Can We Stop Pretending Kpop is Popular?

K-Pop in the US: a massive fire, or just a lot of smoke?
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K-Pop in the US: a massive fire, or just a lot of smoke?
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BTS at the 2018 Billboard Music Awards.  Is K-Pop a massive fire, or just a lot of smoke?

The internet is a giant amplifier, making things seem like a bigger deal than they really are. Even something like Kpop, which basically sucks.

Step into the right echo chamber, and whatever you think is cool is instantly a million times cooler, with none of that pesky “perspective” getting in the way of that wet blanket we call “reality”.

In 2017, posted an article titled Why is Kpop’s popularity exploding in the United States?. On May 29th, 2018, NPR published an article titled Kpop, Korean Popular Music, Hits No. 1 in the U.S., in response to BTS’s new album hitting #1 on the Billboard 200 chart. A few days later, The Guardian proclaimed English is no longer the default language of American pop. If you go on Twitter, barely a day goes by without a bunch of Kpop fans getting something trending.

Man, Kpop must be the biggest f—king thing in the United States right now, huh?

Well, here’s that pesky “perspective” to get in the way. BTS’s big hit “Fake Love” hit #10 on Billboard four weeks ago. Impressive, right? A week later it dropped below #40. Two weeks after that?  It’s #71 and dropping like thugs in a hammer fight in the South Korean thriller “Oldboy”.

BTS’ album, Love Yourself: Tear hit #1 four weeks ago. This week it’s #20, being beaten by Ed Sheeran’s Divide, an album that’s been on the charts for 67 weeks. Oh, and what’s #10 on the Hot 100 this week? The 34 week old Bebe Rexha/Florida Georgia Line Pop/Country crossover “Meant to Be”.

For something considered “popular”, these are pretty weak numbers. Consider how well (or really how poorly) something has to perform to make the top 10 on the Billboard Top 200 in this day and age, when album sales are in the toilet and streaming is supreme.  We don’t have all the data for the entire chart, but we do have what Billboard’s willing to share, which is the top 10.

This week, we returned to the year 1996 with Dave Matthews Band (YES, Dave Matthews Band) taking the #1 album with just under 300,000 “equivalent albums” moved (this includes streams, they have an algorithm for how many streams equal an album “sale”). #10 was Shawn Mendes’ most recent album, notching 31,000 units. That’s not a typo, just 31,000 measly units.

So, we can only guess that the number of units needed to reach #20 is probably quite a bit lower than 31,000.

Again, Ed Sheeran’s year-and-three-month-old album managed to bring in more equivalent albums than a brand new BTS album.  I think this tells you all you need to know about how truly popular K-Pop is in the US.  Maybe if their fans spent more time actually streaming the albums and less time “stanning” their favorite boys on Twitter, that number would be higher.

Oh, and by the way, if you have a look at both the Hot 100 and Top 200?  You might notice a significant lack of Kpop.  Over on the album chart I see:

  • The Moana soundtrack at #72 (didn’t that movie come out in 2016?)
  • Zac Brown Band’s Greatest Hits So Far… at #77 (that must be an EP, right?)
  • Taylor Swift’s 1989 at #114 (her 2014 release)

As I made it to #139 I found another Kpop album: BTS’s Love Yourself: Her. Two spots up at #137 by the way? AC/DC’s Back in Black. The other BTS album in this chart is being beaten by a classic rock album that came out nearly 40 years ago, and in a week when none of their members even died.

You know what I didn’t see though?

Girl’s Generation, EXO, BTOB, Blackpink, or Twice.  So where’s this “Explosion”?  Seems more like a small bottle rocket going off during a massive fireworks display of North American pop and hip-hop.

“Kpop” isn’t #1, a few hardcore, very mouthy fans have made it seem like it is even though Kpop basically sucks.  They’re the ones who are buying it and listening to it week 1, but regular music listeners aren’t picking up the slack the next week or the week after that like they do with all the aforementioned pop and hip-hop songs that stick around the charts for months.

Drake’s “God’s Plan” is STILL in the top 10, and “Nice For What” is back at #1. THAT is popularity, when people are still listening to your music weeks, months after it came out, and it continues to gain a new audience from more casual listeners.

And don’t think for a second Billboard is “bias”. It’s all just numbers. If Kanye can put out an album with very little hype (compared to his last album) and have every song chart on the Hot 100 (likely almost entirely based on streams), it stands to reason that if K-Pop is so popular in the US, more songs would be charting. But they aren’t, and the reason is simple: because more people are listening to the other 100 songs on the chart.

So, despite the Guardian’s claims, I don’t think Americans are going to have to take an Introduction to Korean course to be able to listen to the radio any time soon.

There’s no takeover, the Korean invasion is like the British Invasion if the Beatles showed up, the few hundred girls screaming at the airport were the only people who bought their music, everyone considered those girls weird nerds, and no other British bands ever reached the same level of popularity as American groups.  In other words, it’s basically the exact opposite of the British Invasion in every single way.


NOTE: Buckley at least understands that all the things he likes aren’t actually popular, and never will be.


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    • Jenny

      So a medium sized article on a semi well-known website is responsible for people claiming that K-pop is dominating the charts…

      • suck my pinkie toe

        its kinda funny how your target audience are those “girls screaming at the airport” and yet here you bashing them. nice!

          • BTS Army Here

            I mean, at some point I believe this but it’s kind of racist and I think you should keep this hate to yourself. BTS are kindhearted people and I’m pretty sure their intention is not to destroy celebrities like Justin Bieber, but to just work hard and and make people happy. So just like stop complaining and GET A LIFE.

          • BTS Army Here

            This is an add on to my last comment. Also, it’s not just BTS. I’m pretty sure no KPOP idol wants to ruin all Western celebrities. They aren’t doing anything wrong, just working hard and producing music like any other artist. So it’s not any Korean idols fault that KPOP is so big. So don’t blame KPOP and the idols.

          • Jungkook is my bias

            Ok so your gonna insult a large majority of people with non existing evidence… Professional… K-pop is in fact extremely popular so shut the fuck up and do your research better. ??

        • Vallaline Ellery

          You can just tell that this was written by a white american person that probables thinks their “cool” now
          the reason a lot of people like this bitch hate on kpop is because it’s not in English
          you expect Americans like this bitch here to expect the fact that a FOREIGNER is getting more popular than a their precious little american celebs
          god forbid
          another reason people automatically hate them is because the style is too kiddish or feminine
          people naturally put boy band in the crazy teenage girl category
          they dont even give it a chance because of it
          also going back to the feminine part, people HATE them because they wear make up and earrings and dont look like the stereotypically straight guys but ALL AMERICAN CELEBS WEAR MAKE UP AND 90 PERCENT OF THEM HAVE PEIRCINGS
          also homophobitic people find this revotling *major eye roll* and shun it automatically
          Another reason why its so “unpopular” is because kids are starting to make it “cool” now to hate on them
          *cough cough*like the author of this stupid article*cough cough*
          also some of you may say that comment is a little too “mean” or “salty” well i dont give a f*ck
          Im responding with the same amount of respect and integrity as this stupid child

          • An actual Korean

            Hi. I’m an actual Korean person speaking here and I agree with most of what this article said.

            You’re right that a lot of K-pop hate comes from racism, but I don’t think this was hate. This is just stating fact. I am a Korean studying in US right now and I can see that BTS is on a lot of news and charts but it is only because of a specific group of fans, not widespread popularity. People who like Kpop are still seen as weird like otakus, BTS has not changed that so far. Most Americans around me are not BTS fans.

            I dont think this author is saying that BTS hasn’t made change in American pop scene because they have. They have gotten way more popular than any other kpop group so far. The author is just saying that BTS is not seen as “cool” or mainstream except among people who are already fans. Like Drake is seen as popular and known by all but BTS is still seen as weird to like. I am saying this as a Korean I don’t think this article is racist. I would like Korean culture to spread and I am Proud of BTS for representing my country but facts are facts and BTS has not gotten as far as people are saying (yet, they still might later).

            From what I am seeing here in US, the people who are talking about and awarding BTS are doing it because they realize how loyal ARMY is. Fans of Drake or taylor swift will not always tune in or pay to see them perform but ARMY always will. So I think US media and awards are just using how loyal BTS fans are. It is not because lots of people in US listens to them.

            I hope you can understand my English, Korean is my first language.

          • no one

            I think for you to claim it must be a white American is incredibly racist; implying that he must be White as he doesn’t like Korean music as ‘all white people are racist’. secondly he is making a genuine point. Kpop isn’t as big as people make it out to be. that it, I personally don’t like music which has been created just for profit purposes and pushes its ‘musicians’ to the edge. with no creative freedom. though you will argue that some do have this freedom.

          • Anonymous

            I think the same and if they aren’t popular than why are comedians and talk shows like Jimmy Fallon and Ellen degeneres practically begging them to be on their shows

          • Unknown

            I agree about most of your comment but not all Americans dislike BTS. I happen to love them. I don’t know if you were saying that towards all Americans but if you were it’s not true.

          • Alexa C.O

            Vallaline i agree with everything you said im proud someone stood up for K-pop… In other words preach honey preach?????????????

          • JUST DROPPING BY

            The facts in the article may be true, but it’s mostly the title that is aggravating.
            And of course, there is actually no right for anyone to judge others despite whatever interests they have. So actually, there are some points in this article that I want to comment on.
            One, there is nothing wrong in having a trending tag in Twitter, because though Kpop may not be mainstream, there are a lot of people who are fans. And just because they have achieved ‘trending’ it does not mean that other people can get all ‘kpop sucks’ because Kpop fans don’t insult other idols or fans.
            Also, you seem to be talking about the numbers in the chart. But it’s an achievement for a Kpop group to even have their album in the chart. For BTS, it’s a dream come true because they started out with nothing.
            And does no one really realizes that there isn’t any need for so much hate?

          • Rei

            He’s Canadian, though. And guess who was the top artist of 2018? A Canadian.

          • Amanda

            Most people who dislike Kpop aren’t racist or “hating it to be cool”… they just don’t like it. Like how some people don’t like country or rap. I listened to kpop and I don’t like the synthetic sound. I don’t think it’s really as complicated as you’re making it sound, haha.

          • A Human

            Preach honey! Like they are bashing kpop even though k-pop artists are kinda just normal people like the rest of people. They bach them for looking girlish and wearing makeup. LOTS OF AMERICAN GUYS WEAR MAKEUP, but they loooove them. I think it is because they are jealous about kpop actually getting recognition for once. They are so jealous that kpop actually has a message and that they can actually dance and stuff. Not all American’s hate BTS because I am American and I have loved BTS since debut. I honestly think that they aren’t popular for just their looks. They are popular because of the message their songs bring. Most kpop groups have amazing messages to their songs and people shouldn’t hate on them. Like would you hate on Americans being popular? No. Because you are just being racist and saying that people like that aren’t welcome here. Like shut the frick up. Kpop needs as much recognition as the rest of the fame industry. Whoever wrote this was probably American (no offense), and they were probably just an average white person who has lots of money and thinks that they are always right. And that is coming from an American themselves. People need to give kpop a chance.

          • Charles

            I agree! Whoever wrote this article is incredibly ignorant thinks theyre cool and smart or something… Talk when your success can be comparable to 1% of bts’s success.

          • A Actual Converted American GP

            I find it interesting you failed to highlight that 2 BTS albums were experiencing long term charting on the BB200. To compare BTS to the Beatles, Drake, Ed Sheeran you fail to understand one thing…they are singing in Korean. In the US the Beatles had to overcome mild nationalism, but finally they were played on the radio which to this day is the #1 route to exposure. BTS growth will inevitably be unlike those English speaking artist who are overplayed on the radio to an average US audience of 200M +. And in the streaming world curated playlist are the name of the game. You think the Today’s Hits with 20M monthly listeners isnt an artificial boost to those massive streams? Does BTS get on those? No but they managed to come in #2 behind Inagine Dragons for most streamed groups on Spotify in 2018. Frankly BTS is crossing over a minefield of racism, xenophobia, toxic masculinity, and a language barrier. I was an strictly alternative rock and classic rock fan who happened to run across BTS by chance on YouTube. It took immense amounts of open mindedness and curiosity to take them seriously and delve into their discography. Imagine I had an opportunity to run across their work on more than just a chance youtube rec. Thats how their fanbase is growing. Slow from the bottom on scarce TV appearances and grass roots efforts of fans on SNS. They are unlike the Beatles because America didnt roll out the traditional media wagon for them. Nor will the American public greet them with open arms…but they are charting and gaining everyday beating US A listers in pure Album sales (2nd to Eminem in the US 2018). Glad I joined the “otaku geeks” as you call them because Army is by far one of the strongest US fanbases currently active.

          • An American BTS fan

            Just because one American writer, critic, whatever the ass-wipe calls himself, writes a load of crap about Kpop, do not generalize all Americans to be that ignorant. If we were all like that, would BTS have sold out concerts here as fast as they did? Would they be doing stadium concerts here this year? Also, don’t go with the “white” bull either. It only makes you sound like the racist you accuse him of being. It might surprise you how very many Americans are learning Korean to understand the lyrics of BTS and other Kpop bands. The majority of Americans are neither homophobic nor xenophobic. Stop listening to leftist propaganda. We have no problem with the make-up, jewelry or anything else like that. We love foreign musicians, actors, etc.
            People who think BTS aren’t popular here are stupid. Plain and simple. I live in a fairly small city (about 8,000) and you can go anywhere and hear people listening to them, wearing their clothes and singing their songs. In fact, recently in a cab, the driver was listening to a BTS cd, and *GASP* he was a middle aged white man. So try not to sound as ignorant as the author of this pile of excrement he calls an article, please. Your constant generalizing about Americans was ignorance personified.

          • nothing

            That’s not true, they actually have TONS of creative freedom. Majority of Kpop artists write their own songs (eg. Ikon, Svt, Vixx, Highlight), make their choreography (they can also choose not to depending if they have more higher notes; e.g Miracles in December, Missing you), and sometimes make their own BGM. For example, there’s seventeen who has a sub unit for both song writing (vocal unit and hip hop write) and dancing, Stray Kids too. Despite being young they still do majority of things on their own. If anything they have more creative freedom than western artists. Like even if they don’t write their songs, they still participate in the creative process. Not to mention some western artists also don’t write their own songs too. And of course it’s for profit, why would you do something that requires so much work, effort, and a big budget (outfits, mv, sets) for free? You can’t tell me that a lot of American artists just do it for fun. If they don’t have creative freedom or don’t feel like they have it, they can leave. Kris Wu did it for this very reason. If they can’t leave, go solo, more profit for the company anyways. Tbh companies would probably prefer you write your songs so they don’t have to hire writers.

          • hear, hear!

            child. I owe you my whole stanning life. ik I shouldn’t be obsessed with them but I am. and for the first time, I want to stand up for this band as a random human, not ARMY.
            you author of this article, I want to tell you that you are the most idiotic journalist (if you can call yourself that).
            even if the numbers aren’t sufficient or not bigger than American singers, it doesn’t make them any less loved and appreciated, not by YOU though.
            reading this makes my revolt; i’m only hear for the confidence from the comments (especially like this one)

          • Anonymus

            I don’t support LGBT but, i listen to Kpop all the time.

          • Suck my imaginary cock bUdDy

            Agreed…….ummm ye what artists do you like or listen to? Some probably old washed up person/people that aren’t as big anymore, never made it, or miscellaneous….and you’re salty because the Idols did it better than your Caucasian ones….pathetic I love how you volunteered your RANT to this article, you must be really pressed ? ? ??. OH YE you should probably think of all the factors of why charts could be droppin’,what causes it,how charts even work (the science and math behind it), EVERYTHING….and pull up statistics about what most people like, which race likes what, and what race does the most trollin’ to artists and what race are they because then that’d determine lots and it wouldn’t make kpop less popular hmmm maybe…..

            1) because a new album has just been put out which causes the other to drop and it’s more of what people wanna hear at this certain time
            2) to go along with that….because weather changes our moods which could effect what we wanna hear
            3)Everyone has different taste and kpop has just barely been sprung up not too long ago
            4) yeah such and such artist has been on top charts NOW…but have they performed in over 74+ countries…
            5) etc etc

            Maybe your mad because they’re Korean and have more talent and looks that you so you’re being salty…just another ludicrous egotistical person….nonetheless, upload a photo of you and your talents if you have any and a photo of yourself and we’ll judge you. Also charts has nothing to do about being popular haha.


          • Suck my imaginary cock bUdDy

            Also from my last comment I 100% AGREE as I am a K-POP fan myself and kind of went on a rant haha. #ipurpleyou ♥️??

            Also ummmm so why does lots of artist wanna work with them and you know damn well the artist probably don’t know about BTS except for them everywhere and think it’s a good investment
            For example….(Niki Minaj and Charlie Puth) not sayin’ they do that and also ummmm all these stars that recognize them and want to take pictures with them ( John Legend, Khalid, Camila Cabello, Tyra Banks, Charlie Puth, Niki Minaj, Jimmy Fallon, Ellen, Anna Kendrick, Shawn Mendes, etc) oh and also the love they spread and always say on a interview about them wantin’ to work with them in the future etc
            ???⭐️ ~~~? ~~⭐️???

          • kpop is cool so stop hating -_-

            omg preach thank you for this i was waiting for someone to say all this

          • soon to be nan Doc

            A Actual Converted American GP, a grown-up’s comments for a kid’s article. Although I think the article has some points, but still I cannot overcome that there is an attitude of ‘I’m better you’ underneath of it. But I have to thank the author. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have had this insightful comment from ‘A Actual Converted American GP’.

          • Anon

            he’s just stating facts and you can’t change that, judge his opinions if you want but you can’t change what is actually true

            If I would give you a piece of advice: do your research first kid, before you rant on about something that is just. rants

          • Salty Haters, listen

            Kpop is great and we understand not all peeps like it. however we dont give a f about what all u salty haters say, so ya! lmao what i mean is that people who havent even heard of kpop are just like omg kpop is so dumb as shitty so yea.. like this “author” lmao

          • BLobbo

            I’ve liked african music and french music. Kpop is shit music, made by pompous little snotty boys bleaching their hair into a bunch of ridiculous colors, totally reminding me of the worst abuses of hair metal. There are also far too many people in the ‘band’ and they are all singers. This just makes them looks like jerks.

            The music sucks, the singing sucks, none of these clowns play a real instrument, they dance around like strippers and jokers.

            It’s a horrible trend. If four Korean guys with balls put together a credible rock band, people would respect them.

            Also, the idea that the entire world is going to go for Korean like they go for English is just a ridiculous idea. Keep Korean language music in Korea.

            I don’t know what agents are pushing this crap all the time. It’s horrid beyond belief.

          • Anonymous

            Hi Buckley … Remind me, have you ever got an invite to speak at the United Nations General Assembly? It will be nice to see you using your reach to make a positive impact for once. Cheers.

          • nobody

            You sound so immature. You saying kids and calling people immature while you are making a million spelling and grammar mistakes is incredibly ironic… Idc if this article is old I’m honestly upset that you’re calling him a child and disrespecting him while he never disrespected anybody. He’s stating facts.

          • Frogwisperer

            no, k-pop is trash. There are many korean rock and hip hop bands that make good music, k-pop just sucks. You can defend it as much as you want as it is the only crap you listen to. It’s not popular. It will never be. Go outside and listen to actual good music and develop a proper social life bitch.

          • WeebTaco

            So basically your mad because people have their own tastes and opinions? Just like how you have your own? So if someone doesn’t like the kiddish or feminine style they’re wrong because it doesn’t appeal to them? I assume that your not American. Did you know some Americans don’t like the “precious american celebs.” I’m not a white american but I am an African American. I like J-ROCK. That automatically takes off the feminine and language barrier part. I’m not homophobic. I don’t like most popular American songs. I don’t even understand the kiddish part but i have no problem with it. I don’t like K-POP. I don’t like their dances and i just think their doing too much. I don’t like how western it sounds. It feels plain, generic, and boring. Now the last thing: people like you. K-POP fans who worship it as if its perfect. K-POP fans who think everyone should like it because there’s nothing not to like. K-POP fans that are toxic toward anyone who doesn’t like K-POP. And there’s still some more. Well that’s how I feel.

          • Double Wow

            A Actual Converted American GP is a cunt.

          • Carrotstick

            If you can’t spell and you need to write in caps to emphasize your points, you’re a retard, period. No one cares if you don’t give a fk, you’re just an irrelevant edgy teenager or a 25yo wannabe-teenager. My 6 year old cousin writes better than you. Most of the points in your comment are completely irrelevant anyway. Maybe if you made it to college in a decade you might understand what I mean.

            Kpop is garbage. BTS is garbage. Whiny kpop fans are garbage. I’m not white or American. Like it or not, the numbers speak for themselves.

          • Adam Buckley is White

            Go to his twitter or search up Adoseofbuckley and u can see he is white or have a white heritage.

          • Azee

            Sorry but no question about it, these bunch of ladyboys just don’t cut it like mainstream American and world music (example: Latin American music – think Shakira, Daddy Yankee, Marc Anthony, Nicky Jam, Luis Fonsi etc).
            The author of the article is simply trying to put things into their correct perspective citing publicly available data on the music industry in the US, so don’t hate the messenger for saying it how it is.

          • Shush.

            Ikr. Stupidity was blinding my eyes as I attempted to read this article. So many Americans are so used to having American artists slaying the music industry that they don’t allow anyone else to steal their idols glory and fame. Like, nothing goes on forever. These kinda peeps don’t have anything better to do i guess than sitting around trolling on the internet.

          • TXT Fan

            tbh I agree with you 100%. I live in America and I’m not american or east asian, and there’s a legitimate study that show 60% of music fans are kpop fans. Shawn Mendes even confirmed that he will most definitely try to collaborate with BTS, and Blackpink’s DDU-DU DDU-DU music video hit 1 billion views on youtube, which is a whole lot better than not only a ton of american artists, but thousands and thousands of other musicians around the globe.

          • Jess

            No a lot of people hate k-pop because of it’s rabid often racist fanbase. You people are exactly like the anime weebs who gas up Eastern crap to the point you trash the very source material it RIPS from. Just like how a lot of K-pop drones bash African American or Western acts in general WHEN YOUR BANDS RIP DIRECTLY FROM THEM. You have zero respect for those who came before, and those continuing to influence the music your groups ripped from. This is why you’re met with hostility. You’re the student pretending to the be the teacher. What genre have you created? exactly none. There’s a reason it’s called K-pop. The vast majority of genres out there have been created and majority crafted by Westerners especially the USA and Britain. Koreans had NO HAND in the formation or stylistic evolution of these genres, yet a lot of your fandom instead of coming in and respect people, wants to pretend they are “superior” and berate everyone else. And that’s just not how it’s going to be buddy.

          • Lefty Throckmorton

            Way to miss the point of the article, moron. Did the writer pee into your cereal? ?

          • skyler

            honestly i agree 100% with that. people are getting made fun of for listening to music that they enjoy. like yea we can’t understand what they are saying but that doesn’t matter bc half the time we can’t understand what some rappers are saying, it’s all non sense and ridiculous. like stop bashing people for their tastes and just except what they like. it’s not gonna kill you

          • Bangtan ARMY

            I’m sorry ARMY because I will not sound like an ARMY in a second but this needs to be said…Fine sir, BTS is making millions of won a day while you do what? Spend time writing diss stories about Kpop? Let me say this…BTS has won more music awards then you ever have…they’ve made more money then you have…and at least they don’t go around dissing other people’s music…Ive never seen you on the top of the charts too…maybe mom needs to be more careful and not let her 2 year old child try to come at us…ARMY…i think you forget what ARMY is, we are one of the most biggest fandoms ever…we’re crazy and savage but we are still considerate and caring.

          • Good

            Cause I don’t want Kpop to be westernised. The new BTS music has been pretty much western and It’s boring. At least my favourite groups aren’t trying to be western, but trying to sound unique.

          • American who is open to music and broke the language barrier unlike some people

            hahaha agreed whoever wrote this is a disgrace as someone trying to explain a topic with certainty and facts, instead they put their opinion in it which is just a waste.

          • Anonymous

            like yes pls stfu boomer. we dont care abt ur dumb opinion smh lol

          • You don't need to know

            YES I AGREE. Who the cares about language. Their music is amazing and it is better than your english songs.

          • xu thughao

            omg this comment is legendary . Pls step up for ur roast award???

          • Kera

            im literally disgusted by this website- thank you for being the only good person on here

          • Anonymous

            Ok everyone knows that K-Pop isn’t mainstream music in the U.S…But do you really have to write an article on how something is not popular? What is this going to do? What are you trying to do?? You’re just coming off as arrogant here. And speaking as an American, BTS actually HAS become popular in the U.S. which is pretty impressive since they aren’t English speakers or American/British. I’m impressed with the fact that they even became a subject to talk about in America. Talking about the popularity of a genre of music is one thing. Making claims about a group that is utter opinionated bs in another. Don’t put them together. Popularity blah blah who cares!!? Geez what happened to real articles….

          • Anti-Anti-BTS (Pro BTS)

            Recently BTS’sAlbum Persona broke the record of most continuous views and most views in 24 hours. How is that not popular? A bunch of my non-ARMY friends converted. I converted a few months ago and I used to hate all K-Pop. I turned, BECAUSE IT WAS POPULAR. And BP’s Coachella And IU is popular in Britain and somewhat Europe. K-Pop idols are more famous in Japan and Asia than other Wester Idols. K-Pop draws you in, once you’re in, you can’t get out. I’m speaking this as a Korean and a lot of my family and friends are in the industry. You can spot an agent, worker, or artist relatives anywhere in Korea. A choreographer, MV director, anything. Because it’s fucking popular. BTS were in the Grammy’s…BECAUSE IT WAS POPULAR. THEY USED THEM IN THE GRAMMY’S…BECAUSE IT WAS POPULAR.

          • Let’s Calm Down

            I think that the article has some backing to it, Kpop is still a relatively new genre in North America and, although I know a lot of people who really like it, it isn’t as widespread as traditional pop or rock. My main problem with it is that I don’t see why any of this is relevant. No, Kpop isn’t the most popular genre, but who really cares? The fans that I know, and me, all like it because we enjoy their songs. Yes, some fans can be toxic, but many more of us are just want to appreciate them and their music, and talk it over between ourselves. I personally think that BTS is amazing just for getting any sized audience in a continent across the ocean with a different language and culture. So sure, maybe they aren’t super popular, but they’re growing, and it’s not like they have an ‘ultimate goal’ of taking over the American music industry. The music they make touches a lot of people and I’ve heard a lot of stories about their music helping fans through some really tough times. Instead of writing an article on why Kpop isn’t super successful overseas yet, why not do something more productive?

            PS: For all the fans out there hating on this article, I don’t think yelling that they’re stupid for not liking it will give anyone a reason to like it. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, as long as they aren’t putting anyone down for thinking differently.

        • An ARMY who supports my babies #BTS paved the way

          BTS’ fans are not just “screaming teenage girls” mind you. They have an immensely sized fan base which widely consists of all genders, ethnicities, sexual orientations, and ages. “Internet amplifier” uh huh, while they’re laughing all the way to the bank, making all this money because of they’re giant success, of which they worked their asses off to get there. BTS paved the way for music as you can see now with more K pop groups are getting to go to American award shows and events. Also did I mention that a week after BlackPink made history with 56.7 MILLION views IN 24 HOURS, topping “Thank U, Next”. Then a week later BTS shattered that record a week later on Friday April 12, 2019 with 78 MILLION VIEWS IN 24 FREAKING HOURS!!! “K pop isn’t that popular” MY ASS!!! DON”T HAVE ANYTHING NICE TO SAY THEN DON”T SAY ANYTHING AT ALL! BTS DESERVE ALL THE RESPECT! SELLING OUT WEMBLEY STADIUM IN LONDON WHICH HOLDS 90,000 PEOPLE, IN 90 FUCKING MINUTES. They sold out their stadium tour which audiences ranges from 85,000 to 90,000 people in 23 hours!!! They had to add one more show to each location they had which filled up again in about the same amount of time. Also to finish up this rant, people who have never heard K pop before have begun to like and become Kpop fans. Huge celebs are beginning to love BTS and other K pop groups so it’s not just K pop fans that are hyping it up more than what it is. I’m glad they’re still open-minded people in this world that give things a chance and GUESS WHAT? They end up LOVING IT!!!

          • Shush.

            You sure know how to write real facts than some haters here. I’m so pissed at bts haters. What did our boys do to get so much unnecessary racist and discriminative hate

          • jesus

            Well he’s not wrong. “Internet amplifier” is correct. Who doesn’t remember when Armys went around every corner of the internet dropping links to songs and videos or the infamous “any Army here” in music videos that had nothing to do with Kpop or BTS?

            Also the whole, “huge celebs have become Kpop fans”. No, they really haven’t. A select few might listen but the majority aren’t zombie streaming like the fans or listening that much ( if at all ) They’re just saying it cause BTS has a lot of fans and it brings attention. Most are just being ‘nice.’

            Music Video records aren’t getting shattered “organically”, it’s that the fans are literally streaming and restreaming for hours on end, NOT because millions of individual viewers are tuning in. The same thing with the concerts. The numbers are amazing and credit is owed for that but most of the time with any Kpop concerts the numbers are from repeat fans attending.

            You started your argument with “BTS’ fans are not just “screaming teenage girls”” – but that’s exactly what you sound like in your rant. Kpop is still niche and that’s not a bad thing honestly because as soon as American fans discovered BTS after 1D disbanded, it became such a toxic environment. A lot of people I know don’t listen to BTS or want to give them or any other group a chance because of the reputation fans have built up. They’re annoying.

            To close, someone disliking BTS doesn’t = racist. Do you kids even know what counts as racism anymore?

        • ARMY!!!

          Yo! Some of the girls there are called sasaeng and are dangerous to BTS. Because of people like you haters, BTS has been suffering from numerous violent haters and that’s what we ARMYS hate the most. Look whos talking, just because they’re better then you doesn’t give you any reasons to insult them. You know why they have so many fans and have some famous singers and artists that also support them (Hasley, Billie Eilish, Charlie XCX, Steve Aoki.. etc) There are so many supporters out there that really want BTS to succeed because of their past year traumas. Plus you should listen to their music, if you don’t like stop spreading it, just keep it yourself, no one needs your negativity from mean and selfish people like you! If you want to bash our heads together.. HAHA! You can try taking down like what..?!? 5 million people out there who love BTS a lot! Well good luck with that! I don’t want to assume but you white people really don’t understand how the Asian world works do you? Well its kinda obvious. I would like to see you TRY and take us down, BTS has an ARMY for a reason. We are there to support them from rude people that don’t appreciate real music. But there’s nothing we can do… SORRY! Anyway, before you start posting more things about random, crappy nonsense get a LIFE! >:( And see how you are hurting other people out there!

          • e.e

            And this is why we hate all of you. Trash like you ruin anything good in this world. People wouldn’t dislike BTS or Kpop if it wasn’t for you guys.

        • go away ugly

          lmaoo they’re still outsolding most western artists, so shut the fuck up and stay mad xoxo

        • Niqqkzzz

          Why so many people getting triggerd here?! He just tell the facts. Like, i love listen to kpop tho. Ifbhe really tried to be racist, thats something really not good. But, the facts that he told that kpop is not that popular like some army said is just true facts.

      • BTS IS MY LIFE

        Can I just say one thing. The US has far more people than South Korea. If almost ever person in South Korea bought an album, that would be 16% of all Americans. So if 20% of America buys an album, that is more people than South Korea has in total. Because of this, K-pop is at an extreme disadvantage when compared to American Pop.

        • Vallaline Ellery

          thank you sis
          someone needed to put this bitch in her p[lace

          • Alex

            you bloody delusional Army so called fans actually incapable of understanding constructive criticism, are the reason many people leaning about Kpop recently have already come to despise it. You’re antagonistic, rude snd demeaning. Everything BTS despise. You’re not an Army, you’re a saboteur, the reason why kpop will never reach the heights you want it to because you lot are toxic and make it problematic

          • Anonymous

            well, not all army are rude, and delusional…well, of course, I’ve met some horrible ARMY, but not all are like that…hopefully that part of the fandom can show people how good kpop is…

          • Chin

            Dumbasses like you are the exact target group to exploit by the kpop industry. People with addictive tendencies who obsess over useless shit, too dumb to exercise any critical thinking, too psychotic to control your hysteria.

            People dislike kpop the same way they dislike carrots, or whatever the fuck people dislike. It’s based on personal preferences, upbringing, background, environment, etc. It’s hilarious how I have to break it down to people like you because you’re too dumb to think outside your tiny box. Although to be fair, you’re likely too dumb to understand me anyway.

            There’s no grand conspiracy against your oppas, or some racist hatred against your oppas. The simple truth is most people do not care enough to hate your oppas or to listen to their music. I think kpop in general is trash. There are far more skilled musicians and singers with a less manufactured sound. But I don’t hate your oppas, why would I hate a bunch of strangers I’ve never interacted with? I’m not a retard like you.

