OCL Announces Agreements With Warner Music Group, Sony/ATV, Beggars

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A variety of rights owners such as Warner Music, Sony/ATV Music Publishing, and Beggars Group have signed a licensing deal with tech company OCL.

App developers will soon be able to access and host licensed music alongside user generated content, thanks to deal involving OCL.  Instead of complex rights licensing deals, development teams can tap into OCL’s Totem service as they build and test their products.

“We are confident that our approach and technology will open up significant new revenue for the music industry,” PJ Dulay, OCL’s SVP of Music relayed.  ” Simplicity is the hardest thing to design and we’re delighted that many rights holders have faith in us.”

Totem, which comes from the London-based company, has a micro-licensing engine designed to ensure that every use of media can be monetized.  It also enables right owners to track interactions. The goal is to overcome licensing issues faced by app developers, many of whom are discouraged from developing music products because of the complexities and costs of music licensing.  That’s even a problem during the development stage.

“Warner Music is excited to work with OCL’s rights transaction solution, to help facilitate music licensing within the app developer community,” said John Rees, VP of digital strategy and business development at Warner Music. “The partnership aims to bring innovation and development around music, delivering great new consumer experiences, whilst ensuring rights holders and artists are equitably compensated.”

OCL is reportedly looking for additional rights holders and adding new agreements weekly.