Spotify Announces ‘EQL,’ a Studio Residency Program for Women

Spotify announces 'EQL'
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Spotify announces 'EQL'
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Spotify announces ‘EQL’

Spotify is hoping to help get more women in the music industry by sponsoring a residency program for female engineers and producers.

The EQL Studio Residency is in partnership with Berklee College of Music and Electric Lady Studios and will begin in October.

Three different residencies are being offered in three different cities around the world, including Nashville, London, and New York City. The program will offer paid six-month residencies in which participants will work hands-on with studios to further their careers in the music industry.

The New York residency will see the applicant splitting time between Spotify Studios and Electric Lady Studios, gaining valuable first-hand job experience. London and Nashville will work with Secret Genius Studios by supporting emerging songwriters and producers.

Spotify’s Director of Cultural Impact, Kerry Steib, says women are underrepresented in all roles in the music industry from songwriters and artists to producers and engineers.  “We have to use our resources to create opportunities to address this, and do it with great partners across the industry. This is just the beginning,” Steib stated.

Berklee College of Music and Electric Lady Studios are enthusiastically on board with the mission. “This exciting collaboration recognizes the many contributions women make in the music industry,” says Darla Hanley, who serves as the Dean of Professional Education at Berklee.

For women who are interested in applying for this opportunity, applications are now open and will be accepted until 5 pm EST on August 24.  If accepted, the residency will start on October 1st and will last for six months in the chosen city.

Interested applicants will need to choose between Nashville, New York, and London to start the process.



5 Responses

  1. Anonymous

    This is the opposite of a meritocracy — the best producers are the best producers, period, regardless of gender, race or anything.

  2. Keyz

    Really…”EQL” how is this exactly equal…just sexist