Drake’s Album, Scorpion, Is Being Played 10 Million Times an Hour on Spotify

A fan-created album concept for Drake's just released album, Scorpion.
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A fan-created album concept for Drake's just released album, Scorpion.
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A fan-created concept for Drake’s just released album, Scorpion.

Drake is practically breaking Spotify at this stage with his just-released album, Scorpion.

Ready to take back his crown, Drake is set to break Spotify’s all-time record for the most album streams on the day of release.  The record was originally held by the Drake until Post Malone bumped him out of the top spot with the release of his Beerbongs & Bentleys album a few weeks ago.

With Scorpion now being streamed at the rate of 10 million times per hour (as of late Friday), Drake is gearing up to break even more records.  He was just named the RIAA’s highest certified digital singles artist in history after selling over 148 million digital albums.   That doesn’t account for other forms of media which bring the rapper well over the 200 million mark.

On Thursday evening, fans were flummoxed to find the album failing to load.  But that was likely the result of an onslaught of demand.

Spotify isn’t the only thing that Drake’s conquering.  Twitter reported that their users have tweeted about the new Scorpion album more than 3 million times since its release.  While more excitement has been generated by side “B” of the double album, which features 25 tracks, one song on side “A” really has people tweeting.

The song, called “Emotionless,” reveals that Drake does, in fact, have a son.

His recent feud with Pusha T about his secret son had his fans anticipating the new album.  That confession isn’t the only thing causing a stir in the world of social media.

Prior to the album’s release, the singer teased fans by posting the tracklist, which has appearances by iconic artists like Michael Jackson, Mariah Carey, and Jay-Z.  Despite recent speculation that his war of words with Pusha T would affect his album sales, Scorpion is proving to be just as successful as his last album, More Life.

That album also broke several Spotify records with over 385 million streams on its release day.

His new album is also on its way to shattering Apple Music records.  It’s already claimed the top album spot in 92 countries and all 25 singles are on the Apple Music charts.


More record-smashing developments as they emerge.


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  1. **sigh**

    Of course he’ll break records with 25 tracks.
    Chris Brown tried the same tactic (and failed) with his 40 tracks last year.
    If you have a fan base in the millions, they’ll at least listen to each track once. It’s not rocket science to calculate beyond that.