Looks Like Spotify Is Reversing Its ‘Hate Conduct’ Policy — Starting With XXXTentacion

Top Spotify executive Troy Carter, an open critic of the company's 'Hateful Conduct and Hate Content’ Policy
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Top Spotify executive Troy Carter, an open critic of the company's 'Hateful Conduct and Hate Content’ Policy
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Spotify executive Troy Carter, an open critic of the company’s ‘Hateful Conduct and Hate Content’ Policy

It now looks like Spotify is preparing to quietly reverse its controversial ‘Hate Conduct Policy,’ starting with rapper XXXTentacion.

Spotify’s moral crusade against ‘hate conduct’ looks over, with the streaming giant now preparing to reverse course.  According to Bloomberg, an avalanche of criticism against the policy is causing the company to ‘partially walk back‘ its actions against targeted artists like XXXTentacion.

Just last week, Spotify yanked XXXTentacion from its highly-coveted Rap Caviar playlist, citing allegations of violent behavior — particularly involving a pregnant woman.  That closely followed a crackdown on R. Kelly, who abruptly found all of his music removed from a myriad of high-trafficked playlists.

Others also faced punitive playlist pulls, most notably Bill Cosby and Louis C.K.  Strangely, only one out of those four has actually been convicted of a crime.

Now, it looks like XXXTentacion will receive his plum playlists slots back, with Spotify scheduling a quiet reinstatement.

“The music-streaming giant has told artists, managers and record label executives that it will eventually restore songs by XXXTentacion to playlists,” Bloomberg relayed.

There are no reversals planned for R. Kelly, whose sex-ring circus is now being turned into a high-profile documentary.  That didn’t pass Spotify’s moral sniff test, though ironically, Kelly experienced an increase in streams because of the controversy.  Which made it possible for the r&b singer to truly chuckle all the way to his banking institution.

“There also are no plans to begin promoting R. Kelly again,” Bloomberg’s Lucas Shaw relayed.

Few would defend XXXTentacion and R. Kelly as moralistic pillars of society.  Though the selection of two prominent black artists, not to mention Bill Cosby, raises ugly questions of racism.

Those allegations became particularly sticky when one considers the dozens of white entertainers accused of serious ‘hate conduct’ incidents.

Even worse, Spotify actually added Chris Brown to several high-profile playlists during the week it removed R. Kelly.  All of which demonstrated an ill-conceived, problematic policy that probably needs to be rethought — if not shelved entirely.



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  1. Pebah

    How can you sanitize “sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll”?

    The whole industry is built on the image of rebellion, grunge, and the gutter.

    Either this emperor has flaunt his nakedness, or retreat quietly back into the castle to gaze at his navel in an attempt to mend his ways.

  2. Anonymous

    SJW can’t have their cake and eat it too.