            I do hate people like you though, I wonder why there are so many dumb people alive on earth today. I sincerely hope you don’t breed and make more dumb people.

          • Chin and Alex, what the frick frack?

            Chin, don’t you think it’s a bit extreme to hate someone just because she’s a fan of K-pop and happens to disagree with you? She’s not wrong, and you’re not wrong. People dislike K-Pop for various reasons. Some might be as simple as what you said, it’s just like “disliking carrots.” Others might be more complicated as it’s based on background, upbringing, etc.

            Alex, I think you’re way too extreme. What about this article was “constructive criticism”? Hon, I think you’re the one who’s delusional to think that way. And not all ARMYs are toxic. Apparently only the ones you know about are that way. I agree, though. The toxic ones are definitely keeping K-Pop from going where it could go.

          • pretty princess Jin

            Um, Alex, that is extremely degrading towards my and ARMY’s feelings. I swear, I was on the verge of suicide until I met BTS and saw their personalities and music. They’re not generic like Why Don’t We and other stuff like that. So please. STOB IT. No hate.

          • Kill em with kindness

            I agree pretty princess Jin, whenever I feel depressed and I listen to their songs, I just magically felt better. If you people don’t know I’ve researched about their song meanings and even they said that BTS’ songs was pointed towards everyone’s life or experience. For example topics for relationships or love, depression/health, criticisms, friendships, stereotypes, bullying, hate, etc. But then it is also important to treat people equally, they’re also humans, some people never treat them as people even if they’re not fans and even if they have something horrible to say about them it doesn’t mean they can just actually spit out into public or social media and just because they’re celebrities it’s still cyber bullying and even if they barely know them, it doesn’t mean they can just dump trash on them.

          • Yazuka

            Shut the fuck up you retarded 14 year old white bitch

          • A Korean Themself

            Hello I would like to say that K-Pop not good. I studying in Australia and barely hear anyone playing kpop songs which I think is good. Kpop has no skill talent in it at all. rock music and rap music from korea much better and have more talent and skill than kpop. To be honest, i think that the western music people listen to in Australia is much better than kpop. They actually use instrument and sing well.

            Sorry if english bad, I taking English lessons

          • ^

            The dumbass before me is retarded and a hypocrite, we Kpop Stans r only toxic bc ppl (mostly white) shit on Kpop and call it trash. U can have an opinion but don’t shit on a whole genres of music. Also backup ur opinion with facts and not some bullshit like u don’t like the dancing. Its music, listen to the music and not watch what u hate.

          • ARMY and Why Don't We Fan

            Um well to Pretty Princess Jin, I’m actually a huge Why Don’t We fan as well, and I don’t think you meant to offend anyone by standing up, but if you listen to some of Why Don’t We’s songs, you’ll find that they aren’t all that bad, and each and every one of them is exceptionally unique.

        • A girl thats smarter than the writer of this article


          • Kimiko

            Me too I always listen to them even in my sleep
            ps . Kpop is popular

        • SAME

          I don’t see what all the hate is about tbh. Like, if you don’t like kpop then just say you don’t like it and move on. Don’t have to make a whole post thing, making yourself seem so immature. I like BTS whether they top the charts or not. This dude should understand what it is like to actually work hard for something.

          • Kill em with kindness

            I agree, it’s not like they actually know them or anything but then if they don’t understand, just look up the English lyrics, even if it’s not completely correct.

          • Kill em with kindness

            True, it’s not like they actually know them or anything but then if they don’t understand, just look up the English lyrics, even if it’s not completely correct.

          • YoongisEarlobe

            I agree, BTS actually worked really hard for their success. When they debuted, everyone thought that they were going to flop. They had one tiny dorm for 7 men and the youngest (Jungkook) left his family at 13 years old to pursue his dreams. They all had very rough times but they worked hard and here they are now, with approximately 220 awards. Antis can continue hating on BTS, but I will not pay attention to them until they get as many awards as our boys.

      • Chelsey

        why are you guys so bitter tho? BTS are not a trend at all. They are here to stay. They do not need validation from fucking western market. you guys r the ones bowing and calling them might i remind you. They will chat better when we get off our high horses and xenophobia dies down a little

        • I stand up

          You are right BTS is not a trend but apparently putting people down is. Stop making people feel bad for liking things that make them happy. This is what’s getting us pissed in the first place. All the hate that we take. All the shit that others throw at us. You know we wouldn’t be here if everyone would stop talking shit. I don’t mean this as a rude comment, but it really pisses A.R.M.Y. that people are nonstop putting BTS and us down. We don’t give a damn if you disapprove, we’re just going to keep fighting back against all of you. We don’t give a damn if you hurt us. You can hurt us all you want. But not our Bangtan.

          • Back off anti-A.R.M.Y people

            I totally agree with you! So many people are saying hate towards A.R.M.Y. And making BTS and A.R.M.Y feel bad. I don’t know why so many anti-A.R.M.Y people enjoy making us feel bad about being a fan of BTS. It pisses me off.

          • Kimiko

            Your right I love BTS so leave me and my A.R.M.Y brothers and sisters alone.

          • Anonymous

            I AGREE not everyone needs to like them but they need to be respected for their hard work even if they aren’t popular or anything

          • anon


            from someone who wants equality and peace and haters like the author to have a brain…

          • Anonymous

            thank you person whos actually smart. just because one-five million people like something or other doesnt mean people have to go and put us down for it! we never did anything e=wrong to those haters and neither did BTS or KPOP in general so y cant we just say we dont like it and move on with life?? i mean not everyones gonna be the same because if it were like that then life would be BORING AS HELL i swear life is not gonna get better for you if your just hating on everyone man so just say your peace and move on


          delete BTS is amazing. They are one of the only reasons I’m still here. They’ve helped me through hard times and I don’t know what I would do without them. There are many more like me. We don’t want to see them disband. They’re just being them and that’s why we love them. They all have cursed in at least one of their MV’s, Not just Suga. And don’t you dare hate on RM! He’s accomplished more than any of you haters could accomplish. He and BTS have saved millions of people from suicide and depression. Millions of people who wouldn’t be here without them. They’ve all taken enough hate from all of you. Start bothering us not our Bangtan. Don’t you dare make them disband. All the people they’ve saved. All the things they’ve done for everyone but themselves. Stop hurting them and start hurting us. We don’t care at all about what you do to us. Just don’t hurt our Bangtan.

          • KIM SOYEON

            Exactly like bangtan saved me from self harm and I love them so much because of who they are , what they have been through and everything else

          • fanboi

            I can take all the hate you guys throw at us as long as it doesn’t go near them.

            I have suffered through depression (to a point I needed to take depressants) and thought a lot about committing suicide. I am not completely happy again but their music and love have made me stay day longer on earth. and I don’t mid dying for them.

            ps…… just imagine devoting your whole fucking life to people and saving them from heartbreaks, etc.
            it is worse than you can imagine, haters!

        • Anonymous

          ??? I like that I guess they are just looking for attention, Kpop is not popular my foot, well I understand and agree with the article to some extent, but it was just too salty, of course the author is right, bye aren’t like drake and Taylor in the USA yet, and ed sheeran’s old album can beat bts on the charts after a while, but to us Kpop fans after facing so much discrimination and being at a disadvantage, our music being judged and our idols too etc, the mere fact that we a Korean speaking, stereotyped, belittled, misunderstood, judged music genre can achieve such feat in America and being compared with likes of indigenous top American artists, A-list artist not even average popular, then excuse me, equitably speaking judging by bts disadvabtaged peculiarities, they are quite popular.

          Plus really, you need to be in the Kpop world to know how popular it is globally, Kpop involves much more dedication from fans than American music because world wide and in Asia, we have so much to do American charts, Japanese charts, Korean charts, and not just one but numerous, plus other records to make, we can’t always be concentrating on American charts and sales, we are almost always busy, even as American fans who need to concentrate on other sakes and records too and not just America’s own, maybe if you truly want to know how bts is popular compared to others, then put them in the same playing grounds and conditions, let’s be equitable regarding all otgers abd bts too,then see how popular truly an artist is, judging bts and ed sheeran in America or Taylor swift or whoever based on popularity isn’t quite fare, plus they debut longer in the industry bts is just like 2years old and they still have to combat racism, etc

          In addition, you need to understand the mode of bts releases, I’m not sure of the ed sheerans, Taylor swift etc you mentioned, but bts are almost always releasing stuff which keep us fans always on our toes, the last albums were released like at 1 to 4 months intervals with other works like mixtapes released in between too, unlike other artists I think, thus no matter how popular or populous bts fans are, there are so many contents begging for attention.

          However I can’t deny that average Americans or citizens do not follow up bts music and that’s still the discrimination we face till now, but that we aren’t popular at least they know of them as being in rage these days we did that, that they are acquainted with them, or have seen them on tv at least once, but we can’t control that who chose to listen or like a music or support it,because that’s a matter of taste and choice, and since Kpop is still being highly judged and people still being closed minded, we not so populous Kpop fans will keep pushing and loving ourselves

          • A Random Fan of All Music (whodoesn'tnessecarilylikeordislikeK-pop)

            Well said

          • yikes

            People not listening to BTS is not discrimination. Tf? Do you even know what that words means? If we don’t want to listen to them because we don’t like their music and have better artists that we want to listen to , that’s our decision but that doesn’t mean they’re getting discriminated against LOL you weirdos.

        • Better than u

          Ur just upset that they r successful. They helped people who were on a verge to suicide. They got millions of people screaming their name when u cant even get 1.

      • Anonymous

        I seriously doubt you’re “well-known”. At least the author of this article would have friends. Unlike you. 🙂

        • nah

          the author of the article is a butthurt hoe who don’t think numbers actually says it all. Tell that to the market kissing bts’ asses to gain sales. No one cares if you think anyone is “well-known” just fuck off and educate yourselves.

        • Anonymous bitch

          interesting how all the artists this self-proclaimed shit mentioned are all American…

          he only mentioned BTS, what about all the other k-pop bands, are they not even popular enough to mention? I don’t think so. this boi and all the haters responding to the army’s and neutrals are just little shits tryna get attention…

      • Anonymous

        Being a non korean army myself, I feel that you dont really understand what kind of fandom bts has. Army relate to bts music and their songs have great messages. Like you said about drake getting those high numbers on the charts, being popular and all. Drake’s music might be catchy but he is not an artist whose song you’ll be remembering when you get old unlike bts whose music has that kind of impact. So what i am saying is that you might forget about drale in span of some years but we, army wont be forgetting the bts music and this is what we call popularity. Army consist of many intellectual successful persons, not just some loud mouthy fangirls since bts inspires us to struggle for our passion. So dont undermine bts popularity is all I ask for. Thank you.

        • Kill em kindness

          I agree, numbers are just numbers, rankings are just numbers, who cares where they are, as they have fans we don’t care where they are, they’re still loved by fans. This article or any anti army’s or kpop fans can say anything they want, but no one’s ever going to listen cause ARMYs or other kpop fans are still going to standup for BTS and other kpop artists. P.s. I’ve seen Taylor Swift fans throwing trash at BTS after winning the social artist awards on bbmas 2018 on Twitter and i had to warn her. I mean I am also a Taylor swift fan but unlike them I support Bts I’m also a fan of BTS and if I wasn’t a fan, I would still support them, kill em kindness people, would you still call yourself a human if you don’t respect others? I’m kind of sick of fan wars, I just wish they could just stop and make peace, and also USA artist fans, if your favorite American artist supported the artist that you don’t support how would they feel about you after saying all those crap about other artists, would you still be considered a fan? I’m pretty sure all those artists would their fans all to feel the same like fore example if you’re a Taylor swift fan, and you see a picture of Taylor swift with artists that you hate that won an American awards and you start posting crap about it onto Twitter and Taylor swift (that might never happen but it’s just if that happened) saw it, how would she feel about it? Think about how your favorite artist feel if they saw your crap post. Most artists might not be a fan of kpop but some of them at least still have the heart to support their success. Every or at least most ARMYs are always fighting hard to stop fan war and hate because nobody wants anymore wars with other fandoms, they just want to create peace, they’re too sick of always having wars with other fandoms and I’d also like peace between fandoms cause I think always causing drama and war is just way too immature and childish.

        • Hmmm

          February 12, 2019

          I think you might be blinded by your personal taste and preference for BTS. To say that “you might forget about drale (sic) in span of some years but we, army wont be forgetting the bts music” is laughable. I like music from both Drake and BTS, and I won’t be forgetting their music anytime soon. Both are amazing, and it makes little sense to try and brush off one of them as temporary greatness.

    • luca

      kpop is popular among teenagers, not among general public. We all know that.

      • BoNjOuR

        luca I don’t understand why you say that. Do you have proof ?
        I’m not a fan of BTS but I can be sure that It’s not only popular among tennagers, not necessarly in America (U.S) but in Asia because Kpop is, since a long time, listened here. I’m sorry if my comment can be interpreted a little bit offensive?. And finally I’m sorry for the spelling errors because english is not my native language as you can see as my username

        • Anonymous

          For music i prefer jpop..jrock etc….for kpop i prefer kpop girlgroup short pants..

        • Korean Girl

          Do you have proof that it’s not popular among teenagers? I mean if I use your way of thinking against you, you can’t really prove your point either XD. I mean the teens around you might not be interested in it but that doesn’t really make it a fact either ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

        • Anonymous

          Lmao Sure BTS isn’t something E V E R Y O N E listens to
          But in my school everyday will see already one army WEARING MERCH in the halls broke army’s like me don’t have merch BUT STILL it’s an estimate. It’s not only my school too. This article is old but, rm’s speech is actually a part of exams in a few schools in the U.S (Malaysia, Korea, Japan) and other countries, believe it or not our boys are changing the world

          • ___ broke my heart

            You know in our school u’ll hear students from different sections blasting kpop songs lol then we be dancing to it….. then our morning exercise is kpop songs

          • yikes

            lol schools also use EXO and other Kpop groups in their exams. That’s not exactly a great feat.

        • Sense talker

          this article is about America. Not Asia. And in the grand scheme they’re not as popular as other artists in the charts. Compare how many people of all ages and backgrounds know the song Despacito or Single Ladies (if you’re goimg tp be pedantic). Till this day. Now how many people of all ages and backgrounds can you walk up to and ask to recite BTS songs? Its not that hard to see the difference. And FYI the author didn’t say BTS aren’t popular, just that they’re not AS popular and dominating of the US music scene as twitter or fans would have the world believe.

          • An actual sense talker

            I’m pretty sure that if you go up to most Americans that don’t have a Latin background and say “Oh can you recite the lyrics to Despacito”, they would probably say Despacito and spit out nonsense after that. Also, just because the majority of the population in the U.S. can’t recite a kpop song when asked, doesn’t mean that there aren’t thousands of fans that can’t. You don’t HAVE to like kpop! Just please respect that there are people out there that have different interests than you do sweetie. There are people out there, including myself, that struggle with depression and other mental illnesses that find joy and happiness when listening to kpop. I don’t want to sound dramatic or anything, but I wouldn’t be typing this shit if it wasn’t for BTS. They save lives, you know, just by spreading their love for music. Why can’t you just accept that kpop is a thing? Why do you have to compare them to artists with completely different styles when it comes to music? While you’re wasting your time commenting on an issue you barely know anything about, groups like BTS are spreading love, acceptance, and positivity for people all around the world. No hate, just facts. #Ipurpleyoubts?

      • You succ

        Then how they get here just by teens there are something called adults sweetheart maybe your one but they work hard so eh

      • Anonymous

        Ok that’s actually not true. I know a lot of people of all ages who like kpop

        • Anonymous

          There are alot of people that like anal sex, too. I’m not one of them. To each his ow n.

      • cherry

        thats kinda true i think like alot of adults and maybe even well childen like then but like i get what you mean they are most popular to teens and i think young adults too

        • Anonymous

          I’m 52 years old…and I love these kids….so do my daughters….they are doing what they love….and helping our youngsters….let them do them…

      • check again.

        well teenagers are actually interested in music and the general public is interested in making money which I’m sure they’ll end up kissing the asses of who is popular right now and the rest of the general public is interested in making movies and watching tv and oh bts does that too.

        • Angry Korean Bitch

          ok not sure how exactly you meant to have this but i took it offensive. i not ok with people saying bullshit about KPOP or BTS or really anyone without having a legit reason to. no one said they were going to make movie, and if they are that great, but please no hate on people you don’t know. english not my first language so it not perfect but that beside point. if it make you feel good about yourself to talk shit about other people and their opinion then you have issue. just because you have problem with someone don’t mean rest of world has problem with them. kindly stop and make sure you learn to kepp negative opinion to self

      • Bts is amazing

        I don’t know if your an adult or not but if so start acting like one and grow up a little would ya.

        • Kill em with kindness

          I agree with you there, people are being too immature

      • AnNYeOnG

        It is not just teenagers sweetie. It is among all ages. My grandma likes kpop and shes like 65. She loves their messages in their songs. My friend who is 23 likes them and shes not a teenager. Yes, I am a teenager, but it’s not just teenagers who like this. I am not gonna be rude and call you a “hoe” or “bitch” or whatever. I am just stating my opinion, and the trus facts. Not everybody who listens to kpop is a teenager, thats just what your stereotypical mind thinks.

      • Not Quite

        That’s factually inaccurate. I know plenty of Americans in their mid 20s-30s that listen to it, and majority of us have been listening to it since we were teens(back to the days of Shinhwa circa ’98). It’s a music genre that is capable of pulling listeners from all around the world.

        • Never Quite

          No one cares about you and your man-children, dog.

    • A fuckin K-pop fan


      • tink

        This site likes to take a bite at BTS but what he is saying is true. I said 4 years ago upon seeing a BTS vid that they would become popular in the U.S. While many Army claim they have, I say they haven’t yet. The things this article is pointing out is what I look up on my own. Numbers, how old are the songs they are beating, is radio playing them without being hounded by Army etc. BTS has had massive visibility in the U.S. yet no song has gone viral like Psy’s. When the masses in our country take a liking to something it’s fast. After the BBMAs many artist who performed on that award saw immediate sell increases in the U.S. of their music. BTS wasn’t on that list and that article was from Billboard. If the average American was enthralled with BTS, they too would’ve experienced sale gains worth mentioning. BTS came in at number 1 on the Hot 200 then disappeared. Thats because kpop fans buy the cd then there aren’t enough average Americans interested to buy it to keep their sell numbers up. 69 n Nicki certified with FeFe in two weeks. Many people don’t even respect him as a rapper yet he can still get mass buyers. No tv shows, no video, just radio. Cardi B certified immediately on album release because Bodak Yellow gained her a massive following. Before that, she was struggling. When U.S. fans truly like you that’s what happens. All of BTS’s visibility has brought them none of that. They have gotten certification but it has been taking some time. I also know part of that is Army buying multiple copies because some say they have. That shouldn’t happen. Those boys aren’t afraid to work hard to meet their goals so fans shouldn’t give false impressions. Still they are popular worldwide. Fake Love was performed at BB yet Americans didn’t buy it up. Janet had no new music but saw a 5,000 percent sells gain after her performance. Ariana and Shawn over 1,000 percent and several others but no BTS. Drake is in his 7th week on the charts at 100,000 cds sold. So it’s true, kpop is not popular like kpop fans think. I do think BTS will crack that bubble. I’m hoping those RIAA certs will put them in real music category awards.

        • Leaanna

          Haters hate em cause they aint them. BTS doesnt give no craps what you spew. They are popular as heck. They are even going to the Grammy’s for an interview. Suck on that haters.

          • lmao

            You can tell this was written by a crazy 13 year old girl.

          • Rose

            this is a way to “roast” bts haters, but it’s not helping anyone and it makes army look worse.

          • Anonymous

            Okay, but did we even ask for your opinion in this? This article is for people who have friends who can’t shut their trap about KPOP, and for people who realize that it’s not as good as it “looks” or “sounds”. Because KPOP is trash.

          • Anonymous

            Damn @anonymous.. you really out here generalizing people just for liking a certain type of music ??

          • Anonymous

            @Anonymous thats just your opinion though, honestly you can give me any genre you like and I can write the exact same comment as you did because it’s just an opinion

          • Anonymous

            woah to the guy who said kpop is trash. LMAO. Live it. It’s 2018. kpop is producing actual music and you don’t see that because your living in a bubble. Suck eggs, moron.

          • Anonymous

            How ironic their music is about being hated and being bullied…the very thing everyone here saying negative things….hmmmm

        • 사랑

          They aren’t becoming super big because of haters. And descriminators, the radio stations don’t wanna put on a song that only half the people wanna hear. And if radio stations didn’t play Hods Plan or anything famous now then many people wouldn’t know it existed. I wouldn’t have known because I’m not a follower kind of fan, so the radio is mainly how I find out songs and if I enjoy them I’ll listen in to them more. Some of the people I told about BTS didn’t know they existed because they don’t watch award shows and stuff, but almost everyone listens to the radio so if they heard it in another language it might grab their attention. So having more publicity like other American artists would help, but some radio stations aren’t going to risk playing a song some people might hate. They will play what they know the people will love, and without the same publicity American songs get, how can you suggest BTS or any Kpop group to keep up with them? It’s simply like a seesaw, (hah! Seesaw….Suga….love yourself answer) BTS goes on one side, and their fans go with them on the same side making them come to an advantage and preforming on award shows and being interviewed a lot is a plus as well. But on the other hand (let’s use drake as an example) Drake has all of that, fans, interviews, award shows and more….because his songs are also played during parties and on the radio so almost everyone knows it, and when then they share the news of the new famous song and that person watches the video and reminds others to watch the video and then he gets more performances and more interviews because he lives in America so he gets more opportunities than BTS. And yet you expect BTS to carry Kpop to the top charts and maintain its spot with this kind of publicity? They probably could if it wasn’t for the advantages or the many competitions that aren’t on the radio all the time.

          • Anonymi

            I agree they could do a lot better but they aren’t able to get enough hype through their various kinds of publicity and people are still biased they’ll give stupid reasons why but at the end of the day they’re still biased

        • Nerdy Fangirl

          hA hA
          Say that to Billboard, Jimmy Fallon, Good Morning America, and America’s got talent. Even though I just listed American stuff it only really applies to BTS for now. But you think the entire world revolves around American idols in your statement…. Super Junior and iKON performing at the freaking Asian Games 2018.
          Sorry if I come off as rude or salty, not your fault for stating an opinion and backing it with facts. But you have a lot of time in your life to care about the popularity in the first place. You like it, cool. You don’t? OK.

          • Anon

            If you actually, I mean ACTUALLY read the article then you would know that the writer was talking about BTS success in the United States. So yeah, what other Korean groups do in Asia is not really necessarily here. BTS gets invited because they have a dedicated fanbase which helped them get recognized in US. But they are really not that big in the US if we are talking about their musical achievements. BTS is currently like a rookie group next to some well known artists in America like Drake, Ariana or Ed Sheeran when it comes to charting well on Billboard. They drop quicker on these charts than anyone else and they have a much harder time to even climb those charts up. I’m not saying BTS isn’t popular but they aren’t mainstream yet in the US. The general public will be super confused when suddenly a Korean song is playing on their radio because they do not listen to that. But we can’t ignore that they have the potential to break through that language barrier:
            BTS was trending #1 on YouTube the moment IDOL was released.
            They have 3 songs that earned gold.
            IDOL is officially the most watched music video under 24 hours thus breaking the record held by Taylor Swift’s Look What You Made Me Do. This all cannot just be achieved with a small fandom who is only dedicated to their faves. With each exposure on US media or any other media (be it western or asian), their fandom grows and that quicker than ever. So I believe that BTS will some day break through that language barrier

        • Yeet

          ARMY doesn’t give a false impression motherfucker. They are better then most of you can ever be

          • Tomm

            Kpop is Cancer and need to be removed from world ,get a live kids,kpop fans live just for voting and steaming sad very sad

        • AT

          BTS music most likely go up because people in America are to unopened mind to listen to them and already don’t like them and of course all those people you named will go up because they speak English and there non kpop fans don’t need to understand it because most likely they don’t even understand the song but only like it if it’s catchy or a lot of other people the know like so they listen to it to be with cool people unless there an adult than most would just rather stick with what they know I hope no of this offended you

        • Silk

          You leave a good comment that makes a lot of sense yet the first
          replay is written by a moron

        • Teleri

          BTS are now on the radio in the US. They’ve beaten the Beatles’ record for number of albums to hit number 1 in the shortest time. They’ve had a sell-out world wide stadium tour where they sold out venues so quickly that they added a second date to each (that all sold out). They have the number one album of 2019 right now, period (Persona). They are THE biggest boy group in the world, and have held that record for 2 years and counting.
          BTS have successfully brought KPop to the attention of the Western music scene, whether you like it or not. Myself, I’m ecstatic about it.

    • wth

      they f-king dissed the beatles, a goddamn legend, AND bts, another goddamn legend
      WTH MAN

      • Bish

        BROOOO THE CHILD DID WHAT? I would like to say, both hit global. What does this child think Beatles are? They are both legends. Now I know this is the kid who listens to rap thinking they are all that cool. Damn I use to be a ignorant American now I understand why people get annoyed at some Americans.

        • Nightmare

          I still think you are an ignorant American, don’t praise yourself yet.

      • Gurr

        They did NOT diss the beatles. They were telling the interviewer that they should not compared them to the beatles because they are NOT as great as the beatles. You people need to get your facts straight.

        • Anonymous

          Haha these kids have no critical reading skills. The author was obviously not dissing the Beatles

    • Jimins Jams

      I have been reading comments for more than an hour and what will fighting and making this fandom seem worse do? I am a fan of BTS and I will say, they’re not going to be more popular than the most popular American artists obviously but thet doesn’t mean that they’re not popular at all,I mean it’s not fair comparing them to people like Shawn mended when obviously Shawn Mendes is goin to be more popular cause he’s an AMERICAN artist. You also can’t compare him when BTS and Shawn Mendes are both fans of each other and frequently talk are out wanting to collaborate. They are growing in popularity, and no not only cause of their looks, and music, but because the people who like them actually give them a chance and if you did you would find out they are amazingly humble and amazing people behind the scenes aswell. This crap you wrote is not going to do anything except show the fact that you’re so pathetic you have to hate on people that have done NOTHING to yoU while you hide beh8ng a screen hating. Yes you’re entitled to your opinion but yo u don need to go boasting it around and insulting people. You don’t have to like BTS or Kpop but he’ll just go find something you like so we can all stick to our types of music. This isn’t affecting anybody out there and nobody is going to magically change their opinion cause you wrote an article that doesn’t even make a lot of sense. The evidence you provided wasn’t nearly enough to actually show they’re not popular. “the few hundred girls screaming at the airport were the only people who bought their music” Citifield. Sold out in 10-20 minutes. MINUTES. Those 41,922 seats sold out in not even close to an hour. Few hundred. Okay then false evidence. America is also bigger than Korea. You would know th5a if you were smart and did research before typing away unnecessary hate. Like somebody else in the comments said, if almost every person in Korea bought the album, that would only count for like 20% of America. So yes they’re not going to be the most popular people EVER. You just cNt deny the fact that they ARE breaking records, ARE topping charts, And getting extremely popular for a Kpop group. These men practice more than 9 hours a day and barley ever get days off with concerts almost ever single day that last hours. Two of them recently got injured due to their hectic schedule. They go on terrible diets and the person who weighs the most barley weighs more than 140. So please, I would like to see you try harder than them.

      • I feel bad for all the kpop idols

        I agree, in most Asian entertainment companies are pretty strict with weight and most idols are probably aren’t happy with their weight themselves because they actually care about what their fans think about them, so they literally starve themselves with eating either nothing or just one or two things once or twice a week and I really feel bad for them, some people think Jimin or Jungkook are fat? well they’re not, those people are just not seeing things correctly. But not just BTS, even soloists like IU had to have a strict diet and other idols too.

        • BTS better than uf

          IU ??? Another example I’d like to speak about. IU is popular in Britain (Hidden Singer). I’m Asia she’s also popular. BTS IS popular, they probably might not be as popular as the Beatles or something, but they ARE popular. I mean, if you scream ARMY in the middle of nowhere in my city (Mercer Island) People will scream back. My friend is ARMY now and she disliked K-Pop a few days ago. Even though I was Korean I despised K-Pop, but I absolutely love idols like IU, BTS, EXO, TxT, Red Velvet, EXID, etc. These are just a few I could name. Many American pop artists want to collaborate with BTS, they were invited to GRAMMYs, recently their Persona, broke several records and before it was released 3 million orders were placed. The concert I’m going to sold out in like, barely 5 minutes. We clicked right when it opened and he were still number 2,000 and we used 5 computers with different people stationed. BP’s Coachella had people seated like Harry Styles. Wow! That’s amazing. So, BTS or KPop in general, IS POPULAR. I went inside a restraunt and they were blasting ‘Fake Love’. HyunA’s Bubble Pop was in 2018 Just Dance. PSY is insane and a classic. IU is quite popular in Europe. And the girl groups are insane. The guy groups revolve around BTS, EXO, NCT and some soloists, but not much. EXID’S Hani became popular because of her silly personality. EXID has 98 million views and their ‘Up and Down’ was danced by so many people. It may not be as popular, BUT KPOP IS STILL EXTREMELY POPULAR. Their music draws you in, and I’m pretty sure half of you haters might like it if it was in your own language. About the 14 year olds thing, I know a bunch of older fans. They’re everywhere. I’ve come across many guys wearing BTS sweaters in LA and Washington. Somebody used a BTS username for a quiz, and this guy screamed, ‘BTS.’ BTS is also known for supporting LGBT. BTS’s song’s lyrics have meaning that wants us to live more. They’re much better than you haters will be. ??

      • tom clancy

        Do your own research. Shawn Mendes is Canadian.

        As for all the suffering that BTS members endure by having to diet, and rehearse and perform all the time they have a choice. If they are as humble as you state, and sincerely don’t need the attention they get by belonging to BTS, they would quit the group and make music on their own terms.


      “Haters gon’ hate, live a life man good luck”-RM

    • What the fuck

      What the heck is this? How is this even allowed to be posted as an official site? ALL YOU SHITSTAINS ARE DOING IS SPREADING HATE! Who do you think you are? You don’t know what they had to go through to GET WHERE THEY ARE TODAY! WHO THE FUCK CARES WHETHER THEY AREN’T AS POPULAR AS THEY SEEM? IS THIS WHAT YOU GET PAID TO DO?! YOU SHOULD FUCKING QUIT. GO TO HELL, ALL OF YOU

    • Anonymous

      In your opinion, K-pop isn’t popular but have you checked how many things they’ve done? Popularity isn’t always everything but it is still important. You don’t know who listens to K-pop in the entire world and I doubt you know much about the industry. It might not be so great and you might hate K-pop but don’t ruin it for other people. K-pop has led many people to overcome their fears and difficulties because they know that if those ordinary people can do it, they can too. So why don’t we just look at the positive outcomes of things instead of the negative. but of course we need to recognize and learn from our mistakes. Also, the other band groups that you mentioned might not be as popular now but I think they will come strong in the future. Also one last thing, please respect everyone that decides to listen to K-pop. Thank you :,)

    • Justin Green

      “no other British bands ever reached the same level of popularity as American groups.”

      Um WTF? Did one direction like never happen?

    • Anonymous

      I loved the article, sometimes kpop media would even make some fake news and publish it, I don’t know why!
      Shit kpop

    • Anonymous

      Stop comparing kpop with english pop. But let me remind you asia has nearly half the world population we dont need america to make it trending and we dont need billboard. Mnet is enough

    • Anonymous

      It’s fact and I’m a fan of a k-pop group. I’ve been kpop more than 14 yrs but lately I don’t like kpop industry. Media play, tricks and hardcore streaming, that’s absurd how can I buy albums, then buy songs in itunes and need to steam on youtube and every channel when they release new song. Tag everything about the group although I don’t say anything about them, what? It’s crazy, my life doesn’t have much free time to do that. I’m fan of Ed Sheeran & Adele and I never have to do this including previous kpop gen but this gen, it’s crazy that’s why I stop being a kpop fan, I’m just a fan of a kpop group, that’s it. It makes me feel better. And some kpop fans are really crazy and most of Koreans are vey nationalism. I still prefer international artists. This only my personal opinion and what I had experiences, if you don’t respect it, then ignore and leave me alone, thank you.

    • Anonymous

      Dude I love you. It’s good to know there are people out there who understands how trashy this whole kpop thing is Atleast the Beatles were good. If u say a single word about how bad their music is people will call you racist . But I know you are not racist cause I’m asian myself. And I’m fucking tired of people going crazy after kpop and bashing others who never heard of it. It sucks. Especially BTS

    • Anonymous

      love how your so jealous that you have to target K-pop fans.We get it your stupid american pop is “better” but its everyone’s like on their music.K-pop idols want fame but more importantly to represent Korea and that’s exactly what they did but isn’t it amazing that a K-pop song was on the chart sure,it wasn’t high in the ranking but there on there and that is were popular songs go so….,K-pop is popular.K-pop and American pop have the equal amount of popularity.

