Concord Music Acquires London-Based Independiente Records

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Concord Music has announced that it has acquired Independiente Records, a London-based indie label with a storied history.

Andy Macdonald began Independiente Records in 1997, and the company has produced a significant number of influential artists since then.  The list includes Travis, Paul Weller, Embrace, Archive, So Solid Crew, Martina Topley-Bird, and many others.

Travis was their most successful artist.  The band’s 1999 record, The Man Who, was a chart-topper in the United Kingdom, and it sold more than 3.5 million records around the world.  A few years later, the band followed with The Invisible Band, which had a number of hits songs, including “Flowers in the Window” and “Sing.”

Macdonald said that it was that any acquirer understand and respects the work that went into creating Independiente’s productions.  He believes this describes Concord Music.

This is not Concord’s first acquisition involving a historical record label.  They’ve previously acquired Musart, Fania, Milestone, Wind-up, Nitro, Prestige, Pablo, Riverside, Savoy, Specialty, Stax, Telarc and Vee-Jay.  The company’s Craft Recordings division manages these labels.

Just recently, Concord announced that they had acquired Fania.  This label had in its catalog around 19,000 master recordings as well as about 8,000 song compositions.  The label is noted for their collection of R&B and Latin music artists, which included Willie Colón, Celia Cruz, Rubén Blades, Héctor Lavoe and Pete Rodriguez.

Rodriquez in particular is known for his song “I Like It Like That,” which Cardi B sampled on her current hit song “I Like It.”

Concord also has many active record labels, which produce in excess of 100 recordings every year.

The list of active labels include Concord Records, Fantasy Records, Fearless Records (which includes Razor & Tie), Kidz Bop, Loma Vista Recordings, Rounder Records, and Varèse Sarabande.