Sony Music Australia Joins Forces With 123 Agency to Create ‘123 Music’

Sony Music Australia HQ
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Sony Music Australia HQ
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Sony Music Australia HQ

Sony Music Australia has announced a new partnership with 123 Agency.  The new venture will be dubbed 123 Music.

Sony says the venture will showcase diverse Australian talent for a global audience, with more announcements to be made about the partnership in the future.

123 Agency has offices in both Melbourne and Sydney and represents artists like Dear Seattle, Hollow Coves, Tash Sultana, and Kingswood.  Tash Sultana’s latest album, Flow State, is due to be released by Sony in Australia later this month.

Sony Music Entertainment chairman and CEO for Australia & New Zealand, Denis Handlin, had plenty of positive things to say about the new partnership. “123 Music is an exciting venture that will enable the diversification and development of a talented roster of Australian artists,” Handlin said.

“This venture will further expand Sony Music’s brilliant roster of artists, and we are looking forward to an exciting future together.”

123 Agency was founded in 2013.  In a relatively short time, the company has developed into a serious live booking agency and growth agent for artists, managers, and labels.

The joint venture is designed to splash some lighter fluid on that fire.

Damian Costin, the founder of 123 Agency, is plotting some serious long-term success.  “Over the past few years, we have been busy building our business into a dynamic and powerful offering for our clients,”  Costin noted.  “We have wanted to work closely for some time now, so we really can’t wait to launch 123 Music and create some legacy acts together.”

123 Agency features more than fifty artists under its umbrella, and the 123 Music JV is designed to open broader global opportunities for both rosters.



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  1. Blobbo

    Wow, a label is going to throw some lighter fluid on its own profits with help from other shmoozers at SONY INTL RIPOFF INC, and the musicians making it all possible will be waiting forever for their checks to arrive, I’m sure. Musicians, don’t let anyone get between you and the money. Pay the label AFTER they do something for you. I know that’s probably a nonexistent contract concept, but that’s how it should be.