      • Get the fuck out haters

        Why because you can’t understand it? Well, the entire KPop fandom is better than a nobody loser like you ????????????

    • the truth

      kpop is simply a degenerate form of music. it is embarrassing to see the state of (popular) music now compared to what was being produced/consumed by the masses in the 60s/70s/80s. the sonic quality of the performers is on a continued downward trajectory whilst the emphasis is placed further upon the image of the popstar. you have a few outliers such as adele or kendrick lamar, but in general the quality of pop music has dramatically fallen since the early 90s. it is also worth noting how few new bands are breaking through to the main charts these days. most of the bands dominating are the ones that were formed before or just as myspace took off.

      luckily genres like indie/rock/metal/hip hop are still progressing somewhat but even they are starting to stagnate. it’s all about selling brands nowadays in youtube videos, not about the quality of the music; and quite frankly I find it disgusting.

    • can you just listen?

      To be honest with you, whoever wrote this is right. Kpop isn’t as popular or famous as whoever you listen to. But Kpop is impressive, important, and meaningful. I bet you couldn’t have made it HALF this far, with songs of a totally different language and a totally different style, especially since all you’re doing is complain about things and publish them to spend your time. And it’s important, the fact that people are breaking the barriers of 6000 MILES and a language difference with MUSIC. They’re making history here. And honestly, you can’t argue with this one. Ever heard of the Love Yourself campaign? While people like you write hate comments about how lazy they are and how they’re feeding off money and fame, the most popular group BTS, are weaving stories behind their lyrics and beats, and they are hoping to decrease the rates of suicide, and help people appreciate their inner beauty. And I can say without doubt they have had A LOT more positive impact than you, so yeah, I would appreciate if articles like these aren’t published again.

    • ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

      What they say in the article is true. Kpop isn’t as popular as say, Ariana Grande, Drake, or whoever’s popular these days. But KPOP is impressive, important, and meaningful. First of all, I don’t think you could get HALF as far as some of the Kpop groups are going today, especially since you’re lazily complaining about things like these and publishing them. You have to admit it’s IMPRESSIVE that songs with a totally different language and a totally different style are making it this high. Also, whatever you think or say about them, it’s not going to change the fact that they are breaking a barrier of more than 6,000 miles and a language difference. They’re breaking world records and writing history here, and they can clear people like you straight off the road. Lastly- Ever heard of the Love Yourself Campaign? The most popular kpop group, BTS, weaves stories and heartfelt emotions into their lyrics and beats, and hopes to decrease the rates of suicide and help people appreciate their inner beauty. So after reading this, I hope you understand that it’ll be great if no more of these articles are seen in my eyes, and that it’s just hateful, rude, and disgusting, especially your title. Thanks for listening to my ted talk!

    • Ashby

      So…. Most of this blog seems blurry… Where are the real facts and not just, “So and so says and did this. ” Also, the article says that The Dave Matthews Band reached number 1 in album “equivalent” sells of 300, 000, but Bts’s newest album had 3 million sales…. In just physical copies. Not even including digital sales. And that is a brand new album….. Then there was that little bit about people still listening to Drake after a while…. The author does realize one of Bts’s most popular songs is from 2016? Finally there was that part about the Beatles….. Does Buckley not know who The Beatles are? They’re one of the most influential bands in music history…. So those “Weird Nerds” were way ahead of their times. I just feel that a lot of this blog was bs…. No real facts…. Kinda like my finals in high school.

    • Anonymous

      Adam, keep us updated about your invitation to speak at the United Nations General Assembly. Just for once, will be touching to see you use your pen to be a positive influence and address how music has healed people and help dissuade people from turning to self-harm because of unfortunate circumstances. I am guessing that you are an American citizen, so you must be aware of this phase: “with great power comes great responsibilities”. You write well. Now, use your pen and your influence to stand in the gap between life and death. Cheers.

    • KPOP4EVA


      • Robert "the idiot" Chen

        These guys suck, this crap isn’t even considered music no matter what some stupid teens think

        • NoNazis

          Reported for racist slur. What a fucking Nazi, and don’t give us crap about how you’re alliwed to use that disgusting slur because you’re Asian

    • Blind Mellon Chitlin

      Do these idiots even play instruments? I’m thinking no, anyone can jump on a booth and make noise with all the computer aided effects, these guys are no better than that goof Psy or the Macarena group

    • Y'all won't like these facts.

      I think the main problem western people have with BTS (and obviously kpop in general) is the fact that they see it as a ‘foreign invasion’. It’s always been very difficult for anything outside of the country to even get onto the charts, let alone stay there! And something that doesn’t help is the way people decide to view kpop – more Gangnam Style than Shoot Me, Just Right or Piri. It’s seen as more of a teenager fad than a serious form of work.

      Let’s be real here, kpop will never be taken seriously in the west because its main fanbase are women/teenagers. And who’d ever pay attention to their opinions? Even with bands like, as mentioned in the article, The Beatles: they weren’t actually taken seriously at the time because 99% of their fans were women. Beatlemania was shown to be only fainting, crazed girls who were fans, not because of the music, but because they thought the singers were attractive – sound familiar? Fast forward a couple of decades and all of a sudden The Beatles have become “musical legends”. Why? Because some old white men decided they’d take the band as their own, thus rocketing them to serious musician status.

      It’s not only a problem of sexism, but also one of racism and xenophobia; even when BTS do reach top spots in the charts, people are quick to dismiss them simply because they don’t sing in English. The Western hemisphere has so many problems within itself that anything outside the country doesn’t stand a chance.

      BTS might never become as big as is expected in America, but they’ve changed the game for Korean groups as success is now seen as how well they do in the west rather than successes in their own country.

      But go on, convince yourself that the only reason you don’t like BTS is because of their music. Not because of your underlying racism. Nor your hatred for anything that threatens your western artists. And it’s definitely not because you think that wearing makeup and dancing makes you gay. K-Pop might not be popular in the world you’ve created for yourself, but step out from your cave and you might notice the changes that’ve begun to take place.

      Also, I think it’s funny you’ve completely ignored the fact that Kpop is more about album sales than streaming. In South Korea, albums don’t come with just a CD, but a photobook, photocards, a poster and quite often other things aswell.

      If you’re going to try and publish an article like this, at least educate yourself on the country of origin and maybe try to include more than one point within the writing, yeah?

      Better luck next time x

      • Stombomb

        Well said!

        There is much more context needed to talk about the subject than people are generally willing to look into. And I think a lot of the “boom” people are talking about isn’t just fans or album sales, it’s cultural relevance. The term K-pop is now in the zeitgeist, whereas 5 years ago most people wouldn’t even know the term. That seems like a wave to me.

        I don’t really have a huge problem with this article, but why so aggressive about it, man? You seem really bothered by it all. Let people like things.

    • unbothered namjoon

      The fact that he wrote about Kpop is a contradiction to his assessment. “I don’t know you but you know my name” -BTS

    • BlackKoreaboo

      Yeah if you don’t like kpop then ignore it. i a kpop fan myself i think you should leave it alone. Lucky for you i’m not a crazy army cause if a Big Army was on here he/she would cuss your butt off. You don’t kpop well kpop don’t like you. Do you know why us girl scream when they come cause the cute handsome and hot. They most like likely look better than you. They got talent most boy band here are boring what did you expect. So i think u should back up before i get some more Kpop fans over here. We a army we will attack if we have too.

    • I.D.K (latest kpop group)

      I agreeee. I didn’t even read the article (it’s so long and I doubt anyone finished it word for word) but yeah why write such a long article about sth you don’t like ?! XD

    • Noturroblem

      Problem is that you have only used the billboards as your only evidence. The fact is also that many people in the music industry are not willing to change with the trend therefore they prefer western pop more. It’s not kpop is not popular, it’s just not that recognised in the western music industry.

    • Anonymous

      Did nobody here read the facts or did y’all just hop into the comments to start being racist either to K-pop fans or non K-pop fans, I don’t really enjoy K-pop music and I choose not to listen, why? Because a bunch of people are constantly acting cool blasting the music everywhere yelling KpOp WiLl TaKe OvEr! If you actually read the facts on the article instead of reading 5 words and jumping into the comments, I’d bet most of these comments would be much better. These songs are jumping from #1 to #40 in a day. It’s not as popular as people think in the U.S. I’m guessing Korea has different state but rest assured K-pop is way overrated in the west. Now, go ahead and hate on me. Call me a bitch, come to my house and rob it or something. I’m used to it by now after tryna get people to read the article instead of being comment happy. Anyways, hope y’all have a good day, and K-pop fans please stop blasting it on people’s ears. We don’t want to hear it.

      • hi

        I know that BTS and other k-pop bands are not as popular as American artists, and this article tells the truth. But there is no reason for people in the comments to call k-pop “shit music” and say that k-pop is “made by pompous little snotty boys bleaching their hair into a bunch of ridiculous colors”. K-pop artists are just as talented as American artists. Everyone has their own fricking taste in music so stop being total idiots.

    • Anonymous

      Well people who dislike K-pop also are people and get opinions too. Just because we don’t listen to your music or like it doesn’t mean we’re the bad guy, I think neither side is actually. It’s just personal opinion and also a bit of facts. Anyways I got stuff to do. Have a nice day man.

    • suga'swifey

      i think he is just a jelly hoe because all k pop boy look good no matter what and all K pop girls look good no matter what.dude you just gotta stop being a bitch . and dont be a bitch because you looked at boy story ,EXO ,bts ,got7,top doog stray kids ,the Pentagon ,TXT and iKon now you’re gay

    • hi

      I know that BTS and other k-pop bands are not as popular as American artists, and this article tells the truth. But there is no reason for people in the comments to call k-pop “shit music” and say that k-pop is “made by pompous little snotty boys bleaching their hair into a bunch of ridiculous colors”. K-pop artists are just as talented as American artists. Everyone has their own fricking taste in music so stop being total idiots.

      • dumbo

        You are overreacting. You just can not face the truth. K-pop sucks and you stupid teenage girls are talking about how k-pop is “popular”. When you see the truth, you can’t accept it and so you go on a rant.

        • ok

          Every one has their own taste in music. Is it possible for you guys to listen to music without dissing other people for no reason? ???

    • aaaaay

      Oh god reading these comments tho……
      I’m a kpop fan and i respect that people dont like kpop, but what’s with all the irrelavent hate. If you dont like it move on.


      You know what you all AMERICANS and JUSTIN whatever fans LOVE this because look Justin ACTUALLY LIKE WENT TO JAIL AND ALMOST KILLED A GUY is that actually worse than getting plastic surgery BECAUSE of haters??? CANT ASIANS HAVE SOMETHING WERE PROUD OF????? Or do Americans need all the spotlight?? All these hater comments are so racist so why don’t i stoop as low as you. I am ashamed to say that all of us are humans hating on humans i didn’t say shit about any artists but all of these pathetic pieces of trash we call humans made me do it. Asians need some credit too.

    • shut the fuck up if you wanna be rude

      Frogwisperer is that bitch dumb???

    • Noone

      Who cares if K-pop is popular or not. They’re simply just very talented Korean artists, just like American artists. They have dreams and they have been trained to give people happiness. Stop complain just because you’re a jealous white people. No one’s pretending kpop is popular. Let people live, let people love. Amount of toxic fans isn’t kpop’s fault. Fans should have control themselves and know what they’re doing. Shawn Mendes, Justin Bieber – they all have toxic fans. This is the world. Stop being dramatic and respect other countries. Kpop idols are also hard work humans, they have dreams. They love singing, dancing, rapping, composing, writing, producing songs. They received happiness from their fans and gave it back. It’s happiness to be kpop fans. I wish you open your heart and respect it too.

    • You don't need to know

      Excuse me, I would just like to say, shut up. K-pop is popular. It’s loves by trillions of people and if you don’t like it then fine. You can’t just say that its not popular. The billboard doesn’t define popularity. People do. And even if the billboard was considered, it is obvious that they show favoritism towards english artists. Since K-pop was unknown by international people, it being on the billboard is pretty impressive. The point that BTS’s “Fake love” was on the hot 100 on the billboard at all is amazing. The hot 100 is 100 songs from gazillion songs so even if it drops 75, it is still impressive. So, put your “hater attitude” to the side and just appreciate K-pop or leave it alone.

    • rai

      twinkle twinkle little star i want hit you with a car , throw you to a tree so high hope you break your neck and die

      you dont mess with the kpop fandoms honey, specially the protective ones like armys, blinks, onces, and exo-ls (we stanning alot of groups out here)

    • Judy

      I feel like he chose the title of this article so that he could shit stir people and get more views

    • RUDE!

      If you have hate keep it to yourself! I mean why do you even have to show hate? Imagine if it was you we were talking about and throwing hate on? They are also human beings with feelings!!!! They work very hard for years to get to where they are and in just 10 minutes you trash them?! Well I am glad thee are less people like you in the world and more lovers. The people who cheer , not just Korean idols, but all Idols , I hope you live a wonderful life. And don’t think I am doing this because I am a fan of K-pop , but because this is not right,seriously! God! Get yourself a LIFE! If showing hate is your hobby and you enjoy doing that then that’s just sad, shame on you. But if there is anything I want you to actullay read from this is – I LIKE HATERS , BECAUSE I LIKE ANIMALS . : ) Bye!

    • Truth you dumbasses

      Buckley’s ignorant article makes several points that should be accepted by hardcore kpop fans. Unfortunately kpop will never be a genre that is accepted by everyone, and largely that is to do with the language barrier. People make the point that music or art transcends language, however, the human race is fickle. When we don’t understand something we assume it’s bad and negative, we play to our fear. Much evidenced by who America’s voted for. There will be a huge segment of the general public that refuses to try to even understand kpop because it’s different. PSY managed to stay on the Hot 100 for 7 weeks at No 2, the fact he never got to number one despite the massive views and radio time he got that year says a lot about why kpop will never be mainstream for the long term. Kpop is like a meteor, it comes suddenly for a short period for time, people pay attention then it disappears just as quickly. However, I am pleased with what BTS has achieved. They’re rolling in money right now and given how they started, they deserve every penny. After all isn’t music all about money these days. Nothing’s original anymore, mainstream music has polluted us with the same shit and we just accept it, why….because change is too scary to accept.

      • Drogon

        That was because of the video. That was the exception to Buckley’s point.

      • 3dolla

        I completely agree with you. Can we stop pretending Adam Buckley has any idea what he’s talking about? K-pop obviously is not as popular as American pop in America, but what do you expect? This is America not Korea. But BTS’s new album has broken records and is still breaking them, which is enough evidence to prove that k-pop is beginning to gain as much popularity in America as, say Shawn Mendes’ album, Divide. K-pop is not a meteor, it has transcended language barriers and will remain popular as long as there are humans in the US that aren’t afraid to listen to something different.

        • tink

          Shawn’s music is played by radios when it’s released because he is an accepted artist. BTS does not have that. Army bug stations to play them. When radio stations feel an artist or group will have many listeners, they will play them without being asked because that’s good business for the stations. BTS perfromed at the BBMAs just like Shawn and others yet Shawn saw great sell gains for his music after the performance and BTS did not. So did Janet, Ariana and a good deal of the other BBMAs performers. Shawn does concerts in many cities of the U.S., BTS does not. Kpop is not at a popular level to appeal to the diversity of masses. BTS has had plenty of visibility to go viral like Psy and it hasn’t happened. They are gaining fans every time they perform in the U.S. so that helps. Actually getting nominated for a Real award based on music would be the biggest push for them. People would check them out simply from curiosity. Fans nor Artist in the U.S. could care less about social awards. They need to top the charts and stay like other artists. When they beat Post that was his 4th week of sells and they barely topped him. He was still getting 100,000+ . Maintaining good sells shows the interest and BTS hasn’t done that. I also know for a fact that some Army bought multiple copies to try to help them on charts. (Not saying majority) That’s a disservice. BTS needs to know what kind of hurdles they still have to overcome so they can stay determined to meet their goals.

          • none of ur ding dang bussiness

            wdym they can’t play at different countries in the US if not, why are they having a world tour AT THIS MOMENT and are visiting America and will perform at Citifield you can’t just talk about that without even knowing their schedules people need to have true facts before typing a fucking word. Not trying to be offensive but i’m just saying the truth, even thought BTS isn’t ‘popular’ in america it’s popular in many different countries around the WORLD it’s not like anyone who goes to america will have success but sadly that’s what people are made to think so.

          • tired of american b*llsh*ts

            it’s one of the reason why BTS will never make a English album for one, MAJORITY of Americans say they promotes peace and freedom as well as acceptance but they’re the fcking no.1 RACIST and HYPOCRITES so yeah i don’t any kind of genre will ever be popular in US. I’m not only talking about KPOP, JPOP or chinese/mandu pop. Even Latin pop don’t have this much popularity. At the end of the day majority of Americans are your typically hypocrites that go against the “IDEALS” that they shamelessly advocate but never practice

        • Leaanna

          yeah, like what exactly are they expecting???
          they are getting as popular as they can with not singing almost any english. Despacito has more english than any of their songs.

          • Lauren

            ….Did you really just say this? Have you ever listened to Despacito by Luis Fonsi ft. Daddy Yankee or did you listen to the one featured with Justin Bieber. Because the original Despacito song with billions of views is ENTIRELY in Spanish. So no. BTS’ Fake Love or DNA have more English sentences than Despacito. Please get your facts straight.

            Also I love and adore BTS but what the article said (even if the writer sounded super rude) is true. BTS literally only has a dedicated fanbase in USA that’s why people use them fore clout and BTS can use it to make themselves known in the US. So let’s just say BTS had 100 listeners who all adore them. Of course those 100 people would stream their songs and buy tons of their albums so that they get #1 but after that? BTS will quickly leave the chart because the average American citizen does not listen to K-pop/BTS. It’s like saying 100 ARMYS vs 5000 people who listen to other stuff. (I’m not saying BTS has only 100 listeners because they sold of stadiums and arenas in the US but this is AN EXAMPLE). They gain slowly new fans but it’s nothing huge as the media makes it look like. They CAN be the next biggest hit but they aren’t it now. None of their songs ever reached the hype that PSY’s gangnam style made so yes, K-POP won’t be something huge in the US in the next few years

          • AT

            Do you not know how stupid you sound half K-pop groups have more English in there music and than Despacito has like no your facts first

        • Anonymous

          Very well said. BTS is not from western mainstream language or race. I doubt if there has been any other artists who did the same with other language than English. Plus I wonder if any of American singers relish the same level of popularity in Korea as how BTS does in America. Considering BTS are Koreans singing in Korean, I think this is a legendary phenomenon in America, starting to break the stereotypes and prejudice, though there are still people who try to belittle others’ achievement like the author of this article. The mere comparison without considering its context and background is how they wrongfully justify the mainstream value and superiority.

        • Anonymous

          K-pop has also created numerous world records -specifically Bts-
          But this article has a point though

      • Unknown

        Tbh nothing is ever liked by everything and everyone. And sadly most of the hate on BTS is pure jealousy. I’ve heard some hate on BTS without any particular reason…

          • Anonymous

            Wait, so true facts are pure jealousy? I’m not saying that KPOP is bad or anything, but what??? I’m just saying, but most of the fans that like BTS are from Asian Continent. Look, Chinese (they have like the biggest population in the world, so you know where most of the fans are coming from), Taiwan, South Korea (of course), etc. is infatuated with BTS. Not so much on the Western side, sorry to say.

        • JC

          Do you ever think, that it’s possible for people to be neutral on BTS? Do you ever think, that it’s possible for people to just not like the music?? To MANY that doesn’t like the music, they just aren’t interested. Why is that not okay?! Not having an interest in an artist, their music or style =/= hate or jealousy. Jesus Christ.

          • tired of american b*llsh*ts

            but it doesn’t not justify the whole article that clearly aims to demean and degrade other genre other than english pop.

          • Anonymous

            I don’t understand why you would think that BTS are supposed to just get their fame from Asian countries. Yeah, I get it, China has the world’s largest population, so what? Are you trying to say that every single person in China likes kpop? Or every person in Japan? Or every person in South Korea? No. Kpop stars get life 100x harder than Western artists. So really people, you really need to find something else to do with your life because hating on 7 amazing human beings clearly isn’t working. Like really, Adam, do you drink yourself to death and then just type random shit on here thinking it’s going to change anything? They have succeeded when THEY think they have succeeded. So just shut your dick-gagged mouth before I beat the shit out of you. If I see another postbox like this, I’m reporting you. And trust me, after being reported by me, your career will be crap.

          • Anonymous

            if people are not interested, why write an article about it? Like, leave the genre of music alone if your not interested. Writing about it makes it hate so….think about that.
            Like, I’m not a fan of rock but you don’t see me analyzing how great or not great it is compared to this or that.

        • Cing ??

          Not for who wrote this, for the reasonable people in the comments

      • irony

        wish i had a like button to smash it on this comment…

      • Lexii

        I couldn’t agree with you more my younger just started lisening to them(I’ve been listening for about a year or so) and tried to play some of their songs when i went to visit my mom’s house and my mother yelled “stop playing those stupid Chinese boys this is America” and it pissed me off

        • KpopfanUWU

          that triggers me when people are like “they are Chinese” UH NO

        • tink

          We are a country of different ethnicities. No one will EVER have the same exact tastes in music. Some people yell the same about rap, country, rock. BTS is no different. Open minded people may give them a chance and still not like them and others may love them. They are not everyone’s cup of tea. Even though they are my fav, I do not consider them the best out of Kpop. They simply appeal to me the most.

        • Hunolt

          I just feel sorry for the ignorance some of people. While United States is always a melting pot country since the beginning some still think that this country belongs to the White and ONLY white American only. I personally like any kinds of music regardless the language the artist use. I like the music and the message behind it. I don’t like songs (regardless the genre) when they only talk about sex, drugs, boob, stupid breakup songs. Just my 2cents

        • Leaanna

          I tell people even my parents (I actually have) that i didnt expect them to be a racist shit.

        • Anonymous

          My Lord, that’s funny as hell. But’s it’s true, people in the western side will think you’re weird for doing so. I’m not trying to be mean, but yeah. I guess it’s do to rivalry or something related because look at the Latin pop songs that come from the western side (I Like It by Cardi B and some Latin singers, Mi Gente by J. Balvin) They’re accepted in the USA. But if they came from the Asian side, it goes down easily, unless it will become a meme or something. Sorry.

        • tired of american b*llsh*ts

          typical racist huh. as expected from the greatest continent to live. Lol

      • What up Demons? It's me, Yo Boi

        Hey, so I’ll tell you, that people like whatever they want to like and it doesn’t always just DIE OUT. You’re too harsh. I understand what you’re saying and partially agree, (and mabie it’s just because of how you put it) but it just sounds wrong in ways. Because I’m an outcast at school because I like kpop and anime and people don’t like it because they have this cave that they are in and in that cave, they have only been taught the strangest, most basic, and even crappy facts and sections of anime and kpop. And for them, it translates to a bad and weird thing and it is sometimes, too different for them. But people also define you as weird and strange. It’s like that with kpop. It’s because people know nothing about it and some people just dont like it because they think it sounds weird. BUT IT ALL JUST DEPENDS ON THE PERSON.

        • Anonymous

          Umm no. It’s different in my school. Anime is widely accepted actually. Just Kpop is not. But I agree that it depends on the person. And if you think about it, people will like songs if they think that the lyrics (Meaning they understand them) are good or the sounds in the background are good (IMO). I don’t know about you but I like the music when the lyrical is really good (Eminem, especially his new diss track, Killshot against MGK. The word play and layers of meaning are awesome) or I listen to something if it sounds good, but when I tried it with KPOP multiple times, it just doesn’t give me the vibes of being a BOP to dance or sing to. Sorry if I offend you, just my honest opinion.

      • Anon

        Explain to me how a name can determine someone’s sexuality, especially if your parents handpicked your name.

    • MusiciN

      Moo moo music is the bestest and the funniest. Its the truth . Its written on the internet.

  1. iknowbetter

    well~~ at least You can’t deny the genre’s popularity is growing.
    People didn’t even know the word ‘k pop’ two years ago.

    • Drogon

      Gangnam Style came out 6 years ago and is the most viewed video on YouTube.

      • Drogon

        So saying people didnt know what kpop was 2 years ago is stupidity

        • Get your facts straight

          People didn’t really recognise Gangnam style as kpop. I know that when I listened to it, i didn’t even know what language it was in, let alone that it is kpop

      • tristan

        um not despacito is the most viewed video, are you stuck in 2012 man? lol

        • Anonymous

          despacito IS the most viewed youtube video. the records don’t change just because the calendar did.

    • Cing ??

      That is not true. Two years ago BTS uploaded songs that went popular and got multiple awards for it. Plus I knew kpop a long way back.

      • Marzo21

        You, most people didn’t, and that’s a fact.

        • shut up

          you do realize, gangnam style, the most viewed video on youtube, made by a kpop idol, came out six years ago? how about you get your facts straight before you start commenting crap like this.

    • tink

      TRUE. When Psy was out, no one said that was Kpop. We simply knew it was an Asian man with a catchy song and dance. BTS will grow but most of Kpop will not take hold in the U.S. Some simply look at BTS as strange because you don’t find many Korean Americans trying to rap yet EVERY group in Korea has rappers, girl and boys. I call that a cookie cutter system to make money, not love for the particular genre. BTS actually loves rap and so do some other groups but for many it’s simply a imitation of rap and pop to make a buck. That won’t succeed in mass in this country, especially in the rap genre. No one likes a poser.

      • Nah, they just aren't good as Eminem or Rhianna.

        Nah, just that the western side considered irrelevant or good as their standards, compared to the eastern side where it’s up their alley. Though, I think everyone enjoys those top hits from America due to English is widespread or because the American music industry (the starter of anything related to pop, including kpop. Search it up, the creators of kpop got their inspiration from American pop) is still the largest on the world where it can spread quickly.

    • Eden

      It’s not a genre. The genre is pop. Pop music made in Korea (well, recycled American pop made in Korea). A lot of group members these days aren’t even Korean so how are you deciding it’s a genre? POP/rock is a genre. Because you make it in Korea by Asian artists still makes it pop. That’s like saying a group with an America, two Swedes and three Danes in a hard rock band is…I dunno what? See? It’s just hard rock genre made in a particular country. Maybe BAtS should go over and record their next album in Taiwan. I mean, a huge amount of recordings are done overseas. Then they’ll be T-pop! You all sound so unintelligent. Especially the bit someone suggested that Americans are “ethnocentric.” Bitch doesn’t know what that is. Let’s talk about real ethnicentricism…in South Korea! Let’s talk about the disgusting sexism that the6vwiggled their way out of by staging interviews of the “rap monster” (um, no) claimining niw he runs his lyrics by a women’s studies professor. Lol!!! Is he kidding? They didn’t give a rip about their prejudice until it threatened their new status (as temporary as any boy group has ever been except in Asia and even then, it’s nit gonna last forever). Then all their creepy fans go awwwww how awesome and sweet and perfect he is, what a stand up guy! Yea RIGHT, Bet he’s “riding the white horse?” is that how they say it? Or grab white women in the street assuming they’ll have sex and assuming white women in Korea are arusdian prostitutes. These are the FACTS yet these effects have some balls attacking Americans as being this anfd that. Don’t like Americans? Oh, ok then I guess BTS shouldn’t bither, right! Oh but you love them having success here. Which is it for fucks sake? Honestly. One thing that can be said is that they are in the USA making connections and acting like we are all human beings if the same human race and it’s a blessing to finally use technology to bring east and west together in a meaningful way. The language thing isn’t about fear, either. Korean is tough especially when rapped fast and people love a song because they CONNECT in some way. And most of the time it’s the meaning of the song and then the beat. But mostly they want to sing to it and people WILL sing along. But they either have to know characters or be able to grasp that shifty phonetic crap that is often off and too fast. Stop with the expectations because I’ve heard group members have trouble saying Mc’Donalds.One word took him five times slow. That’s nothing but the way it is trying to grasp languages vastly different from your own. Americans can easily pick up Spanish because they hear it often, they likely took it in school, and because it actually is the same language family with shared words. Stop making it something else. It’s just a fact that it’s pretty hard to sing along and their too freaking lazy to look up lyrics. But many of us aren’t. I look them up and if I love it then I do my best to learn to sing some of it. But I’ve looked up BTS lyrics and I find it a slap in the face p, very fake, that they speak about loving yourself no matter where you come from or “gender identity.” Here’s the thing, there was no inclusion of sexism, which is a global problem and a huge one in S. Korea. What a platform to grab against sexual inequality and sexual exploitation in their own damned country but some if their lyrics made me fucking sick. Listen, that’s a segment of American culture that no one should be proud if so “borrowing” ahem that is a shit thing. Have some respect. Let’s hear them step up and start defending their female colleagues and they seem to be on the bottom of choices to represent kpop over in the US! Seriously. The hypocrisy. And their fans just oh ok you’ve got a pass excuse excuse. I can’t. I say get SHINee here. I don’t see them falling back on vulgarity and exploitation constantly. There are othe groups and solo artists who would do well here. And everyone who dies a crossover? The first hit has to be in English. Maybe one song in native language at first. We have awesome bands from all over the world speaking tons of different languages. They all made their albums in Enflish and now sell out their tours here…and never whine about it, because English is spoken all over, like it or not, and you reach the most potential fans. Get over it. Damn. Enough!!!! When will move past this shit. No one has a right to call Americans names because seems they treat their beloved kpop boys very well and pay big money to see them. Theyvwelcome them. Their nutty fans like anywhere. Shove your bigotry.

      • Anonymous

        damn listen to their un speech i believed they mentioned “gender orientation” since you claim they make no mention of sexism. And if you actually did look up all their lyrics their earlier songs made reference to homosexualism and whatnot. The fact that you write a full page of bullshit does not mean u spitting facts. so go back, do your research then come back and not sound stupid. Thanks for reading.

        • anon

          you moron they mentioned “gender identity” not “sexual orientation”, which are two very different things. They are not champions for gay rights, if anything they have backtracked. cough* NJ billboard article this past year. So do yourself a favor and just go outside, for once, it might do you some good!

  2. Blobbo

    K-pop is garbage that should be hit by a NK nuke.

    • ...

      And you are a hater who should be ashamed of themselves!

    • I love k-pop

      I understand that not everyone likes kpop but you can’t just say that it is not popular i also don’t think that we are pertending

      • Anonymous

        Sorry, but it’s true when it’s not really that famous in the western side. Too bad it’s not vice versa with the music coming from America.

        • NoNazis

          “Too bad it’s not vice versa with the music coming from America.”

          The Korean gov’t can start placing air time quotas on English language music.

    • Anonymous

      Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but your opinion doesn’t matter so shut the fuck up

      • Stranger

        You need to shut the heck up. That’s your opinion. No one wants to here your dumb ass opinion either.

    • Lame idiot

      Meh. Any person with half a brain can you see that you’re nothing but a jealous piece of shit.

    • Stranger

      You need to shut the heck up. That’s your opinion. No one wants to here your dumb ass opinion

    • Slow man

      Listen man . Non kpop is garbage…but should not be nuked. Should be saved for bedtime music for the retarded.

    • Haters gonna hate, but we hate back

      And you are just garbage that needs be thrown with the rest of my shot. ✌️ ✌️ GTFO trash, BTS and KPop fandom will be much better than you nobody losers will ever be ????✌️✌️✌️✌️??????????✌️ The only way to defend against the haters is hating back ✌️ Stfu u racist piece of fuck

    • Jungkook-Hyung

      First of all, that is disrespectful. If you don’t like K-pop, KEEP YOUR TRAP SHUT and don’t listen to it, because mess around and you’re going to insult somebody, and they’re gonna hit you with a NK nuke

    • NoNazis

      by Blobbo May 15, 2019 “…Keep Korean language music in Korea.”

      Xenophobic / racist much?

      And don’t give me this shit about how you’re not White so that you’re able to make that sort of vile comment.

  3. bts rocks

    can you stop trash shitty article like this? you may not like it but yes kpop is popular and it’s have been a global phenomenon for how i will demolist your stupid article.

    “Well, here’s that pesky “perspective” to get in the way. BTS’s big hit “Fake Love” hit #10 on Billboard four weeks ago. Impressive, right? A week later it dropped below #40. Two weeks after that? It’s #71 and dropping like thugs in a hammer fight in the South Korean thriller “Oldboy”.”””

    i love how you try hard to bellitle bts achievement without considering:how it’s hard to make it into the billboard hot 100 no matter music genre, it’s hard to break into us market as non american,and especially when you take fact there no asian superstar (because of racism) let alone asian speaking a asian language so it’s makes sense to say what bts do is outstanding and groundbreaking.and if you want talk about sales: bts album sales worldwide was number one in 80 countries on itunes and it’s will be selling 4 million pure sales.even drake will not outsold.sorry (sorry sorry *super junior dance* haha).

