Just Days Before Announcing Its ‘Hate Conduct Policy,’ Spotify Added Chris Brown to Several Top Playlists

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In May alone, Spotify added Chris Brown to several highly-ranked playlists, including ‘Get Turnt,’ ‘Most Necessary,’ and ‘Signed XOXO’.  All of these occurred within days of Spotify’s announcement of its ‘Hateful Conduct Public Policy’.

Is Chris Brown somehow less violent and ‘hateful’ than R. Kelly and XXXTentacion?  That appears to be the determination at Spotify, where Brown was added to a heavily-subscribed playlist — just days before the company announced its hardline ‘Hateful Conduct Public Policy’.

In total, ‘Get Turnt’ has nearly 3.8 million followers and is the 12th largest playlist on Spotify.  Which means any song included in that playlist is going to get serious plays, not to mention massive exposure in front of an engaged audience.  According to playlist-tracking firm Chartmetric.io, Chris Brown’s ‘Pills & Automobiles’ was added to ‘Get Turnt’ on May 3rd, just 7 days before the company announced its ‘Hateful Conduct Public Policy‘ on May 10th.

But ‘Get Turnt’ is only one of several adds onto various highly-ranked playlists.  In fact, on the same day, Spotify also added Chris Brown to ‘Most Necessary’ (1.66 million followers), according Chartmetric.io’s tracking data.

Even more surprising is that Spotify added Brown to several highly ranked playlists on May 10th, which is the exact same date that the company announced its ‘Hateful Conduct Public Policy’.  The May 10th additions include ‘Signed XOXO’ (1.22 million followers) and ‘Hip-Hop Central’ (572,000 followers).

Chris Brown has been convicted of numerous violent crimes, including felony assault.  He is outright banned in Australia, New Zealand, and the UK based on repeated episodes involving violence and sexual assault.  He is currently battling a lawsuit from a woman who says she was gang-raped by Brown’s friends at a party hosted by the singer.  And of course, he’s repeatedly punched a woman in the face (Rihanna).

Here’s a quick look at all of the playlist adds enjoyed by Chris Brown this month.

Importantly, there have been no removals recorded.

Spotify did not respond to an inquiry regarding Chris Brown.

The high-profile playlist inclusions seem to directly contradict with Spotify’s scorched earth policy against R. Kelly, XXXTentacion, Bill Cosby, and Louis C.K.

Last week, Spotify publicly announced that R. Kelly would be stripped from all of its playlists, essentially depriving the artist of any serious promotion on the streaming platform.

Moments later, rapper XXXTentacion was removed from the heavily-trafficked Rap Caviar playlist, which has nearly 9.52 million followers.  The move was designed to punish XXXTentacion for allegations of assaulting a pregnant woman, among other assault charges (sexual or otherwise).

Rap Caviar is Spotify’s third-largest playlist, which makes any inclusion (or removal) a serious deal.

Bill Cosby and Louis C.K. were next, with both removed from highly-ranked comedy playlists.  Bill Cosby was recently convicted of aggravated indecent assault, and has been battling dozens of accusations of drug-inducted rape against women for years.

Louis C.K. admitted and apologized for masturbating in front of numerous women, though importantly, the comedian sought permission in all of the incidents.

'Power Workout,' one of several highly-ranked playlists still featuring Chris Brown's music.
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'Power Workout,' one of several highly-ranked playlists still featuring Chris Brown's music.
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‘Power Workout,’ one of several highly-ranked playlists still featuring Chris Brown’s music.

Also worth noting: Chris Brown remains a mainstay across dozens of important Spotify playlists.

That includes ‘Power Workout,’ which has more than two million followers.  All of those high-ranked playlists are constantly being updated, which means Spotify has been actively making decision to keep promoting Brown’s music.

Of course, there’s another reason why Chris Brown might be given preferential treatment: cash (lots of it).  Despite repeated assaults and atrocious criminal convictions, Brown remains a seriously popular artist with millions of fans.  Removing the very ‘hateful’ Chris Brown makes complete sense according to Spotify’s new policy, but it would cause the platform to lose lots of users.  It would also alienate major partners, including Chris Brown’s label, Sony Music Entertainment.

Guess Spotify can afford to kick R. Kelly and XXXTentacion off its highly-ranked playlists, because they don’t matter as much financially.  R. Kelly is decades past his prime, and XXXTentacion is ultimately a rising rapper.  So they can be booted without Spotify feeling the impact.

Sadly, if either of those were receiving the same plays as Chris Brown, they’d still be included on top-ranked playlists.  Which probably tells you a lot about Spotify’s real ‘policy’.



26 Responses

  1. Lauren Soto

    This article is fucking Trash! First off the woman DID NOT say she was gang raped! She said, Chris Brown’s friend Lowell Grissom Jr. allegedly raped her at his house that’s why she’s suing Brown! He WAS NEVER accused of sexual assault not even in this case and their is currently no open investigation against him. You guys act like he’s the mist dangerous man in the world! SMH

    • Willa

      Sick of the Chris Brown bashing… I agree with you. So it seems like nothing relevant came from police investigation of Grissom when this happened in 2017… Rape kit inclusive. Jumping from 2 sexual encounter now yo several… And why is she mot revealing herself and staying in the shadows. What happened is she was domewhere she wamted to be but her mom tracked her down… so it’s rape at Chris Brown’s house. She could have let them have her phone and never left with group. She could have gone home but she didn’t … She made a choice to go. This is a money grab. And whatever went on she was right there with it.

