What You Need to Know Before Choosing Your YouTube Video’s Background Music

BTS on a YouTube makeup tutorial. But what about background music?
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Finding the right YouTube background music can keep you legally safe while setting the tone for your video. Here’s how to find the perfect music.

Good YouTube videos are more than visually entertaining. They stimulate all the senses. Background music is a great way to differentiate your videos from the crowd, but there’s a problem.  The music you choose could cause you to receive a copyright strike, demonetizing your video and putting you at risk of getting your channel shut down.

How do you choose the best YouTube background music for your video? Read on for tips on choosing the best music and keeping your video legal.

Find Out What Restrictions Are on Copyrighted Songs

There are some copyrighted songs, even popular ones, that you can use in your videos.

To find these songs, log in to your YouTube account using an online browser. In the upper-right corner, you’ll see your profile picture. Click on your picture and then on YouTube studio, also on the upper right of the screen.

A navigation menu appears on the left. Hover over the other features option and select audio library. Then select music policies. A list of songs appears for you to scroll through. These songs each have their own copyright policy.

By clicking on the song, you can see whether the song is usable anywhere, usable in certain countries, or not available for use in your video.

Some of these songs state that ads can appear. This means that the artist allows you to use their music, but in return places an ad on your video and claims revenue from it.

For example, Gangnam Style shows up as “ads can appear” while Katy Perry songs aren’t available for use.

It’s also important to make sure the song is usable everywhere. If certain countries aren’t available, some countries will block your video.

If you noticed, before clicking music policies, there was a list of songs. This is YouTube’s music library; these songs are free to use in your videos. However, you need to remember that any song you find through these tools is only for use on YouTube.

Select YouTube Background Music That Matches Your Video’s Mood

When making a video, think of how you want your audience to feel. Are you trying to elicit a certain emotion from them? Are your videos meant to give off a fun or thoughtful vibe?

Determining the answer to this question is the first step in choosing the music you put in your video. There are some apps and programs that specialize in music for YouTube videos that allow you to search based off of moods. You might have to pay for the licensing of the song, but you won’t have to worry about your video getting demonetized or someone else claiming the profits on your hard work.

The key is finding music that matches the tone of your video. Think about everything going on. Are there frequent cutaway shots that show an excited crowd? Are there action sequences in the video? You’ll want something fast-paced and filled with energy. For personal videos, like blogs, look for lighter music.

Determine What The Goal Of Your Video Is

The music you put in your video depends on what you hope to accomplish. If your goal is to raise public awareness of your band, you can put your own music in the video.

If you operate a music venue, choosing music for your video is tricky. You can’t put songs from previous performances in your video unless you’ve gotten permission from the band. You can, however, insert stock music that represents the style of music your venue caters towards.

If people know your venue as a post-punk haven, use that to your advantage. If you do video music reviews, choose music that doesn’t pull attention away from your video, but instead accents it. Remember that no matter what your goal is, you want the focus of the viewer to be on you.

Consider Pacing When Choosing Music For YouTube Videos

One of the biggest mistakes YouTubers make when producing a video with music is ignoring the pace of rhythm. Choose a track with a consistent rhythm so that you can highlight important ideas with starts and stops.

Choose a moment in the background music that allows for an easy stop before showing pictures or giving important information. Pick one or two points to emphasize using this method. More than that and you’ll lose the audience.

When making videos, if everything is important, nothing is important. You want certain aspects to stand out; that won’t happen if you try to highlight too many things.

Matching the pitches in the music you choose to the content of the video is tough for new creators. If you’re new to YouTube, the safe bet is finding music with a decent outro fadeaway so that you and the viewer know when the content is ending. This makes it easier to edit the video and allows you to time yourself.

Stay Away From Short Sound Clips

It might seem like a good idea to put sound effects in your video but resist the urge to do so. Sound effects, like the classic “boiinnngggg” give off a cartoon vibe and make it hard for the viewer to take you seriously.

These sound bites distract from your message. If you’re trying to promote yourself, you don’t want the viewer to anticipate the next sound effect and ignore you in the process.

Stay On Top Of The Latest Music News

Changes in copyright law and what counts as commentary have changed the face of YouTube over the past year. The strong relationship between YouTube and the music industry means that any change in one impacts the other.

To stay up-to-date on the latest news in the music industry, keep tabs on our site. We have the information you need to know, whether you’re a band that wants to promote themselves or a creator who needs YouTube background music.

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