    “gain, Ed Sheeran’s year-and-three-month-old album managed to bring in more equivalent albums than a brand new BTS album. I think this tells you all you need to know about how truly popular K-Pop is in the US. Maybe if their fans spent more time actually streaming the albums and less time “stanning” their favorite boys on Twitter, that number would be higher”

    i already proved bts outsold majority of western artists but if you wants number ok there no problem: big bang last album sold 9 millions around the world IN PURE SALES (album came out late 2016) ed sheeran sold 7 millions but with sps(streaming) real sales is probably around 4 ed sheeran and his generic trash songs can seethe.and by the way fake love and love yourself tear will reach gold which will make their 3rd us gold single so you can’t be unpopular and react gold ,doesn’t make sense.and if you think bts fans are “only” twitter stans how about their sold out arena tour worldwide? 4 time the staples center in los angeles (they even could be more since they are very high demand) ,sold out in 2 minutes even less i belive (bts fans will confirm)+ numerous groups who like big bang snsd who sold out arena around the world?

    “K-Pop” isn’t #1, a few hardcore, very mouthy fans have made it seem like it is. They’re the ones who are buying it and listening to it week 1, but regular music listeners aren’t picking up the slack the next week or the week after that like they do with all the aforementioned pop and hip-hop songs that stick around the charts for months.”

    no one said kpop is number it’s not (not yet hehe) but doesn’t mean it’s not popular it’s a global phenomenon around the world and in usa too it’s just you havent paid attention because stupid americains (not all of course) think us is the center of the world.guess what it’s not.and bts is just the first mainstream breakthough ,others will follow(it’s already have with blackpink who got number one in 46 countries and excepted to debut at the hot 100), with the time.rome wasn’t build in 1 day. remember hip hop? when it’s first came out it’s wasn’t as big as now and people said it’s will be a fad.look how it’s turned’s will be the same with kpop.bts is just the beginning so prepare to shaking cause the hallyu(korean wave which include kpop) will become a tsunami haha ^^

    • Salty fan alert

      Hey Buckley, I think I found one of those “weird nerds” you talked about.

      • Anonymous

        Lmao fuck off back to whatever gay direction you listen to. Pink boy faggot

        • Jungkook-Hyung

          whats wrong with being gay? Go take your disrespectful self on somewhere with that petty crap

      • Anonymous

        Leave Buckleys girlfriend alone. She just crossed over to kpop…hence this ridiculous article.

      • Lux

        Just someone serving facts.

        The guy who wrote this article fails to do any contextual heavy-lifting. He is actually comparing a nascent band (and the genre they are associated with) with very established artists, failing to account for their incredible growth in less than a year. They are the best-selling artist worldwide, period, and one of the Top 3 selling pop artists in the USA in pure sales. That alone is astounding.

        They have trouble getting US airplay, so no shit, their songs don’t stick on Hot 100 for long yet. People buy their albums, not singles. They are in the Top 3 most streamed bands on Spotify worldwide consistently.

        Basically, they’re just beginning and this writer really needs to check certain assumptions because time will likely prove him a sad relic of an embarrassingly outdated viewpoint.

      • HappyHateBackDay

        Hey salty fan alert stfu and get out. Because, we’re all better than you will ever be

    • SomePerson

      You can talk about worldwide all you want but none of it matters when he was talking about the US and the numbers in the US. It’s not a “global phenomenon” if it isn’t entirely global. Maybe with bts it will be eventually, but as of right now it’s nothing but fans overselling it

      • bts rocks

        apparently you have huge lecture problems.i will repost since you are too stupid to read correctly:

        “”and if you think bts fans are “only” twitter stans how about their sold out arena tour worldwide? 4 time the staples center in los angeles (they even could be more since they are very high demand) ,sold out in 2 minutes even less i belive (bts fans will confirm)+ numerous groups who like big bang snsd who sold out arena around the world?”””

        fun fact most popular artists in the us like drake kendrick lamar play the staples center 3 times.the only artists who played 4 times or more are taylor swift and adele so you can’t be “no popular” if you can even fullfied stadium. so hater you can seethe,kpop is taking over the world ^^

        • SomePerson

          First of all, I’m not a hater, I like some kpop myself but I’m not delusional. It’s amazing they’re able to sell that much, it’s great but I’m sure it’s not a new batch of different people watching their shows every time. Probably it’s a mix of fans who already been to their shows who want to go again, fans who didn’t get to go before, and new fans. But no matter what happens, kpop won’t take over the world since I doubt every country in the world will be listening to Kpop as their main music genre when most people can’t even understand it. I wish success to BTS and to other artists in the kpop genre, their fans will probbaly settle down with the crazy when they get older. My point is that Kpop isn’t taking over anything, popular surez but no to the extent crazy fans make out it to be

          • bts rocks

            “””, kpop won’t take over the world since I doubt every country in the world will be listening to Kpop as their main music genre when most people can’t even understand it”””

            fun fact: majority of people have listened american music for decades without understand it. plus mumble rap dominates the hot 100 now.people now don’t give a shit about lyrics anymore (and its sab but it’s a another subject).all they want is a catchy beat and catchy hook for dancing

          • K-Poop.

            Well put and Amen. It’s not like when rock not roll or even hip hop exploded. People across the world were blown away. Sorry not this time. They just don’t have soul. Too manufactured…

          • Anonymous

            No one is saying K-Pop is taking over but BTS already is. And many fans over are 25, making all these stereotypes quite trite.

          • Sheenalea

            I’m a fan of the 2nd generations kpop namely a vip (bigbang fan) and I agree with someperson. I’ve been growing up in Asia until I turned 15 and moved to the US in 2008, now I’m citizen of US. Back in 2009 during my hs years, I tried to introduce my friends to Super Junior since this group was really popular during 2006-2011 and I was using MTV channel to showcase (yes kpop was on demand program since then), my friends did liked it and talked about it for several months like about the lyrics, dance moves, and how cute the guys in the group are but 9 years later no one even care anymore. My friends who used to love kpop back then only listening to either US top-hits or 80s-90s songs nowadays. Same thing could be apply here with BTS, things might look very promising due to the internet and social media but nothing lasted forever especially for a foreign genre in America music industry. Sure they’ve made biggest impact ever since Gangnam style, the real question is how far can they go up and stay relevant? That’s what I’ve been thinking about whenever I saw an article about bts. I do hope that they will stick and don’t fade like the elder groups. I’m not going to force others into thinking that kpop is the best genre neither, I’m not hyped over them as much as I used to but I still adore them (I’m still considering myself as vip after all). Time will tell…let’s wait 10 years from now on and we would see 🙂

        • Anonymous

          Can you fix your English please because, unless you are a child, you can’t speak for the Americans. And 2, Eminem is breaking those records as we speak.

          • LolkipopBTSHotPink EXID

            She just said she was a Asian native genius, it isn’t her fault her English is bad. And this is the internet. It could be because of her possibly 1.5 in keyboard genius. So your grammar online defines your maturity?
            GEE HOW SMART!

      • Leaanna

        USA isnt the only country and BTS sells out in every country they go to, even America. infact they sell out so fast that people have to set up multiple computers and prey that they get a ticket. I have been listening to kpop since 2009 and virtually nobody knew about kpop nor did they even know much about Korea, they only heard of japanese and china and vietnam (atleast people i knew did) and even people i talked to online had no clue what kpop was. Now my son is coming home saying girls are writing BTS name in the hallways of his school and on the desks and on the windows (you know how windows get foggy and you can draw things?) It actually amazes me how much its popularity has grown, and for a fully non english speaking genre of music its pretty fucking amazing.

    • Nope

      “How hard it is to make the top 100 in any music genre” It’s not really hard at all, any band with a semi-decent following can do so if they release the album at the right time. It’s also not too hard to get a gold single either. Quite a few popular artists regular go platinum. Many of them regularly go platinum several times over. Getting a gold single doesn’t mean you aren’t still a niche genre. “Sold 9 million around the world” Cool, nobody is denying that K-pop is huge worldwide. That doesn’t change the fact that it’s tiny in the US.

        • Nope

          It’s hard for the average person no doubt, I’m not trying to say that they haven’t accomplished a lot. Making a living off of music at all is very difficult. But for a popular artist going gold doesn’t mean much at all.

          • Leaanna

            you are compairing them to artists in america that actually know the language and have the upperhand cause they arent foreign. Compair them to other asian idols and you have your answer, its getting more and more popular and the fact that it even scratched the surface is amazing. do you understand the joy I had when i first heard gangnam style on the radio? You dont even know. Kpop fans dont expect their idols to be justin bieber status we just expect them to be healthy and the fact that bts made it this far to us is amazing in itself.

      • bts rocks

        “”””“How hard it is to make the top 100 in any music genre” It’s not really hard at all, any band with a semi-decent following can do so if they release the album at the right time. It’s also not too hard to get a gold single either. Quite a few popular artists regular go platinum.”””””

        sorry (sorry sorry *super junior dance* hehe) but you can’t pick and choose what you wants to makes stupid assumption ,you have to read the entire sentence.i repost:

        “”””>>>>>i love how you try hard to bellitle bts achievement without considering:how it’s hard to make it into the billboard hot 100 no matter music genre, it’s hard to break into us market as non american,and especially when you take fact there no asian superstar (because of racism) let alone asian speaking a asian language so it’s makes sense to say what bts do is outstanding and groundbreaking.<<<<<<<""""

        “Sold 9 million around the world” Cool, nobody is denying that K-pop is huge worldwide. That doesn’t change the fact that it’s tiny in the US."""

        the fact they can sold arenas across usa like madison square garden or staples center without airplay or generalists media talking about them prove how kpop is big in usa.artists like fifth harmony with big hits in us can't sold out theathers.for once, i side with the msm because a least they not delusional about how kpop is big in usa.

        • bts ARMY

          i SO agree with you, these Racist bitches are just jealous cause an Asian group are ACTUALLY famous in America. And anyway despacito isn’t an English song but people still sing along to it. You don’t have to understand the language to like the music. And Americans don’t have to listen to their music i know french people, Spanish people, Indians,Muslims Italians Christians and even Germans that like bts and other k pop group. And i’m only a Londoner. so hating bitches gonna hate. PS. BTS are amazing and hard working people. others just can’t their success. i’m writing so much unnecessary stuff but i’m gonna stand against racism and rude articles and comment against any members of bts (Especially jungkook v and jimin) cause bitchess its gonna get ugly *middle finger to all racist and haters*

      • Anonymous

        It’s insanely hard to chart. Very few artists ever do. Someone doing it in a foreign language, and #1 twice in a year has never been done before. Simple facts.

    • Drogon

      Jesus christ this is as long as the article itself. You know nobody is going to change there opinion on something just based on a comment. Right?

    • Naos

      But we had an Asian top the Hot 100. Kyu Sakamoto was #1 for three weeks. In 1963. A far more racist time in the United States. Also, Asian countries tend to be some of the most racially intolerent countries out there. Likely due to the fact there isn’t much besides Asians. The US and Canada are some of the most tolerant.

    • Shai

      I couldn’t bother to read this long ass essay, but you have to realize that he’s referring to the general American public & even as a kpop fan, it’s not popular out here. It’s still one of those niche things & honestly, fans swear like that’s a bad thing.

    • Unknown

      Tbh nothing is ever liked by everything and everyone. And sadly most of the hate on BTS is pure jealousy. I’ve heard some hate on BTS without any particular reason…

    • Frape

      You have way too much time on your hands holy shit

    • Tibby

      First of all, a lot of our American celebrities are fans of bts themselves (Shawn Mendes, that guy that plays in the car movie “Baby”, and even John Cena is a huge fan and wants to be their body guard) so excuse me but I think kpop has its share of both adults and teens alike…and yes…kpop will take over. It’s a fact…celebrities are seeing them and those celebrities’ fans are seeing them like kpop…and those fans consist of litany of people, both adults and children so yes it will spread. Sorry for your luck.

    • Wow

      Bts rocks you have all the makings of doing your dissertation with ease should that time arrive. To put in this much time to rebut a puff piece I salute you and wish you well in your matriculation.

  4. bts rocks

    lol the only salty fan i see is you. you probably shaking your bones because kpop is taking over the world and makes no prisoners ^^.

    • Tool

      Makes no prisoners? Are you sure you’ve got the right saying?

    • born to suck

      lmao, its not taking over anything, 1 bts fan probably accounts for 10 views/streams since y’all like to cheat and inflate the numbers

      • Someone said it

        Thank you! Streaming makes no sense to me. Views shouldn’t could since a single fan will stream for hours or days. Its so stupid. Tbh if kpop is gonna be accepted mainstream, it won’t be in this current generations of kpop..the new groups debuting in 2017-18 and beyond will be the ones who will be accepted as artist in America. Bts are just laying the group work like other groups who debuted around the time they did. But bts fans can be very self centered and can’t accept that bts aremt actual gods on earth. They are like stage moms lol.

        • Go suck if

          Sorry but bts have over $50 M this year alone from the Us so who’s winning !

      • .

        There are official streaming rules on YouTube and some fans who don’t look it up are not streaming the correct way for example, with the song IDOL the first amount of views in 24 hours was 76 million views but YouTube deleted 20 million views which were streamed incorrectly. This way they prevent “inflating” the numbers

      • Anonymous

        yeah as if no artist has fans who does like, like blew my mind, hey no one has ever thought of that! maybe the 45 million views is just one person and despacito had 5 billion because 3 people that so….no, no. Crunch numbers again pls.

  5. Andy

    Honestly, this article is kind of condescending. I mean yes, I don’t see this massive kpop explosion, but I do see BTS… I googled them out of curiosity… and their music is not bad. They are surprisingly great live performers. They also seem to have writing credits, which these fans seem to like. And they have definitely captured youth, they are just the next boyband. Like One Direction. I don’t see any generalization about 1D fans when they popped up years ago. It’s a bit of a double standard to just call these new fans weird nerds. I don’t use this word lightly, but this article did come across as a little racist…. just saying.

    • SomePerson

      I would agree with you if the crazy fans (see bts rocks) didn’t have their own bias and racism. If he was talking down to someone who just expressed their like of kpop and the band itself, he would be an asshole for sure, but it’s the blinded who can’t see outside their fandom and spew nonsense like they run anything and don’t try to realistically think about where they’re at when numbers don’t lie

      • Andy

        Well, it’s one angry fan on this forum who could be trolling. Perhaps it’s the writer themselves trying to act like a fan to prove their point… who knows. They even names themselves bts rocks. I’m still not going to generalize a fandom. You have these kind of fans with every celebrity. I’m looking at these BTS kids wikipedia page right now, I was curious, and they’ve sold the Staples Center 4 nights over. That’s just LA. They are also performing in the O2 Arena. I don’t see any other American boyband doing this. Or are they? Because I haven’t heard of them. I still don’t think these fans are all weird nerds. That was uncalled for. This writer doesn’t come across as objective either. Would he have said this if a new british boyband arrived to screaming fans at LAX? BTS are just the new boyband in town. I don’t see anything wrong with this.

        • Andy

          Also, play them on the radio. That was something else about this article that rubbed me the wrong way. Why should I learn Korean? I liked Despacito, until it got overplayed that is. I don’t understand half the lyrics that play on radio anyway. Are we going to pretend songs like Gucci Gang are lyrical masterpieces? If the beats good, and there’s an audience, what’s the problem?

          • SomePerson

            I can agree the weird nerd thing was uncalled for, knowing the writers previous work experience and other stuff he does it doesn’t seem bad to me though since he even refers to himself in bad generalizations like that. I think Gucci Gang is a bad song and I actually like some kpop myself, but more than likely Gucci Gang is more popular overall. Your last statement did make me think you’re right, let them like whatever they want.

      • Leaanna

        We definitely can see outside our fandom. For example, Bigbang, Psy, Seventeen, Shinee, BAP, Twice, BlackPink, Hyolyn, Sunmi, Gain, Rain, Super Junior, NCT, ACE, In2It, Xia, Jaypark, BlockB, Zico, Dean, Crush, Zion.T, Gdragon, Kard, Hyuna, Eddy Kim, John Park, Amber, Henry, Exo, MonstaX, Ikon, Btob, Teentop, Mamamoo, Exid, TVXQ, JYJ, Stray Kids, Day6, Ftisland, Cnblue, Lim Kim, IU, Got7, 2PM, Shinhwa, Highlight, Apink, Pentagon, Nuest, Red Velvet… and more. Or do you mean genre? and in that case id tell you, why should we cater to the haters and listen to another type of music when we have all we need right here in Kpop. So many groups, so many sub genres within kpop, rock, pop, edm, jazz, reggae, dubstep, folk, hiphop, R&B, we literally have it all in Kpop. We dont need to look outside of it. and realistically for Korean idols, bts is doing good things, they dont need you to tell them otherwise. They are the first to get that far. and there is a reason why that is. I am in america, but I can assure you I have had alot of racist comments when people have found out what music I like, seemingly good people have a dark inside.

      • Anonymous

        Re: numbers don’t lie.

        Neither does the growth of the #s in less than a year.

    • Ddeang

      Thank you for being a voice of reason in this mess. I think the article invoked a lot of emotion among ARMYs because just like all stans, ARMYs care very deeply for the guys. The assumptions people are making about them all being kids are just that… assumptions. Many stans are adults and accomplished adults at that. BTS music pushes for success and ARMY listens to that. Many are doctors, counselors, have their graduate degrees, families and none of that should be negated because of the music they decide to listen to. And you’re right, the guys do write and produce their own music. So, for the comment about it not having a soul, the author could not have looked up any of the lyrics.

      Additionally, the article seemed like it was just to shoot down something popular. Much like that one kid in high school that shoots down science class because he says it’s for nerds when he actually feels like it makes him look/ feel dumb or doesn’t want to participate in sports because they are stupid when it could be because he doesn’t want to fail. This article was written by THAT guy. WHY hate on a genre or group so badly that he had to write a freakin’ manifesto to try to tear it down if it really didn’t mean anything to him to begin with?

      BTS are hard working, humble and all around good guys. This dude’s salty article won’t change that and it’s sad that that seemed to be his intention. If Kpop doesn’t take over, what does it matter, because ARMY will still stan BTS and this guy will continue to be salty. Makes me sad for him…. No one should have to live with such intense negativity toward something… But, here he is.

  6. Hm.

    I see some of the weird nerds are already defending their favorite group in the comments like its their fucking child.

    • bts rocks

      well when stupid people who don’t know what they talking about makes stupid article, it’s normal for fans who like this music genre to callout the author on their bullshit.

      • Hm.

        If you are going to call someone stupid, don’t type stupidly. Also, wouldn’t a normal fan not care about what anybody says by NOT responding to the hate?

      • Hm.

        If you are going to call someone stupid, don’t type stupidly. Plus wouldn’t a normal fan just ignore any hate and not fucking rage about it?

        • bts rocks

          first of all english is not my first language so i don’t give a F if i write well.second if the autor simply expessed his hislike for kpop i wouldn’t care.but since he spreading lies and act like is the gospel normal fans like me call out him on his bullshit.

        • Hmmm

          If you’re going to attack someone for being stupid or typing stupidly, perhaps you shouldn’t post it twice…. and wouldn’t a normal person who read a hate comment just pass by it and not reply? Twice? But.. here we are

          • Common sense

            I think you need to calm your ass the hell down m’kay? This guy ,what ever his name is, started this bullshit and everyone took a bite out of it didn’t they? You should all stop being stupid and salty and leave ARMYS and kpop lovers alone. They didn’t do anything. BTS didn’t do anything. Oh and A GOOD FAN would defend their favorite group. Its common sense. (Not saying if you didn’t defend them your a bad fan.)

          • Anonymous

            Hmmm. You don’t know what it means to be a fan do you??? A fan would just let hate be? Like, have you ever liked or loved anything in your life???? Apathy and indifference would cause people to not say anything like how we don’t talk about global warming here and its not because we’re fans. OMG. YOU SOUND LIKE AN IDIOT TO ME. I CRINGE SO BAD.

      • Just another expanding the pie

        Wait who is this guy? He’ll be a blip in our consciousness for the duration of our eyes on this page. I haven’t listened to any other music since discovering bts about a month ago. Good music by one’s definition and preference is good music to that particular person. He probably got more attention for this article than anything else he’s written in his life. Keep leeching you need it.

    • Helpr

      Hmmm. So people who like non western music are weird nerds? …hmmm. that is a but angry jealous now…just dont beat your wife man..please.

    • Anonymous

      yeah like how people defend theories like they’re actually real. so, its just a matter of people having something they like and admire and I don’t see whats wrong with it just because this happened to be a type of music that is popular among teenage girls. if we’re talking about shits about outer space, this convo would seem more intellectual but in the end, its just a discussion of whats what. so, get some perspective.

  7. MaDrone

    Adam Buk Lee, member of indispensable nation, citizen of greatest country in the world, gets butthurt because of lil’ Korean invasion. Priceless.

  8. bts rocks

    “”””Well put and Amen. It’s not like when rock not roll or even hip hop exploded. People across the world were blown away. Sorry not this time. They just don’t have soul. Too manufactured…””””

    funfact: pop music since the begininng have always be manufactured artists.doesn’t stop them for being talented or creative and right now kpop is the most creative music genre, way ahead of western music (whenever is hip hop ,rock,……….)

    • Naos

      Please. K-pop borrows heavily from the states. They hopped on the Migos triplet flow for “Fake Love”

      • Lillian

        Thats just BTS though. Check some other entertainment companies and then come back when you understand. I hate people who don’t do much research before making a statement such as this. I’m in an English advaced class. I know these type of comments when i see them. I like GOT7, StrayKids, Ikon, etc.

    • Lulu

      Kpop is most creative???? I’m literally embarrassed for you…don’t overdo it kpop zombies….

    • balafama

      kpop is ahead of western music ? hahahaha don’t make me laugh, even korean grandmas know that’s outrageously false. statements like yours actually put people off kpop. it’s not even a real music genre , it’s just copycat western style music
      performed in hangul ( korean language ) . besides the language there is nothing about kpop thats authentically korean .if its a genre, then every pop song in every language on earth is a genre of music .
      next you’ll be claiming koreans invented rap ,jazz, hiphop,rock music and tupac,drake,ll cool jay,eminem are all koreans

  9. Very Entertained in Virginia

    lol I loved how I could just read this in Buckley’s voice. I haven’t been exposed to this part of music and honestly I don’t want to either, and if anyone told me K-Pop was the new thing I would doubt the hell out of them as well, so I guess now I know why. I enjoyed reading all of the angry K-Pop fans’ comments and all the contradictions they say like “It’s hard to reach top 100, don’t belittle BTS’ achievement!” Then turn around and say, “Top 100 is filled with mumble rap which clearly shows how bad the music industry is.” So if you think mumble rap is bad, it must not be hard to reach top 100 huh? Great article and I hope you keep both your insight and wit going for years to come. Keep up the good work!

    • Leaanna

      So glad im not an angry little person like you and I can freely think for myself and enjoy whatever types of music I want. Such as Kpop. I am also from Virginia, guess im from the more open minded side.

      • Concerned

        @ Leaanna I have seen you post under almost all the posts that say anything slightly not in favor of Kpop. And I’m going to be honest, I’m deeply concerned. Are you alright? Do you need some professional help? Take a deep breath and just walk out your front door and expose your body to some sunlight, vitamin D does wonders for the mind. Please, just get some help.

    • Replying to the very negative entertained in Virginia

      You need to know people and their backgrounds before you judge them. Kpop is not a big deal, yes we get it but dont act as if it’s not popular. Kpop is taking over little by little. In the next 10 years who knows what would happen?
      You must really be a negative troll if you enjoyed reading angry people’s comments. BTS has achieved many things, yes! Do not belittle. They have very sad backgrounds and they worked hard in the music industry to get to this position. They help our youths especially people with trauma, suicidal thoughts and self harm and so much more.
      I really don’t want to write much but you need to expose yourself to this things before you judge and make false accusations. The article is extremely negative and its not helping or improving anyone’s life.

      • balafama

        lots of musicians and artists have helped people emotionally with their songs and art ,it is not nouvelle to bts, but if the only reason a person wants to live is for some boy group that’s making money off them ,then they need to have their heads thoroughly examined .such obsessive behaviour should not be encouraged . there is nothing extremely negative about this article ,the writer is not advocating murder,theft, larceny,rape,infidelity or armed robbery ,in fact this article is a reaction to crazy bts fans that act like bts are some type of
        divinity to be worshipped by all.
        the writer never claimed bts is not popular amongst a certain niche but the facts are bts and kpop are not mainstream in america and the numbers aint lying.
        basically you are saying everyone should shut up and only say good things about bts even if they don’t like them or if they have objective criticism.only delusional freaks act that way. not liking bts is no different from one person liking chocolate ice cream and another preferring vanilla ,people don’t even have to have a reason, we are all different in our tastes and preferences. fans like you do not do bts any favor when u attack critics you honestly put people off bts.

  10. Art

    Love this…….k-pop is another thing the recording industry has decided to force feed on people. Fuck the recording industry, Billboard, and all trash out there. At some point you’ll all be gone then we can sit down the figure out how real artist can make a living creating music

    • Art defined

      Define “real artist” please. It would seem to be someone who writes, produces and performs original works, which is what BTS does. Now if you don’t like it, that’s your right and that’s fine, but to say they are not artists is incorrect. They may not be artists that suit your taste and that’s entirely different but they are in fact, artists.

    • Leaanna

      Kpop has been around since the 90’s and its not going anywhere anytime soon. ^_^ Hope you have fun with your hate parade, BTS on the otherhand will only keep getting better.

    • Yes

      Yes to this! Hopefully true artistry will shine through someday. Until then we shall continue to be force fed this drivel garbage.

  11. Jenny

    This article was bashing the claim that “K-Pop has taken over the U.S.” and pointed out the absurdity of such massive claims. Whether K-Pop is good, bad, or blah is besides the point; the article is simply full of examples of how K-pop is NOT taking over the US market. Two more points:
    1. To the person who was being oh-so high and mighty, trying to dismiss Buckley by taunting the US: Do some research before you look ridiculous. Buckley is Canadian.
    2. In my opinion, that fan is not Buckley. She is simply a child that has let a band become her whole identity. It happens in multiple genres with multiple bands.
    Well, have a nice day everyone ☺

  12. Lah

    Any sane person knows Kpop is not mainstream, those are simply headlines people love to use. You are a idiot if you believe it is or You believe people were actually being seriously when they say Kpop is taking over the world, even to the point where you made the effort to write a entire article about it. It’s not gonna be mainstream, and people aren’t being serious and are being overly expressive when they’re talking about kpop popularity.

    That said, the tone of this article is unnecessarily condescending and bitter. It’s weird the way fans and journalist talk about Kpop bothers you. I mean what did you expect? They like exaggerating. Fans see it differently and Journalist wants them clicks and as usual they exaggerate.

  13. Marína

    You do make some valid points, but your article is SO passive aggressive it’s hard for me to take you seriously. And that comparison with Beatles was just… wrong on so many levels.

  14. Rise of Bangtan

    This is the United States, so obviously KOREAN pop is not going to be as popular as AMERICAN pop here, but it’s still pretty popular. It’s a real (Ko ko) bop, you know? It’s not like you see Maitre Gims in United States music award shows, despite the fact that he’s Dope. You want us to think that it isn’t popular? Not Today. Admit it, this is the Rise of Bangtan. The BTS Fake Love Teaser was trending for quite a while, as was the music video. The reason there was so much hype is because they deserve it. So before you start an Attack on Bangtan, think about it.

    It was so entertaining writing these puns. And yes I know attack on Bangtan is the same song as rise of Bangtan but IT WAS FOR THE PUN

  15. Jimmy

    Kpop is awesome!
    Beatles are boring. Puts me to sleep….zzz

    • Hashtag Cookiejar

      Kpop is awesome. AND THE BEATLES ARE TOO.

      Just don’t say The Beatles are boring.

      • Shinigami_Hana

        Well it’s his/her opinion, so if he/she thinks The Beatles are boaring…We can’t do anything.

        • The best

          Beatles are the best.
          Britain is the best.
          Kpop is no good. Britain are the bestest. The hot 100 proves it…its the proofiest!

          • Astraea Luna

            Wow, you just tarnished Shakespeare’s legend there, buddy.

          • Jungkook-Hyung

            darling *sigh*
            You need a ELA lesson dear?

    • Music lover

      I like headbanging music.
      Its the best. Its taking over the world.
      Its hot100 and hot 500 for like 50 weeks.

      I like country wee wee music too…its soo good and soo superior to bts and kpop

    • mum

      NOOOOOOOOOOO please, as an Korean ARMY I love Beatles… they are great! But I guess everybody has different taste 🙂

  16. Jojo

    The fact that you are writng so passionately about kpop is proof that there are changes happening and you feel confused and frightened and question your very core beliefs

    This is only the 3rd wave of hallyu. Wait until you see the next wave.

  17. Adam

    Kpop isn’t rising, there is no way that this could happen here. But BTS is. It’s hard to pretend they are not making an impact. I’ve seen BTS shirts in public. The sold out 4 nights over at the Staples Center according to comment here?? That…. is not something even a lot of our own artists are doing. Coldplay tours all over Asia. BTS is just doing the same thing here. Play these kids on radio, what a tragic comment, this writer sounds pathetically butthurt. I checked them out to see what the hype was, admit it everyone… they’re pretty good.

  18. Anonymous

    First comes denial. Then anger. Then blah blah then depression before acceptance.

  19. Please help me god it hurts

    Agree completely. Kpop might gain more popularity, and that’s cool, I think it’s catchy and it’s faster pace than a lot of charting pop music currently, but BTS has been the only group to chart. It’s important to remember that although kpop has gained mass popularity online, that doesn’t mean it’s popular across the U.S., because, believe it or not, the world exists beyond your screen.

    • Leaanna

      The world also exists outside of America, believe it or not Online is more of the world internationally speaking.

      • Sheenalea

        Yes, I agree with Please help me god it hurts, I rather want more people to aware of other things irl being a long time of Kpop fan for 11years such as myself, I feel like this article is well…mediocre and unnecessary but do I want to take a defense for Kpop? No not really it just life we will move on there are many things out there that we should be worry about.

  20. Derek

    Better than JPOP’s situation where they are bashed nonstop.

  21. Why

    Isn’t it obvious that kpop would be as lasting in the American charts? It isn’t as well known or loved. Yes there isn’t that much lasting positions of songs in the American charts but why would there be? Would Shawn Mendes or Ed Sheerans songs do as well in Asia? No, it’s not as advertised. The pure fact that songs of a different language and a very different country is actually becoming such a big hit is such a feat in itself. These are knew records for the Korean music industry. I don’t understand why people have to undercut other people’s achievements. And being high up in these charts isn’t everything. The mere fact that kpop in general is spreading so much in America s dhews the growing and insane popularity in America. Is it really that hard to just support people and be happy for their achievements? Why is there even hate? Some people do go overboard when talking about kpop but if you here the artists talk about things like BTS, they’re very humble and grateful for what they have achieved.

  22. Anonymous

    If your problem is the language barrier then dont listen to despacito simple as that also americans need to stop thinking that they are the centre of attention

  23. Lmao

    If your problem is the language barrier then dont listen to despacito simple as that also americans need to stop thinking that they are the centre of attention

  24. lol

    lmao hahahahaha the writer seems to be quite butthurt from my point of view and all the comments which contain attacks and defends towards kpop and bts are hilarious and interesting though . i mean why so serious ? whats with all the fuss lol . popularity really does come first in judging music ? pffftt

    • Leaanna

      If the music wasnt good they wouldnt be popular in the first place. A pretty face in kpop only gets you so far, there have been numerous kpop groups that have broken up within a year or two because they just couldnt get a break. Even really talented guys i have seen havent made it and eventually broken up. And why so serious you ask? Kpop is a family, we have fandoms connected to the groups, BTS fandom is called ARMY , we are a strong family and there are many of us and we treat them as if they are our blood. That is the strength of kpop. But they wouldnt have gained such a family if they didnt have something special about them, so open your eyes/ears and learn. Then you will find the same thing we found that is so special about them.

  25. Anonymous

    Wow! What an incredibly American-centric article. What’s with the dig at British artists at the end? There have been scores and scores of British artists who reached no. 1 on the billboard top 100. Do you not realise that Ed Sheeran, who you quote, is British. And AC/DC? Australian. There are artists outside of the US who are very successful, not that you want to acknowledge it.

  26. Anonymous

    i’m japanese and i’m totally agree with you even in japan
    k-pops are not popular at all as much as media says rather they’re hated in japan
    look at this shit if you see this you can see how crazy k-pop is
    every body knows the world cup is 100 times popular then k-pops in reality and any where in the world if you think it isn’t popular then k-pops are nothing LOL if you ask me

    TWICE(트와이스) “Dance The Night Away” M/
    V views 21,586,930
    likes 83 thousand
    dislikes 6.3 thousand
    comments 208,988

    Brazil v Belgium – 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™ – Match 58
    views 15,459,784
    likes 9.1 thousand
    dislikes 1.1 thousand
    comments 22,852

    you can see from this date koeans are buying views to make them look popular it is just crazy to think it’s got views this much just in a day LOL
    and funny thing is youtube’s ranking 1 is TWICE(트와이스) “Dance The Night Away” M/ and 2 is the anti koreans video right now LOL

    • Jonas

      People dont really care much about Japan . Sorry japanese person. Its the sad truth.

