CTS Eventim Takes Full Ownership of Venuepoint: ‘The Scandinavian Countries are Particularly Attractive to Us’

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CTS Eventim is broadening its ticketing empire across the European market.  The German ticketing giant has now assumed full ownership of Venuepoint.

Germany-based Eventim shared partial ownership of the company with Nordisk Film back in 2016 when the two companies partnered to purchase the ticketing firm.  Now the German ticketing giant is assuming full ownership over Venuepoint, a structure that will help the company expand into countries like Sweden, Denmark, and Norway.

Eventim COO Alexander Ruoff is choosing this expansion path for several reasons. “The Scandinavian countries are particularly attractive to us, not only because of their spending power but also because of their strong digital affinity,” Ruoff explained.  “Therefore, we are very much looking forward to actively contributing to Venuepoint’s further growth over the long term.”

Scandinavian countries are repeatedly at the top of the charts for digital subscriptions and services, so it’s no surprise the German ticket giant wants a slice of that pie with their digital ticketing services.

Ruoff thanked Nordisk Film for their “trustful collaboration” during their joint ownership of the company, and Venuepoint CEO Jens B. Arnesen will continue to manage the operation.  Arnesen thanked Nordisk Film for their expertise and said that he looks forward to using CTS Eventim’s resources and network to grow Venuepoint in its target Scandinavian market.

Nordisk Film CEO Asger Flygare Bech-Thomsen says he believes that the move is the best possible result for the company that will help take digital ticketing services in Scandinavia to the next level.

With all remaining shares bought, the process of moving Venuepoint platforms over to the German ticket giant’s platform has begun.  There’s no information on when that process will be complete, but services like Billetlugen, Eventim.no, and Eventim.se have already been available in their target markets since the 2016 joint ownership partnership.

Those properties and others will be aggressively developed, with digital ticketing a core focus.