Mighty, the Offline Spotify Player That Looks Like an iPod Shuffle, Introduces a Few Improvements

The iPod Shuffle-esque Mighty
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The iPod Shuffle-like Mighty player has released a newly updated product line for its offline Spotify player.

This is an amazingly simple idea that seems to be taking off.  The Mighty is basically an iPod shuffle for the streaming era, with a Spotify plug-in to recreate the old-school ‘downloads’.

The result?  Instead of lugging a phone around on a jog, the Mighty offers an escape.  And, eliminates the chance of destroying another $900 smartphone.

The new Mighty Vibe collection brings a fresh new look to the hardware, along with improvements based on customer feedback from the original Kickstarted-venture.  Anthony Pu, founder and vice president of Mighty, says customer feedback was a driving indicator for the improvements made for the Mighty Vibe collection.

The company upgraded the battery life to five hours, with an improved Bluetooth antenna for better range.  The Mighty companion app for configuring the offline player also received a redesign alongside the latest update.

The iPod shuffle-inspired scroll is included in the Mighty Vibe, along with podcast playback and integration with Spotify’s auto-generated playlists.

“We are extremely excited for the Mighty Vibe Collection as this is our next chapter in enabling streaming music everywhere,” the company emailed.  “We created the first product to play Spotify Music offline without a phone, and Mighty Vibe takes that experience to another level.”

The Mighty Vibe allows Spotify users to play designated playlists and podcasts offline, and is compatible with both Bluetooth and wired headphones. The device features storage for 1,000+ songs and offers up to five hours of continuous playback.   The Mighty is water and drop resistant, and the Vibe Collection comes in three colors.

Gully Blue, Mooshu Red, and Zazzy Black Mighty Vibe are now available for pre-order for $85.99.

Apple doesn’t produce the iPod Shuffle anymore, though they’re still going for more than $100 on eBay.  Seems like a steal for anyone who loves the hardware but prefers streaming music.

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  1. Nicky Knight

    Great idea.. I hope Apple re invent the iPod shuffle for both streaming-sourced downloads and iTunes downloads..

    Id hate to drop and break my fancy iPhone while walking briskly in the great outdoors