      Who really watches the world cup except when their country is playing in it?

      Sure. There are some soccer fanatics here and there but they are nit realky going online hitting the like bufton…they are usualky getting plastered watching the game

    • Jpopisover

      Yo Japanese dude, I am sorry but the truth is J pop is not comparable to K pop any more. You guys sucks

    • Shinigami_Hana

      The World Cup isn’t very very important in this topic, I mean you can’t compare music and sport it’s a totally diferent thing.
      “You can see from this date koreans are buying views to make them look popular it is just crazy to think it’s got views this much just in a day”
      Well you don’t have any proof to check it (that koreans are buying views, although it can be real) and maybe the views are real.
      *My english isn’t very good, so please do not criticize me.

    • Leaanna

      >.> thats a joke, Jpop is no match for kpop.

      Plus kpop has a very big market in Japan, if it wasnt popular over there then artists wouldnt go.
      Maybe its just your friends that dont like it.

    • Jungkook-Hyung

      “koreans are buying views”

      Sweetie. Twice has FANS that were like “Oh my gosh Twice made a new MV lemme watch it”
      The whole “buying views” thing is straight BS

  27. A fan of both k-pop and Buckley

    Guys, I don`t think you understand. I like k-pop too. Buckley isn`t hating on k-pop, he is stating facts about how k-pop isn`t “taking over the American market” like the media sometimes implies. He`s not a hater so there is no reason to go off on him, I watch him on a weekly basis and have been since 2014 and this is just how he`s like. (crass.)

    • ARMY

      Agreed. Haha, that’s just his style and humor. Kpop definitely isn’t taking over America. However, BTS stands a chance to make a long-lasting impact on the American market.

  28. Anonymous

    you say don’t hate koreans or k-pops but the problem is they are the ones
    who’re making thing wroth by making them look popular by buying views
    buying their CDS by themselves and even using fake fans when they’re taking
    their concerts and the worst is its fans they can not even face reality
    if you think logically it is only natural that a culture like idol or k-pops won’t join
    on the main stream any where
    on top of that they’re not even singing in korean when their song made for not koreans and that proves they are not popular at all

    • Sheenalea

      The English of this Anon gives me cancers. Now about your post, though their view/streaming counts are quite questionable but I doubt they would’ve done such impractical things themselves, it is some fans that do since majority of them are teenagers that which means majority of them are already tech-savvy and they know what makes thing lit. Fans are basically their promoters.

  29. Anonymous

    I don’t consider KPop a genre. When I was introduced to Korean pop scene I was impressed with their talent. I have never liked boy bands for the reason that one song sounds like the first.
    But Korean pop bands, or at least SM bands to not sound the same. The band members go through grueling training. It pays off in the end. With razor sharp choreography. The three choreographers Mihawk, Kasper, and Beatburger Jae. Create intricate dances. Members weaving in and out. Singers stepping out of choreography to sing then step back in without missing a beat.
    But I must admit the fandoms are intense.

    What popularity BTS has gained has not been due to their talent. I call them one dimensional. Their dances are boring. They dance in a line. Step to the center. Professional dancers surround them doing difficult choreography. Then the member step out into their boring line. They cannot harmonize. I’ve seen them working with a vocal coach but they still have no breath control. So you ask how did they win the Billboard Award.

    It’s Army, their fandom consists of young girls and boys that have no responsibilities. They create multiple accounts spending their days voting for BTS. They can spend the day listening to YouTube. That was why they won. Limit the number of accounts they can have you will see that BTS popularity will wane.

    Army can also be very brutal. When I first listened to a BTS song on YouTube I commented that it was boring and unimaginative. My account was inundated by threats. Army threatening my and my family. I ended up having to close the account and open another with another name.

    But I do suggest that people listen to SM bands. They really are talented. JYP also has some really good bands. I’ve searched for bands from Big Hit, but I think BTS is their only band.

    • Anonymous

      Not every ARMY is that way. Maybe 1/30 of all ARMYs are just rude and disrespectful. Their dances aren’t boring. You just have to look up the good artist (older artist that are good at dancing and have been longer in the kpop industy).
      Many armys DON’T make multiple accounts to vote. The fans of the other artists aren’t as active as the armys.

    • Shinigami_Hana

      “What popularity BTS has gained has not been due to their talent. I call them one dimensional. Their dances are boring. They dance in a line. Step to the center. Professional dancers surround them doing difficult choreography. Then the member step out into their boring line. They cannot harmonize. I’ve seen them working with a vocal coach but they still have no breath control. So you ask how did they win the Billboard Award.”
      Well let me ask you: Are you a professoinal singer, dancer o coreographer? Because you are talking about BTS dance and their breath control while singing like you are a pro.
      OMMO if you ask HOW did they win the Billboard Award it’s because of Army, the people who support them and love them always, and of couse beacause of their talent.

      Well i’m sorry for what did some armys did to your account but not all of them are like that, so please stop that.
      SM bands? Yes they are fantastic, just like many others like JYP, PLEDIS, YG, STARSHIP etc. But every artist, it’s unique and have his own style of music and BTS is a very popular one, there are betters bands than BTS? Of course!! But BTS is doing his best and they are hardworking (like all the other bands) and they have become bigger and bigger.
      People are criticizing BTS for being a Korean group that has won the Billboards, and of course Army will be furious to see that they do. How not to be? Finally the guys who have followed since they have achieved their dreams, after trying so hard.
      What the other fandoms do? Criticize them but and if it was THEIR favorite group who would have been in that stage instead of BTS, it is clear that they would have reacted just like the Armys.


    • Agree

      You are so right! All I have seen online are 12 year old kpop fans screaming for everyone to stream for views. Then calling bts “Kings” because they end up having millions of views, but it’s not authentic views from different people, it’s the same bubble of people streaming. I enjoy BTS but their downfall is going to come from their extremely toxic fandom. If you state anything as minuscule as not caring for one of their songs, someone will literally threaten your life and gather their minion “mutuals” to do the same. It’s insane. And yes a vast majority of the fandom are this way, if you don’t believe it, just say one negative thing about them online and see what happens….

    • Leaanna

      You arent seeing the same dances as me obviously because in the spring day dance they dont stay in a boring line, they spread out and Jimin even does interpretive dancing/ ballet.

      They arent breathy you can fuck off with that, it takes alot of muscle control to do intense choreography while singing your heart out.

      yeah sorry, there is a reason your comment was targeted, it doesnt take a rocket scientist to figure it out.

      Even if you didnt like them, you could have just kept your comment to yourself.
      But you decided to spread your hate.

      But judging from the end of your sentence, you promoting other groups, id say you’re just a stank antifan that has some stupid agenda against BTS.

  30. Dani

    I do think you have a good point. Its not a korean invasion or a kpop invasion. Its just BTS, a boygroup from korea, that managed to chart in billboard, with an album in korean. Of course they are not mainstream and i dont think anybody would dare to compare them with artists like Drake. There not that popular. But i think for the same reason that you claim listeners dont need to take korean leassons any time soon (meaning we all know that its neraly impossible that americans in their majority would listen music in other languages unlike the rest of the world do) its why the fact that they get to chart like they did its pretty impressive, even if like you said, in the long run they didnt stay up or beat other olds american albums. That breakthrough its pretty impressive in its own, and it goes to BTS, no to the whole korean pop industry.

    • ARMY

      Agreed. BTS isn’t is popular as American artists; ARMY knows this, so we work harder to stream. I believe BTS will become more popular in time.<3

      • Vmin❤WooHo❤Baekhyun❤Kai❤

        Sorry to say this but
        like plz be a real A.R.M.Y and stop lying bout how BTS arent popular as an American Artists. They most definitely are hurney.

  31. Lilmeowmeow

    Let’s be honest here,kpop isn’t going to take over the world and be the the only music playing on every radio station for a number of reasons. Some being that people have different tastes. People are racist and xenophobic. And some people are just plain old tasteless. But to say that BTS or kpop in general is not popular would be lying. I am truly impressed at how the author of this article was able to belittle BTS’s achievements. I admit that if I wasn’t someone who truly knew how much BTS has achieved through all the hard work,i would have believed that they are just something small that America is making a storm in a teacup about. But the honest truth is that they are not. If the millions of fans they have amassed,records they have broken(which you seem to think so little of. I mean hey, anybody can make it to #10 on billboard with any crap music they conjure) and awards the have won are anything to go by, I think anyone with a half assed sense of reason would at least admit that they are popular. I mean I should know. I’m not even in America. I live in Ghana. Located in Africa. Ever heard of it? Well what I’m trying to say here is that BTS and kpop are global. They may not be ‘taking over the world’, but they are damn well making themselves known.

  32. Hate people who are ignorant

    I saw someone’s comments about BTS being “boring,talentless and unimaginative”i couldnt help but laugh it was actually really funny,……………. saying sm bands are better than BTS because they went through “grueling training” is just plain delusion, well news flash BTS went through the same thing,………………..this part really annoyed me “what popularity BTS has gained has not been due to their talent” that was plain rude(you being a hater) they deserve their popularity they are up their because of “hardwork” i guess you dont know what that means…………..they are not “one dimensional”………………..this part was really funny “their fandom consist of young boys and girls that have no responsibility” the sm bands you love so much fandom also consist of “young boys and girls”………………..this part was really dumb “but i do suggest that people listen to sm bands”(that is you just trying to promote sm bands) well you could have done it without trying to bring BTS down…………………p.s BTS are more talented than some of your sm bands(like a lot), BTS are popular because of their talent hardwork and perserverance and also i know many adults that love BTS and not just “young boys and girls”all those things you said about being talentless and blah blah blah many people think the opposite which is why they love them,BTS has lots of aggressive fans because of their talent if they didnt have talent people will not like them to the point of being aggressive (so think about it)………………before i forget bighit was a small ent company(that is why they have only BTS) before BTS singlehandedly made it one of the biggest ent company

  33. Hate people who are ignorant

    Some sm and jyp bands actually lip sync unlike BTS, that is why you dont hear them running out of breath…………….i just realised the post was talking about korean music not invading america but you left the topic and started bashing BTS (WOW you really are a hater) lol does their popularity bother you that much

  34. Anonymous

    well, America isn’t the only country in the world and english isn’t the only language…so you can’t call something unpopular only because it hasn’t taken all american charts

  35. smh

    damn this entire article sounds even more pressed than those fans you talk about

  36. Anonymous

    it is funny i can tell who get mad at this article are all Koreans
    people those who love K-pops will delightfully admit they are not popular at all
    if they are not Koreans but when it come to Koreans they are so pissed at all those kinds of things

      • Anonymous

        Smh… Istg if you don’t know… Who’s more racist, You or the author? Both of you guy’s actions are truly distrusting and disappointing. I am American yet does that mean I’m not pissed… Nope! Nobody of ANY race should be disrespected by people like you by what they like, their hobbies, or how they perceive the world. You two are truly immature and I hope you grow up soon, or you’ll be looking like a immature jerk for the rest of your life. . If you don’t have anything nice to say to someone, then shut up.

    • Smh

      Smh… Who’s more racist… You or the author? I am American yet does that mean I’m not pissed… Hell to the f-ing no! Nobody of ANY race should be disrespected by people like you. If you don’t have anything good to say, don’t say it.

  37. Anonymous

    why dont you listen to thier song mic drop….then STFU!!!!

  38. Robert Fisher

    seriously, when will people stop talking nonsense about kpop when they don´t know anything? so, first: it´s useless to write articles such as this because the only thing you will receive is hate and attention from teenage fangirls. is this what you need and want? if yes, it´s pretty sad. no matter how much you write about it, claiming you´re a professional who knows everything better, you can´t change the fact that korean pop music is currently getting very very popular worldwide. second: i really don´t care if you think i´m a fan that only defends their stars now, my advice to you is not spending so much time on stuff like this, collect enough and right informations and start writing articles that are actually true. if you call bts´s success poor, i really don´t know where you got stuck. do you really think everyone around you is wrong when he says kpop is a phenomen and you are the only one knowing what real music and real success is? ridicolous.

  39. Zombie Bite

    Ok so I read that the language barrier don’t matter but let me ask you this….. If someone asked you to listen to other music other then kpop would you????? Like for example if someone asked you to listen too Chinese music would you???.? I doubt it most of the fans are to stuck in the Korean music. I also read on how america isn’t the only country with music and stuff but neither is Korea. Maybe you guys should actually try listening to other music from other countries. Like someone said just because you can’t understand it doesn’t mean it’s not good you let languages get in the way of things why don’t people give music from other countries a chance.

    • Leaanna

      Are you trying to gain my sympathy with music from other countries? We have a bond with kpop, I cant find that in any other genre. I dont have to change up my main type of music just because some asshat is trying to guilt trip me into it. But if you must know, I have listened to other languages of music.

      I have listened to Chinese music , I have listened to bollywood music (tunac tunac was my jam) I have listened to japanese music, I have listened to Danish music. and I have listened to German music.

      But when its all said and done, Korean is my favorite and sounds the most beautiful to me, why is it a crime to only listen to the genre of music that makes you feel the most happy?

      Your answer, its not.

    • Leaanna

      Got into chinese from listening to EXO-M

      Tao was my favorite in the group.
      But I also like Kris and Luhan and have them on my playlist

  40. Anonymous

    Zombie Bite
    in most cases if someone are not Koreans they wouldn’t give a fuck about k-pops
    unless they annoyingly try to get attentions

  41. Anonymous

    On September 4th, 2010, SM Entertainment held a concert in LA, which gave an important opportunity for globalization of K-pop. This concert in LA was the second stop of ‘SM Town Live 10 World Tour’; and it gave the most significant meaning for the K-pop’s global pilgrimage starting from Seoul to Shanghai, Tokyo, Paris, New York, and other major cities around the world. ‘SM Town Live’ in LA, a stronghold of American and World Pop music, fired a flare for K-pop to actually get out of the Asianization. ‘SM Town Live’ is a joint concert of singers under SM on large scale. Previously the tours only held in Asian countries, but after the concert in LA they had expanded to the US and Europe.

    Even before the tour Korean press promoted this tour. The Korean sites were plastered with promoting articles like ‘they are preparing a chartered plane, worth a billion Won(Korean currency),for the splendid concert in LA’,’Hollywood Star Jack Nicholson bought the ticket for the concert.’ After the tour in LA, the Korean media praised ‘SM Town Live in LA’ everyday. Korean international sites were flooded with articles with titles such as “A great success in LA ‘splendid start to US’”(Seoul Newspaper), “TVXQ, SJ,GG.. SM’s leads possessed LA” (Newsen, “The wave of K-pop in US… 15,000 international fans went wild” (NocutNews).

    However a question arose as Korean presses started to praise at the same as if they have made a promise. Was the concert really successful as Korean presses reported? There are two inconvenient truths hidden behind the ‘SM Town Live in LA.’ The first one is around 20 Korean presses including daily paper, internet media, broadcasting companies went out to cover the news by riding the chartered plane by SM. SM also paid for all the expenses including airplane, hotels, and others needed for those Korean press. It might have been natural that the internet sites were flooded with those articles after the SM’s concert in LA because those reporters, who received every facility got to worth one’s salt.

    The second inconvenient truth is if all of the audience bought their tickets. According to Korean media, 15000 people bought tickets and 70% of them were Non-Asians. However, the audience who have attended the concert testified the real concert was different from those articles. Some said most of the audience received free tickets in order to get in. Some Hispanic audience said they did not even know who was performing that night. Some audience witnessed people giving out free tickets outside of the venue. The venue was not filled by ‘70% of non-Asians.’ It was actually mostly filled with Asians and Hispanics. Sure, many people actually bought tickets, but someone gave out massive amount of tickets in order to fill the venue. The number of audience who bought tickets that the media has reported can be suspicious. The Staples Centre in LA, that the author visited in person, has 2, 5000 seats and it can have over 3, 5000 seats including standing tickets. Regarding the set of the stage, they have to sell over at least 2, 5000 seats in order to be sold out. The articles such as “Fans filled 1, 5000 seats connected to the roof of Staples Centre” (Hankyung; abbreviation of Korean Economy) are far from the truth. Interestingly, articles regarding ‘SM Town Live in New York’, which was held in September 2011, contain the same number as those for LA. This could be a coincidence, but they, both, contain the same statistics of 1, 5000 audience and 70% of them were Non-Asians. A question arises whether someone dictated press release to various Korean presses.

    ‘The connection between K-Pop and Stock Market’

    More interestingly, the articles in favour of K-pop have not ended as articles. The final destination that articles of SM Town Live in LA, Paris, and New York aimed at the stock market. The media spotlight after these concerts carried out a crucial role to increase in value of SM’s stock.

    The entertainment production of Idol Pop is not simply calculated by the capital of management sales. Idol Pop can create not only the economical profit but also intangible assets in various methods. The capital stock related to Idol Pop is one of the most typical methods. The final station of entertainment production company’s profit structure is to be listed in KOSDAQ (Korea Securities Dealers Automated Quotations). The typical way to combine the production of Idol pop and capital stock is to use the level of awareness of idol stars, which gives the opportunity to the production company to be listed in KOSDAQ and attract investors to increase the value of company’s stock. In 2008, President Lee Su-man, the largest shareholder of the front-runner of K-Pop ‘SM Entertainment,’ became the richest stock holder in entertainment-stock market after beating out Hallyu(Korean wave) Star Bae Yongjun. In 2008, the total value of stock of ‘SM Entertainment’ that President Lee Su-Man(Lee SM) held reached over 19 billion won. The value of stock that President Lee SM soared after the boom of SNSD(Girls’s Generation)’s ‘Gee.’ In 2010, his stock value reached 100billion won as the popularity of SNSD has increased. In addition, after ‘SM Town Live’ in LA and Paris, the total stock value that President Lee SM held reached over 160 billion won. After the ‘SM Town Live in New York’ in 2011, it has reached over 200billion won. The stock value that Lee Su Man held, which was only 19 billion won in 2008, has soared over ten ties in three years.

    SM is not the only K-Pop production company frantic to be listed in KOSDAQ and increase the value of stock. JYP became listed in KOSDAQ by back-door listing after retaining massive stocks of Jtune entertainment, where Rain belongs. Then, JinYoung Park and Miss A moved to Jtune and changed the company’s name to JYP entertainment. Although JYP and JYP entertainment are perfunctorily two independent companies, but they will soon unite as they are the same company in fact. Based on the explosive performance of Big Bang and 2NE1, YG Entertainment also succeeded to be on KOSDAQ in 2011. Yang Hyung Suk, the representative of YG, become the second richest stock-holder in entertainment field by obtaining stock worth over 140 billion won.

    The stock market is the place which has changed the most due to K-Pop wave. K-Pop related shares are extremely overrated compared with the scale of companies’ assets and sales and the artificial bubble exists. The K-pop’s closed entertainment production system, entertainment TV shows support to that system, and the media press exaggeration of facts increase the value of K-Pop shares. Unlike in the past when idols ceased activities to prepare new albums, Idols, nowadays, cannot get rest because they have release new singles continuously. This is also one of strategies to maintain and increase the stock value. The Idol Groups’ activities with hardships and the media’s coverage boil down to the capital stocks in the end.

    ‘Broadcast: For whom the bell tolls’

    During the last New-year season, idol groups occupied music programs of three major terrestrial broadcasting companies. Did producers order ‘occupy broadcasting companies?’ All music programs of three major broadcasting companies are captured by idol groups. Let us first look at the list of MC’s and cast.

    The list of casts of music programs of three terrestrial broadcasting companies during New Year Holiday, 2012

    KBS Music bank (2012/1/20)
    -Viewer ratings:5.00%
    -MCs: UEE, Lee Jang-woo
    -Cast: IU, T-ara, MBLAQ,Koyote, Dynamic Duo, Teen top, Touch,J-Cera,Fix,Wink,Dia,Sunny Hill,X-5,Soul Dive,Chaos,BoM,Electroboyz, Monday Kiz, Nine Muses,Fat Cat,ChoColat, Lee Hyun, NS Yoon Ji, Boyfriend, A Pink

    MBC Show! Music Core (2012/1/21)
    -Viewer ratings: 5.70%
    -MCs: Tiffany, Yuri
    -Cast: MBLAQ, T-ara & Coed School, Teen top, Sunny Hill, Nine Muses, Boyfriend, Dynamic Duo, NS Yoon Ji, A Pink, Rainbow Pixie, Fat Cat, Koyote, ChoColat, Chos, Wink, Lee Hyun, X-5

    SBS Inkigayo (2012/1/15)
    -Viewer ratings: 5.80%
    -MCs: IU, Nicole, Goo Ha-ra
    -Cast: Chaos, Park Hyun-Bin, Nine Muses, Lee Hyun, J-Cera, Fat Cat, Sunny Hill, Electroboyz, NS Yoon Ji, Dynamic Duo, A Pink, Boyfriend, Rainbow Pixie, Davichi, T-ara, Teen top, MBLAQ

    As shown in the list above, over 90% of three major programs are filled with Idol groups. This statistics is greater than the one’s before K-Pop wave. The most of cast overlap and the programs are conducted in similar way. If one looks at the casts, one can barely make difference between each program. These three programs do not have any musical difference and they exist to promote new K-pop idol groups pouring out. Why did this happen?

    Most producers of music programs of broadcasting companies answer this is for the viewer rate; however, their average viewer rate of three broadcasting companies is little over 5% in reality. The conquest of idols over music programs is not caused for viewer rates but by complex problems. The most serious problem is that the entertainment departments of broadcasting companies set the base of program towards Idol groups to attract teenagers. This can be considered as a strategy to differentiate music program; however, this resulted killing K-Pop genre. The effect of music program also creates spin-offs. Idol groups start with music program and aim for other entertainment shows. Not only idol production companies want this, but also the entertainment departments wish for the same. According to a rumour which went around in broadcast circles in past, there has been tacit agreement of ‘to appear in 3 entertainment programs per one music program’ and a joke ‘one appearance on TV causes better promotion than 100 appearances in Radio.’ They share the same interests: the entertainment departments need to cast idol groups to music program to keep idol groups with high level of commodities for other entertainment programs, while new idol groups that debut with rate of 50 groups per year are obsessed with the appearance on music programs.

    It is heart-stricken, but there were many cases of terrestrial and cable entertainment producers imprisoned for receiving ‘rewards for PR’ for allow make an appearance on TV. In 1997, 2002, and 2008, around 10 entertainment departments’ main producers were e imprisoned by the prosecution. During the scandal of ‘rewards for PR’ with the world of singers, which I have also reported, in 2002, many entertainment producers were responsible for the act and some of them were even imprisoned. Most of producers whom claimed that they had been framed and innocent were indicted on bribery chargers in 2008. Some of them possessed stocks of certain entertainment producing companies. Receiving stocks instead of money became new way for the ‘rewards for PR.’ As major idol production companies have finished to be listed on KOSDAQ, figuring out how much, and how the producers of entertainment department of broadcasting companies own shares of these idol companies are important to understand the custom, although we wish this would not happen, of some K-pop idol groups concentrically appear in certain entertainment programs of broadcasting systems.

    ‘A triangular alliance between K-Pop, broadcasting, and stock market’

    According to my decision, K-pop producers, media, and stock market made a triple alliance for sure. Of course, I am not sure if their alliance was wilful and public. However, it is certain that they help each other for their interests. What I am concerned about is that during this process, the truth of K-pop is distorted by the wrong information and intended scenario, and these distortions skew the environment of Korean pop music and pop culture. Doubts arise as this situation is not what the public wanted; and the interested parties sharing similar interests created artificial trend and formed invisible K-pop connection as it is unnatural for the broadcasting companies, media, entertainment business, and stock market are obsessed with idol groups. The triangular alliance of ‘K-Pop, Media and Stock Market’ is another version of reasoning ‘Samsung Legend’ with monopolizing the society, and MB’s philosophy of state affairs, with some foul play, to become competitive and strong globally.

    • Leaanna

      damn wish someone would get me a free ticket, i wouldnt have had to spend thousands just to see BAP.

    • Sheenalea

      To Anon with the essay length worthy comment, that is interesting and I would like to know the sources of all the things you’ve said on this comment. I’m not trying to argue with you of course but I would like to have those information for kink really, it’s quite thrilling!

  42. Juan Bird

    I’m not a Kpop fan by any stretch, nor do I think it is conquering the world totally! However it is hard to deny it has gone mainstream already in the USA! If it was not mainstream as you say, then why did the guy from SHINee offing himself last December make network TV news in the USA in the first place?

    Your ranting post is nothing but pure and simple anti-Asian (let alone anti-Asian male) RACISM trying to pass itself off as factual! LOL!

  43. wtf

    can we stop pretending that the world revolves around the us?
    i’m not an army but this whole article was misinformed and xenophobic af. sounds like a bunch of big mad to me. adam thought he was really saying something here. cute.

  44. Not Your Business

    K-Pop IS popular. Extremely. America isn’t the only place on this planet. If you’d written this in terms of USA alone, no prob. But go to France, England, Germany, Spain, Ghana, Indonesia, China, Japan, Taiwan, India, Thailand, South Africa… the list could go on and on. K-Pop is insanely popular in a lot of these countries. It’s even coming up in places like Canada, Togo, Nigeria, Portugal and so on. Don’t limit yourself to America alone. Do some research before opening your hateful mouth to spew this nonsense.

  45. crazy kpop fan that hates kpop anti fans

    no one cares their still popular in the usa. stop being mean to them like what did they do to you ? (nothing)

  46. Not a BTS stan tho lmao

    I agree with this article to a certain extent. Yes, album sales do somewhat contribute to an artist or a group’s “popularity”, but like BTS does have a strong online presence on the internet and various social media sites, and whether the internet amplifies BTS or not does not really affect the following they have already gained in the states. Also, no one ever said K-pop is the “biggest fucking thing in the U.S right now”, it never has and never will be (I do believe that K-pop will never be more popular than mainstream American pop), so the article really just tried to use a straw man argument on your readers and unfortunately attracted a lot of hate. However, K-pop will certainly be ONE of the many popular genres of music in the recent years and the years to follow, and that cannot be denied with the success of the recent BTS comebacks (i.e. the music video for “Idol” broke Taylor Swift’s record for the most views in a music video in 24 hours, and although obviously the views do not come from the U.S alone it’s safe to say a big portion of those views came from listeners in the U.S). Although you can argue certain fans “stream” BTS’s music in order to gain views and help BTS win music shows, I high doubt that “streaming” can actually achieve major changes to an artist’s song and that most of those views are genuine and not spam views. With that being said, my bottom line is really how the definition of “popularity” differs between me and the article’s author. The author believes “popularity” is attributed to album sales and a song/album’s charting position, which I don’t deny, but I also believe that it is MORE that just album sales and charting position in terms of today’s culture. To clarify once more, no, K-pop is not the most popular thing in the U.S but the genre of music is definitely gaining more and more popularity. (I really wanted to say K-pop is a rising trend but I realized people nowadays tend to define trends as something that lasts only a short period of time and although I can’t tell where K-pop is going it definitely isn’t ending anytime soon)

  47. Until Flowers Bloom Again

    B-Free?! Is that you? Are you still salty? It’s been 4-5 years man. Accept they’re better than you.
    But in all seriousness this author needs to chill. It’s one article and it’s not going to change the world.
    Bts are very popular on the internet rn – look at twitter trends for the past two years or so. K pop in general has been rising in popularity since 2012. It’s not going to become what rap is now, but it’s beginning to be what rock and guitar based music was in the 2000 and that decade. Popular music taste changes and this author needs to accept that. Overloading on salt causes early death 🙂

  48. Became I'm got7

    K-pop doesn’t have to be liked by everyone but u don’t have to go around using BTS name in your article for views and hate when clearly that’s what happening plus people need to get out of there comfort zone and Learn the truth about other places and people instead of being one-sided and race towards each culture

  49. ahjumma ARMY

    So you mean all the sold out tickets in all of the concert venues were bought by ghost? and ARMY does not exist? Be glad that your website is still on. Im sure if more ARMYs see this one, your website will go down.

  50. Go face the wall!

    do you know that BTS usually release album with zero promotion? Fans normally have no idea what the musicwill sounds like or even concepts. They will just release 3-5 seconds teaser 2-3 days before the release. But even before the teasers are released, album pre-sales are already by the millions? So please check your facts.

    But I get that Kpop is not for everyone. We also dont want to force anybody into it. If you dont want it, you are free to ignore it but to actually write about it and even use BTS to gain attraction to your crappy article (more like rant / unprofessional) is something that only hater will do (xenophobic?)

    The hype created by fans is normal..that is why we are called FANS. It is what we do to support them.

    We are happy, hope you find happiness too (which I bet you wont considering how your mind works)

  51. Alex

    As someone from outside US but who has been heavily exposed to it’s musics industry all my life this type of article (whether it is stating real, well-researched facts or not) is quite toxic. it is really just perpetuating the stereotype of Americans being close-minded, ignorant and xenophobic. There is nothing wrong with music in a foreign language becoming popular and there are a lot of people who see the value in it overcoming the language barrier. Let’s be honest if the music was in English, and people wouldn’t call it Kpop; this article would be plain a ridiculous tantrum trying to “prove” how “this music is actually not that popular UGH”.
    This is my first time checking out articles in this website and regardless of which Kpop group you support it is terrible for the industry as a whole. I’ve seen many articles degrading and discrediting BTS specifically but this hurts any Kpop group indirectly. Whether it was EXO, Blackpink, Big Bang, Psy etc etc they would still be grouped as “foreign/Kpop” (from what I can see in the tone of this website). I would encourage Kpop fans in general to just ignore this site and not engage, they rely on clickbaiting fandoms to profit.

  52. ARMY, EXO L, Carat, My Day, Shawol, and more

    Lmao it’s okay, the author seemed hella salty. He’s probably just xenophobic. Maybe BTS or other Kpop groups, because Kpop is more than just BTS, don’t chart for long in America, but they are a WORLDWIDE phenomenon. Every BTS MV trends #1 worldwide and so do Twitter trends almost everyday. They have been #1 on social 50 for over a year consecutively and have many famous fans. Seriously, a KOREAN boy band performed at the AMERICAN music awards and are going to perform on AMERICA’s got talent. That’s a big deal. Netflix explained did a Kpop episode. So sure you can say Kpop isn’t popular because they don’t chart well, but I think you are ignoring the other aspects that prove it’s popularity. BTS’s concert they just had in LA had people waiting in line for four days before the concert. Their world tour sold out in under four minutes in the US. Their performing at a sold out Metro stadium show. Feel free to speculate on the future of their career, but honestly you can’t predict if BTS or Kpop in general will become more or less popular in the years to come. Also, congrats on getting people to read your articles by trashing things others actually care a lot about.

    • Anonymous

      I’m just saying but most of the views come from Asia, probably 90% (with China being a huge contributor), give or take. Though, I don’t have facts, but I don’t see Kpop songs being ranked high for too long in the western side. Just saying

      • Anonymous

        BTS is consistently one of the top viewed bands in the USA, and now Europe.

        If you understand how crucial radio is to songs making impact on Hot 100, then you’d understand why it’s so hard for songs outside the existing status quo to make it period. But BTS have two Top 15 hits within 3 months. They drive people to BUY like almost no one else does. These are insane feats and a sign of huge things to come. People need to understand this is not going to happen overnight, but so much has changed already. This is not a fad, so strap in.

    • Anonymous

      BTS had an album charting for almost a year (Her). Answer knocked it off but the point is, that’s more longevity than most Western artists. The singles so far lack longevity but still go gold, which is pretty unreal for a band with less than a year of mainstream US exposure.

  53. Advice for you, Buckley

    I became a new kpop fan this year, not due to Bts, but another group. Kpop grows on you and once you start listening to it, it becomes very hard to listen to American music without getting bored… Their lyrics are also more intricate and meaningful. Kpop idols are in a way more talented than their American counterparts because they can also dance, speak foreign languages, etc…
    Kpop may not be so popular in America, I agree, but it is in other parts of the world.
    Maybe you should step out of your bubble and get some culture and education instead of needlessly offending others for a living.

  54. Anonymous

    This article will age poorly.

    Buckley wrote this as a kneejerk reaction to something he doesn’t want to understand or accept. He fails to do any contextual heavy-lifting. He is actually comparing a nascent band (and the genre they are associated with) with very established artists, failing to account for their incredible growth in less than a year.

    BTS are the best-selling album artist worldwide, period, and one of the Top 3 selling pop artists in the USA in pure sales. That alone is astounding.

    They have trouble getting US airplay, so no shit, their songs don’t stick on Hot 100 for long yet. But they still have moved over 1.5 million US singles in 10 months! People generally buy their albums, not singles — guess who else follows that buying pattern? Fans of indie/alternative artists, artists and bands people actually invest in, not just a single here or there. And despite that sales dominance, they also are in the Top 3 most streamed bands on Spotify worldwide consistently.

