs, Top Artists, and Top Music Videos.

YouTube charts covers more than 1.8 billion global monthly users.  These new charts are based solely on the number of views an artist receives.

Trending Chart

The Trending Chart is a separate entity from the pre-existing ‘trending tab’ on YouTube.  In order to offer real-time data, the Trending Chart will be updated several times throughout the day.

Top Songs Chart

The Top Songs chart is set to be updated every Sunday at 3pm EST.  This gives a weekly interval to measure the most-played songs on YouTube.  The parameters include: plays of official music videos, all user-generated videos, and lyric videos containing the song.

Top Artist Chart

The Top Artist chart will operate in a very similar manner as it will also be updated on Sunday afternoons.  This chart will be based on the total views of an artist’s discography. This includes: official music videos, user-generated clips, only official live performances, any remixes, all lyric videos, album tracks, and even collaborations.

The Top Music Charts will focus exclusively on official music video viewership, with an updated rundown also arriving every Sunday at 3 pm.

But wait: there’s more (coming)…

YouTube Music product manager Chris Clark implores YouTube Music fans to “Expect more charts, more countries, and more information about your favorite songs and artists to roll out soon.”

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  1. JOEL

    You didn´t mention the top music video chart, What is the difference between that one and the songs chart? It count just the official?