Who Says Songwriters Aren’t Getting Paid? Here’s Jeff Bhasker’s Multi-Million Dollar Venice Beach Pad

Superstar songwriter/producer — and five time Grammy winner — Jeff Bhasker has just put his Venice Beach pad on the market.

Of course, life for songwriters and producers isn’t easy — at any level, honestly.  But it’s nice to know that the superstar tier comes with material wealth, especially for those that play their cards right.  Mozart died in a pauper’s grave, but today’s successful musicians have a shot at living — and retiring — quite nicely.

Enter Jeff Bhasker, a five-time Grammy Award winner and creative engine behind Kanye West releases 808s & HeartbreakMy Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, and the collaborative Watch the Throne, among others.  But Bhasker’s talent goes beyond hip-hop: he’s won Grammys for Bruno Mars’ ‘Uptown Funk’ and fun.’s ‘We Are Young,’ just two of five (he’s also been nominated a total of 13 times since 2009).

Bhasker is also quite the multi-instrumentalist, and also played in Mars’ band during the Grammys.  And beyond these splashy hits, Bhasker’s list of songwriter and production credits is enormous.

Which means lots of publishing royalties that Bhasker seems to be collecting on nicely.

Here’s Bhasker’s pad on Venice Beach, a cozy, multi-level industrial loft designed by architect Steven Ehrlich.  The $2.15 million, 2 bedroom, 2.5 bathroom condo on Brooks Avenue contains a comfy 7,171 square feet.  “The floating staircase leads you to the master bedroom suite, which features a private ocean view balcony, walk-in closet, and spa-like bathroom,” describes realtor Halton Hardee + Partners (email Stormie Leoni at [email protected] if you want to take a look).


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  1. Avatar

    Yes, there are wealthy people working in the music business. What’s the point of this story. Who gives a shit?

  2. Paul Resnikoff
    Paul Resnikoff

    Let’s all celebrate the success, how about that?

    Many of my musical heroes died in pauper’s graves, despite immense impact on the musical world (even in their lifetimes). I mentioned Mozart, but there are endless examples (in the music and broader art worlds). Even Vivaldi, one of my all-time greatest, died in poverty. Yet he remains one of the most influential composers of all time — 300 years later.

    To me, it’s great that successful musicians, authors and producers can generate wealth these days. Maybe it’s rare, but, this condo says a lot on the matter.

    • Avatar

      Unapologetic capitalist here, and have been making a relatively comfortable living in music most of my adult life thankfully, but this, like many articles here in recent years, is pointless. People in music have been making a living at it, many generating immense personal wealth, for nearly a hundred years now. Jeff made it work. Happy for him. Woopdidoo.

      Unfortunately, this trend continues to backslide to the detriment of the quality and variety in music in the market as a whole, as only the most bottom-of-the-barrel styles and songs earn much money. Most working musicians were too dumb or self-conscious to protect their IP and shame illegal file-sharing and downloading when it counted in the early 00’s. Now it’s too late. It was a Faustian bargain that most musicians lost and now music is primarily a celebrity lifestyle culture rather than an art form.

  3. Avatar

    Nice pad. This looks like a Vanity Fair piece. What’s the point?

    No doubt writing songs for super stars can be highly profitable. If it’s meant to make the case that streaming is working for the majority of artists in America, then it has failed.

  4. Avatar

    I could understand one picture, maybe three, but this is really stupid.

    BTW – Kanye West – SUCKS!
    Bruno Mars – SUCKS

    Fun not bad. I’m sorry they went to hack to get a hit….sad!

    LMK when you do a story on a real artist with some integrity.


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