    BTS is just beginning and this writer really needs to check certain assumptions because time will likely prove him a sad relic of an embarrassingly outdated viewpoint.

  55. Anonymous

    Kpop isn’t the most popular thing in the US and is still on its way to dominating the US market, that’s a fact. But the way that the writer stating it is really stupid I can’t even… First of all, Kpop groups are only turning their attention to the US music market recently – something not as common with older Kpop groups. Kpop breakthroughs on song charts in America that we see now, are only their first achievements in the US market. Kpop IS a big thing, but that doesn’t mean EVERYBODY knows about it and listens to it literally every goddamned day. The Kpop invasion is only starting and assuming that BTS or Blackpink or any Kpop group will soon be forgotten is an extremely stupid thing to say. I hope the writer(s) will spend some quality time learning what Kpop really is and how it works because they seem to think it is some Chinese-like language with rhythms and flashy music videos. Get smart, people.

  56. Anonymous

    Fam, do you realize you’re bashing a genre? Not an artist that could’ve possibly done something (Mumble Rappers), not an event, not an award, but a genre? Lmao Man’s seem hella salty

  57. Anonymous

    This poorly written article fucking sucks. If I was your boss I would’ve fired you immediately. You are just a dumbass shady racist cracker who can’t stand asians getting the spotlight. Why write an article about how unpopular they are? It is people like you as to why hate keeps spreading everywhere. Do everyone a favor and go jump off a bridge.

  58. Eva

    Been an Asian Pop fan for over 15 years. Contemporary American music doesn’t appeal to me. I like some Drake songs. Was a fan when he first debuted but money, hoes, cars, and clothes gets soooo tired and old. Hip-hop today SUCKS. No one is really talented. Almost anyone can make a YouTube video of themselves rapping, saying stupid things and dressed funny, gain a following and get a contract. Most of my heavy rotation is older hiphop (i.e. at least 10 years old, at least) Shinhwa, Minmi, Se7en, Jay Chou, and BTS. Most song are old ones, except BTS. BTS doesn’t talk about that dumb shit. I’m actually afraid of them becoming super popular. When they do sign to some American distributor, I hope they aren’t forced to make music with no meaning and superficial lyrics. I don’t listen to the radio, just my subscription streams and what physical albums I own from way back, but someone’s counting right? I’m an American of mix ethnicity, living in the Deep South, and I listen to kpop every single day. Also, Not a teenager. I’m in my early 30s.

  59. sigh

    The reality is that it is popular in asia not in no one is pretending …end of story..hallyu wave

  60. sigh

    and forgot to add popular among ppl who understand english and they seem to have high active fan base which can be seen for its high quantities of people sub/translating/request kr to eng
    that is lacking in other language pop

  61. K-pop is great, IT IS POPULAR, do your research you swine.

    How the heck did you even get a job here?! You should own a website called “Controversial Loser Music News”. kpop has been popular since 2014. Like do your research before you write a dumb hate post.

  62. Anonymous

    Yeah maybe they’re not the most popular thing in the world, yeah you’re right but you know, isn’t it really impressive what they did? I mean, it’s Korea. A small country entering in a years of tradition American entertainment market. Isn’t only just US but the whole world. I’m Brazilian and they have reached me, here at south america, just like they reached US and lotta places. I say is really impressive what they’re doing. Is not as you say, a little bit of people re clicking and listening to it the whole day making them popular to make numbers. They are indeed reaching people, each day more. Usually young people but anyways, I think is really impressive. Who would have thought that Korea, a country that I only ever heard about, was about north Korea nuclear bombs, now have a world wide new music gender by itself. Can Korea fight face by face with American entertainment industry? No, USA beside traditional everywhere in the world, has more money and experience, but what they’re doing, I think is really impressive.

  63. Adam you unintelligent man who couldn't get a proper job.

    Adam Buckley if kpop isn’t popular why’d you write about it. If you want digital music news to be relevant write about something else that’s ‘popular’ for you. Kpop is more popular than your stupid news company and I don’t want to hear your dumb opinions. Just because America is a large entertainment country doesn’t mean that things that can’t break into your countries entertainment aren’t popular out of the country. So I suggest that you write about things you know like being a stupid person and maybe get a proper job (if they will actually take you). Btw as much as i love bts there is more to kpop then just them.

  64. just a kpop fan

    Do you know why so many people loves BTS? It’s because they inspire us with their music. They have different eras and there are more theories. If you don’t like them then you don’t have to be like that. You have to accept the fact that kpop is very popular around the world. We kpop fans didn’t even do something wrong to you guys. You should look at the MIC Drop and Ddaeng lyrics.

  65. Hahaha

    All those butthurts ARMY with this truthful article, lol. The most shameful fandom in the world.

    • Anonymous

      hahahaha….. NO! what about you. shame on you!

  66. LILLY

    K-pop is famous your only mad because their beating your favorite artist in everything they do

  67. No one is pretending, it's happening!

    Firstly BTS is a k-pop band so if they’re able to make #1 on billboard music chart which is dominated by pop singers even for a short amount of time, it’s a big deal! Secondly BTS has been into music industry not for more than 5-6 years still if they’re able to leave behind those pop singers who’re into this fraternity for years and years idk what to say about their success. Many pop artist like Charlie Puth, Shawn Mendes, Nicki, Aoki have collaborated or have put forward their wish to collaborate with BTS. Charlie even said they never fail to hit him with their music. Idk how much knowledge you yourself have about music. And no one is pretending man, it’s happening! It’s time that you start respecting diversity and stop living in a nutshell!!

  68. Anonymous

    Living in China before, Korean music was quite popular starting in may be even 2008. SNSD and 2ne1 songs were used as BGM on tv shows. But not many adults 30+ would be listening to these songs. Yet many of the younger audience would definitely have known them, TBXQ, EXO, Big Bang, etc. K-pop is popular but just not the most mainstream. Reason? Nobody understands Korean. This is why English songs are popular amounst the younger crowd in China as well

  69. Anonymous

    This is such a mean article. It’s bashing people to bash them. Some points are relevant, maybe, but you don’t need that amount of negativity and wickedness. This article could have been a good article, interesting and maybe not pleasant for some people but still acceptable.
    In this case, I find it totally unacceptable. Some of the words that are used are so harsh and mean. If you want to give your meaning, do it, you should express yourself. I am FOR self expression. But be also a decent human being and be polite when you speak and write. Choose you words carefully and wisely because they may hurt someone. In this case, I think this article could have been interesting and relevant if the writer had a minimum of respect for both the artists and the fans. But because some sentences are such badly written, I think it gives an immature point of view that could have been acceptable, I say it again, if the words used had been chosen wisely.

    (I am not an English native speaker, so if you think I criticize the writing but I can’t write better, remember that the writer is supposed to be a native, which makes is way easier for him. Also, correctors exist so the article was probably corrected and read by someone else before it got posted. I would have loved to write in French with beautiful and difficult words but most of you wouldn’t have understand ^^)

    • Janeal

      I agree. While some points in this article may be relevant or true, people are more likely to pass them off and take them less seriously because the writer gets caught up in his hate. An opinion isn’t a bad thing, but people should really try supporting it with factual evidence and proof. (The people in this comment section that claim views are boughten- I want you to prove whether or not views were boughten, or how many fans actually make fake accounts! If you can, mention it in your comment and maybe what you present would be relevant and interesting instead of a waste of time!)
      Another thing to mention, for the trolls in the comment section:
      If you are going to throw a fit about anything, at least put your name on your comment. It doesn’t matter your opinions or beleifs, but unless you are going to say something supportive and kind, why don’t you put your real name right smack on the top of your repulsive comments? Then think to yourself, “Would I say this to someone in real life?” You probably wouldn’t. But think about it before you contrinue to loathe people as a coward behind a screen. I ALMOST feel sorry for you.
      I hope everyone recovers from this article and the comments.

  70. Moogz

    K-Pop definitely isn’t ‘popular’ in the US yet. Of course it isn’t… We still have very closed-minded views about artists (and people in general for that matter) that speak different languages and are from different cultures.

    However; I think BTS becoming more known is a great thing. I think, too, that ‘Despacito’ was a great thing. Great music comes in many different forms and languages, and though BTS’ climb may be slow in the US in comparison to the Western artists it houses, it’s a climb, and it’s a climb for positive change.

    I’m not sure why your article had such a negative tone for me. Do you have a deep-seeded hatred for K-Pop? Would it be a negative thing in your world for K-Pop to become popular in the U.S?

    With Love,

    A late-20s ARMY who does not scream at airports. 😉

  71. mitchell

    the reason foreign music (UK exception) not just kpop dies out on US Billboard is the USA is very ignorant when it come to foreign languages and its not just music its the same for movies. That like saying Drakes not popular as he didn’t do well in China. Americans need to realize they only make up 4.28% of the worlds population, just because it’s not popular there doesn’t mean it isn’t popular.

    • Lillian

      Have you ever thought that no one cares about you really.
      More people care about one member of BTS than you(in a good way)

  72. tomm

    for blind and deft (k pop fans) or (gay pop fans) this koreans are full with plastic syrgery and makeup
    i just don’t see nothing speciall in this group,all look same bts ,got 7 there are just copies,songs,videos,dancing, everything is simular that you have feeling you watch one group
    we must stop invite them in shous
    i’m trying to decide which is worst korean wave or bts new song?

    • Anonymous

      And American musicians are never huge users of makeup and plastic surgery? Are you really that dang stupid, or simply dishonest?

  73. sellena

    i don’t understand how this asians became so popular,looks like their kids fans all day and night desperd voting for their desperd asians to win

    • Anonymous

      You don’t understand because you’re willfully ignorant.

      Try expanding your horizons, you hateful hag.

  74. tomm

    this bts became so arogant that now want grammy nomination
    patetic and sad now asians in grammys what is next oscar
    hell no
    k pop make my ears got diarhea

    • Anonymous

      I dont like your atitude at all. Go back to your no life.

  75. sellena


  76. Mehh

    Kpop is cool. I personally dont like it. As a huge hiphop fan it sounds like garbage when they try to “rap” their lyrics are horrible lol. Sounds good but the lyrics usually make no sense. Might be the awkward korean to English translation. Actual korean rappers are pretty good tho. Same with Japanese. I love me some kohh. Also to those saying america is racist. have you even looked into some of the dumb racist/ignorant things some of these kpop groups have done/said??

  77. Becky

    if somebody ask me about, asians are racist?yes there are
    they make plastic surgery and fake bleached skin and lie the world they are natural,
    they look on people with dark skin with disgusting
    (i survived acid attack in china)………. reason my skin color
    that is the reason i don’t like the invision on k pop in america
    why just they stay in their asian awards like others??????
    i don’t think those bts are something special just copies of other groups their songs,videos,dancing is too much similar with the others,7 or 15 members the are all same but america like k pop that is sad
    they act cute and innocent,but they come to destroy the music industry and put the singers in their shadow like they did in aloot countries in asia
    that is the power of domination on k pop in asia now they want to trying to do that in the rest of the world
    they slow go to sucies
    america need to stop invite them everywere and back where they belong
    and to stop give them awards,now they became powerful and arrogant for grammys, grammys must remove them from nomination before come too late and one big
    no for k pop in america

    support my no for k pop
    k pop please leave grammys
    grammys are for try artist
    k pop isn’t music is one big piece of garbage shit the lyrics on english don’t have sense ,and people go to support
    this garbage even i can’t call this music
    k pop is big shame for music
    bts must leave the grammys
    k pop is copi-paste shit

    • Anonymous

      1. Have you thought about whites being racist towards Asians? Or blacks being racist towards Asians? Aren’t you being racist about Asians yourself? Assuming that every Asian does plastic surgery? Are you saying that doing plastic surgery is “racist”?
      2. Not every person in Asia does plastic surgery… Even people across the world like Americans do plastic surgery. Also, most people don’t lie about doing plastic surgery anymore, it’s a free country. What’s so bad about doing plastic surgery? People who do it do no harm to the world.
      3. I’m sorry about your acid attack in China, however, acid attacks can happen anywhere in the world. I’ve seen articles on it.
      4. I mean, they could stay in Asia and receive it, but they’ve already got it, and also you think that k-pop stars beg America to give them an award? No. America wants to give them the award and k-pop stars accept it.
      5. I have no idea what you’re saying there but I’ll comment on that the best I can. They are not copying other bands, I mean if they did they would probably have to pay the other artists because they copied it, just like Apple and Samsung, they copy each other and they have to pay. Also, if you think you’re so right, show me some clips on them copying each other, because I haven’t seen any.
      6. You know that’s part of their jobs, acting cute, being cute, acting innocent, being innocent. Most people prefer cuteness over uncuteness. Again, not only k-pop stars act cute and innocent. And sorry about them destroying the music industry by creating amazing music and taking all the awards, sorry about that.
      7. Um, excuse me? Are you saying only Americans can create music and choreography? Anyone can do it, and when k-pop stars do it it makes many people joyful and happy. If you say that k-pop stars are copying Americans, then how about American artists copying other American artists for creating music?
      8. AGAIN, American TV shows CHOSE to give awards because they deserved it. If they made crappy music all the time and it wasn’t popular, America would never give out those awards. How are they powerful and arrogant? AMERICA’S TV SHOWS INVITED THEM.
      9. Sorry, k-pop already is huge, you can’t really make the popularity go away.
      10. No.
      11. How is it garbage shit, it’s music, just like what Americans create, but just in a different language. You’re garbage shit writing also doesn’t make sense tho.
      12. Search up the definition of music, then you’ll know that k-pop isn’t garbage shit.
      13. A lot of American pop have similar styles to k-pop, does that mean those are a shame to music? Music has no rights or wrongs to it, people just go by their flows.
      14. Holy shit, I can not believe you said that the “english don’t have sense” and now you’re saying “copi-paste shit”. I’m pretty sure all you know is curse words. I mean, if you’re a 4-year-old/English isn’t your first language, I’ll understand those though.

      Also, English isn’t my first language so that’s why my English is bad. Have a nice day (also I’m not going to proofread this long ass thing so if there is something that doesn’t make sense I sincerely apologize).

  78. Anonymous

    you’re the perfect example of why Kpop isn’t getting more popular… or is it??? you totally just made more people get to know it??‍♀️?

  79. Anonymous

    Who cares if it’s popular or not, it’s good music and dance and it’s inspiring so it’s good enough for me

  80. Anonymous

    Although I’m not a huge k-pop fan, I can say that k-pop actually is very popular. I mean, South Korea is such a small country with incredibly little population compared to the USA. It’s obviously going to be easier for an American song to get on the billboard. K-pop being recognized internationally is actually a big deal. Even though I’m not a k-pop fan I can say it’s popular because when I went on youtube, IDOL was in my recommended with over 100M views. Also, can I just say, not many people know how to speak fluent Korean in America, and in music I believe many people listen to it often for the meaning of the song. Without even knowing the meaning of the lyrics, people still listen to it. In addition, a lot of their music on youtube has way more views than the population of South Korea. Lastly, as an example, BTS apparently said that they wanted to collab with a certain artist and that artist tweeted that they would love to collab with them. That proves how popular k-pop has become internationally. Also, sorry for my bad English, it isn’t my first language.

  81. Aaron

    I am trying to understand the purpose of this article, but yet I come back to my question of so what? I think the majority already know these facts, but still, Kpop is being a trend, and even though I am not into that, I can surely say that BTS has more than enough for their success. BTS has an insane amount of views that I don’t even count them because this whole mainstream thing is messed up, but so do I think with Drake, Ed Sheeran and other famous. You have to say that they are doing great, BTS didn’t ask to be in America, they were practically invited.

    • Anonymous

      oh my gosh, finally someone who agrees that they were the ones who were invited.

  82. water

    even if what you say is true, as some sort of journalist this article was not neutral and subjective, it does sound like one sided. how do you know for sure that K-Pop will not invade the music industry worldwide in the future..based on facts from the past.. the past is the past..nobody has the crystal ball to know what exactly happened in the future (that’s why keep it neutral). but the most not right thing about this article is it tries to shape other people opinion, and of course, this sort of bad review could travel fast ..if not weaponize by the armies …wow BTS fanbase is amazing…
    and chilled.. BTS is sort of britney +elvis+beatle+coolio+bsb+bruno mars+ jacko kind of vibe that blend together, kind of the new prince of pop. I just explain how I feel though, no offense to those legend fans, I also fan to those legends too….I’m musically illiterate, just listened to any music for pure entertainment and not some gals screaming at the airport, work in the academic area, young at heart.

  83. Fred

    K-pop is getting pumped up by the media because it’s the Liberal White Guilt thing to do. Just like how they tried to make Crazy Rich Asians into some kind of seminal moment for Asians in Hollywood. Guess what? Nobody in America is going to give a shit about K-pop or Asian actors in a couple of years because nobody really gives a shit about them NOW.

  84. shittygooks

    i was born in korea and im still in the fucking hell. theres no hiding spot from shitty kpoop noises. every koreans spamming the kpoop shit regardlessly every day every over night that i can’t sleep well. and the kpoop shit koreans are spamming are not just noise. the sounds of kpoop alike the shit as i want to escape korea somehow. koreans are so bothersome and intrusive enought to forcing others to listen their crappy shitty kpoop noise that i dont even want to know about it. koreans are so anti democratic unlike southern part of korea trying to pretend. i will assume kpop fans are teenager or grown immature and they all lack of individualism and respect of others ears. if you dont think you are please use earphone or headset or dont leak kpoop noise anywhere else. then i wouldnt have any clue who is the immature kpoop fan and most importantly my ears will be safe from kpoop. now im very disappointed about united states and starting to hate bilboboard or anything that related with kpoop.

    • Anonymous

      Im not a teen, im Korean, Im a Democrat

  85. just someone who doesnt wanna fight (call me a wussy if you want.. i wont care)

    k so im sorry if you dont like BTS but uhh idk maybe they are rising to the top but you cant see it. and if they werent rising then why do they get over 10k likes on their twitter post in less than 30 second. HMMMM???!!! BUt this is ur oppinion and no one has to be forced with following it with you. A TONNNN of people are into kpop and some hate it.. im a person who loves it but i dont discriminate with other types of music so i dont think you should either. so PLEASE just accept it EVEN if you hate it with ur life. ok???

  86. Devon

    I don’t like k pop. It’s so childish and shallow. And they always try to compare with western pop music. So annoying. ….it’s ok for them to exist. But don’t try to brainwash ppl make ppl dumb.

  87. becky

    many people undrstand me wrong i don’t hate them i just think that koreans don’t desrve to be invited in shows anymore
    why just they don’t stay in their nationals shows like others?
    this korean invasion must stop like china did
    this must stop
    there are everywere in shows i can’t watch them
    i know there are trend now,but this is too much

    sorry for my bad english

  88. becky

    i’m very dissappointed that america accept k pop with open arms,so i start to hate my favorite shows because k pop slowly take donination there
    k pop is the worst thing happen in world

    • Anonymous

      Where r u from? I understand how u feel…. but I don’t think they can take over or Sth….. they’re not that good. Basically just based on copying western pop and plastic surgery…..and try brainwashing people……

  89. Anonymous

    BTS is becoming more popular everyday in America and other parts of the world. They sold out Citi Field Stadium in New York in literally under ten minutes. They have have also completely sold out every other concert in their world tour. Your argument is invalid, and I think most people and even you know that.

  90. Rever

    I think you wrote this article to get more attention and boost your popularity. You are pretty smart I guess, I did read your article because it featured BTS. I have to commend your use of ‘hated but popular’ tactic. Next write about how global warming is over rated. Oh well I’m not sure if it would work as well as using the biggest boy band on planet right now.

  91. becky

    bts and k pop is the worst think happen in the world
    i’m very disappointed people,this garbage k pop became more important,they are invited everywere ,they slow put many singers in they shadow and soon will be fogrotten , i’m no impressed from bts and any another group they are all same dancing,singing,their colorful videos and expensive videos is on top of desperation for world attention… they get it what is next
    this is what i think about k pop in global level
    koreans with years was desperate for world fame, psy try and failed
    and many more so what this bts make them special from others,nothing
    i don’t hate them,
    (hate and no support)big different
    i still think they don’t belong in grammys
    i understand k pop fans(no asian fans) but not forget to support the own singers and they work hard to get where they now,don’t hard work only koreans
    and we working hard to make something in life
    this is the last from me
    bye bye

    • Kpop fan. Proud to be one and does not give a single fuck.

      I laughed at this for like a good 20 minutes. You didn’t have to post a wall of text just because you don’t like a genre of music. If you don’t even like Kpop then why make an entire article about it? Yes, this is your opinion, but realize that this can trigger many fans of k-pop. I may be a k-pop fan myself and I really enjoy the music. I can’t even get mad at this at all. LOL
      Haters are gonna hate. And I don’t even give a fuck. xD
      Even this entire comment section has me laughing hysterically.

      • This ARMY is a crazy bitch when it comes to talking about our Bangtan

        Foreal lol

  92. Anonymous

    Time to teach you guys some history, Korean pop culture started getting popular among Asian countries in the 90s because of their TV Dramas and movies, not only that they have some beautiful ballad songs in those drama and movies, that is why i prefer Kpop in the 90s and the early 2000s era, back than solo artist really stand out because they have good music good vocals, but after mid 2000s the kpop industry changed tremendously, they have focused making idol groups, everyone has to be pretty cute and good looking(most of them done plastic surgery of cause) makes them attracts more fans, there is video of JYP on you tube, he had a speech about the future of his company he said we’re making stars not music, that is why Korean groups performance is priorities over vocals, songs with heavy fast beat, fancy dance choreography and cache lyric will definitely makes most teenager fall in love. Korean company think artist is like a product that can be manufactured, yes something like dancing stage present but not vocals, this is a gift from the god, yes time will improve your singing ability but u can’t manufacture uniqueness, vocal teacher in the company will teach u singing in a certain way same goes with other trainee that is why no matter what genre of music they singing most of the them sounds the same, after all these thoughts i still enjoy today’s Kpop but music wise not up to my standards.

  93. Nessa

    Wellllllll….. while it’s true that BTS do not have the same sales numbers as popular American acts, saying that it means they’re not popular isn’t exactly true either. I mean they did sell out their entire American tour INCLUDING a freakin stadium in New York… but sure, yeah, must just be a few teens hyping things up… ?

  94. don't listen to kpop but had to comment

    Your article might have had that 1% more credibility than its lack of one if you hadn’t chosen to diss the Beatles in that manner. To pretend the British invasion of the Beatles (and by extension many other British numbers) is pretty much you exclaiming to the world what a narrow minded braindead arse you are.

  95. Grandma Nancy

    If it’s so gosh darn unpopular, then why the hell did you write about it?

    Yes, you wanted the hoards of irrelevant small numbered fans to click on your posts didn’t you little boy? Must have been such an unpopular topic that you decided to write an article just to receive such a measly amount of clicks. Tut tut

  96. Ari

    K, but we don’t need validation from a frat boy. It can’t be denied that there’s a growing popularity. Of course the genre would be at a disadvantage to american singers in the US but the US isn’t the only country in the world. Also, stop patronizing something just because it’s popular among “teenage girls”.

  97. Whutwhut

    Im not a BTS fan (just generally a KPOP fan), but you messed with the wrong fans.

  98. You don't have to know the language to enjoy the music

    Man, life must suck with your head constantly up your ass.
    The fact that any Kpop is making American Top charts, makes it popular. That’s what the charts are. Popular songs. Just because something is more popular, doesn’t change the fact that it’s still on the list when 3 years ago no Korean dreamed of making American charts.

  99. Proud to be a kpop fan.

    There might be a language barrier between us and kpop, but srsly, whatever you wrote in this article is not true. We look up to kpop idols like our role models. Obviously you don’t understand a thing. I’m proud to be a kpop fan and idgaf about you.

  100. Y O U S U C K

    This was a really bad written article. The charts dropped after weeks? Well duH? was it suppose to stay there forever? You didn’t even account the numbers for it being popular? This article was so biased and so stupid. You acted like you did your research but you didn’t really look into it. Disappointing. Stop writing, you idiot. No one wants to hear your thoughts. You’re a bigger disappointment than the charts dropping. L O S E R. Get a life.

  101. Y O U S U C K

    This was a really bad written article. The charts dropped after weeks? Well duH? was it suppose to stay there forever? You didn’t even account the numbers for it being popular? This article was so biased and so stupid. You acted like you did your research but you didn’t really look into it. Disappointing. Stop writing, you idiot. No one wants to hear your thoughts. You’re a bigger disappointment than the charts dropping. L O S E R. Get a life. YOU A HOE IN THE MUSIC INDUSTRY TRYING TO SAY SOMETHING STUPID.

  102. Y O U S U C K S O B A D

    The last paragraph was the most cringing thing I have read on the internet. You were obvsly butthurt or something or even racist. Die mafakar.

  103. TBH

    TBH, it’s not a kpop takeover. It’s a BTS TAKEOVER. So, die hater. You sounded like you shitted this article from your biased taste in music. Who are you, trash???

  104. Anonymous

    Okay, have you ever heard any other asian album top the American charts? No. Only kpop did. So, think about that and don’t ever write again please.

  105. ooh you funny

    okay um, I think all the charts Bts topped in foreign countries just called you a garbage.

  106. psy

    K-pop artists are very popular for manipulating their popularities.
    It is why your friends and relatives don’t know “World most popular K-pop artists”.

    • move on

      My friends and relatives also didn’t know who One Direction was, nor Arriane Grande or Beyonce actually…. they must all be unpopular nobodies also… if “real” popularity depended on “your friends and relatives” then nobody would be popular.

  107. Won

    This may be an unfriendly article, but I do feel embarrassed every time when news titles such as ‘K-pop conquer America’ show up. No matter how much I like K-pop, I can’t bypass the fact that it’s just a leisure for less than 20% of the global pop audience, and that the hype is some sort of marketing gimmick. My conscience doesn’t allow me to stream for my fav neither. This manipulative practice will eventually harm K-pop industry in the long run.

    • KPOP god

      stfu whore !
      KPOP artists are very talented and good looking . It’s natural that KPOP is dominating the world.

    • ;)

      ?????? i mean that’s your opinion but what does that have to do with anything here lol? digging for insults because you can’t find anything REAL to criticize them for, huh …

  108. Whatever

    All I can say is it is popular. And f**k you. I’m an American and I listen to kpop! I have also met many people online who listen to them! And in all of my classes there are at least 4 people who listen to kpop. I’m sorry I’m triggered.

  109. Just Another Army

    I think this article was gonna mention about k-pop not just bts right??? I really think that this author just wants to hate bts..that’s it!!!

    • stating the obvious

      they only mentioned bts because NOW they are the most popular kpop group, you as an army should know how many records they set, so when trying to measure something’s popularity isn’t it obvious they should take the highest reference?

  110. KPOP god

    It’s clearly JEALOUSY !
    Americans have inferiority complex towards K-POP

  111. Anonymous

    Lol, so many trigger kpop fans. The author is right, K-Pop is far away to have popularity. The fans are the merchandisers, so annoying!

  112. Anonymous

    This legit makes no sense. So what if bts is so popular because of their fans, drake and other celebs are popular because of their fans. And why are you so mad that they are popular? Dude are you racist or something. Not cool man.

  113. what a disappointing read

    Let’s be honest here:
    This author is clearly supermegaultrabiased and comes off as really aggressive, similar to angry trolls in YouTube comments. It’s pretty obvious they’re just angry that foreigners are on the radio.
    They probably support building trump’s wall and say “SpEaK eNgLiSh We’Re In AmErIcA” while eavesdropping on bilingual strangers.
    People like Kpop. So what? Of course it’s popular, that’s why it’s called Kpop dummy. It’s the super popular Korean music that we hear about all the time, not the underground stuff, the R&B, or the rock (which y’all should listen to btw)

    TLDR: let people listen to what they like ffs. it’s sad your life has so much less joy than these fangirls that you have to write about it. This entire article reminds me of something off of r/incels lmao

  114. Me

    Why is everyone so butthurt, this article presented well analyzed arguments and facts to back them up. stop trying to discredit them under false claims of racism
    This is true the american public just doesn’t listen to kpop, if you do then continue to do so, but you are lying to yourself if you think their popularity goes beyond thei groups fanbase

  115. When your website needs more clicks, throw “K-Pop” or “BTS” in the title

    interesting how “kpop isn’t popular” but you’re still writing an article on it to get more views and clicks … if it isn’t popular then why bother covering it at all, right? it’s not going to get you any money to cover “irrelevant news,” right? 🙂

    at the end of the day, i have no respect for what people like you do because we can ALL see what you’re doing here — exploiting the name of a foreign group currently being compared to the Beatles all to get some more views on this website (god knows you need it anyways). and if you can throw in some extra xenophobia and salt because you’re so insecure about america’s place in the musical world? added benefits!

    obviously this is going to sound hypocritical, but my advice for all other readers is to just click away and never return to this website. there’s a reason they have to use clickbait to get views — it’s a sign they don’t have good content anyways. best to get opinions and articles about music from ACTUALLY DECENT sites and organizations. happy browsing 😉

  116. Vmin❤WooHo❤Baekhyun❤Kai❤

    I feel hella late but antyways I read half a paragraph and straight stopped. You obviously don’t know what your talking bout. Imma just up and guess that you probably like tRuMp cause both y’all seem to have a huge arse experience one being racist. BTS will be one of the best groups to come to America. They show their real selves, have great style, great music, vocals, rapping skills, producing skills, dancing skills, and their weird asf. And being weird is them being themselves, which is something that a lot more American artists need to do. You like to talk about BTS yet you know nothing about them. Watch some Things You Didn’t Notice or their music videos and then talk bout what you think. If you still being racists and think they aint talented or weird, then please see a doctor cause you got some brain problems. Plus it’s not just BTS there is EXO, PENTAGON, Blackpink, Twice, CLC, BigBang, NCT, and much more kpop groups with some loyal ass- arse- fans. So please correct yourself before we (A.R.M.Y., Universe, K-poppers, etc.) do it for you.

    Wuv yur ones and onwy,

  117. Anonymous

    You say ‘no other British bands ever reached the same level of popularity as American groups’ I would like to ask where you think the band Queen are from and then think about the whole ‘British invasion’ thing again.

  118. Fact

    It’s fact and I’m a fan of a k-pop group. I’ve been kpop more than 14 yrs but lately I don’t like kpop industry. Media play, tricks and hardcore streaming, that’s absurd how can I buy albums, then buy songs in itunes and need to steam on youtube and every channel when they release new song. Tag everything about the group although I didn’t say anything about them, what? It’s crazy, my life doesn’t have time to do that. I’m fan of Ed Sheeran & Adele and I never have to do this including previous kpop gen but this gen, it’s crazy that’s why I stop being a kpop fan, I’m just a fan of a kpop group, that’s it. It makes me feel better. And some kpop fans are really crazy and most of Koreans are very nationalism (no defense but it was I had experiences) I still prefer international artists. This only my personal opinion and what I had experiences, if you don’t respect it, then ignore and leave me alone, thank you.

  119. LMAO

    “Buckley at least understands that all the things he likes aren’t actually popular, and never will be”

    Wait, you guys LIKE K-pop? Then how come I see the overly-negative articles dominating? Sure K-pop is KOREAN Pop, it might not be as popular in America, but it’s as popular as American Pop in America, in Korea. Just because it’s mainly American, of course, American and English songs chart higher and last longer.

  120. fact

    why do Koreans and kpop fans keep on overstating the influence of “K-Pop”?

    K-Pop is still a relatively minor ”thing” throughout the West. It has some followers usually among younger teen girls but then so do many other genres.

  121. Anonymous

    Can We Stop Pretending K-Pop is Popular?
    Sounds like
    Can we stop eating noodle? cause I’m hate it.
    Can we stop go Asia? cause I’m hate there.
    Can we stop talk about fifa world cup? cause I’m not interested in it.
    Can we stop seeing your article here? cause we hate your shit.

  122. Annoyed at author for stating and opinion they know will put a genre down.

    Popularity – the state or condition of being liked, admired, or supported by many people.
    And yes, it is liked by a big number of people. May not include you, but many others do. So yes, Koop is popular. It doesn’t need a flippin ranking of numbers. Popularity isn’t based off that. You don’t have to understand kpop or like but at least show some respect to the artist, even if not the fans. We don’t need opinions that are rude. If you want to say something, please look into the definition of popularity rather than rankings. They don’t need to be better than Drake or Ed Sheeran to be popular. Also this article is somewhat putting kpop down. Don’t do that. We don’t put down other artists.

  123. Anonymous

    Will each and every K-pop act succeed outside of Asia? No. Should these artists consider non-Asian markets if they happened/managed to be appealing to them? OF COURSE.

    The “K-pop” subgenre is here to stay, whether you like it or not. (The fact that you wrote this article gives K-pop MORE publicity OUTSIDE of Asia.)

