T.I. Teams Up With Beat Fever to Launch Dime Trap Virtual Listening Party

T.I. Teams With Beat Fever
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Launching an album, garnering streams and engaging music fans is a feat in today’s day and age. Especially when you’re competing with dozens of other album launches, radio time and the coveted banners on streaming services.

The following article comes from Beat Fever, a proud partner of DMN.

Artists like Kanye, Nas and Travis stole headlines this year with lavish listening parties, but T.I. just did something to top them all – a VIRTUAL listening party for his new album Dime Trap with tens of thousands around the world.  Best of all, no high-end Wyoming ranches or private jets were needed to make it happen!

The actor, author and rapper leveraged the Beat Fever mobile music app to create a global social music experience.  The virtual listening party is a cross between Turntable.fm and Instagram stories with a special twist – actual streams.

Music fans login to their Apple Music or Spotify Premium accounts to enter Beat Fever listening party “rooms.”  From there, fans vote on the next song and chat real-time with music fans from around the world, all while earning streams for the artist.

T.I. dropped Dime Trap on Friday and took time to answer questions from the Beat Fever “Drip with Tip” listening party room via chat and on a special Facebook live stream.

It was so successful, Beat Fever was back at it the next day with a special Tritonal listening party, which saw Tritonal offer Beat Fever users pre-sale access to their upcoming 10th anniversary tour!

Artists, managers and labels are getting creative by leaning on disruptive technology platforms to shake things up. Beat Fever is becoming a go-to music platform. Known for driving engagement with interactive albums for the likes of Janet Jackson, Steve Aoki, and Daddy Yankee, platform is leveraging virtual listening parties to bring interactive music to a whole new level.