    • Chianna

      Totally agree. Its slander to say he has “been convicted of numerous violent crimes.” There was the Rihanna fight, and there was a guy he socked in the face. Two convictions. All the other crap has being reported in a very misleading way, to feed the bad-boy fable and get blog hits. Slutty women out for PR and cash money. So damn unfair. Its amazing that he preserves.

    • Shelia castro

      Thank you Lauren, the article is nothing but trash.

  2. GhostOfSparta

    She was not gangraped it was one guy supposedly and this was last year it wasn’t even Chris that did it and the last time he hit a woman was like 10 years ago

  3. Mary

    Chris Brown did not gang rape anyone. Get your info straight before you post untrue things about people.

  4. Paul Resnikoff

    You guys are right: Chris Brown is not accused of raping the woman. However, the woman alleges that two of Brown’s friends, Lowell Grissom Jr. and ‘Doe X’ did rape her. ‘Gang rape’ refers to forced sexual activity by more than 1 person. Also as noted, this is a lawsuit, meaning unproven, though you could also same the same about R. Kelly and XXXTentacion.

    • Liz Marilyn

      The point is he is was not involved. This is the problem with “yellow journalism” No proof but a lot of false accusations! One day artist/celebrities are going start suing for defamation. Get Ready

    • Aimee

      Paul you should really try reading and researching before you write articles like this. The Spotify “Hate Conduct Policy” does not refer to one’s personal character flaws. It speaks directly to hateful lyrics in a song that bashes certain things like race, sex, creed, sexuality, religion and so on. So nice try, but let’s chalk this 1 up as fake news.

    • Aimee

      Furthermore, you mention R. Kelly and xxxtentacion as if the we’re banned, their music is also still available on Spotify so I don’t understand the reference. What was the point of this article? Did you run out of Dear Jane letters to respond to?

    • Reader4Lyfe

      So now Chris Brown is responsible for his friends. This article is garbage just like the person who wrote it

  5. Rich

    Who cares what spitafy does or thinks people are weak you need companies to make your decision that is the sad part .and beleiving its somee sort of activism by letting them make our choice .we asked for play lists not there opinion on the artist.

  6. Whit Jones

    Thanks Spotify love you CB your fans believes you and we are here for you!!!

  7. Nikki

    Someone somewhere is threatened by Chris Brown and his talent, because they are trying everything to ruin him. Let Chris live, dang

  8. Trill

    Fuck this hate black men metoo movements. Save ur thot laws for another lifetime…

    • Reader4Lyfe

      thank you for that. I hope you don’t mind but I’m gonna use that line

  9. Key

    F*** this article this article is full of s*** you always trying to keep somebody down Chris Brown is doing good for himself he treats his daughter good that’s all that really matters at the end of the day long as he’s making his and he’s doing what he got to do to provide for his self who gives a f*** and people start to talk about that Rihanna mess get over it she got over and she started a new I’m not saying what he did was right but at the same time what I am saying is you need to know how to let stuff go it’s been years get over it only thing you trying to do is stop and sales but yet the same people that probably talk about Chris Brown probably at home dancing to his music or getting busy with your wife to it however whatever the case maybe get your own f****** life May y’all some miserable ass people just miserable as shit it doesn’t make any sense I mean leave the dude alone let him do him let him live his life the way he going to live his life

  10. Paul Resnikoff

    Guys, this isn’t a black or white issue. Chris Brown is a piece of human garbage, it transcends race, creed, or ethnicity. He beats up women, beats up people… he makes XXXTentacion look good (and that’s saying alot). Choose a better role model, please. Being rich and having some musical talent shouldn’t be the only criteria here.

    • Onome

      You are so lame, how many women has he beat up, this guy made one mistake and paid for it. U are a shallow, envious person

    • Reader4Lyfe

      You are a f**cking piece of s**t. You holier than thou mothertuckers get on my got damn nerves. Bi**hes like you behave as if you never made a mistake. And who are you to tell ppl to get a better role model you stupid mothertucker. CB isn’t my role model I just like his music & sick of you hypocrites who behave as if they are perfect.

    • Malcolm FleX

      Paul you guys definitely go out of your way on CB. Its obvious. That’s why so many people in the comments are saying it. And this definitely IS a Black or non Black issue. Why? Because Haley Kiyoko got busted about racist tweets she made toward Black people and pictures she posted IN BLACKFACE and we have heard ZERO….ZERO about her music coming off of any playlists. Paul I like you, but how are you gonna explain that one???

  11. Chiratidzo

    You haters and racially unforgiving people Chris was punished for what he did when he was a teenager so keep talking who cares, you are not forced to listen to Chris Brown so leave his funs and people who love him support him do so you do not employ him even felonies are employeed too he is not on your payroll so grow up and get over it..?

  12. Layla

    Fuck the person who made this article. You dont see them banning Weinstein’s movies. And he’s a rapist!!!!!!! Fuck off.

  13. Lef2005

    One thing chris brown doesn’t have that r Kelly an xxx has is sexual assault. There’s the difference. That’s why he’s still on spotify. He f***ed up once in his life with the Rihanna s*it but he isn’t a rapist… It’s actually kind of bullsh*t that you even brought up the sexual assault when it had nothing to do with him, it was just his home. Only rich people have to deal with crap like being sued for something that they had no control over. It was just at his house so now I guess he’s guilty just by associating with the accused assailant. He hasn’t been convicted of it but some people just hate Chris brown (like the author of this article) and want to act like he’s the same to f***ing rapists. Get over your hate for Chris brown. He’s not like these other guys… Also, this isn’t an excuse for any of his behavior prior but he’s been diagnosed with type ll bipolar and sometimes s**t gets crazy when it has something to do with mental disorders. Let the guy make great music and stop hating.