  124. Can we stop pretending this article is popular?

    I mean, just saying, why bother posting this? Obviously, you’re just hurting the feelings of people who like k-pop, and also hurting Koreans because after all, its their culture. If you don’t like k-pop, keep it to yourself. Not everyone wants to read about you whining how you don’t like something. What is it with you? Geez. People like you are so rude. They’re the ones I hate.

  125. hah

    You suck adam buckleywhatever you idiot. i’m never coming to this website again and i’m going to discorage it from all my friends too bad for you honey

  126. Astraea Luna

    “Buckley is a loudmouthed prick who managed to get famous on YouTube somehow. He’s most well known for his rants, his annual Worst Songs lists, and his Musical Autopsy series.”

    Before reading this article, I never knew that this person existed. But the one thing that stopped me from losing every drop of respect for this human being once I finished this article was that, Adam Buckley, as least you know that you suck.

  127. An American

    Your title is wrong…”Can We Stop Pretending K-Pop is Popular?” should be “Can We Stop Pretending K-Pop is Popular IN THE U.S.?” K-Pop is incredibly popular in many parts of the world, although I admit not as much in the states. Also, in Asia most steaming are not done on Pandora or Spotify (I don’t think China even allows it), but in their own popular Asian apps that Billboard doesn’t take into account.

  128. Warning:This makes no sense

    Why are people so closed minded they say they hate BTS fans because they always get mad whenever someone says something bad about BTS when these dumb (sorry if this is offencive) people start posting hate on BTS and they dont exspect fans to react and i do respect some people who are just stating there opionion and giving reasons that are not bad on why they dislike them or they just hate kpop but seriosly please stop ( sorry for my spelling and i know this probaly made no sense and has nothing to do with the article but i just wanted to get this out there again im sorry) bye

  129. Sorry

    All im gonna say is i respect your opionion but nu just nu im sorry but i dont like your opionion but im gonna try to respect it

    I dont even know


    I will go





    I will go for realz


  130. K-pop Noona!

    How does it look now? I am pretty sure k-pop is making strides in the American industry….and it’s not just BTS though, there are other groups becoming popular here. Might want to suck it up buttercup because I am pretty sure k-pop is here to stay and get more popular! Welcome to the world of k-pop! Embrace it, enjoy it!

    Ahhh one more thing…


  131. Anonymous

    Not every fan is the same. So please don’t equate this craziness and screaming to every Kpop fan. Kpop is trending these days and although I agree with some of what you said in your article, judging by your tone and the way you address Kpop in general, it doesn’t seem like you have a very fair perspective on the situation. I suggest you try to make yourself aware of how talented these groups are and how much they should be encouraged before you start to criticise their passionate fans. Don’t judge a book by its cover honey

  132. Hope

    oof ew i shouldve know from the writing this was adam buckley are you ever not complaining about something. also love the casual racism buddy you’re doin great

  133. ANGEL

    such nonsense. haters gonna hate. Articles like this should be barned. you are just mad cause you don’t like them doesn’t mean you have to say bad things about them and they are not the only South Korean band

  134. Random Guy

    It feels like the one who wrote this is article threatened; afraid to attend a Korean class.
    Well shake it off, man.

  135. Anonymous

    Um tell me how Kpop isn’t popular but there is over 3 million people that like Kpop ALL OVER THE WORLD so try again….. and Kpop is more popular than you will ever be. You need to put in facts not opinions like for real cause if you look up who is the most popular boy group in the world and you look at a article it will have BTS as 1. and the ONLY AMERICAN BOY GROUP IS ONE DIRECTION AND THEY SPLIT UP…. talk about Kpop again, you better have some facts or talk good about them…. cause you have no right to talk about Kpop like that, what has Kpop ever done to you…

  136. Just a Person

    K-Pop is more known than you think, and just because BTS, EXO, TWICE, BlackPink etc. isn’t as well known as Ed Sheeran or Shawn Mendes or Ariana Grande doesn’t mean it’s not popular.

  137. Anonymous

    Nobody likes those ugly plastic surgery loving dog-eating creeps.

    • Alrighty then

      Nobody likes people who makes racist jokes about asians, nor does anybody like people who calls other people ugly and plastic-surgery lovers.

  138. This ARMY is a crazy bitch when it comes to talking about our Bangtan

    These people you are talkong trash about have feelings what if they were to see this trashy page. How do you think they would fell, huh? I hope you grow up and stop looking for someone to hate becsause like BTS’ message says,”love yourself”.

  139. Sam

    Never heard of them so I guess I will have to give them a lesson. I enjoy all types of music except for gangster rap which I do not like. And a lot of groups get all blown up by the record labels so the executives are the ones that are cashing in. And of course this is just my opinion.

  140. Anonymous

    It feels that half of the article is true. This is all bcause the sycopath fan.Some more I accidently heard new song dua lipa ft black pink.It was so annoy to listen the girl singing in korean.If you already international then use ENGLISH please!!!

    • Athenis

      The reason they are international is the fans. People that don’t care about the language difference. Why should they be forced to change to English when they are from a non-English-speaking country, where the majority of their fans are? That’s like saying an English artist should have to do songs in Japanese because their music is popular there. How many times have you heard another country demanding English singers use their language instead of English? It doesn’t happen.

      It’s ridiculous to demand they change and very arrogant of you. And in reality, K-Pop has a lot of English in it already, without diminishing their own culture to ease your xenophobia. International fans are also not all English speakers, so by your logic, they should have to do every song in a dozen different languages.

      You may think English is universal, because that is what we are told, but that is very much not true. There are more people in the world that speak Chinese than there are that speak English. English isn’t even the second most spoken, because that goes to Spanish. English is third.

  141. Jessica M

    I understand why you are thinking that K-pop groups are being overhyped, but when you look at all their achievements you can see that they have gained popularity around the world. And while you have cited that BTS’ album Love Yourself: Tear dropped a dozen places after a couple weeks, it still reached the number one spot instantly. Popularity cannot be purely be measured off of album sales. A lot of an artist’s popularity comes from an active fan base. Seven out of the ten social artists are claimed by K-pop groups on Billboard Social Top 50, a chart that measures the amount of activity from fans on social networks.

    • Jessica M

      The number one spot is currently held by BTS and has been for over 2 years (110 weeks) This is astounding considering that K-pop artists are beating out big names like Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran in terms of online interest. And it is more than a few “mouthy fans” on Twitter. BTS alone has over 18 million followers on Twitter. That does not include the millions of subscribers and followers on other platforms. To purely create a statement that K-pop isn’t popular, just because they aren’t continually dominating the US charts, is dismissing the international fanbase that K-pop groups have built. Being popular around the world is more impressive than narrowly focusing on the US mainstream. And while album sales might not be consistently at a high, BTS still gets millions of streams and views. BTS’ DNA music video has over 626 million views on Youtube alone. To say that K-pop groups are overrated and not popular is far from the truth. If over half a billion views on a single video, beating plenty of big artists, does not count a being popular than we have very different definitions of popular. And while K-pop groups might not be on the radio in America, it does not mean that they aren’t getting plenty of plays around the world from dedicated fans that enjoy their music.

  142. This article is a Waste of Your Time.

    Whoever wrote this your wasting your time because your opinion is not popular and it not that relevant. I just wanted to say this to you.

    • 않나

      Ok, I just have to say this:
      I have been in love with kpop for 6 years. That’s BEFORE BTS even debuted. so why are we only talking about BTS? My favorite group isn’t even BTS, its SHINee. This so called article doesnt give us anything other than opinions based off of facts. I am fluent in both English and Korean, and most of the words are very meaningful. They provide comfort and this whole thing is just saying that kpop is stupid because…because why exactly? Because kpop idols have skill and talent that Americans figured out (Late no offense). To be fair, I’m actually auditioning to become a JYP kpop idol, and there is a lot of stupid crap and a lot of pressure. Americans (most not all, lets not be racist here), don’t see all this. Like SHINee’s Jonghyun (I still cry) commited suicide because of kpop’s brutal pressure. so don’t hate, appreciate. Not all groups are the same. Kpop is complex. It took me 6 years to finally stand up.

  143. Just a kpop fan

    Can you just leave them alone!!!Let them live their life however they want.

  144. Oh, Sweetheart.

    Why did this pop up in my news feed? Why am I reading this? Anyways, pull your head out of your ass. Are you just scared that Korean’s have fans of their music?

  145. Anonymous

    They are asking them to be on their show because they are famous.If they aren’t then they wouldn’t be asked. Also t
    hey didn’t beg for them to be on their show, I mean, they wouldn’t care if they say no right? Besides they can invite so many artists apart from them cuz they are not the only one who is famous.

  146. waste of space

    Why don’t YOU stop pretending that Kpop is popular and stop writing about it, you’re piggyback riding on it to get some views and comments… which you actually got. Well, Congrats! We can now pretend you’re popular, Adam.

  147. Enlight

    After reading this article and founding out the author, it’s someone I watch on YouTube, other readers may not understand his typical views aways in a negative and rants why he doesn’t get why (insert any thing) is popular.

    After reading this I don’t really take this thing seriously Buckley is the type of guy who would write this article.

  148. Snape

    Hi I’m French and my english is bad so it will be short. As a big kpop fan, I think BTS have many fans because they concentrated their activities on America and changed their original rap style for an American-sounding pop to become popular. As one of the 2% kpop fans who aren’t fake and who know at least 300 korean bands out of the 800 which exist, I dislike BTS since their way of being is fake (be4 they were funny and now they act like American ppl, I mean a lot of American celebrities act fake yes, take if for yourself) and their music has nothing in common with the kpop genre. Yes I wonder how ppl could listen to Fake Love, this sounds just like some new western-pop shit (same your American pop was better before… but now it is still popular just because of the American power abroad, we’re obliged to have your repetitive music in our ears if we listen to the radio, why god). If they don’t stay on the charts, it’s because of the American supremacy, you naive child. Did you think it was as easy for an Asian artist to be on the American charts than for an American artist… Go and watch on the Japanese charts if they’re not well ranked. They had the luck to debut with having YT and the full Internet, so they succeeded, yes they have a lot of fans. But it’s not because we only hear of them that they are this good, they are popular only since they make their music sound like what American listen too (some exceptions maybe like Idol…). The real kpop is still the one that sounds Korean. Look, you probably only heard of Blackpink, BTS, Monsta X and Red Velvet because you can’t be curious for a second and stop thinking American ppl govern the earth. DBSK are the gods of kpop, and it’s not because they didn’t reach American charts that they aren’t the only foreign artist to have performed in Nissan stadium, the biggest stadium in Japan. They are the band who makes the more money at SMTOWN, the biggest kpop agency, and they are even in this stupid book “Guinness book” in 2008 for the biggest fandom and the most photographed artist in one year. They received the prices of Best Asia artist, Kings of Kpop and Gods of kpop and ofc a lot more. Is that because you, an American, doesn’t know them that they aren’t the biggest artist in Asia? So at least if BTS reach the American charts, stop saying they aren’t popular. It’s like you don’t know Asia exists and think your continent is the sole. I wish they weren’t that popular, so they wouldn’t produce shit and change their comportment, but that’s the reality. And just stop hating kpop because of the poor idea you have of it. Go and listen to some Rising Sun, it will wash your ears which must be full of Madonna’s horrible voice.

  149. Anonymous

    I think the issue with this article is tone. The writer is condescending.

  150. A

    I have to disagree a bit, as an American. But thats for big states. You go to Cali where I am from and New York where I live part time or Illinois mainly Chi-town where my fam lives, them boys are everywhere. Whats the source of your stats because you are incorrect. That dedicated group of ARMY actually has an account with sources and proof that tracks the progression of their music and charting. People who don’t listen to Kpop which BTS are not unless you mean Korean Popular Culture ….they know who BTS are. Now they don’t react weirdly as they would have in a past, which I agree had negative effects. But, now they just go oh that group okay and move along.

    ARMY this person isn’t racist they are just trying to say its still not the cool thing, its more ‘niche’ which I agree 100% and I like that. But it still isn’t as weird or negatively reacted to as the past, so I disagree with the author there. Also, why let this article get to you. It is dedicated ARMY that gets the boys attn that is true and this article should not upset you. The author said Kpop and only used BTS because they knew it would attract attn because as much as they say Kpop is not as well know etc etc, they knew that BTS would be known well enough to increase readership. Think about, a contradiction in one article.

  151. randomguy1337

    This is just another proof for me that many americans don’t know shit about the rest of the world and only care for themselves but want the rest of the world listen and watch their shit.

    • Make America Great Again

      This is just another proof for me that a random guy like you hate Americans. The U.S. is the best country in the entire world. Our military can wipe your ass clean, little boy.

  152. KGB

    lol never read so much shit with so little words, this is just a clickbait news by a stupid fucking selfcalled journalist.

  153. Anonymous

    lol to be honest and its my personal opinion then this article was pretty racistic towards KPOP…. + all of those “usa singers” he mentioned in this article…. who the fuck are they??? I have never heard of them before…. ohh well maybe becus for me the only good music is KPOP now, then and forever because I know kpop artists are much better and more talented then usa artists where moste of them cant even sing or dance like KPOP idols do

  154. Anonymous

    K pop is popular the world over and this interest in Korean music is just part of the “Korean Wave”, the rise in interest in Korean culture the world over since about the year 2000.

    Korean dramas, which can be found on the site Kissasian, are now very popular in Asia and are watched in many other countries.

  155. FM

    Kpop IS popular or you would not be here writing about it.

    It’s popularity is growing.

    Is it the single most popular type of music in the west right now? No, that would be “artists” like Ariana Grande, probably, but this does not mean Kpop is not popular.

    “I don’t think Americans are going to have to take an Introduction to Korean course to be able to listen to the radio any time soon.”

    This shows how ignorant you are. Are people listening to the Beatles or Micheal Jackson fluent English speakers (or know English at all). You can enjoy songs even without understanding the lyrics… and since there is the internet you do not even need to learn a language to have the translation of the lyrics.

    Maybe it’s time this platform reconsiders your usefulness.

  156. Freddy Deeb

    The idiot writer misses one big point. You do not need to know Korean in order to enjoy Kpop. I am a 50 year old white guy, and I find their music SUPERIOR to the utter crap that passes as music today in the US. The lyrics are better, the music is better and the singers simply have better voices. These singers trained for YEARS before releasing a single song. A lot of their songs have verses in English, and it simply works. Most US pop is the same verses repeated with mumbling in between , so whether. Korean sounds like a pretty language to me so I will take it any day over American mumbling.

    Keep your Lady Gaga and Thug Hip-Hop.

  157. annonamous

    I agree with every body else you would not write this article besides im a kpop fan my self at the age of 11 i have depression o.c.d and i’m color blind they helped me find my voice my way to stand up to bullies my life was not easy i cried in corners wishing i did not have to be around these people but they helped me trough this besides you dont know what there songs even mean besides i speak three languages siberian spanish and hawian

  158. protector

    stop pretending you are important and your articles are good and your opinions are required

    stop hating on BTS without proof and a heart

    • anonymous

      they’re just clout chasers!! they have more comments on this post than almost any other article lol

  159. Anonymous

    bts work hard to achieving those goal but because people are not good at the other people who needs us the most. bts needs us will they are working heard. if we know how life is hard we will not let bts down. who ever agree with me than we have to start caring about each others. thank you

  160. Interest of Others

    OK. KPOP is not popular stateside. And What ?

  161. Zzzzzzz.... another article by another hater. NEXT!

    hate to break it to you sweetheart, but BTS had the 2nd best-selling album in 2018… that was American audiences too. only Drake sold more than them. I’m not even a BTS fan (I stan Super Junior and EXO) but these kind of ignorant, racist, a$$hole, entitled white guy articles that think only Americans or Brits can produce good music are SOOOOOOOOOOOO annoying. get out of your little tiny world please.

    • Zzzzzzz.... another article by another hater. NEXT!

      also, NO ONE CARES if it’s popular in america or not. we just like kpop for what it is. America is not the end-all, be-all word of what is worthy of accolade of not.


    LMAOOOOO You’re literally so hilarious.
    You might think- oh I’m so unique and original with your half ass attempt on trying to be original. However, you need to grow up and face the facts that Kpop IS popular and how I even stumbled on this irrelevant piece of bias opinionated article is beyond me. I just know that your view on popular might differ from what others base popularity on and if you DO become popular or have a sip of it; you might learn to sit down and understand that you could NEVER achieve what BTS has, hate to break it to you. You’re just an uncultured swine who lives in his small world where you think America is the only country that exists.
    Sooo at the end of it all, you’re just a loud-mouthed prick who lacks common sense

  163. ARMY from America

    I just wanna say that BTS didn’t start as a Kpop group. They wanted to go into Hip Hop and he known as a hip hop group. Then later they grew their music and tried different things.

    I would also like to say BTS aren’t the only K-POP group to come to the U.S. don’t get me wrong I love them but we do need other information on the other K-POP groups.

    I think reporters are clinging on to BTS because of the fans . The fans do everything for them and there is a lot of ARMY in the world. Honestly in my opinion ( as an American ) a lot of American music is not doing so well. By that I mean the music isn’t that good and way too weird.

    • a

      Please educate yourself on what K-pop actually stands for, definition, evolution etc. and then say bts is not k-pop. Otherwise, I agree with you.

  164. WhoCares

    Theres a LOT that can be said about K-Pop and why it sucks (I f*cking hate it and I’m Korean-American), but to say it is unpopular is just… Lol that says more about the writer than the music.

    “Man, K-Pop must be the biggest fucking thing in the United States right now, huh?”

    This article is proof of what I’m talking about, you don’t hate K-Pop for any real reasons other than its NOT American. Racial shit. As per usual… Write a 2000 word essay about it, OUTRAGE! Morons…

  165. salty much?

    but it IS popular though..? i don’t understand the point of this article and i can literally feel the salt just by reading it. this is definitely a biased opinion lmaoo

  166. Anonymous

    the reason why i don’t like k pop is some of people in fan base are toxic ,Suddenly I couldn’t stand watching these spineless girls prancing around, screeching about how oppa makes their heart beat faster, in such a bright, overexposed filter that made my eyes bleed. I couldn’t stand watching these soulless boys turn and swerve in an awkwardly dramatic chorography and equally awkward clothes.

    I realized just how shallow and manufactured kpop is,songs is ridiculous no original and creative enough. They use same old formula of repeating motifs to try to make all the songs catchy and popular.Many songs are just rip off of western pop songs. E.g. lets take the band who has recently got a lot of spotlight in USA, BTS. BTS’s song “fire” uses beat of popular song “Turn down for what” by DJ Snake.
    They focus less on the music and more on dance routines performed by “good looking” group of guys or girls who do “ayego”. What the Fu** is that ? I find that “ayego” s**t cringe worthy as hate just this is my opinion

  167. What's your point

    So obviously i understand the point but i have to say one thing, popularity it key. Your dumb fucking asses should know that, but all you have to fucking do is go to a damn studio and put out a catchy song like the “bitch ima cow” song and then stupid ass people will fucking listen to it and like it and before you know, they’ll be #1 on billboard. So the explosion from every other kpop group thats not BTS, needs to put out a song that people will like and probably sing about something that actually happens in their life, and ohh lets not forget they have to actually write it themselves, and boom their #1. So shut the Fuck up.
    Have a nice day Asshole;)

  168. Who hurt you?

    I wouldn’t be suprised if this article was just for clickbait, but why are you so pressed man? Like I have never been so mad about anything in my life. I cannot even imagine what it is like being this bothered about anything. Must be rough.

    • lmao

      i know right? this dude has some serious issues, must be sad to be a grown ass man getting sensitive over seven asian boys taking over the world.

  169. sweetanjell

    to me kpop music is more relaxing then some american music because lot of kpops helped with my anxiety and self harm things deal with everyday life because all american talks about drinking or sex or just drugs or making you feel bad about yourself. for BTS they help learn to love myself . fellow my dreams and do not take to heart what people say about you because what counts what the people who care about you of you and what you thing of yourself

  170. YOUR DAD

    Look, history always has it’s ‘immature’ segment of music and style. Where else can pubescent teenagers with bad boundaries and bordering Narcissism express themselves? Leave Kpoop alone

    • John

      This is what is known as a back handed compliment folks ???

  171. John

    What’s funny is this is months after this article was published and there are 2 articles relating to kpop in the magazine now

  172. JustSaying

    The genre will fizzle out as the group members turn their mid 20’s into early 30’s, do their required military service, etc….also,

    Kpop is problematic in general because it likes to infiltrate without reciprocation. Spaces that the Black American community carved out for itself in music (creating many genres we hear today) are being usurped by outsiders who would not give them the time of day in their own music markets (xenophobia is rampant in South Korea)…but Black Americans are expected, as always, to receive outsiders with open arms as they don our image to secure a bag then take their costumes off and run back to their 1000+ year old history. Black American culture looks better on non Black people is the sentiment these days. Black Americans are no longer being respected as the gatekeepers of their own culture and by the time Black American artists realize that outsiders are gunning for their spot, looking to replace them with their non-black faces, “cleaner” image, and manufactured talent…it will be too late. Kpop is a fad right now, but Korea is like a virus…they see one thing work (BTS is literally blowing up worldwide), they’re prone to copy it. Soon, there will be group after group looking to debut in the U.S market and everyone is going to just eat it up. Black Americans will then complain more vocally, scream appropriation and will inevitably be told to shut up, because they’re expected to be complicit and complacent with their own erasure.

    Yep I said it, because no one else will.

    • NNN

      @JustSaying Uhh, what you’re describing has been happening in the U.S., on a much more dramatic scale, for at least the past 15 years as hip hop has been increasingly fused into and appropriated by mainstream pop. And that has had nothing to do with the South Korean music industry. The issues you describe are real and are important, but to focus at all on Kpop’s role is to miss a much, much bigger picture.

      In other news, Blackpink are currently making their way around the U.S. They are, of course, signed stateside to none other than Interscope Records, a label that (coincidentally?) was largely responsible for taking hip hop “mainstream” more than 20 years ago (and probably before a lot of the folks on this thread were born). This isn’t their first foray into Kpop, having tried and flopped with SNSD earlier in the decade, and it probably won’t be their last.

  173. blackpink in your area

    The genre will fizzle out as the group members turn their mid 20’s into early 30’s, do their required military service, etc….also,””

    many groups are still relevant after military service.and kpop exist for 30 years and is’s will go nowhere.

    “”are being usurped by outsiders who would not give them the time of day in their own music markets (xenophobia is rampant in South Korea””

    you clearly don’t know what your talking about black musicians are VERY POPULAR amongs koreans and hugely respected. you have many black producers who wrote for the kpop scene and many gives props to kpop for keeping r&b alive (yeah bacause the chris brown trey songz non sense are completly trash).and xenophobia exist everywhere against black do you really think south korea s more anti black than america? last time i check police in america shoot more black people than korean polie shoot black.

    others things,asians singers are non existant in the western music industry so how they gonna steal black music if they don’t have power to do?

    “”Black Americans will then complain more vocally, scream appropriation and will inevitably be told to shut up, because they’re expected to be complicit and complacent with their own erasure.””

    cultural appropriation work when “privilegied people” steal from underprivilegied people culture.asians in america don’t have the power white people have so it’s doesnt make sense

    • NNN

      In the U.S., African-American and Korean-American (and, sometimes more broadly, Asian-American) communities have a long history of antagonism toward one another, so those suggestions aren’t unreasonable. Many Americans of all colors do consider Asian-Americans to be *vastly* more privileged than their African-American and Hispanic counterparts, and the appropriation of Black culture by Asian-Americans (for want of a minority identity of their own), especially in the 90s and 2000s, has been so commonplace that whole books and TV shows have been made about it.

      Obviously, racism in America is a highly-visible, systemic problem with widespread impact (which, for your information, goes far beyond police brutality). But it reflects the fact that, at least in the U.S., you do have large groups of minorities living side-by-side, a fact that can’t be said about Korea or many other Asian countries. People of African descent that do live in Korea can face extraordinary obstacles to living a normal life, and can experience significant and overt demonstrations of racism that, unlike in the U.S., are generally condoned by the public-at-large and even the country’s laws. The United Nations has repeatedly criticized South Korea for its legalization of racism and lack of anti-discrimination laws.

      • blackpink in your area

        “”African-American and Korean-American (and, sometimes more broadly, Asian-American) communities have a long history of antagonism toward one another,”””

        they also a long history of standing togeter.did you know they were asians amongs the black panther party?

        “” Many Americans of all colors do consider Asian-Americans to be *vastly* more privileged than their African-American and Hispanic counterparts,””

        which obsiously is a lie.the model minority is a construct by white to divide poc solidarity.

        “””People of African descent that do live in Korea can face extraordinary obstacles to living a normal life, and can experience significant and overt demonstrations of racism that,””

        like i said they are cases of racism everywhere.but you can’t compare racism in south korea, which is individual prejudice, to systemic racism created by whites.and by the way i have numerous stories of black who lives in korea and they said they prefers their life in orea than the usa.

        “”. The United Nations has repeatedly criticized South Korea for its legalization of racism and lack of anti-discrimination laws.””

        whites countries have no leçons of racism to give to others countries when their countries was founded with the genocide, rape ,enclavemend and overall degradations of poc for centuries

  174. Rubbish

    Fast forward 2019. BTS is breaking new records everywhere. BLACKPINK is also. KPOP is great. Open your mind try new things. It does not hurt! I promise 😉

    • R u b b i s h for you

      This article is not hate. You are the hater.

  175. JK Schuyler

    Golly, you were extremely wrong, my dude. BTS ARMYs are everywhere.

  176. Meh

    You tried to compare the Beatles to k-pop
    Like seriously wtf man, you absolutely have no clue in music.

    And in the 60s and 70s, the British completely dominated the music scene.

    • cow man

      Are you kidding me?
      I listen to the Beatles sometimes to put me to sleep.

      You seriously cannot be comparing Beatles to BTS.

      Like comparing Beetle to a Tesla

  177. biased opinion? get out ?

    lol someone’s angry. Adam Buckley huh? just so you know, biased opinions aren’t all that great when writing professional articles. but then again, this isn’t really a professional article, it’s just a man ranting about a bunch of asian boys online.

  178. Jungkook-Hyung

    Lets make something CRYSTAL clear: Most of the people who say “You can’t even understand it.” More than likely listen to Despacito. That song is majority SPANISH,and HALF of the people singing along to it dont even know whats being said. So drop that excuse, and just let it be. Honestly, there is no denying that there is an “im better than you” vibe, and honestly its revolting,

  179. Amelia

    Sorry, we can’t hear you over the cheering from outsold STADIUMS (with a capacity of around 90,000) worldwide: London, Seoul, LA, Chicago, New Jersey, Paris, Japan etc. Not just BTS is breaking through. Blackpink performed at Coachella – a place full of famous, well known artists.

    Instead, can we stop jumping on the bandwagon of hating kpop for the sake of it? It is an extremely diverse genre and the reasons that people give for disliking kpop are both ridiculous and false.

  180. jimin has more jams than you

    incorrect you are jamless.

    • jimin has way more jams

      omg i love you for this comment. jimin has more jams than the author of the article could wish for.

  181. IgnoreThem

    Do not mess with K pop fans. As is obvious by 600 and more comments here, they have no other thing in their lives than supporting these poorly manufactured sugar pop uniformity. Have you ever bothered to listen to any of these K pop music? It’s usually about “how good looking you are”, “how hot you are”, “I’m so lucky to date with the world’s most beautiful person like you”, “I’m gonna sex you”, “let’s have fun party tonight”. What can you do about it? The plastic surgery mecca country will keep making these narcissistic craps and the brain damaged from previous face bone off surgery will keep buying these stuffs. Just ignore it, K pop can never make it real big in the world, or in the US. If it ever happens, that’s when I will happily kill myself. You can’t beat the crazy crowd who has one blind goal. It’s best to just avoid and ignore them altogether than having to deal with any of them. It’s a waste of time.

    • Rael

      Girls like pretty boys to be sexually marketed to them. That is what Male kpop groups are…sex candy for the eyes. If they don’t look handsome (though, I cannot for the life of me understand how anyone can look at a grown man pushing 30 with a baby face and makeup and no facial hair as handsome) then they aren’t worth stanning. Kpop is one of the most disgustingly cliche and overly produced products ever invented. It’s 90’s pop on steroids. The artists are treated like shit, the appropriation of Black American culture is cookie cutter trash at best, most artists are not artists but robots programmed to dance and sing and wear what they’re told to and the Kpop industry itself is just toxic trash and unhealthy period.

      • Rael

        Anyone the genuinely supports kpop when the industry is toxic trash needs help and are only thinking about their genitals. No sane person would ever want to support people throwing their childhood away and training hours on end to maybe get a chance at being the next robot for the kpop machine. I could never support that type of treatment of human beings. Some claim it depends on the entertainment company, but I call bullshit…the amount of stress, depression and pressure these kids are put under is utterly ridiculous and no one should be supporting it by buying into the kpop machine and what it produces. Kpop is not Art. It’s a manufactured spectacle.

        • Lear

          Your view does NOT represent the Kpop industry as a whole, and although I agree with you that some companies do not even treat their trainees and artists like human beings, you have to realize that not supporting the industry does nothing to help those that are oppressed. In fact, it’ll only makes things worse. If no one supports the industry, what do you think is gonna happen to those that can’t even debut? Like you said, they’ve wasted so much of their time to train tirelessly just for a chance to prove themselves and gain the opportunity to debut that its really not fair for them to go through so much for nothing just because no one even supports the the industry anymore. Also, you claim that those who throw away their childhood to train is ridiculous, but realize that for some trainees this is their dream and passion to debut as an solo artist or as part of a group. Who says they can’t have a normal childhood just because they are trainees? Instead of not supporting them, how about advocate for better treatment of various artists and trainees under all of these entertainment companies that fit your umbrella description of a “toxic” industry and try to change the atmosphere of the Kpop industry through implementing various policies that prevents unfair treatment of artists under a certain company?
          Also, realize that there are also many many artists or groups that have achieved great success under proper and excellent treatment by their companies and so for them and for us, Kpop IS art. Your concern regarding the controlling elements of the industry is true for many companies, but don’t go full retarded by claiming all of the industry is like that as a whole and insult people that support Kpop. Please KEEP supporting Kpop, and strive to make better improvements within the industry so that everyone gets better treatment. Don’t think with your genitals, think with your BRAIN.

  182. HOW DARE U

    u are so stupid, whoever wrote this. u must be kidding me. if u think kpop is bad, u bitch, u r worse. how dare u speak like that.

  183. Bich, wtf are you talking about?

    Why do we need to pretend when kpop is fckn popular?

    • gru

      kpop is not popular, it never will be. Rap, rock and decent pop music has always stayed on the charts. kpop has only been on the charts for a short period of time. Plus, kpop has no skill or talent.

      • Hate you!

        Boy With Luv has been on the charts for over 4 months top that you fucker

      • deal with it haters

        kpop IS popular, are you a dumbass lmao. just because it’s not as big in the united states doesn’t deny its popularity. deal with it hater. kpop obviously has skill and talent, do you want me to bash your favourite genres and say they have no skill or talent as well?

  184. bts rocks

    “”kpop is not popular, it never will be.””

    it’s a global phenomenon .its will go anywhere anytime soon.

    “”. kpop has only been on the charts for a short period of time. ”

    bts stay on the album charts for a year.

    ”kpop has no skill or talent.”

    kpop stars are more talent in one finger than all your faves.stay mad kpop is taking over ^^

  185. Fuck yeah

    A Actual Converted American GP is a cunt.

  186. Damn boy

    BTS fantards being emotionally crazy here. Somebody shove a wet towel in their burning asshole.

    • Osusannahh

      Right, they’re being crazy but your comment is oh so rational? Ok. ?

    • Anonymous

      UMM im Catholic. You sir are a disgrace!

  187. Mike

    Lots of closet kpop fans out there. They might not be buying the music which doesn’t show in the billboard numbers like the author mentioned, but many are listening to it or downloading it to their mp3 players and listening in their cars, at work, and home.

    • Jump Day

      Go back to the closet, Mike. Hang your faggot dick. People will be streaming your screams.


    I’m not even a beatles fan and I know it wasn’t just some screaming girls, they sold more albums than any group in history, over 600 million albums and 1.6 billion singles.

    • Yawn

      Who cares, fucker. And good job sharing your email to everybody. Fucking idiot.


    There’s a reason why Koreans could never do anything meaningful to the rest of humanity.

    • Nevermore

      They already did more for humanity than you will ever dream of.

