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Yet another YouTuber reveals artists and creators shouldn’t expect to earn a living on YouTube.

At the end of August, Toobz, a popular content creator on YouTube, revealed he earned just $389.07 after hitting a million views.  Toobz has around 5,500 subscribers and 1,631 videos on the video platform.

Now, The Fitness Marshal – real name Caleb Marshall – posted his own earnings.  His total ad revenue from October 2014 to today is $17,894.73.  He has nearly 1.4 million subscribers and 215 million lifetime views.

Marshall explained the $17,894.73 he earns is the gross take-home total.  YouTube keeps a sizeable chunk of that money, plus he pays the US government 30% in self-employment tax.  In the end, Marshall only earned $11,274.01.

Responding to claims he floods his videos with merchandise links and advertisements, Marshall explained,

“So, if you think I’m money-hungry because I’m trying to find a way to make more than $2,818 dollars a year, then I’m so sorry.  I’m so sorry.  We do this because we genuinely love it.  It’s literally clearly not for the money at all.  The only way that we can keep making videos is if people buy merch, buy tickets to the tour, and sponsor through YouTube.”

Australians discover and listen to more music outdoors than on the radio, claims NightLife Music CEO.

At a Senate inquiry into the economic and cultural impact of Australian content on traditional radio, CEO David O’Rourke claimed people now hear and discover more local artists in pubs, gyms, shopping centers, and bowling alleys than on the radio.  NightLife Music, a subscription service, curates music for businesses across the country.

O’Rourke added that with the death of brick and mortar shops, the public performance sector has become the new music frontier in the country.

“Licensed background music companies play the music in every venue that Australians frequent.”

Kilimanjaro Live laughs off Viagogo’s hypocritical lawsuit.

After Viagogo sued UK promoter Kilimanjaro Live yesterday for canceling the secondary ticketing platform’s illicitly-obtained Ed Sheeran tickets, Kilimanjaro has responded, suggesting the timing of the lawsuit is meant to distract from the company’s highly-anticipated appearance at the UK Parliament tomorrow.

In a statement, a spokesperson for Kilimanjaro Live said,

“The claims made today by Viagogo are ludicrous, laughable and, most importantly, totally false.  This is a transparent attempt to deflect attention away from their upcoming appearance at the DCMS inquiry and the wide-ranging criticisms, multiple legal prosecutions in many territories, including by the Competitions and Markets Authority in the UK, and condemnation of their business practices.  Kilimanjaro will defend against this action vigorously and look forward to doing so in court.”

YouTube now the go-to music app for Generation Z and Millennials.

A report from Midia Research reveals fans aged 16 to 44 use YouTube as their go-to music app around the world.  The video platform has a 73% penetration rate among listeners aged 16 to 19 in Brazil.  Music videos remain the most popular video category on YouTube, accounting for 32% of views but only for 21% of the platform’s total revenue.

Dolly Parton named MusiCares Person of the Year.

The music charity will honor Parton as the 2019 MusiCares Person of the Year, marking the first time a Nashville artist has received the award.  The organization has recognized her creative accomplishments and Parton’s work with the Dollywood Foundation.

CBS scraps Quincy Jones tribute.

Speaking with Variety, a source confirmed Jones’ company had shopped the TV special at other networks, including BET.  Oprah Winfrey, Will Smith, and Eddie Murphy will participate in the tribute to the veteran music producer.

In a joint statement, CBS and the Recording Academy spun the cancelation.

“We were very excited about the opportunity to honor Quincy Jones with a dedicated music special.  He’s an incredible and beloved artist who has contributed so much to music and entertainment.  Although our collective passion and will for the project was there, due to scheduling issues, the stars weren’t aligned to bring the project to fruition.”

Dice launches in France.

The UK-based ticketing firm has confirmed it will work with several promoters and venues in Paris, including Le Consulat and Pop-Up Du Label.

Speaking about their upcoming launch, CEO Phil Hutchinson said,

“We’re so excited about launching in Paris.  We’ve been working on this for a while to make sure it’s perfect for Parisians.  The live music scene is one of the most exciting in the world and we’re so honored to work with some of the most influential players [there].”

Sentric Music launches a white label RightsApp platform.

Sentric Music has unveiled the RighsApp, a software and service platform that enables rightsholders to register works, track royalties, manage their entire catalog, boost revenue, and collect earnings worldwide.  The white label platform automatically registers works around the world using rightsholders’ existing partners or the platform’s direct collection network.

Glenn McCoy set to retire.

McCoy, Executive Director at San Francisco Ballet, will step down following the 2019 season.  He has served for over 30 years at the organization.  McCoy first joined San Francisco Ballet in 1987, and has served as Executive Director since 2002.

Vevo confirms it has a new CEO.

Alan Price, the company’s former Chief Financial Officer, will now serve as Vevo’s Chief Executive Officer.  Price had taken over as interim CEO after Erik Huggers stepped down from the role.  The company has yet to name a new CFO.

RCA announces key promotions.

Carolyn Williams will serve as Executive Vice President of Marketing at RCA Records.  Formerly the label’s Senior Vice President of Marketing, she’ll remain at the company’s New York office.

Across the pond, Stacey Tang will serve as Managing Director of RCA UK.  She had previously served as Co-Managing Director at Columbia Records UK.  Tang will report to David Dollimore, President of RCA UK and Ministry of Sound Recordings.

Songtradr announces a key appointment.

Clare Nicholls will serve as Chief Financial Officer at Songtradr.  Based in the UK, he’ll work with CEO Paul Wiltshire to develop an investment strategy to support international expansion and accelerate product development.  Nicholls will also oversee the evaluation and execution of M&A opportunities and strategic partnerships along with the integration of blockchain technology into Songtradr’s licensing ecosystem.

Elektra is also bumping people.

Based in Nashville, Will McDonald will serve as Vice President of A&R at Elektra Music Group and Shawn Cohen, based in Los Angeles, will serve as Senior Director of A&R.  They’ll report to Co-Presidents Mike Easterlin and Gregg Nadel, who are based in New York.

Roy Wunsch passes away.

After battling Alzheimer’s disease for more than 10 years, Wunch passed away.  He was 75.  The music industry veteran worked with and promoted the careers of Johnny Cash, George Jones, Willie Nelson, Dolly Parton, Tammy Wynette, and other top country artists.

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