    • Lillian

      Ur just a piece of human trash or what ever you are. a human even? pfft
      show some respect to them boys

    • racists gtfo

      ew looks like we have a disgusting racist in the comments. please kindly yeet yourself out of this comment section, we don’t need your kind here. BYE BITCH

  190. A Music Enthusiast

    I can see your point and I can see why people are saying it’s teenage girls, but here is a thought for you: Young people adapt more than adults to new things that are introduced to society. Also, did you know that a big reason that people like any type of music is because they can relate to it or it has a message that they want to hear, well for a lot of people now the music that serves that purpose is K-pop. Also, everyone may not see them as talented, but fans do see talent. And American Artists would be popular in America because that’s where they came from. Kpop is most popular in Korea because that’s it’s origin. Not all Kpop fans only like Kpop, so they may also stream American Artists. I enjoy almost every genre of music, but sometimes I prefer one genre over another. It’s okay that people don’t like K-pop but it’s not okay to be hateful towards people’s interests. Just because some people don’t like it doesn’t make it bad. This article seems very one-sided. I think that a better way to get your point across is to have both sides of the story. If you had the point of view of some K-pop fans vs non K-pop fans, I think this article would be more effective in getting your point across. You did support your claim very well, but you did not show people how the other side views K-pop. You only showed your point which makes people not see the whole picture. When making an effective persuasive writing, you want to have at least one section to show the other side’s point of view and going into detail about it, and then you use evidence to try to prove your point. Sometimes the evidence is very effective in proving your point and sometimes it is not but you need to show the other side. I appreciate your effort in writing, but I do not appreciate the disregard of both opinions. You wrote very well, but please share both sides next time. And one last thing, if people see this kind of thing said about Kpop or just anything in general, it makes it seem bad, and can keep people who would have enjoyed it away from it. Please don’t write to discourage others from a possible interest. Keep up your good writing skills.

  191. hehe

    hey man, you sound very mean. I would also like to add that Kpop is popular, at least in Asia for a whileeeeee now. You know how many Kpop concerts and meet and greets there are just in Hong Kong? A ton. So your statement that Kpop is unpopular is very incorrect. However I do think that Kpop would remain a niche in western music and is only sort of hitting it big now because western music as of now is lackluster, sloppy, boring. Therefore until western music rises up again, Kpop’s momentum will only be greater and greater. Also I don’t understand the language barrier thing. I don’t speak Korean nor do most of my peers and we are perfectly fine listening to Kpop and Jpop. To us, it only comes down to it sounding good and making us feel good.

  192. K PooP er

    KPooP is GARBAGE!!! All people who defending KPooP is fecesian

    • Oh Ho, Blowing off some steam

      Both you haters, make sure to read A.A&C below~~ Once again, READ BELOW??????

    • Hate you!

      Shut the fuck up if you hate K-pop so much, why did you take time to click on the article

    • Anonymous

      then your a whole canister of rubbish. hmph!

  193. A.A&C(Angry ARMY/Carat)

    Dude, while writing this didn’t you ever think,”Gosh, this is straight up discrimination and being F-ing racist…” Think about how us as fans, and them as artist feel while reading this.. not good! And your just straight up being discriminatory. You apparently only happen to hold a grudge against K-POP… No really, just imagine how it would feel like to be in their shoes. Put yourself in that situation of where you devoted YEARS into your career and so much work into making it the best it can be and then you find out someone apparently thinks that everything you worked for, everything you had devoted your life to is a big lie. You would probably feel, hurt, wouldn’t you? And the airport situation. I actually think that is a positive part of K-Pop. And all other celebrities get the SAME, EXACT treatment so wtf is your problem. So in conclusion, if you don’t have anything good to say, shut you your loud, arrogant mouth and don’t ever open it for anything, I repeat, ANYTHING that’s gonna or will hurt people’s feelings.

  194. mdgc

    ” k-pop” what a joke …i dont know what the fking happen to Americans now days

    • ?

      The world is starting to make music. Not just America trying to control everything.
      Cry me a river.

    • lmao

      oh boohoo, Americans aren’t in control anymore. what a shame :))) racists l e a v e

  195. ...

    What a dumb article. You really couldn’t make it any more subjective? If you want people to take this seriously then you shouldn’t write something that just seems like you basically bashing kpop as a whole and using edgy curse words to get your point across. What the fuck man?

    Also just try to understand that it seems like such a big deal (and it kinda is) because they’re singing and rapping in Korean. That’s the thing. They’re still getting so populair (which maybe isn’t extreeeemely much in reality) even though they are singing in a completely different language.

  196. BTS A.R.M.Y

    You are so racist. BTS are not trying to ruin western artist careers. They work hard and earned there way to where they are today. Just because you cant except that doesnt give you the right to write a hate article on K-pop. They have worked so damn hard for 6 years, so open your eyes and look at that. K-pop is actaully really popular. BTS were at the BBMA´S because they worked for it, ever heard of that?? If you ever write another article against K-pop of any sort I will make sure to report you. I may report this article as well. So stop being so god damn scared that K-pop is becoming more popular and just accept it. You just cant except that fact that people from South or North Korea are becoming popular here as well. They have helped people, such as myself with depression and suicidal states of mind. But all you see is foreigners trying to ruin peoples careers. There making millions of people lives better. They themselves have also struggled so they now from personal experience what it is like. If you dont know nothing about them dont f dare to start dissing them!!!!!!!!!

  197. bish why u hatin on BTS??

    Honestly, i JUST came across this article and i have not yet read it, the title in itself just makes me think why you sit on your backside taking the time to hate on something that is amazing?
    If your opinion is hateful towards something why the hell are you writing it?
    BTS are my favorite go-to singers and i love and support every one of the 7 members( Jimin, J-hope,V, Jungkook,Suga,RM and Jin). I’m not Korean, i’m British but i still love BTS. I hope you understand that you writing an essay about your irrelevant, incorrect,hateful opinion will not benefit you in any way, shape or form.

  198. mike

    hmmm looking at the number of comments here, I guess BTS is actually influential in many ways

  199. AmeriGurl

    I don’t disagree with everything in this article. I know the existence of K-pop for many years and I found the music generally annoying. BUT, for whatever reason I can’t explain, I fell in love with BTS – they are a total package in terms of stage performance, singing (listen to JungKook’s English cover) and most importantly their personalities. Again, I found all the other K-pop stars fake and nothing more than well manicured products. BTS is BTS themselves. They are beyond a K-pop label.

  200. Banana City

    What wrong is with k-pop? The idols are just the same as westerns (but k-pop is better). If they’re koreans, how does it make them not special. AND how would you even know that k-pop is “popular” if it wasn’t even popular? YOU RACIST IDIOTS SUCK YOUR D**K

  201. Anonymous

    No one said Kpop is popular in the US. There are just kpop fans in the US. I think your the one who got fooled.

  202. lol imagine writing an article bc u don't like Kpop

    Lol imagine writing an article about ur dislike towards Kpop but these artists make more money that u could imagine. I bet these Kpop artists can dance better than anyone in Pop 😛

  203. Your idol don't even know you exist lol

    So many butthurt fans lol I’m laughing as f*** ??

  204. k poop is rubbish

    k-poop fans can’t face the reality when people simply pointing out the truth.

    • ? we’re still thriving so deal with it

      lmao i’m laughing at you for writing this lame ass comment.

  205. Velvet Underground / New York Dolls

    kpop a no,no, corporate money grabbing machine with poor taste and cookie cutter formula just like Andre Kim fashion where has the art thou gone lol

    • Pashley1411

      Late to this article, but agree with the posters.

      American music, in general, stop sponsoring groups for tweens, neglected to put out visually attractive videos, and for PR and fan material, new US groups aren’t even remotely in the game. Yea, for big-tent artists, Khalid and Drake and such, established money makers. Meanwhile, K-pop organizes and supports a dozen NEW girl and boy groups a year. BTIS doesn’t get all the collaborations because of their winning smile; its because Big Hit pops the bucks.

      People form their music tastes, and they are set in stone, at, I’ve heard one place age 22.5, another 24. Look at “classic rock”, an audience set in concrete for 50 years. Grab those kids in their teens in the 2010’s, and there is your core American audience until the 2050’s.

      We won’t even get into that 2 billion customer base in Asia.

  206. BTS is popular within the USA

    I think over several billion views on YouTube for BTS videos is some indication of popularity… also BTS’ three number 1 Billboard albums in the United States within one year must mean something.

  207. Ha! Joke's on YOU!

    BTS released an album, Love Yourself: Answer, a month after Buckley’s ranting. It had 141,000 PURE sales (no streams added) and it lasted on the Billboard 200 for 45 WEEKS. It was DOMINANTLY Korean as well.
    And their latest album “Map of the Soul: Persona” has 4 MILLION sales WORLDWIDE (as of right now, it will probably increase later). If anything, it’s not “K-pop” that is popular, it’s BTS and BTS only. They sell out their stadium concerts, such as the one in Citi Field, have very good PURE (no streams added) album sales and many other things.

  208. Mr Smith

    Be among DE LIGHT BROTHERHOOD (DLB) on going initiation ceremony into the new world order, to benefit unending Riches, Powers, Influence and longer life from Lucifer, the Lord of MONEY! The new world order initiation ceremony is On going and interested persons who are ready to sell their souls to Lucifer in exchange for unending Riches, Fame and powers should indicate their interest by contacting lordship Akeem, DE LIGHT BROTHERHOOD UK TEMPLE LORDSHIP via Whastapp: +2347059352550

  209. Anonymous

    Kpop is popular in asia. This author is really an idiot. You can’t speak for the whole world. Are you doing some research? Kpop in MUCH BETTER than your western trash. Kpop has everything like great choreo and MUCH BETTER PERSONALITIES.

  210. Stupid author of this article

    Waste of time writing this. No one cares.

  211. Anonymous

    I do think that Kpop isn’t as big as we want it to be right now and obviously not everyone will like it. But one of the things that annoyed me the most, was the way you described the kpop fans. Yes we scream at the airport when they arrive, and yes we love standing them, but one of he main reasons we do this is because we want to support them just like they support us. Most song share about sex or breakups, but BTS write songs about self love and how to deal with things like depression and anxiety. It’s something we all experience at some point in our lives. BTS has helped us ARMYs to get through this time of ourselves. I dont think I would even be here without them. And you think that we’re just some ‘weird nerds’ that just scream at them. BTS and kpop in general, have made an impact for many people, and they’re certainly making a bigger impact than you right now. So I suggest you think before you write something like this and maybe you wouldn’t be getting this many hate comments.

  212. Anonymous

    ok I’ll “stop pretending it’s popular” when your dumbass stops shit talking them. BTS are good people and they never did anything wrong to you. If you want to hate on them, fine we don’t care, but don’t go off posting bullshit about them. If we like them then that’s for us to decide not you. Now stop fucking shit talking them because honestly do you really want five million pissed off BTS fans kicking down you door?? No you don’t. So keep this bull to yourself alright man??

  213. A Human Being

    dont hate on people youve honestly never even met. I am friends with friends of the BTS and neither me nor them appreciate the idiot who wrote this trash talking them for no damn reason. if you dont want my jalepino ass hopping down your door dont you dare put anymore shit that talks crap about them and keep it to YOURSELF because legit NONE of us want to hear this dumb shit. no one cares about YOUR opinion of them, if people like the BTS then let them. if people like KPOP in general then again let them because this is dumb shit no one wants to hear/read.

    • Gen

      I like his article. Makes perfect sense. Only ppl like you will act rude like this because a bunch of lady boys…..

  214. acapellaluv

    ⤵⤵⤵⤵ PLZ READ ⤵⤵⤵⤵

    *SHAME ON HIM & YOU!!!**

  215. AleXa_243

    Honestly, I don’t get why people do this. If you don’t like kpop then you don’t but it holds a special meaning to other people. BTS teaches Army to love themselves before loving anyone else. They made a song about how Army’s should study and focus on school. Their songs have a great meaning to many Army’s, including me, that saved them from many harmful things. Just think about how American music is just all about drugs, violence, and sex. Kpop is something that actually has meaning and tells others to be themselves, or the songs are just catchy. It also helps others get up when there are dances to the song. They can learn their favorite songs so they can get involved with their favorite bands. You hating kpop is fine but don’t make a article about it and make it all opinionated. Sure not everyone likes kpop but they don’t need to ruin it for others who actually enjoy it. I used to hide listening to kpop until I actually found friends that liked the same music I did. They also work very hard. They practice for hours in their dance rooms so they can perfect the dances for their fans. One time a BTS mde mistakes in a tour and cried because it wasn’t perfect. He wants his fans, Army, to have the best experience that they spent a lot of money for. There are also a lot of bands who do world tours and don’t rest properly. They rather have their fans enjoy their performances than having great sleep or have good health. Sure there are also toxic fans but the other fans tells them about themselves. The girl with no pants who is a sasaeng (a person over obsessing over someone or something) of BTS would do anything to be near them. The guards would push fans away so that BTS was safe. As I said if you don’t like kpop, great, but don’t put it out in this article making it seem like it’s nothing because a lot people listen to it and enjoy it. Sure let your opinion out but not in something that doesn’t have some fact in it saying kpop isn’t popular because it is actually more popular than you think.

  216. solar ECLIPSE

    Why are people Arguing over what Music should be Popular? The Grammy Awards won’t let BTS or any KPOP group win a grammy Awards, they just invite them to watch, which in my opinion is racist and the world is going into a loop where people are treating people wrong because of their race.

    • Gisele

      I’m an Asian. For me, the only reason is just because k pop music are not good enough to be awarded. That’s the fact not racism.
      Btw,you shouldn’t use anti-racism as excuses for awarding them. That’s cheating and disrespectful to music.

  217. Artemis1995

    Rating systems such as the Billboard charts are typically based on the album sales of a particular artist in a single country. They rarely, if ever, take into consideration the fact that often, people buy where it is cheapest, and typically, this is not America, which is where Billboard charts are based. Most items are cheaper in other areas of the world, so if people shop online, which is becoming increasingly more common, they are able to find better deals for the same item, from other countries. Sales like these are not counted by things such as Billboard charts, and so, for an item that has low availability in most western countries, such as K-Pop albums, people will outsource, which results in a lower ranking. People also buy these sorts of things whilst they are out of the U.S. on a trip, so once again, the albums bought are not necessarily counted. This is why it is hard for foreign music to get on the charts, and why it drops so fast. A lot of people do like K-Pop, the number is growing by the day, but due to availability issues and restrictions on imports such as this, it does not seem like it according to standard American measurements. A true measurement would be to see how it is doing worldwide, and the total number of albums sold around the world, rather than country specific. Additionally, due to the difficulty sourcing albums from physical sources, many people give up without even looking online, either because they don’t trust online sales, or because they don’t realise they can. Even more people download music that they can’t easily access within their country illegally, which is not counted by Billboard charts.
    Before anyone attempts to refute my argument, I have a quote from the Billboard charts website, “Data for Billboard’s sales charts, which include all album charts are compiled by Nielsen Music from a universe of retailers that represents more than 90% of the U.S. music retail market.”.
    Also, as stated in previous comments, there are language barriers to overcome, which causes many people to write music in foreign languages off, because if they can’t understand what’s being sung, they can’t connect to the lyrics. This is for he most part untrue, as music is its own language, one that a vast majority of people speak, and translations are often easily accessible. However, people are stuck in their beliefs, and refuse to allow music in a language they don’t understand to become equal with music sung in their language.
    While some famous people and shows from America do interview some of the more famous K-Pop groups, in general, there is not much mainstream advertising for K-Pop in America, and as such, if you aren’t overly active on social media, which is more people than you think, there is not much in the way of advertising for K-Pop groups in Western countries in general. This means plenty of people don’t have access to the knowledge that these groups exist, which once again reduces the number of album sales.
    Despite all of this, BTS has had concerts in America with more than 90 000 people in attendance, manage to get on the charts in countries outside their own, and have begun paving the way to a more multicultural music future. They have also managed to remain more humble than a good number of Western celebrities, help others whenever and wherever they can, and bring more life, energy and emotion to their performances than most Western celebrities ever could.

  218. Haha u insecure

    Then can you stop pretending your suck-ass article is gonna make kpop less famous

      • wbk sis, kpop is still great ?

        that’s not gonna stop kpop from being amazing lmao, who cares if they hate it? lots of people hate western music as well. who gives a fuck, in the end kpop is still thriving as it should be. thanks bye.

  219. Multifandom hoe

    This bitch doesnt understand that making fun of Kpop could actually make someone want to kill themselves

  220. stanned for 4 yrs

    honestly, facts.

    and we all know BTS is losing their shelf life anyway. give it another 5 years and a new kind of music’s going to be trendy and you won’t be seeing any kpop songs on the charts

    this is coming from an ex fan btw

    • Osusannahh

      The reality is, BTS started as part of the genre but the rest of the genre isn’t BTS. This article was a moderate poor take when written but it’s a REALLY bad take now, after BTS had one of the biggest selling albums and tours of 2019. The new album isn’t even out yet and it’s already at those album sale levels in presale and they’re selling out 90000 seat stadiums for the coming tour. And that’s with breaking out of the genre and creating pop that makes you think while being a blast to listen to. You don’t have to love kpop as a genre but at least be honest enough to give props where it’s due.

    • selaravin


      another artist – have 40k fans and 20k social activities (they have to do list in their life and they have acted like any other general audience )

      bts – have 20k fans and 40K social activities ( they always overpraising and over hyped for about that shiting kpop music and they fluded social media every time without good reason)

      reason is every bts fans( if only 20k bts fans in somewhere they all buy ticket one or twice same time and they pretend they are the biggest ) buy tickets in one second…that ‘s not meaning about popularity or quality

  221. Lover of GOOD music

    You say they have a small fan base in the US or West or whatever yet that fan base has such passion about a legitimately amazing group with all the more talent than 99 percent of these other western music chart clowns will ever have – that people started to notice, and not because multi million dollar deals were signed to put them right into the charts forcing them to be heard, like how western ‘popular’ music is falsely boosted to seem more popular. But because of real talent and a passionate fan base that is REAL. I hope Kpop stays healthy by staying away from USA, forget about US popularity it’s not needed and only tarnishes actual good music, keep your western trash charts.

    Opinion of a white western male.

  222. Ew

    Is no one going to talk about this person mocking idols who have fallen victim to depression and committed suicide? Are you kidding me right now? Like, the whole article is trash and they sound so salty for no reason but that part is just disgusting, Ew.

    • Anonymous

      yeah, i kind of felt the negativity. largely opinionated also

  223. shut the fuck up if you wanna be rude

    Frogwisperer is that bitch dumb???

  224. selaravi


    another artist – have 40k fans and 20k social activities (they have to do list in their life and they have acted like any other general audience )

    bts – have 20k fans and 40K social activities ( they always overpraising and over hyped for about that shiting kpop music and they fluded social media every time without good reason)

  225. Korean Kult

    Korean cults are so pathetic. Hope the virus kills them all.

    • think

      I am starting to think that you don’t have human conscience at all. I guess you do not know how alarming this virus is. I guess you do not know how this virus affects the lives of many. I hope that one day you will realize (not in a way that your country has to experience this virus; just realize it in another sense) how naive and insulting your comment is.
      Let us just pray that this virus will stop spreading and let us pray that they will find a cure to this.

  226. Myordas

    Can you guys try other kinds of pop such as A-POP (Armenian Pop), F-POP (Filipino Pop), Fr-POP (French Pop) or American POP.

  227. Don't like k pop

    The reason that k pop will never be popular in western world is because their k pop fan can never understand the spirit of Western pop music. For me, it’s so much better style, quality and deeper than k pop.
    It’s ok. Everyone has their own preference. But how come those army like to force ppl to like them? Why don’t they just like the Korean music in the Korea ?

  228. No Foul words please

    I get that people have different insights regarding this topic and I must say that I must respect whatever their insights are. However, the use of language in this article is too foul and too subjective to begin with. If an individual is going to put his/her own insights, please consider respecting the insights of others by at least using formal and appropriate language. At this moment, I am disregarding whether this article is true or not. My point here is that please refrain from using such language that will bring insult to others.

  229. kazz

    BTS are K pop in that they are Korean and they are popular but they more than that their rap is awesome and yes it’s in Korean but the music sounds great and so do their voices and thanks to great vids that explain the lyrics, not just the words at face value but the meaning behind the words and they just blow me away then there are the R and B soulful songs and yes there are the poppier ones, language should not be a barrier to enjoyment of music or songs and maybe more radio stations giving them more airplay would stop this argument in its tracks

  230. A Korean-American neutral perspective

    Just thought I’d leave this to get lost in this lengthy, lengthy, thread…

    Being Korean-American myself, I am a part of both worlds of pop culture – that are usually drastically different. I was fascinated to discover that BTS had been immersed in the Western industry as well, which is quite a feat considering they’re artists from Korea.
    I can’t condone the behavior of toxic fans in general that have really just crossed the line in so many different ways, from harassment IRL or even digitally. I can say that if you choose to stereotype Korean pop fans like that, you’re ignorant.
    You don’t have to like K-pop. I can’t force you. Maybe you just don’t like how “manufactured” the idols look. Just the feel of their songs. That’s fine.
    But please, don’t trash their personalities. On former K-pop idol Tina (Blady) ‘s Youtube channel, she does say that some encounters with certain idols were more pleasant than others (although this was a little further back, before BTS and popularized groups today debuted). Many of them are generous enough to donate to charities, or more recently, COVID-19 supplies like disposable face masks.
    I do not hate k-pop. I enjoy the songs of many groups. I love seeing their true personalities on my favorite Korean variety shows.
    I also like Western artists. English is still my native language and I get more out of listening to songs that I can interpret without much thought.
    That being said, there is much more to BTS and K-pop as a whole than immature kids and stalkers. And I understand your viewpoints. This article was a little questionable, and I can see that this has gotten heated through some pretty long threads! Let’s see if anyone even reads this.

  231. ShOwErInG MiDdLe FiNgErS aT YoU!

    listen here you little piece of shit. come online right now and show something you’re capable of [except ranting] DAZZLE US! and then we’ll show YOU what ranting is! THEY CAN BUY AND SELL YOU WITH THEIR NETWORTH BUT GUESS WHAT? THEY WON’T! You know why? Cause instead of wasting time writing this shit they actually did SOMETHING! So go on buddy! GET A BITCHY LIFE!

  232. I don't tell you ma name

    How can someone be disrespectful??
    Shame on you!!!

  233. Kpop Multi who likes to rant and lowkey debate

    Ok so you are mentioning that BTS isn’t staying on charts, other kpop groups not even on the charts, and them losing to 40-year old/newer American songs. Yeah, so what if they don’t stay up there in the American charts? They aren’t making music in English, making it harder for Americans to find and enjoy their music, people low-key hate kpop now because of how much it’s used for clout, so it’s understandable they aren’t winning in the American industry. Of course, older songs are going to be higher because of the amount of listens and views they get come from years of listening and loyal fans. The fact that BTS’s recent songs can be around the same place and chart as a 40-year-old classic? That just shows how popular it is even if there is a language barrier. Other groups not being on the chart? Well yeah, it’s hard to find other kpop songs and groups you like under all the BTS songs and stuff people are either advertising or using for clout. People also assume that because of fan wars that they can’t stan other groups that their fanbase has hated on or been hated on by. So yeah, all the evidence you supposedly have about BTS and Kpop not taking over American music industry? Not valid. I get it, it might seem like Kpop just has that initial listen then the viewing drops, sorry we can’t listen to the same song/album every day every second because we have other favorite old and new songs we listen to as kpop fans. Also as a multi who likes multiple kpop groups, I can’t listen to all of them at the same time, 25/8 to keep them high on an American chart that doesn’t even cater to kpop fans in the first place. That’s why kpop fans focus on Korean music awards, those awards mean more to the groups/artists we like so we stream and listen to get them the awards from those award shows. Not to get them high on a list that not many of us truly pay attention to every day. It feels nice to know BTS got on the list and have gotten 1sts on billboard lists, yes, but it feels better when we see them smile as they accept an award they have been aiming towards, not just for BTS but for all other kpop artists we like too. So back off hater who doesn’t even have valid evidence, I don’t care if this was a joke or meant to be taken in a light and fun way. You have no need to say something we already know. And if we really wanted too, I bet we could get them to stay at first for months if we get together and do it as a collective effort. So suck it up. Kpop is famous enough in the US and all over the world. Chart listings don’t matter, awards don’t either, to be honest, all that matters is that Kpop has a loyal fanbase that is willing to stream to make their artists happy. All that matters is that the bond kpop artists and their fans have is precious, numbers and awards don’t matter, that’s just people being materialistic, people’s health and having beautiful bonds matter more. So stay safe guys! Don’t get sick! (sorry for ranting, for mistakes that may be present, and if this is an unpopular opinion)

  234. NC Sone

    Hi, American here. Keep Girls’ Generation’s name out of your mouth. Thanks.

  235. 아라

    you’re looking at the kpop industry solely as a music industry when in fact it’s an entire entertainment industry all on it’s own. you’re wrong to point at where the songs fall on the charts, how many albums were sold, and streaming data because there’s much more than just music that’s contributed to the rise of kpop internatoinally. korean idols regularly hold fan meetings, they regularly perform when they release new music, they film vlog-like tv shows constantly, and they branch out to other forms of entertainment such as acting, musical theatre, hosting, and talk shows. i think you should first understand how different the american entertainment industry is from the korean entertainment industry before claiming that kpop isn’t popular by looking at the music.

  236. Someone who listens to kpop but also loves non-kpop music

    One important thing to say is: kpop isn’t only about the music. It’s also about the dancing, fashion, vlogs, activities and more, like kpop journaling, album collecting, kpop card collecting. Kpop artists are really passionate about what they do, as they have barely any income, they have huge debt, and are pretty much broke in reality. There’s literally no difference between kpop and other genres except for the language, and also the fact that kpop idols also have to dance while singing at the same time (They can shake their heads like crazy and still hit those high notes). And unlike the american music industry, they aren’t allowed to use lip sync. And a big difference between kpop fans and non-kpop-music fans is that kpop fans tend to buy their physical copy of the album and listen to it, and the number of times that people listen to the cd can’t be counted so that’s why their charts don’t stay the same. When a new album comes out, I listen to it once or twice then I end up buying the physical cd. And when you’re looking at those charts, you’re not counting the number of times that kpop idols have concerts, which the numbers aren’t included in those charts. And by the way, BTS sold out an entire stadium of concert seats (Being one of the few to do so) within 1 1/2 hours. Those numbers weren’t included in the charts you were looking at. There’s also fancams and things posted by fans that weren’t counted. And you probably hate the kpop community even more now because of all the comments you’re getting, but if you did the same thing talking about Billie Eilish, you’d probably also get same result as now, maybe worse (Because billie eilish has less hate than BTS or kpop in general). Go on Youtube and search up: “send this to someone who hates kpop” and watch a few videos and maybe open your eyes a bit more

  237. No Other British Groups??

    K so at the end he said that no other British group ever got big in America but um… who’s gonna tell him about One Direction?

  238. Was this supposed to prove something?

    oh I’m sorry, but because kpop groups often have little american/Canadian fans, it’s hard to compete with american artists. Simply because a song doesn’t stay on the billboards doesn’t mean in any way that people don’t like kpop. This is a sad excuse of an article, any topic would have been better than this one.

  239. CJ

    You sound so petty and insecure.
    Truth is the US entertainment industry has had a monopoly for decades on music, movies, etc. The second order countries produce some music you start belly aching. STFU.

  240. Marii

    If BTS isn’t popular, tell me why they sold out Wembley in 90 minutes…twice. Not to mention, Citi Field got sold out in 20 minutes and Rose Bowl got sold out in 10 minutes. Legends????? I think so.

  241. like kpop in general

    Just want to say,what this man says is partly true and partly wrong,I mean yes k-pop isnt the most popular thing ever but it is still popular in its own way.K-pop is not trash,many of their songs is just like american-western songs with different genre and different language,after all they are all music and created by human and listened by human..
    I like k-pop in general but not bts(sorry army),i mean there are more talented group out there,SuJu,EXO,Winner,Ikon,stray kids even,no im not a fan of all those group but this is the reality,and kpop is still bullshit to some people because of something like bts,their vocal is not strong,visual is not strong either, can only acknowledge them for their rap line and please stop inserting some german poets phrase in your song,make real music and i will praise you for it

  242. Spencer

    Ok, All you cussers and haters. I do not think that this is what the author meant for at all. They weren’t saying that BTS had no fans and sucked. What he was saying was that k-pop still isn’t as big as say JB (Justin Bieber) of Katy Perry. These people are on tv. Like in a store to say that “I like Billie Ellish,” people would know more of what you mean. Other than “I like NCT127 or TXT. Or Wonder Girls and Pentagon” I am rarely around many americans that like and know them. Anyway does it matter what the haters say when you look just as bad giving them words. Would BTS really be proud of you? I’m not saying that I HATE BTS. I’m saying that not many know of them. Especially older adults and people at least in their 30’s. Now I am alternative and how many of you can say you know MCR or BVB or Johnnie Guilbert even? And guess what-I’m not going to cuss you out because you might not like them, or because you don’t know them.

  243. I AGREE

    I agree with @likek-popingeneral!!!!!!!! Sorry not sorry ARMY

  244. The One Army With An Empty Bank Account



    “K-pop is overrated and have no fans”

    Army: hold our 1 million army bombs, biTcH

  245. Just That One Person-

    That’s cool and all buddy but no one ever said we listen to just BTS. Although I don’t think you’d would have heard of any of the other groups since you’re always trapped inside of your home, on your phone like the slug you are, and putting out opinions no one needs to hear :/

  246. no name

    why so much hate on this article . i get people have their own opinions but its better to not say it aloud just keep it to yourself .

  247. Why so foul?

    I completely agree with the latest comment. Why so much hate? What good does this do to anyone. If no one agrees just say “Ok Boomer.” and move on. @Spencer I love BVB!! <3

  248. Just an ARMY

    I love BTS!!!!! Who couldn’t! BTS may not be the most popular thing, (yet) but we do not need to hate on them. Or there fans. Thanks. And @fellowarmy, please don’t cuss as the cussers or your as bad as them. LOL And no one wants to be that:) Thx. Keep being ARMY!!!!!!!!!!!

  249. Just doing community service

    Look guys, he’s just upset that he’s not doing as well as he thought. He’s just some nobody producer that is just mad that seven Korean guys are doing better in he’s own country than he is. Just a manchild that didn’t do his research.
    Look at A Actual Converted American GP comment (control + f and then search A Actual Converted American GP)
    They have since disproven him.
    Also, shout out to Vallaline Ellery
    Yesssssss, girl call him out on his bullshit.

  250. k pop sucks "k pok pok"

    owkay….. Bts still sucks!!!! shout out to Lexie Evans you’re idols suck!!!! and yeah, they are still gay and full of trash…..

  251. Serene

    I disagree ;I prefer KPop K OSTs to Drake ; I have gone through the gamut of music from Classical,Queen,Eagles,Ella Fitzgerald, Manhattan Transfer, Streisand, Beatles & am a décent musician myself. Good music is good music regardless ethnicity. KPop is well made well recorded well engineered

  252. Serene

    Zürich airport was playing BTS’s
    A Boy With Love last June 2019 … oh my my my … if that’s not popular & a cross cultural milestone, I Don’t know what is.

  253. Min-So

    Okay people this is an article of opinion. Do not take anything personal!! They wrote this bc maybe they do not like k-pop. That does not mean that you should hate on anyone! Especially you ARMY. Alot of girls I know are not allowed to listen to BTS bc of the comments like these in the articles. My friend is not allowed to be in A.R.M.Y bc she was afraid you guys would cuss alot. And she does not like that. People may 100% agree with this article or 100% disagree. Tho sometimes ya’ll can just keep it to themselves. The writer did not cuss you all out. So why should you???????????????? IDK if I wrote well in english???????????? I am Korean:)

  254. BTS ARMY

    First, what did they ever do to you second you should do more research on them because you don’t know the hard and painful things they hade to become a pop idol and it’s not just BTS I’m talking about all of them.
    BTS NEVER asked to be first or second on the billboards chart or famous in any countries all they wanted to do is make people love themselves and be happy, I sagest you go and listen to there songs and think again and do more RESEARCH on them.

    Gust saying they are not asking to be famous they just want people to be happy and know there is hope.

    Tbh I think you’re jealous 🙂

    (This is what I think as an ARMY)

  255. taehyuungiiiiiee

    y’all could just stop hating on bts and listen to ur ed sheeran stuff or whatever

  256. Hatsune Miku rules the world!!

    HATSUNE MIKU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<3<3<3 XOXOXOXO

  257. Pretty much neutral

    I’m a Korean living in the US and this article seems to be rather true from my view. Kpop artists place horribly on music charts and half of South Korea’s charts are British pop(patriotism lol)My friend is an die-hard ARMY and she says that Kpop fans mostly stream on YouTube, not Billboard. So if you look at the YouTube views instead of the charts, you’ll see that even though Kpop mvs aren’t exactly the most viewed videos on the planet, they do have a respectable amount. A couple even had over 1b views(???). About actual normal citizens, people at my school seem to at least have heard of Blackpink and/or BTS. Once I saw a middle aged black lady(security officer, it looked like) talking to her friends about how much she enjoys Korean music. Not kidding. My personal opinion about Kpop? Meh. I mostly watch the mvs because of the hypnotizing visuals and catchy tune, not actual music quality. Although I admit some of them are absolute bangers like Secret story of the swan from Iz*one